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q ct i
I >
refutation of railroad ennged In In
i trrttnle eomraerfe
Vit fatcr nch legislation HI will
prohibit ilie rnllrundi from engaging
In liuKlntm which riuf them lulu
r < > m > etllton with tlitlr 1ilpten 1 nloo
Irglilnllvn which will aimirr such re
dilllion In ttttuportatton rntfi M
On IQII will permit rare being
tukfn to mold reduction Unit would
e niKl I reduction nf IRal prevent
adlunte urn Ice or do Injuillce lu
legitimate ImctluiruH
Wi heartily approve the laws
prohibiting the pass and the re
bate and we fnvor any further
necessary legislation to restrain
J correct nnd prevent Mich abuses
Tihesu planks of the sibcommltte
must now bo pisoeJ upon by the full
cummltlce and It was to enable the
nunl n to examine Die work of the
JuvVpoinmlttoe that the onveuion ad
t journeil until 7 oclock tonight
A Lemon In the Weather
Denver tins handed the convention i
r lemon In the way of weather yesterday
fi and today This Is ono of those days
thai make C man wonder Ihe couldnt
i ret cooled ot I little worn he trans
4 planted to a point approximating the
t t middle of the desert qf Sahara The
I Denver papers have been gleefully till
playing despatches from New York tell
i Ing the awful heat It Is a afs bet
e tnt at no part of the New York hot
f j sp < ell It had much on today here The
i > lenverli la not dismayed however
VWhjV he shouts as the perspiration
r drops from the end ofhla nose this
nlnt hot lke you people know heat we
just warmed It up a bit f youd feel
I at home
Oejpltc the blistering sunlight out
t tide tbls marvellous Convention Inl
r vas cool and airy and comfortable as
i 1he crowd was assembling Nothing
liort of a combination of torrid out ldo
temperature and a fever of excitement
pervadlnK about Srt people within Its
Jour walls can mako the aiiilltorlum
even begin to be the steam room that
the Coliseum In Chicago was the day
Taft was nominated
C I wan 1131 oclock when Chairman
t Del began to smite the desk with his
gavel Tho New Yorker marched down
f the main nlslc practically In a body
nnd foon filled their reservation
The Convention In Session I
The greatest crowd the Auditorium
lias held thus far had assembled
Iii when Habbl Koch opened the pro
d ceedlngs with an Invocation For the I
llrst time spectators were allowed to
h fctand In the open spaces back of the I
I seats
P The Committee on Permanent Organ I
liatlon was ready with Its report and
Congressman Clayton was given Ills
jj chance to spring his carefully prepared i
speech 100 Hmlth Secretary ot Tam
jnany Hal read Inu committees report i
ilr Clayton got a rousing reception t
hn he took the gavel from Tempo
rary Chairman Bell
Chairman Clayton Is a big round
t 1 with a big round head ant a big
round voice He wore a frock coat but
toned up and anybody who has over I
seen a frock coat on a fat man ona
hot day need go no further for the I
answer lie I slid for Chairman Clay
ton however he did not fence his neck
with a standing collar I
The speech of the Permanent Chair
man occupied just one hour Within
two mlnute1 of the conclusion of the
nddrejs the Jefferson Marching Club of
tt torn butted Intu the hal and for
mal Introduced the Francis boom with
banners Inscribed David 1 Fnncls for i
YlcePrrsidenl The club was escorted i
Iiv the fife and drum corp the latter ot
which carried a sword
Hunt for Committee I
The convention and Its ofilcers were
In Ignorance of the status o affairs In1
the committee on resolution A sleuth
ni committee of threu was appointed
lu go out and hInd when the ieso1
Jutlrng committee might be Oependeil
ipon to give the convention omethlnR I
to lIght over conlenton Democratic
Jionpltnllty Chairman Clayton arraiiteJi
to cmraln the throng wltn oratory
ito Clued to the nlutform one naymonl
3tol > bni8 of Chicago who Is a cool
talker Mr Uobbln was well received
and mide good being wise enough to
Mick close to radical Democratic doc
irlne mixed with vigorous dcnunjla
lion of the Rcnublicnn parts
1on Republcan 111
liils convention ins nonn that tip
art or idatform nrntoiv Is moio lit t11
IdlIng In the IVmocMil lenr
1hll1 Dmorritl than in Hi
Rfpibllran party Tese proPcilinEM
have been floated along on billows of
1aU and most of thf talk hl IICH
enter nlnlng Plaehw ot humor havi
Illuminated tIl earnest labors of tin
eowenl Ion ntanaer The o nil
ticnrtPiilne vital talks in the Chlcacn
< nvciilnn were del hveIej iv
delnret vegr
Littletons Speech
w < i iima iiiir nave romp from i
lale <
ineii nii distinguished by polish Crul I
tho possessOrs of I draft or expression I
Maitln W Uttletoii of New York I
was tie next to entertain the big as
lemhlngr which comprised by that
tlnif more than lonni persons Mr i
LlttJiton has the edge on most public
men In affairs nf this kind puhlc
born In Tenneisee lived many yearn 111
Texas and moved to New York as
soon us lie got wise He has wit and
eloquence and oratorical cunning hhle
speech was short but It contained Ils
promise that Sew York will stand bv
the candidate and tin platform that
brought the whole
convenllon to
CtelTn conventon Its
Tin rtJdlng of the nimcs of the mem I
bern if iMe new nnimnal IWII
WOK frequently Interrupted by rheerx
When tlio name of James M Guftov
win reached the convention Imapne
hut the old war horse nton Jmallncd
national committee incmhershlp If he
UM I ost his Philadelphia deJegates
< dcegatep
nnd kho
fxpreyslon of sympathy lid
rongralulatlon will be big and sn 111
But IhMrinan Clayton put a chill on
ihe rnttiusitsm bj nnnounlnc chii the
iiuentlun 0 electing a national tle
nlilreinan from
Jlht Pennsylvania had not
Well seitli1 bv the delegates nt
Tie sleuthing committee got back to
Ihal the hall the at Committee lCO oclock on with Resolutions the report
could not report before T leolutol
night hut the audience wanted more
I oratory Loud cries for Jim Ham
rowli if CnlcaKO were unansweted
Champ Clark uf Missouri also failed
to respond ana a reccsi until T oclock
< untl < K
lonlRlit was ordered
DRNVKH July 9The New York
rtelegntlim hell another catius tlln
morning but the outs iction taken
wIth reference lo the altitude nf the
delegation toward the nomination fo
President and VicePreside i was the
formal adoption of the unit Jle un
der tho 0iaratlon of vith the enllp
T > vote of the Stale In me convention
tl pe enl In one block
I Xornuii P Mack of Iluffalo wa
1i anlmoull reelected as mmber of
tIL +
the National Committee from New
York State I
G P KMclimn of Warwick pro
tested against the adaption of the unit
rule on the ground that It plarcd t lit < I
I entire soie of the delegation Into the
hands of one lan I
I Permanent
I Chairmans
UKNVKIl July 9When Henry 1
I Clayton of Alabama was Introduced
ns permanent Chairman of the Demo
I cratic National Convention he spoke
In part as follows
I Thli I I Democratic year D1111
cratlc Ideas are now popular Doc
trines always taught by our party anti
I scoffed at by our opponent are nov
urged a a gospel of their own
Mcninre unit pnllclen of Demo I
1 rrntfe orluln are nOse prrlrn illp
1 nilvnvnfril lij the lender of the
I Hrpnlillcnn imrtr I la nu lunirrr
i Hitnrrhlntlc tu ilerlurc prlvmlf uui
I nupiilj m be liiilcfvnilhlr or hat
the grrnt tratiuporta thus rom
pnnlm should lie xorernnl and
vnntrnllril by iiulillrt Inn
Former iipstionlng or the decision of i
i a bare majority of the Supreme Court
j ir tie Income tax case cannot now be
neara because of the greater noise of >
the vehement and embroidered denun
elation of Judges and Judicial acts that
nnvn shocked the country I
A demand jor revision of the tariff
is no longer a threat to destroy our
Industrial systom Trusts arc not to
be tolerated even by the Republican
j party We need not now enlarge on
I the list i if Kepifbllcnn admissions and
rvomlfe tor election purposes only
The llepubllcan party has malI marked I
progress In promises to the people ami
I allil
much greater progress in aiding selfish
I Interests and special privilege ThIs I
party guided by expediency and cam
palgn necessity would camp this year
I on Democratic ground
I Assails Republicans
I The llepubllcan party having had
full control of the ertaral Government j
I for more than h decade must give an j
account of Its stewardship Its pre
I tentlous claims largely without roun
ilatlon and largely exaggerated will
not suffice I
Let honest Investigation reveal the i
had nnd ilefpctrtp laws pas < by tliat I
part vicious policies maintained re1
I form rejected the recent panic and I
Its consequences promise broken dis
simulation prpctlccs incompetently con
fefeJ by lt4 failures to meet urgent
public needs and exhibiting this in
ompetencyby the appoliitmcnL of
Junketing coinmltlons for the alleged
purpmie of advising that party so long
m control and of edcn boasted extreme
wisdoii what legislation Is rOllllrel by
the country
Aijalm < t the Republican laity so dn
sencrnte and crafty is a capable de
ruined hriest UrmocrHcy r
trllncc Lemocrdc in hym
rvn wit ni Jile t public demands and
mklnc In Its behnlt thi onriiul <
klnl I behnl thl Crt1t public
Hulrcmeiu Tn tnut judgmant the Issue
mtint be submitted nnd we unhesltnt
Inny nt bin It tur cause to that tine antI
lOu sense for the right we Itnow ds
tlizulihes the American r ople t
In cis rujdnnnlal vontPM Mr rtoo e
velt has identllled himself wltn ilr
Itt Mr Taft has Identified hlmsolf
with Mr Roosevelt The Republican
party has inseparably Identified the
two together To pal e one you must
praise the oUter to criticize olio Is in
civtlclze his pursuing shadow And s
1 must say If It should appear to any
one that In noting and denouncing
abuses and favors on the part of the
present administration any llceme Is
asKumr l I urgo the Impossibility of
separatlne h < > tiro cent occupant nf the
one Wilte Hoti e troll < own anoint
On Roosevelts Record
it his been made evident In the pend
iiiit campaign that tie Republicans will
seek to conjure with the name of Roo e
velt and will rely upon the Presidents
pnllrlm as a tieasurcd asset The lie <
idem has tdvcrtlsed ii liii self and ills
pollciis with a frequency and ability
mat surpasses ho test efforts o the
Hhiewdesi press agent
A diet too uI cIted llepubllcan s former I
Cabinet olller mice publcly proclaimed
the President to IPO the greatest x
lonent or the art of advertIsIng HIP i
world has uver known The country
ban been told and not allowed to forget I
that in his opinion his energies hare I
been devoted to the accomplishment of I
miinv high liii noses ntul that his work I
if vet incomplete I Is co only because i
his undertakings were too vast to b
carried to success during his term of I
ly noltcles must continue S the
chatnpliin of those wnalrt transfer oflie
tail power to his faorite Cabinet min
ister nod his Ipwir H to luvf a cl
low The pretense Is that the light
muitt zo on under the lender ilPii natil
bv hm until the Ilat foe hal have
surrendered or lies Inglorious in fit
duet The nomination of liU would
be succnssoi was lursely accomplpi ied
bv the us i of official natrjnage and
icoirsp machine methods and has de
Ihthted the rIde inostlo of strenuolty
i and jt i In sump lime has not IIrtlrhl
the conscience o the onelimp vll
pirvlip reforiin inw the buss and
I adopt In the Vvluwal of Dubllc plpnn
dr and fnrcotfiil of all liU oundlne
moral eomninitIires I
morl comllrII
A Cause of Regret j
No fairmlnled American could lead
lil daily aivoimt of tnt irccril poillcal I
doing at Chicago without reelinif
muitlftcatlvn and I egret mortification
that the Ilexidnin uliuuld have so
abused hIs potter iiidlcnting to a great
any his choice as uk 5uii tissor niil
egret that the par should have sub
mlle < to a cowardly humiliation t ir I
was as manifest as It was degrading I
What me the policing that ron < titme
the capital of the Hfpubllcan paity In I
tile campaign and that are rolled upon
to support the candidacy of Mr Taft 1
I To recall Dcmocintlc platform
kpreches anti measures Is to convince
tny man that many nf the Presidents
I pulllc utterances were derived from
I Hiul avowed familiarly with the tench
I ng nf our party Ills utliirancps that
are Dtmcrntlc have given him his only
claim to bo 1 refonmr and have con
I iribuUd more than al else to the popu
larity he has enjoyed The heir all the
pjtty are < ommlll d to Infallprlnf
I aiHieicnco to the policies of lie Ire l
dfint What arc these policies and
I what are the achievements of LIsa
President and party
< Inrt
I Mr ClaytOn then reviews nnfavar
ablv the administration o President
Roosevelt and continued If the nyc
loc rnuntrv and liberty Is ntlll trung
i li the hearts of the American ptope
If mi oath t i iipport the Constitution
is now onyidcrcd bv them ns binding
lr the ceool arc In earnest In their
protnts ncnltut fhe rule of Insolen1
nealtli t ho unauthorized and balefui
influence o corporations and the ex
actions of the trMtc If the manlliifSJ
of th fath < T ja been trannmlttcd to
the son the fourth of next Mirch
nlll murk the iidvcnt of the glv1 onv
heIst of Dnm tucv anil HIP lieKinliis
lot the return in > itiiulloiiaI gffvern
i melt honestly cid etonomlially nd
mlll ll1
I fllTIIRIK skis Jiilv 9 Acting Gov
ernor neiam > tnday ordered a com
pan of the National Guard at OhandUr
to proceel at once to tn scene of tIle
Indian trouble Troops ordered out nt
request of two sherIffs and Adj0en
anlol who Is on the scene Other
companlcj were ordered underarms
Injunction Plank
Calls for Jury Trial
in Contempt Cases
DENVER July Following iA the full nml correct text of the In
Junction plank ns adopted by the full auhconnulttce of the Committee on
Resolution and as I Is expected to he Incorporated In thuplatfqrm
The curt of jimtlco aro the bulwark of our llbortlea and W
Ield to none In our purpose to maintain their dimity Our party
has given to the bench a lout line of distinguished judgea who have
added to the respect and confidence In which this department must
lie jealously maintained
We resent the atlVupt of the Retlttftilcun party to raise a false
issue respecting the judiciary Ils an unjust reflection upon a great
body of our citizen t assume that they lack respect for the courts
l Is the function pf the cottru to Interpret the laws which
the people reate and If the laws appear to work economic social
or political Injustice It Is our duty to change them The only bails
upon which thc Integrity of our courts can stand Is that of tin
Bwrevlng Justice and protection of life personal liberty and prop I
erly It Judicial piocMnes may b abused we should guard them
against airuse
° Experience has proved the necessity of a mondinratlon of the
present law relating to Injunctions and we reiterate the pledge of
our national platform of 1896 and 1904 in favor of the measure
which passed the United States Senate In 1836 but which u Repub
lican Congress has ever since refused to enact relating to con
tempts In Federal courts ant providing for trial by Jury In cases I
of indirect contempt
Questions of Judicial practice have arisen especially In connec I
tlou with Industrial dispute We demsnd that the parties to all
judicial proceedings should be treated with rigid Impartiality and I
that Injunctions should not be Issued In any cases In which Injunc I
tlons would not Issue If no Industrial dispute were Involved
The expanding organization of industry make it essential that
there should be no abridgement of the right of wageearners and
producers to organize for the protection of wages and the Improve
ment of labor conditions to the end that such lafcor organizations
and their members should not be regarded as Illegal combinations in
restraint of trade
We favor the eighthour day on all government work
We pledge the Democratic party to the enactment of a law by
Congress as far a the Federal Jurisdiction extends for a general em
ployers liability act covering Injury to body or loss of life of em
ploY ees
We pledge the Democratic party to the enactment of a law cre I
ating 1 department of labor represented separately In the Presi
dents Cabinet which department shall Include the subject of mines
and mining
of the Denver
DENVER Cot July 9ll41 A M
Temporar ChaIrman Bell calls conven
tion to order Invocation by Rabbi
Koeh of Seattle a former Democrat
llM A 3t Senator MVCreary of
Kentucky hands up report of Com
mittee on Permanent Organization
recommending appointment of Con
gressman Henry D Clayton of Ala I
Ji A MIr McQulston of Penn
sylvania announced that the eight
contesting delegates who bad been de
clared eligible last night had not been
able to secure tickets of 4mason
Chairman Bell directed sergeantal
arms to see that tIle eight delegates
were given seats
12 Noon Committee appointed to es
cort Permanent Chairman to platform
12W 1 Chairman Clayton escorted
by Congressman MaCreary of Ken
tucky Lewl Nixon of New York and
John Ilaker of California to platform
Lo P MOcto Smith Catherine
Smith and Irene Smith three little glrlt
of Denver walk down centre aisle to
platform and present bunches of Jack
roses to Chairman Clayton amid great
applause At Clayton lifts up llttleones
and kisses them there are cries of Hob
UftS 1 JlChalrman Clayton begins
his speecli with announcement that this
is a Democratic year I
I 12K 1 MCnalrman Clayton took a
I chunce by mentioning name of nooie
I elt Not a cheer responded All the
Roosevelt people seem to have been
here the first day
123T P M Mention of name of Grover
Cleveland by Chairman Clayton greeted
with louJ prolonged cheers
lfft 1 I Chairman Clayton end
speeh delegate cheer and wave hats
and fans Hand plays Dixie Uproar
of yells j
lOS P MJefferson Marching Club I
of St Louis marching throusi mil j
with ban carry limiters InssrlbeJ I
David B Francis for VicePresident
110 1 M Committee appointed to find
out when Committee on Platform 111
be read to report I
1 13 P M Uaymond Robblns 0 Chi
cago Invited to platform to Mil out In
terim with speech
lS P Robbini ends speech anll
crle for Martin W Mttleton bring tha i
gentleman to platform He U scheduled
to give an intellectual feast
1Z 1 MLlttleton Introduced as I
fried ohlken an1 Hllvertorigued ora
tor thanks on behalf of New York I
Stale the people of Denver for their I
thrift In coiutruMlng so fine an Audi1
torluii I
13 1 MGreat uproar as Littleton
promises that New York will loyally 1
support platform no mailer what It Is I
125 1 M Uttletoii ends speech
136 1 M Secretary begins reading I
i 01 names of nun National Committee I
IJ P MShId cheering a name of
Col James M Ouffey for National
Committeeman of Pennsylvania Is read
13 p Chairman Clayton declare
that when Pennsylvania delegation
meets and selects another national com
mlllefiimn Ills name will be received
l4 i P lLIet of Honorary Vice
Pifsldentf read by chairman
1M 1 Committee appointed lo
wait at Platform Committee reporis
that later committee will not be ready
j lo fibmlt platform until 7 oclork to
i lM 1 MCrie for Jim lam
I Uwlji of hlcigo but the pink whisk
1 f red man does no reipond Orady
I moves adjournment till T oclock 1 1
Cries of no
I 1SS 1 MConvention adjourned un
til 7 1 1
Continued from First Page
fore Mrs Cookson involuntarily asked
the ojstonury question
What do you want 1 she said
Major Cook on Ijlng In a twin bed
alongside hers stirred and opened his
eye Instantly the stranger drew are
Is bwt
solver What happened then I
told In Mr Cooksoni own account as
she save It to an Kvenlne World re
oorter and later at the trial
He ordered us both to cet out of bed
with our hand raIsed she said and
wo obvrnl Then he told in that It we
ailed out or moved he would shoot
Lie down on sour faces side by side
with your arms stretch up over vour
head was his next order We did
that too He picked UD I towel tore It
Into strips leaned over me and crossed
my hands and tied them at the wrist
Then ho started to force a hanker hlet
Into mv mouth
I suppose now that he only meant
to gag me but I thought he was about
to use chloroform and I could not reo
traIn myself any longer I screamed
out and Ifipln up I hit him with my
boun hands knocking him over back
ward My husband leaped up and
grappled with him
Took Weapon Away
The Major knocked the revolver out
of the mans hands He drew a knife
and my husband got that away from
him He ctruk the tel In the face
until he fell and then he threw hlm elt
on him and held him down All this
time I was sitting up In bed working to
get my arm free and calling for help
When I was free I took possession of
the revolver which had fallen to floor
and holding It at the mans head I
I managed to call up the omce downstairs
on the telephone and asked them to send
help In the mean while however my
crIes had alarmed many persons
In a mlnJte or two I could hear
voices outside and some one beat < go
the door and wanted to come In I re
fused to admit them unless they could
prove to us they were not confederates
of the man we had overpowered Then
oM of them llunn a cap through the
transom and J knew they must be
policemen and let them In
Major Cookoon attired in hut wisp of
what had been A night shirt was sitting
upon Mr Schultz and Mr Hjhulu
was a sight lo behold Ills face had
been battred half off of him In his
pockets the policeman found a pepper
shaker full of cayenne quaint con
Mil for jllndlng a suddenly aroused
sleeper He wore gray Just as lrusel
DucasMlllcrParlshClark of the othei
hotels hut the blue street suit wan in
his bedroom It developed that he had
gathered together Mrs Cpoksons Jew
els worth ttOO before his lantern
wakened tmlr owner
Tells Hit Story
In the presence of Inspector McCaf
ferly and a lo of reporters the captive
made half to twothirds or a clean
breast lie said he was Nathan Levlne
twenty years oiu Formerly he all
he wa I cracker saicemun who workwl
at No 2tf Simpson street Ills father
he lid wa 11 HIP real estate business
at No 32 ins KlghtyMcond street
until his death two months ago t1
it n In Invu with a ejrl anti 1 Wean
to marry her hp confessed to the In
spectOr I lake a lot of money fort
I presents for her and I hit monel way
of etUI thor roln I
Thn Cook onB had the room next to
nlm lasl night To reach their bedroom I
vtrlow he walkKf the coping two hun1
tired feet up and balanced himself on I
the narrow ledge whIle h7 unfprttened I
1 tin window from the oulsid unCrrtenet
In Jefferson Market Court Lovlne wai
Identified as tin ma nwho roub d Hiram
Tyree a ttah mine nvnflr at the Hotel
I Imperial under s nri ionM clrcum
the other night The
j stances r nllht manager
I of he Hand the Grand this Hoffman
House and the Oriental at MnnhattHn
heath ale reiognlz him
II o retognlzP After Major
fookson had testified Magistrate Wahle
I held levlne In hondu of IWOoO each on
i wo Charles robbery and attempted
murder The total nf the bal made an
amm unprecedented aim
Authorities Lost No Time
Major Cookton lien explained to the
Detective fiiir au thM he had booked
passage for this afternoon on the Baltic
and that It would cause him heavy Ion
I Mead of Tammanv Now
Talked Of as Chairman of
National Commit e
DFSnn July 9Charles F Murphy
has a fullblown boom In circulation to
day for chairman of the National
Comailtleo The question of tilling Nor
I nan r Macks place as New York
member of the rommlileo Is still up In I
I the Mr and State Chairman ring
Conners Is still hopeful that lie will es
cape promotion He Is booming Mack I
for the place Mack Is hopeful but none
too confident that he will lie reelected
I was said last night by a mm very
closeto Mtirpliv that the plan to retire
MacH still stards
Murphys bcun for chairman of the
committee appeared laic yesterday One
theory win that Murphv himself had I
tin boom started so a < to nuke the
Job appear more tempting to Conner
Anothci theory was that Murphy real i
ly wants the job beIng favorably im I
pressed with his debut In national poi
itontlnjed from First Iaje
H HitiKlt to lefi Morlarlty isas caught
stealing econd Schmidt to Scliaefer
Hempiilll tiled to Cobb NO RtN
Fifth Inning
Mflntyie walked Schaefer sinslej to
left Crawford Jilt to Morluruy but he
Sled to touch Mclntyre and the bases
wee full CObb smash WAS tro hot
for Morlarlty and Mlntyre oored
Schafer scored on Posiuans fly to
Hemplilll Coughlln forced out Cobb on
a grounder Ball to ShIes and Schmidt
lined out to Nile TWO ULNS
tati singled over third Klelnow
walked and Ortn filed to Lob Nile
woke < filling the bases Rill fouled
out to Coughlb Ieeler singled to left
scoring Stanl jnI Klelnow and sending
lles to third Chase followed rlth a
pretty xlngle to centre Bcorl e s
and tending Keeler to third On the
throw Clmne took second < Morlarlty
beit out a slow single scoring both
I < eIer and Chase Morlarlty was hurt
sitting Into first After a short delay
I he reovereil and run the bases Downs
threw out Hemphlll FIVE RUNS
Sixth Inning
Manning took Orths place In the liny
for New t orK Downs smashed a sin
gle Into left On Hummer sacrifice
Manning to Xlles Downs got to second
Mcintyre beat out a slow one and as
I Ball threw past Chase at first Downs
scored and Mcintyre took ecoud
Schaefer tiled to Keeler Crawford
I was out to Chase unatrliteJ ONE
i RfN
I Stunt drove a long fly to Milntyre
I Schaefer threw out Klelnow and iUn
nine was out the tame nay NO
I Seventh Inning
COb was an easy out Jtorlarity to
Chase Ro man dropped a single be
hind second Coughlln popped to Bal
Nlles threw out Schmidt No RIsS
NIPs was out Rojsman to S > innmeTf
who covered the bag Hall struck 01t
Keller lifted a fly to Down NO
Eighth Inning
Ball threw out Down Summers
popped out to Sties Mcintyre filed to
HPinphlll NO RUNS
Chase beat out I rbw one to third
Downs threw out Morlarlty and Chase
went to second Hemphlll drove a wo
pagger Into left and Chase scored Stahl
struck out Klelnows smash to short
I wan too hot for Bchaefer and he took
i second while Hemphlll scored Mnn
nlng rolled out to llossman TWO
nln8 rol
I Ninth Inning
Schaefer singled to right and went to
third as Crawford shot a safe one past
first Schaefer scored on Cobbs long
fly to Keeler and Crawford took sec
ond Rossman was purposely allowed
to walk Jones batted for Coughlln Me
sent I hot grounder through Balls leg
I scoring Crawford Schmidt singled fill
ing the hUe Downs a hit by a
pitched ball forcing In Hosiman
Thomas batted for Summers and wan I
I aPt hit forcing In Jones Nlles got
Mclntyres grounder and threw Schmidt
I out at the plate Klelnows throw to
tlrst for a double was too late hut
I Chase whipped the ball over to third
In time to nail Downs FOUR niVfl
Wllletts pitching for Detroit Kllllfer
went to second and Downi to third
I Nile ted to Cobb and Downs threw
out JWNi Ball Kllllfer threw out Keeler NO I
DEXTER Me July 9Hlchard I
Alexander the New York broker who
fired two shots Into his own head yes
terday was Just alive early today His i
physician repelled his prediction thnt I
there was n hope for him
i I
If he were compelled to remain here
mtll the ordinary processes of the law I
I 1tl bPiu followed Hfcaus o f tills the
M of the DistrictAttorneys office Wi I
welter for a speedy handling of the
use H wa speedy too
Vrom the police court Major and Mrs
Cook on drove straight to the Criminal
Courts Building two miles distant
Cours were taken at once before the
Grand Jury and worn Almost before
thev finished telllne their story the
Grand Jury was authorlzlns Assistant
nistrlctAttornev Marshall to draw two
IndlctmentH apalnst lovnie on for as
sault In tOe flrit degree and one for
burglary In the first clejrre al > o
Judge Foster had agreed to cooperate
He was sitting In General Sessions U
vine wa arraIgned without any of the
Inl Wa
customarv s
And They Sailed Home
The routine was altered M Aat Mra
Cookson mlgnt tcitify She told her
story as briefly al possible Her bus
stOl was not examined As soon as
she hid finished the Couple hurried
from the court house racy reached
toin White Star dock barely In time
to board the Halt o before she sailed
Meanwhile the trial had been MnUhed
LevIne waived the privilege of asking
for counsel and lId he would pleat
guIlty to both charges He also ad
i mltil the robberies at the Imperial
anti Chelsea
I nnc didnt man to hurt anybody
though he added I only had that
I revolver and knife became I was going
to the woods to cjmp
ii sentence you said Judge Foster
n not Its s than ten nor more than
fort > 10t eau at hard labor In HtatV
i Iovltie cUred A he was led away In
II 1lllle hour handcuffed between two
deputies M was on his way to Sing
I SlAt the L vlne home In Ent Eighty
I second street I a statel that the
I conl had left home a year ago an
I bit his famIly htdeo Interest In him
Donovan in Eflorl to Get Out j
I of Last Position Puts ji
I in Rucker I
Hrooklyn Chicago
Unroll If Hoffman Ih
Maloney cf fhockanl If
Hummel 2h Howard rf
Iumlv rf Xlmmeriimn 2h
Jordan lb Htelnfeldt ab
Sheeliun 3b Moran c
Lewis se Durbln cf I
Bergen t Tinker ss
flicker p Pflester p
rmplresKudderhom and RUIer
i specie liThf Ki > nln < 55twit
the chance tl IC lot the serIes one way
or another belli the Cubs cud Brook
Ivns came out exultant this afternoon
the Pubs lubbllng amIably and the
Brooklyns trlnnlng above their ankle
bandages The worst luoklnc set of
cripples I ever saw quoth Patsy Don
ovan as he gazed upon them
Brookijn Is c desperately determined I
to get out of the cellar If such a
thing can be done The Cube unex
pectedly pitchforked Into firs position I
alf naturally out to hoM the Job
I Chance sitting In the stand said LoSt
I At least a couple of Ills cripples would
be ale to pins by Saturday
Rocker and Pfelster were the oppos
ing Ditchers Ptelslr
First Inning I
Buivh out Pfel itr to linnmi a
i lone NO RLN3 filed to 10 I 1 In Huiinicl ruined
Hoffman ht y iifhed jail Slvkn I
sacrificed HICk to lordvii Howard i I
safe on Hummel funinlf Hummel
tumbled Ximmenrano roller Hoffman I
i scoring Jitelnfeldt fouled lo Bergen
i Moran popped in Jordan ONE HIA
f Second Inning
Iunite walked Jordan sacnlKed
I Htelnfeldt to Hoffman Sheehan out
Zimmerman to Hoffman Lewis out
I Pfeistpr lo Hoffman NO RUNS
I Durbln struck out Tinker walKs
PIer Mtilrlced Rocker to Jordan
I Hoffman struck Olt 5 0 RUNS
Third Inning
Bergen filed to Hoffman Rocker
I walked Burch out Moran to Hoffman
Maloney out Stelnfcldl to Hoffman
I Sheukard walked Honurd forced
necknrd < Hummel to lewis to Jordan
Zimmerman singled Howard was
caught or ivnni1 Hlrrh o j wl
Zimmerman out stealing Bergen to
I Hummel NO RUNS
Fourth Inning
Hummel filed to SheckarJ lumley
1 beat fUt a grounder Jordan walks
I Sheehan singled through Pfelnter
L wls fed to 10Iarl LumPy scor
ing Bergen singled lo left Coring
Jordan Rucker singled lo left sour
ing Hheehan Burch flied to Durbln
Stelnfeldt > nkd to centre Moran
singled to Durbln forced Stein
feldt Ruckei Ij Lewis Burch caught
Tinkers llnsi aid doubled up Moran
Bunh to LewIs N 0 HISS
Fifth Inning
Maloney fanned Hummell filed to
Elmmirnian Lumley struck Olt NO
PteL let struck out Hoffman walked
Slleckard out Hummell to Jordan
Howard Reel to Lumley No RUNS4
Sixth Inning
Iordan fouled to Moran Sheehan
walked Lewis forced Hot
man to Tinker Bergen out Pfellrr to
Hoffman NO RUNS
Xlmenirman struck Olt StelnfMdt out
Ixiwls to Jordin Moran out Lewis to
Jordan NO RUNS
Seventh Inning
I RucUer flkcl to Tinker Burch sin
gled to centre Maloney hit past third
I Khi > ckard threw In to stop lurch and
I Stelnfeld dropped It but the umpire
called Burch out lot and ruction
i Hummel flied to Durbln NO RUNS
Special to The Evening World
i WINDSOR Ont July 9 Todays
I races resulted as follows
FIST RACEPurse JWO miles and
mares thrfcyetrolds and up selling
I six furlong Please 94 Filrbrother
jo 2 6 to 5 and 3 to 5 won by a neck
I Jane Swift 102 Schilling 3 to 1 even
I and 2 to 5 second Bertha rd 53 Fran
I cis 20 to 1 0 to 1 and f to 2 third
Tline113 1t GrAce KImball Ida D
I Tops Robinson Dandy Dancer and The
Belle also ran
SECOND HACK Purse J400 maiden
twoyearolds five turlongs Peacocki
Choice 113 Nlcol 1 to f even and 1
to 2 won by half a length Jnr John
IDS C Koerner 7 to 2 8 to B and 3 to
3 second Jim Fltz 10 Moreland VI
to 1 3 to 1 and I to 2 third Time
lW 15 Dr XInyer Arvelght Leonard
Mike Olt Dill
Automatic K ahuster lk 31
C1iiiber and Tn and Fro also ran
THIRD HACEPurpe WO twoyear
chi miles four and I hal furlongs
Obdys Ionise 112 Francis S 105 I tn
2 and out won by half a length
Ilawksfllght 111 Stool 9 to 5 3to I
and nut second Lucille K 112 < C
Koerner 9 to 2 3 to 2 and 3 to third
TimeflS4 33 Lady Rensnelaer Gwen
dolln F Eiralvn Talk Southern Bride
Lyntra also ra n
FOURTH ILACEpurse UQ three
varold and jpRnid nailing mile
and oiieeighUi Imboden W Griffin
20 to 1 S to 1 and 3 to 1 won by length
Golf nail 1W I Bergen 2 lo 1 even
and 1 ol 3cuml Usury II Minder
r to I 5 to I and 5 to 2 third Tlmt
151 3 Ocean Snray Arlington Glen
Mar Bride C I Schilling Jupiter
Kmlnoa RainIng Leave Rehontiilei
Hosn F and Krelyn 8 also ran
FIFTH RAUEPurse 0 maiden
wojearodn five furlonTs Nigger
Baby 101 Howard 7 to I 2 to I and
Ilh 5 won bv head MIciinM Angelo
1H Nlcoll even 2 to > and out second
Trapui Ill Ffllrbrotlier 7 to l 2 to I
rlappa to 10 third Tlme10126 Jim
Parkinson Slwlck Harold A Frank
Ohayi King Commoner Advance Boy
i also ran >
I Work is easier and
n pleasure tooafter a
I change from coffee to
Theres a Reason
Red Tie Rn41 Wtilviilt la pkji
I 1
Pair Race Like Team Through <
Stretch Witli Jockeys
Driving Like Demons
tConllniHJ fxim IIret Page I
by this time the rest of the field was
well on their way to the back stretch
Reaching safety on the Ira Insldo the I
rail the youngster fell hack Plunger I
Iharlle Billion was over Iw padilnrtj I
fence In a Jiffy 0 nil wa first to reach
the bo > As lsted by dpi Itiam > uf
the Plnkertonf he carried Kuerst to the
paddock where ft phyilclaji examined
him hurriedly That ha wasnt killed
outright Is I miracle
Ftlprit fell at almost the Identical spot I
where Jockey Walsh was so badly In
jured on Vino last year Thers was
little interest In the race after Fuerfis
Call Marathon simply callopcil In front
to win pulled up from Easton who
had lu Ki ome In beat ot Hill Dilys
iraip Cameron for Ihl place
lljrrlgan Thats Me struck up chI
land aflir the ttnL1 nf the tlfth when
the exMadden olt ninnlnc for the
first time In the rolor or I I Hrandt
got lOmel half a lepgtit ahead of I
rank with Gliding Del third lIar
rignn was a hot cliuloi but I wamit
ii ntl lie sixteenth pole wm leached1
that his backers lud a Mianoc to ffel
tp to Uil thins Ciiaiilii wlli lea Me
Cahev In tin1 saddle wu well In front
Notter however < had Harrlifnii bv far
the best liorse in the rniC eased up all I
when he sot dJvn 10 urge him he
utile un to win stoltiK away I wn
clone for the show minify Many
ttmuvit O I Kid ought M have
had It
Miitnuk cool tin L have lost I 1 rtnn
event If lie had n t run out Ju St ss he
got his liend In front of Frliettf when
nearing tic jtretci 1 1tL Thin ost im
lie lace ful Frlzftte went nn to win
as alie pleased Brett lici nllthal fin
iFeil i > TV strong mid hmiled abut ik
ou of the place money
Connecticut Champion Loses
I in First Round of Match
I Play to R L Jackson
I Fpd1 to The cverlne V ort
NEW I lAY EN Inly 9 rnnnci lloiii Is
to have I new golf champion Ills yen
for Prof IV K Siiepard of Vale wa
put out this afternoon in IIP OrH round
of inatoli play nt the New Haven
Country Club 5 1 and 1 to go h < It
I Jackson of Mlddletown Siieparil
was In uncertain form tact week In the
Apawnmls tnurnauient at Rye and
I yesterday barely made the champion
ship et
15 H Hovey hartford low score price
winner yestordaj made 73 again tin
morning on e more equallns the course
n inl and at the same time beat W
A Rice New Haven r up and I to go
Wllh the exception of C F Kaylor
Nnngatuck beatlnir P 1 Smith lIar
I foist by I up none 01 the oliaimjion
chip matcli wIre Ioe The others
I were HanMnl Htortilanl Hrldgeport
d and
liat lf II Cooley Hnrtfoid up
V aic beat S
I I to co 1 1 Mrrrlmnn
I 0 Powers Bridgeport 2 up nnd I to go
1 s White Id New Haen hMI W
V Pratt Hartford 1 up all 1 In BO
Prat <
12 H Iron on New Haven beat J K
llughen Hartford 3 up flIRt 1 to go K
TrrdennlcJc Merlrteti beat WIllis Aiw
tin Norwich 2 up
ti the olnv oft for the last thru
place In tlio Ihamplonshlp set W i
Marshall New Haven lust and i
Treilennlck S Stoddard and K P
Bronson won The weather was l ore
favorable for clay than yesterday
UTICA N r July > SppaUer Ji
ceph Cannon Congre i > man Ixmdensla
ger of New Jersey and Congressman
Knnpp of this State with Tim Wood
ruff fame ftiere today to confer with
VicePrerldtltial Candldule Sherman
coiicernlnK th clialrnnnhlp of the He
cnl I
publican Congressional Campaign com
null tee
tl Sherman i asked tn continue
of the com
to serve as chairman lltep
hut erv expressed v desire to be re
lieved In order that he might devote his
atlenllon to the canvas for the na
tionat ticket
Iona the elcnt of Mr Shennan Inslst
nce tJwt he be relieve Congressman
JanwH A TownS of Minnesota
vlreclialnpnn ht the conimltte svlll
lrehalllln the chairmanship
he tamed to succeed challmau
XnW DKOKOUD Masfuta 0
Commaniicr Iearyn shut Roosevelt ar
rived In the lower harbor enrly today
and dwpped anchor oft larks Point
She came to take on whaleboats winl
tag tuppllen and n iiuanllty of supplier
for the medicine chest
± CEMAN fft
EigIittencaiOId nna Hitzcr
Left Horne July 5
With Kelly
leneral alaims were sent out simul
taneously tnilny for Miss Anna Retzer
eighteen years old a comaker of
No 1SU De Kalb ncnur llrooklyti and
for Daniel K Ktlly a policeman at
tached to the Italpli uveinie station and
coiiimonlv known In thu dppattmeut m
thp Mllllonalio Pollremati because lin
has maths conedernbl inonnv In ret
estate speculations In I tiny IIand
Today Miss Iletzerx mother and
Kelly wife who lies at No 1S7
fiomcrs street llrnoklyii wont t tin
Ralph avenue alatlnn In en iii ph fly amt
asked that a sts rib bo mado for tlie
Iutipb Mm Kelly says i lat her hus
band left his home on July u lie has
not imported for lattice ilutj rince that
date Ilffurt ibfappeurlns his wife
say hi ilrtfw J3W In cruli from a
Pair Went Together July 3
On the fvpiuni of July 3 according
to Mr llvtzcr Iullceman Kelly called
it lie I hei tel Lump When In left Mis
Retzer accompanlod him Sue iras not
Oivn eeii hint Hhs Is dtCrrtbed M
wrlfrhlng IK po unit and tj hog j feet
In hdgit with ilaik hnlr and eyes Sht
wore n black suit and black gloves and
1 ail i strint of lack Jet bunds hound
her neck
Kelly became acquainted with Miss
Retzer tnrough a tragedy On April J
her brothel loepi a tailor shot him
self In Saratoga 1aik He lingered at
St Marys Hospital until June i9 when
he died During that time Kelly was
detailed to watch him The sister came
often to the hospital to see the wounded
man and In that May she met tlus
wealthy patrolman S
Kelly has been married several yean
nnd has three chlldrei
Thomas Webster rleclrotypor and
eieclroplatcr at No ItiT llroumc street
ifitn iio lgni > d ior i if bfiietlt of cred
itors to Icniurd F Deutsth licorge C
Atkinson nnd E 1C Ulne nrt li
Elastic Hosiery
Hikers Elastic Abdominal
Bells 350 up f
Linen Mesh Summer Belt 1250
Wool Stomach Bands 73c up
Special belts for use after appendicitis
or abdominal operations
Knee Caps
Leggins and
175 P
Thigh Hose
Linen 600 f
Silk 900
Elastic Wristlets
High quality Low prices Leave your
orderatany of
4 In New York 5 In Brooklyn
Mooig Blloys
I 51111 10
dR Irii1jp
CIiini r I 1 ttt
isoAls INOPs iitus
rnth i Cnmp iiiI < < 1 at k Ic
Hrml for Catulug
Jaus t
Special for ToDay the 9th I Special for ToMorrow the I0th 1
19c otNnl9c
AaiET IOUNI IATES till klnil l
AS14OItTEI ciloco eQ 111111 lltAl1 tbiOhITIl
5pECIAL 25c
lATF 2 kiiiiii l GliNt LC chI000TtTI lOll
Evening Inlll II oclock
riex lOot Store Open Kver
daUi1 Street k CortUndt Street Stores Open Saturdny Earnings Intll II oclock
CorWrtt Hwa
tMI 2011111 HVKKCTl Ia
Uonklfl Iroufr W nillvtr 1 tC 10 29CORTLANDTST
nounil fcu Oc In points In Man CorChunhSt Il
hitttn tbovt JOOth St Hobokin
and Juicy City No roods pent C PARKPOWLNASSAQ
A u Candles for our ouloftonn At City Hall Park
cuitom f carefully picked and
depirtment hipped from our spICICI sash I ord r i 1

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