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J1 ± I The Evening World Daily Mftgrzinc fhurcij jtiTy 16 IVO8 w
oj John Henry j
To the Bunch
I On the Title Market I
r EAm DUNCaC A few days otro
I Done of these mutts with an Edam
4 title jumped oft an ocean liner
f and Immediately the prlco of padlocks
rose to the highest point over known on
the Stock Exchange
All over the country rich men with
romantic daughters rushed to and fro
and then rushed back again
They wore up against a crlsbi
I rio °
r LJ ALi
I w I
I The Foe The Foe
If you could sK near enough to the
long distant telephone Bunch you
could IIPJI OM rich old American guy
I Hhrieklng the bittlc cry to another cap
tain of Industry out In Indlinapo
To aroui The foe The fee Iit
corner wlh noiiln but his full rlrejs
pt nnl i blank marriage llcen e To
arms1 TonrTs
The tclegMh wres are also sizzling
lh excitement
Dcspalifs wiilih would make yur
blnxl iMilii > ntii an iilh art sorrow
fm tie rh tro flylnj all over the
conn TV
Some thine lIko ths
BOSTON ToDayAl n3 thIs
mornlnd Ituriolph Ofctir Grahbit
all thu mlliioiilre stoneoipikor
7 read tho stanlintr cows that a
foreign count iiad Just landed In
I New York His sulferlng was pa
t thetic Ills daughter Gasolene
Ianatclla vlio will Inbelt Wftf
0JO mostly In bonds stocks and
newspaper talk was In the den
tal parlor rive blocks away from
homo when tho bon fell
° Calling his huiuenoM about
him Mr Gahbttall ruhd Into
tho dental parlor beat the den I
tist down with hli bill drisjred
Gasolene Panntella home and
locked her In the rear cupboard
of tho tpare room on the teconi I
floor of his mansion Her teuth
luffcrod jnmcwhat but thank I
heaven her money will remain
In the The I
country community
breathes easier but all tho
Ineomng watched trains are beln I
Are you wise Hunrtli to what the
I ranrmndllng iioUllty of Europe are
doing In our dear United BtatM
i They are putting all our millionaire
on the fritz thats what theyre doing
I It will soon como to pans that the
heiress will have to be locked up In
the sate deposit vaults with papa
bank book
Here la an Item ftom one of our
most prominent newspapers Head It
Bunch and then rush out and take a
running kick at the first nobleman you
i sec
Pinchom Shortfucc the million
alio who made a rortune by In
venting a way to open clams by
otcun has determined that no
forilBn count will marry liH
daughter Hudsetta She will In
licrlt about 193C0000 about US
of which Is loose enough to
fpeml The unhappy father Is
building a spite fence around his
mansion which will be about 21
feet high and all the unmarried
million ilrcs without daughters
to peak of will contribute
champagne bottle to put on top
of tlo fence If the count gets
Budetta he Is more of a sparrow
than her father thinks he Is
Its pitiful Bunch thats what It Is
All over the country rich men are
dropping their beloved daughters In
the cyclone cellars and hdlng mammas
stocking with the money In It out In
the hay loft
I am glad Bunch that I am not a I
rich man with a daughter who Is cat
She Will Have to DC Locked Up
Inc her heart out for a mothcovred
title rnd a castle on the Rnlncwire
You can bet Bunch that no daughter
of m no can ever marry a tall gent with
< i rose Ilka a quarter past sl nd a
knowledge of tho English language
which dcetnt get beyond I O V
Vcurs In hope JOHN
Betty Vincents ldvic
Il nnrrrvrrr on Courtship nrr and Marriage ll V
A wJwwJ Fickle Young Man
I IJear Bell I
AM a girl qf twenty SU months ago
I I met a young man wlo called at
my hcn tf A fiv tliiej te also took
I me out Then he trik my plturc Now
i he doesnt AI any more Piea c adviie
In how shall I gf my r lcturo a I
on t l < non hb addej G D
Inlesj voj have a frend vho knojvi
lhf young man address there Is no
ny to et the isture I
ermistoi ckecesrar
Dsr nttty
ii AM a girl of seventeen and expect
iJlI to go to boarding school next win
ter I hive several boy friends aol
I know if I si to the school I wcnt
j Ihe allowed out tj see them I think I
tS U very narrowminded because
they ore ore yojn men and we hare I
I fcecn good chums Do you think It
would be very urjng for me to Uau
grounds without permission to see
then A A
If you get your mother wrtten per
mission to receive calls from thn young
men the school arthorltles will prob
ably allow you to SBJ then on the
calling djyo Do
o not attempt to see
them otitsde as It might get you Into
fcrlous troubl at the jchool
d Selfish Wan
Dar Bety
I UI engaged to a young lady She
I has jlvcn me mo ny presents Is It I
I proper for me to give her something
Mm would be a nice thing to give her
for a birthday present TROUBLED I
U seems to me that you are rather
stlfioh It Is your place ta give your I
mcea presents not iier place to give
them to you I should advise you to
oo more gcnarous and to start right In
will a nice piece of Jewelry for her
birthday or else a flno lan
r A Trolley Drama
1 r By Joseph A Flynn
HE was a da i
SHE u r e IIUU I
woman neat
ly dressed and
she sat In the
well filled Broad
y j way trolley car
qI studying the ad
vertisements of all
the latest foods I
an d Incidentally
minding her own
4A affairs The child
4 a boy of about
Anywr live with golden
urly locks and a pretty laughing fa
rtood on the seat beside her On the
her side of the child sat a fierce look
Ing man with bristling mustache read
ng a newspaper He was getting the
benefit of the childs delight at all the
ironderful things happening on the side
r alk as tIle car moved along The little
arty though looked slralght ahead
ipparenlly being more concerned with
Tie general plan of the latest creation
landscape gardening on the head of
pretty girt opposite than she was
hth the child
And as for the youngster It stood up
the eat K sat down again It stood
It bumped Into the man It knocked
goldrimmed spectacles ott several
neslt wiped Us tiny feet on his well
cased plus serge trousers then It
ped them on his arm and pushed off
hat while the passengers mostly
men smiled In glee and whispered to
oh other What a darling All tWi
the little woman was looking
at ahead After 4 while tie
fluter put a dusty foot dan
UC1 i the mans newspaper and then
trwfbl commiacid
l 1M taUa U
withering tones directing his remarks
to the aforesaid little lady In a way
that there was no chance of her being
mIstaken as to whom he referred have
you no control over thIs child
Ncne whatever the little lady
sweetly replied
What Do you mean to sit there and
tell me you cannot restrain this Imper
tinent brat who thus tar has made a
doormat out of my trousers the man
asked fast losing his dignity
Thats what I would like you to In
fer the lady quietly replied resuming
her critical Inspection of the millinery
exhibit opposite
Are you going to stop him r the
man demanded
No She replied why should 11
Perhfpt like most women you aro
paying no attention to his behavior and
dont care what he does the man
snapped endcavorlig to check his rap
Idly rising wrath
Yoiivo guessed right the lady an
swered with a smile He can do Just
as ho pleases I wouldnt care If he
toro the side 01 the car down
it 110 were my boy tho man ex
claimed raising his voice to a htgner
ptcli willie the re i of the passengers
I leaned forward In their seats deter
mlnd not to into anything 1 would
ffn to It that he behaved himself In n
fitting manner before ladles and acted
Ike a young gentleman and not like a
But lie Isnt the little lady re
joined with a tinge of sarcasm
No helnt1 the man almost
roared Fortunately for himself he
belongs to you but do you think this
Is the way for a mother to act
No I do notth Uttlo lady replied
You ue the boy belongs to that tic
man on tho backof the car smoking
a clear Here he comes now
But the fierce looking man suddenly
became InUristed In the financial I
column of tbt newspaper and par
iU7 4 MLtoM 1t t J
1 The Newlyweds > Their BabY Is eogeMcM s nu
1 SA31 0
tH THl
hEM i
i SICK Rfl 1
I k
IS HE C IN lHg ice CHEST t
AloUT IT i
ic LL
0 I
r 1J xW 0YY 000 XXX XX0yxo
A Story ol New York Based on the Play
The Chorus
I Theatrical Ufa Lady By James Forbes
tffi iX Ji iI o Y i Y t l t rfir 1 1r wrrvjaiX ri3
his Novellutlon of The Chorus
Lady Was Mads
By John W Harding
opyrl6Jt JAW by Q W VIU1UauLU CoJrn
I r
lair o > j nitii li Ujer ot thd ciorui AI
a llroidi iKitre lu ue cru Ii ier
it uontu elJa cut
ojiiii ijtei 011 a
wo 4 Mvieit fliniu tt Un lroliuN 1111
UoL u iu vford iI tiC yirviur at Din
iniur a nIn HOIK iriin lO 1 < J 11
jjiiii u eisakvi an i on t fluie urn tvst
pjiion IIP ora UHU > I iw iron lri1
10fl1 itut1c her ramcr nane to a iiou jr
loll aItUi sac Hues lo nn awruiont lu
ruier t41e nott jtrlcla folio i b er there I
11 no Miilorr < nd Jlr u unui Iairiva
tnludi Xoro INn dtii > brV ant iteu a
IjrM Oaeen Din anJ Cravford hlorYl
ftJnc Pitrcli at CratrtarU1 auirreis with
PlWi J Sbr
her anJ thIr aKiBnent u broken Craw
Ioi1 itftt alan alter the departure of Sis un
miltM ueili itulnn to think he hai bn
duwJ lie puni 10 reveng o himself on 1UI
IC0I1t1nc d1
The Anther
ilallorj In fact wouH be placed In
uch a posiin that he would not be
rjbe lo carry on the stable Practically
It would mem ruin for Cilm and there
for for the whole OBrien family
From this prospect Crawford derived
tome consolalon for la wounded feel
ins and ruffled temper
Ill tcaoh the whole dirty crowd that
they bucked up against the wrong
man tie muttered Ill have those
girls fired from tho Long Acre not later
than tomorrow and It wont be my
fault If they succeed In getting or at
least keeping another engagement
In little old N ew YorC
He was pacing up and down savoring
In advance tho fruit of levenge when
Itogors announced that OBrien wished I
to tec him
Tell OBrien to go to hades and
throw him down the elevator shaft If
he gives you ajiy back talk he or
daruVery good ilr said the valet
No let him come In called Craw
ford suddenly changing his mind
OBrien hat In hand was ushered In
Crawford received him defiantly
What do you want h demanded
01 camo after me wolfe who came
to fetch Nora replied the oU man
tile blue yes ilxlng him fearlessly
The Insult
Your wife went away from here
with Mallory sdme time ago eal < >
Cnword The whole family appears
to be coming here one after the other I
God kliows 01 doant wont tu trouble
ye anny an 01 didnt come here to
piy no social call retorted the old I
nun but OIM a rolght to fetch me
own nolfr an a rOIght to know If Its
true that Nora cones here
Asl your vyfe aak Mallorji Ive
told then allMl Intend to say Im
tired of answering to one set of fools
a pack ot lies told by other fools and i
Im through with the whole gang All 1
1 cet for taking an Interest In your
precious girls and being Kind to them
Is Ingratitude and abuse Heres a noe
for 3uO I lent them to get them out of
a hole Its signed with your naTie as
you can see Here take It and give i
It to them as a souvenir If they or ycu
havent the decency to make good
lie handed the note to the old man
who gazed alternately at him and the
paper too bewildered to comprehend It
for a moment
a Swindled I
Dye mean to say nie t I errowed
1300 av yu In my name he asked
Thais what they did affirmed Craw
ford and Its up to you to pay
01 cant pay said the old man
aghast 01 havent got J300 In the
world leave alone In me pocketbook I
Crawford shrugged his shoulders and I
refusing the paper OBrien held out to
him turned on his heels
Well being swindled out of WOO more
or less wont ruin me he said I sup
pose It was only what I ought to havo
expected seeing the class of people I
have been fool enougii to deal with
The old man put his hand on the fel
lows shoulder and swung him around
See here Mr Crawford he told
calmly but with a hard glitter In his
eyes Otm no swindler an no tool i
but an honest nun Old havo ye onder
stand 01 can hold up me head before I
me niaker an1 say that no one In the
world or out of It Iver lost a penny
owed by inc or suffered anny wrong
done by me 01 doant know phwat this
niMns 01 didnt know ylt the meanln
av annythlng Ole heered this night
But 01 will know an that molghty
soon an those that dlsarve It wll Bit
all thats comln to them whoever they
may be ye can lank on that
All right answered Crawford sar
castically Theres 5300 coming to me
An Old Mans Grief
The old man went out without say
Ing good night and started downtown
grimly determined to get at the bottom
of this matter of the note of the dis
appearance of his daughters and of all
that he had hoard In presence of
Crawford to whom he had gone with
the Idea of finding out whit there was
to the stories that linked Noras name
with hla and of skinning him alive1
as ho had mentally expressed It If he
found even the remotest Justification
that Crawford had
for the suspicion
he had
her astray
been trying to lead
the evidence of
stood confounded by
the debt contracted
For what potable purpose
girls have needed JMOT For fUlnlhlnl
their flat No this they had told him
had been done on the Instalment plan
and everything had teen paid up Theil
for what And how had they
sign his name to this premise of pay
mont take
In his bewilderment he did not
and get
notice of where he was going
hog on the wrong side of the street
car He did not
hoarded an uptown
discover his error until the car came
at the extremity of the line
to a stop
the time he reached the hotel
him to wait it
had Instructed
Mallory was nearly 1 oclock In the mornIngs
There Mallory had left word for him to
join them al the home of the girls
Despair I
T was Rochefoucauld who remarked
IT that our virtues disappear when
put In competition with our Inter
ests ai rivers lose themselves In the
ocean This observation applied In a
measure to Nora OBrien Self abnega
Hon that rare vlrtua that good men
preach and good women practise and
which entered so largely Into Patsys
moral makeup was wholly lacking In
that of her younger sister
Nora had been unublu tu lifcar loon of
the conversation that followed Patsys
egress from the bedroom but she had
been able to catch enough from Mal
lorys loud tones to understand what
was happening Ycry soon It had be
come clear to her that the entire op
probrium of the situation brought about
by her own foolishness and the efforts
of her sister to save her was being
borne b Patsy
So longas aha herself had escaped
nothing mattered much ilnllorys
break with Patsy did not strike her as
being serious Patsy would easily be
able to squire herself with him by ex
Plaining the facts and they between
them would find somo means of hushing
them up and of placating her mother
And anyhow It was Patsys own fault
What did she wont to follow her about
for and mix up < In things that did not
concern her Tho net result of this
meddling as she figured It was that
Patsy had stirred up a row between
Crawford and JIallorir that had caused
them to end their partnership got her
self Into trouble with Mallory and her
mother offended Crawford to deeply
that It wes doubtful whether her own
former pleasant relations with him
which might have ended In a brilliant
marriage could ba resumed and after
i had not succeeded In getting the
Th latter fact Nora ascertained by
ouostlnnlng IMsy when they found
themselves In the street The reflec
tions outlined above Came afterward
lv ile n cub which Patsy fetched her
< clf while Nova remained In the hall
way at her sisters request so tiwt sna
should not walk on the street In her
satin sllpptrs was bearing them to
their home The Journey was made In
silence save for Noras query and
Patsys answer to It When the cab
neared the street In which they lived
Patsy laying tnat she would como
later alighted and let Nora drive on
T ll em you waj took sick before
the show an Lad to come home was
her parting Injunction
To Bo Continued
Happy and Care Free t ll 1 flOe
Willie If youll atop Wowing that Infernal horn Ill get yon any other Poor man ao you area Tlctlm of thi Ute UnancUl panic
toy yon want Yea lady You In folks along de route U too poor now ter hand I
11 rlPA14 I 2t1 a i4rjUnLN Ol1t frta publ
i Lilian Bell
r Writes on L
r l
I HotWeather Philosophy T J
I olt
I vacation
P c A time ap
th proaches all
of you who can
I te1 afford It are doubt
Ii p less preparing to
0 A leave cool bed
4A rooms hair mat
to tresses clean
houses and the
t o kind of food you
I like In order to
sleep on sagging
hotel bds to ent
zIil1 things you never
eat at home In
I a big dining room when flies and peo
ple swarm and to disport yourselves
for hours on the front porch where you
will be gossiped about by other Idlers
who have been aa foolish as you
Perhaps you will gossip too but It
I you do remember this On the hotel
porch you will too analyzed as a walk
Ing advertisement of your home life
i The hatiltsyou clijlayl will OKI discussed
aa Indicative of the way you live at
home and after you have bean curi
I ously and critically observed for a few
weeks you wont have a secret left
The neighbors will know much more
about you than you know yourself
So If you aro going to be talked
The Popular Girl
about anyway why not be talked pleas
antly Did It ever occur to you to try
to be popular
By popularity possibly I dont mean
what you mean
Ways for Girls
To Earn a Living
By Rheta Childe Dorr
Mrs RHETA CHILDE DORR here replies to question about girls work
from Evening World readers and give advice and Information concerning 1
different employment
As Ticket Seller
Mea Dorr
DeAr Ulb a woman thirtyseven years
COUIJD get a position as ticket seller
on tho L railroad 7 Is such a
position hard to get and what salaries
are paid 7
I dont think your ago would bar you
from selling tickets on the elevated A
number of widows are employed I believe
application at the
hove Make your I
main oincc Salaries depend on the
station whether a busy or a quiet one
and on length of service Some of the
agents are also telegraphers and of
course receive additional salaries
ir1 Dorr
Dear Is there allY place In New York
where they teach girls telegraphy
S M A Htaton Island
Cooper Union has classes In telegraphy
Apply now In order to en
for women
ter the classes In tho tall
Private Secretary
Dear Mrs Dorr
What does a girl have to learn In or
der to be a private secretary
would be the batter position secretary
to a business man or to a society om
an Do Senators and Representatives
in Washington or Albany have private
iccrctarles Is tho work hard and are
the positions hard to get Do collages I
such as Barnard and Wellesley train
girls for this work or Is a business
school necessary Is a private secre
tary considered superior to other wage
earners G M B Bayport L I I
A private secretary Is simply a very
good stenographer who acts as confide
lal assistant to a business man a man
or woman of large affairs a public of
ficIal a Congressman and so on Nearly
all women of great wealth employ private
vate secretaries whose duties are to
answer letters other than strictly pri
vate ones make out Inventories ad
dress InvlUJons revise visiting lists
Th popular girl at a summer resort t
generally means the girl who gets all 4
the men who can cut another girl out d
without half trying the girl who Is
pretty tn tho most conspicuous way
whose clothes attract more attention
than other girls and who walks oft
with everything eligible from the best
I t422J I
The Rest Knock
horse the most secluded hammock tad
the smartest boat to the best looking
poor man or the richest and fattest old <
one 1iJ
Thn the rest of you get together to J
knock this selfish girl Do you call It
popularity to be vivisected an this girl j at
Is when the rest of you get through
with her
I dont I call It being hated andr
hatred Is awfully heating In hpt
Iva heard a great deal about hot
love but to my mind the most heating r
ing thing In the worM Is to halo or to
bo hated
There are not only cooling things to
do In hot weather hut there are cool
Ing thoughts to think
I You can bo the coolest thing on the
I hotel porch on the hottest dayIt you
only know how
On your vacation then try neither
to hate nor do anything for which you
might be hated by others Then you
will tt least keep cool
Dont you remember tn chllhood days
when you have gone Into paroxysms
of rage or anger or hatred that somo
dear old lady made wise by yearn of
experience has said to you
There there dear It Isnt worth
while to get so hot up over anything
and otherwise assist her employer tn j
the complicated responsibilities ot
wealth j
To fill such a position one would
have to have considerable social knowl
edge Usually the social
so < secretary la a
woman who haa been wealthy herself
or at leant has been In society ha
work is tar more responsible than other I
stenographic work aid as the po IUoaj j I
are limited they ara not very eaay to I
get A college education would In
crease ones chances It other qualta
I notions were presentthat It a rood I
education abllty to keep secrets and I
to take an Intelligent Interest In the
uirkd course at a good business co i
lege would be just the thing I donti
think your last question worth anl
swcrlng Dont be a snob
Summer Hotel Work J
I D ar MM fern I
Jly sister who Is an experienced hnna
sewer and I who am a stenograpfctf
out of employment desire to go to i 11
summer hotel for the season My its
tar wishes a position In tho linen room
or check room and I would like offlco
work but would do other work Neither
of us could do very hard labor Where
can we find the positions we want
The only employment bureau I an
able to recommend Is the Alllanca Bu f
reau Xo 42 Lexington avenue It Is
supported by philanthropy and 11
thoroughly reliable
A Schoolgirls Plea 1
Dear Mrs Dorr
I urn sixteen and have gone aa far
as the third grammar In public school
Am I educated enough to become a
stenographer or a telephone operator
A G Brooklyn
You must surely 00 mistaken In your
grade at school A girl of sixteen In
1 tt
h < tird grade Is poss ble but the girl
would bo deficient In Intellect ion III
aro not educated enoayi to bo aOcn1q
stonoaJapicr until you have flniaho bllJl
the eighth grammar grade and you
should have had a year or two In high
school The telerftone crmpany cm
Povs only grammar school graduates
3 feK t Ir
TVtfr < > K 11
eon r
11cT I iji
CCQHDIJiQ to Mother Goose Jack Sprat and his nlfa together could cat a
A barrel of fat pork In sixty days whereas It would take him thirty week 1
to perform the same feat alone We find that together they ould con
lume a barrel of lean pork In tftfist weeks although he alone could not dispose
of It In forty weoks Now figure out how long It would take b Jth M b 4 J
j ther to at a aroiIzed pork half fat ail bU le

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