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11 51
< 4 I IfIIt 1Iwt J I L 11 w 1 < J iJUI f
r I I + e
k I Whole World Defeated and ToDay
v f
f Our Points Outnumber Those of
< f Other Nations Combined
Review of the Games
Cam are prartfcUly
h THOymplc Unde Sans boys I
I V > J have scored the most overwhelm I
i i ing victory ever known in the athleticworld
1 hftJii a victory that is overwhelming because the
I d r lr whole world was invited to par I
J t > tidpate in the panes and today
tmF o t i Americas points outnumber not
t + only those of our hereditary enemy
15 l I England but those of all the nations
6 f tions of the earth combined
fiJ And this has been accomplished
D21JM1 in the face of difficulties that seem
i I insurmountable No athlete on the
team will ever forget the first wel
to England 4he dreary squalid quarters provided for the men
the muddy slushy London streets all around them the drizzling rain
j I and the brown murky fog For Americans used to training in the open
with a blue sky overhead and the sun shining nothing could be more
6 I depressing than this continual drizzling half < larkness It was just the
r kind of weather tothiw the American visitors out of condition within two
I weeks and before the games were over many were seriously affected This
l accounts for the fewunlocked for defeats and the falling off In son cham
ii pions perfonniUiCes
I Added to the sloppy wwtth r was the
treatment accorded the Amedcani by
II I their English hosti Naturally as
t strangers In a strange country they
i e pevtsJ to bf tt t with ooUtenesa If
I jj not open hospitality But the English
i at first wet < > ooM ana susptotoui Thy
f didnt liave even common polttweai lor
1 an American
t rsjHE first Illustration ofttfccam
Ii i THE the Aicrtcuu Joined tb
f X teams of all other cuuuUlei lothe
t Stadium to much briers thVKlni of
f England In the opening ceremonies All
around the huge Stadium wall the flag
of many nations fluttered In the breeze
I There was a grand display of coloaG
I waving sea of bunting for England and
IIv for the Greeks and the Italians and the
Germans and the French and all the
other nations The Americans looked
i < hastily about to sea the Stars and
hl f Stripes floating there looked hastily at
8 first nnd then started again with slow
f and careful scrutiny But not a single
American flag decorated the Stadium
r Wn alone were Ignored and Insulted be
j fore all the world But a moment not
i America alone after all There were noL
Swedish tla either Sweden
> L flags uplifted
1 you know sent a team to Greece and
1 i nation for nation whipped the English
there Sweden for the past jear has
i been sending longdistance runners to
England and trimming tho British at
t their favorite game The price of a
trangers victory In Englana Is sudden
and Icy unpopularltj They Invite losers
I 5 Ho tea
l f But there were no American flags up I
that was the main point The American
i f athletes made sure uf that Insult and
then marched flrmlv down tho long
h track and before the King with the only i
i Amerlcau banner In tho Stadium rigidly
J upheld by giant Ralph Hose There was
U no drooping or trailing of the Stars and
i gtrlpes At a distance ot 6UOO miles this
j may eccrn a bit of child plaj Hut to
Ole Amerfcans that found themselves
unexpectedly sutrounded hj a hostile I
t population Instead of the exponents of
British fair plaj it was deadly
I At first they met with onlj boorish Im I
politeness Later the British olliclals
1 frantically attempted lo stem the tide of
defeat by openly disnonest methods I
first Instance came In the
THE race the 1M metres
I This was supposed to be an easj
< race for the English crack mllers al
though Llghtbody ran them off their
feet In Athens But to tho amazement
ot the Americans It turned out that
r Llghtbody nnd Sullivan Americin
champion were placed In one heat
und Haistead American Intercollegiate
champion and record holder and Shep
j yard as jet not severelj tested in a
t distance race but surelv our best man
vere put together in another In some
I of the eight heaU there were no Ameri
cans The trouble hj In the fact that
1 Oily winners of heats were to go In the
final So Sheppard winning put Hal
k I jteud out of the race for good while
I SbJlvand w inning disposed of LIght
Icdy further chances
A protest was made but the English
Judge llftcned In unfriendly silence
and the eplilned that they hail
been doing things In tho samo wa >
In Knglanl for fifty jeanf and the
nw nc eaon for changing their
mt t hods to pleare the Americans
ThIS sllrnred the object ons until a
fen day late Sheward and Hilstcad
etii again drawn for the same heat
In the SW metre This went beyond
the uoimli flC accident It was evident
tliit crooked work wai being done anil
the American Commlsslorer threatened
to withdraw the entire teim unless a
change was made So lUUtcad wai I
chapgtd to another hat Much at the
ttlthdiil of the Amerlian team
would itaio ilplljilfcl the Knftlsl it I
I T ouU uo killed the pnte re Ilptn i
from t at ui > on ant the Britons ura
ik thr ft people
But Sh ppiUd non th iMftmetro final I
quite esl1 In good fait time The I
Knlsh oltlrialj wre nlvxkul but It
w IU MO late then to do an thing
about It
Sut tilns In tap wi < th hammer
throw 7he proiirnnme was 01111
rtihJ around Infll < h nl American
f nc i Ht nu ere iwsing run off ftrit
Some 1IfCr1 tlwt the nlxune YU
to tm the vtnt that n tN lure to
be closely contested delayed until near
the end of the games so that the visit
ing Americans would be put out of the
running by the climate This was only
a conjecture
The hammer throw went to John
ICTannaga1 with Mcdrath second and
Con ftalsh the Canadian third It
was a hotly contested event John win
ning out only ID the final The dis
tance 170 ft 4K In established a new
English and Olympic record
Then came an event that was all
English nearly It was the 3600 metr
walk and the English distance men gal
loped away with It first and second
while an Australian came horn third
Time 14m SEs
Throwing the Javelin free style pro
duced one surprise No one expected
American athletes to score but U wo4
thought a sure thing that Sweden would
take all three places Sweden won but
ft Greek slipped In second tad a Nor
wegian third A new worlds record
of 178 ft TH In was made bv the Swed
ish champion Lemming This miy WM
the Inner at Athens He Is the Mar
tin Sheridan of the Northland Th
Greek Doriza who threw 163 ft In
In a njpv comer among champions
Englnd won the threerail team race
against the American team composed of
Bonhag Dull Trube and Cohn The
French were third TIme14m 3935i
Next day more field events came
along Rose of California captured the I
sixteenpound shot put with 45 ft 7H
In Hoizan of Ireland took second
and Girrells of America was third with
W ft 3 In ExChampion Co wis not
heard fnm
Martin Sheridan won the dlseui with
131 ft 3 In This was aSout two feet
less than Martin threw at Athens two
years ago but it was raining The i
ground was wet and thtr missile flip
pery and hard to hnld Griffin of Chi1
cago pre sed Sheridan close with 133
ft CLi In onlv eight small Inches short
of a TV Inning throw Horr was third
with 12 ft 9 In Dearborn who made
the worlds record In the tryouts ot
Philadelphia could not get In one of his t
olg throws Ife vas a close fourth I
lIE next Friday was an off dav for
THE LLemmlnj of Sweden
won the Greek style javelin throw
easll with the great throw of 19 feet
101 Inches another new world record
Ifalso of Norway was tecond and Nlll I
son of Sveden third with 154 feet G
inches All of these throws are far II
rhead of anMhJjiK everttvnrrmllshed In
America where avelln throwing Is little I
practice became of Its extreme menace
to the spectators
Lamer of England repeated and took
the tenmile walk In 1 Tiour 15 minutes
S7J5 feconds Webb of England and
pencor of England wero second and
third This was literati a nakover
No American were entered In any of
the walking events
The points were piling up for Eng I I
land In spite of the assurance that our I
best events were not all used up the j
bovs becnn to ft2l a little worried Sat
urda Sheridan startel things going
again bv wlnnlnr the Greek discus
mallntr a nev rorlds record of 124 feet
8 Inches ten ffet bett r than Jaevrlnen
threw at Athen Horr wa second this
time nnd Jacrvlnen third all breaking
the old record Horr was 0115 2 feet 21o
Inches beVnd = urelj this was Sheri
dans lucky week
Hut the English evened the score by
taklne first and seconl In the five
mile run The American entries w > re
noih re Volght England won In the
fast time of CJ > mlnutei II 1 j seconds
a nell Olympic tecord Rob rtson of
England wa < second Hiarrborg of
iiwdcn third
TKen ca ue IIP tur of war and a ccj
sl in of what AilkP irpli wan mpted 1
to i I nlirhv ulib n The rule
piuvn d tint urdlnai shots imMt be
worn 1ltlout huvv anles or I atHI
or FiliIS or nothing to a s It In hold
Ins tile Tound The lnslt n tenu
can nut wllll ireat hpaYHoleti times I
Iron shod nnd rleated Kesuif the ta s
tuiii RIC1r man wure splke The
Amerlans protested nt once Calii v
the ln Isn rdiimltler nnnoimceil that
the tinrtfst vaa not t > 11 > all wd Huiei
or no r i s the Hi i < i 1lrMa mm I
could wear 1111 HI 1 nnd pat i
sines The AturliMn 13m 1lIlrew
int aliowed nine ooliK list HOIUHI and I
third to BO to rpInti without a con I
tet Lnstinnd Imu I drop on u It
was a eae of hands uj Fnglanil
won HP SSOirftre leepo has first I
and second vtlh tunel and Hobertson
Elfle f Prtief runnlnj panel
nnlVd T co 11111I 11 ran In hard I
Imk r Inr a fill III > j n wnier Jimp
tint co < t linn 1W arrts In il < e mid lit I
of the rare Time H minutes i H
That nlsht the scor stood England
Jt America W A blue proioect Nu
rr i
jt t
d 2ND 200
2ND 400
Points Name Events Place
11 WLBRlDAJs Greek discus throw vorlds recordFlm
Free shle discus First
Standing broad Jump Third
10 SEPPARD1500 metre run Firit
ECO metre run worlds record First
10 WRY Standing broad Jump First
Standing h gh Jump FIrst
5 HAYES Marathon race iiist
5 FLANAGAN Hamrrer throw Olympic record Flst
5 ROSE Shot put FIrst
3 PORTERRunnlng high Jump Oljmpto record lrst
6 IKONS Running broad Jump 01 > mpo record First
3 BACON 1M metre hurdles worlds record Tint
HORR Dsous throw free style Thirl
Dscus throw Greek stjle worlds recordS onl
4 OU RTPole vault 01 > mpc record tied for First
4 COOK Pole vault ympic record tied for Flr t
3 SlORATII Hammer throw Second
3 GIFFIFree st > le discus throw Second
5 KELJYRunning broaj Jump Second
3 HILLilAN 0 metre hurdles Second
3 R CTORIN metre dash Second
3 CLOUGHAX 2CO metre dash Second
131 EISELE2IO metro steplechase Third
Thee mile team race four men Second
34 BOHAGThree mile team race four men Second
31 DUIjL Three mile team race four men Second
J4 COB Tir > e mil team race fojr men Fecond
1 Cartmell MO nvHer dash Third
1 FORSHAvV Marathon Third
2 DUL RStandln high Jtrnp tlej for fncond
1 OVRREU5 Shot put Third
Oarrels adds to this FPnre today In hurdles
13 JACOBSPolo ault tlel with two others for Third
Saturdaj eent concluding Obmplc programme are 110 metre hurdlei
I hop step an1 pump metre relay 400 metro run
one knew that while poor old England
crawled painfully up two points more
America would ho leaping to the 100
mark In a terrific bnund Jubilantly i
England fourteen point In the lead i
came nut for the renewal of tho games
on XIonda > morning The crowd In the
Htadlum had shrunk to utmost nothing
In epltp of the English point winning
An estimate nude Monday places the
number of pectators at 300 And the
Kicat grand stands were built to pent
75000 Th prices were too high The
Brnsplng British issoflatlon realizing
this at last cut down and the people I
began to com
Moiilav jaw s setback for His
BtT Ewrv aping like a deer
iapl irel he stnndlni broad Jump
with 10 feet Jl4 hche Tsrllltlras of
Greece was econd with 10 feet 71
nches and the omnipresent Martin
Sheridan t1 rd onl > a qjnrter of dn
lich teli nl tnnt This inado Sheridan
the heavies t point winner of the gumr
lust as he was at Vhens He took 11
points while Iemmlne of Sweden
Inrner of England and heppard and
Pwry of ATieriJ each made 10
At the mOle time thp AmerIcan sprint
ers won nine out of the sfwrteen heats
In the WTietrf dMI Hector erjualllnK
the worlds record of 015s runtilny
the swttes heat of the dar
Another day passjd In the half mile
Hlippird ran away from all the Knt
Ilihmtn In Uns tlmu fr la the rktlc
and won with Lunghl of Italy and
Braun of Germanv ppeond and third
Sheppard s time established a new SW
metre world record It was 1m 624 Us
In anticipation of a possible record the
Hngllsh had established the half mile
tape 5610 ards beyord the lmetrp
tape Sheppird contlntieil making the
half mile In tr1 t IIPW English record
It was a magnificent spurt of speed
and een the English wire onnstrilnnl
to ippliiud when the greit Irishmerl
cin tntted Imk toward hh clreslni
room frtsli and fit to run again In splto
nf hl effort Shopjnnl Is Bunlj tli
prritM t mlildledlstame runner tln
I modern world hns et spcn
After th < W rnelres Iirter of Amer
lia won the high Jump with Sonotj of
llutigtr V01 and 1ihj of Ireland
I tjmrf for eionil Porters Jump nai
B feet 3 Inches T new Olympic record
In the semiflnili of the 100 metres
Itector nnd Unlker of South frlra
both won their heTts In record UTIP It
vis evident therod be omethln doing
There vn imetlilnR doing NVxl
tin1 U iln iy Walker ol Hou1
Africa wall thp 100 metres fqmllln
lectors reicrd time of 045 seroml
Walker went off his mark nevcral tim s
In the star nnd was cautioned bit not
pcnalzeil Il < ant may anenl of He
tor at list l tor ault him with 1
gent spirt at about n mtres bu
is I In an Vs r awn
asain and won Kerr f faniila w 1
Irom of th > rhMjo v iwrprU
all h At iletlc surps nhen he cip <
I turN the broad Jump frail Din Kelly
niaklnj a new Olympic record of i
A Ai 1
feet CU Inches Ths wis one of the
best performn of the meet Kel y I
1 seiond with JT fee 3i Indies and
lirlck of Canada third with Zl lent
3 nho anot her doe call While the
Britons weio stiBKerlng under this
uvcrwhelmln aalanche of points
Charlie Hjcon wn the 4 metre
hurdles wIth Ham Hlllmii second
ind Treemcr of Enylind third Time
OG secomh new wrlls record Amer
ln s points were grown like i Kansas
iinstttlk and tho weather was turning
line0V Thur < 1ar a score of points be
0V hind the English nude ft frantic
effort to stop Americas advance
by trickery It happened In the final
ol the 40mere run In which Hals
welle tho L i Ish crack middledis
tance mm was pitted againat Carpen
ter llobb ns and Taylor of AmerIca
Carpenter varied w th a terrific spurt
that left IIaswelle ploughing along be
hhd As Ta > lor sail afterward Car
penter and Robbns ran Hilswelle and
Tajtor ol their feet Gettn i clean
lad the two Amfcani flnlsned one
to Carpenter winmnq In the erj fast
time of 1745 econd = unolllcal Hut
as saon as Hilswellj rrnde his attempt I
to close up the gap behind the fljrlni
tnerican and failel the English of
ficials broXe the Upe and jumped out
on the track declaring the event no
race The alleged that Halswelle had
teen Jostled and po kcted Scores of
ATTicans appeared to testify that the
race had been run cleanlj as did the
vmcr an runiie s However the Eng
Ish comm ttee heard Habwelle In secret
s > aion and G dered he race run over
uTlng Carponter from competing In it
Ih s was uch an ou raucous Injustice
i ich a pi iln rooberj that Mlku Mur
p ij at once declared that his men
v mid not t < allowed to run again for
n rtcp thci I nd farU won The final
Is to bo run off today and Halswelll
ota trot It i 10 anti win more uncon
tested points for Englandpoints
that England is unable to win by fair
m Fnry won the standing high Jump I
caslU wIth 5 ft 2 In B Her of America
nnd Tscllltlrns of Greece tjlng for sec
ond Ths VII nwns tnntli point add1
fd to tho American score lie Is llkei
Sheridan and Shpppard a sure wlnnor I
wherever he omiwls Kwrv has won
htli Jumps now In fmir stralsht Olym
plals nt 1ars bt Iouis Athens find
Iundon I
Ktrr of finili fiprunz a surprise
hv winnlns the 2Crnetrc dash an event
that wiii mnilderrl n sure thlni fur
I Cirlmcll whJ was llrd Cloughan of
Aniera was second Time 222s
This wat low vvMUh h nn Indication
lint th FnjrlFh cllmntc ftTected all
1 of the foreign runner Kerr of Canada
as well ns the Amelcans
nd now on Kidiv oame the great
ilav nf nil the Iay rot the Ohmplad
iliv o f tlie MnrT Len U ice Twert
mir n1 r t o IBP tnTtired 7n
fium Uliiir r winding nvei
cintrv ri Is am1 dry strco to finish
In the i II im In rVslBil the b i
ns tlmt rnnn but nn Kngllihman could
win a distance ra Olt iicn luallty
I ln llsi nieri mmel Fn shmnu t t
siif > lin < A The nlerlc1ns wer SlIP
posed to bo nowhce
Vet in 1 fc1n won the Mnrathnn
Ilace n nlcrn rnm In IMnl Olh
r IPIP amn fo i > Ill nln1
in I four n Tm f li man lo
finish nai he frst Kngl hrmn Hnedea
I Inr s1 Jmlli Cinndhns iFln
1 nnf1pr s Rnuth Afrlins all hnd th < fn
j MOUS nIh tine dlslaKre me rff their
I fo t Hero was the dope of the Oljrm
Willie Britt Danes Manager
Accepts Terms Offered by
I Colnia Promoter
GansVelson fight for Admis
sion Day nt the Mission street
arena Colma Cal seems a
nearly clinched Ie la possible without
having the contracts signed up < Willie
Dritt reached home today from Nevada
and Immediately agreed with Jimmy
I Coftroth on terms hit will suit Nel
son If these terms suit Cans then i
tho fight Is on
I Briefly Coffroth offered Brltt a for
tvflve round fight on the afternoon
of Admission Dav the fighters to take
0 per cent of the receipts to be di
vided CO per cent to the winner and
40 per cent to the loser While noth
ing Is Bald of a bonus undoubted
Nelson will be given at least 10 per
cent and probablv 15 per cent which
will come from Coffroths end of the
Britt liars Nelson will hunt In Colo
rado for a weolt and go to Hegewlseh
for a bt < banquet the last of the month
rlad turned topsyturvv the Americans
gillopln off with the longest dlstnne
venls and the South African and the
Canadian capturing the ppilnts <
of New York won the
Marathon In two hours fiftyfive
minutes and fort > one seconds
It xvas tho most dramatic finish ever
seen In a long race During the last
five miles the leaders were constant
hlltlng up their speed Hcfferon of
South Africa led by nearly a mile But
tho others were galnlnn and Hefferon
wni nearly In Coming along at a ter
rlbc pace Dorando of Italy went ahead
and entered the Stadium with a couple
o minutes to spare ila > es of America I
was not long behind Hayes passed I
Hcfferon too and doggedly went after I
th leader When Dorandoa eyes aw I
the finishing line only two hundred
jards ahead the nerve that had held
him up through tho terrific strain of tho
nee broke nt last and he fell The I
Ensllsh olfklals rushed to him with
sam slanders and dragged him to I
his feot pouring water on him and
forcing stimulants down his throat He
staggered along and fell staggered and
fall growing weaker finally two English I
lish ofilcials seized Mm b > the arm and
pushing from behind helped him to I
vard the goal line Tho American I
runrlns strongly was only part of n
up behind oindo fcl nsaln tils
tine trie owil jelled It i horror n the
night of a halt unconscious man belnn
foiced to s 0 along evrn though II waa
only a fcv jards more Thirty yards
frou tho tare Dorando fell ngnln un
orrcloni 1 ic om lab seized hIm tin i
lip behind Dorando fell ngaln This
llu tveic they dropped iIl11 still
sen tess and hastily ordered tha
Ijlnn lias lIn up to fie mail tenj
Anything to beat tho Americans Hnc
niiirnin do rscdly and r tout IM It
ani > finished A moment Inter Hefferon
cams In and thex torshar of St
llouli and W lton of America and
Wood ftlmpion and Lnion of Canda
Lwoot fiv nb nr or Sweden and M la
But I can get him here anj time I
want him
Joe Connor iio look after the affjlrs
of Stanley Keuhel anl who li retarded n
one of the foxleit nnnaKm In the builneti
las foolej recently by S > lvl Fcrrcttl m > nl
ixti of linen Kelly in maUac the match
between Kell inj Kttchel which comti of I
In San Irnnclico July 31 Killy ran easily
mike 1H pounds tut ai Terretll claim he
cnulil only Jo 155 iKiJnlj at thu rltiiil
0 Connor ionsnttJ Kelt li alcoJd Jun
to 157 pounji
Bert Keici the lurJ Mltlnx llttlo flshttr
anl Pill lljan the Syncue llilit < lcht
were milihel latt nlKM Jotinnj OJicr
01 rn i
M erIV cuncluiion In A slxrounl boat at a I
slou to be pulled off by tti llilou A Coo I
of lllnxhamton N Y on the Hint of AUK
U It siguM be ai Innrotlni bittle as
K ves It one of thon vUni binit flrliieri who
wide rUht Into an opponent teoJJan li a
clever boxer anl ha > a Kuol rtcorJ
Owen Voran th Knullsh featherweight
I chimilon who li expound to arrlv hirg
from hnuhnd to Uv to PNPUO for hli com
Inr chinnilonilp iKhl with Ab Attell all
Colma C4l nn Uibir Day Afternoon TVHS
rretentel wit > i n belt anl alto a euro I
IJadO lur
it Jt hbe fx hl
amounting to nearh sU hundred dollari bv
tlie spcrtlnf nun of KntlanJ at a recent
banquet holt In hli honor at Lbo Qalety
1alate IIlrmlnllam I
I If Iludolp1 tnholi lipcals Tommy
llurphj In Ihdr twIIround flzht at tho I
Arnur A A of IlDSlon on Tueidiy nlKht
hn lll r ehe many offtri to flxnt Tho
loco 1 ctii will offer him a nntih nllh
Leach Crojj Jack MoOuigan will tr > and
match him with ounit lou hry for lx i
rounds at the National 0 < II Phil
I deluhia Ihl Vial Miirroy will offer him
a biz lrr ° nth to Uhb Dick HylinJ at ire
I Armorv A A of Hnston i
Matty FlaM In nho li to meet Charier
dlan Townnlnn of America and all the
rest Iongnoat uf Canada had already
bocr brought In bv nn automobile and
lav eliatiited and senseless nn the turf
of tho Stadium He had been run off
hij feet half way through the race
OItADO the poor serpeless Ital
D ian was carried out ton a
stretcher and official woru mega
phoned to the crowd that ha was not
dead and would recover
A protest was made nn the ground
that the Italian had been unable to
finish but had been carried across the
line It was allowed for It r as Impos
sible to deny the facts bitter pill as It
was for England to swallow But It
was tough luck on Dor nJu poor game
fellow He surely ran us game a race
as any man ever lived to run and even
though the gold medal of the Marathon
Is not his because he fell unconscious
a bare thlrt v arris from the finish
line he deserves a world of credit for
his work and of sympathy for his hard
luclc fortunately the Queen of ng
land will give him a special troph
which will help
While the Marathon was bolns run
the polo vault was going on in tne
Stadium befoa a cicinil tint on tnls
da > packed tho PICO from iroun to
BJMCIJ Clllbeu nuT Cook tic I for llr t
honors nl 13 ft 1 n and Jacobs and
C ani > bcll ot nan t tied with Archl
bald of Janad or third This event
added S J3 polrts to tho American
rrorc which now stood America 100 2J
KnsUnd M 13 ue rest ot the world
Tnn trials of tho UJnietre hurdle
leaving lump but the fiur best merl
cans for the lnrU ttiosi piiins also
are to he added to the score tola >
Indir the handling of the threat Jtlke
Muphl Amerlcls team has made a
riprvellotis showing even In Hnlaiul s
s i v climate
A 8 for the Knsllsh WP hope In catch
thnm In Amerl i1 some tay and If tve
Cr do wall than then that ilhetlc I
JI ns can be run In an fionest nnd
jrfitlejnanl manner If rntli d ha
not Iiriuril lu r hablti In fifty jeJr8
a lltli leisan In up to date I1I1r1hlrt1
I will d3 her cooil
nbaU rolo GroundT d r 310 r31
OAntII TI rttuburc A4a W V
L L4
Orlffln the father atljM champlra ol
Ausiralla In the nuln bout of sIx rounli r
At Hi KUrniinl A C Has nut KrlJa
nuht lijan tralnlni for th conteit it
relu Hoihin > rog Itu > e at Ne Dorp S I
us rJa > liiium sin intfln uU Ierh j
< rois thai terrific fleht i ion lime an
anl ho idmlttti Ihu nrirln li one of the J
ten men at his welitht he eier uw light j
Wll JlanVn fi California flRhter who l
Rat a norderful flpliler a few > enrt aito f i
will return W th rlne to nUM He nlli I 5
meet Johnn llurjli one of the moat
rromlalar lljht welshu turned ojt In Cali
fornia tli co Jimim llrltt 3 time Th > will
latio fur len iMindt f lOr a purse ot 11000
at Jim ofr Iho op n air club at Colon
Cal If Han on win he will continue fljhl I
ln but If ho loj < i ho aai ht Kill retire
Johnn Oliver manager of Tommy Mur
ph > will I etr tor Iioiion lu nitIt to al
ien tho batt o Ulween Tommy and Ru
ilolrt Lnholz nhle1 cmnca allan fueidaif
nigh Tmun li In better condition Juit
tinv nan he has Ken for aca loie time1
ild Oil er I IMn < that llurvhy wlft
lurely beat tnhiU tin I It uoulrt not IJr
prls mo to see him put him iway llur
ph ha Kot back ha punch and as he ir
alto Miter I cant tra how ho cm lose
There will to sons ertat blJdlni for the
nic l bout hetnun Willie I > nli and
Ulllr Iapke Whh M li cxpoctel to be ar
ranged on Mnliy nlirht Jim Dackley
mamrsr of tho Vavarre A C of Ulmar
lark in iliillel to so after the bout
and as ilah Murra or the Armory A A
of Boston will al > o he here to bid for It
the chimei are that the club that dotl
Hid It will hav o 110 tto tUbtera
good Incentive
milch 111I probabb b clinched now
Ham tie cheats heavy
let welBht i eon en1 bK VI Knufman the Call
fornla ilint wh > put Dunlin Johnson away
ln rounds at Lo AnwlM Calk Jut
1 Ulll tlirov manaeer of Kau
nlctit IntinlJ to klp AI orhln and after
man flrht laol nlsht MH hut he wna ready
the to match h u with Harrj Jim n > na or
any othfr flehler for a tonlt dlitance
AUfMMj sws
I nrhl to The Bvenlnn World
105 AXCCIKS Cal July 25 AI
Kaufman boat Battling Johnson to a
pulp In fcven rounds at Maud Junction
Pavilion lait nlsht Kaufman rm
out of onr o the most terrific plugging
matches eior seen here almost un
scathed Ho went after a knockout
and after the first round the big Ru
Min had nn look In The song ziytd
Bit In almost every round
Kaufman showed vast Improvement U
skill ard speed His punch was pow
erful but the wonderful vitality and rs
cuperatve power of Johnson kept the
bout from endlnfr earlier
Kaufman was fre h and strong at the
rnd when refnreo police and Johnson
sernnJs decld d UWKJ all off A knock
out was inevitable In a few seconds
Johnsins face WT badly chopped bj
his scientific opponent
ltrlinuoni or nloratloa
of mucjua m mbrane
tM o
orwnt la rUln irrap r
rnp ii tor
UI GJTsJicns I Develops 1
lit colp errlc
lUi l11nLum IPmuT1IIJ O
ua t1lW lTUlaa
h D

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