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RESULTS EDITION i III Circulation Books Open to AIL I f kL2 ° ZLA4kii I Circulation Books Open to All 1 GRUT4 fOZ
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Witness of Crime on Greenpoint
Dump Gives Accurate Descriptions
I f
r of Men WhoBrought Body
in a Wagon
One of Acting Cartain Madmans men this afternoon found a citi
zen whose story proves that at least two men were concerned in the
butchery of the young woman hose body with the throat cut the face
marred by vitriol and the limbs soaked in oil I was shoved into a brush
fire on the Greenpoint avenue dumping ground
This citizen is Philip OBrien a reputable artisan living at No 49
Broome street Greenpoint As a result of his statement the police have
excellent descriptions of the two men who brought the body to the edge
of Whale Creek where it was subsequently found in the flames half
At the Grcenpolnt avenue Mai < n
OBrien made this statement
Tuesday nIght I crowd from my
home Into I lis sIll e just opposite
Ore npolnt to a house where a trlend
or min Mrs Dougherty hart died It
was between 3 and 4 oclock Wednes i
day morning when I left the wake and
started back for my home I took a I
hort cut across the field between Hum
feoldt street and Greenpolnt avenue
Saw a Covered Wagon i
III was near the Humboldt annul
ride at tlJe lot when I saw a covered
wagon coming toward me It was
drJbwn by a bay howe The wagon
ww painted some dark cor and had
a nsun on the Hide but I did not make
out the mime 1 could plainly sec a
ffold n clrcU painted on the hood of the
wagon with the word Groceries lit gold
Utura Inside
The wagon halted on the edge of
the creek Two men got down from
the teat and pulled out of the back end
of tbe wagon what looked like a big
mattress rolled up and tied with cord
> Th y stood the buitdlo up on und
one of them poured something out of a
Vntln down In to the folds and tlun
thy dropped It on the ground One of
the men Rot IxKk In the wagon The
other pulled out n lot of brushwood antI
rubbish over the imllress and then I
stoopeJ down and put a mutch to It
Drove Off at Full Speed
WiU second man waited until the
fire was well startnl tnen he Jumped
In Uio wagon Ills companion III ned
the horse with a whip and they went
41 a gallop across the lot Into Urcen
point avonue and dawn pust the police
btatlon toward the terry landing I
could near the rig travelling at high
ereod after It had got out ot my sight
At the time I uittached no Importune
to the Incident because I j > uppo > iUhi
men woru simply destroying bedllni
thaI hud Ixon usi > l liv Mime on Li I
un Infectious disease Krir this same
reason 1 did not approach the tire
of the
I got a good look nt both
and I
inn They were foreigner
think Italian The man who drove
the wagon wan about twenty tour years
i old about 5 feet 9 Inches tall smooth
faced with dark complexion He wore
II disk suit and a light derby hat
The other mnn appeared to le about
fwentyieven years old was about 5
fett S tnch tall and very much
darker than his partner 110 hud 1
think a Hhont inustichs lie wore
dark trouees but was In his shirt
leaver Neither of the men wore col
lar or necktie
After making a second autopsy on the
body of the victim Coroners Physician
Charles Wuest made a statement at the
Brooklyn Morgue this afternoon which
etlll further complicated the mystery
Last night at my IIrst examination
1 found a deep Incision In tile neck
said Dr Wuest further uxnniiiiatkm
today shows conclusively that It must
have been Inflicted by a skilled physi
clan It li such an Incision ai Is madn
r r below the Adams apple Into the wimi
plp In desperate canes of diphtheria In
order to save ne patient from strangu
lation There la no < iu itlon In mi mluu
that tome one skilled In medicine maJj
thU out I
I ted sure that the wound wee In
Jllctcd before death Whether rir not li
iwas tho cause of death I rnnnot say I
nm having a careful analysis made ot
the tomach with a view to ascertain
ing whether or not drugs were admjn
l t re J
7 Ai the result of a hoiuetohouce can
VMS which his men mnde through HIP
foreign settlements of lIl1am burg
seeking1 for clues to Ihe Identity of tht
young woman Acting Captain Madlgan
sf the Grvenpolni polea statIon has
j I I Continue ua Second Psii
I I rJ
4 1IJ MMtriii iirtfi i ii i J L
Says the Only Reason He Is
Wanted at Washington Is
Because He Eloped
Limits Mclror and ODonnfll ar
raigned a welldressed yom man be
fore Magistrate Corrigan In Centre
Street Court today and charged him
with embezzlement The complaint
came from Major Sylvester Chief of
Police of Washington
When asked for his name the prisoner
said I am Edward M Hobson of No
2tH 0 street Washington D C
and tlrst cousin of Congressman Hob
son of Mcrrlmuc fame lie refused to
makt n statement to the Court but to
a group of newspaper men said
Heres the facts boys They dont
want me for embezzlement In Washing
ton or any place else Its a subterfuge
to get me back to the capital I re
gret to confess that I ran away with
a beautiful woman from the capital
and brought her here to New York
Shes marrleil fo am I but we couldnt
I help It They want to prosecute me
bark there Hints all m sorry tom
I herHo
Ho Kim was taken from a room at
No 31 Vett Twwuynceond street it
2 oclock this morning Detectives
searched all day yesterday for the
outh who Is twentythree years ot
age swarthy of face and han clean cut
Not until tliey located the offices of
the New York Horse Insurance Com
pany were they able to learn his ad
The Washington police have been com
municated with The woman who la
known here as Mrs Hobson was not
In court The name of the complainant
and the nature of the alleged embezzle
ment were not dlaclased nt the hearing
Hobion was deininded to the Tomb in
lefault of P ball
An Evening World reporter found
Irs Itobson In the Twentysncoml
street Mouse Sho Is lender blonde
und about twentyone lrr only dls
iress seemed to be over the Uct that
ner uk a she described it iud ben
Of course my lump Is pot Mrs Hob
inn she told the reportir My real
mIllie Is Jtra Ntllie Kyle and I lvr at
No Ht New York avonM Wasimgtjn
My husbands nani > is Kaynuinil KyU
hid lie Is an engraver working for the
But he > lId not cau o Mr Ilion
arrest said Ilin little woman And
Mr Hobion did rot cause It either
The > iiiN > Ml ment charge Is rldiculwin
Yes I knuw Mr llotxon was nur
rliil und had three children I was mar
ried last October but I 18e been sppa
ratitl from nu husband for four
SALT MKK CITY July 30Parlfy
Ollc of SUt lIke last night at the
Siltalr cycle track broke the worlds
nmntmr tuipaceJ record for a mil
rldlnx tlll iliitunet In tX 15 The
former record of MX 1J wa4 held by
J D Hum
I ct t
= = = = = = = = =
Weather Clear July 30 Track Fast
FIRST RACPFor thryprnldl aM upwirt awlllnn I4W1 ndtod six furlorirs
fjro Pnit time 231 off 22 Sllrt rood Won drtvlnr Winner b r by Oe
iPSfcF lyO1 OwnerThomas Hitchcock Jr Tlrnf 118 4H
tndxSusrtert = WISJLlh < Fin Jnckcvi Op HI CI PI Bh I
Wotkliraff tu 3 T 1 i1 lh Pwwl 11 20 20 3
I < 11 V 3 8 lh 2 Noli r 710 I S10 I
612 Jacohlt
JJiiAli1 0 I1 I WJ1 3 3 Eiy < n 7f 75 1110
Wooilrat hfl4 pl ntv of speed and JlMnK aTaimce nil ho nv tnnl a 4nv
i rwifiv od uccrfv fully ttallM oil the chYIIN111I of Jarnblln The taller laid tivi tar I
after howlne a
Althnin batty
rloM itroiutlv ilotipd
I out nf It In the early pin
KaLJtf1 oc c = = = = = = = =
St pi toiir roJ and wm tii elllnr JIV Ilddj
I < r > > SBCDND KAfB Hplo cn e fnr tllryroldo
i > about two mll8
POI I 310 off S 04 Start ood won easily Winner b l bv CIMPuAndrlsa
Owner Chelifa Stable Time 4J16 it
liia i Starter iiLii4 Fin J ji KOp ICI Ii Sh
W0 Canvas 130 II 1 Ii 1 i UoMiiit 2A 0 20 2
teJnlskr Ill 2 2 1 2 2 T < VHrlnu 52 35213
csnJs1l 1SI S HplteJ J Tarrfll 10 10 R 1
Canvai cna much the tail and h id the rae cat all tV nay St lmakfr wai
never dan gerous fi < icanla boltM L the UumE
jjTHtiti tACETi Flat for woyaroldi i fi j added flee 1M a half fur
i Port Ion KM off Si9 Pmrt ponr Won runIlly Winner br c br IlimUl 1arisn
Own rJJBM li nTlme 1OT IS
I Index starf r l = Jvti St4 H VTJJ Jochev = OP I1L fjpjiih
W Kdwarl Ill a 3 2 2 > I PhtliTnY 3 72 a I 12
< a4l
U4 > Torbelllno IK U tb 45 lln 211Mirjh Y n 7 6 2 1
Practical 115 7 m it 1 D < lij McUinlel 0 in C 3 s
rz > 122 R T11 7J H1 4 iwPet fl 12 10 4 d
S 4i lt > 4 Statenman Strike Out 12J I 2 I1 p tiP Mu nav v 5 3 J
Major 115 S U1 II CC AI Miller M 31 ni 10 1 I
MO summer Drum Maim 112 R 5U < 1H 7H 7n Mi rtiy i 3 S S J S5 I
> Chaffinch 113 10 10 10 10 R riibrt 2 i fI rn 20 HI
i 4i 112 2 M ti 9 K Duitan 10 in Ifi 6 S I
MO Fandulrr IIS 11 11 11 11 10 Notfr 1SA 72 8 I 1J
271 4M Turmoit lien llomrrn j122 J 1 8 4M1 1 Lo e u j 8 II 2 1
IVlKard dliplayln i rC turn of toeet follovM th > wic cloeelv sH ihn n v and
easily In l14 Ktrntch Torbelllno off rmorU cLst with a rush Hraillcal ran
came fijr race flnlsnlnr ilrone Strike Out quit a uiual I
il fulKTH HACK Th SarJtojn lUndlcap of tlfJO for threeyarnidn and urwanl
tI cl one mile and a quarter
Poll 404 off 4 OV tart coo1 Won eully Whiner ch c bv Ornament
Eleanor 0ner Montp llfr table Time JM 45
rnTex tfUrtrs WIJLLIFG Jorkeya J oPmoi PI Sh
MnnfnrT 100 I 2b 3 i 2 li Mcrihov J 1 5 Z I
t51il lnntnr llC 7 fi1 51 8 oh lllbert 1 72 S 1 12
iC45 t Far West > 2 ji I1 li 3 t fvett 1 U S 2 1
1 2 i d
Iano car trti
rg f KM II 3 > i > 2 4 Mciarthi H S S 1 S
US H IM S 4b 4h P 5 Miller 55 2 2 4S 2S
iI mnlfllon 112 3 S > rt I 6 I y lLiuan 7 S S 3 sS
7a Flip nunnlnt Flan Wal r in 4 7 7 7 7 Noiler < 7 i 1J
ELlnl1 Ionlort ran to tIll but form lie folloivM th DBII vnrj iMosely to the itrotch
callijoln Far Wt outrun In the early Dart
into th lead an I won
ht mov <
for tha place mnoscira showM a fine iwrform
pi with a rich and jut rat uo
any oi for tint rifling Mj pientv of speol anl hM on gamely Dinltlloa Quit utterly
nd of l furloncj Tb otlvrn n > yiJ Unitcrouf
at Ihf 1 l rr c = = = = = =
TriS FIFTll RACETinee ve rolda and up ardi nMiinc itf > adledT one mile
c IM root 42 of 4 si Slin itooJ Won < > a llv Winner b c by Admnnltlon
MIlO C Owner A Veiier Tlliie1311 lS
i rmdetSlartcrI Wtai4l1 < Hf Fin Jnckfyi ODI1I q 2 CL Sh
1rt 3 i 5 ji1 1 ShtihnK Tii 3 02 fi J3
Zlpanro 102 3 IJi I lH2HSnlth 7B 32 7fi 12 14
Iftr The Wr
fl1J1 02 2 a 1 2t 31 Shrev 8 S h a 75
IM 1 > ney br Cotirtir
M 1 21 21 4e 4 B Dunn B r K 1 12
W4 CoSfplet 03 4 4 1H lilt J MfCihe7 S 10 8 3 TS
04 fl 8 9 10111 0 11 M 10 a
10J 1 5 IL j
Ocoan spur
lav off the w lo tin midillf oT the uppr turn where he cam to ho
Klpaniro and catching The Wreatler at the ititfinth t ° li > won some away The tter
outuMe had plenty of ioel forced a fait pace Tenincv by Courteir held on well anrulne
ltt = =
SIXTH RACEFormalden two yearolils HO added five and a half furjonns
f 7 I Post IS7 off 100 Start zool Won artly winner cli c by Voter
U5Eyifi OlntrJ R K ens Tlrin 105 SS
Inln Slarlen iviii hi H Fin Joclwi Op III Cl Il Sh
HlTarloui liil 1jTli4IVI OoUr tl3 sa oi iT
a 10 R g 7 a
11 4 1 IIa 21LMrtsrthv
i Sit 512 Constellation tltoffinnn Madman m ft 7 F 2 4 3 4 tlriisel McDankl g j j 1 12 12
3 4 4 I t2
112 2 0 0 5 I 1Ju n
142 VSI Falsfnav III 1 4b i V lrrlhI IZ Ir ID it 52
I12 Yankee Dnurnter
I 12
IIZ 1 1 7 1 Iuuralt 3 4 j
J 1i 10 Jlj
I f74 Moorlali KI nj 12 Fell
t CouplsJ
irand colt cent to he front early nn1 won lalloplni Constellation ran
Hilarlom 1
a tootl race and II Imorovlnr Madman quit in the last fifty yards Moorish Klne MS
I caurht In a tan at the start and fell u
pectal to The Evenlnit World
July 31The racing meptlng Is on here
but It would bE nwltclilnt the truth to
say It compared with Illst < easoni >
0iirinB when the vlllnKe yaM alive
with horse folks and Union Jvenus
leading to the course was nearly Itn
passable owing to hit number of vehi
cles The crowd at the track as tlvi
iTXUlars put It was n ROO crowd hut
u smal oft The itt I IttS ore out In
I font bill that docs not IIIIMUI tiny
thing and but for the New Yorlieia
II who bepan uirlvlng on the Cuvanangli
special last night all gIl I by after mill
ught were still coming up to race
tuna this arurnoon there wouldnt
have been a corporals guard present
Only Oral Betting
The bnttlnK end of the same Is the
37me as In New York The Sheriff had
five men on the Job and they were
suded by Juitlco UUohofls decision
reRiilitlnK oral bettlixj Sheriff Bnld
lay had a letter from Senator Bracket
the town boss who In the capacity ot
counsel to the Sheriff advlifd him to
be guided In his enforcement of the
law by Justlc ItochuRs decision
Ucapite Ihh there v ssa oontdcrablc I
doubt of the siiccres of the meptlnp
Hilly Wonlin A Dower In the town
and the holder of several different
Jobs Is said to liae resigned them all
wilier than mix up In tile lieU I ng con I
trnvorsv II In said Worden und Ilrack I
ett walked He fiit streot nil night die I
iuslnR the matter th upshot of which
was that Vonlen qlt nil his John
Worden Is a racing nun and wants to
< < ee the gamo go on unmolusted
the Kamblui loupes havent op nml
VPI Oinflold Is oliiird tUlitor than a
< rum IOne i the for sale sign Is itlll
up A surKrlntendtnt however keeps
the hne iriuder In good slitX
The fliiolltr hotels are rousting of
jixid patruiinje but thta camuM be said
or the bit places like the Grand tnlon
1nltexl Stftf tIm Worden and the real
Just before iOt time the crowd In the
grand stand reacli < sl R fair size
Latt Years Cripple Win
The tint race wee nrrMrhed down to
threo tart rniAI thouo Jacobite and
Woodcraft a cripple from last aason
Alotheuo seemed In br the goodi at the
opening of the market but there was a
disposition to take Jacobite rich at the
in < 1 Woodcraft nt one handIcapper
put It befOre the rare may be third If
nothing happen Woodcraft won and
at S to 1 Woodcraft anti Aletlieuo
had It between them au the way In
the itrttcti Jicobiti mad his more
and although he got to oodcraffs
saddk1 after Aletheun tired he could
never set nearer than a head to him
I Woodcraft won by a head from Jaco
bite with Aletheuo several lenirths
i back
Only Two Horses Finish
Tin1 second race a steeplechase sill
InK event was a tnreohorj < e nffnlr too
with Canvas Steelmaker and Sicandata
the starters Cunvas won easily for he
had only oim horse to beat Steelmaker
Sacnndi bolted at the very Ural jump
back cleared the
and ran out cams
Jump md then bolted ajraln After a
lot of trouble Tarrell Rot Saoamliga to
Continued on Sei ond Page
it4cit1 to The CIlnlnlf World
FORT BRIE Ont July SOTodays
race rtviiiltHl AI follows
KtRST RACE Twoyeirolds five
lurloivjaa1 M Green IM Hkks 8 to
1 5 to 1 und 8 to i won Mlsii Oritten
dolt IM Troxler 7 to 1 5 to 2 and 6 to
6 second High Hat 104 horton II to
1 5 to 1 and 5 to 2 third TlmelCO 26
Madrlleno Ctihrlne ardwell Wood
lands Roes Colore1 lady Hn HOWA
Laity Iluby Pocotallfto lawyer Millar
UerryniMider Oloriole and Loyal Maid
also ran
SrtCOND HACK Twoyearolds five
and onBhallf furlongs Jolly 106 Mar I
tin 11 to 3 7 to 10 and out won Eliza
beth Harwood 108 Powers 2 to 1 i to
o and out second Qladyn Louise tOG
Minor 4 to 1 even and fi to 10 thIrd
Time 107 I 5 Broadside Olambala
Kmppror Wllllivm also ran
THIRD HVOK Threeyearolds Ix
firlongK Hitter Sir JCf lower 7 to
2 even and out non Calthi 95 Her
Keni S to 1 S to j sail 4 to V lConrt
laity Corinne 1 Overch 6 to 1 2 to 1
and oven third Time lis Oademian
aiatr iJdy Knny Shirley H Snake
Mury and lllngen Also ran
fDVIlTII HACK Threeypflrodt one
nilie Mid a sixteenth John Mrrll Ill
rnwernl 11 to V 710 10 and out won
Poll Irm 110 WIII h 13 to E 7 to 10
and OMt second Minnie Acltni > IM
iDurns i > to I 8 to 5 HnJ nut third
FIFTH HACK Ttirfveirolds six
rurMnKsttenitor lUrrett Hto Ioiwi
S to 6 1 to 2 and out won Night Mlit
lf Minder 3 to 1 11 to ID and I to
ircond Honest Ill Miltin S to 3 4 to
5 and out third TlmeIU 3f MU
Marjorle HoTtle Hyphen Lexington
I lady and Molly Mnntroie also run
SIXTJI IUOErniwyproliU One
mile and one eWhth R vprun Iil
Martin S to f Lou out won QJixua
Ill < lom rM 7 ni I and out wond
Fnncy Hml 110 iHurns 2i > to I i to I
ami to 5 third Time lU 15 Onion
and Prtanfci alao ran
The tadj Who Kilo
Oallila Cream hal a beautiful clw com
pinion but nnr a nur tact At all
lolltt twnHti I C
Pirates Unable to Hit Ball at the Right
Time While Timely Swats
Score Two for the
Pittsburg 0000000000
Brooklyn 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 2
toial to The Ev nlnir WorM 1 I
J ilv 31Br way of gutting even the
Dodgers shut out the PlratM today
Score 2 toO
Hell N rittBhurp safe when hits
counted while his teammate playad An
errorless game behind him and swatted
the ball when it did the moot good
First Inning
Thomas pasted a Jumper to Lewis who
threw him out at first Hell then
KrabbM Lpachs hot bounder and got
the ball to Hunimsl In plenty of time i
ID retire Tommy Clarke made a safe
nit to the IlIfttld bUt wiu easily Cfiiight
trying to nteal second on Borien pretty
throw to Pattee NO RUNS I
Burch sent up a pop fly to the Infield
which Wanner nailed Pates u usual
farmed the air Hiimirmli bounder went 1
over Wasners head and wa a hit Al
perman hit to Wagner who touched
second base forcing llummel NO
Second inning
r Wagner lifted a high one to left
1 which Hurch collareil Batty also put
up a Hkmruper tht time Hummel
Betting under the ball Wilson laced
a IInner to centre and stopped at first
1 Swacina drove a grounder to Pattee
i who tossed him out NO RUNS
1 Iewls hit In front of the plate and
i Gibson touched him out Bergen was
< 1lspo ed of on his bounder by Young
and Bwaclnn Sheehann fly bnclc of
first hMO was caught by Swacina NO
Third Inning
Sheehan made a great onehind mop
of Olbln hlffh bounder and Hrew
him out Youn pasted the ball to
rlht for a base hut was easily nailed
trying to burglartie s cond Oil Bergen
throw to Pattee Thomas failed to Cell
nin with Bells test curve NO
Aiuiuney singled to left and rescheil
thlixl on Youncs muff at first of Swa
nlnas throw of Bells hunt Burrh sin
glad over Lwohs head scoring Ma1
lonoy and promoting Hell to second
Pattee bunted a fly into Leachs hands I
and on the latter fast throw to Swa1
dna Btiroh Wile doubled up at first
Humniel was thrown out by Wagner
Fourth Inning I
leach was an easy victim on strikes
Clarke banged a low line fly xtralRh
Into flurehs hands Warners fas
bounder to the Infield wa taken care at
by IXWl anti Humnwl NO HUNS
Alperman flied out to Wilson Unttj
maie a neat top of Ixiwlsn npptr
entlv Nif hit and rotlrwl him lot tlrirt
Berjen struck out NO RUNS
Fifth Inning
Batty lammed the ball to centre for
two banes Wilson bunted to Bell who
threw ton late to Sheehan at third both
tunner being safe Wilson stol ice
ond Butty was caught napping il
Continued on Second Page
At Detroit
Boxon 1 t e I
Detroit 2001
Batteries Vounf and Griper Klllian
and Schmidt Umplre Mr Evans
At Chicago
Wajhlngton 01001
Chicago 01000
BatterleaTannchlU and Street Will
and Sullivan Umpires Messrs 0lniKh
lln nnd Hurst
At St Louis
Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 a
w Uml 0 2 0 0 1
Batteries Dygert and Smith Howell
uid Spencer Implru llr Connolly
At Rochester
1I1111mr 1 i 1 0 0 0 o 0 I u AS
Rochester 0 0 0 0 1 1 o n 1J
BatterlpjMr < losky and Byers Ban
nister and Hurley 1jnplre Mr Toft
BaJtlmorp 0 0 I 0
Rcxietr 0018
Hittorles IfarS1n and Hearns Bar
er and Hurley Implre T ft
At Toronto
JatiCtty 0 0 con 1 00
Tornlo I I no 0 0 I I I
Tlnttorle Mnore and Woods Rudolph
and Brown Implre Ktufford
At Buffalo
SVrark 2 II C n t
Buffalo 0 0 11 SilO
liattenlisIt ixie and Statute Von
i winkle and MiA ilicter tmplr ur
I ray atld Walker
At Montreal
Intvklnnc rt 0 0 n n 0 rt 5
Morrtrecil 0 t 0 2 0 I 0 0
iatterU Olaie and Oltllelt Wicker
and haiL UmplrUUck
Buroh If n 2 < 0 0
Puttee 2h 0 0 2 1 fl
Humrnnl Ib 1 1 11 0 0
Alperman rf 0 0 0 0 0
Ilergon o 0 0 5 3 0
Lewis M 0 1 1 4 0
Sheehan 3b 0 0 1 2 0
Mnloney of 1 I 3 0 0
l3elip 0 M 0 4 0
Totals 2 8 27 14 0
I Thomas ct 0 0 0 0 0
i L4ettch 3lJ 0 t Q 2 0
I Clrke It 0 2 0 0 0
I Wagner S8 0 0 4 2 0
Abbatlchlo 2b 0 1 2 2 0
I Wilson rt 0 2 2 0 0
Swaclna lb 0 0 8 0 0
Gibson c 0 0 0 1 0
Young p 0 1 0 1 1
Looyer p 0 0 0 1 0
Storke 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 0 724 9 1
Batted for Young In eighth
Base Hits Oft Young 7 In T Itmlnffa
First Base on BallsOff Bell 2 off
Young 1
Left on i3aeesPittsburg 6 Brwk
Irn S
Struck OlllII Bell I by TOUJII 4
TwoBie intf Abbntlehlo Ilurch
Stolen BasesWilson
Double Play Ieach 1111 SiYJ1iiI
Ablmttchlo and SwArlno
l mp Rudderham and RmMto
Highlanders 1 0 0 0 1 0
Cleveland 000020
I8tJttdllo ertnj Wcrli I
CImUfl July SOfltralght from
beating the races the Highlanders rot
here today for a tries with the Naps
ICIbBrfekl says they can beat IhlngH
other than the races but Labia sys
their standing doesnt prov It
No sooner did HlberfeM lilt town than I
he hotfooted fur the Cleveland ball clubs
lieidquarters and for two hours WM
closeted with Kllfoyl and Sotnen El
berfeld wantH to make a trade ot some I
sort an l may go away will a Cle1
land pitcher learlnr some one behind
but Just whit natives were mentioned at
Ihe confuremv neither of the interested
partleu will divulge
First Inning
COllfw walked Kwl rs pop fly fell
I ute between Hrndlev and Josh tUirke
I Chest funned Conroy and Kfelei steal
Lag Henipiull walked fllllnc the WfiI
Morlarlty flIed to Altl r Conroy scor
ing Uoifilumty funned ONE RUN
J Olarke ii ted tn Hemplilll Bll tim rtw
out I1ra < leo Rl < t < i Tumw NO RUNti
Second Inning
Bull aliiKlrtl rum swunil Blair
groumled tj tftnvnll advnnrlng IUII
Jrth fanneil lUnchman threw out Con
roy N 0 RUNS
Lajole singled to > > ritr < > Chase goi
HloTill line foul Hernia was hit
Attizer filet to Kfetor I ijoe going to
third Orth toiled out llliicnmaii Nt
Third Inning
I ltjnle threw omit Kfwler tat e
fitnned iKAtti JlitniiHl singled to in
Inc and was caught stcalliur lactic < III
I Hlnchnwn NO 1UNH
Rrrgtr out Orth In elms Joel i
Clarke died the ime wn Brai1le
singled tnklnK coIIII on Morlarlt F
its d throw Timer fannnl Hine p
In the putout SO HlNt
Fourth Inning
Bradley ot UoiUcijri ftp IVIII VI
McGinnity Holds St Louis at All
Times and He Helps Along a
Heavy Batting Fest With
Four Safe Hits 1
St Louis 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Giants 0 3 0 6 0 0 1 11
TMincy Ib 0 0 4 0 0
Morkla Ib 0 0 6 0 0
Doyle 2h 2 1 2 0 0
Bronnahin o 1 0 3 0 0
Needham 0 0 2 0 0
DonUn rf 1 1 1 0 0
Seymour cf 2 3 4 0 0
Devlin ah 2 1 t 2 0
McCormick If 1 3 2 0 0
Brldwell ss 1 0 1 5 0
McOlnnitr p 1 I 1 1 C
Herzog 3b 0 0 0 0 0
Brain rf 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 11 18 27 10 C
Barry rf 0 0 1 0 0
Byrne 3b 0 0 1 1 1
Rile M 0 0 2 1 0
Murray cf 0 1 0 0 1
Konotahy If 0 2 9 1 0
Delebanty If 0 1 2 0 0
Gharlw es 3b 0 1 1 6 0
illUme c 0 1 4 0 0
Gilbert 2b 0 2 3 2 0
Karger p 0 0 0 2 0
McQlynn p 0 0 0 3 1
Shaw 0 I 0 0 0
Totals 0 9 21 15 3
Datte for McGlynn In ninth
Ifise Hits Off Karger 10 in S 2S In
first Base on allsOff rcGlnnlty 1
off Kartrer 3 off McCHynn I
Jell on lIaseoI 1ouls 10 CHant 6
Struck Oul11 McUlnnlty 4 by Mo
Glynn 1
TwoBixne lilts DcleJiiuity Dsvlln
Donlln Seymour McConmlck Charles
Stolen Baces Brldwcll McOlnnlty
Cmprlre llr John tone
CllWeland New York
J Jacke Ir Conroy tho
Ilradley3b Keeeir rr
lJtnEr rt Chase lb
Iajole2b JlemptiUi cJ
Rtovall lh forlartty ab
Bemis c Delehu1t If
Utiztr ct Ball 83
Hh1chrnlJ1 S1I Blair
Bergr p Orth p
UrnpeMessa Sheridan alld Egan
liftnty filed to Ixijole Hlnclimans throw
i l wl Ball NO RUNS
Morlnrlty threw out Lajoie Bill JW
an mOch for Turner BemU lined to
Oonroy VO ntNS
Fifth Inning
mars 1W to Allli r Orth triElfd to
deep centre Conru ilnirled thrqiwh
the lx x and scored Gnu Kn > > l r won
Ml In the tOIl rovlv l and wwvl
I to nn Cinro wMi cnt rht at third
Keoler rtunfrur see
IViniiH to Brndoy sl I1 AI
i oml Chse lUwl Altnar ONE IlLS
AltUer tripled o the pocket In the
rlirhtflelil fence lUnchman tingled
through Rail worlnn Altlzer Bergen
Jfuvrlflced Coiiriy to Iliase Josh
Clarke uroiindd o base Hlnohman
advancing Brndlevs single trrtouidi
Mortnrlty scored Hlirehrnui lirndlnj
wm out eiMnt Blair lo Ball IWO
111 In 1 R ross the floor nf the
> tok Kxcluuiiff itt eifloutf nn otlur
torture the cliue i > f the niorket this M
I frnoin II I Uvlngnton a eON
I r the New York Stuck Michnnge Ip
I aini M dljocatlnp the left knee
Mp so erlnu ly hit he will M alit
> n fur i > m ilm
The Injured man II a tnrnib of the
tok HiciuiKi > rlnn iii Taylor Living
ton h fo with ofrtcw at Nix Ul
liruattiF f
I8celai tn Vhs Erjil Wnr I
POLO GHOUNDS July MJtist b 1
St Iimls really Is the
svow how easy real i I
GJLnti pounded choir plKhera all over
the Jot today end Jalrly romped In with
the game AtcQInnlty toyed with tI
Cardinals and helped song in the 16
rtfl < batting with four ae swats 0 lila
ow Davltn not to be outdone got a
like number while Beymour and ilcCoj
mlck got only tiaras each
First Inning
McOlnnlty pulled In BUs hot
bounder and threw him out at tnt
baee Bye fouled out to Breinahan
Murray HUN8 died on a fly to Donlln NO
Gilbert loct ro tin In MirowInK rut
Tenney Murray dropped Doyles diort
fly to centra field CtvxrUa threw out
BrcinsAau as Doyle took tecond base
Donlln rolled out to KoMtohy unai
Second Inning
ICoivitohy lined out to DoyU rye l
hniity smashed a hot one Into rlrht
Meld for two bases and took third b4c
n Doyle tossed an Oharleo BllM
struck out NO HUN8
Seymour walked Seymour went to
second as Devlin smashed a single to
left field McCormick beat out a pietty
bunt filling the bases Brldwell lorctd
out UoConnlclc on a grounder to OH
bert unasiLited scoring Seymour Iud
sending Devlin to third base Drldwoll
stole second base McQInnltr banged
a clean slngle over second bite scoring
Brldwell and
ing Devlin and el tolling
second on Murrays throw to the pata
McUlnnlty took thin base on Tonneyi
sacrifice Bryne to Konetchy OharlM
throw out l oyle THItEK HUNS
Third Inning
Gilbert filed to MoCormlck Brldwell
thew out Knrger Barry Wi out Dev
lln to Tennoy NO RUNS
KitrjOT tosaicit out Breinahan Kargnr
threw out Donlln after stopping one
that smokexl Seymour singled and
rnoecl to fhlrd base on Devlins hot two
bagger to left Held McCormIck popped
out to Gilbert NO RUNS
Fourth Inning
Tlrldwell eatipht Byrnes short fly heck
of short Murray struck out Koiwtcliy
singled over ecoml base hut Ui > le j
hanty lined out to Senuour NO HITNS
ilmldweii valke1 nnd McHlmilty beat
I nit a bunt lyonotciv got Tcnneyn
bunt and foriol llrlilwdl 011 a thlnl
linse Doyle fnrriil out Temiey ut SB >
I ond on a grounder Char to Gilbert
Jrtsimhan walked tilling the l > n j
Donlln vhlpped n I obast wallop
unit it I hO1 foul linn scoring Doyle
tlln McClinnltv Sfvmljour followed It i
right iip with another twobanger sent t
Ing BreMiitwin and Pnnlln Devlin heal
out n bunt scoring Seymour ntnl went
ill the war to thlul hae as Ityrn I
I threw tho ball to the bUaclier JIc
Ionnlck not to be outdone slummed 1
ont against the finci for two hum
scoring Devlin Mrcllyn took Karffei1 i
olacc In Ihe tiox fT ft Ixnils JIo i
ormlV was ciuiBhl off iPCiMul base
MiiGlynu to rharle SIX IllNd
Fifth Inning J
Merkle played tlrst base In place of i
Tenney and Needliani took Breanahans 8
I place buhltid the but Doyle threw out t
I trmrles and lilies wait thrown out by j
HrldwBll Gilbert banged a single over 1
Devlins head nridwtll threw out Me i
lpvlne N 0 RUNS
Riley played short for Si linus ant
I harl went to third luw Uyrn re i
I Irlng Rrhlwel popped out to Rller fi
MuGlnnltys single was ton lot for Oil
ILoanlllty Oi
< > T McClnnltjl lfk son < has a 5 J
niler thnw out Merkle Dnvle lifted I J
Wh fly to D < irry VO HINK i
Sixth Inning
Devlin threw out Harry IMIey struoV
out MiirrHv sIngled ovnr swiind hap
Murray took third ia on Konctohys fi
single to lelt 11ld IVtlnhanly lieu out I
to Seymour XO HTTXS
NeaJrmm struck out and Donlln tiled
out to Murray Sesmour drove a lol
fly to Delehanty XO RUNS
fr t I
Seenth InnIng
diarIes etnashed a twobagger Into
left field and went to third nn Hrldwell
threw out HUM GIlbert rtruck out I
Devlin threw out McOlynn N 0 RUNS 1
TarvUn lnKIpJ to centre field and r
H nog ran for him McCormick sin h
ConllnuM an Second Page
1 1
I At Boston W
llltMfro I 0 4 2 3 J 0 0 011
Boston 0 10 0 il 002
Batteries Ruilrnoh and Monin Tur
ner slid Bowomvan tmilre FtWer
COIMHJO 0 I I 2 ii
lioiiton 00003
Batteries 1feliter and Ioran Uo
fsrthy and Hmlth Implr RlRler
At Philadelphia
Ln > tnnitl OOnOflOf 4 04
PHIUdelphl 10700SOO 4
BitterlesDoMCher AnI Schlel 10
Qulll n and Doom Impht KUav

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