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f f f L r 7 t i 1T I > Io JtMB 1 i r W i ET TT iT t r
I T de <
HJ hrlYltnf1 iwrnrtiv iiM S
Ii Republican Leaders Gleeful
j i Over Presidents Consent
h to Plans
tj Hughess Name Will Go Be
fore Convention but He
Will Not Be Nominated
f I It the plans ot the lenders of the
I Republican State machine can survive
L the next six weeks without change
Oov Hughes will not bs renomlnated
the state
His name may be presented to I
Convention just as It vas presented to I
the Chicago convention but the bossos
of his party dq not expect that he will
make as good a showing In Saratoga
nt ho did In Chicago where he did not
tho unanimous support of
receive even
1 his own delegation i
Prudent Hoosevelt ha lined up with
the State Iwsscs He has pledged him
eH to keep his hands offwhlch means
i tfiat ho will allow the leaders to shelve
Hughes but will have a let to ny
about who shall be chosen ns the nom I
inee fiats Chairman Woodruff In a
praclli > al talk to a practical mm
I numtv the Pp < dpnt yrsteriliy eon
vlnrcl him thnt Oov Huies < hmill hp
If Rllowod to retire to the pnuVlce of hla
1 profession
I 1 There Is to be no active resistance
tn Go HuRlies nmWtlnn to succeed
himself It If plnnnfd by the leidcrs
If to allow him to go before tho conven
t 1lonlf he so slre5on the statement
I of principle which he Irncoporated In
Ills statement to the public announcing
ing his deslrn for renomlnatlcn last
Sit is my desire that the Till of
r the party to which I belons should
t be freely expressed and that It shall
tr take such action ns shall be most
r closely In accord with public senti
r Whatever the sentiment of the Tie
pubrlican party of the State may be
f concerning Oov Hughes there will be
only one expression of sentiment of tho
tosses Here are the bosses who are
i aliened against Hughes
Timothy U Woodruff of Klnss chilr
t man if the State Comrnltt William
i I AVrrd national committeeman Will
t I am lUrncs jr of Albany 11 B Odell
jr of Ncwhurs Francis Hendrlcks of
r Syracuse Edward H Butler of But
r fr > Prod Orclncr of Buffalo George
r H Mniiy former Oov Frank S Black
k Cornelius V Collins 3 SlrTlt Fassett
Ii lYio fcuht for Huirhes Instructions In
t the Stato Convention George W Dunn
1 of Hlnghamton James Wadsworth and
Hi the other Wadsworths John Raines
Herbert Parsons chairman of the New
I York County Committee and Senator
Kdssir T Brackett of Saratoga who
i was president of the Hughe State
Health Board Dooms Every
t S Canine Loose in Streets
Without a Muzzle
A clash may result today between the
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals and the Board of Health over
the boards special order to sixty po
licemen to shoot every dog they find In
the streets unleashed and unmuzzM
During the past three days the police
men have averaged 100 dogs a da
r The Board of Health stole a march on
Sj the S P C A and the odlcers of that
oclety had not heard of the order until
department policemen had been enforc
ing It three days and they were puzzled
by tearful telephone messages from
women that their dogs had been shot In
the street before they became aware of
I what was going on
The enforcement of the order Is an
aftermath of the Hoard of Healths de
cision late In June because of reported
cases ot rabies to have all dogs killed
that were not muzzled or on leash Col
Alfred Wagstaff president of the so
ciety hastened to Dr Darlington and
Pr Darlington then asked for an opin
ion on the boards legal right to enforce
the order from the Corporation Counsel
and this opinion was laid before the
Board of Health as Its last regular
I meeting
Theodore Connoly acting Corporation
Counsel In the absence of Jlr Penile
ton wrote the opinion which In effect
U that the Hoard of Health has a right
to decide what Is a menace to public
health and the safety of the people and
to take any stp It deems necessary to
remove n menato or nulsanci It spe
cifically upnolis the boards right to
Kill dJgs running at large unmuzzled
rho board then issued Its special or
der to tfm shooti1g dOI and t5 po
licemen do not hive to make any re
port of the numJer killed
tr Valser JkMel City Sanitary Su
p rlntendeiit ad today
roil cannot put It too strongly or too
prominently that the men have orders to
fclll every unmiuiled or unleashed dog
they nnd no matter whose dog It Is and
l BO matter whAt kind of a dor It happens
I to tit No exceptions are to tit made
I 1 lbe board order to XlllUoip la la tl
e anW 0 tB j
IL 1oJ
l To the Girl Entitles
100 WhoseREAUIY PRllf
U Whose Her to the
flACR LANES double Is entitled
GIUCE prize of J100f she exists
and If she sends her photograph
to thin Girl Contest Editor of The Even
ing World before Aug 1
Miss Iane Is the daintiest bit ot fem
ininity In that cluster of beauties who
make up the Girl Question the new
musical comedy which comes to Wall
acks on Aug 3 Her type Is not rare
However and there are many who re
semble her In some degree
The girl who wins the J100 prize how
ever will be the one who MOST resem
bles her and she will be selected by a
committee of women from the photo
graps entered In this coatest The
award will be made as soon after Aug I
ns possible
There are Just a few points to be
borne In mind by Intending contestants
One Is that the contest Is open only to
girls who are not now and never have
been on the stage
Another Is that each photograph sub
mitted must be Indorsed on the back
with the name and address of the con
And a third Is that no photograph
submitted after Aug 1 will be con
sidered In the contest
Ottilie Girl Who Barely Es
caped Murder Witness
Before Grand Jury II
Miss Ottillle Eborhard whosee mother i
I TCI killed the night of July IS on the
railroad tracks ot the Susguohanna and
Western Railroad near Ilochelle Park I
Vow Jersey by GU Bberhard the elder I
wonnns nephew for J250 which she i
carried was the principal witness to j
day when the Orand Jury met In Hick
on sack to hear evidence In tho cat
The only other witness was Chief of
Ioiie Dunn to whom the young man
confessed the day of his capture
MlM Eberhanl has not teen ner cjusln
I since the night he killed her mother
I Th girl also was wounded but not
dangerously She speaks no English
having arrived In this country from
Vienna only a few days before the
crime and gave her evidence through
i an Interpreter She produced letters
from Otto b ghif her motner to come
to America and saying that he de
sired to marry Ottilie but said that
after their arrival he never mentioned
love or marriage to her
She then told the same story of the
Blootlng that she had told before say
Ing that she did not see the man who I
I shot her mother and thought that they i
i had been ambushed and Gu also hail
been shot
j Chief Dunn told of the confession of I
I the prisoner and saJd that he and Pros
editor Koester had found the 824W
burled under a tree In the Preakneos
I Mountains as Bberhard had said he
had hidden It
I Mr Koester will prepare the Indbt
j merit at once and It will be handed to
i Supreme Court Justice Parker today
I tiberhard will be arraigned shortly af
I Swarm of Jersey Eagles Hit
Cleaner Who Topples
to Sidewalk
Thla summer of plagues will bs
charged with a great number of unto
ward happenings but barring a few
autospeeding and boatrorklng inoi
i dents Kdward Doran figured today in
j one of the most calamitous and at the
j same time remarkable accidents 01 the
Doran lives at No 101 Amsterdam
avenue and Is employed by the Street
Cleaning Department Today he was
clfanlnst windows on the third floor at
th department stables < o 614 West
ilftyfpeoml Mrcft He didnt use the
strap whlen many cleaners attach to
I their belts and hook upon the frame
work of the window but balanced him
solf on the narrow sill while he rubbed
I Tho stable are not separated from
the North River by anything but a rec
reatlon pier and as Is well known
New York is only sepirated by the river
from New Jersey where the mosqui
toes come from The breeze had been
j from the east until Doran reached the
i third story and then It suddenly shifted
and began pumping warm weather and
mosquitoes from across the river
It was such a vloletn shift that a large
swarm of the Jersey eagles didnt
oven have time to stop and pay a little
attention to a crowd of children on the
recreation pier but passed alinj and
I didnt piusc until they came to Doran
on the window sl
Humming with the enjoyment Man
tlclpatlon they set upon the ce2ner
1 wlio trap so aoionlsiiel at the onslaught
that IIP droppd his brushes and his pai
and began swiping right and eft This
j caused him to lose his balance and Ii >
toppled over and fell Ui the Mdowilk
I Jle sustained a slight fracture of ti
I skull Dr Jamei ent him to Hn
veil Hospital where It was said tfiat
he will recover
U3WEGO N T July MTh body
of Miss MlldraJ Button who with Mica
Thee iarXer HTM drowned In a mo
tor boat tcddeat hers aonda nlgM
it O 4i4TL
fiF f r
7j I
M1551 t
v51 S e 3
dttOom I
Goes to Join Cruiser at Vene
zuela to Be Ready for an
THE HAGUE July SOOrdera have
been Issued that the battleship Jacob
Van Heemskerk be made ready to sail
or the Caribbean Sea and It Is ex
pected that she will start without de
It Is explained officially that this
battleship Is the only reinforcement
the government at present contemplates
sending to tile West Indies Th re
never has been any question of
despatches an imvcslng heel as has I
been reported It Is said that the main
object of sending the Jacob Van
I Heemskerk to the Wtat Indies Is to
have a second shin handy In case for
I any reason the cruiser Oldpriand
which at present is In Venezuelan 1
water should nut he available at the I
moment wanted To Gelderland is at j
present the only Dutch was vessel In
th West Indies
The Jacob Vnn Heemskert Is one of
the two blResi battleships belonging
tn Holland
i The bitterness of tho feeling nt WI
letnstad Curacao against Venezuela Is
i evidenced In a despatuh from tho Oov
I oilier of Curacao received today which
I allJmCCM that a vestl chartered by 1 i
1 President Castros orotner and laden
i with sugar which arrived at Wlllem
stud yemday was obliged to leave tht
jiirt without disposlnc of it cargo
The merchants whose trade hu been
Injured bv lrts dent Castros oilfrs re
garding thp transshipment of nnrchan
dle ot WIKematacl refuse hoolutely to
lurch e the sugar In question
I MlM ICrllyn Practice Helped the
rtrtirlu ln iicntcrx to Injii Trip
I The Cunard liner Etrurla which arrived
today brought seven members of the
I mpnny which U to play In The Girl
of Guttenberg the musical piece that
I had a long run at the Gaiety In London
I mill whlca Charles Frohman Is to pro
diicn here
I Two of the principals are Hiss Edith
Kelly and Miss Esther Uoblnson
I neither rf whom has ever before been
In America Miss Kelly wants to do a
Salome dance here but says The
GIrls or 0ttenberB Is not the settlnj
I for It but > ie danced It on the ship
and her dally practicing gf the snaky
movements wre Interesting features of
I the voyase to Im other passengers
I littler nenilwr of the cuiany who
nifvfi ar T ll ynol Ktagi mann
I nn E rosirf ft Ililhin rc lle Case
I H < iiry Vlv irl W Wellington
Oil CITY Pa July MWW1 feeding
chickens last evening Mrs Charles
Ilambenr of Slrerly wu viciously at
tacked by n game roc t r
On of 1U tpun t n trato3 an trtnr
in her JJTO w4tf pamia aI1U9u KM
tgcrUkt J
bisb1 VILilM
Note Beside Unconscious Man
Indicates Attempt at
The Brooklyn police today are trying
to learn the Identity of a man In the
Kings County Hospital apparently sat
bring from some kind of poison PO
I llcsmnn John W Kelly found him on a
bench near the Wllllnck entrance to
Prospect Park late last night and reo
i celvlng no resporse when he told him
j It was time to go home called an am
Dr Woodard eald the man appeared
to be poisoned and took him to the hos
Nothing was found by which he could
be entllled but a note In badly writ
ten English read as follow
Today Is seven months two days
i since I came to this country but my
life here Is not sweet from the first
las al the time Now I go In my life
Goodby my all friends I wish you my
good luck Prospet Park July 25 6
I killed myself with poison
A bottle was found In the mans
pocket containing the dregs of some
I poson apparently a mixture 9f lauda
1 flora with something else There were
also three laundrv checks on a concern
at No 11 Forsyth street Manhattan
Nos 9 < 21 M13 95C5
This morning the patient regained
Recent Contributions to The1
Evening Worlds Popular
Summer Charity
Ella ant Valeria Haublchslt and others
tons Island city JSIYI
Mrs II
Standirj itl Club 321
For Sick llVoy Vacation FunJ jioo
n S p
Brooklyn ion
In addition to sending 500 babies to
the seashor this summerrflfty going
each week to the
Sea Breeze Home at
Coney Islinrt whero they remain for nt
least seven daysThe Evening Worlds
Sick Babies Jund maintains a corps
of free physician who visit the tene
ments daily and minister to ailing In
ants wherever found The physicians
find many children that are In need or
medicine and many homes where more
than mere medical attention Is
quiredhomes In which destitution
makes It all the more difficult to fight
off disease when It comes In all ui
cases of distress the free physicians
give Immediate relief
The Sick Nables Flint Is supported
by subscriptions from Evening World
readers who have been very generous
In past years In their aid to the slim
mer charity
Contributions th year
are a little slow
hut they will come
later The following have Just been
to the EJltor of The Evenly norM
Inclosed you will find JS The fo
lowing children had a lemonade stand
In which I assisted them for the benfi
of the sick babies Ella and Valerie
Haubichek Susie Murphy Helen Baust
Harry Isherivood and Walter hans of
Long Island City N V I hope this
mall amount will be of some benefit
in the babies Will you ploi e publish
2T Jaokson avenue Long Island City
TM the KJltor of The Fenln worM
We send you by this mall J325 for the
Sick Babies Fund We are the Stand
ard Help Club who are
George Pomeranty twelve years old
Seymour Cohen twelve years old
Emanuel Epstein eleven years old
Irving Strauss treasurEr ten year
Irving Sylvia ten years old
Respectfully yours
IRVING STROLSE Treasurer No 63
Yost Ore Hurtfr and Nln te nth
To the Flitcr of The Ev nlnc World
Inclosed please find Jl for the Sick
Rallies Fund May It help your worthy
ciarty and earn for you the blessings
of those it benefits Yours truly
R S d
Brooklyn July 27
All money for the Sick Babies Fund
should be sent to Cashier of World
Pulitzer Building New York City
Englands Crack Oarsmen
Beaten in Fourth Heat of
Henley Regatta
HENLEY July 30Engtand suffered
another reverse today In the events
that go to make up the Olympiad when
the Cambridge eight on which the hopes
of the United Kingdom were pinned
were defeated In the fourth heat of the
International Regatta by the Belgian
crew belonging to the Club Nautlquo de
This crew ho14s the Henley Grand
Challenge Cup which It won two years
ago and which It was not allowed to
defend In this years regatta
In the third heat the Leander crew
beat the Canadian Argonauts after a
fine and hard race by a length Xc
Culoch United Kingdom defeated Le
vUzky Hungary In his heat of the
single sculls by six lengths
consciousness but sullenly refused to
give the doctors his name or nov In
formation about himself He will re
The man was thirtyfive years old
weighed ISO pounds had black hair sal
low complexion brown mustache and
was partly bald headed He wore black
coat and pants black derby and gray
shirt I
I Z3rd Street 34th Street
On Friday and Saturday Morning
Junior Washable Dresses Guimpe
and Jumper models Size 14 years
White Linene Skirts Circular
nnd plaited models Length 28 to 36
inches 125 to 195
Scotch Gingham and plain color I
Percale Dresses High neck or guimpe i
I model Size 6 to 14 years 175 I
aSrdStreet r i rf 3dth Street
0 J
5 Ai h 5
All odds M Unques
lines from I the might
every department SATo 0 iest bar
partment i I I gain list
0 1 E N D E n 6 e
sharply reduced for i = I i J i H C O I enhre of the
clear I EST14Tf STREET I 1 Summer
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meil as a full T P suits ivtailrd rvgulariy
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high banister back S > II i t oven wrr spring and a
runs togs Exact and Iivnv like n clit tr5S Ia ccvi nJIl
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bidl e strap fjii r t iv tes every style i I t h < muslin tucxeJ flounw
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nt w o
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S i

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