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Ii E7 E a fD P1 u
Two Cashiers Arrested Con
fess They Destroyed the
Checks Pal Marked
Big Downtown Restaurant
May Discharge Whole Force
as Result of Losses
X lone and annoying leak In tin re
< lpts of Delmonlcos restaurant at No
tS Beaver reel came to an end to < la >
when Detectives Keating and Ituftmels
ter of the John street station arrested
Cumllle Simon a waiter of No 3M West
Fortylift street anti George Brandt
of No 113 est FIfteEnth ctreel ulrf
I Iouls Helmer of No 117 West Fifteenth i
treet employees of the cashiers de
partment on a elmrire ot grand lar
ceny Brandt and lIelmer have con
fused They are both under twenty
years of age
With the exception of a lew trurt
worthy veterans all the water heik
r ers and controllers In downtown De
monicoi are to be dlseharxvd The
management believes that the thefts of
the three men arrvt l forme onl > a
mall part of the total e131on of re
ceipts from the coffers of the Dvlmoilco
concern to the pockets of waiters and
other employees
Robbed Safe Too I
That the receipts of the restaurant
Were falllns off became apparent some j
eight month ago At first the condition i
was attributel to tie panic and the con
rqtient necessity of Wall street brokers
for economy When business picked up
the drain continued and all sort at spy
systems were Inaugurated In a vain
attempt to locate It
Finally susflMon fell upoir HranJt
and Helmer who ier emplojed is
controllers In the cashiers ilcpartmeiit
Gn the eighth door of the building It
I wa their duty tn handle cheeks semt I
up by lube fn m the ground nVor iimka
hinge and kep the proper entries
Thpv ere suddenly arrested today
JiiiMUd Into Cashier lMrrards ollkC
and ciiiestloncil untl I thev broke cljvui
Thiv > l that when Simon the waiter
lent certain clinks rullurlr nmikvl
uiistalts from the restaurant the de
stroyed till ohivk and kept the money
In tic cvinlpg hey vvuulil me t Simon
Iii dlvld the loot They confessed
further tint on July 11 they stole JIM
rom the oltlc > safe
Promises Restitution
TlraiiiU was oerconif with remorse
lie gild his father iad hptrt ttisemise
mid noild rtto w niii he noil of th6
dl = race Throw i il on the casiilcrn
all In nnnunitil Hint It nas ptrl uf
full Mtllntlon hp lntidod to makr
end lipgffed 111 his knees to be allowed
to go I
Sm n denied all complicity In the
thefts Cahlr Iirnul has already
l tmcd the loss uf JliO to the trio under I
rrest hut It will be impossible to com
pule tile totai fl > theie Is no record of
the destroyed checlis
CnnimUilnnrri nf Arrntmt tik
Alimit IInrIcs llrpimlli
ThP i imnilsslonpin nf Afountj who I
Jnvp bo n InvftlciitlnK HIP puiviae
tiy HIP riO of lun1 near 11411IA Iifk
for a pillre training Rrouml han or
Ipred t he bank accuimt of William S
Uliilev to be produced before them
11 vtng had n subpoena ducpn feum
fontd un I he o III eelS of the Boiotish
Uonk ol HniokHii
Mr I lurly was the owner of the
pivpprly wnlrh was IN LI gut by the city
nt witT m sas SI itt 10 be ilioul Iwk > Its
vilii The 1niiinil > IIInpr ire Inquir
< nr nhniit Wtii mil about a loin nnclf
r Vv lluiliy to lloroilKll Iro den t toler
of lo0i4 >
The Imnh flints liiiVf sent the Corn
JlllSIMllIN a IITPI teal nf IIU Iut til
ltuiuIlssiu1lrs winl more
The IlUMiiilvi oieis nf Aimnnlc have
liKi slll it work In llnrniiirli Irvslilont
CciUiY 1 In IinnKlyn anti public
le 1I11r s will lie loUII net m MUll
Ill 1 PIIII I July 30Two per
Ions yesterday told Magistrate sott ot
a new method of loWiery which mado
the polce open their ejcs The method
Is called the powder puff because of
the gentle manner of application It
la thr eiy UILMI thing In holding up
The robber taken a piiper of wlntu jow
del from his pocket puffs It In your
taco and then you faint The rest U I
easy for the footpad
Max Spelciil of No 1533 River street
who saw the robbers at work on on
l nf tho victims ninl then chased them
two blocks has Klven the polIo a ito
crlptlon of the HIIIKS and effortn ate
iinB mnde to run thorn down All
that Is known of the powder used Is
that It la white
nUFFAIX July 30Norman E Mack
Chairman of the National DemotratJo
Committee stated today that he fftjnld
announce the personnel of his Executive
and other committees probably before
Mr Mack expects to learo here some
time tomorrow afternoon or evening
for New York ana be at the Hoffman
Howe In that city Saturday morning
Max Graf seven yar old died to
day In Mount Sinai HooplUI from In
juries received two nights ago when a
j Wagon ran him down In front of his
borne at Vo 314 Delancey street
Michael Ileddy the driver of the wagon
was arrested and held on a technical
cahrxe of homicide
BBRIdN July 30Thom P Onriran
of Poston who was operated on Unt
week for a disorder oC the itomach
ha developed pneumonia Ills reoor
I rY tIepOnd3 entirely pOll the strength
lUI tiU e r M
Kuhne Beveridge Sculptor Says the American Venus
Is the Worlds Perfect Beauty Milo Has Face Like a Sheep
4 0 1
English Girls Have No Figure French I
Women Depend on Dressmakers
Artifices That Vanish Under
the Sculptors Chisel
Therefore She Will Be a Maiden and
I YoungTo Perpetuate Her Ideal
in Marble Is to Be Her I
Lifes Work
By fltjeola GreeeyJ mi1h
I lie American Venus has been found Kuhn
Beveridge the most notable of vomen sculptors in
America has discovered her and has declared that it
shall now be her life work to perpetuate her s
in marble I I
rs Ueveridge who has spent many years in
Europe and modelled nearly all its crowned heads as
well as its notable beauties asserts that after an ex
o haustive study of all the European types it is her
V1QL46P14VJlrv opinion that perfect beauty is to be fuund only in
America and to add to the interest of the story she
has selected her ovn sister Ray Deveridge to pose for the American i
Where else can you find such fine straight backs such wonderful
carriage she asked me yesterday In Miss Hay Beveridges apartment at
No 334 Central Park West Where else do you see such splendidly built
chlldten as we have here
I have lived In London ten yrors Englishmen say and believe that
their women are the most beautiful In the world When you first hear It
you wonder If they can be In earnest Then gradually you come to feel the I
Iharm of the English women and to observe the beauty of those little heads
on the long graceful figures Yet English omen really have uo figures
Thoir points feet aukles hands wrists necks are all bad
And It Is precisely in these points
I that the American woman excels
Is true of all clissei tn America
Result of Race Mixture
Practically all American girls have
nIca hands and feet It Is the mixture
of races that does It Now In London
the only beautiful models come from
Vhltechapel which R a you know Is the
district That is lu to
the mixture of rac > i also
Tile American girls superiority over
her English rivals bng thus easily
established Mrs Ueverldge at my SUK
Bvtlon took up the claims of France
French women she declared give
the effect of haut > or rather an Illu
sion of It Hut It Is all due to artifice
to clothes Thlr faces anti tlsures are
made and of course the sculptors
chisel gets unvler a dressmakerbuilt
Italian and Spanish have a certain
brief reign of olniHuous b > auty but It
does not compare with the American
type German women h < ve Improved
during the Kaisers reign 111 has been
so progressive that he has affected his
whole kingdom with his own spirit
European Beauty More Lasting
I will say this for the European
women however their beauty seems
to last longer than ours I have seen
English grandmothers with the faces of
American girls of eighteen
American women wither early They
wear themselves out I think because
they have no great Interests Their
lives are frittered away on trifilrm
things One notices this particularly at
American watering places
At what age do you consider the
American type physically at Its best
I Inquired
Julio early Mrs Bevrrldge replied
From seventeen to twenty perhaps
though of course In Individual cases
It may be much later
AntI will your American Venus be
so young I thought the VMHises the
Mllo the Medici all of them Indeed
uro supposed to be mothers I said
Typify Beauty Not Love
You are right Mrs Beverldg re
plied But mine will not be She will
not typify Love hut Beauty She will
represent the perfection of the Ameri
can type which to me Is the most beau
tiful In the world You know contldeJ
Mrs Ueverldge I nm not a great ad
mlr r of the Venus of Milos face To
me It looks rather like a sheep
My Venus Is to ba a very serious
work I have decided to abandon the
worldly liCe and retire to a village on
the highest of the Bavarian tyrol moun
tains and lend the life of a hermit
worker I have to forget that I am a
woman and only rcnvunber that 1 am
nn artist
Her Sister the Model
In future I will produce but two
works a year one for the Salon In
Paris and one for tho Hoyal Academy
In London My choice of retreat was
made partly In order to allow m 13
gtudy wild animals at close range From
my studio window I can model deer
Gorman wild goats and other wild ani
mals lhere Is a small colony of Ow
many8 greatest artists In and about
this village which IA AIIAt jlohlJroe
Aj soon as my sister has finished
her Los Angeles th > atrlcal season In
stock she will Join nip at Sohllersee to
pose for this drap < xl Venus which Is to
be my life work My ULster also posed
for the San FrancUco Monument that
I completed In Brussels last year ami
which Is about to be shipped to Sin
Fr nelKO
I consider my sister of rarely beauti
ful proportion from an artistic stand
point concluded the sculptor and a
type of the most beautiful fills la tJit
worldoour GWL4 m
Another Saved After Peculiar
Accidents to a Boating
Party on Passaic
Tvo men were drowned and s tlilrd
dragged ashore half dod in an accl
I dent attending the landing of
a boat i
i log party of live on the ri aalc Hlvor i
at HarMon N J tndnv The vie1
t lOx were Patrick MeUirMiv thlm
five vpirs old and James Abeam i
thirtyfour wJillc the man rescued was
iJam n Ililibltts thirtythree All were
of Harrison I
These with Joseph Adams of horn
I Hon and Gu tae Borgpn of Newark I
i had been cruising In the motor boat i
I Mamie and returned shortly before
i noon stopping at the float of the i
lajsnlc Illver Yacht Club All of tho
occupa4its except McCarthy got out of
the boat safety but the latter tripped i
IBS hA was cetting on to the float and
fell Into the water There Is a swift
current at the place and McCarthy
who could not swim was whirled
down stream Hibbltls although he
could not swim Jumped In to save
him The two men were struggling In
the water when A life preserver wall
I thrown to them It Liii Its gribeJ it
i and then tred to reach McCarthy but
I the tide had carried him away and he
disappeared and 5 ItO UiuwneJ
During me lAUltetutiii Auvarn who
had gotten too close to the edge of thu i
lloat tumbled into the river and he
too unable to swim was earned otto
Iwtule hi called for help Thieve was
only one life preserver at hand and as
soon as HlbDiUs could be puitd aanoie
It was thrown to Ahearn but fell
short Making desperate efforts to keep
artoit and crying out to be saved the
ihelpiess man was snlrltMl beyond
reach and drowred In about the suno
spot where McCarthy had disappeared
n few minutes before
I A crowd was soon at the place and
dlveis recovered the bodies Tho drown
nl men were bachelors and had only
recently come from Waterbury Conn
1 r
x AllLi1
MotJierWhat did Mr Meanly live
you for cutting her l1M T
MotherWhy she promised you M
oents didnt f > iT
WillieYea but I wed her Ilckl to
do It with and she charged me 10 cent
Ha Uu us of ILtPhlUdatehU L 4c A
0 VtNtJ6 de I
it u VvP I I MILO
e Ij
J t1k j
1 b V iIIi L
if t fs
rpt1p I
d 1 iUct1ir1 1iP I >
1 t
7 ts1 u P s
i ii ° °
t I
0 g as 4
4 1 e t I
1 I e p 4 e kt S
1 ejri I
L u f I
f i L
oh e I t
r fl 4sJ I
I J J 7 S
1 C I k5
erter t I
ttt 5 rrlnYc s I
I b3 I
Hitchcock and Vorys Witt Be
His Hirst Important Visitors
When He Resumes Work I
HOT HllllNUS Va July 30Jildge
Taft and his party reicheil Hot Springs
from Cincinnati at in 11 A M today
the trip being without Incident On
and Mrs Henry C Corbm were travel
ling companions and Senator Scott of
Went Vlrgriuli who Ira tided the train
this mornlnsr had nn eM > nded talk with
the candidate regarding national com
mittee altlalrs I
Frank II Hitchcock and Arthur I
Vor > > 5 are to be the first Important visi
tors hut they will not he here for FOV
eral days Juilce Taft will address the I
Virginia Jar Asooiation which meets
here next week His speech will be non
Miss Rita Perkins Has a Sail Sur
prise Whtn She Trips Down the
Gaiujphnk of the Teutonic
Miss Hlta Perkins actress tripped
daintily down tlu gangplank of the Teu
tonic today carrying a wellventllnted
bafkct decorated with pink nnd blue
rlhlion As she stepped on the pier
strange sounds Issued from the basket
What have you there miss asked
a Customs Inspector I
I hnvo Holy and Holy and Toddles i
arid Tootsie and Cupid and Ildge re
plied Miss Parkins saucily she having
ben n foubrette In The Merrydo
Hound nnd well uflun titled at repartee
Lets see em commanded the In
spector especially Cupid and Ildge
Miss Perkins opened the basket The
Inspector looked In and ejaculated
A yanl of piipj
The statement was not finite accurate
In on respect There were pups In the
basket six of them of the hull terrier
variety but platvl end to end they
would extend ronFldnrahly beyond a
ynnl Jllss Perkins solelv In the Inter i
est of truth and veracity so Informed
the ln pctor
All right agreeJ the Inspector G
as far as you like The duty on them
pups It J2H a piece
And Miss Prkns had to pay 1W be
fore the customs authorities would al
low her to land her pups which she
bought In England for presents to New
York friends It was nn awful blow In
asmuch as the show docs not open for
three weeks
Hi I
Qttelseci Clnlmnnt Irnlrs Reported I
Mnrrlnffe tn Vliln Ulilliuorr
Mrs Mnndetllle Ie Markjny Hal I
who has been at the Hotel Hreslln since
she arrtvrd hor from Quebec last Mon
day declares that sh Is the only wife I
lot Mandevllle Hall who Ls now In Lon
don It wan reported that Mr Hall had
married Mil Ida Whltmore a former
chorus girl at Wnbers Music Hall
It li ImpossIble for him to have
married another woman declared Mrs
Hall totUy as I nm still his wife
All this talk about him having mar
rlM again will be found to be non
srnse as my husband wouldnt do any I
SeventyFiveYearOld Eloper
to Keep on Spooning as
He Courted
nreYPlroll Sheldon Carey
will conduct Ills honeymoon In two
rooklii chairs outside the furniture
shop nt his friend Thoman K Ilniftiie
at Nn lOtt Ilitbish avenue Drookljn
where lie and his swecthmrt spooned
end rocked and rocked and spooned till
yesterday when the aged wooei sur
creed his friends and his wealthy
brother by hieing to the Borough Hall
In liiooklyn and Kitting married His
Is a mUurn rotnajice for his bride
Mrs Tannle Hitter is ilftyfour years
Carey in a wealthy retired builder
Three years ago he suffered a stroke of
apoplexy and since then his rajnbllngs
have been limited to a dally peraoiljula I
Ion In fair weather from tho board
Inzhousc of Mrs Whltland at Nn K7
llatbiish avenue to the furniture store
where all day long he sat and rocked
alone till recently when Mrs Hitter
appeared and sat and rocked besUe him
An Evening World reporter visited
the furniture shop today to see the
old man who had refuse to reveal
the name of his bride He even said
last night when his brother Spencer
C Carey who Is a man of substance
with a tine house and four motor cars
at No Sli Ocean avenue tried to get
details from his aged relative he didnt
know who his bride was
Old Mr Care was behind schedule
time today reaching his rocking ata
011 WHo till arrival of the reporter
a big mutor car chugged up to thn
furniture shop and Spencer Cary an
nouncivl that he wanted to see his
This thing Is baird he exclaimed
pacing up and down Why my brotner
Is a child In mind Hes m incapable
of managing his affairs as an Infant In
arms At anv rate angrily ejaculated Mr
Carey Ill see that his property It
tied up I Intend to see my lawyers to
day about the matter I dont know
what I can do out Ill do something
that certain
Effervescing with emotion he hopped
Into his car and was whirled off If
he had waited ten minutes he would
have met the object of his wrath who
CAme hobbling down the street on isis
old cane
He1 he he oiucklesl the aged
Lothario slapping his shanks In his
mirth when he heard of hs brothers
remarks so my brother save I
shouldnt have married eh Well I
did marry didnt I and he went Into
Coffee drinking often causes I
A short use of
in place of coffee generally
removes the trouble
Theres a Reason
I an explosion of chuckling that ihook
I bin mtaere frame
I Yes he continued thee are the
1 wo c mlrn wi sat in and cached our
determination to ho mated for life Slit
oal In that and 1 in this one Im in
i UtW
I UliM do you Intend to do about your
brothers opposition 7 the reporter
1 Tut I nt 1 quavered the bridegroom
I Ip monev tit my own lots of money
Ukl plenty of Uuul Well be happy as
the tiny Is Ions
Whore is Mrs Carey
dug shes a houiekeoper for a
woman nt Xo 2022 Albomarle Road and
blie hail to KO rlclit back there lifter tne
nedldns In Ilorotigh Hall So for the
present well have to spend our honey
moon out hero on the old rhalrs and a
ver nice spot It Is too veree nice In
ilfid lieIn1
Do ou Intend to rent a house
Oh my yes Well he married In
piop style Ive bought nil the furnl
I ttireprotty furnlturp ton from my
I frlfiil Hrontux Ill Invlti nil our
friends to come nnd Ae how happy we
I nn > All hut mv brother and Mrs Whit
land Sh < > went and told him I waa
Hurried ami stirred him up I told her
lodHy Ill U > ive her boardlnirhoufp for
that You see shos I tenant of my I
brother ami wanted to KM solid with
him by HUnK on the old man
It voull wait a wlille youll see my
wife Slips comln down here as soon
as fill eeLs her housework done nnd
well talk over our plin Dont for
get to av tbfit Ive nlenty of monev
and more brains than my brother
tMnks he
James Connelly Is Held Up by
Inspectors When the
Teutonic Docks
Goods Bore Emblems of the
White Star Boat and Kron
prinzessin Cecile
When Customs Inspector Babcock
started to Inspect the luggage of Jfunea
Connelly who arrived from Hurop to
day un the Teutonic he pulled out
enough silverWare to start half a dozen
palm of Newlyweds tn llclit house
There war spoons forks knives
trays mustard pots salt and pepper
cruets sugar dishes and napkin rings
tnd they were emblazoned with the
emblems at the Kronprlnx sstn Cecile
nt the North German Lloyd line and
of the Teutonic
Why Where did you got all this
asked the Iturpector surprised for Oon
nelly la a welldress young man and
came over In one of the molt expen
sive suites on the ship
Souvenirs said Connelly with t
Jaunty air
Souvenir row grandmother re
torted Inspector Babcotk you wouldnt I
icollwot Hires or four nieces of one kind
and there wouldnt be twentysevun
lileces from one ship at you have here
from the C olle
So he notified the oltlcer of the line
and Connelly was held on the pier
While all this commotion was at its
height a taxlcah drove un and out
Mnp > d a very pretty little blondo
Oh Jhn abe cried and started for
Counellv but she hadnt got very far
before she saw all the silverware
pre > tld out In confusion ovof his trunks
and realized he was in trouble Then
she turned quickly tripped back Into
the taxicab and told the chauffeur to
hurryWhy did you take all this stuff
Connelly was asked
Oh I took em for the girl he re
pLied sullenly and would not tell her
name He said he bribed the steward
of the Kronprlniossln Cecile on which
he crossed to Europe a few trips aw
tmd the steward of the Teutonic to jet
the silverware for him The steward
of the Teutonic Indlyrantly denied
this and Mid Connelly had too every
afternoon In his cabin and must have
taken the articles then
TIM officials of the White Star line
will not prosecute the young mien He
would not tell anything about himself
but the nxldresd No 342 Kist Seventy
ninth street was on his trunks
A passenger on the Teutonic was
Miss Grace Meyer the actress who has
been spending a vacation In london
and who has been reengaged for a
new play by Charles Frohman
BOSTON July MJIrs Kstella MH
formerly widely known
Merrill as a
newspaper writer under the name of
Jean Klnonld and prominent also
al a cubwoman died at her home In
North Cambridge yesterday Mm Mer
rlll organized and was the first presi
dent of the Cnntahrlgia Club and
minded the New ijnglaml Womans
Press Association of which she also
served as president She was recently
elected president of the Wheaton Alum
nus Mrs Merrill devoid much time
to lecturing Her husband Samuel M
Merrill and two sons survive her
PATERSON X J July 3O Seated In
a chair In front of a mirror In the par
lor of his home Herman Frost of No
15 Hamburg avenue last night sent a
bullet Into his brain and dJeil Instantly 1 1
He had only one cartridge In his revolv
er and to mllkesuN that It did its 1
work he had placed himself before the t
glass and taken careful aim His wife
heard the shot and running to the par
lor found her husband dead
Frost had threatened to commit lul HI
clde and hud even spoken to file wife j
about tho arrangements that he desired I
to be made for his funeral He had I <
been In bad health and had undergone i
an operation In the hospital j
I It was thought that a second opera is
tlon would be necessary and Frost bad I1
saId that he would never again submit I
to the knife Ho was a mlddle4
man and a silk dyer by occupation II
To whom It may concern 6
My lung trouble had bean gradually de
I veloping for several years I had colds
repeatedly I continued to grow worse and <
I worse until I was In a bclplto tad dan 1
gerous condition
My cough tormented me almost con jf
I btantly and I had those terrible weakening
night swcau Also had hemorrhages some
times oi many as two or three bleeding t
spelt In a dav and had severe pains across
I my chest and my breathing was short aol 11
difficult 1
I lost many pounds In wright and iny
stomach was 10 weak that nether food nor
I medicine would stay down I 11 rap dly
i declining I had been drugging my torn
RCh with ualont medicines and spending 5
money doctoring for tome months and yet I
I was growing worse all the time t
Several doctors told me plainly I could
not get well and advised me to go to tbs jj
Catsklll Mountains which I dH but came B
bark worse than when I left l
So as a last hope I consulted Dr I
Anderson and WILl thoroughly examined by
him and he also looked Into my chest with
his Anderson XIAght which revealed the
exact location and extent of the dangerous I
disease of my lungs
I began the use of his OermlcWal Vapor
Inhalation and Electro Vibratory treatment
and followed his most valuable advice re
Igardlng mv diet op nalr exercise and I
I senility living I can now say for the
I benefit of others who may be emiiarly af
nicted that bad as I was IT SAVED MY
LnTbe healing germdostroylng oily va
pors were breathed through the bronchial
I tubes and went right to the liberations In I
I my lungs From the very first I Improve
I I never had any more hemorrhages alter I
I began Dr Andersons treatment
1 ° Night sweats ohllls and fever all soon i
cefied ilnd the tough rapidly disappear
I wined steidlly In weight and strenutl
my appetite returned and I have woitfd
every day for more than a year and nni 11
absolutely cured
I feel and look like a now man lbs
I change In my cnidltlon was 110 wonderful
land my Improvement began 10 quckly that
my friend and former doctors rould scarce
Mj believe I am the same person
Had I consulted Ilr Anderson AT
I FIRST I could have spared myself many I
months of serious Illness and many dollns
spent In worthless medicine t
I Dr Andersons treatment does not conslt
of one remedy for all ports and enndltons J
i and stages of the dheaee but Is n Irnt 1
meat prepared opewally for each Inllvldunl
case after the thorough examination mil
correct dlafriHs hive been made and It
I bas done for me what nothing else hat
I Name furnished If desired for refcrene t
fir Anderson gives consultation and ct
amlnatl ml t the offlie without chirsi I
JO We1 221 t trtl < pen rth and fth RveI
New York Hours Dally 10 to I Mrnda
ednmay and Frldav evenings tip 1
0ce Cnd Ts 11 to 2 Call for 1vti >
I t 8 BuffaloI
Four fast trains providing conven
i1AeC41 ient departing and arriving hours
leave New York as follows t
I Morning The West Shore Limited leaves
a 1 Dc3brosses st 806 and West
5 5 42d St 830 AM Arrives Buffalo 805 PM
5 and St Louis 220 PM next dav
Afternoon The Continental Limited
leanS DB8iroMCS St 200
and West 42nd St 216 PM Arrives Buffalo 200
I AM and St Louis 915 PM IIext day
I Evening The Chicago and St Louis Limited
U Veiling leaves De8hrosscs St 620 and West
el 42nd St 680 P M Arrives Buffalo 635 A MI
Chicago 910 PM next day and St Louis 788 AM
tecond day following
National Express Icares Desbrosses St 745 and West
I 4tndSt 800 P M Arrives Buffalo 740 A AL Chicago
940PM andSt Loui3788AM leconddayfollowing
I West Shore RR
Tickets and SleepingCar Accommodation
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SEW YORK I In 418 871 and ms Vntwj K Fifth
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