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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, July 30, 1908, Final Results Edition, Image 7

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Thut MTlfIflhJJ1flIjTIJ J r r J I > J i1I1iIuI n
1 r
AUTO 1 Nlllt
IIIISs iLl ptei Tull Ih
1 lwl From I kin ilL
to New mik
Bring 1luee Young oman
Coinpmioib Through With
out a Mishap
Four bronzed And dust covere I women
hopped mil of an nutoinoblle today In
front of the Hotel Martin Washington
after in exclthi trip from UUln III
to New York more than a thousand
n loi KTJ Inch of the dip the bug
Unne rcr was dihui In Mm Alko
potter und every mile in negotaied
lithout mishap
lIs s Potter la a little girl of high en
ion cear and much eiitliu < IHrn she
knows every pirllio and ihet of hr
car and tud to It with tin rare a
mother dies her Infint She Is her
own mechanician and met every emer
I getKj on the twdpda trip
I 1 baie been driving m > own car for
three yean she Mid to day 1 Knew
1 could drive all the w 15 to New
f York though my friend tried to ills
I made me Vto dUln hae H single ac
cident and I am going to drive al
I the way back
Not Tird by Trip
Muss Potters onlpinlms in the ven
ture were Mki Elizabeth hint MNs
Klliab lh 101 tel and Mrs Ida Danger
Held the rhupnron Although she was
at the wheel all the way Miss Poter
nu the only member of the part up
and doing today The others wero
ruling up
etarted from ilpln lut FrlH
seek old Miss Potter The first
dar wi mal South lend Just outs de
c SouP Bent we aw n ninnhir of
allto1II approoolilnc and nuking a
Krrlbli ncket At first we wei >
farmed Then nf saw hat It war a
iwlcomlng part It was the pime all
the way We were aHas antlcli ted
W e pi + + rd through the Middle West
Tllhout Incident Our prhel > was a
Jiunilr > stiles a clay and wo did nor
r < rn any trouble making It We always
jilnnned to fret to a big town and i
I good hotel at night Kerj morning
we would tart out at about 9 oclock I
W t could have made much better time
I but we wanted to see the country and
enjoy It I
Nearlnr Cleveland we truok smmo
I bid road Thf > are expor mentlng I
> itl > roads out there and we had Ij
crawl riinns In J eme pu + Due dn
11 only made flftjtwo miles but the
nest das ne made loO mlle
When we ot ntu Nzw York State
ie liwcl up son t what Tie count l >
fiw natPd u and WP stopped main
times tn stake pictures and inspect the
fine oil hoi ee Jlary II nep wo Riuld
flop and Tk foi E drink just to got a
peep Inside of tome of tIe old man
Excitement In Rochester
At Rochester we had several excit
ing experiences JURt ouidde the city
a farmers hore took fright The
Young Woman Who Drove Auo
1000 Miles and Her Companions
a yidati
+ I
t 1
It 1 r t
horse reared and ran against a tel
graph pol sm iihlni the hum and
thrnvIg the mm out I stopped and
waited unt1 I taw the man Bet up
tt hfn I knew he waIIt hurt I put on
hljrli pied and hot sway Every man
IH sate after that we were sure wag n
constable or sumnbo > waiting to al
rest us
live reached rouKhkcepiK yesterday
I but on the way down the Hudson Valley
I we Just crawled along because the coon I
try was in beautiful W P are going U i
I rest up for a week and then start back
I the turn here nice to us all the I
I way The iiutoiioLllH i luls enttitiuni
us and pavt tie lunclKoni Sonotim
WI nd a MIPTU lime getting cur lunch
I l1e never knew hthpr IIP won Kolnt
1 to sal Ike a one sill or a guise of milk
jnd Vrcr of bread
Did you carrj 1 i fin to protect your
+ tit 7 wfc asked
No I did not have a gun saId JIl
I Potter but I think I h ul better get
ono I hi > often thought that if I
ever tin over a tint It would ho tel
nlhi nt lo hate fwimothlnR to > pit liln
out III misery Hut I hae never hid
all wjdnl
Sits Plit i > nys hc took rare of her
Iollrr riinl IntSiInu tin Plr IIIIIK
after Mil M 11eot utiiiinliiKr
t man about fortj fle years old He
frt nine Inches In height and nelgl
lnc nhnut 1ft pounds lInt slniinliiK
In the Non beer at the font of One
llunti pil and 1lhl1 street tn day intl
left his t9nths on the pier The clotilP
WHir funnel tong after tho mill lean
1 ith nKr atlll tlr poJkc of Ill p 1nRt One I
IlnndrPd and fourth strew station be
hI p h was drouripd I
The Itln + rnttssd of I i white shirr
bra w n tioi es lola K soks nod lace
1c al
rks Gtluu
Childrens Dept H dr 1t 9 C 1 4 1 i G
Broadway at Thirteenth St
Final Clearing Up Sale
Of Sailor and Russian Model KNICKERBOCKERS
i 75C
Former Prices I
275375 8P 4 Formerly 100 a 125
Stem Brothers I
For Tomorrow and Until Noon Saturday
Boys and GhMdrens Clothing I
Greatly Reduced
Boys Washable Suits Sailor Russian Models fRc 1 f
In a large variety of materials and colors y 9 J e
Formerly 165 to 275
Norfolk Doublebreasted Sailor
Boys r r i
and Russian Suits and Reefers 2 yD 9 J O 0
Formerly 5495 to S 45
West Twentythird Street
+ y
I 1 I
ttn niachlnt 7l4p tsnrmnir she stood
ay while It IU oiled and the gaolino
eplenlthtil j
NoTKThere M nothing gushing or
seet girl graduattsh about Iles Iottor
JurltiK the Intonlnn sle dill not say
perfectly lovely once
Smooth Sailing
ahdtes and iierMiusncss art nflen
the result of unrrcrrll prescribed i
eye lasses You will nut it smooth
sailing if you will Consult our
I H llLlSTS whll ire registered
IHVSiriANS Ihev will prescribe
vorredK for you and ac make no
charge for their services
Iwlt > sesH neeili1 iromjtooup
koz I
54 Fast 23rd Street near Fourth Am i
54 West 125th Street rmi Lcnoi Ave I
442 Columbia Avenue Blot sod 82dSu
76 Nassau Street neat john Street
489 Fulton Street BROOKLYN I
Oppxilc Alnhua It iitnm
Sunday World Wants Work
Monday Morning Wonders
The 11200 and Iii
heading J Hats
Specialty Special
I Hotio for JO
Important Sale
I Lingerie Dresses
Six New ModelsFine White Lingerie
Dresses beautifully trimmed with lace and
hand embroidery Direct from workrooms
Real Value 2500
Summer Dresses
Jumper Madras nnd Dresses Linen 785
In leflt I
grent variety
Colored Lingerie one 1050
Striped Tnffetns I
French Satin Foulard
Plain und Fancy Taffetas 1900
Striped Silk Voiles
3000 Lingerie Waists
Sizes 32 to 44
Dozens of Dainty Models I
Formerly priced from S7B to i300 I
Now I
200 285 385 i
White Linen Skirts
Pure Irish Linen
Made in our own workrooms 585
Broadway and Eighteenth Street
u I
1EXINGIONro3p41f 59rzo6O2
i t Of This Great Sale
r of Walters Pianos I
i At a Saving to You of From
33 1e to 50r1o i
Dont Hesitate I Secure One i
I = at Once Sale Ends in a Few
Fined Pianos Within Reach of A U I
buy a chap trashy piano that hni no reputation
wlnteer whim son can purclmx In thl treat I
air ouch celebrated new planar n we offer
W nvrry one built bj reputable expert piano haul
era retry one bearing the milters mine every I
Y on fully unrniileed fl fifteen > nrs very
V on f idem built to luta lifetime at JlSo to
J30f Iso 7 I
375 Style A Walters PlanoiJ9S J600 Style K Walters Pianos300
475 Style C Walters Planol240 700 Colonial Walter Pianos 350 I
800 Walters Vertical Grand i
500 Style G ffi M Walters Upright Pianos 375
Pianos 9CO Walters Player Piano I
550 Style D Walters Pianos J2GO Outfit with 12 rols of Music 450 I
Prices include stool and cover Pianos priced up to 300 at the easy terms
500 Down and 100 a Week I
No insurance no interest no extras Pianos delivered payment of 5 I
They are masterpieces of piano construction Built to Ian a lifetime
Their tono is rich and resonant and their touch tlaitlc and responsive I
Cases double veneered ciosbinded throughout Original In desigth
Uun t uoy T tired piano Pont bill a stencil pluio 8f e that
C au t lon thf maker mine Is cast In the plate of the piano IOU bats
The name atfrt on a plan stands fur tin tcr3 lililieit I
Walters and tiei grad One N jut as safe In inxecting In a WaltH
PI inn as he w 111111 In purchasing tilled t Hte cloud Bonds
Lchangp > our nH piano Ir n beautiful lieu Walter anil pty any
J P 1lIall al t ra of 1 per w ek
t pOll rujucst a rcpr Mntat e will all IVtrer0nnl < W Floor ydth St Section I
All Cars Transfer LLU1161N6DALESLexto3dAv59hto60thSt
I t
> = 1 + Ir 1 er + + T d
= = = J NAW11 11rNMr uG iae
Coipon Boys ALL CARS TRANSFER TO CflitponYoirtns
39c Blouse ra rn Long Latin Kim nos
h u m r f mm Meth mfeMql rglgC L
I t 1 d Y lllj Vlra f sm ftJSv
u rt 16 c 7t UeCYee 39
lrVZMrTnW 7ROA1 35 rHo60rJrSr gntlty d r c r
i t f1 Ou P on DaYf J Coupon With YOU and1 MAY BUY On 5 I
I 1 Womens 3 Tub Skirls
ifn the Mill and Sale certzed ° f All llnon sizes ta and ah Made mer I
n a Factory V3 a brawn ln light laves Hue 1 y t
j dettanand I 1 j I x
The Last Day of the Great Mill and Factory Sale Will See I while Cape I
A Up of Odd Lots Lill effects a I the open t j i
Mighty Cleaning Broken Lines oie 1
I The snip of scissors wit be heard all over town tonight as the thrifty woman clips the 1
these coupons lor redempt on at Bloommgdalci tomorrow Irons
Price Cuts Are Almost Feckless bIg selling of previous Coupon sweep I I
i 1 flee uts re imos ec ess Dnys will be surpassed The c must ing Hare I 7 I I
be a radical clearance of slacks I
I t
Tomorrow the last day or the Mill and Factory Sale the last day of the month and f y g I I I
JulyCoupon Daya trinity of reasons why prices should be clipped to the quick I I I
Hundreds of bargains r
are plainl placarded ail over the store Dont miss them No Mail Prune or Telegraph Orders for any of the I
advertised goods will be filled None will be sent C O D
r With this WI
I With This I i With IM on 95 Silk Coupon w P Coupon and 39 C I
I 45c 5 Silk loulurdi All tills rcarnn +
I line w e 1 nsr the 4Jr Will 2Sc
Coupon and Coupon and 1er insure hit price You May Buy a Seersucker
lUmk Jrr ulralliin Trtxif silk Ii
I You singy buy 1111 I You may buy Light and tool i lI kind 12c I Petticoat I
I 6Mens Union Linen Illiifk laiTeln lIkChI1T1I tlnHtn lurions si ripe s mule seth deep
men S mon me Mens yar1 aide cuirjnUi for wear Hun trimmed with olio rufllu
Hjt llIO klni illlti ila5 iC
I i Collars Worth 75c kind OJC µ a undflac HmnJlitIIII Kb M snion I
a ars or I 10 Cblagun Illuiiilniim tuft und illiu
His lolld rorr J7 lunii I
I I n 1V11eaUcmlllu GGC
i Suits li > iiiiliis < ldiii Main H iJtli St N WI I
I i I 7 J 0 Then urojut I Underwear Coupon I
I All new perfect coll us In ij ZOO ultll to soul i Nil
I popu ai sUlrs intn mulliini and at this utmost Upholstery Coupon Men lirlKcmi + hHIt lilrtk + < and I t
I turn duseu hot IIeat IT i apes J halt price Awnlngn Read lo put up slap K I i i r U r rlxit Upr1 ur I
I IIlulmllltla + 1 he y aro range from 21 10 4 ret best mil lilrlH + mil lninfr I J j
Haiti Mm on st sc urn mule of Hlue trlam bring window meaiuri With double rent all i I 1
I m uhrgev Fancy niMit worth up lo C11 oC tare am li i I
1 h e v lot and I t HO at tylLiJ slur it 121 2 C
11 o rr I s i
Tl ill 1 tnncy Slip C orr 5plw mill allonliuC
With This I JJ Sxes 3 I to U Inrl 1 I lard of IiHiJaii linen TLCU Mpn1 khlrti + foiit amt K n u n J
14c I Y ir oo coupon DriHim Ntlntook
hct prlto 8 411 I
I I Coupon and C I UloommidaK M IL OOlli bt Action Ilnlllril Nwlee lrulllllly the I 6lc lI cood kind aa nt UK 23c
mid regulai lOc kind 431 I
I i You May Buy I t oTrr ouch CM Irettj l elll Slrctr 95e IIlIlhrll I c
0n il e r wJi II
I IWI O doer 110 run n
With Ihis IIr nehee wid trln Shirt and 7 I c
i I I Mens I nil 1 ground rtRuljrly 11V I draw tit JUC
49 lri I Ulwltaa SLtin Fltnthst Ttc
C Hiifllwl i il ccc I
25c Neckwear Coupon and IUniisHntii l4tre beet Sri + i
11I1i > 170 bed pearly rinlrc mot fs
I 111 ruiul jnn < lge i nIIlid y I
1 2 for 25c You may buy Boys filing nfculnilj JJt ntp 2 tJ8 i f111
I sulk fonrlnhinds Mnd 1 Wash Suits trim I Hlrlpr Miiiinirr uriiln + Underwear Coupon
and sdeld leeks light as AJU s I fcillar lenilhs in Prctlj iul I OJ 1 j
I orliignj anal p tvonhl5 t at t1Je
and medium odors tiiismn bl I ust iiioies sizes x I Womens and hlldreii Irie el
to 7 c MI Ilpawur Mmlnu Mnutrs Vhlte mil Hwlii rthhol low neck pliun
Mens 35c Sus enders S n ni luablo lino ui giten pilng nil in 311 I slid lace trtrnmr < 1 it tiers aSC J
ens C Suspenders 1 tic Mtrtar
Milui lur
f Illo mhlgdaler 21 Iloer Goth 9t en zOC I Uiiineiiii Illr Tilrj Site Uhllfi
eliRtlc wfih met lion i Niillliielmni lam urtilujl UlliliMl > estt low neck ry
Iatk puttee aliI Ore yiinls loiif iib 1 fi nr 61 at I C i
I m ann n d regular I
I J styles f it A 3 pairs ah iyC II With This on I Niilllochani suinplrn wurlh CnriUrs ae 1 uL ikers 19C Mniiieiiit and riirrnd iInsth I HV rIFIM lace SnlM trimmed quilll Ilbliul III fitir
I lilojnilnsJolcj Main rl I 21 lI II1haJal au ewt IPM i > r pliln top at QC
yi ii it i ttII Coupon and ae C 11 Ulll IlJllrh i
I vupon Main Fluui Vih si kuln
1 You may buy a I Linen lRy I
I I With 1 fl n + t 1 Linen Coupon I
ill This Silk Elastic Belt I lahlf Diimihk lni 11 btinean mercer I I With This on
I I red fid Imhts wide beAii lQf
I f Coupon and 35 C1 Worth Up to 1 1alde uful I e Napklnk d ra1 Rl gnr edge Bun Slcrierliel pretty Lion IIIKII dinner 2ge Coupon and 1ge IiI
You May Buy I north 3110 a dozen it 12 lji I
i y S for OJC You May Buy a I hi
I fas 59c buses hooch flolhi IIeniniiil with 75c Silver Plated Purse f
open Nrork31 allPrr Cttn
r bleach regularly SI On at OtC Artistically j
t Shrt lurkUh rlitli Shfrtu in
Nightshirts jetl
I i I 1Y oJ aortal cute > + ry embossed
Colon and hlack and white gold janlnji J5
dlue not more yM rya and bus si I
Uor than
I I l 3 for 100 iiiinl kits and hun metal nnKt to a cuetoiier at OjC fM l < o VC r halri
I I Soft lliiNh inihrle IUoomlllgIII llaln n 50th SI Sep Iurklhltstlt JuwtUBxtra la u X e p J i lnr 11 s u d
In low link stle nit err hear y quant henim d aT n rtFw9rre is
quality l am I
I fringed worth up to 1 11 LCd dllle
4 fI riimin d wa fast I rl
IM at 122 only 1 puno
i I die edging die U c C 1 iI
i to WI I S y
With This A lluik Itmrli Uood V ual ItYhmm llIn cus
H IPlll1n
rid border I td tmer
beral I
sure lUe mierr
c 10
i IHoonlngtlMcs Main floor
Kind nt I IlIOOllllnjotes
I iiOth st Beetles C I du unmgunlea jn 1I 4C Viln Fer lh 1 so lion I t
Coupon Jan
With this Itl1 You may 2 With this tit > I I With This nPy
149 Good 2 yn C
Coupon Umbrella Coupon and lOC Coupon and
You May Buy a You May Buy a
I 298 Oiled Painting I with Plea tape died edge IrtfTitn 11 imi 50c Spaciitel You May Embd ca y JI Parisian
M no 2 > Inch sizes man
auli different handles Scars I
J ful Hit I BloonIIIlKdale8 ana hams Comb Set
Hitand > linjii4lllK < jtl l C
Y tlir land urea and l IAln Fl Olth St aro i y Btautiful DDsigns I r 1t V I i
j 4 looming Hle Mon Flour Centre J r t5 Set comprises
t Ott t1 ntaht u I urge i 1C new style high
21 Ii 11 II i ic k cut out I
I t J1 11 bur With This With TillS ill I II i1 1 1 li JU comb and Jm r
nlsluii CW I 9 ruivttn to match
l J
L f 1 r I mcp 12I II III I M ule of shell i
1 1 des yr r 1 s = trier Coupon and i Coupon and 12 I Lloomlnsdales f s anal mnhtjr Mum Floor
i I n I w
I You May Buy Webster I
a s
nix and You
May Buy a
I Bloomlnjdales Third fKor 2 Dictionary 19c Giant Cabinet With This In 1 I
1 t A complete rsvlteJ of i f e r
1 r + nd rn arprifl Indexed Writing Paper I rt
With This n dltlon bound In full M shwa nnt ou elllelopes of Coupon r QI < > w I l 1 I I
I I III S a ° r tMl groin eather noun satin palel I
1 i e ro bonk of aluomtnadtks Main Floor Arcade You May Buy a I I
Coupon and r f nnvltdso ir jour chlldMn yon want IN ° 7 50 Travelling BagII I
y rarj home lr ounce I J y 1
You of With This nn u
i may buy a pair rrl
lj nionnimrliles ISff on hide I
Womens 198 or 248 4 Main and1 95 eurrreil 1
Coupon andT
am frnu a II
ijiie rut
i G t hire Canvas Oxfords +
WI You i g d
may buy a
1JIooll1lnglai soma t roar With This 11
1111 Watch 365 oillt
1 45 lrlQn S rratc I IOI
Uth Thzs WI Coupon JO Gnu metal xnd cold I I
I vt r H Fluted wTltchp tldri II 15 I
8 D
33c You May Buy an ay i III dtl polar IP sloe
I 1
I I Coupon and Mission Oak Mantel 19 I 1 Y with for men nor and tnwrrl IKI ni p i LViU + rne Xlln l
plated move Hint Slem i
You 1 I Indfi and pemUii L
may h
JJJ i f oc tlr fet Otiapantidl to ktop r n +
Vith This
< I c b u y a tl u tt I l perftot time u s IdAJ
I v h t4 y lltol by the Itlwnlugl + Serdunn floor W tb 69C 1
1 air of nMlscr at J3CO 1 SCllon
+ yt pair J Coupon and 1lJ 1
d an
II n t ra i OUPOll
I T ill iroi nu
t Childrens Tan J m i > r His nchnd With This fin i You May Buy < i
hatiH ulrchea rr I
I hlh S S inches I Safety Razor Set
I Barefoot Sandals I vl Gimran I Coupon and 18
trod to keep I1C r Quoted by
I i I I e e I maker I
Sizes up to 10 ir curate time You may buy a m L a Jo iji I
Also Womens Tur ithTmsel Sou t5rtC ixinllniflll I n u r I I
Main T Front Gold Plated Horse
doir Slippers in brjvn O O revue I 0 a e orse h giIy teni
33c yry P d b nd rs
and black IiiI1l i dd Kind
Iwngaeas + t Sr x shoe Pin teyry i older I
= = = i Coupon Sewing I J O it ablfl uy fashion te nid and
1 I I Il do in itnrdj
With This Machines at Exclusive = el 0 L1111 wIth bell bloonwte +
I =
90c Agents PrtrtJ I ilan 111 n
C and I r Ft Ines 1
I Coupon an j1
oupo WI 8 nlnplale mh This 1n1
oj rhk N MaIn Fur b I
You may buy a pair ol rlll rh St Hlloll
Boys or Girls Shoes SPCran IPM = i Coupon and uC
Worth Up to 198 I With This I V You May Buy a I
included dd 1 34 a wwfeii
in tan Iudlnr Coupon
kid all oupon r ° Wool Shawl
patent 1 r l i You May Buy s I
ioulior Imrror also
I i Mil u mI IlUvrore I 300 Violin v with thi ip yn
unaldt 153 eeoIng IItbln 950 f 0 Rl Shk ana
I ht drawer bn tai
p p6i SO IrS Jlaclnnq t halUiS
1U drup had able pC 1200 th
hte fize w
+ < a
fret lie
fl Inge
loot V burJer and
HUB owls Murhlnr
hg I
I azrr 11 t SrlllIf mole ct 15 00 Only 62 In the at
Illix mint lain
sing I Itt i iHeii dritters a o b her =
munumgIrc 21 Kluor SJth 8t dec Illonmingjtlrr lrtn Fl Lex Ave Sc I rly Uoonlujdil M Floor Mam Hour oath st S iion
All Cars Tiantter to BLOOM1NGDALES Ltx to 3d Alt 59th lo 60th St t

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