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r ff T ifl J f
f1T v I Tf f w fe f Yt
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h II I
Muffled Explosion Gives Mini
of Burglars but None
Is Located
Police Cipt Cottrell of the Leonard
trtet station spent most of the morn
Ing making a canvtsi of the ofllce
Vulldinfrs In till precinct He is sure
1 1ht In one w Ill be found t af shat
tered by burglars A muffled explosion
that suggested nothing else to them
than Mfeblowltu tald them on the
The reserves Vjil by Capt Cot
trell with every detective to be found
searched for hours without rinding the
elIse or the fteno of the explosion
From the roporti gen by his men
who heard It Copt Cottrell d that
the explosion occurred somewhere In
the block bounded by West Broadway
Broadway Clumber and Duane streets I
All the houses and business places in It
were searched from ub cellar to root
without result
Shortly before tift > hrc k cvipt Cottrell
went back to the station haute leaving
the block surrounded by the reserve
und detective with order to stay there
until the mystery was solved A line
wan formed and 1 I comers were ques
tioned by the pniicc With s recent
Kafoblowln In the precinct fresh In
their minds the arc working on the
theory that burglars were at work
JAIUS July VJinifn II 1Ivd hoe
returned to tillM cltr ftftr a nine months
trip Abroad during which he vIMteit
lJRt India China end Japan return
ing to Europe over the Tr ii8wrl n
iMr llyd fyt a lucheon today In
honor of Signer IVrrero the Italian his
torian who In going to the United
tUatcs next autumn at the Invitation of
resilient s who e jrufst he will
he at the VfM House Mgnor Fern ro I
will drtlver 11 course of lectures at the
Txwcll Institute Boston
Irstrlftns nn one of the principal streets
hero today were startled hy seeing
ticks of dynamite protruding from the
porkdi of a drunken mnn who IM
tasRoHng along apparently Indifferent
1o what might happen If he foil The
police arretcil him gingerly without
using their eliv > 3 and discovered four
Mleka of dvnamlte In his pockets They
were carefully removed nnd he was
then locked up He said he cam from
j i
General Sessions Jurist Re
fuses Leniency to Bostonian
on Larceny Charge
Judge Vnrren W Foster In tJle Court
of General Heislons today met Varren
F router of Boston who In said to I
have been Impersonating the Judge and I
while carrying on the decrvtlon Hole
1100 north of Jewelry according to an
Indictment of the Grand Jury
The similarity between thP Judge and
tho prisoner l1Pa only In the name as
there IP no refmhlsnre of features but
the PoM r from Ilooton In Mid to have
marts tin mont r inun rtlve use nt
what plmllarlty thore li It Is charged
that on July in R man of < llgnin rt ap I
ppiranoc staggered Into the apartments
of Ur Alfred C Dupint No 310 West I I
Tw ntythrd street The thy was one
of the hottest of the summer and the
man foflniwl to he overcome by heat
I am Judge Ko ler he Bald and he
was tenderly cared for but when he left I
Jlftl worth nl lewclry and trinkets wcr
tnU and
T rniiifi h H riinnrot KitinK I V itr I
Kin l > ii > r plcnlil not utility end nay
Mr Sinnlnn niiili a nm l plan iff na
IniMiiiirli IH hlP i limit Punt I 11 11
tMlKiictl mi UIP Mine oltnrs In ru
of Dalai Nesslnm WIIITO lit hul hero
fared to enter a nliM the Uianl Jiir
mil no rUlu to Indli him lodge 1ns
tcr ilcnlfil thl
I happen to Itniiw In said thai
two days hifi > n > thl > mm was nirfftcd
ho went Into n Iewelry stare > ti the
floIPrY and gIV a forged oh ck In
was lgnod Thc wcrp
liloli m > name
I dmari cmiuvli to n l me up on the te
I enhiinc bin the man got away
The prlsonw was rvm indfd to till
T > mh
TRENTON July S0 Wjlllnm I Cak
I of this city Is ahcJdlnK Ills Akin for the
tnrntVclrlUh tlm In Otttl tree years
Trenton Oilcloth
Cake Is a printer for the
cloth and Linoleum Company and hln
pnlnfuJ amid annoying nl > ent has mys
tified all tfte physicians who have seen
hln who can arrre to do nothing for It
except to give It o name They call It
dernatltli exfollatlna
Wien Cake first called In n iliyslclnn
to examine him the medical nun was
Inclined to attribute his aliment to his
coming In contact with acids In his I
work hut fuse Intornifd him that lit
had the habit of cliansliiK his akin at
Intervals when he was an Ittiiint The
nheddnp of his skin IP piv tdeil by n
mimic nf chills and fewer Then the
sKIn dries and conies off In about two
weeks during wino hue the man sur
fers great pain OeTrraiv the sne aniB
of the skin lakes place every two or
three years
Candies R H Mrcy I Cos Attraction Are Their Low Prim
I Store Hours
The end 0 week special broken 8 A M to 6 P M
candleslemon drops brilliants mole ce
ses candy molasses creams buttercups During July and August we
and marshmallows packed in round close at Noon Saturdays
tins regularly lie a box special 10c Bway at 6th Av r i4ih to 35th SL
Launches Rowboats Canoes i Travelling Requisites A Typical
I Ready for Prompt Delivery I Report From Our Shopping
Fifth Floor
c il O waiting for shipments from the factory if you want your Organization
Nno boat prompt We have ready for immediate delivery Midsummer Vacation times going away time for thousands
two Palmer Launches several Leasure Hour Sailboat
I like
I cYE sees the liveliest tiematwi for Trunks Bags and the
and of the celebrated Old Town
a complete shipment
skilled merchandis
Our shopping organization with a force of t 1
Canoes ers keeps closer tabs on local conditions than any individual could
All these boats are accepted as standards of boat building For
well own
hope to keep We investigate for good as as our
p your
example the Old Town Canoes are the original Canoes of that
otle of advertised by other good
offering importance
every mg any
name from the makers who made Old Town Canoes nationally
SPECIAL offerings
famous Here is the gist of a recent report on
ferings of Travelling Requisites by other stores
Palmer Launch 17foot flttrf vitn is h p marine tvocycle cn mother store as
5n Bags of vilrus seal and cwbldr Jvertlfd fru 1 er or i
Xine speeds six miles in hour 187 ISO
special for 600 we have In regular stock for 6577 A Suit Case ad
I Same fitted with cushions brass railing awning caovas coveir flags vertised as a special by another concern for 5500 Is Insular stock here
and staffs 23550 for 391 Russet Leather Travelling Ba offered special at J495 In an
Palmer Launch 20foot wfth 3h p Palmer marine two c cue en other store are < n regular stool here at 449
gine peed eight miles m hour 20500 Some Bathing Suits for men broken sizes advertised In i CLEAR
ANCE SALE elsewhere for 8195 could be duplicated here In a full
Same complete with awning cushions brass rails fI
canvas cover s
108 which sold them when the
and staffs 36700 range of sizes at the price at we
season opened
Orders liken for any size or style of Launch maJe In the Palmer he
tcrv This Shopping Organization is one of the features that mak
FlitBottomed Rowboati 12 foot built of stout cedar planking
fournse2ts rpairt r kks for Macys continued underselling supremacy
varnished seats and one pair of rowlocks 2874
As a result of its work the Mncy patron feels secure in know
Leisure Hour Sailboat 16foot comfortable sailors and easy row here r bl the LOWEST no
ing that the price of an article tere is invariably 1e a1
es with 100 square fen of sail centreboard of steel plate wocden rudder
which that article be purchased
pair of oars and oarlocks 9850 = 1 can
Old Town Canoes three sItes ready for Immediate delivery We invite comparisons of our regular prices with the special
16foot 3074 17foot 3274 isfoot 3474 prices quoted by others
Horsman Tennis Racquets Trio of Parasol Specials
Much Below Usual Prices SILK PARASOLS Main tape 1 Droa03Y gray coverings pleasing to the
Fifth Floor t liI eye effectively shaded and at the same time suitable to go with
F first a color of costume handles enamelled or of natural wood
any of
importance and far
l ar more Important than the under
IO pricing these Racquets are first quality perfect In buy gilttipped ribs 279
I ng them there are no risks such as you take In buying PARASOLS with white handembroidered Irish linen cover
jmsZ seconds And all are standard weights and models such ings handwork from our own factory in Belfast selected han
as we usually have In regular stocks at the higher prices dles also a number of crystal knob styles with green taffeta cov
erings gilttipped frames 369
ARLINGTON RACQUETS of ash reinforced walnut throats strunv
with American pit elsewhere J22 here regularly 5198 special 156 NOVELTY FRENCH PARASOLS white and cream cover
thCIL1PSr RACQUETS selected ash frames inlaid throats strung ings printed in Dresden and Oriental effectssome with satin
with Oriental gut regularly JJ34 this sale 210 stripes gilt frames handks of natural wood and fancy woods in
CAVENDISH AND PARAGON ACQUITS seasoned ash frames laid with gilt t 279
combed cedar handles Inlaid wulnul throats strung with Oriental gut Q
regularly 34 > sale 5210
Womens Undergarments
Other Tennis Requisites ergarments
Secer t floor
i Special Balls Jiigh grade and I TennilPoIrs set98 to 207 Collection large enough to advertise in detail Even better
lively made to sell for 3Sc our values are not advertisedno department in the store offers so
price 27c Tennis NetsM280 to 3OQ bargain laden tables placarded with Not Advertised
Championship SU
zenger and Ayers Tennis Balls Tennis Tape for double court Cards
each 33 complete with staples3297 COMBINATIONS corset cover and drawers of sheer nainsook
Tennis Racquet Covers Tennis Dry Court Markers trimmed with embroidery Insertion and wash ribbon edged with laces
39c 108 c
to 198 ruffle on drawers
YIYS COMBINATIONS cors t cover and skirt of nainsook trimmed with
ryx rows of Maltese lace and ribbon beading ruffle on skirt edged with
i Sheeting Blankets For Misses and Girls lace 90c
Scond Floor COMBINATIONS above of checked dimity edged with embroid
Spreads TUB DRESSES ciy with ribbon drawn through ribbon and embroidery at waist 9120
ilaeernenl of plaid ging WALKING SKIRTS of cambric deep umbrella ruffle with fine pInc
UNBLEACHED MUSLIN 3b ham trimmed with fine emtroid tucks and wide tucks Inc
I u
I cry pleated skirts with deep hems WALKING SKIRTS of cambric tucked lawn umbrella ruffle with
inches wide taxx yards a yard U id and is year sizes for small two wide torchon lace Insertions and edge 00
5c wrmen WASH and SUITS misses 8474 WALKING SKIRTS of cambric lawn umbrella ruffle two clusters
flounce 129
PILLOW CASH MUSLIN of pin tucks and deep embroidered
of fine quality
full bleached medium weight 42 white reps threepiece model the i In the Underprice Basement
inches viJe yard lie 45 jumper trimmed with fancy braid CORSET COVERS of cambric DRAWERS of cambric ruffle
inches wide 12c and InittciiQ notched collar and rimmed with lace and ribbon trimmed with pin tucks and edged
tailored sleeves pleated skirt S to 1 ding 24c with embroidery 24c
FIEECE CRIB BLANKETS If veer szest formerly 171 sale > CUPSET COVERS of nainsook DRAWERS of cambric laun
pink likM and tan with fane 774 deep embroidered edge with rib ruffle trimmed with tucks and
armholes hemstitched finished with feather
11ASH SLITS bon drawn through s
33x42inch sin piir28c I
with embroidery 30c stitching 39c
of fancy striped trimmed
CROCHET BED SPREADS material threepiece style double M C5
fringed pink and blue fringed breamed with notched collar tail I
all around 8lx88inch sie each oed full sleeves pleated and skirts lp stacked s pockets Lamp Dept Specials
year naPemr oad3r star
d4c s ze > were 1074 clearance 857t Brace Table Lamp complete with Gs Portable with 13iir art glass
I Mrl 10in art glass dome and fringe tll hale and fringe to rmtch repilirlv
3378 sale 3 49 56SP special 149
Boys Suits Clearance Follows match regularly
Bran Table Lampi central draft Electric Portable black with 13in
Removal to Hun anl Hm opal dome rt08c art glass shale and fringe to match
ClnOVa Larger Quarters ttan
clal 08c 449
larh e tt rMal rcgiilarh jetOj special
s a I r Angle Bracket Lamps Complete
= lliT afore fir Bins n v tccupies hre fac he vup 11 rttiiljh < special ea > Deiu Victor Lanterns regular
I T I the rear ol the main stairwa L uis ago the l + usinessnIl Art Gillis Dome 10in size t 1 speul AUc
lE J rely Ih space on the 111 S ide Nnt on the ev ot fri tge tll riuh regularly 2t e Inverted Gu Mantles regular
2JJ rev store year chines the removal and a cleirme cial 130 9c tpvial Ow
Gas Chandcleri with t0 outsule
Wash Suits Now 84c 129 and 179 light and loine centre with fringe Incandescent Gas Burners rdgu
in Sailor and Russian Blouse Aodes amt mcaiMevent burner complete lark t5c spevil Ii2c
SAILOR AND RUSSIAN relllarh So 4s specal 3500 Incandescent
BLOUSE SUITS of imported serges Lights complete with
and mixtures formerly up to 894 sale 496 ltc Venetian Linterni complete airhile globe regularly He se
regular Si 21 special at 08c cut 33c
Lu1 I
n A
1 1
Southwest Corner ith Ave ISHli St
o 0
Womens White and
Gray Canvas ftritortbi k
3500 Pairs Formerly Sold at
103 to 150
Solid leather sole leather and cov t
ered heels Your
choice of 20 tc s r I 39C
styles mall sizes fit
at a s a pali1
Womens Tan and 4
I Black Oxfords
I = o 0070
5000 Pairs Formerly Sold ai
150 and 200
Made with solid leather extension soles In
ten or black kldskln with medium heels
Hnck Oxfords have patent tips Al
sizes from 1 2 fix 59
to 8 in E and C
a pair
11 widths
Tan or
at apnlr ti Bind
Sale of MisggsTand Childrens I
Tan Calfskin Oxford TiesIt +
30DO Pairs Formerly R Sold TitlVPn l fjgC
at rc0 h 4t > j
Made from sclctcd Clark tm calilkfnf vUl ftjfc tl
slide extension soles spring or quarter heels mt V
blucher style Sze 5 t y lir to 1 I jt14t il z
nndIlt02 l +
0 < 79 too
ct C 7ge
1 f
a Pair
w > > t I
< t J j < j rK i vI iJ GibsonTies
i i l 4iftr
100 fl tfff Made of soft tan calfskin in
J < 1 ri eyelet styles
V hand turned
1 Ii > f 1 soles and 1 0 v
f > Lwk Cuban hees
t V1 e < 1 sizes 2X to 8 Pair
FV l J
v l lhf 3
< f4d41 orr Sailor Ties
le0d f l if
H 1 it Patent calfskin 1j 00
d N 4 1 i t extension soles 1
sizes 2ft to 8 I Pair
l1J > y Christie Ties
100 < ftw Patent coltskin 00
r very high grade S1
> t
sample sizes only a Pair
t r Boys Shoes
> Formerly Sold at 8125
I 11 All solid leather sizes fa jff
69c L 9 to ni calfskin flj C
uppers extension
Sale Mens Hand Welted
Shoes and Oxfords at
it I 50
If +
t <
j ffir a
t pair
l r
j j J Worth
t 9 250 300
1 ff
J J Tan
51 es r f Ij l Calfskin
1 H a t 1 tate
1r JiF I
11 Lf ate
fr 1jJt bli Patent
ir iv Aitm C If S kin
50 J fl Vicl
ISO if KVdiCkli
is Kidskin
S sr
The skin is not simply an outer covering of the body but through its
thousands of pores and glands it performs the great and necessary work
of regulating our temperatures and also assists in disposing the refuse
and waste matters of the system by the constant evaporation that goes on
through these little tubes To perform these duties the tissues and fibres
which connect and surround the pores and glands must be continually
nourished by pure blood When from any cause the circulation becomes
infected with impurities and humors it loses its strengthening powers und
begins to disease and irritate the delicate tissues and produces Eczema
Acne Tetter or some other itching disfiguring skin trouble S S S
cures skin diseases of every kind by going down into the circulation and
neutralizing and removing the impurities and humors It changes the
quality of the blood from an acrid fiery fluid to a cooling healthproduc
ing stream which instead of irritating and inflaming the skin cures and
nourishes it by its soothing healthful qualities Salves washes lotions
etc may be used for any temporary comfort or cleanliness they afford
but skin diseases cannot be cured until S S S has purified the blood
Book on Skin Diseases and any medical advice sent free
World Wants Work Wonders l I
= rt
Southwest Corner 61h Avc HUh St
1 00
I c
a > r 1
i a
X1 I J
111kc i t
1 1 LeA
s Y I
A Fresh New Lot o l
Lawn Jumper Dresses 00
in neat dot or stripe patterns nicely 1
trimmed with Swiss embroidery a
Valenciennes laces or with con J3L dress
feasting colored bands
WmteDuckSkirf 1
made of ucll sltrunk duck and I U
linene cut lull and well tailored c II
Botioms are fold trimmed kegu AU7 l
tar 150 Skirts Spccal lC
Handsome Summer Waists I
Worth fully 8100 each Special TeM iiOW l
L ai tIi C
11 f 2 9
t1 j 7 I
F i fey
These waist ere made of
fia fine mus liuns I
ylrr J rf ma oaf md thane
f s h > s btu it In
a rS 1 Io < ft I Hun m >
lNrf lj plain white srnu
A I 4As til Oil 1 I I J > arc trimmed Mti
Jl I t < rz d J I Swiss embroidery
I d 1 1I1 t r IJ some with cues
U t q l lfr slim With got
i l L ill ΒΌ fr J phtd the i
P i cry fro It s and
oj others have Peter Pan
11 Y collars The backs and
f II l io as pretty as tl c fronts
11r The best value of the season
< Su Iall ur r 0 n nnlenl
aOSieryG Special s
Womens Childrens Ladles sac Hand Fzn
lye Ribbed and Plain broldered Hose a mi
hose m black white I Pure sl i < cs Hosel e > > C
or tan some of the IA designs all popular col
dies hose have ie 10 C ors and evening shates i pal
ankles at Childrens 39c Piaiil
Ladies 35c Imported Top Hose a Cry
assortment ii hitc
Lisle Hose urge 1
In plain
rr plan cdars IIth 19c
and drop stitch effects 12 C
fcic of th choicest
In all staple and fancy I 1 tops the
est des gns a pair
a pair
GoodQua1ily L < mg Silk hose imparted designs
Gloves In lace ankle white ur
with double ti J
infers nt colored emlTiMerv very iI 9c
patent clasps 49rre
black white sheer at
and tan C
jurreguhrSi grade at 3 Ladies 150 Imported
Ladies 16Bullon Sill < ilk Hose made of pure silk 11
GlOVeS full length doubl thread with artr trips and pure
lipped fingers all evening shades lisle fet In black vh te tan
nut black and white i I lavender and all colors I
our regular M50 lines 750 I in a acid variety of Ii J n
It I shades hcliu g those
fur evening n pun1
Lingerie +
p 4 i Dresses
Made of sheer mull while
s blue and pink and eifccive
c1I I ly trimmed with lace and
embroidery insertion
n 13
I tr
sertion S350 iPJ
Jo 500 values tU
Tailored at
Wash Suits
I i l Made of an excellent grade
of duck in plain colors or
stripes coats trimmed
S with straps
Regular 350
51 95
to 5 values
t I
> h rM141
yr 4ytut tll rt 1 i
r l
il I VofcMKM ifjKaaf t i 1k
> M
t lit I 1JseIg Jl lO llls M e poSr
i 1 foro urfer
itucafion Vantea Ads
in the orld
L c
t r

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