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IIIIITf f111
I r
tt I r The Vening World Daily Magazine Wednesday August 5 1908
I Honey Boy fMtnstrel I
k the Flower
rt of the SemiCircle
EORGE EVANS may ba right In saying ot the Inhabitant of the sheath
1 t GEORGE Thats the kind of i girl to have then you can see what youre
At any rate tha Honey Boy Minstrels of Cohan and Harris may
I I ijafaly be accepted a s the gospel truth of minstrelsy not exactly orthodox
rbps but the beAt minstrels since the day when minstrels were minstrels and
UM chicken crossed the street at very performance
You get the flower of the semicircle with the pick of vauderllle a new
touch tp an old Institution end more active Jolly life at the New York Theatre
than Is to be found between any other
four walls along Broadway Any one who
believes that old story shout minstrelsy
j being dead should hurry right on past
L the undertakors and come In contact
with the live wire on which Cohan and
Harris hac strung n show that glorifies
the plantation and Eighth avenue with
1 out stopping to take more than one long
Theres hardly time to pick the newly
painted orchids in the first part glade
f down where the lavender flows inU the
0 burnt cork and perhaps Its just as
I > well for orchids seldom grow along the
0 onen ght stands where the Honey
J I 0 Boy Minstrels will be giving noonday
I parades when the frost lion the Julep
b That they will march through the land
1 AL to the delight of the populace and the
terror of the untamed steed goes with
out saying or like a Colnn steplively
Success was tucked snugly Into the
buttonhole of every glistening mlnstro
man lm night There was no mistak
ing the rosy elgn once the gentlemen
were sMici and the Interlocutor un
locked his vocabulary of highlyscented
words After one and all had sub
= scribed to the tuneful pledge Ill Be
True to Sly Honey Boy George
The Honey Boy George Evans Thatcher carne back to earth and along
with him John Kng who sang Good
By Mr Hailme Just as though he neant It
Sentiitvnt Ana an thick as weather when Eirl E iMim sang Meet Mo In
Rose Time Hoile posaioly becauso Uusl arnd ragtime and tevdurrr
mcoleckiiuns were brought back by tile yodel t > orx > rf Matt Keefe Then
Eddie Leonard fell head over hools In lovo with Dig Bnwn Boo Loo Eyes
while the audlenco tumbled after as ho ooooooed his lay with syncopated
Ighs It was some time before hs
love went to his etand that was the
best time the ragtime of the night i
When Evans arrived It was almost
time to Kiss Your Honey Boy Good
By and after this had been performed o fl
by one of theh fairest of his sex under
cover of burnt cork and a hat that be i
trtyti a yellow etreak when It came to
plumes the Honey Boy had a few
thousand words to say Some of his
marks were M funny u they were
new while others dated back to hs
TOudevllle day < but with no loss of
1 flavor
His next appearance was In a skit
Jby George M Cohan The Bello of the I
Barbers Bail While this sketch will I
not idd to Mr Cohans fame as a go
Myoupleas playwright Evans made
tt u good as a wnttrmelon while he I
ftptnt the money of a gamblln man
from Baltimore
The answer to Where Is Baltimore
vu Third In the Eastern League
Ilr ad the laughter proved that electric
fen werent the only kind In the house
As the caramel child Evans won
T r The Gibson Coon a walkaway
tot Julian Kltlnge Any one who la not
constitutionally opposed to a female
Impersonator must admire Eltlnge In
thU bit of work for It Is decidedly Rice In Bumpty Bumps
clever and mar legltamto than his Salome dance In bare feet In fact
fell song with Evans Oh You Coon it by far the best of the musical
Dun be 11
The falling star of the Nice and Prevost team took the curse off tIle Salome
fiance by giving a burlesque In which a property had of Gov Hughes figured
as the victim The JIlt wai n succession of good acts while the music
and dancing put spilngs In feet that had almost forgotten their wayto minstrel
ff X X 0
I Betty Vincents Advice
J I on Courtship and Marriage
4 fyyrYyrv ffiYi l l Y Y Y Y Y Y rrr rr = r =
r A Lonely Young Man
Ctar Bitty
AI a young man of twentyone ft
I foreigner not bid looking and
would like to mar an American
girt As I am not acquainted with any
young lady I would kindly ak your
advice regarding the matter Where Is
a settlement club A FOKE10NCH
The best way to become acquainted Is
to join a church The pastor will In
troduce you to the membera If you tell
fclm of your lonely condition lly join
Ing a settlement club too you will meet
people You will find one at No 55 lily
uxf ton street
He Is Not Too Old
s Dear Betty
1 AM keeping company with a girl
I tvho Is nine years younger than I
I am she being twentytwo and I
tulrtyone Do you think the difference
l I
In our ages Is too great A T K
The difference In yojr ages should not
be a bar to matrimony You are not
too old for a girl of t wen tyt wo
Re Prefers Blendes
Dear Betty
1 AM desperately In love with a young
man ono year my senior that is
1 twentysix and I know that he also I
luves me He has told me so several
ww I =
times lie In pxtrrnry fond of light
1 hair and always when with me ad
mires grls who have yellow hair lIe
told me last night that when he marries
ho Is goln to marry a girl with light
hair As my hair Is black do you think
i I could win this young man If I bleached
j my hair Although I think such a thing
shows weakness of character and is
also foolish I also think true love Is
worth anything and everything
I do not think you can win the young
mans affection by bleaching your hair
and I advise you not to do 10 Perhaps
he Is merely teasing ou by his fondness
for blondes It he really loved you he
would prefer your hair as It is Be
sides his love is not worth hiving If it
can be won by every blonde head
cA Birthday Present
Dear Betty
I AM nineteen years old and have
I been going with a young man of I
I twenty about three months and a
half As his birthday Is next week I I
would like to know what would be a
nice present to gIve him He does not I
smoke C T E 1
Books would make a nIce present if
the young man Is Interested In them
Cult llnkii or a stick pin are also tc
cep table
Anarchy Is a Disease
I NARCHY Is a mark of disease In the view of a Memphis physician He 1
ANARCHY Ideas conclusive evidence of insanity and would commit
all anarchists as dangerous lunatics thus making them harmless
The Girl Who Keeps Cool
H girl who keeps cool doesnt wave a fan or swallow pints of iced
THE She avoids excitement and selects the most quiet spot to do I
her work When she U walking she takes her time I
Bhe does not really procrastinate hut silo does things only when they I
should be done and with tho least amount of commotion possible
I The armor It gets the quieter she keeps while the excitable girl who I
I lamenting the warm weather Is covered with perspiration
J When night comes she goes to her bed and sleeps fur she has learned
the secret She hangs a wet sheet not dripping wet across a line In her
I room This absorbs the heat as soon as It enters tbe room She knows I
they do this In the tropics and she adopts a good Idea
She does her shopping before the sun has become deadly and wonder
why women are so silly not to start for the sweltering city until 11 oclock
TVten she returns she allows the cold water to flow treely over her wrists
to cool the blood all over the body
She does not wear stiff colUrs but ocltrts the toft cool ease which fill
sway from the neckband
804 takes thlafi M U jr com and doesnt fret about how much hs his
14 fa A oVtall IAI iJMftt tilk about lbs witth i
The Million Dollar Kid S I I By R W Taylor
So < lET Y I
I j
+ =
n n
I The Madion j
1itiXil lYTiTrBYs TiTrVYi liXi TY X XiX l Y iY t rtyr
r A New York Story
By Seward W Hopkins
Author oi Nightstick and Nozzle If
Dee Winthrop II a rarnard Colleie
girl ilauthtrr oC a Wall Iret broker Her
father U found tying dead a plitul at till
SIde Wlnthrop hJ been losing money on
V all street anl hai apparently committed
lulclde Bull chum MarCIa Lo Grand
and 1dtrolman Hatnmcrtun promise to
m 1
itanl b > 1esle Ella MarcIa li calle1 to
Europe by her brother Illness lillly
IJralnard a Columbia senior who li In love
with Il < isle offers the pfnnllfu girl M
llralnards father a bank cjuhlir a BCDnds I
leaving the iont man and his mother with
out fund liralnirJ becomes chauffeur to
Kendrlck tape a man about town Fire
man Oaffney of 34 rescues IJpl tram
I a fire KenlrlcX Maple offers to tailS her
home In his automobile On his nay he
knocks Bralturd nlell s and kidnaps Iks
sle Dralnard recover In tells Hammer
ton his tory and enlliti the policemans
I aid In tearchlUK for the kn But no trace
ot her can be found A man calllnc Mm
lelf Timothy WlBKer visits Bralnard The
tlrltor says Maple was also known ai Peter
IIKr crook and as Wlllouirhby Thorns
I financier and that In the latter role he hid
uniucces tullv wooe1 Bessie and had wrecked
her fathers fortune Thorns was also a
friend ot Braliard father
HEN you are the ion of the
T casHer of tins Algonqnn
Dank said Wlgger
Yes yes And I alas believed my
father Innocent
He always was I see I have got
you Interested now Your father woe
Incorruptible So was George Winthrop
But they were like wax In the hinds
of my brother man of many names
and many vocations and absolutely
with no conscience He ruined both
But hnw coild he compel my father
to take the funds of the bank
I dont know But immediately iier
the defalcation Kendrick Maple wn
wealthier than he had been before
There Is some great mystery about
this that baffles me said Dralnard
helplessly and yet ycu will not penult
me to tell the police
It would do you nc good to tell the
polio All the police In New York
couldnt tlnJ Bllnknaohters house And
Kendrick Maple as such will never be
seem again As Wllloughby Thorne he
had asked for Bessie Winthrop In mar
rlaf and she had refused him Nalur
ally she would not connect him with
Maple But weve talked enough As
I saId there is a price on my head of
two thousand dollars Take me to the
police 1f you like My mouth will be
sealed and Bessie Winthrop may be
married to my brother
You Want Money 7
But not murdered by this doctor
I never said Bllnknachter was a
murdereras such He Is a doctor with
strftiige beliefs strange knowledge and
strange practices He has the reputa
tion In Austria of being able to take I
out the brain polish It up and replace
It Improved lie has the ability so
they say to cut off an arm or leg and
replace It as good as ever or better I
do not say of my own accord that this
Is so I have never seen him at work
1 made his acquaintance In Paris from
which city he wa driven by the police
and I Introduced him to my brother
And now come to your part to this
said Bralnard Why did you came to
me with this story Instead of telling It
wnaritU could be acted upon at one
L ft O1 SRI I IA1 WIlecM
It Is acted upon or net I told you I
wouldnt KO near the police The fate
of Bessie Wlnthrop Is absolutely noth
ing to me But I hate my brother Ho
la rich I am broke hunted by the
police and I believe he nlds them In
preventing me from doing business
For he Is mlphtv hlffhtoncd now that
he Is rich It would not please him to
have people know that I the convicted
felon was the brother of Wllloughby
Thorne the financier
Dralnard was breathing hard
I think I can almost understand
he said You want money I
Thats what I came for To get
money and to cheat my brother Ho
kicked mo out of his house ono night
and said that he never wanted me there
again He saId he was going to marry
the prettiest girl In New York Bessie
Winthrop and didnt want me around
What are your terms
Half of the ten thousand Marcia Le
Grand sent you I
And you are not playln mo false
Wlgger laughed unpleasantly
How many times will you ask that
question The greatest rogue will he
J r i
I f
venue Mystery l
rrrrr r = rrrr rvv
honest when it suits him I am going
I to Paris Give me the money
Striking a Bargain
Hut first tell me where the house of
Bllnknachter Is situated
No You doubt mo A man who fears
i another Is sometimes to be feared I
might give you the address and you
i might give me the money In an hour
I1 would be In tho hands of the police
and you would get your five thousand
I dollars back and the two thousand re
ward as well
And suppose 1 give you the money
now What assurance have I that yoj
vlll Rive me the right address
Thats so Its about as long as it
Is broad How can we fix It 1 I want to
be square but 1 dont want to get
We shall have to trust each other
We can do nothing tonight The money
Is in my mothers bank I will draw it
In the morning Meet me In any dls
fuse you like but decent And for me
to recognize you show me this
Hd tok a cheap but peculiar looking
stono from his pocket
4y pUZ LE
6 1r Li I I I
IiI V1l
LADY bought twelve pieces of chain as shown In the border of the
A picture and wished to halo them made Into an endless necklace of 100
links ns heid in her hands
The Jeweller slid It would cost 15 rents each to cut and Join a small link
and 20 cents to Join and cut a large link and the question Is to tell just how
much the lady should pay to have the necHve made That Is all there Is to
It and It Is a pretty problem for the young folks i
a I
A Vanquished Institution
wasnt It comfort and wasnt It boon
Ail The little old countrified Ice cream saloon
Dear little cool little nook In the rear
Of the candy shop qualnUy domestic ana queer
I A quiet secluded and curtaindrawn place
Where a fellow could take his best girl with such grace
With a table or two and tuch curtsies of dee
When they served you a tumbler ot Ice water fr BiJtimort Sun
It Is a piece of quartz I picked
up In Vermont said Bralnard No
J one else will he likely to come to rue
imd show me one similar Ill be there
I as soon ns the bank opens
I But we cant make the trip till
night said Wlgger I prefer the
Will we want an automobile
Then meet me on the corner ot
Twentythlnl street In front of tin
PUMi Avonue Hotel Now answer mi
another quoHtlim Do you know where
vour brother Is now
No If I did Id kill him
But toll me how you know thit
Bessie Winthrop is at Bllnknachters
The Tryst
I knew that Bllnknachter would be
the man to whom my brother would
take her AfldI had Information that
doernt concern you I did not come
to tell you everything I came to sell
Wnt IOU wanted to know How I
know Is none of your business
Ill have to be content with that
said llrnsnnrd
Mr Winter reclothcd hlnvolf In hlq
dlfrirutable garments and Dralnnrd I
let him out Then the ono time college
man sat down and stared at the cell
Ho had entered upon an adventure
that mleht cost him his life Was he
Justified In taking this step that might
deprive his mother of his support Then
he laughed In an uirlv way He was no
sttpDort And somehow he trusted
He spent n restless night His mother
looked at him anxiously at the break
fast table
Arc you 111 mv boy sho asked
You look nnle and III at ease
I will make a clean breast of tt
mother he said I received a victor
last nlrht who told me much It li a
lane story and Involves all of the thIn IrS
that have happened Andfte we be
llevod mv father was Innocent How
the trick was done or where he Is now
i I do not know But one thin li that
I today I nlll know where Bessie Is and
bring her here Then I can give my
undivided attention to cleiring my
father memory or finding him If he Is
A Dangerous Mission
Is this a dangerous mission 1
It may involve some danger I will
not pretend that there Is no danger In
It But do not fear for me and do not
worry If I am not home tonight
She hook her head but she knew the
anxiety ot Bralnard and knew that he
was capable In a test of strength
After explaining that he would need
the money she unquestIonIngly gave
him a draft on the bank in which her
own balance was pitifully small and
after kissing her he started He drew
the money and went home again to
spend an nnxlous and Impatient day j
At 6 oclock ho was at the corner of
fifth avenue and Twentythird street
He stood there an hour when a dapper
Iookln fellow came up to him and held i
out his niece of quartz
I wouldnt know vou but I do the
quartz said Bralnard Now well
hire an automobile
Get one with an Inclosed tonneau
> Why do you want to ride m it
No but volt will and blindfolded
hut why bllndfllded when vou are
going to show me the hOlt
Its part of the game I am not
ffoln to take IIV chances of being
ilven up Kfea the money In Your 1
cooket Well break even when we ke I
th house I
Quaet1 acqntinu44
i Ii omio11ogties of j
I ano 1
a AVllXgOgRSlt
By Clarence L Cullen 4
Author 01 Tale of HxTankt
No 11What Was This
Salome Doll Anyhow
a Flopper
mvs that
HOWS e s n t
rhyme with
home I guess
you win Take the
4j money I thought
e I she had no home
4 If she had shed I
1 stay there till shed
A4 e finished dressing
Rhymes with hay
does she Id like
CLAEENCFI MEN to sea hcr try to
saw oft those
squirms on folks
that live In the hay bait Can you
hear tho clank of th chains In the
knlsomltied calaboose
haicer sho rhymes with she sure
i must hale been tlm little Kmnle Few
duds of her day and date I suppose
she made her own clothes ami got
tlnxt before she finished they tell me
i that stringing phony pearls Is no snap
I After Hheil strung about nino million
to mako pjrt of a waist somebody
1 whistled for her to como on out and
O what wee doln and no she slipped
i mi the piece of a handmade pearl suit
that she had rinlthed and wrapped
found her a couple of yards of mos
quito netting grabbed from one of the
palace bunks and then exited dancing
to find the hinder
That Is she thought she wns dancing
I suppose everybody patted her on the
pulfs toll her that IIho could dance be
cause she had such a pull and because
number two If they didnt slip her the
salve shod hale become peeved with
them andve had their conks dished up
on handpalntPd plaques When Sa
Inma matched far the chocolate sundaes
Ill bet sha those head every time Sa
lomes little playmates must have boon
rubbing their cowlicks all the time and
wondering how It happened that they
were still on straight
Notice how she holds her arm straight
down at her side and her hand spread
Just Like Chuck Conner
out horizontally like Chuck Conners
saying Cut It out Well when she
does that Snlonio means Cut It off
She was always thinking how much
better heads looked on papier mache
platters than on people Her personal
staff of decapitators must have hauled
down a lot of overtime coin I
But If youre taking It from me I
think this Salome was a squeak at the I
dancing thing That Is If the squeens
that are Salomelng nUll halo got her
right Itunnlng around the block even
If theres a head on tho block Isnt
danseuse stuff The Salomes that are j
doing It now hop around In circles like
red ants on a hot rock till they get t
tired and then they flop down to take
a rest and wriggle around In misery
on the oilcloth and you wonder see
ing that theyre so good at the sprints
why they dont beat it around to the 1
drug store anil get a little Jamaica J
ginger or pepsin and bismuth or some i
thing to deaden that pain I
Talking about flopping down how do
you know that this Salome doll wasnt
a Hopper You get flopper dont you7 i
Thats the charity cops name for Ui
fitthrowers that pull tho eplleptld
LA 0
1411A4I WILL
fv AT
I c 15 J
I Jo I N
N1 fr II p
I Wish I Had My 350 11
j wallow to entice the coin out of Sm
I pathetic pajamas Thero are a lot ot
them In this town that can frame up a
i doughsnagglns flop any time they
nudge Into a crowd that looks produce
And they do it Just like Salome doe
her maybe dancejig around In circles
for a spell until theyve got a gong f
rubberlng and then flop to tho pave
ment and roll around like as If theyd j
dropped a hot curling Iron down their
I backs While they squirm they keep It
one wick peeled for the bulls It
snags the change every time If no fly j
cops stab In to crab the game 1
Of course Salome didnt need the I
money but maybe she Invented the t
flopper sketch to get sympathy for her
self after shed given a batch of her
pals cerise tickets to the headremov
ing room
Did you hop up to the long hemp worn J it
by the dished head Maybe he got his 4
for putting oft buying a haircut too
long or too short or something And f
his Hughes limbrequlniyou got them
didnt you The barbers in Salomes
day must have had rough going to snip
off Coney change If all of the head I
that she hppped around were like that f
In front and on top
Salome is the Stockyards Sylph It
youre asking me again Shes the Pack
Ingtown Paulina and Id Jiut as Hot 1
see her crawl around on the TUX any
time as to see a couple of steers slaugh
tered for a barbecue
At that I mooched In with the mob
and broke nine mens arms trying to I
wedge up to a ticket speculator thatll
sell mo a seat for three and a half to
see Salome get the soles of her bare
tootsies smudged up with the stage
dust until they looked like shed been
taking the Knolpp cure In a coal yard j
And we all there and 1
sat whispered 1
about symbols Maybe we meant the
cymbals that Salome wean on her
chest We must have meant eomethlng
So she doesnt rhyme with home
eh 7 Im glad you told me that Id
hate to have one around where I live
Those vlvlsvctlonlstsj make me nervous
I wish I had my three and a half
back I could buy another head for
myself for all that money
XEt 0 0
l1HfilJl1t8 for the Home
Honey Jelly
V AKh the parings onehalf peck
TAKE wash well and set to boll
I In four quarts of water and let
boll two hours Then strain through
a cloth after which you take one cup
of sugar to each cup of Jules Let
boil one and a half hours
Potato Pudding
V ILlS Is best when served with roast
THIS and brown gravy Peel and
I chop enough raw potatoes to I
make two quarts Chop enough fresh
beef suet fine to measure two and one
half CUP or onethird as much suet
as potatoes Salt these well and mix
all together with as much flour as will
stick them together Put In a pudding
bag and boll for two or three hours
lie sure to put a porcelain plate In th
kettle to keep the bag from sticking
and burning
I t
I Improved Mush
T ° Improve the flavor and quality ot
TO gruel or mush heat sifted meal on
1 a shallow pan or two
pans It
necessary In a modemte oven till it is
delicately parched yet not scorched
brown or the least blackened Then
stir Into boiling water sufficiently
salted This Is less liable to be lumpy
or pasty also cooks sooner than raw
Washing Waists
r ISE lingerie waists do not require
FIXE lng unless they are very solleJ
I If they are allowed to soak In warm
iiids overnight they will not need rub
bing on the boaid Do not put the
waists through the wringer but squeeze
them carefully by hand Rinse at least
twice before putting them In the blu
ing water Little starch should be used
If the waists ere very fine Hang in the
sun to bleach
French Dressing all carefully eo there will be no lumps
then add onehalf cclTee cup of vjt
pNE heaping teaspoon pow
onehalf coffee water
vinegar cup
O iWM sugar onefourth tea
spoon of salt onefourth tea Put on the stove and stir carefully
until as thick aI rich cream
poon paprika put all three through
tine sieve and add one teaspoon onion Salad Dressing
Juice one teaspoon lemon Juice one prAKE tour tablespoonfuls butter
teaspoon Worcestershire sauce then TAKE tablespoon flour one cup of
add your olive oil and last the vine milk three eggs one table
gar as much of each as yju need spoonful sugar one large teaspoonful 1
amount ot dressing chill and serve mustard ono scant tablespoonful east
on cold meats head lettuce salad onehalf CUll vinegar Put butor Into I
and combination salad of fresh vege double boiler when melted add the
tables flour stir till eniooth and then add
Qiep StUd Dressing the milk and let heat Stir the eggs
N egg well beaten one table sugar mustard salt and vltugar to
AN spoon mixed mustard one ta gether and add to hosted milk flour f
bltspoon sugar one level table and butter let cook slowly till quite
spoon flour one tablespoon melted thick stirring constustly This makes
butter onequarter teaspoon salt one one pint of dreulng and can be kept I
quarter teaspoon white pepper Mix a long time and li always ready St

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