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H 7 S k
r r V t
Will Ask Court to Appoint a Commit
tee to Take Charge of Estate and
Person and Then Sue for Full
Amount He Claims
> Items in Thaws Fight for Freedom
f Which Cost Him Nearly 500000
Here Is how Harry Thaw says he spent almost half a million In
JI his fight Tor freedom
To Lewis L Dekfleld 12300 Adolph Marks 400
Mn H K Thaws expenses 1200 M W Littleton expenses 35000
Mrs H K Thaws expenses Franklin Bartlett 10000
i > from June 07 till Aug 03 46fO Charles Morschauser 10000
foUler paid for meals c rlIo J G Graham 4500
Hartridge and Peabod 57100 Alienists 000
A R Peabody since Aprl 7 lloger OMara MO
IM7 moao Carvalho handwriting expert 1960
D M Delmas noo Minutes of the trlaJs and cop
J B Gleason Z oi ies 8000
Delifleld and Longfellow Z4O Paid off one note 8000
Dan OReilly besides advance Doctors and dentists bllli 2000
from Partridge and Pea Detectives and expense ot
body llOX sending body of Bedford his
John Iselin 1MO valet to his family and
Sir Q Lewia 2500 charities 20150
Watoon and Freeman 500
John B Keenan 11JO Total I 1500 <
c The attempt of Harry K Thaw to have himself declared a bankrupt
f Inaugurated yesterday in Pittsburg will be contested by Daniel OReilly
of his counsel in both his trials Mr OReilly is busy today preparing
an application to be presented to the United States Court on Monday
asking that a committee be appointed to take charge of Thaws estate
and person
i In Thaws list of unsecured claims against his estate filed in Pitts
f burg vith the petition in bankruptcy is an item reading Daniel OReilly
5000 Disputed The list of expenditures filed with the petition
t alleges that Thaw paid OReilly 11000 during both trials exclusive of
amounts advanced to OReilly by Hartridge Peabody original attor
neys of record
Thaws statements regarding his 1
j payments to me and his Indebtedness I
re misleading to say the least said
Mr OReilly this afternoon Of the
f ll000lt really was more than that
he paid me I expended a great part
for legitimate expenses Thaw owes
the today J37000 and I Intend to get It
a I shall have a committee appointed to
take charge of his person and estate
and then sue the committee
Has No Legal Right
Thaw has no legal right to go Into
bankruptcy He Is In the eyes of the
lm a lunatic committed to a lunatic
asylum by a Justice of the Supreme
Court of the State of New York As
a lunatic he Is absolutely deprived of
I control of his person and estate
It is surprising to me that Thaws
attorney Mr Morschauser whose
own brother Justice Morschauser de
clared Thaw Insane should lend him
fell to an attempt on the part of a
r lunatic to go into bankruptcy Thaws
endeavor to avoid paying his debts
forces me to apply for the appointment
ef a committee or of committees to
care for Ins person or property so that
I mar begin suit to protect my rights
i The J30l > he NI > M I cam and whi
te disputes Is not a claim at nil v Al I
1 the time of the annulment proceed nit I
n certltled check drawn bv Thaws
mother and payable to A It Peabody
and myself for the uce of Mrs Marry
Thaw was turned mor to lilt I in
dorsed my r art or It hilt piabody
fused to lend hs Indorsement Tie
check la now Ui escrow
His Bill Is 37000
The Jll0 > ant more Tlaw paid me
1r i during the trials was Uia < l Y pNpniliil
i by me for his bcnellt and under hli or
r ders For Instance I had to pay May
McKenzle 120 a week and there were
many other payments seemingly small
In themselves that mounted up In the
aggregate My bill amounting as I
I said to J370CO has never been presented
to Mr Thaw I
His Income Is soo a year He gets
i a steady Income of foMO a month as
his share of the Thaw coke land
Blnce he has been In jail and the asy
k lum he has reallY iavcd ninev I can
1 now that his n1 cJul au 11le ling I
t and In iJdltl m i iv hi r t m to be
fie i i pi i in I
w u
First Met
k Through
¼ X World
f LAST week The World printed
1993 separate Summer Re
sort Advertisements The next
six highest New York news
papers all tofleiher had 1802
World more than any six others
A combined 101
Ui 4
Ing because of his mental condition
Roger OMara formerly Chief of De
tectives of Plttsbur has been named
as the receiver of Thaws estate His
bond Is jayjOOO Thaw says he owen
113310 against > 1SOU in iMets and
that the expenses of his two trials
have amounted to H16KO
His Fortune Gone
According to his own estimate Thaw
II now practically pennllesi His sole
resource Is the Income from a trust fund
of J20000 establjhed by his lite father
William Thaw
His assets are JWKO In real estate
holdings 43W in bills promissory
notes securities c KOCO worth of
household goods i000 worth of DOOMS
and pictures L575Q worth of shlppng
shares SIM worth of clotes 110 UH
worth of stocks and negotiable bonds
2iw In bank on deposit and else
where and JJ3JOO worth of property In
reversion and trust
As shown In the subjoined list hla
claims are startling They are far n
uxcedf as regards the Mums paid to Del
aias and Littleton of whut any one
biipp < vied his oggrtijatlon of Iwal tal
ent was netting
At loii iiKeei > sle Thaw gave out the
following stutoinent regarding hU
It la n business necwsly due to
the heavy expense wMiih I iiase been
unclir during a period of OVer two
I years Now 1 tind additional Lulls awl
claims many of KICJII ecujjjciaiutl To
pay thee as thrj me presented would
entail thc itiiiU that I could not pay
I all and some just cleuiioia womu UI
lur It b iu pre em axaolly auuh
ubtu uul tiu uinkruincj laws
S ecu ciriKJ anti 1 jioiclci that jy
viiiiiK bankiupl i uuure Jluuce to
Thaw Adds to Statement I I
Thaw made me tolloumi statement
totuy in iiiriner expUinaiton of toe
icjjejuleo apieaJMig Ui nIB petiUoni
Ills uem at tile foot of the column
trlvuig amounts p4d lawyers nnd alien
IDli for expeiLses inarIced Cash In bank
ts money In bank that 1 have now turn
ed over to Inc rscener In bankruptcy
for the fquaJ uenedl of all Xincerned
The juia of iiuo > MJ is icnuaciutxj ai
havmir bean oald out bi liinw m cun
riectiun MU his tnUs nut this amount
tiUMUdfa tmM burrviwed on a man
from i a nuUier in tiiliam Itui
ala IUUIL d iutarj ueiun In te
St e < v ot ian < i o liut The suai
he luo nad anJ tu oi nii inunt of
IIhh T f says are rxjvKeraieJ will
tot 1 live JTvXlOOO
Wlen siown an article attrbutej to
n M e rothe he ucrea which
WK nm e in a Xuw York tuer and
In 1111 h is t > ravthe vas rcpe ent
ed e dlscreil ln tile story told bv
lveT Thaw nr the stand at his two
r N TMW slid
Miss ForE > tlif knowg absolutely
nothing about the matter She never
met Mr White and she met Miss yes
tit onlv once Whatever knowledge she
tad vas secondhand She was not
i e of the girls wjio wllpd Immedlitely
lfor he second trial If phe had the
knnw edge she iy s she had Mr Jerome
would have had her as a witness That
goes without siylns
PITTSntTia Pa AUK 5The order
of reference In the bankruptcy cas of
i Harry K Thaw sending It to Referee
V It Blair was made by William T
Undaaj rlerk of the United States
District Court today
I There Is Mnloe r We speculation
here as to how Thaw will be able to
visit this city According to a pro
vision in the bankruptcy laws Thaw
will be required to attend a meeting of
I his creditors before the referee In this
district ae a bankrupt
That a radical change In the payment
of Thaws deMs will 1 e made is evi
i dent Receiver OMAiVi statement to
1 day tht all credItors will have to
show me
Sea Beach Palace Man Pushed
to Front With a New
Comer Second
Friends of West Side Woman
Put Her at Head of List
for Queen
How Votes Stand
for King and Queen
of Coney Carnival
Fermnd Akoun WJt
Jams Failo
H nr > Drum
Doc Traieri
Ralph lan
Cone Ptftjn 2
James Uahy
Gpjrir E Rindum ICo
Frank Davidson W
A J OulolU
P Ko ZIt
J locirty
Jere T Twomcy zoo
Mortimer KphJn liJ
Monopol Jack 0tn t l M
WlllUm U IUblO It
Dr luvld Lazarus lou
Loul unny Urock Levy 146
Slink Atkili I
John lloonn Itl
Iraak illller tN
Arthur Uvr I <
CfiirlM Crinford 1W
William Duy 93
I > jc MaeY gj
Thomas Klrby 50
Phil T Onuteln 85
Mo Bernstein IjoI
J E Wtston K
Uleluel Uonlon if
H JuJire i I
K E FltiDitrlck 0
Charl i lUKfn tit
J ftlelnbtrir J
A lttn 6 V
Marshall A Covert
Krank g1 r
Ed ard A Purcell eo
Bert M Dawley M
F P Luhrs M
William A Dillon M
p 0 Hreireiuer J1
Henry Hanwl fo
J Robinson 45
Claude H n J6
Ed Slaln J
J VWklnt
C L Brighton M
William O F rrH M
r r n
Ctmlellnl nnllIIl II
Peter U nlnf 80
Capt Bill DoiKhertr 21
George M Cohan 26
Max Pfretiahur 21
Robert Cornuval 21
A J Ollchrlst JO
Mrs Ben Levy
Mrs George T BtrnanS
Er TtlllUr lii
i rInM jjifl JJ
Stise M E Diion LCd
Grace M Bplnk JJ
Etta BoJil Panon 03
Corlnm 45
Elna May Stxxmer tt
I The name of Fernand Akoun proprie
tor of the Sea Beach Palace Skatlne
I Tlnk Cone Island eon of Mme
Akoun wbose Orientals save the Mid
way at the Chlcaro Exposition Its
fame a born showman with a dozen
I ventures In all narti of the country
and the handsomest younr man and
best swimmer at Coney heaa the list of
i aspirants for the crown of the Isle of
JOY and Its Mardi Gras today His
natrons employees his friends and all
he orettv erls lolned In a volley of
ballots sent In dozen letters and sent
Us score no to 1504 I
James Fazio a newcomer In the con i
test Is second with SM which Is only
one more than Henrv Bruml has while
Doc Travers copular political and so
lal leider In Wlinmvunr has T5
Ralph Sloane the roadhouse man 31
rore Tavton lo and Innoector James
Lfahv the candidate of the messenger
liovf has S4
Ixiuls Sunnv Brook L vv a Union
learner and a ooouhr leader In Tam
man Troll and member of the Demo
Tatlc dub at the same time an Elk
sod a rood fellow cets a start as R
nominee for Kins with 115 votes and
hie backers say hu Is one best bet for
the crown
I Leads List for Queen
Dnlntv MM Hen lew or No 91 St
Ncholis avenue In winter and flea Gate
ii ummer vaf put Ir first ulace In to
lavs cot bv the various kinds of
friends of herself and her husband As
emblvman Oreeuberi of the ThIrty
flrst Leader William J Wright John
F Bcanlan of the Caruira Club Alder
man Sam Marx the Irvin Brill Asso
ciation and Mrs Levy old schoolmates
and rlrl friends when she was Miss
Hettle Murphy helping In the joyous
Miss Mlna Phllllci leading lady at
Corn Pavtons and who will be the
modern MaidMen of the pin next
week ws boomsd into third olace with
S3 while ISI Grace M Holnk cahlei
It JAn eVu drur store Droadwav anc
Fortvi xth street and the fair dol o
le voun men of the neighborhood
was Introduced with seventythrit
V es
Keduclni the list to those onlv who
ad twentyfive VOles or more lent
more than one hundred other candldites
Into retirement while their votes new
Ihev will come to the surface again
presently and their names will reappear
jn the list dome of them are men
toned In the letters to the Mardi Gras
Kdltor a few of which arc printed here
By an odd typesetters error ChieC
anvvas made yesterday to describe
i > arles Crandrd the live wire
Brooklyn contractor who Include a
neei of steam locomotives In his work
inc kit of tools and built the new and
splendid llrooklrn and Brighton Dfach
Railroad to Cone Island as poten
tate Instead of Illustrious potentate
of the Mystic Shrine
Const Closes Sept 10
At a raeetint of the executive com
mttte of the Mardi Gras Carnival and
Fall Festival Association on Thutsdar
I nltht motion wa adopted cJunrtni
I the eloalna date of the election contest
i for Klnr and Queer to Sept to Instetd
of SPOt t The offlctal beJlot In The
i Erenlnr World hu ten amendSd Vc
leordln lT aM eatnraUtnw a re hereby
nitlrte of the cheers
Voters must write In er elmv upon
each baUot the name of ttl C4wUd te
TOled for Same ctses Mnfflni a bvnah
If ballots think that writlwr the name
on the too one Is sumclenL It Is not
and blank haunts will be destroyed
Vote for a kIng or a queen on each
ballot Do not try to vote for both
on the s ne tuflat
Fmr vttzaVss Act >
Oh Papa Dear Im Married
Bankers Daughter Phones
The Hell You Are He Says
And When Eddie Comes Back With Carrie
William H Devlin Is Going to Show Him
Something New in FathersinLaw
SoeneThe Jefferson Bank Canal and
Forsjth street William H Devlin
cashier worried looking examining
check Phone rings
Feminine Voice Is papaMr Devlin
Devlin Te hes here and
Voice Oh papa dear this Is Carrie
Im so happy and Kddle is here and
wont you torPilue during which sup
pressed gutturals from Devlin sr are
followed by little screams through the
phone and a voice saying Oh Kd
papa Is swearing like furyhes cross
Devlin Where have you been you
I Voice Sh sh papa Ive been titling
Devlin throwing J50COO worth of
checks In the waste basket and bowling
over 1resldent Herman Brosels big chair
with an elevated footMarrled 7 The
hI you are You come home at once
Ough a mans In a helofaplckle to have
a disobedient daughter AsIde with
hand over mouthpiece and flat clinched
Walt till I get Eddie Ill make an
I Eddie of him
No Place for Eddie
Voice rrowlnrly > Cln I bring Ed
i die papa 7 I
DevlinEddie be lunged No you I
come home and dont let me get my
handi on Eddie or youll be a widow
VoiceThen goodby papa dear I
wont come home without him Im going
away Tell mother 10 forgive me and
you try to wont you
DavlinHello hollo 001101 Carrie
Masculine VolesWell Mr Devlin I
whs Is It 7 I
Dsrlln Who are you Where Is my
daughter I
i Man Woman and Three Chil
dren Had No Home or
Food for a Week
Mlflhael Ryan a taunt bigboned
sunkeneyed shipwright Ms wife Mar
garet and his three young children the
eldest sight vean of age were found
famished and III In a makeshift hut an
a vacant lot at Henry and Lorraine
streets Brooklyn today The family
had been living and starving soaked
br the rains tormented by mosquitoes
and flies In the poor shelter for a
Policeman MoMlllan of the Hamilton
locate the
averue sUllon seeklne to
walllnr complaint of a child found the
Ryan huddled away In a damp nol
some corner of the lot The father was
asleep The mother a thin drooping
slip of a woman was seated In a corner
holding a fouryearold baby In her
erase and the babY was crying
Plfrasa dont arrest us Implored
the woman We havent done any
Woman III of Pleurisy I
McMillan jw at oncj tiiat the family °
needed food and medJeul attendance I
He summoned an ambulance from
Low Island College Hospital The I
aarjjeon found Mrs Hyun suKermB
from an acute attack of uietinsy
the children half deid from hunger I
Kitn lIved m Klizabtthport N J I
ol work i
lie was out
UP to a weeK ago
mere and me landlord dispoe euntd mi I
fumlj Hu borrowed enouKh money I
to wy the carfare ot htinnelt and nit
anuT to Ilrookiyn hopinc to get work
In the shipyards Hi tht ned Hook din I
trlct Mrs
trOn his nm day In Brooklyn
Bran and tile children remained on a
pier hidden away from prying eyes
while he looked for work The family I
slept that night In a hallway and Ityan I
pent his few remaining pennies for
food the next morning
Vain Hunt for Work
Thin be located the huta leanto
on one side which had been used
open by boys There he installed
as a playhouse
stalled his family Day after day he
tramped the water front In a valrt
search for employment His family sub
silted upon what scrape they could pick
up and upon fragments of free lunch
he could sneak away from the counters
of Red Hook saloons
Mrs Ryan Is comfortable today on a
clean bed in the hospital She Is war
ned about her children despite awur
from the pol ce and hospital au
grilles that the Children Society will
not take them away from her Hyan
through the aid of the police has se
cured a Job In a drv dock In Erie Basin
He will go to work Monday morning
after food and drink have renewed his
strength In the mean time he will have
a little money In his pockets furnished
by the kindhearted policemen uf the
HaralHou avenue station
ZITTAU Germany Aug SThe 8aion
authorities have discovered what would
seen to be an excellent way to put an
end to the caterpillar plague which Is
having uch a disastrous effect on the
local fororts They have found a
method to catch the brown nun moths
that Uy the n from whloh the cater
LtlTare come In enormous quantities
They make UK of what they call tho
riectric Item trap This coiuUb of to
lane N powerM roflectan placed
rer a deep rnceptMle and powerful
hatut sans The whole bu been
erected on top of the muntolpat elec
tric plant
At night two grot rtroum ef lUht
tn thrown from the reflecton on the
wooded mountain sidtg half a mH dis
tant The moth drawn by die bril
liancy come nut lrtnr In thousand
along the broad ny of light and the
currents of air from the ten draw
ss fane The who bM be a
= of noQm Ttn eiwaw
Voice Ton mean Mrs Edwin L
Thomas my wife
D vllnOh you wretch You bring
Carrie home or Ill beat you te ft pa
per pulp
VoiceQoodby dad Were both
happy and well tome lnnne loon
Cheer up Honestly I like you Real
ly I do Carrie and I both send lots of
love Ooodby
The first voice was his eldest daugh
I ter Carrie U Devlin soprano In the
Trlnlt Baptist Church and one of
Brooklyns most popular young women
The second voice was that of Edwin
L Thomas of No S85 Decatur street
a paper manufacturer and just twenty
one jc irs old
The young persona had known each
other about three years At Miss
Devlins home No 506 Balnbridge street
Brooklyn and at her fathers summer
home at Blue Point U 1 young
Thomas was always welcomed but
none knew that the elopers were even
Thursday night Carrie left the Dev
lin summer residence sayWitr she was 1
going down to the post office Here
she met Thomas and the two went di
rectly to Brooklyn I
Leaving Miss Devlin at the home of
a girl friend In Sterling place Thomas
returned to ha home paoked his nut
case and in the morning again met his
sweetheart Together they went to
Newark and were married quietly by a
Justice of the Peace They are now
supposed to be In Atlantic City
Why Carrie hasnt pot but one suit
of clothes with her said Mr Devlin
today Im dead lore about this
thing 1 may have to forgive them
Hes a nice boy fine family welltodo
and all that but why did he run oT
with the girl 7 Ill give him some
pointers when I see him Ill show him
a trick about fathersinlaw he never
dreamed of
Death Better Than Living In
These Hard Times His
Last Message
When i freight train drove Into the
Pccahootaa cut of the New York New
Haven 8 Hartford Railroad shortly
after dawn today the engineer spied
the figure of a man suspended to the
bridge that spans One Hundred and
Fortysecond street near the Southern
It looked to the engineer as If the man
were hanging by his hands so without
slowing down he blew a blast on the
whistle Th figure did not move how
ever so the power was hut off and
the locomotive stopped Just as the
smokestack bumped acalnst the sus
pended body
Then it was seen that the body was
suspended by the neck with a rope In
vestigation disclosed that the suicide
was Robert H Miller fortyfive years
old t carpenter out of work Until
two years HSO he boarded with Mrs
Louis Decnuse at Xo W > J East One
Hundred and Fortyninth street He
had boarded with her nineteen years
anti then went to Albany
She heard nothing from him until
venterday when she received a letter
Piling her that by the time she got
It he would be dead The carp iter
said that he vas buying the stamp for
the letter with his lost two rents ftO
dlne I cant itanii thU any longer
Death Is better than living in thue
hard times
When the clothlnc nf the suicide was
arched at the Alexander avenue sta
tion an empty pay envelope was found
across which was written Your ser
vices are no longer required
The man had hanged himself with a
clothes line which he attached to an
ron beam beneath the bridge then
tying the rope about his neck and drop
nlnir off into space Mrj Degous noti
fied the police that she would take
chare of the body
Hypnotized by Hindu Mystic
She Is Lowered Into Grave
and Viewed by Thousands
i Toledo Humanitarians Fight
I to Stop Gruesome Show
I but No Law to Cover Case
i Sfftal to The Evfrttr World
TOIjKDO 0 AUK SNailed up In an
i onllnatv coffin nnd burled six feet
I deep Florence Jessie GI oooon a pretty
eljchteenyeirold girl is sleeping away
I a tenday hypnotic slumber Into whldi
she was thrown by Bunda Kuppurow
a Hindu mystic while about the grave
In Cedar Point Park a pleasure re
sort near Sondusky 0 thousands of
persons gather dally to take turns
peering down through a clawcovered
of the young
chute ion the face o
This crowd may be roughlY
Into three campnut the physi
cians and scientific Investigators who
from allover
nye fathered at the place
over the State glad of a chance to
stuJy the wise second members of hu
mane societies who aN making a de
termined effort to hve the exhIbition
stopped on the ground that It le bar
barous and cruel and third this last
being the largest group of all the mor
bid and the Idly curious who have come
from the same Impulse that cause so
I man persons to flock to the funeral
of a stranger
Still In Perfect Health
Lnless the humane societies succeed
In their crusade Florence Gibson will i
stay whore she Is until Aug 10 The
date of the Uitennent was the first of
the month The box that holds the
girl is of the ordinary casket design
with a saUn lining upon which her
head rests The likeness to the comned
dead Is ghastly
To satisfy the humanitarians that
Miss Gibson is In a rood physical state
the Hindu last night had the sand that
fllls the hole shoveled out At his re
quest physicians unscrewed the coffin
lid and examined Lbs subject The
sleeptae xtrls face was white and
planned looking but she breathed reiru
lady and her pulse was only slightly
below normal
I during
There Wufi A lol of axdtement
the exhumation is It had been reported
that the society would make an effort
bv main force to rescue the sleeper
from the East Indian The body how
ever was returned to the earth after
Kupparow had demonstrated that no
imaginable defect could tie up the auto
matic pump and valves by which fresh
air Is carried down Into the grave
Mr Fannie Everett President of the
Sanduky Humane Society has been
I working hard to stop the show by legal
means She has asked for an Injunc
tion but the Court could find no law
I to cover the situation as the girl Is
of ace and voluntarily submitted to the
burying alive ordeal
Miss Gibson Is a Pennsylvania girl a
fragile blond little thing and by the
I side of the bushybearded chocolate
i colored East Indian who controls her
she looks like a child She has been
trnvellln over the country with him for
Mme time tonally he displays her In
a show window after hypnotizing her
Rut the present Interment has made
I him ambitious for blpifr and even more
sensational triumphs And he announced
I today that In two weeks from now ho
will put her Into an Illuminated Bins
I case nrrl Ink her twenty feet Into Lake
Erie If he tries It there will be riot
i Ing
I This Is my way of making a living
ild the Hindu today I clnnt know
what hiusinpee It is of any outsider as
ton as MIs Gibson Is not Injured by
her IrINcP She Is out of mischief
for ten days and she earns a pond al
I ary I pay her JfO for the Job and
rhrp no oalor way to earn that much
money than by nle < Tnt as far as I
hour Died After 15ltg Mronulit
Ailiore by nIfrN
FrTf with A cramp while s Immln
at the foot of Enst One Hundred ant
Twentythird street today George
Bauer thlrtyHv years old of No M4
East One Hundred ajid Twentyfifth
street became unconlclous and was
carried to the pier by Charles Golle of
No MS Alexander avenue and othr
With difficulty the rescuers get Bauer
to the pier where effort were made to
r vlve him Dr Sternly worked over
the man for some time but hIs effort
were of no avail
3rd Street 34th Street
DRESS GOODS In Doth Stores
On Monday August the loth
Exhibition of Autumn Novelty
Dress Fabrics in the latest weaves and
colors such as Side Bands and Borders
in various materials and designs Silk
and Wool Liberty graduating Stripes
Satin Cloth Silk and Wool Cashmere
twotoned diagonals Chevrons plain
and checks to match Bayadere Satin
Cloths Cheviots in combinations of
colors English and Scotch Suitings and
33 rd Street 34th Street
0 o C e
Proves He Was Caring for
Her Jewels at Her Own
Charles M Stelnert a nephew of Mag
istrate Joseph Stelnert who was ar
rested last night on the complaint of
Mabel Wilson of the Hotel Bayard No
1C Went Port > nlnth street who said
he called upon her and took away
H860 worth of her jewelry and 174 In I
money was honorably discharged when
arraigned In the West Side Court to
day before Magistrate Corrlcan
It was shown that the young man
wu the victim of a strange blunder
lie Is employed as omce manager by
the Ely J RIeser Manufacturing Com
pany of Twentyeighth street and
First avenue Yesterday Miss Wilson
called him up on the phone and asked
It he would como and take charge of
her jewelry as she was afraid some
one would get It away from her
Steinert complied with the request and
found the young woman In an ex
tremely nervous and shaky condition I
He took the Jewelry from her and
carried It to his office She evidently I
forgot all about the transaction for i
three hour later she telephoned to the
West Fortyseventh street station and I
charged that she had been robbed
Detectives Heine and Hegene were
sent to the hotel and advised MUs Wil
son to send for Stelnert Ohe tele
phoned to him and he came Immedi
ately to the hotel with the jewelry He
turned It over to the manager nf tho
hotl saying that In Mist WUsjns ner
vous condition she better not have < c
Then while he wu talking to the I
manager the two detectives rushed up
to him and Dotectlve Hems struck him
In the face and tailed him a dirty I
thief Miss Wilson was In court to
day still In f o nervous a condition that I
aba could not articulate clearly or sign I
I complaint
Max Stftlnert father of the youngl
mnn said he would prefer charges of
brutality against Detective Heine to
CommissIoner Blngham Magistrate
Corrigan denounced the young mans I
arrest at an outrage and severely lec
tured flh Wllwn
FLOUR fH 1000 i1
Floor of Warehouse Gives
Way Surprising Watch
man and Horses
Residents of the neighborhood aroun4
One Hundred and Twentyninth street
and Manhattan street were aroused at
about 53j oclock today by what
seemed to be an explosion and those
who popid their head out of the win
dow and gazed In alarm at the old car i
barns on the corner evidently thought
that the end of the world had com
or tat they were bums featured In a
new kind of Black land outrage
From the bU doors of the old barns
ran a man yelling lie was all waite
from top to toe and liad It not be1 t I
for the very material manner In which
he cried Help one might have
thought him a spook From the inside
of the ramshackle building came a
great sound of neifhlns and kicking
and In a few seconds the man was fol
lowed by halt a dozen or so of horses
all thoroughly made up to resemble
snowwhite pelt reys
The explosion had taken place meld
I the bnrns which used to house tin
I horse cars of the IVrtysecond street
line They are now occupied by John
C lk > Kt > rt Company BS a stordioua
for flour and until today there were j
lCOO barrels and U 0 sacks of flour on
the second floor
The man who ran is George Cum
mlngs the watchman Ha wan taking
life easy on the ground floor when BUd
danly there was a creaking crashing
sound the flooring split as if It had
been sUshtsl with a Il ant razor parted
and down came the avalanche of flour
barrels and sacks It was i > o sudden
that Cummings didnt realize all at
once what was the matter therefore
he ran
On the bottom floor In a double IW
o stalls there were kept about fIfty
horses and In the rear were about slxtr
wagons The falling timbers released
some of the horj s who relle
street flour dashed frantically out Into the
23rd Street 34th Street
On Sale Monday August the loth
Oriental Rugs
Large Kazak and KhurdisUii Rugs I
Size 4x7 f to 5x8 it 3000
zoo Persian Carpets about 9 x I
it 7500
40 India Carpets ioo per sq ft
value tT5
vlue t
Domestic Rugs
Seamless Wilton Velvet Rugs Size
9 x 12ft 2000 l
280 Fine Wilton Rugs large variety 1 I
of patterns 2500
v aiue 3500
The remaining stock of Fine Straw
Matting consisting of 225 rolls
850 and 1050 per roll
former price 1200 to 1500
2rrf Street Mill Street
= r
Orders taken during August for
Autumn delivery J
Draperies and Wall Coverings i 4
Decorative Lace Hangings 1j
Contracts accepted for the com I
plete furnishing of new houses or
refurnishing I
An extensive collection of Fine I
i Furniture Drapery materials and Laces I
Representatives sent to study
requirements and submit suggestions
and drawings for consideration I
23rd Street 34th Street I
3rd Street 34th Street 7
All the staple styles of high and
low Shoes for Women Regular price
350 and 400 M
350 oo9S I
395 per pair 51
23rd Street 34th Street
I f
J LL >

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