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1f rJ l IfiAL t
L t f teSUL1S i
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t I
Protested to Owner of House After
Birth of His Second Child of
Which French Maid Was
the Mother
i Investigation today of a scandal that created much excitement in
foath Beach a few months ago led to the discovery that Marie Louis
Sulmande the French maid in charge of ihe children of T Jenkins
Mains at his home No 140 Eightysixth street Bay Ridge became a I
I mother in Brooklyn Hospital last December Miss Sulmande when seen
at the Eightysixth street house said the father of the child is T Jenkins
Hains and she expects him to marry her as soon as he is released from I
prison after trial for his part in the killing of William IL Annis by his
brother Capt Peter C Hains I
The child in question is Louise the younger of the two children in I
the custody of the maid it the Bay Ridge home of T Jenkins Hains
It had been supposed that this child was born of the marriage of T
ilenkins Hains tn the woman who gave birth to the elder of his children
Molls now nearly four years old But Mrs T Jenkins Hains died in
Washington rrrJTnmry 1906
V T Jenkins Hains the French malI
and the llttl girl Moll1 appeared IT
Hath IlMch In July lf V and > ok the
lou e at No SSil Tvry hint awn >
In September they nvivitl to Xo 15 >
iuy TiUrtyfouith jtnxt ociupylns HIH
lop lloor of > Iwo family house Thc
lower floor was ojcuplwl then and l
MIl hy Mr Anna Hennlna
Halns and the mall wIn not com
rounlcatlvo with the nelKlibotf About
lc Vi tho maid and Hnln went tu I
ether to Brooklyn Hospital whore the
woman was entered an u patient Tile
i1 1111 wet born there a week or sj later
Ur Joseph V MalonJ of No S732Twen I
f ly econd avenue was the physician in I
kltfndance I
When Halns the unman and th < s I
newly born Infant returned to the housa I
In Hay Thltiyfourth street the neigh I
liorhood wan scanilitllzcJ Sonie of the
men Inspired by their wives questlonwl j
Italns who xald ho was not married I
e would niy nothing about the father
u the lrenchwomnna biuy and was
tiever heard to admit Hut hs w1 re
The fcandiil In the nelchborhood
hntll AptII when a iIekgi t Ion of worn I
rn headed hy Mrs HennlnK went to j
Mri lIssle Kirk of No 27C3 Twenty <
Ihlrd avenue he owner of the houte
hulterlnK Hans tho maid and tne two
lhlldren and made a complaint Mrs
Kirk served notice upon Haiti to mov
lind he did so without protest b May
ifw wont with his household to the
I llwelln In Eightysixth street Hay I
i hldpc convenient to 1ort llirilttnn
wj pro h < SirHhor vlfo was living 1
When tier rllct wore placed before I
I Ii Major Jihrt Halns win of the brother
I I P lf T Jenkins Mains thi afternoon ic
llonlod tiinm In full He said that tu
Trench mnM ntver had n child and that
Ihn infant now In Ills cae It the ymin
bn chiUI of Peter C llnln the slayer
if Annlfl
Hysterical From Suspense
But Marlt Inise Sulmande Insists
that shi la Hit mother of the little one
fcnd T Jenkins Ilalnt Is tho tather She
liecatnc hysterical from lonesomenrss
hnd suspense this afternoon and kind
I lieattod nvUhliora have arranged to I
Loop A wateii over hjr to pruvcnt her j
trom Joint herself harm
The malil and the two children MOI I
tilled three and onehalf yeans and
Louise are In a pitifully deserted state
Iri the Day UJKO house Ever since
the tragedy at the lUyclde Yacht Club
Marie Salmanrte has been In a atato of
terror at night She wi > s unable to
liMP until Mrs F Maion a neighbor
unto her eirentc nyearold son War I
ten to remain In the house from 10
Oclock In the evening until daylight
It has been morn or less of an oren
Bserat In tho neighborhood sine T Jen
Idni hams moved to thu Eightysixth
stNll1 promises ln t May that Marie
was the mother of the bvby He had
not given the little OM a name when he
f first arrived In If neighborhood The
reiemhlance < if the child to tho maid
gave rlu to the rumor that she wus
the mother although T Jenkins ililn
Jmd given Incjulrirs to understand thi
Ills wife died Inxt January shortly ute I
the blrto of the Hf one
Mario Sulmancies Story I
¼ Worry uver iho IP tim < I ab < nn < e ot
T enklnp Halns tr > home and re
l > ort IIh1I liaw leached her that h
it llkttlv tu v e jumtnctd to a lonll
CoDtlaufil on Second lags
It Does Net Accomplish Much
but Servs a Purpose the
President Writes
the aiticU rrndi1 upon the Aldrlo cur I
rency bill by Senator La Kollctto to
cc hr wlti his rcaihs i f tr < roilcills
on le bill Senalor 11 1 Ilurkett lo
dny save i > tit two loiters fiom PN t I I
It comniPiulliiR the Adrlcli law
uiiiualllltdl Benntur liurkitt rleil ed
the following letter from thi President I
My Dear ScuaiOi 1 htiiitlly approve
of the nirniuy meuiure Othcrwlso 1
would not hive tlKiud bill In my
judKinenl It would hale eon met arm
wise nol to have pasied It and not 1
MiiBle a m guam cut worth neeJmt wi id
vitii1 M iliisi It I inI s e you t opy
It a letter I had already written on lia
juhjict Slnciitly yours
KollouiiiK Is a ctpy of the teller reo
ourI n uy thii President
Oyrer Hay July i3 IMS
My Dear Mr Wllls1 have ur
I t er lit rhe tnvntleth > ly motlvco
wre smply those I havf In signing an >
good bill lltiyond all iiitHtion the
fnierpoucy currency bill was a gooJ
measure and 1 have not brad It at
tacked with any arguments wlilch I
thoist even diwnvd an answer It
is wowodly only III ennrsency meas
ure P lusts merely the length of time
to permit us to i1cvvlu < n permanent
plan but during that time It makes
Poi5lou lor the need < cl elantlMty of
currency m 1 I d ns I han utterly ttn
objcl iull lit tt1fl Ct
It does no 1 ompllsh very muoh
IW It doe uvijniplsi somouhitr an
thorp s literally nol one objection tint
hns bn raised to it worthy of parlni
the ifhte4 heed to while furVr
tporo It mae the admlrvbte provision
foe i finimllon ti make a report on
the pwnnnent curt nry pan
Sincerely yours
TlpnD ltVjTT
= = = u = =
The photos you will take on your
Vintlnn will ttll tht story as tn
wh ilifr your outlnu has bi > en taken
at the rlcht or the rom place
But ths I the alllmportmt < tor
you will be toM IN ADVANCE If
you profit bv the InfnrrruMon of
fmc voti FPUE al any of The
fntnnn OTIr t J up1 cu
llnrlni OTIpr iM1 HVI I OtI St
llrr > Imln OTIrr ill1 VBibliistni HI
Min Off i UN Ka t lll lli Ml
hirl 1nrli VIM rnnkmin me
CufUill Olflir CuUklll IjinUlliK N r
On many days 1 he Word prints
rrore icpsrate jummrr Reiorl
advert emenli hin all the six other
New Ynrk morning new p pr pot
t r
fA 0 fI tIII < IOF IJ I T1 1111111
Ic Ir
a 1
k > j o j ji j j j j i Ji J j tf J 1 > at J j ji o > < v > > iS < I
I i COMPLETE Authorized STORY of I
I V From the Manuscript of the Play EThe De j
i Ti y Not a Fake Version 1 = Not a Fake Version
J s4
Wentlirr Fnlr nml Wnrmir ToMuhl mind sMinnny
r Circulation Books Open to All I I 41 Circulation Books Open to AlIl RESULTS J DJI1Oi1L
Feature of Racing Card Gets
Out Good Field and
Fast Time
He Knows Wins Third Racc
by a Nose in a Close
ken Auc 51Pinkola W II Inzers
good threevearold consIdered a Derby I
horse out West won tle Midsummer
Stokes hire thlp nfter1m Jon In new track
record time Buller the newcomer from
the Canadian clicuil rode the horse
ami rode him cl
Thlb IKJV has made a hie hit her and
Ills service me very much In demand
lie followed the pace of Spooncr with
Plnkola In a natlont wnv to the et retch
and then came away easily Krlrettc
run Into second place when ripooner
Mortned and llul News which wa
iilucitloh In the early runniim just sot
up In time to be IhlnL
Rumor ofMore Trouble
Police Chief Wolff and DhtrlctAltor
npy WInslow lunching together In the
elylliiuje hefore the races cau < rd a
rumor to spread that pomethhiK uniiiinl
would come off this afternoon Neither
would talk on Ihe subject hcyond saylni
that they would continue to enforce the
Todays err 71 Is up to the average
and although Friday Is always eon ld
red an off day the tard compared
favorably with that of any this week
Billy Bodtmer First Winner
Fourteen out of the orlslnal twenty
troyoarolds named for the tlrM race
wont to pMt On paper It looked a haul
and open race Billy BoJemer won It
after being knocked back early and
shuffled around He oame stron In
the stretch undw a rlsorons ride hy
JCP and Just lid get up In time to nail i
Prudent wnlch hid vd all Uie way St
Vlthold cime from linlnd and got the
rail on the turn for home He floved
with a great ruah and RMS lapp J on
Prudent before Gilbert WAS aware of
it A sixteenth of a mil from home
It was a drive between Hilly nodemnr
Priilent and St Ulth > ld They nnlshod
tint way Both Garland and Short Cut
quit after running prominently to the I
I Campaigners Annual
Cumiwsnar won his anmiu race In the
I second Butler rode him and he really
Mole the victory from George G Hall
I When Hrussel on Hall was giving all
his attention to Netter and Coat of
I Arm Butler stole up on the rail and
jot Campaigners head In front as they
passed the wire The drive between
I George O Hall and Coat of Arms won
the place for the former by a head
akenlip set all the early pace hut blew I
l < p In the stretch Sir Toddlngton ran
A sroOl race until he was sharply cut I
I off Just before the turn for home Tie
My had to pull him nlmo bark 11
lat Monocle fhrwed some ypoed In ti a
C t rt elm but he Is not ilirht yt and al
i tered right al the end
He Knows by a Note
He Knows Uoema and Goldproof
heads npjrt That was the finish of
the third It wn so close that no out
could lie sure which won until the num
bers won up He Kmnvs led all tIme
way hut In the stretch bgan to back
up fast Ojtdproof which ran second
heirin to close mi him there and It
looked like lie would ret him before th
I wire was reached When everybody
was prepared to see a uMlpnlnt driving
finish heween he two lIneman cam
with a urea rush and nil but beat the
ntipr It was the closest finish of the
m itlne The rest were never In It
HsrHgan Wins on Form
Tho Ilfth rnv wns lila strictly to
form Harrliun won It with Itoycil
i aptlvo second and PasMon Plate third
I They un that way practically all the
way Stiah ran Is a pleasure to see
ILirrlfran aivl Hoyil Ciptlve inn to
BClhcr to the far turn where Ifarrlgan
went Into the Imd and krpt It all he
way Trols Tcmo in iKad and head
wlth KaThlon Plate for half a mlla and
than toppel
Fr < ll In Th nveiii Wurll
Atijf 21 Reults of the rai1t here to
day were as follow
I FIRST RACK Kor maldein hive fur
lor sHank i > S t Powers l T lo 5 I to
s ural I to 1 I Autonritlc 107 iloleyi
H to I I to I anl 2 to I 2 Sointllnii
OJ Pickcns 0 to 2 S to 3 and 7 to 11
t Time101 35 Lucky Furl Stow
Yankee Vldcttc W 8 nboro 1m
mm mee Yankee Tourist lie Hrlef PI1
sphcr mao rum
SKCOXI > RACKKor thrfeyeirolils
one mile and a sixteenth Rose To l <
td ert 15 to I 5 lo 1 and 2 o 1 won
Clnnlda 101 Trnxler a 1 to I S ti I
and 1 to I second Ueli Strome M
DUgfnt 7 tu 1 i tu 1 and even third
Weather Clear Aug 21 Track Fast
9 FIIWT HACE Twoyearoldi telling I TOO 444 ftp and a hell fiirlonn
792 Poll tlmx 230 off 2W Start jool Won driving Winner hr c br Ser
c < rer Annj loutie Owner W urst Time 107 3S
rlm WI 8J 0 j Fin Jock 9P III 11 1 Rii
bit 1111I 1I0Iell1 11 I I 21t1 J lAe it T 6 2 1
7mt Irlllnl Ito I 11 I II 21t GUbert SO ft C 2 1
711 St Wllhold IlrJ W 94 G4 al Uottmn fl 11 30 10 ft
11 Grland 10tl a al 2 31 41 Smllh a a 52 I 11
610 Short Cut 10 2 2 4 lIt 64BmatIr I R 1 H
71St < tJllm 110 7 5 5O45 Glrnor 10 10 ta ft 3
1rj WOltnwre Ito 12 lO41O4 P l aiccatihy II 05 1ft 5 a
11mm Ilr John 10 IS 11 8 T14 It O hums 10 12 mm 2 1
77a Ierhe 1O ii 12 12 10 t4Yor 8 ma 11 a S
711 lI1y Sttt 101 6 t 11 12 10 lAnt ei 40 411 Ia 7
011 Ikan 101 10 IB 13 ti 11 flrmmuel I 2 It II 3
i18 IJometrlo 111 4 al 7 I 12 McCtmey 1C 411 40 ma i
Aunt Aule 10i If If U I 131 ohllUng 5 j it 2 I
ElInlol1llabl 1UL9 y a 12 15
Hilly Ilii IHIW outrun 111 the party part ririiM ttong hi ttu final furlong mil Just
got up irulfiit had plenty ot upeed but tired badly Si Wlthold mcl irrouivl til
aL Aivl titi nn nell Osrlaiil ihowpd Iniprovemfnt u
9im41XONtJ tttCtlmmeeyar ul end upward IcIIlD iiuvllrap JMIPI adJM out
I If mile niil a Blxtnpnth
Po > t lime 237 off 2 > Start rood Won driving Wlimi b c by Orolitiln
1IiilJflor OnrwrO t Hhhanli Tlnie 148
telex Iarlrrs Wit HI 4 t Cm Jncimyi Op Ell CI 11 Sh
7fi anmlotcimer 1IY Oyl S II HlltIH Ii t Ii 3
ij too O 11811 111 t J 2 IJ ZI IIru1 IS 21 V I
f7ifl nnt 01 Arml 1t3 e4a 4 814 totter 1 4 72 I 1
iM onocl 113 4 10 7 it1 43 5tctntt 7 J5 8 IS
TI Cymb31 l1tJ 3 3 H ftt II J 1 4 14 a its H
iH lauJ1 11 1 i 010 II E Dugan t 1 7 tJ 2 1
Till Iahy larnma ItS 7 81 31 pi 71 York IA 3 25 it 4
112 OkenlA 14 S t t 2 Iltng 12 U 12 4 5S
pr SIr ToJlolfIOO IJI I 45 j 311 9 Smith 10 20 i 3
1i3 aitOn L 3 4 i1 10 fltibrt hO 13 Ia a 21
Cjmtolinm outrun In tne early part aVe man lengtb on the turn anl imunT
tic a drive gamely just not up George tl Hall utiouM have won but th > boy did not
Hf rampaUncr romaine on mime rail Coat ot Arms wan running slronit Momxl badly
htuoff8 eommleittIrneactoe4veritrong = = =
H llllrtD tACt Threi > jearolJi and up anl ettlng tJ atII ill urlonn
171 101132i Off 11s Start mod IVon drlvine Winner I r a bv Hens
Intrri > lHt O n > rT U f mUfr Time 1 i
IjndfV Starter Win < L ml i FJ k U1III I Cli
i i us Knnwi Krt 4 I P I pms 7 7 t 110 l 1
ITO JJoenu 101 i O 1 1 1 h nullo II i it i I
j tmollrot lao 3 a I 3 I V 1 Netter 52 4 i2 I 13
2m Jane Snlfl 1101 it 6 fl 4 ShIlilne j a 1 1 a
In Toi tat 1011 a t 1 p uas ldllrII 1 i
7a llitiln II jJ I 1 41 4 3 t fl4 r Ir C 12 1 i
liT Illrhnioinl Huli III 7 j 1 7 j Smith II I it 4 5
lie Kunws open 1 ir a tilk loirt In the early part bin was stoiipln very fiit t lbs
end Itoe1mta outrun clii il ery strong and maa it tgnns s < vJ HuMprwi hfM
onjMinrly lobln Hnol due noon
= = C 00 = 0 = = =
tl 10111111 Il J1h 1I mll11f Itak 10 Ihrtrarold Srml uVIInrl 12ml
I 1 J ftilJol one mllf ammi a furlong
Post time nS off Start bid Won eaMly Winner ch K l > v Pink Coal
Wjoit Owner W H tIer Tlnit1t 7 4i
lntsn mmarfrr JtiJHL iT 1 Kin JockVii On HI CJ PI shl
IlnkoU I 73Ti Wn t 1 Diitler a 4 ia j ii
777 I VrlMltc V Ji 1 m 31 i i S I plan 2 r 1 t
i t Oat ew luk 4Uj 4 < ii SoUer S3 133 tma 45 11
7771 SponnVr lit 4 II 1 < 5 < i 41 SUC rthy 32 j I 141
7VI tilt Hunoly Mil 1 I1 S 1 3 IWUnlcl II I I J2 j n r
Plnknln ran to his tst r form ho ollommrdttmepacs In the atrtch wh rp me cash Jiii
lo ih fMtit nnJ Ion K lloilni Jrlzrtte nhovusl Imprincmpnt over licr pifrloun 100
Hil News ttiR outrun all th aL Sjhion unit
t l IIFTH IlrivKur I nVi > irol < i j h nllrai tIIO mlrtwl ilx furlnnxi
l > Poi time 121 off llM Siart jjiwl Won tl viI K Wlnnfr elm i OJ
IMauillt IXirntliy Hamilton Ownerjr I llrsndt Jlnif KISJS
iox StimIems it St 4 Km Jockey < i rI Ct lt SI
77M llarrlgin Ms 3ji i Ho rl ca nn 2T 1
rolIr lopl 1pUI 12 I 21 Ji Notter 3 O 3 4 1 it 02
I i21 Tashlon Ilalf lli 4 4 3 S V Smith 4 112 4 63 12
11 1 OlKlIng Dellf 9i r j 7 i 4 t Mcrahey 12 15 12 r Z
7V1 Iheuk lle M 1 a ta 14 0 Flurn 10 12 10r 4 1
7S SataflCea 0 12 7 mOm 6161 45 HutUr 0 10s S 10T SS r
77 s Itnxfenlon 117 A ftijh Sl S m J Shilling s 10 T iV2 I
rv Tint Temi 112 I jh 4 4b III K Dugan 10 In 10 4 SS
j2 May lllvtr IH 1 0 0 P 0 U Ipion 12 11 IS t S2
Hnrrlunn Ii n VrinJ colt he forced i fast pac but w al driving hard to win Royal
Ciptlie movel up itruni and 111 dIve fnely fashion Plate w sa nmnlnit itrong
L ihe end This otsra ncr 2 dannrom
TjT sIXTh TACK Knr tlire yeiroJ arid upwarI wlllnr 30i adled ono mll
11 I Pot time 1V off 433 Start Cal n eaellv Wlnnfr h g by DIsgulK
calico OwnJ K mbArl Time 140 4p
In i HI rrii fs I i4 7j Jkrl Oo HI CI PI Rh
trImm ldj ItfI YI iF I tptoi s r frt vs
7 iittIr WI a a 2 1 luI 5 1 8S TS
Iii a t 1 t I 1 a m lurn 2 2 7i u
war Ormialll wn nevir let dovin uangmmtne Jun Intm1 Ooldfn Claw outrun II the
PImel1S Gold fanopian Posing
and Azure Mid also ran
TIUIiD llAPKTwoyoroMs six
rI 1IIWI In ei 1 m ilVvoroh 13
to i 6 to S and a to 5 1 Hampton
i s n 4 to J and
1 to 3 Hoidlni lti iHltsner yt to
I S to 1 IOIdlu 5 3 Time 114 23
Aaiunlsh 1 sicuia Sweet Pippin
Qlorltile hIss ritlendon Dorothy Vehb
aJso ran
KOLKTH UACEThrecyearolds six
furlongsPlease 103 Hrannon 6 to I
2 to 1 and even won St Jeanne 11
Deverlch 12 to I 4 to 1 and 3 to I
second Herwlck 120 1 Iowern 6 to S
I oll and out third Timeill 15
rhalfonte Salvolatlle Royal Onyx
Chief Hayes Lady Carol and Lens also
ran 111 IIACEFo maiden < ona mile
LlKiiando 17 Power 7 to 5 3 to u
1nindn New Garter 107 Glanner
5 to 1 S to f nnd 4 to ii 2 Woolspun 105
Ipll i in I Z to 1 and 4 to 5 1
Tlmel < 1 25 Imp IC Mfiht Lady Co
1111 Chorister I Oronooka Ion Al
bert md Caltha a lets rnn
SIXTH HACK For twoyearolds
live XTI oneialf furlonK Marbles
I ilovers 7 to 5 1 to 2 and out won
410 Montroie 107 now i to t 2 o
I 1110 oven nexond Pleasing SI t Bran
nonl IF to I 5 to 1 miami S to S third
Yimelili 15 Vay Celln Montbert
Snike Mary Sfiiiuer Vera Harold
Hall F M Fry Vasanta also ran
SIS fNli 1 HACK ThroejeiroMs
mile nnl lxt vnli Annctti Lady 10 <
Powers 6 l o ft and out 1 Oriental
110lls I Hoys 1 I to 1 S to j 3 to 5
2 Miss Mirjorie Cm illrnnnon 12 to 1
5 to 1 5 to 2 3 Tlme 1H tn ary
Aim Itoso NVahakle Imboden IJr Iee
Huffman also ran
AltE C N11 LED
Pussel nnd Adolph nraunr who worn
arrested at the Empire City rare track
yesterday afternoon for violation nl th >
tlhintlnK law wern nrralgnod tnday
In the Special Sessions Court before
Judge BeaU hut the lipurln was post
ponetl until Tueiwlny mmecthen the
cases of the live arraiteil at the trnok
the day before will also be heard HUB
soll and trailer furnished s hall cnh
I The men were arreilrd bv DeUctlvcs
J e h and J in Si ulbel Itmmsseil raid
ho came from California and Ran a
> JI tie Mild hJ
I i i pinH it a intcl at Hniilwuy
alt Scvenlytovpiith street Mnnbnltan
Ti it V es i i n d 5112 I cinii
and six hejkt uinnintlnK lo 1010
The check are druwn on New York
Hike tilde on If I in C
Ijned wllh Inltlali nraiter waa ar
e ned un a court warrant He rcfimil
give h 4 nmllrtse
IIUHII i A 1r <
jvvniu On till mlJatiCharmlni mule i
I r
I At Boston
ChIcago 0 0 n T 0 1 n 9 9S
HoMon 2 I 2 0 0 I I n 17
Hatterles Sjiilth and Sullivan Clcoltn
and ind Carrlgll Umpires OLoujhlln
At Philadelphia
Cleveland 0 0 0 0 0 I 2
Philadelphia 0 5 0 0 0 i 1
IVMterlej Rlioadea and Clare
Coombs and Schrojk ImplreSherl
At Washington
Detroit 0 I 0 0 0 Ct n I 01
Washington 2 0 0 0 0 f > 1 0 1
Hatt rlei < WHlMls and Schmidt John
ion and Street Umpire Kffan
At Buffalo
I Newark 0 0 3 f 0 3 0 0 W
Huffalo 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 01
naileries Brocket all Stallone Von
I I winkle and Aroher Implrcs Taft nnd
I Walker
Newark 0 2 I 0 1 ft
I Huffalo 000021
I HallerlesHeeohcr and ihlllbln I < o
l Walker ml Ryan UlplrTof and
A Rochester
iMItlniore 0 0 I 0 0 0 4
Rochester 000001 0
linttiirlei u MctMnckey and llearnc
Klniey and Duller Umpire tiiafford
A Toronto
Jersey nity 1120010000 27
Toronto I J OOl 101 I 001
rild Mof
lUttvtlrxMnion and Fltzreralt
fett and Hrv w lmpln > Dlack
At Montreal
IVuvldemv 000010
Montreal 0 o 2 0 0 n
Batteries lVurk anal Peterson Wicker
ml HU Umpires Kennuly and Mur
11qln Ilnnrer Mrrcliitiit Ut heath
of Jtrin Itar IorliiU Yfnr
f HlfAOO Atlj IJohn V Firwtl
imlaa pioneer merchant nml capital
I t led at I oclock ths morn Hi
i had been at the had of the mercantile
Orm of J V K rwtll ti Co inc Us
or a
Dodgers Try Hard to Down
the Pirates in the Third
Pirate Twirler Holds Oppon
ents Safe and Also Makes
Three Hits
it 1 10 A t
Iatte 2h 1 2 I 0
1lmflhlPV I U I 2 ml I
Humnj If I 0 I U lJ
jordan In I I I I I
Ii 1 I I 2 Ii
I lergeim t II I Ii I t
Sheehan 1 I 1 I I
MeMlil Ill d II I 1 1
Ilnckel II 1 I II I I
AIJcrmal f I I I I i
Totals L I 1
Alperman Ialell I HICkI lit thl
H II 10 A I
1hola3 cf I I 2 t I I
Leach il n L 1 I
Clarke I I I I I u
W ne 58 I I 1 2 I
Abby b I 0 0 1 I I
Storlte I h I 1 17 1 0 I
W180n rt J 1 0 I 0 i
i Gibson c n 1 i 0 n i I I
Maddox u 0 ii ii 7 C 1
Totals 2 9 J7 15 I
First Huso on Hnllp Off Hueiir a f
I Maddox I
lfH on liases llruoklyn S Pits
burt 5
Slruck OulIly llufker I liy Mini
I llOT 2
1hl hate Hits t ail ix
Twohapp Ilitu Ionili Minn
Stolen laces Ieilh Waifiier IaiUv
Itiiplrf OPiv
Hpeilal 10 The Kenla WorMi
IlTTSIilIlCi Ailif 1fll rirnlcs
hail nil 111 luck today mil won from
the Flrooklyns by a oorf of j to 1
Martdox was In II tie form ml hit IeijiPil to
111 his own Kimr by ilrlvln out thu
First Inning I II
Pal I hit KM first mill on a fly to
TliiiiimK 1mules Mlnuleil II left 1101 I
Hummetl foulMl to HliHon Ionian
Hood flllll wlillo OUDay said Uattei i
out strike three No HUNH
ThomiiH nut Imm lIce to InnUn Icich
I donlilcil to dOlt re Clarke fanned
Ixjich stole Uilrd Wanner was nut
permitted tn lilt as al acre ilrjiod
Wide Let ch nnt llorurn to Sleclmn
mshen Wagner stoc seCOnd NO IttNS
Second Inning
Lewis out rilorko iinasslscd Hrs n
sliiKlivl to I Pft llorfpii ciu iil nipplns
off tlret Maddox tl Stork Shloh tim
out Wacner to Storks NO lltXK
Iattee race tick of Jordan and cot
boys Up Ilironlnt him out at Hrst
Stork slnsled to right Wilson fanned
illbson singled to left Maddox lnicld
tl conti1 scoring Storkv Madduv gm
Insr to second ivniti McMMlin Ii row tie
hill lionv1 Thima out Intlee II
Jordan ONK IUN
Third Inning
McMillan van easy Abby to Stork
Ilucker Illcd lo Waisnpr IntUe waiUed
Iatteo stole second Lumley out Mud
dox to Htorke NO UINS
Loach fanned Clarke out Jortai un
nssialed Winner sltmled tll cenre oml
took seco nil on MeMlllitfs tamolo Ab
by fanned NO HUNS
Fourth Inning
Hummell fanned Jordan out Abby to
Storke Lewl wn nay Maddux to
Slorke NO UNS
Storks grave McMillan a long run Cor
a fly Wilson out Iynla to Jordan
HUNS Uerxen was under Gibsons foul NO
Fifth Inning
Aliby to Workt settled Bergen Slio
lan out Wagner to tttorke MrMI
lulled Put WiKner Hueker tmmai1
Clarke run for tin lly NO RUg
Mnddoi sngleil to centre Thomas
acrlflced Hurkir to Jordan lincli
fouled lo Ilergen Clarke wa nvon hli
hasa on balls Wanner milkeJ Illlhu
Continued on Son P age 1
Last Two Days of Big Sale
s1oo Biue aeige Suits 495
Huh Clollnci w limmlii MJ
Cur IlnrrlH > tC CIIII lii iMIUe
lnn two J jt of titg sale of al ou
J12 and OFt Mens Sense Hulls A IiI
lllue black xriy ant inUtures all
tm 11 to I slnule or double i > isiei
ilk am satin lined Iluv r iw O > HU
rfotiirdnv pl1 1 ln Th > 111 Ilailin
urnr 5ISW llroaduny corner tla
Brooklyn 000001 000 1
Pittsburg 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 JI
Boston 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0
Chicago 1 0 0 2 2 0 0 0 jl
Hflttii05Ilnditiiixn nnd Smltli Icllhlcl mil II o ran tniplre8 lluddcr I
ImaImm and Rlpler
Philadelphia 0001 1 1
St Louis 300000 1
I < IVn iinl Doom Immelm iril lu Uvls ltnpln > Kmsllo
St Louis 0 0 0 3 1 0 0 0 0 4
Highlanders 001 1 0 0 i 0 03 PI
I l4m Iit i Th 1Inln OSitt I
IThl Highlander tried hard tn keep
lUl 11111 Inning Mroiu loduy mitt
I one iail iliilnu of Blair the fourth
ctvi1 lImo Hrnwns Mirce inns will mi
olhelr wan anncxiil in the nevl inuiid
Lake pitched a rood cune linlillni
Lime Si > uln IUKKCI > to nix mite
I lisle tiuUin tluu1 ali Williuu
I two of thin nitiiiljer
TV iicont v < tivs of ilip Hill Top
pnrs ifnc ii fun rrisim hop1 mil tmiv
wen l ell II v out tn wiino tin fo
tlvlilet this ifioiToon 11 lie multi llmveii
opposed eieli nllicr In the nkchln
MmaKcr ICIiHTfild mulu a Ill In ills
llneii and cent Cniirnv to vv m 1 1 <
Mnrlnrlly to tlilnl rha e reytmilni hiM
pIII at iCM > asf
First I Inning
liall lliuw mil 01 limitz I AI ill
mil tho Hinie wij llrklrlck taut nut
a low one In > ilo1 l mre 1 > JI
Hal In IM > I > N U IllNH
Iunroy mm > mt < < m Irrnst finnblr of
hmie Kriiundu Mellvrvn Illi1 IVr
rim to lonis advnnclnt Ooiirnv I soc
UI1 Howel IUHMM out triune Will
HIM threw out I I tltlphm ill NO it U N S
Second Inning
Wallace wan nut nn a crijiiiuliT Lake
in hast Hull thrW nut Wlllinnsi
Sleinens truck IIt NO KINS
iMorlnrllv iiiiRiiil over short mint
S vent to third as Delciantv singled lo
left but Diloantv wn out alI KO
iid Inl II KerrH to Williams liill
nvl Moilnrllv tried the Htitteeze play
hit Hull trurk out and Morlarliy win
liMUliiil out I Mittiiens Nn ill NS i
Third Inning I
Junes wliked nnd wis r ied by
Unwell OIliK lo Mali nlnti nil 11
H dotihle play lull to rin NO
Williams tlirew mil Hlrr ill IiUe
struck Ot Innioy heal o u a ilow one i
Mcllveen1 strouc drlvo tl riRt for
lliree huscs scored Conroy Sioidiem i
ITOW out Chan nn a hIt OK I
Fourth Inning I
i Conrny threw mil Ilurtsell Heldti k
singled paFt hlt llclilrlok stop mv 1
Md and on lllalrs huh throw WII fi I
i ihlrd Hall got IVirlsV xroundii hut
llfidrlk hai I lie tlitoiv lo the plan1
IVrrls sc ret t Ott Wallueos tanhi
finasili to left William srurk out hit
Hlalr dropped the lull mil then threw
In hlrt which gal WalUe a chance
II take third Stephens Hfclcd In Cell
111 and Wallace scored Jnnct Illeil to
Kcmphlll TIIUKK ill NS
llvmnilll was thrown out bv It nl
lice Mart a rl tv srtick out IJileJiintv
lcat nut nn Intleld hit IVIehanty
Ia drive nalntt
pored a < Bal smashed it trll lllt
I Hi left field fence for two Nies
I Wllllnni llnew dUt Blair INK IMN
Fifth Irnlng
I Howell siruck out Stone walked
Stone ook second ai Morkirlty totsil
OH llnri ei I I clii rick lieal out si Iul
mil lull Hull made 1 wild Ihrol to
lul matI <
01H scored ivhlle lleldnck
liNt rnd Stone hle 1ldnk
took sixrind Hall throw out Ferris
ON1 ttN
lake wan out Wllllans to Jones
Stone math a pretty onebanded catcii
of Conroy 0 foul Mcllvefn lied to
Heldrlik NO HfNS
Sixth Inning
Wnltare liiRlc < l to rlRht and took
secnnd as Uike threw out Williams on
a wrltl e Hall grit bUt Stephens
gins liter and tlirew nut Wallace at
third Junes llftdl a llv to llemphlll
Iliae fiiildl out ti Stone lemphil
wilkel Hemphlll took econd is Kcr
r s Kised out Morlarlty Uelehanty
i fiiiled in Stephens NO UINS
I Seventh Inning
i Itnl Irk hut limill thrw nut
lnne Ioiirnj tnivw mil llarlmll N 1
huh nsled to ci itr KIclnnw hatlid
I Kla r Klein 1 snipped mil tn Wnl
i 1k rraixcd 1 > nee trtn ren
ti scndlns Hall tu ulrd Cunoj s
I I IO A r
Stniif If I n 2 1 0
llartzcll Jf I I 0 I 0
iidtirick cf i i I o
rprrls ili I 0 I i t
Vnllaup HS I L1 i 2 D f
illlanw 2b I U I 7 D
SlupIiPiif f I 1 0 3 0 1
Innes Hi f 0 12 I I
l ° well p 0 fl I 1 0
Tulals I f 27 17 2 i
onroy 2 1 2 1 2 1
JcllVCEIl lf 0 I I 0 D
CIISL 111 0 II 1 n
Hc lhl cf 0 0 1 n n
Mnriait 11 0 1 1 1 0
Dcloliiiiity If I 2 0 0 i
Ihall 53 i t u 2
Hlalr v 0 I 2 l 1 I i I
Klolnnw c 0 0 1 0 0
Lake p 0 1 0 2 I
LaporU e U 0 0 0 0
0rth n I D 0 1 i
Totals I I 27 17 I I
Klelnow batted for Hlnlr In PVI t
5 5 lnportc iKitttil for Dslehiity lu i
ninth Inn nj t
0rth batted for Lake
Kirst llasi nn ilaIIs1 howell 1 t
Lake D
Iirst Hap on hrrorsai Liul lliuh I I
Ii mu lets 1
Idl nn hlttststi Luul 5 Illciihnd Irs
Stiuik Ijut11y 11111 I hy l ike 6 i
Tlirecbasi 11 Its Me 11 Veen S
Twilnse llllsWnllace llrll 11
Stileii Haollildilck lull
Double llay Steplien < liinasfciitid i
Hall td Iliase
rmplre ODay
irrmindpf nis tin lint for Wallace and
Itill scored while Tnlo ttc < sicmd
MiIlvpiii lilt Into a doiwle ulny Will j
lams to Wahice ii Jones c Nfi HIN J
Eighth Inning I
Kleiniivv etcIittg for New Vok Af N
tr aliiii a pretty clop n Ite lii its
grniiinler Hall miidi1 an ithw wid lh < rV f
IIIlnII 11 <
In htttt and lleldrlrk trok sncml lt i
larltv I ivw nut Kirrls Hall hrW J
out Wallace I h ciii rick taklau th rd
Wlllams flltd to HciphSl NO ItlN I
Iolp fuilcil out to Joiv1 jomme a
druppHil Wllllami thrnw ml 1 iiin I
was Hife 1111111 wa Iu sleallns
Keinid Srephcns to Wallive Morurliy I
popped lo Wallace NO HlN3
Ninth Inning
Stephens struck out Jonej walked
hut 1 ft 11 Ml at seciinl on Howed8 t
jnnnder to Mrlarlt tn Ionroy Coti
trlinl for ad ouble but brew the lull
wild and 11011 took second Ht11
111 mil 10 Chase uiuiSHtid NO
RUNS ltisrle batted for DelCiinnly Will
Urns tiissed nut 1Irt Hall siiule
nnst thlnl Hill stole seond Melnnw
In1 Ihl Orlh balled for Lake Drill
nooped out t ta11 itt fnnr n slri k
nut NO UlNS
> o
m Wml IW lr IJiie1ri
mites more otTers of pod J
tioti > ti In any oilier two
medium m tin un vene 1 5

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