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1If AP fit11WirlltItt
11 iI ir lJllim
RM WA wlm
Mrs Wahlig Gives Mure
Devils in Her Suit tor
t Separation
Wahlig Objects Declaring
Wife Now Has Most of
His Property
I Frank A WahlUs application for a
tajr from the ord > r directing him to I
pay his wife Hose JM a week alimony
I End her counsel a 1100 fee pending her
cult for separation came up before Jui
Ice Blscholf In Supremo Court Special
I Term today Hy consent of counsel
J HOfument was adjourned until Tuesday
In hei complaint Mrs Wahllg
through her counsel botils Sleekier of
No 11 1 Ilroadway makes most serious
allegations Among them she accuses I
her husband of doping with a woman
nlth whom he had previously main
tains mootncloin elatlotn that her
con diaries K Wahllg inarrlel this
nine woman and lived with her for six
I months when she caJt him off and re I
turned to his own fatner and thai the1
couple am now In Europe
Husband Denies It All
She IfiUres that Wahllg has miimn 1
to dered larxo sums of money on thU
wonan Her husband In a reply on
lllo In the County Clerks oHIce denies I
the ale > llIon and says that hln wife i
l In piMimtlon of most of tha property
which he at one time lls < ea ed Ae
rnrdlnc to th papers he Is a member
of the Krnnk A Wuhllg Company hav I
ing olllces at Third avenue and Forty
ninth street and also a wealthy con i
tractor and builder operating In thu I
Oeorge Robinson of No t 9 Na sau
itreot Is atlornov of record fur Wah
llg Justice
Greepbaum aanli Mrs
Waulg iillmony on June
dtiioi wua then glin In the pipers ai
No 131 Washington ioiuu the
llr nx
In her complaint Mrs WnMlg l poses
that slio ivoj married to Ue defendant
on May by by th > Rev fr rfnyder
nnd that thov have tun > lliiei Ihln
Chnln P WahlK and Ueorjo V Wah
11 twomvfM and Iwentv rears old
respoemely Siie sa > s ihai In August
IS1 upon entering the kitchen of her I
homo at Crotona Park Last she found I
the defendant mlsbohiv with a I
ervant girl who had been In their cm
ploy for the > erj known to her as I
Wanila Continuing she sa > s
Had to Sell the Houses
I Your deponent thereupon refused t I
live with the defendant and loft him
I at which Mine ho In order to avoid pub
I IHty transferred and settled upon this
deponent four threostory frame h usei
al Beach avenua and Danson street
1 which had been mortyagiJ for ICotM I
at which this deponent signed a pen
rftl reltnse
I She says that she nan oompcllrrt to I
iell Die hwses to meet expenses Then i
ahe alleges that up to July 15 i < O > I
her husband lived with one Mlnna
i Blernkojif occupying apartments In tho i
Bronx Hut nhu aa > s that on that date I
he came book tu her and bi gged her I
to forglva him Thoy becama recon1
lIed and she davoled practically all her
fluids to lining up a ntu home hr
liysband promising to have uotulng fur
ther i do with the Sternkopf wnnun I
Said defendant says Mrs Vnh
llg then nt his son Charles P Wah
llg to Iho Two Hundred and Seventh
Mrwt house for his belongings and the
Hternkopf woman there and then he
Ian as more fully appears by thn an I
noxed athdavlt of Charles P Wahllg
tn work her elf Into thi good gmces
of the said Charles F Wnhllg and on
nr iibout Aus < 0 IM she a woman of
i thirtylive venr and he a liov of nine
teen wcro married and lived tngelher
for about six montliR In the Two Hun
dred and Seventh street home I
Back to the Father
In tho earlv part of February she
thi1 Sternkopf woman went to th
business addr ss of the defendant at
No UVt Boston
avenue on mvi oc
casloiiH a8 tho defendant Ihen Informcil
mo and some time In March she re
turned tinder the Intluenro of Mnuor
ivickeil her belonging gavo Charles F
Wdhllg Ills clothes and told him she
all going back to his father
Mrs Wahll sets forth that from
that time on her husband comu homo
Intrakated admitted that he had re
turned relations with the Sternkopf
woman nnd freijuelillv stated that
any girl who w as born without Inherit
ing enough money to lake core of her I
auir ought lo be slranglcd at birth
ChaHs F Wnliig the on rteno i
that he vias married lo Minnie Stern I
kopf and thai In February ISdi she
told tils deponent that she was gnlnc
hrck to lhi > lefemHnt Frank A Wan
I lie IlS she was slch anil tired of him
I Tat during Ihe monlh preceding such
Information sh camo home drunk on
Iarlo o < < rt ions nnd mlmltted her In
n elltles to this deponent
Wahllg Say Wife Shot Him
In his answer Wahllg says both his
sons are selfsupporting
one being
street oar condUctor and the otlir a
electrlclan 110 df > nlc
m1 J the ch
I InfldeJItr with the servant girl and rxl says of
that ho was
rooming with hN son who
IxmpJed with Minnie Sternkopf hut
alarM that ho nev r sustalnil mentrl le
douj relations with the woman He
deo wcs that his wife ml him
in the
I h1Ck and the Onl nnd that he re
turnoa to her only at the earnest nllcl I
I ltlon 01 his son who he My he has
been Informed marrlod Minnie flllrn
t kopt because she has consldeiahlo
money and he expected to get some
I 01 It
Joseph Scliwartr makes n denosltlnn
to the orfect tint ho owtu thirtythree
shares of the Prink A Wnhllg Com I
I w pany 11M that Mr WahllR owns thirty
> r three the concern being capitalized at
f MM but that of Into tho concern hils
I done llttlo bullillng business and that
I Mr Wahllg him not hid any Income
from the company Inr the last year
I Kills Himself ss Father Did
Jacob AxfnM flftyflve yean old
b who oart worked on the Uutherford
estate at Allamiicby N j tor many
years iiangfit himself there yesterday
The cause Is unknown Several years
J uto tbo dead mans father killpil him
i self In the same manner at Wlretnwn
Ax ford leavoH a widow nnd eight chll
tna JLi
I A 1 I
Society Women and Chorus Girls Alike
Are Drunkards Says Millionaire Socialist
Joseph Vtlill Patterson piin
a Scarlet Picture of the
I Great White Way in His
Book A Little Brother of
the Rich Just Out
Men Are Crooks and Gluttons
and to Gratify Their De
praved Tastes Giris Are
Forced to Wear Tights on
the Stage tor SIS a Week
Joseph MedJIl Iltterson hai lakin hl
pen In hand IInd written a book about
New York soeiety and the stage For
Iho benefit of thoie who have never
hemrd of Joseph Medlll Patterson It
may be stated that he Is a your mm I
posienxd of high IdeiU and a million j
ilollirs He loves bit Ideals and hates
his money
Not that he made the money himself
Some uf it he Inherited from ilia grand
father Joseph Medlll who founded and
made a great and profitable newHpapar
the Chicago Tribune More h got
from his father R W Patterson now
Ihoo odltur of the Tribune Young Mr
Patterson married money too His wife I
L a daughter of Harlow W Hlgjrln
buthnm one of the rlohest men In Chi
cago I
Delnj 1 pronounced Socialist yours
Mr Patterson mutt needs write a book
Hvery Socialist writer a book at Borne
tlmo or other whether lie can write
or not hut fortunately for the public
few of th m ar on velvet like young
Mr Patterson who can pay to have I
hls hook published
Women Drunkards and Men Crooks
i In hi book the originality of which
can bo guessed from the title A Little
Brother of Ue Hlch Mr Patterson
places New York society women and
roubrettM on the same plane All his
women are drunkards and all hls men
I are crooks and worse His hero Is a
cnehl pariflte of a common type
I Arcmdlna to Mr JMtcrsor cvtry
I fihlonable woman Is untrue to her
marriage vows nmmated solely by a
desire for vulgar display and un
limited money and curelcts of th
means by which her delres mny he
sntlftpd His plcturs of stage life
I nnd morals lead the reader Inevltshh
to the conclusion that he got his fjwts
from clos Ierueal elf the works of Iko
Swift thn Balzac of the Police
G3 1A1I1
Mr Patterson toll hln reader that
th1 youn mllloralres of society i
frYU nt Urondnav rcstauranls at
Unusual Number of Visitors I
Attracted to Ohioans
The unusuallv larffe crowds tlmt dally
call upon L T Cooper are iuch as to
arous muoh comment In tha vicinity
of th Hiker Drug Store 6ti 111 and
Kd St New York where Cooper has
established his headquarter for the
purpose of irlvlng nubile ueniomtratloiu
of th Cooper medicines Among the
nun > warm advocfttus of Cuopur nnd
his remedies la Mm fhirl s SylVfsler
of Jamaica L I who says
I suffered for three ears from
stomach trouble which was caused
primarily bv catarrh As time went on
my condition became worse As a rule
my apoetlte waj poor Frequently there
was a gnawing centatlon In the pit of
mv stomach which I attributed to I
hunger but wan frald to eat much
fearing the pain and suffering that was
sure to follow I had Indigestion I
which caused my food to ferment ami
produced an accumulation of gun tlmt I
was verv discomforting
Sometime I would sit down to a i
meal frallnx that I could eat with a
relmn out my appeilto would leiu me
twloie 1 hud taken 1 halfuozen iiioutn
fuls Mv bowels wele badlv conail
paltxl and irive mo a great deal of
trouble I was very nerAous ana lelt
sometlmei as though I would go to I
plecej I was ery weak and the 100000t
exertion woud tire me out i
I tried a number of different kinds I
of meJIclne which fulled to iHe me te
lief When I read In the wipers about
this man Cooper nnd his medicines I
was persuaded to call upon him and as I
a result of my visit began taking his
New Discovery prepaiatlon The flm
bottle actually niade mo fell worse and I
I was greatly dlsanoolnlvrt but 111 I had
often heard It said Unit medicine some
time had this effect I continued to I
take the treatment While taking the
se < ond tottle 1 berui to iret relief The
pain and soreness In mv stmnmch
ceaseil mv nonetlte lmprove and I
felt a little stroll
After taking sevwal bottles of the
New PUcoverv 1 wa fefllnsr tplenrtld
I could scarcely realize that I nm the
sime woman Several months nave
elapsed since I rtnpaoil taking the inedl
line and Uicre hns beon no icturn at
m former trouble My bowels are In
splendhl condition Mv food digests
tierlectlv I eat anvthlnif I like and
feel simnr and well I nm recommend
1m POIMXTS New Il coverv to all my
Vooivr or Ms nMllanls meet the ijh
Ho ilallx at he Hiker Store Cfi av nnd
> M st Hl m dlrlnps run be obtained
it anv or the Ill T Stores und are
< nlil Jiv ill nthor ilrimlst < They art
maniifiiclurod at Duvion Ohio hv the
COOflr Mrdlrlno Cnmnanv of vrhlch rIM j
IM < v l flMldent <
L 1
I if
night buying sea food che M coftM
end champiRn foi sojbreltrj HP
Klvrs a plctur of BriiilwAy lit 2
o clock In HIP morning that Is certainly
> revelnllpn Ilslen ixjlcemeti cab
drivers and milkmen to this recital
As they walked up Hroadwaj the
soft summer breeze entered their tobac
coladen lungs and their steadied haarts
boat a grateful thank you
Crowds were streaming from rcotts
of restaurants Young mm their straw
hats lilted back theIr summer overcoats
glung oer thdr arms laujned down the
ptroel llghtsomely Middleaged men
jowled paunched Iiipurpled nature
tonsured beillamomleil breathing heav
Iy rtarilin on the uiroln holding
flnnly to pretty jnung nhltecUd
women waited for ealw to drive up and
carry them away UacdianaU boyond
Money Ever Money Is the Power
The lire bmncil In Paws wins us
he heard the rustling of woniens
jdrejses the clickclack of high lieds on
thn pavement as lie saw the huge luce
hats nodding abov the smiles of scar
leled lips So many srlrlV saJd he
what aro Ihev like
Just what the > look answered
Carl Its a ciJbe of money AVhit else
could suoh a raving jounir beauty as
this brxmnhalrivl one we are passing
of the oul Kalstaft I
gel uat disgusting 1
sle lJ with 1
Money again Money was the ultl
nmle eonlrulhng oiersUidowlni re
sistless Dower It irae to Us possessor
dominion oer nnii and over women
Paul would irft monev He would woik
his fingers bare and his eye blnd so
that M could get money iiulcklv no
that H iflrl as biiutiil as tin biown
Ihaired girl thm had tusl msinl might
hold to Ills arm as Jie walked down
Broadway at oclock In Ihf morning
Summer overcoat < I n nmv one In
New York In exploiuitlon It mav b
said that Mr Patterson has spent
most of lili hectic life In Chicago The
rllmate out Ihere Is hum at the middle
on tvill baring and tho mercury goes
un nnd down tho tube like an elevator
In an office hulldlng Therefore It Is
riull nelS arv t > wear an ovenviat at
night In Chicveo In summer and some
llmes Iho hall r Iho nprcoal the more I
comfort for the voarc thereof
Nothing Is Given for Nothing
When It comes to describing the ttago
Mr Patterson Is light til reIlke Upton
Slnclali In a slaughter house Mr IU
ior nni artrcs es in nol win success
lII1Ioh dramatic ability or merit In
this bustmss he makca a chorus girl
I sav nolhlnii I given for nothing
Hare Is another plioe of chorus girl
plllosophy as set forth bv Mr Patter I
I ion
ionWell Its you and other men that
I make Clrls wear tlpMts 01Is dont
wear em for the fun of It but because
you men Piy em to mid there got
tl lae monev to lle You IY a girl
10 or W a week In a stnre to stand p
all day and i > ll soods till shes ready
in jel al night hi > s so nenniis and
you offer the sallie girl IS n week to
near tights nnd dancti and sfng In 1
chorus We wornonve gut to do what
ou men want us to to live anyhow
and It seems von like us bettor In th >
olinrtiR you pay us three times as
nnuVi for howlng our Ifffs oa for sell I
Ing your wives hardware
A painful tiling about this book 6f
Mr PittiTons Is that It will gKa w
ninny suffragettes club women nnd nct I
resseB an opportunity to tell what
hey think aVnt t > > e 1utlrr i
DlMtrlctAltiiriKyi Office AnU for
Curlijn IMnolinriri
Unable to fit d fitry law per
taining to the case Assistant
DistrictAttorney Murphv In the Wist1
Sid Court today ajkiU for tho Ills
chaige of William M Carley n mor
oiiunt from Omaha1 Nob who was ar
resled a few nights aio for abandin
nionl There Is another charge pond
Ing araltit Curler that nf falling to
support his child mid on this comiiUIni
he Is under MfOrt bal for trial
Thw arrent was made on tho com
plaint of Carles wife Kllrabuth Hhe
tilliged that ho diorted her In 1005
and eloped with a school tmclu r go UK
to Omaha Then > she says he oh
tnlneil a large rtoiu Carlo arcordli g
to the evidence given has eacli weolt
bin sending monov to her
He VTIIl Sn HP llpiri > pnlPd nt flir
ThAn llnnUriiitir llrnrlnir
DistrictAttorney Jrromo iledirM to
dny that ho hod not retained an > lltt
burs lanvir In rcprpjcnt him In IhV
Thnw hmkruplpv pro > rrllnLN nur tlI
no niiy Intention of ilolni 50
10m not In th least Interested In
thi proCMdlngi sild Mr J < rom
URbL R bfT
o L OT I
1I T f HO f
Lawyers Family Away Yheiij
Thieves Clean Out Lex
ington Avenue House
It was a most thorough and pains
lalclnf pans of burglars that went
through the home of exAssistant Uls
1 iricl Attorney John F Mclnt > rii at No
135 Islington avenue
Since the first of June the houte has
Ixen closed as Mr Mclntyrea family
are spending the summer at Wood
mere 1 1 The last limo before yei
tcrilay thal an > bwly vislttd the placo
everything was all right Charles Me
Intyre oldest so n of the former prose
Lulor decided to stav over In town for
the nlcht and Uto vesUrdnv he went
to the house Intending to open mid air I
a tvdroom for his Ube I
Troni Iiatomont lo attic he fnuml
the ImUlliiK literally turned upside
down drawers were pried op n furni I
ture was overturned and desks were
lansaiked N irly all tho belongings
thai wini icudily portable Including
iwo valuable II paintings a lot of sil II
verware and so mi articles of erlu had
djsaioored A coupe of rope ladduti I
Irillg on Ihe houso top and a pried optn
icuttla Miownl how the thieves had n
teiid They liul evidently lift by
ircaiiH of I has IIIlIt d > or which slOiil
Uldm lid
Mr Molntyiv denied tod iv tlmi any
IKipeis relailn to the Annls inuidvr
casf had lnen stolen as he had nol
been lieu the house lure he betainu
altorni for the Hiilns brouwrs wluii
snot Annls As ntlilv as he could toll
the valin of the sinkn itiilT would foot i
un to ai leaSI LW He notllled the I
Uast IIiglilselBlith street Kiallon and
tin llirlitn Dtwtlve liureau
Theif liaM been sevciil other rob1
herles on Ihe sam lock this fcinniner
UislMoi < Ia a houv a few doors away
was entered
U I b MMJ Kfrr i
MO I jb TO S f
i Two hopltMithe Hudson street ami
Uellevue were stninKly oensurrd by a
jury In Coroner IlarbiitvorT othVe lo
day tur IndulisrlnK In the coldblooded
practice which Incidentally Ii usalnst
i Ihe lawol tranferrliiK a d > liiK pJ
I tlent lo city Instlluthns In order to
keep thMr own moitillly records at as
low n tlRure as possible
i The Jury wis holdlnc an Inqueut In
i the case of John JJond of Xo r > Col
lage avenue X J a penniless man
who while sceklnB employment fell
down an elevator shift at the plant of
I the New York Steam Heating Company
No 179 Wll3hln ton street on July 16
I itid broke his back Although he lin
gered for less than Ihree diyj the poor
fllow was moved three Umei from
tha Hudson Kirtet Hospital wlmre he
had been taken orlKlnally to Uellovue
mil from lJelleue to tho Muirupolltan
charity place ii Wards Island wheiu
he died Jub 13
The Jury also condemns the Heit
i ln > Compni > for fallun > lo properlv
prifOl the nuiuth of lr ilevilor slwfi
with MlllnB Ioronir ILirlmr er said
lie uiiiut aend ihf pfejentmem lo tho
i 1 > rlitAltornpH oitLe In the how
that lutlnn would bo taken to punish
the oftrnJlQK hoatltal attoadaaU
i I THf RO
Crowded Cars Splintered in
RearEnd Collision During
Rush Hour
I Panic Follows SmashUp as
Passengers Are Heaped
Upon he Floor
A rfnreml collision between two
tialns of the Third avenue elevated
road on tin daiueroua curve at One
Hundred and Fortyfourth ttfret and
Third avenue at rush hour this morn
Inc threw the men and women pnsaen
I Kers who crowded the trains Into a
panic nnd It Ib remarkanle thut no ani
was hurt
j Tho point wheni the mahiip oc
I curred Is within one hundred feet of
the scene of the collision of tliren weeks
I RXO when scores of pifjengera wIre
Injured and a Kuard WAS Itllliil
When a londud southbound train
hauled out of the One Hundred and
Fort nlnth street station today nt 7 I
oclock It was brought to a halt mid
I way between Oni Hundred and loily I
ninth street and the tatlon at Ono I
Hundred and Tortythlrd ret No
mifrman was olmened ctatlored at Im
A few minuted later and while the
forward train was still standing the
follow Ins train rushed to the One Hun
dred and Fortyninth street station and
cot under nay promptly after a few
pa senKcrs h1 been taken aboard
Brakes On Too Late
The motorman of the second train did
not reduce the speed of his train until
it was Men that a collision was In
evitable Then brakes were put on and I
wirnlnK whistles blown The speed of
the train was o quickly reduced that
standing passengers were almost thrown I
to the lloor of tho cars
Then came n terrific shqck a the I
rear train smashed Into the staled train
ahead Window panes leI Into hits and I
the front and rear platforms of the fldst
and rear cars of the two trains were
smashed to splinters
Women screamed and rushej for the
exits and men tried to climb through
tho broken windows tho guards doing
all In their power to prevent the spread
of panic
Hut the pasjcnsers were uncontruli
a bio and men lunged open the gale
and leaped to the footpath followed
by many woman
Women Dare Third Rail Peril
Scores of women pa siiKPrs followed
without assistance others were aided to
the narrow boardwalk The cry Look
out for the third rail terrified many of
the omen
Then began Iho long walk back to the
One Hundred and Koitynlnth street
station a llni of several hundred from
both trains maknr up the procesilon
Tne passengers made their way to the
street nnd every one was required o
pay an iuliliilonil fare lo < el lo hh
place nf emplo > menl downiown No
irinsfots were given
The neildent 1Hkol tho road and
nceurrliie as It did ut the rush hour
caiiued dela > nd annoyance lo Inous
and of persons
Wrecking crews were dispatched to
the scene o the Occident but fully an
hour pas ed before 1 train could clear
the spot
There Is a heavy down ffrada at the
No rear guird was stationed with a
slciml flag to warn the oncomlnj rtu
train f
I H IXII3 M ° AuB a A londdls
tance te phone message from Jones
burif Mn tiiVl > sat that Clurf4
I Van situddlfnnl formerly u esdent of
St I > il atul husbind 0 1110 Van
Sluddlford the nrtre Is In a cltlcal
ciinilltlon h > reason uf inj iriej ie Ied
slun be wat thrown from a norie en
TiiiHila I
Tvui of his ribs wen > broken and I It
believed he Is Internally njtir < 1 He
hrt been uncvnftmu for over an hour
when found
iSKirrm w n
RC R r b
jrizled Seaman Rriiujs Bi
iiisilania in Hour II1urs
Under Best Time
Cap fiitchard of the Crip
pled auretania to Suc
ceed the Commodore
Worlds ncord Tl Mrrs of the
Cumrd blue rlhlxmets Ing
Time for voyaga of 7 > 0 knots
I days 15 hours
I UCHI previous run
4 days IS hours 4 mlmiten
IV i dajs run on present ship
fNV knots
Avera e hourly speed 25Co knoll
let hourly speed SC knots
Left Vaults Hock
Sunday 13 A 1
Arrived aleitn Sandy look Light
rtlp U30 P M yentenlaj
I Commodore J I Watt of the Cunard
tlrt and skipper o tho Lusltanl
iock < his mlzhty teamshlp and rec
ord smuoher loday beaming wllh Jo
over his laleit s nsatlon J achlevnmen
I by which he haj reduced trajnsatlftnll
tiiivel lo the msgnlllcenlly brief mall
of four lajs and fifteen hOI thr
liours and forly minutes bet lor thn
th Lusltunlis previous bent
It Was 1 glorlow run for the rl7zled I
jiul weatherworn vetrran doubly
pleiushiK to him ai he han tendered his
nvlxnatlon to the Cunard Company I
and wll soon settle down to wind out
his allolted time In tne quiet repusvi
II of a littli HrlllJh seaport town
Commodore Watt Is sixtysix yean
old three years above the age limit
fixed by the Cunnrd Companys rules I
arm with almost a nail canturv o I
hononiblo kervlce lo his credit
I Delayed at Queenstown
I Before the Uisltanla cleared Daunts
1 nock at 1110 last Sunday morning Capt
Watts resignation was on Its way to
the big chiefs In the Cunard Company
London office The worldbeating tur
I bine had never been In better trim
j the eu never smoother nnd the weather
I never so promising Capt Walt hid
I hoped to rash by the rock early In the
I morning and innke a memorable
achievement by bringing the Lusdtnnla
put tluarantlne and Into her dock yen
tprday afternoon But thee was an
annoying delay at Qucnstown n three
hours That wa all that preented
the fourday run from dock lo dock
Monday noon Skipper Watt hung up
another record of CW natutlcal miles
many leagues better than any other
tl sm hln In the world hos ever done
Hr > id winds caupod a slight falling off
for tha necond full days run but the
Igures Sil miles makes It mnntbist
thit Iultanla did nol crawl
Head Wind Slowed Her
The Wednesday run was KW mllos nnd
on Thuraday with itlll brisker head
nlids to buck Uii lust shn could do In I
twentytour hours was tilO knoU Be
tween noon yesterday ant 930 P 1
when ihe Cunurdu lashed by the Sandy
Hook Mgnt she reeled off jr knots
For the entire run the expieis of the
Western tens av raged 2JW knots still i
another new record and according to
onn pasunKr A confounded sight I
better than they d on the Eric The
Lusluulu had covered all told LTsl
nilei and burned almost JlW north of
coal for each nill 5SJOKJ worth for the
vovairi Hut this enormous expense
and oilier minor expenses Ire party I
covered 11 the suUention the gts
I from th6 British Ooveinment On every
I day of leI run her furnace ate up iiuo
ions of coal
Prltchard to Succeed Him
Capt Watt expects that his resigna
tion will b noo pted early In Ootobur
I by whkh lime the Mauritania will have
pone Into dry dock for the winter Lusl
i lanla sister haa boa practically a
I crlppla all summer ant It will take the j
entire winter to put her In condition i
again Her sklppej Capt John Prltch I
ard will I Is slid Tjcceed John n I
I Watt ai commander of the Iusltunla
i i and comnvvlore ofthe Cunard lleot
I Im gottlnf pretty well along now I
said Capt Watt today and I dont
want to break down In tho harness I
i want to take some of my good health I
into retirement But of course I leave I
all this to my suprlors They couldnt I
cet a bet man than lritoharl to au
caed m t II
Jumped in th Same Place After
I Having a Good Time Last
I WIHUun I Mclhorson c ntyslx of
No 301 West Twentythird stre X
I jumprJ llto tI Nortti niver from th
bulkhead at the foot o Twentyfourth
I utreet Ialn tody and 1 hmlej out
He did the tune thing at Die win
plnoe ttiref tiwntln ago and waa iKiuled
out He was takin today to th same
hospital rht New York by the same
sureon Or Monrwi ind similarly as
las tlmo was tmnsforrnl to 11 eV
a prtsuner
At tht hum of the young man wihm
lit llv < llth his Itt Miung child and
parents It was ald In has a habit of
lumping mt the river on mornings
ifter He WI reacueil todM by
VlUUm Bherwood ul No 515 Wt
I sht I
Tt I
CAPT VA rr wnn
I itiviS iu AIT A JA
IV1 TI ssiccr <
COM Jll7
RbL R btT
J CK b RMLtr I
I Loot Two Apartments in
j House Where Burglar
I Once Lived
From thi big apartment houne at Nn
101 West One Hundred nnd iuhtys < > c
onil street where Jack Gonnley thos
lurlar lived In retirement before he
gave himself up the police of the West
One Hundred and Ilflsecond Struct
Station learned todnv thai burglau
had InvaiHd the top floor luring the
I night and cleaned out two aparlnmnls
Tloy nre the apirtmonts of Freoman
I Hlnodgood jr and ClaroniH W llihn I
jirufos or of biology at the High Hihont
of Commerce Both families lire In the
I country
i The burglars weit > skillful oporatois
to both plnco are equipped with burg
lar alaims I wxwld seem that Iha t
cnnknmon kJitnv ntiout tile burglar
alarms lor boforn Jlmniylm tlmlr war
into the tat limy shorlclniilled all
tht ftleolilo wires on the floor Thfj
did nol leave an article of vnlu In
either aiiirlment ant It Is bolli veil thu
loot Is worth sevoixil tliousantli of dol1
lal J I
Itiilwtlws who vHted the plundered Iii
apartments today snld that although
In Sing Kinc nt present J irk Oormleyi
was probably al tin Ixillom o th rob
biry having tipped off somo of his pals
as to the ease with which Ui upirt i
ments might be Invaded
In the smnc neighborhood muiv rob
beries and Attempted robberies have
been leported recently A few nights
ago burglars made a strenuous effort
to K ut Into the lloman CatholV Church
of St iilaheth at Ono Hundred ant
IJljrhtvseventh street nnd Hroailwa >
Destroying a look of one of the itell
nsk doors In Val the outside panel I
vva Inmmereil off The Inside panel
resisted tho assault of Jimmy nnd ham
mer so that no entry was made Th
cracksmen were nrobablv frlghtned oft
The night before last Homor D Wilson
son win was living alone In No J
West One Hundred and IMghtyelghth
street was awakened by a nol In Iha
front rooms of his third floor apart
mont Seeing burglars at work ho
yelled and then tied down the front
slilrs The burglars were as frlghlened I
at he and led down the fire escape i
lleulng behind utbles worth f3W that I
they had plCk ll lP
Following tha example of Police Com1
mlMiuier lilngham of Manhattan Cnlef
u 1ilico Monahan of Jersey City his
tirted a crusade against noise Our
rvirtHse sull Chief Mn ihan Is to
make Jersey City A nolwle city
take nlong
GrapeNuts i
It furnshes srfngth and enduranv I
There a Reason
I rederick lfni < t 81 Years Old
Mucked by Paralysis and
Dies in Torture
l Janvier With Whom He
Lived in Harlem Discov
ers the Bdy i
Im r illlce was notHM to
H of lin1 vrildlni to don i in 1ioile
II I Knnl 11lltIII ycais nld i re
Id 111 i ai iin > tddnr In n1 Sinta
I ola Apaini nls No j Vrt Una
i nil 0 0 i lihtliltd stinL Id
II ii SlIIIj1 illl Iluh
PI Mr ilo Mrs Ch 11
hll Is i lamriHT uid Io n iun l
1 idjjm i mis In inn i puic i
IIIIIlt mi 01 11 ii ii id inj lit
1C ljlt l > 1 IIJ h l < IvCMI
ril par ls id Will Ulllli I i I >
rt L f Sli ll I in j fiAtu
lilt tub
J allel In tho ienini M rnn lud n
luc CIHSH vvi Ii an old mn lliiry
101111 lie had rII to Is luxa
irh anil uinlos eil nuilly lid ire
nlilnmhl Mrs Thorpe luseil il3 loom
iricl was urpil ril to Iind the bed
ii > y Shu itiinl oul lo him nnd not
in iiswi1 Thii shu vint to tho haUl
al i
Daughter Found Body
i l IK i gas slit saw Iho bod
1 iiher almost submerged the I
i it 1 i i II ni 14 hto iho tub fullcock
il I 11 iiK 1 tie side Aided by
er liusbaiid she ilfteil thu old mitnt
iv oi f tlio ttb and Or Krancli 1
iiliktinii nt No iiJ esi One Hun
re1 and KlKiitythlid streot was tent
I 1 I mal 110 RufC rCll Creq4er1Uy
ftoiii iiinibiiiSh of llu cirennlic mU
Ihs blond w us to thin that im cbKlnesi
iliiui iit afpel1 nun He louni rellnf
Irom mis ii ht baths Ihu vay Ur
llrlnknun rcasjinil out what happcntd
wU i
Mr Urnst had pully tllloil Hie tub
with waim watiT und got In Then as
I thi walr was nut wirm i tirmgh he al
low oil It to run When It came llmu <
I for Im to Hun It olf lila strength hud
UTt him I
Kiliyht hud iiffRravaloil his feeble
nc s and made It illllluilt fot him I
In < r > t Ult In his strug liS to sum
innn ry ho hid brought on the horn
j orrhaiii vvMrh with the sculillntf wiilor
cansiMl his death
Ilcuilnr that tho tub would fll to
the lop In half an hour the old man
II tOj
was rrobublv dvlng for al least that
tlnw lighting fur Ills llf until Ibfl lvsl
lie Iind hold hla In d above water until
he died Kvoiv Inoh uf His hoily to hie I
chin was Icnibly irildcil
Tin oil mal reHiiM fmm biislnf S six
invirs ago lls tillnrliH establishment I
was nt TwontvFovcnlti stieit Iud Firth
1 avtntio I Is now conducted by his son
j John II Ilrnst
I II limit win n Plfth avenue tailor
to fon > jiHii Tluee ers ngo hn
suffond a sllclt stroke of oaraysis
railv III1 inns Hid lg lifln nffictod f
I j
The Last Stages
of eye trouble arc only possible f
if the first c
you neglect trst stage
TIlt old saying Procrastina
tion is the thief of time is 1
doubly true of neglecting your
eye Particularly so when i
costs you nothing to consul
PHYSICIANS who are skilled
OCULISTS and leirn the true
conditions of you eyesight c
Harris Glasses 1
if you need them Stand more t
UUtoMis I
54 EAST 23D STNelr Fourth ATO
54 WEST 125TH STNear Lenox Ave
412COLUDIBUSAVE8lst 82d Sti
= BROOKLYN 489 Fulton StOp AS
t I
When askcil if she would nurry
Oh no the nulcUri said
Id nther own a pony
And drive about Instead
But when her lover promised
Through World Want Ms to ge
A ore ind Carrlne bargain
O course she sid shed wed
i J J
h i

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