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i 2gooooo FiNE
t APD I u D
t iii I LML il j I 11
Bonaparte Strikes at Cirossciip
and Defends landj in
Standard Oil Case
Takes Issue on All Important
Points of Reversal and
i Vants Rehearing
CHICAGO tiff II ttornfv Goneal
Bonapirte today flleJ In the tnl d
BtatM Circuit Court of Appctli his ap
plication for a rolieannsr 11 the rcora
of he j COD COO line decision In the Stan
dird Oil case The Attorney Genera
takes l sue with the court on all the
sienlil points of the rullns recently
r handed down here
The Government contends vljroroulv
and with lefeiinceo to the record that
the reversal of the cafe so far as the
r llng of the trial Judge with refewnco
tt ignorance on the pait of the ship
per as a defense Is concerned is based
on a mlSbtJitement by live court of tho
r cord in the case as to the admission
ol the evidence and to a mlsunder
tandlns bj the court ot what tho
trlnI judge ruled with reference to the
admission of evlclonce and how he
really charged the jury
Mr Bonaparte cites the opinion of
Presiding Judge Gro scup In the case
of United tales vs Hanlev Tl Ted
Rep 6T2 C73 III which that Judge laid
down an exactly contrary rule to the
ope to Which he laid down In the Stand
ard Oil fare
fit is further assertod that the Court
ef Appoals hat done a great Injustice to
Trial Judge Landis in misstating what
lir did In connection with the Imposi
tion ot the tIne on the Standard Oil
Tho Irctidt Court of Appeals In Its
opinion charges that Judge Landls is
timed to fine the Standard Oil Com
pany of New Jersey and Impoied the
large line for the reason that he was
Atlaflert that the Stan < l rj Oil Corn
pan of New Jersey was not a vIrgin
f Defends Judge Landis
The Government shows In Its petition
that Judge Landis never referred to the
Standard Oil Company of New Jersey
In this connection and that the lan
guage used was used In connection with
the Standard 011 Company of Indiana
and that nowhere were the proceedings
directed or pretended to be directed
against the Standard Oil Company of
New Jersey
Issue Is taken with the Court of
Appeals that Judge Landlia pro
ceedlng In this case amounej to a
itrange doctrine In AngloSaxon Juris
prudence and says that tho proceed
logs of JUdge lieidis are In accordance
wUh the rule of procedure pointed out
by Mr Bishop In his wort on criminal
law as one of tile elementary prlncl
pies of that jurisprudence recognized
from the earlost dar
The Government takes Issue with the
Circuit Court of Appeals as to Its prop
litton that a defendant cannot be fined
more than the alue of the
which ho possesses and states that this
rule Is an Innova lion In crnnH law
and If applied would destroy the en
forcement of most statutes
Standard Oil Fronts
It apJ > oars from the record In the
Circuit Court of Appenh that the net
Profit ot the bU8in s ot tile StandaQ
Oil C1mpanr ot Indiana the corpora I
tln that JUdge Landis fined tIJr the
ears durinI which the Iolallons ot
the law for
wnlch It
was convicted
were wmniltted and
including the
10 which It sae UlclPc1 year
6pIg8 a
f33s38Q amOunted to I
On this point the patltlor states I
We respectfully call the attention o
the court to tne btir mont at ti e sTanl
eN 01 Conpany of Intfana U
ana on tile In
this case referred to hy lhfl
Its opinion and Von
proper for
oonilderttlon In dfcrmln whethj or I
not the penalty was excessive
The punlshmeit tnercture Mr
Bonaparte laYS in no more Mr
than Is InflictPd lip in n letter car
tier who steals a letter md
sent to the flenHtnllar tar
S2J Lv three
thereby depriving him of his earning
capoity for tint time It I Mt near
ly o severe is the minimum D naltv
of live years In the penllratlarv Imposed
upon I banker who misapplies the
und 01 his bank
The Government claims that on ac
Count ot the size or the fine alone
there Is no nce ltj for a retrial of
tile cnse that the Circuit Cnnt of
Appeils mn Itself nnnjn tiP fle
which fhould be Irepopl an1 call
UIKI > the court to do to In rut II ai
herpi to the view that Ji < lzi 11nli
nbii rd hi < discretion ii imposing so
large a fine
The Oran Jury sllllluned j IIr1e
CfliUt Justice Tenfharrt at th > rei t
of Oov Fort to eitldtc gmllln
and Sundaj liquor telling In Atlrntk
City V J hsjan Us sitz on hcic to
dij after listening to a ohirgf ty Jus
tice Trcnchixirl In nnlci ho doniani d
that Indictments tie found again 110
litor of the IHshups low and othe
Stale laws
Th Jutlcr declared that gsmlillnc In
the resort mu t corn to A halt HP re
viewed the p3l lani < of the Hsliops
lav hlh prnhlhltx the aule of 1Illior
on Sunda jml corttlnleil h de j nine
Jnc Itfepofs of dIves and toe < Ius
of vulgir rftil anl In hl fnv
he touched m < > i 1I11rlknllr every pMiu
brought oil In Uluitlo Ity b thp rt
o cnt InvenlltjBtlon hy th htmp Fvd i
Conintl lon whlci fcui 1 that llquoi
i was oli openly on Sinlays Ilr iir ed
t th jurors to make a ist HIOPHICT
InqMh f ill indict In nl linanci1 trc
the pliertH KI wnrriiit d great
crowd was In the COurt roou
76 PerIshed In Msypole Mine
WIOAl nllHI Ailif 111 Is n
known that vcntilx innierf psrUim
In the explosion and t lire tnit fl
e lowetl II In the Anole mine rimllnc
that It wiuld IM lmpi < 5 hlf to reccvir
the bodle st I In LIP pt the fire hiv
ing taken sncn a rtrm hold the direc
tor hare decided It lsd the mine
DENY 50000
Supt Mair of Millionaires
Estate Says Nothing
Has Been Stolen
OAKDALE L I Aug Alexandor
llair superintwiderit of the country
seat here of Commodore Frederick G
Bourne today denied that there Wall
any foundation fir a niiblliiod story
that Jewels alued at 55 J had btcn
stolen from Indian Nek Hill Commo I
dore Bourne home
I You may deny on my authority
said Mr Main that there has hpen
i any rebY here If there had been
II certainly woud have hfinl of 1 but
I 1me heard of nothing of the hind
I cannot Imagine how such a story
couM have been started as there is no
foundation for it
I Mr Malr w < asked wlother an at
tempt to rob the Bournn residence had I
I not been made last winter and he
answered That attempt exKed onl >
In the Imarlmtlnn of a vatehnn
In Ke rusn last a nsht atciraa
at the Bourne estate and anihe em
ploYEe were reported to hat exciiaiiv
rhotJ with two men no ad itn
caught rronlln ainunil the hous Sf
parent eelliv a chance to trea I
Accordlnc to the latest story of t
robbrj at the Uourno home the b
glara stole 530001 worn of dam r
and other gems tram a wret trenetrc I
j mamljer In the hoiuc and thrc wi
roason to susne t that some or
norkmn engaged In makIng etisnslve
alterations on tlie villa wore concT3i
In the he robber I
uperliitpiidint Mair slid that a Uge
numiicr of wornlen had bean crip MJ
Iin nallns ilfntons al tte 5 I
I v left here tiren or four months ago
but that thaI 13d been no artery
anl msciiuin > lj rm f te work
men wai 1ldr H PKU
nU0l IIJ I L
I Shoot Down enihr nf Jew
sh Family and Finish the
Carnage at Hospital
ST pCTtnisnrno AUC 21 w
haM rpnclitd this city of the v nl1lfI1I
taken bv tevolutonii of Ytirievka 10
tclRtTlnosjav 1rovn ip i i Jewl
fun l > named Kdfll in who were iI
uped of clVInc tnfornntinu to the RU
thoritlc refordlns fit tlvltlf i M liV
HKtatoM They went to PIe l P tp n
ho i e lit rlsit ana threw tv i Ijib5
ihi > aii th > window hey then ronoil
01 tii piemDPis of the 1Ili w1 i
volvim find shot to lev lie Hh r
and daUht0r n v tn i i < t InJ I r
IHIfl The moth jn H onm hw
ant tw i frnn < l oni rr rltr
wound i
After Iii 1 murriernu on hulit the
I revolutionists timpnaiin t ir1 ui4
i tint > for tii wounded nas inniunM
In the rlrF of a coup if hfiii It
vUtinm wlo were till iv hid been
renveyed to o boiiiu Nit jitKflcd
with IJr veI1ane 1101 IS
row a wctlB tilled valid nf nujiit tt
or flftv iicn dfJCndol vtn < hi TH
ilitl otopoA < r l th Iiurc sod
uul ind shot he inthfr ml tort to
dath after wnkh they miJe tliilr f t
l roI to
i GODNCE 1852
i Many FurnishedRoom House
1 Owners Caught by Notes
of Ancient Vintage
i Sixteen compalntB have been made
i since last Saturday to Police Headiuar I
tens by furnl hed room home owners I
rho were swindled by two men All
aid the men engaged rooms and paid
for them with 3 and 310 nite declaring
that The Bink of tho Republic Wa h
Inton D C will pay live or tn lot
Hrs on donnnd to b arer Sept 1 ITO
The president nnd troiuiers lgna
tunes WEre lacking on the blllj In
i Herr liitinc the men Nt from 3 t r
In Rood cane I
I < > te thc Urown ant GJDr1 last
I ight arrested to m > n In front of
Mils Mole No 0 Seventh avenue anrt
Thlrtj IMli jtrnet rliu gao their
namt > as John Lynch thirty of Boston
and John Mcfue twontxelKht nf Worcester i
ce ter Both tald they were stopp I
at Mlls Hotl N They were ar
rlgned before litrato Crane In
the jefferson Krkot Otl1t to iv on
i hort affidavit chargiti thnn vttii
hulntf aaset a II1 and a 15 bill ot
the currency desulicd on MIss Hen
nit J riun of No 115 Wash n ton
1 ICH tlss Jirman Identified L1 nch
th P flotfthe aid a < Ine of the men
but failed to Uifntfy McCue TOP prls
tnlr wri held in KM tell cacti for
tam nation mdax morning
Kiernan Failed to Close Door
and Vas Tossed Out on I
His Head
Edward Kiernan a nbwaj uand
was snapped nit hlr train on the ele
vated cvnslon of the Siuvvaj i t One
Hun lrert and rieventyItth street the
Bronx this afternoon aid ding rously
The rain had jUt passed the One
Ilutrtrcd a nl Sevonvsfvonth ptret
atlcn jro HK south and Kiernan had
not < loel th door of his iard the
th rd At tin iarp euiu he wa < Joleil
IIli ralIlI in Is tad tile tin pace
Ih 1 n i h1 ns tIed Into another sti
I i to Kl in was iili < td lie
vttJ Hind on the pith beside the
trke hy tWJ ti kiini and rarrlnd to
t i Ore Hunlipci mind hevenlyeenili
Mrw t utallon lie wan njnrrd Into
nil iLmil i ii ill 4 luzr plaits II
w is l IKI n tn IdI laus JrgpitaL lie a
I Went YX Vatr od nureil and
livi sit V I 2t Ea tyftfth Street
I PUMlR Mes VH c JIho polke
I announced tola v that they hail evl1
denis mm Pal h Pall the sIxteen
year olsl girl whose body IU found I
several das ago IT te oond by the
electric lgiit Murn had OHm jilted two I
w eKe i her < I iti 03 A ojng
miin an attuch of ttc park at for ii
lihl oct tIme polcp hold U the key I
t j the yRry of t1 f suicIde of the
oung and prett KPindnleco of Wlii
liim Marsh Hire A rntrlbutnrt mo
110 they si > may hare ben slip
1IIPel by the ilrl t embarra sinpn nver I
o > flp Her eiisr sIster l < lAid to have
imiied her the day before ho ian
t tctd
I The Davis famllv itlll hold to the
nnrile theory Tie analjjls cf tile
itomach is unfinished i
4 1 J HI
1oI000000 BABY
Daughter Seeks to Take
40000000 Estate fronl
Mrs Browns Control
Mrs Sherman rings Action
I Said to De Indorsed
j by Relaives
Mn John Carter Bron whose fa
vorite grandson Is John Nicholas
Brown who nai called a few rears
ago the JlOOiVWJ baby the richest In
the world Is deIared by her daughtw
Mrs William Watts Sherman to 1tI In
capable of managlnK her own affairs
anJ two petitions hale been died In
the Probate Court at Newport It I
neklne to have guardians appointed
for her person and estate
Mrs John Carter Browna fortune Is
estimated to bo worth more than
IVOuOOOO She Is elshtythret years
Mrs Shermans petitions ask that she
be appointed guardian of her mothers
person and that Frank W Matteson i
of Providence for many years the I
family lawyer be put In charge of the
eitttM The action Is understood to I
have the Indortncn of all Mrs I
Brown relative
Gossip In Newport however Is bur I
with speculation as to the probable
cause of the application According to I
a story going the rounds among the
cottagers It was to counteract the In
fljenco of one of Mr Browns nurs s
on the aged woman that the action
was taken The woman to whom the
tory refers U at time head of Mrs
Browns staff of four nurses and In
variably accompanies her when she
drives or travels
The petitions will be heard In the
Probate Court at Newport on Mondaj
Mrs Brown Is the widow of John
Carter Brown who with the late Rob
ert If Ives founder of the Gammell
fortune made million lo the banking
bnlnpi of this State She had two
sons John Nicholas faro ii uti 1 Itald
Brown who died In New York about
ten rear ago within a few hours of
each other The former left one son
who when he reaches the liKe of twen
tyone years will be one of the wealth
est young men In the country To him
til < father and uncle left practically all
their e tatei
Southern Pacific One of the
Few Exceptions Goes to Par
a New High Record
RealIzing sales were on a large scale
In the stock narkt early todas and
mot of tile Important itocki were de
pressed New York Central Grett Noi
them preferred American SmtitliiK and
Amalgamated Copper gave mj I nd
M Ixiul i fsn FrRiulM M pn
furred 1 12 LoulMilU i Naslivillj im
proved a point and tte Harriman
stock also gave evldfiicu JI support
Southern Piclfk Attaining new high
record price at W Prices sic jtlll
down in later dealing
A ratttssful mid on nk Idaud pre I
ferred rind S Iml han Kran lsco
Jd pre terree In tile afternoon depressed
ueiii 4 and 41 respectively anti icop 1
ped the rlt iljewnere The general
market did not tall much and suitutli
ened subsequently when Loin Iaiilc I
jnd Southern Pacific lest is aJvancc I
and tht entire nisrknt weakened BllIll
doted heavy
The total number of sales 601 r < M I
imris b nds SW000
The Cloning lluofatlnni I
Td1i i hi nheit IOTKI and closrt prices I
aid nl chinpo of stocks from fter4i i I
flhJ1 uotillori art an f teas
Hlrh Ixitr C1a < Wft
Allli Jlm 114 IM lIs
AIII thlllll tt lilt VI jlt J t
om1 Copper 77 7fij To i
Am Cur A Jr tJI 1 < i 41
Am < Von Oil Hj I s
Am Ics lo OS i II I
Am Iscntnotivi iti Ji M I
im Malt S 7 r F I
Am Mvt pf 4 V 4
Vrr > ir Htt IIi 11 Ir I
Am < = in i r ins IfH IO
m rob o Ir 9i II iiI
Asia nIl M line 4T IT 414
At T A F Vi 7 KV +
itjii t yif > vi < uti 1o a4 h
llr > IHn R T 2 M 1 T Vi
Ieat leHher 21 2 1
nn 1iclfli no f11 7it i
i hlc 11 Vi nil ilJ rij
nl 1111 k Irnnl1 tl a > T i
tol South I r1u4 J + i
ol Sou II pf nivrt r IN i
Iorn trot in Pj lrii nn i
nitt tl ron tS1 1H Ins I k
II < t v All T4 J Jli u
Krle 13 221 i i
ii4n lie 1H Ml 141
lit Ncr ft UV U 111U I
III Centra 1311i lOfti 1i4 4 i
lulu l Nash tflj 10SH Ui + 1j I
M st JJ l HJ 112 Irt
MA K t T 11 i 1li 1 Ili J t1
Un la 1 viI1 14
Nit 11rt ivj < 1i iv
s Y entnl lOJi lo II
N Y i k il I ii aai l I
Oherll IirUIr Hl 1111 Ilia
alarm H W < t j i i 41 12 +
p avarla PilJ 11X 111 I
e 5leI srtn 4 12 11 t
I IIIIT m4 uis ic 11 <
Slut n ai 21 + k t
H c FIPI I 7P 77s 77 Ii C
Itfr Ilarl I r u ni I
Rwk lulnnil V T1 i i1 77 l
Q h ffln l ill i ni HI I
uth 1itlflo lisin irt < os i
South 11 IH lMt KT
M 4 S F Slpf 24 Irt M 41
C u W pf ttt1 aet c i4t
Ttnn Coyr r J71 p H 2 i74
n t Wt 2 CJ fI 1 I
T M t t W pf vri tj sij I
in IIAK A Mptr y sv 8 A i
1fl n A Ipr rt M 04 IM + j I
tnin taclffc U > IWi tall 4 I
Ii Pslf1 tn Wi cI j 14
I > Kuh tf K11 liij KH i
t iI 1 I u 4t4
I 1 1I1 11 11 > > 11 11514 IMI
noh rirc r 4 > 44 11
Vlrr r M tn1 77 2
nut r AM mi tn 114 a
W1 fn Tel Ui JJIl t 4i
WI Inl 2S 4 II
Adunf Decline
JI il
Herald Square Theatre Benefit
I Has Greatest Bill Ever
Tickets Should Be Bought
Now to Secure Choice
Seats at Performance
For Evening World Sick Babies
Fund at HcraW Square Then
I Ire Sunday Sight Aug S3
14 8A4t J RYAN I
i > WuuWrtcLnJ
The galaxy of muslcil comedr start
who have offer d their specialties to
help suffering Infants through The
Evening World Sick Babies Fund
will on Sunday night make the Herald
Square benefit one of the moat enjoy
able attractions ever offered In Man
artist this remark I
hattan nerj on
able bill I alone worth buying a ticket
to see and hoar and from present Indl
cations It Ls lute to say that the com 1
blnatlon of these twenty or more stars
Is destined to make the event one of
tho foremost financial as well at artls 1
tie successes of the season
The Herald Square Theatre ti sure I
to be cool whether or not the ther
mometer Is soaring to dizzy heights i
for the house Is tooled by huge blocks
of ice and an abundance of electric fan 1
Mr De Wilt 0 Coulnum ar will it
as musical director wll conduct an
extra large orchestra so that the must
cal acts may hale the proper support
i iiiiiiiniuI I
i Vnlr to the tans wflo are con I
IrllMiLl their tml M ti the boe
fit to If Ml U tev Fleo ll r
aM xiuare Tb lIre bunlu een
Irw Aui 33 Krhcarimi wit Lot
I held ftt IP M ujidav Please
mport prompt Iv ant MK I
I ta e Manietr
Ticket are now on sale for the big
bcnetU and If yOU have not yet ecured
your eats stop at the Hera d Square i
Ihenttc boxoTIp fIlfl SjU pur
chased n ad irce will not only procure
yell a point of vantage but will asSist I
the man eniont of the benefit in triv
Ing to pruvent speculators from tecur
inc seat
Mr C T Eniley will receive all com
rmmloatlons at the Herald Square
A contribution has been received for
the Sick nsbl Fund of II from the
Brookbn staff of the Ptudentla Insur
once Compan of America
Tie little luffardri in the tenements I
of New York will benefit materlallj by
the bazaar fete and musicale to to given I
In the Hotel Far Itcokawav torrarroir
nljnt A committee of the women liv
ing In the hotel ana others In the ho
tels and cottage In the vicinity has
been busy In the effort to make the
occasion a memorahe one In the his 1
tory of tils popular seaside resort
Man handscmo and valuable prizes
will be allotted to the fortunate vlii
ors among which are a J75 Victor1
phono tAph flonited hySo Uloom the
Talking Machine Kflg a masninwntl
den let by Jeff Kelly ancient Su i
maral Tspanese tea town bv Mrs I
Panle ORelb rue of Stumm or i
Manns rhipslM IrtsR IInent tahiti
set by Charle E KennY silver t I
by Wi item J Wright Tammanv leader I
of the Thlrtnrst District tendolltrl
gold piece bv Con Sehmltt the drep
sea exp 01 of the Jamaica relH Club I
mcont Irish silver cross bv 1 J
Conway the first Irishman to tH foot
in rvernt I order for fine epla por
traits bTiidward F Fole the Fifth
avenue photographer of celebrities ill
vermounted plfhM bv Assemblyman
Goldberg who 11 to Introlucc a bill
for tree nurstr i for sick children I
and scores of other desirable article
There will be some excellent vocal I
and muScat talent under the direction I
nf MIss Punny and Mrs Spencer The
1101111 tho hote will be beautifully I
tIlt ml nntel
Pile tol1olln commlttK has worked I
111111 to ma < e the Tttlr a success I
Mn C n Sfriillt Mm U P Mflxurtlln
Mm Philip II Faber Mrs J J MrMw I
Mn F3 rulhtn Mr N T Cronin
Mrs A 1 lyn11 Mrs J taut
Mr < J MI S vioy Mr A I tinzahl
Sir V I twort XM frink MjrVj
Mn W Cunn nitham Mrs T I Olnimlns
MM Allr1m len Mr Starry J < hot
Mn M Slcvh Mrs n U flare
Miss I lUni Mr II I rnhiln
Mil M J fowrovf Mri I J Cnnway
Mr f F Kenny 311s Mario Rrche
lls Kittvn Itvhf tIM Dunn
tn J I > nni > h Mrs St II limjn
Mrl p 5 G > < < h > xan V n I V riB ej
Mm inh Stoic Mn F McGovern
Mr t MtildlItn
HEHINGSUORr Prussia Auft 31 I
Tne bride of a wick of Proto Rudolph
3pit7er of StcmberB Mecklenbers
hchwerln today threw herself from I
the top of the Bismarck Toner here
alllnB I2 M feet to the bottom nf tho
cliffs upon which the tower Is built
The couple cane here on their honey
The woman left a note addressed to
her htiftbiml asking his forgiveness and
ri luting that he murr niv thor wom
an with whom he Jud be more hapy
Prior to their marriage the pair had
tiC fn cmraued for ten years I
rxjndltlon of Illshop lIernard Jlcyuald I
wlio inlKpsed vt < ri1iv while spOk
in at the ijfilkvttorx services at St
ntrrmrds seminary In improved toaiv
nnd the veteran prot M not con14 I
red to be In any immediate danger
Appreciate His Action in Send
ing Battleship Fleet to
Their Country
OYSTEK BAT Allf tUpon the
Arrival of the American fleet at Sydney
New South Wales the President reo
c hed through the British Charge dAf
feireN the following telegram from the
GovernorGeneral and Government of
the Commonwealth of Australia
AustralIans hundreds of thousands
of whom TO gathered on shores of
SUniy Harbor to welcome the bnttlo
ship fleet of the United States at this
icment entering the eastern gateway
lot this continent unite In cordial greet
ings to President Roosevelt The peo
I plu of the Commonwealth gratefully
appreciate the generous response lo
their invitation liy the Pro ldtnt and
clllcent of the great republic and re
JuIce In the opportunity afforded by this
demonstration of the might of Ameri
can naval power to express their sin
cere admiration of your saIlors and
their eiteem and affection for the coun
try whose glorious flax they hop to
re always floating beside that of their
mother land
When Seirctarj Iorster returned
from a night visit to the President at
an early hour this morning the Presl
dent sent tills telegram in response
OYSTER HAY N Y dg 21 1918
The lirttUh Charge Affilrei Man
cheater Mass i
Through you I have Just received
the cordial and kindly message from I
the OovernorGentral and Government I
of the Commonwealth of Australia and
I deIre to express In my turn to the
ernorQeneral And Government and
through them to the entire people of
the mighty Commonwealth of Austra
lia the appreciation which the Ameri
can people feel for their generous hoi
pltallty to the American fleet
The people of this Republic hold In
peculiar e teem and admiration the pee
pl of Australia and It was a fry
real pleasure for Die on behalf of the
nation to accept tne generous nosy
nlltj proffered by Australia to the
fleet on Its voyage of peace for the
American Navy Is a menace to no
Power but Is on tne contrary as we
belluve an asset of high Iruroituraj
In aeturlni the peace of Justice through
out the world I
SYDNUV N S W Auff 27 Fol
lowing the offlc al landirw of tho Ameri
can visitor today and their public re
ception bv the State and Commonwealth
authorities ilib > lty the harbor and lie
shipping were brill intl > illuminated
this evenlns The Governor of New
Hnuth Wales Sir harry Itanson gave
an official dinner at 7 oclock In honor
of the dlnnpr officers ml the Corn
monwfilth Government enteralneil toe
officers cailnrs and marines of tile fleet
at theit irtlen anti at other plw
of amusement
T1 < lu mi one were mot striking
inj the KOrnH u ppftncl OIS view M
bv an rowi tl1 tilled the streets j
nf Mlnev ti I lnt P hour
SHIVGTON Aug 21Cliile E
Mngoon rrol loal Governor of Cuba I
arrlvnl here today HP called on the
Secrctaij of Uar and had an extindeJ
conference with him Tho lOIdUOt scull
po to Oyster Bar Tuesday next and ex
pects to be back In Cuba by Sept I
GIV Cuba Hid hue caw no likelihood
of difficult In turning orer the islands
to the ftihin flovfnmtn soon Us
cooke In the Mghet terms concerning
the general conduct of the prople of
the Island I
The Governor was accompanied by his
military aide Cpt Jam s A Ryan I
Fifteenth Civalr i
Poachers Get Death Sentence I
VICTOHtA B C Aue ISews of
the seizure of another Japanese sealing
cruUer the Efuku Maru by Russians
for aliened raiding at the Copper Jsund
seal rookeries In the Kommanderounl
group Is brought by the steamer Shin
too Maru The schooner seas toned
to VUdUoitoek on Aug 1 Japanese
ntiwapULidrj roeieil oy the Shlnano
Maru comm nt hltlorly on the scntnce
uf six of the arrested seal hunters of
the seized schooner to death at Nloo
aisfeky for atmcklne the lIlards
Bears Force Fighting at the
Opening of Trading and
I Bulls Rush to Cover
The bull pool In cotton which has
tatm badly shattered during he past
week received a further walloping to
day amid fvenes on the Exchange that
Bordered on frenzy
Tho beam were out with their cud
gels at tho opening and beat down
prlrs the bulls bellowing their dls
inn slid ruJhlng to cover
The market opened down from 2 to 3
points The first quotation for Octo
ber cotton was SGI a lamentable de
I cline since young Mr 1 C Lhermore I
was heralded as a new cotton kIng and
a mllllondollaramlnut p ffcumer In
a bull corner
I Tho bears were lined up In force
Just waiting for an opening and thej
slun heavily when the reports mini
In from Liverpool showing that the
market there was suffering a severe
reaction The stop lost elllns of the I
bulls was very heavy In tho early
trading no effort being made to stead
pricivi and pitch up tho tottorlne props
of the crippled corner
I In the llrnt liulf hout of trnJuiR
October cotton Buffered u fall of 10
point or 50 cents to tho bale The j
i price was S61 then and the bears were i
dancing about with predictions that tho
end of the dar would see October sell
Ing for about S cents j
Since Mr Livermore and his alllss ex
ecuted what they expected rould be I
historic corner boosting the price of
the October staple to well above 9 cents
the buT have Indulged In a series ot
furious charge In the course of a
fortnight they hale hanm ied down
the Livermore holdings IM a bal and
haul he been stubborn enough to car
his original holdings of 300UO bales he
would have been nipped to tho tuno of
more than a million dollars
Say Livermore Hedged
But the current report today wai I
thnt the young man had hedged unl
hedged to advantitco at first n Ims III
ten thousand bale lots at the oirh
bivak and reillzln I handsome proft
lUt when the bottom slid o iIt titUrlv
from beneath lili oirir hr va i nm
pelleil to make heavy sacrIfices Timer
ser many oth < r opprUor In the pot I
with him hut In the panic It sync a i
iie nf even mtn for hImself and th
devil mite the hlndermost UvcrrKr
it it aid was no In the lilmlermni
rtinks when It eirr to snvlnsr his mn I
scalp flo hu los a hundred thou
sand or so hut to him that is a ma
ter unworthj of the oxclamalon Oh
Snnf of his followers wero rcpnrtel
to bo In a bad way toiHv ind soni
tons were looked for If the burs kept
up their successful pounding
Comfort for the Fat in Hot
Tnt Imply sie4 all your ilothlnir That
II mt t > < e wrt I lot jour tuttle cover
IngI that make life I r tcheJ fo you m >
stout frlendi but the fleshy covering the
5 t
You can lit mmftirtaile thouici fat In
the hot weather by reducing thi fal wIth
teaspoonful aster mull and nt teltinie r I
the toll wing 4 ounce Marmot 14 aun
Fluid Extract Cascara kromnatic ui1 J
mrrft Sirup slmpe Thli II I hirnles
Tome mtxturo that any druggist will eat u
for a email turn but It iuneli marit
Irasl Tt U and h 1 lllta nhll > o
Ilouia I r tailor a halt tn 1 irtunj o fa
a 1ST You will loan atdi Ui with con j
fort at that rat n matter how hot
gut Alluring tint It And when rot
rwillin hat tnls Inn niiv ian mefioj
takes ti fit off and fUfi ou a trim > lm I
fIgure nlfiojt causing wrinkle or lnttrffr
tag with ones dietIt bwoiiei more than
Huflnglti fascInatIng int folki tar 1
Comparisons Are Odious
And yet it seems necessary for
us to make them
How can we t induce you to try P G I
Naphtha Soap unless we can make you
realize that it is better than the soap you I
are now using
And how can we do that unless we
make comparisons
And so whether we like it or not we
rust say and we must keep on saying
P G Naphtha Soap is better than
any other naphtha Soap
It is better than ANY laundry soap I
It saves time trouble fuel and money
It makes clothes cleaner sweeter
brighter whiter than any
niRGA1B other soap no matter
p vt1pG 1p where its hame or what I
NAP1i I its name 1 I
5 eents a cake worth I more
Mrs lyiiilso Uce wife o lrnnaril
Udnr of NII lj H Jwl il avenue
lot HIiUo N 1 tsie tuiltiK fruit
a in I sealing the Jars wIth parifllno yes
tinUv when u iriit uf ulnit luuuud It 4
w blaic ftml Mr o ors cuwii tauBlit
tire Her hal bOania Icnlted and
while baatlne it out she was burned
badly on time lan nnd face Jlrs V
ii Powers n nekhbor ran to her as
dstonco In time to MVO her life
Every Dollars
Worth of
Must Be Sold
Nowls Your Chance
UIJ f a p
tor Sixth Avc 23d Street
Mens Serge Suits all sizes
sniffle and double
breasted worth Sli 3040
undiH at
lens Trousers of the S3 and
j quality some
with turnedup bot p 1 tOO
omv at
itefls Outing
Suits worth 12t 440 i
Iens 18 and 520
Fancy Worsted and ty 795
Outing suits at
I est Silk Lined Ser es
Worsteds u
the 25 grad cs 0 t Q 05
i21 10 worth of Men Fur
hilr Goods including
tUtl Sliirtr Nejilijjec
Shifts Liuler car aju Nck
ear at 3Jj cents on the
dollar ot former slltns
Lor Sixth Ae 23d Street
Open SatuUn > l ntll 0 oclock
i I i
r 2 I
lNC 5t rite TmM j C
NlOiMtT 15 111
tttiia p t I It IS Ii
lr ra I ruem e
lien Ca airette It
r litarv
PTjCCS 25O to 25OO
c evea
Larle > 1 mill Hiul UK in
UUutundt Ualthrii And Jenclrjr
In New orl
No flo > r rrtfflirr required
Cell or write for
IllmUatrd ttUlornc > o 44
37 Maiden Lane N Y
11 lnlfm St llronrtlrn
I t
Rent Free <
aoj an ne In 1 I oui like Ul sll I
tho rut of vour lIt wltxiut iwrlni
OM cent of rent mooney If yOU can ar
ran to maltt i imill first r
m 1h11 tNI rarnat
tosnI Ihl nurnha orlc nl one of
the unmf to b offered for ails o
Ihf plan throuth next Sun
Iye W Via
SUN nonin ADS tflEfflpp
TIUV Foil TUF nELTf hJAtttlt1y t
i i k 1
< o

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