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The Evening World Daily Magazine Tuesday ScpfenTber IT 1908
n Algeria Richer
fc in Golor and Music
CJ han in humor
M ssWBl L SIC when It dapper to be wiltten bv Victor Herbert hal charms
to soothe the vavage buok I don t mean to av bv this that the
1 rest of Aigeila by iJlen MacDonouKh Is llene as they say east
ot the bread line but merH to suggest tliit the enlivening spirit
of the new mus < al plnj HI the Uroadanv The tre last night was
first and last Herberts
As a matter of record Mr M icDonniighr famllUi old characters mnnag d to
limp along eiv well with Mr Heilmrts tripping xeore ulid tu shine In a rellcct
ed glory of trappings and setting thnl at times IICUil the eiitertnlnment Into the
high lights of spectacle Hut to kivp utrioth dnwn to the gilndstona of fact
Algeria proved rli her In color nnd melody than in hunror
There was n ilmricterlstlc Herbert VSIIB tll tlilnxi thanks laigoly to a con
ductor who was lleibeit In even thin hut mustache HP was Heibert In soul
In beat In ilrdiipolp lie might eiillj have bitn mistaken for Heibert In
ilsju e hul not the prO IRJ111111 b tn > ed him us John McGhle Another cheer
for our Inli athletes For It takes vii athlite to cope with a Herirrt score
and If HKe the composer he happen to be Irish the eminent fitness of things <
eciirs all the moie eminent I
Onlv Mr McOhlcs modestv can foe him to si > that he is not entitled to
the Marathon prize nf last nights performance To be sure there were others
who woiked foi the ttloiv of llrtertpilnclpajly a jouni and tuneful chorus
It was IIVMV fie chum ihnt inme tn the rescue when IIrrb rt hunc In the
balante like Taft on the political trapeze Young olres young tacp young
chan is took up songs that might otherwise have fallen and been carried off
to fiat hosp tal calld IVillire
Miss Ida nrooks Hunt wis there a a beauteous Sultana to look after the
hlsh notes and she was successful In soaring to the heaven set njlde for the
I musical coticil prlma donna Hut her lower resister was not among those pres
I ent Iien il mine to letting down Instead of letting loose as It were Miss Hunt
would live been lo t hut for the lustv assistance of the chorus For one thing
she seemed to b suffering from a cold nil of which went to show that iccldenti
will happen In the bet leguluted deserts She looked well and strong but at
times she n tid d verj weik Indeed I
MKs Harriet Hurt as nn American girl piaetlslng medicine and love sang as
though her throat had been spnjed before each number and looked like a i
musical coined edition of Miss 1aullne Frederick One could readily believe her
she ing Youll Keel noter Tlen with the assistance of Red Cross
choius nurses nho wrapped Mr William Pruette In love bandages This num
ber had the first stamp of < evcrncss nut Ak Her While the Band Is Play1
is sievv old enough for thf i rsinBrlntler as Miss Rurt made a plain bid for
a whistling nalleiv II Uroadwu never get above Twentyeighth street
Miss Hurt s feet nore the best part of her
T f < amp Old Two tli Ked ak > ng tunefullv n en with Mlcs Florence N uh
untjln her tongue In song and a volreleM oune man adding to the difficulty
The reliable rhoru wound up this musical bit of clockwork and kept It going
until the audlenre rin down Miss Xashs rrvlng Willi better than her alnging i
Tt the hou e elt like crjlng when she sang It certainly felt like laughing when
Ihp orled Iong ma she nrv
Mr William Pruette mad a nnx nr two the target for his boonrlns voice I
and Mr fjeorce I on Mnore a tenorlieutenant was better able to make him
Iflt heir In Iove Is Like a Clgnrettn than In a windstorm that swept away
his Ijrlcal lnemnklng at the elns of the first act i
Mr tteorge Mirlon also nngmav heaven forgive him He wal one of
thtee cmifdlan Rho to save their lives were willing to become nythlns
from inakf charmers to poets Mr Mnrlon sirvft Mmcelf In the eyej of the
tidlence by telling a fnakestorv that was a rattler His companion Mr Er
nest Iimbirt and Mr Wllllim Cameron made the best of bad parts
Hut why bother about trifle Go to Algeria and MM jour ear with Her1
btrl melN
She Belongs to All Nice Clubs
lo o women who write there Is tome
diversity of opinion about womens
AI duos Man > of th lst known writers are Identified with club life Ger i
trude Athnnon of course being the great exception and the newer one I
ire also dlvldfl among therrochei I am ery fond of clubs confesses Mtud
JUdford Warren who In being noticed 011 the author of the new Harper ncnel
The Land of Iho Living I belong to hair a dozen or 10 ot all norr merely
J loclal purely fashionable reall > Intellectual and solely philanthropic In ftort
I J I belong to til the nice clubs I can find
f t td 1ot 22 2 t u L
presence of fluent and It Is urtialb
easier for the young persons to get ac
qualnted when left to themselves
Will She Wait
Dtir Belt
A Eileen eepng company with a
HAVK lad for the pist six month
I Ine her dearlj and I know that
nh > thinks a great deal of me I < an
not at present make a living for two
and furthermore must look out for my
parents for a couplo of years at Icut j
I know It would almost break her hart I
if I left her Shall I tfve her up or
auk tier to wait a couple of jcnri I
do not think she would be willing to
wnlt 3 O C
Tell her frankly that though > ou love
her > ou cannot affoid to marry for
several year Ask her If she Ib milling
to wait for ou If she really loves you
shii will wait If she refuses to do RO
Y < lIl can do nothing but give her up
A birthday Present
Dear Bftt
HVVE b en going with a ung man
1 for thi past four months i would
like to know if silk hnndkerchlefi i
r > non n TVoTVVOO < t < vN I i > < t tMV Nt M < + 11 > t + i + H + > 1 M < t + < + H 11H + tItA M
M s
I Kj > jtj ti < ii v j i i i i iiiii 1IiM1toM1 > M
I I Redelation of 1
t m TH E Y 0 U N G CT R S j ° By Robert W ChamLers f
JTew yorK Society CL B n3i Author of the lirinf line < tml A t
Fighting Clinnce S
I > A 1 A A
t p < A A
The Evening World will carry
its stritl tory on this ptge and in
in petition every dty After
today it will be alwtyt prtcticalty
ol tt itme ilie This will make
it convenient for the reader to ciif
out the instalments and pin them
togethtr for tl e purpoia of filing
Cvppllhl IMS by D Appltton A Co1
11 ii LUll ieoplc
i < s w > ueur Jiitt s iw > uu jou
HY Su iir
Vuver heard anj thing definite
Uu ma trouble insibod ueraru
Oh jes slrl replied > jung hrroll
Ive heard a great deal about it
Evorjbodj has jou know
Well I dont know retorted Aus
tin Gerard irrltablj what everjbodj1
has heard but I suppose Its the usual
garbled version made up of distorted
fact and malicious gossip Thats why
1 fcent for you Sit down
Gerald Erroll seated himself on the
f dge of the big polished table tn Aus
tins private office one leg swinging
an unlighted cigarette between his lips
Austin Gerard his late guaidlan big
florid with that peculiar blue eye which
I seems to characterize hasty temper
stood by the window tossing up and
I ettchlng the glittering gold piece sou
enr at the directors meeting which
i 11t hid just left
j What hai happened he said Is
this Captain Selwyn Is back in town
ent up his card to me but they told
him I tvas attending a dleuura moot
Ing When the meeting was over I
found his card and a message scribbled
aaylng hed recently landed and was
jroing uptown to call on Nlm Shell
i keep him there of course until I get
home so i shall ee him this evening
I Now before jou meet him 1 want jou
to plainly undcistand tha truth about
pit ft this unfortunate affair nnd thats why I i
If I telephoned your gimleteyed friend 1
Keerjard Just now to lot you coma i
round here for half an hour
Thi boy nodded and drawing a gold
matchbox from his waistcoat pocket i
lighted his cigarette
Why the devil dont vnu smrko
Lrars1 growled Austin more to him
molt than to Oerald then pocketing
ne gold piece seated hlm clf heavily
ut his big leather deskchair
In the first plaw he said Cap
tain Selwyn is my brotherlnhw
wWoh wouldnt make an atom of dlf
ftrence to me In my judgment of what i
ha i happened If he had been at fault j
but the facts of the case are these
i Iff he1I up in lmpr sslv te flrs r
M4 Ws It U aCtOn Ull Urgt ruddy
di i
0 J
11 j
v vv vr
palm of the other hand First of all
he married a cat Cat cat Ii hat
clear Gerald I
Y s sir
Good1 What sort of a dsnee aho lEd
him out there In Manila Ive heard
Never mlnd that now What I want
ou to know is how he behaved with
I what quiet dignity steady patience and
sweet temper under constant provoca
tion and mortification he conducted
himself Then that fellow Ruthven
turned up and Selw n Is abos that
ort of suspicion Besides his scouts
took the Held within a week
He dropped a heav hlirhly colored
I Is1 on hlF desk with a bang
I r
i rt
l 1
Ill tell you what sort of a man
Philip tielwyn is lie vetmitted Aliie
to sue him lor absolute divorce and
o give her every chance to matry
After that hike Selw > n came back I
to find that AlUu had sailed with Jaofj
Hutlnen And whlt did he do take
legal measures tu free himself at > ou
or I or anybody with an ounce of
temper In im would hnvc done No
lie didnt That Infernal Selwjn con
crlenro > egan to gut busy maktng him i
believe that If a woman kicks oer
the traies It must be bintise of sonie I
oci nil shortcomlnn on his run In
ome way or other that man persuaded
himself of his noponilblllty for her
mlibehmlor He know what it meaiu I
If he didnt ask the taw to aid hlTt
to get rid qf her he knew perfectly
wrll that hi cllenco meant acknowl
eilzmcnt or culpability thit he couldnt
remiln In tht strIce under such iui
AlId now Oiraldt ew Uauid M
f qn I w
> f IiXX I ky1YtJfiX YiXi rfrolff yIcry fit fjr fXfiJfH I1
I The Newly weds Their Ba 13 Y 0 oJ
W e
f I Y tJUj > l a R l i Y CI O aeorse McMan us i
fu fi00C fffJfCoCY1M 91 1 iOJ iF X XX lX fiXIJX j 9 X X A
Ll LE vi tt
Nfw PREi < v < in i l
r p 1 H E fE lJ rJ
Ii C l
LClVE wEN rr
t CoME5
e If s
rM t
1 <
JtJl1 I
rmff i
LlI rf f
wlERE tO ou lq t
Betty Vincents Advice on Courtship and Marriage
Parents Are Present
Drir Brttr
a young girl of eighteen
QHOULD not keeping iteady com
U Pnv have her mother and family
In the room when t gentleman calls on
her A B
It Is customary for a young girls
parents to receive a caller and spend
part of the evening with him How
ever It Is perfectly proper for them to
leave the bwo young people alone for
a short while during the evening for
conversation Ii sometime stilled In the
f f 5VM >
tin striking his broad palm with ex
I tended forefinger and leaning heavily
forward Ill tell you what sort of A
I man Philip Selwyn Is He permitted
Allm to rue him for absolute divorce
and to flvu her very chance to marry
I Ruthten h refused to defend the null
That sort of chivalry ItI very Pic
turesque no doubt but It cost him
his career jet him adrift at thirty
I five a man branded is having beei
divorced from his wife for cause with I
no profession left him no business not
mueh money a man In the prime of
life and hope and ambition clean in1
tho rht and deedj an upright Just
generous sensitive man whose whole
career has been blasted because he
was too merciful too gercrous to
throw the blame where It belonged
And it belongs on the shoulders ot
that Mrs Jack RuthvenAllxs Ruth
ven whose name jou may see In the
columns of any paper
Aujtln stood up thrtut his big hands
Into his pockets pact < the room for
a few moments and halted bator
If any woman ever played me a
dlrtr trickhe wld Id eee that tho
I publla mode no mistake tn placing the
bUme Im that aorthe shrugged
Phil Selwyn Isnt thats the differ
ence and it may be In his favor from
an ethical point of view All right
let It go at that But all I meanl you
to understand U that he la every Inoi
I a man and when you have the honor
to meet him keep that fact In the back
of your head among the few brains
I with which Providence has frjulppel
I vou
1 Thanks said Gerald coloring up
He caM his cigarette Into the ompty
fireplace slid off the edge of the tab e
and picked up his hat Austin ejed
him without particular approval
You buy too many clothe l he oV
sened Thats a new suit Isnt If
I Certainly said Gerald I needjd
Oh1 If jou can afford it all right
Hows the nimble Mr Neer
gird 1
I girdM ergard Is flourishing We put
I through that Rose Valley deal I tell
i you what Austin I wish you could
see your way clear to finance one or
I two
Austins fnwn cut him short
f On all rUht You know your own
business of course said the lJo1Y il
little respectfully Only as Kane
Harmon Co have thought It wot
I Jont care what Fane Harmon t ri
think growled Austin toiiiili g n
bl ton over his desk Hii stcnngrap er
entered h nodded a cart dlsnils il to
Gerald adding a > the bo > reached
the door
Tour sister expects you to be 01
hand tonight and so da we
I Gerald halted
Id clean forgotten he bejjan I
mad u ratlm Important en
q II
< f n <
O i iii i
i f
r l
jr 1 S 1
fI > o
i I
tr <
tjI fr f
Hut Vutun vm not llsienlrr In fact h s den t nnosiiriT n i
hi bad iLrtadjr b iun to vU tte toi itood 4 momtnl iltatUia Ultl
would make a nice birth lay present to
Civs him P M
Silk handkerchiefs would make an tc
ceptable present Itnoild be a pretty
compliment to embroider his InlliU on
cfln Evening Wedding
3 ll proper to wear a Tuxedo suit at an
Is oclock P M wedding or would a
full dresj suit bs more appropriate
A r ir should wear a full dress sllt
at anj formal entertainment after 6
oclock In the evening
H i i + H + HH + i HH + r
tumid on his hCOl and went awai
flown tne resoundlrg niarbla corridor
The never lot me alone he mut
ertil thc 10 dlivajn at nn follow
lit me up aj thujKh I ncre a schoul
boy Austins the worst ncvor
salaried What do I caro to
all tlicse funolons sitting around wit Ii
the oungcr set and keeping the ciidlu
of conversation rocking I wont go
to tliat InfernAl baby show
He entered the elevator and shot
d VUl tu lilt nUIll rouilldJ Hull aCU i
liiK uver Ins iluvaiio Tor l > u luu
iule uriaiib < meiui lu jon j cam
par i ul Julius NttigaiU s looms tliiu
dud he had no Intention C fuii
gu > t4 tlut plfi > iiiu Just l > ausn Mi
sister llrst gronnup dinner party
t > ta UXcU IUI lie Sa MO UJU
AS fct tills mm behvvn nhom ho
mid nuver met he saw no leaton why
iic ohoulil dlup buslinsj aikl xciutlo
uptoini In order to ivekwnt lilin No
duiil lie WIlS a Kood fellow no doubt
ne had behavtd veiy Jpcetitlj in a
matter vviiioh until a faw moment1
before hu hid luunl little about He
meatl to be civil hod look up Selvvjn
fflion lie hJil a clia Ko and ask him
to dine at the cliO But ths after
noon he couldnt do It and as for
the evrnlng he had made his irrange1
mentv and he had no Intention of
disturbing them on Austins account
When he reaohsd hU olrlce he picked
up the telephone and called up Oer
ard s house but neither his sister
tor anvbodj else was there evep
the children and fervmts nnd Cipf
Stlnvn had not y t called Su he ef
no mpsige mere > snvlng that he <
il up nsaii hl11 he forjrot to do
ennwhllc Cipt Selwjn was saunter
UK lion fifth ivenue under leafless
tpp < scmnlnn the hou < es of the rlfh
a d Iffal across the way and thes
ievv hoii e of the rloi ard great ilTed
Hack nt him out of a thousim case
neits ns polished ind epre slonlo3s is
I e monocle of the mighty
Vil strolling it leisure In the peaant
wltc weather he came pre eitlv to u
> wt stretching eastwinl In all thi >
M mprfsheiiPss of very new lime
pi e and plate gUss
drl this h the street whore his
sister now lived
v > ml v hen pernteted he slowlv
nl ed lil hand to his mustache and
i i P isanl pray eel still slightly
c 1 nit f ni the r re nf thp tnnl1
i i MIAMI as he Inapfcled this un
iv Iar home i
T e nrso vv it a h1 plabirite lime
< e nffilr ev lentlv new Wlnte
niish ne sparkled on Itrohung cael
re > on gliss mnrqniA and the hlr1
< i < l bronze foliations of grille and j
to r j
vvns noodtlie along Fifth menus
imei iroughan > nd lotnrH swnpt
h n tv iflittelni eurrent pre ty
I women sneed nut from llmousln and
onneiu > ouni men of MS own t > p 1
IlchnilB frockcoated tha crooks of
their walking lUcki tucktd uj under
I j
il Reflections of a Bachelor Girl 1
By Helen Rowland I i
iiJ < Jti < it < S < iG t
for money U betting on a sure thing t
MAHRTINO tot love U putting your last dollar n a
long shot
A man downt hay U b4I a food linguist tout s good i
liar in order to make Ion artUtlcalkjr t
Loss of appetite Is the first sign of lova A man mar
wear he would die for you but If he sits down halt art
hour later and devours a full order of mutton ch ps nft J
iravy cither h doesnt mean wQat h say or doeiat j
know what h U talking bout 1
When it come to lovmaklnc IMn art M unoriginal i
that a sage a fool and a lovers litttrwrlter all soun <
ttctly alike
A man never can understand why t woman Ion to
have him wait on her even when there is a room full of hired waiters about
i any wore than a woman can understand why a sixfoot riant with a Roman
nose ami Iron blcnps enjojs being cuddled and cooed to In baby talk
The worst shock a man can receive Is to discover trrat he his proposed tn a
girl when lie was merely trying to find out In a tentative war K ahe would
I marry him In cue he should some day decide to ask her I
May Wantons Daily Fashions 1
eimpU blousa j
TILE always the
useful one and
this model can be
olosed with big but
tons as Illustrated j
or invisibly as liked I 1
and can be mad j I
either high or with 4
I equare Dutch neck
and with plain long
sJeevfts or with those
ot elbow length no
that It really sup
pllej a great many 1
neds hon made as
i adapted cither to th4 6
separata waist or 10 I l
the BlilrtWflUt dre H r I
i of linen and other
i w a B tvalile matiTUl j
whjle when made a < i
nhowii In the small
vlon It becomes
much more dressy
and adapted tn thin
tier lighter falirlrc
I as lawns bat 1st fn
I foulanli and the like
The q u a n tit of
material required for
i the medium size U
I 438 yards 21 or II
313 > anis 32 01 21
yards tt inches wide
II 131 yards of hand
ing when Dutch neck
I and elbow sleives
i are up ed
Inttrrn No OOlll
la cut In sizes for a
S 3t A I W mill
12inch hl1 tJeasurt Tucked Blouse Pattern No 6061 I
How Call or send by mall to THE EVENING WORLD MAY MAN
to TON FASHION BUREAU No 1J2 Bast Twentythird street Nlw
I Obtain York Send 10 rents In coin or stamps for etch pattern ordered i
Thf IMPORTANT Write your name and addrrs plulily jnd Itl
terns IVY specify sire wanted
1 + iwH1 + i HH 11 iiHHI
I their left arms pifsed on tho IarK
i Hut the nods of recognition lifted
I hits the mellow wnrnliiKs of motor
hums clattering hooK the sun tUsh
Ins on carriiRo wheels and pollthcd
panels on llvorles hamesi on the
satin coats of horses a gem like a
spark of lire smothered by the sables
at a womans throat and the brl rit
Indifference of her bcuitj all thlj had
long since lost in5 meaning for hi 11
For him the pi rint pissul ni tin
west lillll pinoa in Siimii uler t
Kllminuhi vallej grasses uid IIB a I
It thrnrgh stindftrletl eves ill thl
nnd the leifpss trees tievond isilii
Iho skv and the liee mlrjoiej In a
Rip fiornl with that peculiar blue
ff auci jfcwM Jo cAarmeruc haity
little wintry lake as brown AS the
brown of the ejcs wnlch wore closed
o him now forever
As he stood thiro again he spemed
iO hear the whistle signal clear dis
tant ripping acniM fie windblown
grasses vvihere the brown const ibulary
hy tlrlnu In tho sunshine but the rltlj
slots were the iriek of whips and It
vvis oilj a fat policeman of the traffic
< fi iiil whIstling to clear tha swarm ng
jungle trails of the greit metropolis
Again Solnyn turnwl to the house I
hp ltitln unreoonflled Kvery sunlit
window stared bick at him
He hid not been pre > uet for so I
much limestone ant marquise mar I
nlflcencn vtiero trr In rnre rt
nalinnce than architecture and mops
Wlll1 than botbi t > ut tht number
t I
i i iii i
i +
was the number of his sisters hotue
i and as the street and the avenue cor
roboratea the numbered information h
mountul the dounttp rang and
lelirely examined four stiff boxtrees
Unking the ornate portal meagre
v lyelation compared to what ha had
ooen accustomed to for so many years
Vohod > cane once or twice h <
fancied hu heaid sounds proceedlni
on ln lde the hojso He rang again
nd fumbled for his card case Soma
uil > was coming
The moment tnit the door opened ha
is avvaio of a dMaut and curious up
ir faravvaj echoes yf clurlnp line
i e film buU of dogs rfcoSo seemel
to cease is the man In waiting ad >
mltteil him but before he could niakt
nn Inquiry or pioduco a cnrd beillam
Itvclt apparently broke loose somt
i wnere In the Immediate upper landing
nolio In Its crudest elemental definition
through which the mortified man at
the door strove to make himself heard
lies pudon sir Its the children broke
I loo tn runnln wlldllke
The what
I Onlj the children slrfoxhuntln
tlu cat sir f
His voice was lott In the yelling d
eonance descending ciescendo from floor
to Moor Then nn avalanche of children
and dogs poured down the hall stairs in
pursuit of a rumpled and bored cat
tumbling with jelps ami cheers and
thud among the thick rugs on the floor
Hero the cat turned and suiindly
of fat beagle puppies who
cuffed a par
shrieked and tied burrowing for safety
Into the yelling heap of clvlldrei and
this neap legs
dogs on the tloor Above
arms and the tails of clogs waved
moment then a smill boy
wildly for a
to Ivli
disorder staggered
blond hair In
knees rnd setting hollowed hand to
cheek shouted HII forrard1 Harji
away forrard Take him Hags NOR
Tatters After him Owney Get on
there Schnitzel Worry him Stinger
Talljhoo r
encouraging Invitation tho
I At which encour
two fat beagle pups
hund a cocker and an Irsh terrier
I flew at Selwyns nicely crewed trous
I erj uid the small boy rKng to his feet
I became aware of the astonished
man for the first time
I Steady there exclaimed Selwyn
bringing his walking stick to i brisk
defense steady man Pr
ba > ont
i pare to receive infantry and dosg ry
i tool he added backing away Su
quarter llomember thn Alamo
j The man at the door hid been toi
I horrified to speak but he found his
voles now
Oh you hush up Dawionl said thi
boy and to Selwyn he adled tenta
tlfly Hllo
Hello yourself replied Strwjrn
keying off the circling pup with tilt
point of hti stick What ls this any
way a Walpurgts hunt or Ellia an4
tha Wcodfcouaiar
Ti > B ContlauiA 1

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