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II UP tA 4r re9 I J i
I f Ir
j Hypnotist Made Mrs Hitch
i cock Put His Theory in
Words Is Argument
Dr Van Gieson Offers to
Demonstrate Confession lie
fore Board of Alienists
According to Assistant DlitrlctAttor
B v Du Vivlor who has been ussLitlnc
at the inquiry Into the sanltj ot Mrs
Charlotte Hitchcock th < i woman ac
cused of killing her husband on Nov 20
hIt and then shooting herself nearly to
death the remarkable hypnotic exppr
ment of Dr Ira Van Uleaon hind ot
the Pathological Bur all of the noird
ot Health Is not considered serlousl
Dr Van Clleson swore before the commission
I mission ot allfnlts Ir Allan McUire
I HamlltonCarlos Macdonald ami rnncls
Robertson > < surdaj tnit ho had com
pletelj subncrjeil the consciousness of
Mrs Hitchcock and that In a trance
state she hall told tho onlj true story
She hr husband
ot tli < tra ely charred
I band with nilIng himself and tttcmpt
I r Ing to kill her
Mr flu Vhler says hat all this In
I I ridiculous mil absurd lint unh nn
I I person John I llni > inn tl law elI n <
toclatcd with IcMiiiul fur the defene
I had wllneiel thu 1ipl1 < > iK iperlmeit i
and that It could not jsthIy have n
I 1 1 Inllufixv In the commission final ver
diet or Il the final adludt atlun of th I
murder oiarte Said Hr On Vlvlr
Impossible and Ridiculous
I The story of Dr Van Gleon Is In
heremlj Imtoilbiu and ililluiiuis P
believe that Dr Vin Uleinn tut Mr > i
Illlchfock Into > 1Ih a tuiulltinn uf mind
that fhe became susceptible to his own
thwrv of the ra e whleh IIP hid
worked out In lil oun mind You
cant tell me vou CM hMinotlzp a per
son by holding a candle before LtM
veis Then there Is no testimony that
mill Justify the theory of her alleid
On the other hitnd the lenrp ho
fore the commission shows tint Ine
Ihf was fifteen ear oH she has led a
careless life 5ho hid knocked around
the world aj a mciiber of a bind of
Wcycllstj and had had a rhlld at the
as of fifteen She wai lnsanol > Jeal
OUs of her husband she was an opium
fiend and had heard tint hr husl > and
Intends to place tier in an a jlum for
I the Insane It Is very queer that Dr
Van Gleaon paid her six or eon tita
In the Tombs and not until the third m
I fourth experiment was able to accom
plish anything
No Further Experiments
The commission fnl icht Its nmk it
midnight and the next tep In the cie
will be the filing of its report with
Judge Fotr No further hypnotic ex
periment will be permitted and the to
tlmon of Pr Van Glrtnn is well n I
the other testimony In tho sc will <
dalt with In the Clnimlsliiii cpu
When Dr Ilimllnn tsns qn tl me I
bv an Evening World repute t cli
he seemed to hoI a much higher npn
t Ion of Ur Vnn Glen iPttl non > thin
that ot the joiins man ho his li > en T
pupil for a rear In the Jerome ShOOI
of criminal procedure He silil
Ue shall give every con drration o
the recital ot Dr Van Cloion n IHII
as to the other features of the case
It Is the di > of the lonmilwlon to
ascertain all the facts tpon the re
port of the commlilon ponds whether
Mrs Hitchcock hall co to trial or bo j
sent to nn ms > Iuin K would be ills
I courleoii for mo to dlscins the cue
I t 1 any further until after our icpoit Is I
delivered to Judge rosier I
Dr Robortson when Interviewed
ruado practlcall the sa its statement as
that uf Dr Htmlllon Di Micd naM
Is out of town
Could Not Have Shot Himself
Dr John niegeman Coroners lh > si
clan In the Bronx who lcwul the bndy
ot the slain Hitchcock an hour after
the tragodj stator today tint In his
opinion the hypnotism test b > Dr Van
Uicson nns Rorthless
In the first plice said Dr ItUel
i I man the womans trance story Is cu
T tlielv contrary to the fact Hitchcock
could not have shot himself lie was
hot while lying Hat nn the vil one
rullet KOln direeilj thnMigh his v
end lodslns In the mattiejs
The revolver nuit hne been held In
a eitlca position In hci HP Ml
not ha vt held It and fllscliargod a cart
ridge I wIRadUse the Distiirt Attii
ny to find that nlattr and the bullet
hole In It It he ipijulrrs any taluabe
vldvnce to pron hU minder iheorj
J Described Double Tragedy
Mrs Hitchcock was h > pnotiz d by
I the Hoard ot Henlth expert on June 10
In the Toml She
WH placed In a
chaIr tilted back a little and tile room
was darkened Pr
Van Cilesnn held a
cauillo above her hend so hit he sat
i with raised eyes looking nt It He
C stci hhln1 her U iO IC belipvp
shp hat lipped Into a suhjictlvo state
he coin nn iHeil her to iloie her eje
then put out the candle ami nld I
ll call the events uf Cut nlht re
call thp seen be lvlif you will tel
the doctor ivhat hnppncl He riado
no stiKgcstlon of any KlrJ tt Pros
ertly In low llfoli mechanlcil tone
Mrs Hliclrofk pme >
I went out and got a steak ie
0 aid her voice falllrg in u whlper
Win next iskdl the doctor
i cooked It jhp nn on Hob her
husband came In with a big of apples
fifteen or lxtecn of tlifri We ate
the tpak then Hub rt al a u1Ignlne
ibtV g smoid
MId ftr VA OUioia
l 77r7 7 xTTr
t t w S I
Woman Who in Hypnotic Trance Told
of Husbands Suicide and the Hypnotis
t tt
afrst S
a 1
S 9r S4
0 1 °
I r 10 1 A
I 5
i r L II
I p
mk1 iI
j i tI
ct I
S 7 1
S r
as her v ilce hid acld tu a tvh spfr and
Cola ul nI i nLr
fliui liih u I > ie iesii IP t I an
In 11 ilua I 1 It > j MI <
wa > Ut YOII ind I ms gi on a I z
vii 1 v 111l aI > a S Ir lie rilr
over the Joidin Then ho lead to me
a < ha titer nut uf tle Testament
ftei ant 111 loiinor haute MM
Hitchcock continued
He the misnaml toik 1011 ill
pocket a summons and made me lsn
a wilting saving I was to blame fun
he hlt me three IIIIL I went In
t ie lichen and m y govn vtas on ile
I put out the Hie Then 1 crawled biiK
on mv hands and knees I trlel t
take the sun trout him and It went ofr
He leaded it fig tin Our doz tiled u
stop 1dm too
I What next asked the doctor
hen hi stood up in bed and hot
hlii elf t wio thei Ito lay dm i
i drnppoil the gui on the bed and pullul
the bedclothps up about himself Then
a little lark nun lame m He poX In
iiI Kntrli 11111 islid mo who had
done the shoi inc I said I hail
Whv did vou sa y y uu had Tel the
I mid Hint localise he Id me In
take tile Idaiiio
C B Di gins Is Nov Thank i
ful Thai lie Decided to
Take Another Chance
A notinvnrthv feilure of the demon
stiatlon of the Cooper remedies now
i ting lven at the Hiker drug store
Sixth avenue and Twentjthlrd street
Nan VtirK Is r1C large number of In
dor emcnts given for publlcat by
tics who hitve tried the Cooper rine
tile and proved their curative value
Among these voluntary testimonials Is
the tollowliiK Cram C H DUglns 130
West iJMh ktntt Accoidini to his
statement Mr Dlgglns Is sixty eight
years of age and at present enjoying
splcndd health He says
When 1 went to see this mm Coop
I was a vcrv sKk man bavin for
m mths suffered tram malarIa and kid
ney trouble I had icirlblc puns In my
I back I could not hInd a comfortable
I pmlt on In vvukh to lie at night and
1 mi deep was further broken b > be
i lug comipt I nil to relieve IlIy > elf at
I fmiutiu iiiunilM 1 Had nu ipiiuio
j nmi was viry weak I felt tiled all the
I I I ate and my whole liudj ached When
I I sat down 1 icauclj hid nuugh
j rnprgv in use 141111 Iy head filt
luiv > and mitt uitMlal faculties dull and
1 had taken a great deal of nudl
cine without being benefited and I
S hesitated a long tliiu liefoie 1 could
i nuike up my mind to call upon Cooper
I i ontijc 1 had nu faith m clihu time
man 01 his medicine Hut inj lundtiiin
U13 kucn hat 1 had to iK Miniething
Ssl In her desperation I visited Cnon
lieadiiuultls and Inok
ers home a
treatment of Ills Nyv Discovery medi
It petnpd III be etToctve from the
start Mv iippellte soon n turned antI I
began tn get Mungn Mv sleep be
came mor net flu mil I fet lIter on
iiilMing than I had foi t long tnu Hy
the Hill I haillikin the full tiuttrnciit
I aims practi < ally will Thu pain In my
iim k lind llippeired ind with It all
at rims of klltiiy trnuble Mv litad ua
Uai und my brain active The ilull
lulling hiiijuld feeirnt Ind given way
to one of slingili mill fiiergj
1 I im Indeed clint I went to se > j
ronpe Mv ncMlan v In doing s m a n ly
guts to shov juiv IIP mav illu w iit
i itl to > tim In his own light Vow
I niver niia in iii ii i s i i u i i i m
intnd Cloper New Dsmverv and till
hiiw much thl rca I iv Mindorful mull
cine has limit foi mi
fooper ° r nisi assistants continue to
meet the public tlallv nt his htj
riuarters In tIlt Illkir Jnu store Sixth
avinun ami Tsventythlrtl street The
oper remedies are on taleat all the
Rlhfr PtQrII and by all other dfua
I IIU 1 r
Mother Brings Gruesome Suit
for S25ouo Against Coro
ners Physician Iehane
M t Mary Husard of No 21 EH
One I I ut ii red ard T went y fI rat ttnet
i 11100 agaInst Dr Tlmothv D Ie
nno Coroner Ilivlflnn of Now York
O1111Y Ile ipie iet and ghaaLllnst
l miKe etmit In the history of the ocil I
I iiri She asks for the rovry of
Ki > v heonu Dr I > hanc In prform
l r j uiopxv upon the hotly of her
I vm al > ti iled ant kept she assort
lent and pleen and placed those
OI1n on exhibition h hl olllce
In her papers tIled by Iaw > ei AURUU
P WaKntr of No 51 Chimbers stieet
Airs hiassurtl setS forth that on April
iii her son Pranl oiitynlne rear
old WIllis returning from a funeral fell
fiom a coach at One Hundred anti
Sixth street and Ietlngton awnue He
died three hours later In Harlem Hospi
I r Ioiane it Is admitted performed
An I111cpr on April 3 and on April 4
I ie boer UK delivered at the homo of
Mr ilassard > fter the funeral cite
I ay she was Informed bj tho under
taker that the heart and pleen of the
e < rpe hnd been nilnielil at the boo
plinl nnd that Pi Ieliane had the tulsa
Ins orsm in his nlllie
Mi IIis iiil recites that she sent her
d igUer to Dr 1halhM office ant that
tlic dauchter found ther In alcohol
oIiplayot In a glacs Jar the heart and
spleen of TrainIs I iossarl Mrs Hit
cant says otts his been rellabv In
mr1 thv 1J thanc kept the heart
Lint peen of her sin because thei were
extraordlntrlly Uite anl he wished to
evhlhlt them to sclent men as Lurl
For mental nzonv and damage to her
I feellnss of loe and affnlion fur IIP
I son Mr < llas aiil demands tho sun uf
I J uV D Ioliine tinoucii AsIlant
Inipiiiitlnn Ciimiel Uiki hat tiled nn
ii ii I n fthii h denies ul Itnowl
I r llpl of inv of the eln anil ineo nl
i d n V ims lluiaiil uiiNlile of the
a ilop whirl lit ndinlts he pei
1 fonnel
Thoiis J tlrli h while shaU a
oiistDinei IM Ms harder shop at Nm Ii
Neuaik Heel HolHiUen tollIr
I dropped drill beltl his hair When
i tho man who las bulni siaeil faw
I iilit lad haprciiPd he rushed ex
I ctedly from ti shop and turned In a
tin alum t oi tailed ii poll onti
and ent n cull tn nn ambiliKe Tn
amidri e mneirs s rid six lit Il
i ine iirrlxed at the sune tilm II t
In nn uproar In fie dstrUt
rhn dtvJil infin Wits fort > icn > ears
ild anil hall Oath tCt el the lurlfrsliop
ui Ncwari stuvt fur llfteen mars
fie was finsle Ills razor e is on his
iiatomerj face when lie topple ovr
iylnp Irnuntlo lliart dtt < < AU AI
c C
Man Displaying Police Shield
and Revolver Makes a
i Scene After Suicide
Paul PIN k checker In a Broadway
aCe was passing through Kast Eigh
teenth street early today when he saw
a bare foot protruding from the second
story window of No 2U A second foot
appeared and then a womans head
Say what are you dying to do
Jleck called up
The woman quickly withdrew her
head and feet but a second later she
reappeared For an instant she bal
anced on the Mil and then deliberately
Pljnged out Into spice Her body
crashed against tho strict railing aml
I tell Into the ireaivav
Plck rang the bell and kicked on
I the door and the occupants of thohotis
helped him womni
I oirrv the Injuied omall i
back to her room She was Mrs Eiza
> eth Sandlman six vs even ears old
Por several years she had h pn suffer
Inar from cancer and had often throat
coed to Jump tri the window Her
uinhand David Sandlmin tab he did
lot think nc meant It Mr Sindi
nan was conscious when Dr Sheldon
of No 101 Pxit Slxtlet1 street arrived
bu he died an hour later
Shortlv after the wrniin fell three
men and a worn in staegered through
the street They were singing A Hot
Time and stirring everybody out of
bed Some one called to thorn to keep
Iulet nnd the men and woman stopped I
suddenly amid squared off for fight
Paul Pleck was entering hlh home a
furnishedroom house at No JCJ when
the woman pointed him out
There the man who Insulted ui
she cried and the three men ran for
the sir > p
Pleck had disappeared and the men
rang the bell After a few minutes Mrs
Irnnle Stein a little Ihefoot woman
and the landlady opened the door
What do jou want she demanded
We want the man who insulted ua
and we are gong to get him If ve have
to go through the house delared tho
j Youll rot come In nero declared i
Mra Stein I
I I wont wont 1 dp laied the man I
Well vvhit do y oti Mi y to till a and
this t an 1 lie dKpajed a poiliemans I
shield and then a huge icvoiver
Ier me sec tin number on the
shield asked Mrs Stein I
Oh I guess not UH IIP min and I
he hicked out and dUippenred
He dldiit frighten me nt all Mid
Mis Stein todav I knew he was a
coward No man wotill point mu revol I
vei at i t run ri unln he was
Mrs Stein nys slip can Iduttltv the I
man and an effort will r 0 > mad to llnd
the pollceimn I
DCTllOIT Sept Manger Hush I
Jennings and nine member of Iii De
troll Ameil11 Ijeague bisfar tpam I
aetc arrilaiiPd lodnv In i 1 > Iollce i
Cnurt on the wnnantF tsued ngalnst
thPin > tprdav charging tin in with
V mining Iho Sun V Oils rca toe law bj
their game at Iteim tie tt Ink Isis Sun I
tar with flpvelnnd All of till men
rlearitxl not Riillty and demanded sop II
arate jury trial Tliev wore bound I
over unll Sept 12 on their n osnlz
lucos PitCh Kill an rti tin onv
illMlllK Of It I t lot W H Il nt
rant w s issieO who did n sit appear In
court tid iv I
to quit cotTee i it
hurts yoU
makes the chang easy
Theres a Heason
Vaiter tJhiit ilne5S in Case
I That Has Unset Woodland
Defendants Husband a Police
man Acts as Her Legal
The Uooilland Bench village of camp
era ciowded Into Magistrate Handvs
ccurt at Now BrIghton oilay to hew
the case of Mn Anna Caehlllo alnst
Mre Brtelle Mills and the tory of
how two dlimond rings und 4J5 dliap
peared during a tea party In the cafe
of one of the Beach hotels
Pretty Irs Mills had spent the night
In the Stapt ton police station and her
summer titter was aomewhat bolrafr
fled toda Her eyes were big and
rod with tears Her hunband a former
New York pullcoman stood by her and
acted as her counsel
Mrs Cnnhllle was the first witness
On ADR 21 Mm Mlllr Invited me to
tho hotel to have a drink RIll laid I
a ked for noniothlng soft but Mm Mills
urged me to take whlskw and I con
dented Ve hajl three drinks and tlien
I lost mv senses
Do you moan vou were drank
bskfd the Magistrate
I Oh no oxclnlmcd Mm CshUle t
i was just tIps I
Unll anvwnv contlmiifd Mr
Cashllle when I cam to I missed mv I
polliE > t1 > nol with mv rings and money
Mr Mills Mid the would kNIt them
for me until I was aU rlsrht Then cite
said later she didnt know anything
about them
Bernard Schor a waiter said hf
j served the women three or four times I
I Tony drank whiskey each time j
Mis Mills took JI all right and It did I
I not hurt her hut the other woman lost t
her senses he declared
The waiter snore he saw Mrs Mllli I
take Mrs Cashllles pur e
Mrs Mills took Tie stand herself and i
said she did not know an1hlng about I
the pocketbook or the diamonds and
money She denied ever having seen i
them i
Policeman Slightly Injured
Before He Captures and
Kills Animal
A small blnrk and white mongrel dog
today terrorized the Tnompons Walk
section of Coney Island on the beach
front and after severely biting three
earold lllhn Pchromack daughter of
Herman Pchromack a reftaurant keep
er Jumped Into a crowd of bather anti
scattered a score or more ol women
and children
The Sohromark child wan playing on
the platform In front of her fathoms
establishment when the dog trotted up
I and without warning snapped at her
She tried to fondle the animal but tho
dog bit her In the face and then fast
ened his teeth In her left arm
The resnurant nnn was brought rut
of his nhe hv the hlld s screams Hf
wn able to rcleae his olilld only after
he hid beaten the r or over the head
with a niece of heavy rubber hose The
dor then lied In the direction of the
There were between twentvflve and
thirty rersons mo tlv omen and chit
Iron bnttr < it this point of thp
beach at the time The dCHr Jumped
nmomr firm biting and snapping
neitterlnsr them The crIes of the
frlchtened women brought IVIIcemnn
Ollmartln who after chasing the dog
for two blocks was himself bitten In
the ls
The pitrolnan fmallv aptureil the
log wlth t noosii ind dragged the aol
mil to the one Hind police station
w lure a Health Department man shot
TMeie wa < no Indication that thp dug
was tiad but In mien nf the rere >
ewes of nMe Fir Utng of time lit
ceptbn Hospital ifter ciiterlzltig the
wounds nf L if Schiiinark I i tld sd
abel the parents to take further pre
raiMon liv hivlB the treatment of the
Iisaiii Institute in Manhitnn whici
wi done
TV dog iad a collar and a tag but
Its owner WT < no located
Ernest H Barlow of 1 iijjle
wood N J9 a Suicide at
Small Downtown Hotel
This and Inability to Obtain
Work Caused Him to De
come Despondent
Ernelll H Baitow of El1ghtlOd X
J formerly aeilitant iupurlntend of
the deposit vaults of the Day and NIght
Bank at No 621 fifth avenue com
mitted tulolde today In the Krlu Hotel I
Chamber and Went street by InhaJ
Int illuminating 1111I He had been nut
of employment for eighteen month
and from letters found In his pockets
It awea that he was despondent
Mr Barlow left his home In Engle
wood j twday morning telllnf his
wlfo ho was goln to see Superinten
dent Barrows of the Standard fcifa De
posit Company at No 25 Ilroad street
where he was ono employed and so
If he could not get a Job He did not
euecllefl and at 5 oclock last night ap
p ar 1 at the Erie Hotel which lias
been the scene of several oulcldes of
late lie restored ai John J Oorhim
Montclalr N J and wa afcslned to
a room After a short time IK IMVI
out It was after mldnlKlit when he
returned Upon retiring ho left a ca
fur 7 oclock this morning
At that hour John fiarrlty a clerk
went to the room to call lUrton Then
was a stroiK oilor of gas outside the
door Garrlty calleil Iollccinin Ma
honey who broke In the minor uul fnunit
Htrtow deail on the bed fully dressed
The window and tranBum Here ticlith
closed nnd the pas nan turned on I
The Identity of the sulrlde was es
tabllnhed bv letturs found In his pocket
and his wife was notllled by telnuhune
She hurried to New Voik and com
pkteil the Identlllcatloti One of till
letters was fret ni Haitows
ow s hmther John
who lives In Cohasset Mis > < statlm
that there wan a Job uniting for him
there payIng 175 a month and adMnliiK
him to keep up hli counitju Tho Ut
tel was dated Aug 28
Dartow had been uorklns on an In
vsmlon since he left the Day and NIght
Hank In no in if
April 1907 His wHo nays lie
was rtownliparted localise of his non
succesj In marketing his patent
II Indictment on Their haig
I of Attempted Extortion
Is Dismissed
DistrictAttorney jArnmn appeared
before Judjre rain In General Sen
clans tods and asked for the dlMiils
al f > f an Inrtletment chargIng at
tempted extortion found a fmiv we < > i < i i
ae > against Ohntle Muipln of the I
phllnhlll contraetlnR llrm of Keefe
I Murpli No 1131 Ix > tnston juenue
Mr Murphy the DMrletAttoniey
said had clearly shown tint the In
dictment was mil Just heruiM In the
actions alleged to constitute the of
I fense he betrayed no criminal Intent
A firm of contracting builders and
reol estate operators harmonlmHy
named Hint Illne wefeied tho
charge against Mr Murphy Mi Leo
I1nl swore to the complaint
It appears thai Murphy did a hiII Job
of plumbltift In a hOllso on Vent End
aenue for which he was mInt pail The I
house passed Into the control of U nK
1 it HltiK through the roi < kosure of a
mortgnffe Murphy unable to sm1ec
from the orlirlna1 owners timed o
1 IJIng A Bins woo rMtned najnwit The
IiUmihlnff con tnttor i > r > mtly xeriI set
I hls Inlluence and Miinoodwl In a sng
strIkes of plumbos on tn > i oti > mes
wMIli Bins A nils iere ems t r i linn
under forfeiture CIH uses lot MIIC
I Ding IMnj unibe to pot pi imbors
to finish the work nllol mi Murphy
He asked them for the amount d e > n
the old Job TIWA were evpra oi
ersatlotis which resttlte In Ieo flIng
going to the D sti Atunejs ill f
I and securIng an Indictment
i nistrlctAttonrn Jfi > iiio r md I VII
1 lnostlKatlon that Murphj helleed tho
transfer of ti poportj b > ore liv i >
wi a trick tn defraud hm sO Is
money He took hat he deemed to iv >
legIt ims to niean < to foue pi > ni > i a 1
i the Pstrlrt Attflniej could find nOt h
Ins criminal in
brarlnn of Congress lias annoned
the appoIntment of Appleton rmiui
Ilarit Urillln to the position uf i e
Asintanl Librarian made vacant u >
Inn death of tr Alnsnurth H hp 1
ford Mr Orlllln has been connoi eJ
with the lIbrary profcifloii for iioarj
forty year and has served as a me
I her ol the staff of the Llln ry of Ion
I gress for eleven rears His promI 11
notable erxle Ind been In the Host > n
Public and he Ienox libraries
ingJi i IQa
Bannock Bros Ltd Hatters of Stockport England have I
confined to us their entire exportation of featherweight hats
I Its the first time in the history of Hat makinfi that such
high class hat have been produced to cxoort for as little as
S2 00 Ht cant help taking sam credit lor th stunt I
ccc not Klndom i hM 11111 PM jonM r all
Mnr Orrnlrr New nrk Slum
i f 11Inn HI KfUJw u nil
JM Hilinn 01 IIM Mil llrni n
1 II
I acit
a i
s a
I Mrs Radeniache Plunged Into II
Bay After Little Ones and
Shared Their Fate i
Her mothers love provalllnc oer her I
reison Mrs Richard A Hadcniacher
plunged Into this waters of Jamaica
hay last evenIng when she saw her I
twu little ones diowTiIng and saorl
Iced nmself In u ain effort to save
them When tho husband and father
lUchnnl A Rndomaoher of No 13U
Pulton street lirooklyn heard of It ha
l came frantic and was with dIm
Iultj restrained from endlni his own
life Tho body of Mrs llademacher was
not reroered until tolday
Sulzberger Springs From Car
to Give Timely Alarm on
Seeing Blaze I
S v en percon four of them children
hod narrow eso p U from death In a
hims early today which destroyed George
Btracki hotel at Nog 734 and 7M Ver
con avenue Long Island City
CanaldmiMo property Inaludlng Soh1
11111 big piano taotory and a caalno
was ndangered by tho flames and threat
aluma were turned In i
8trtuk hta wife two children and tw j
i nVcoaa wr ul < wp when the tire t 5j
It 120 oolook Max Sulebarger con
duster on 4 trolley our aw the Oamiui
I nna ae the alarm
He awoke those In the house but th m 1
i blaze had gained such headway that4
none had time to tak any belonging
but all had to flee for iaf ty In night
The hotel bulldlnr waa almost cOns
pUfily destroyed with a loss of about
Them ft1 men saw th n waa Uttl
chajiii of savlnj the hotel BO they at
tempted to keep thu flame from spread
i Inc to the big Bohmer piano factory1
I and the Culno adjoining the hotel Th
I CasIno caught several times The bL
pan factory was slIghtly scorched
The flre Is wppMKd to have start
from a daffotlve electric light wire
Much Brighter F
Lite Always seems much bright t
I er through good glasses With 1j
I see clearly the wisdom of en f
tryiiting so valuable a possession
as eyesight to those who are
fitted to prescribe for abnormal i
I conditions
S1 jinxes for 1 S3 glasses for S3
M EAST 23D STNear Fourth Ave
54 WEST 135TH STNear Lenox Ave
442 COLUMBUS AVE81st 82d St3
BROOKLYN 489 Fulton St Op A S
r 1
Hint Sesame
Fall SKirts
Nowhere le will vou find vour Ideal
Bkfrt ELD Ir XivHrc etne c > U vim it I
the attention and help nf XIr llti <
all customcra
aj we give 10 our
Buy sour FuJI Skirts earl and buy
from UJ TliwVJ u full avtiu of m I
half by dolan J
nmomlr our work Is nwtprful I
v No sklmnlnr or ohfto tni
nr v
Avery by low price Oar
Ins i to lure People
lap tdid trais It Hence that we gus U
uallty nJ fulfil our promIses In every 1
U miunci
j II
1rts made fee
nmaterlal Jf Vp
o ° n 100
< Iofels
lnU Ordtn home j
lrolllI1 f l Froni
tUIt < I l
1 I
U 1 fr3
1 r3
Ladles complete Eulti made to ma
material urnlshed lUll UP
Crc A io Sult made from your own material
v Wrt Fall Materials all colon ready
to he seen Come
Maternity Skirt All onfat
n > nokl a
Bllfd In oIH hour
10th St 4 doors west of
56 East Ja m I
Tf ohon 740rmerer
L i
I f 1
CT I 4 5
tv ii
Ci C J 1c p
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