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I 1 1 7ri1 I
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r II
leading Candidates Bunched1 I
and Finish of Race Will
t Be Exciting
Is Anybodys Race and the
Friends of WouldBe Rulers
Are Working Hard
1 The closing days ol the election of
I the couple who are to reign over the
festivities at Coney Island during the
1 weeXs Mardi Oral Carnival bid fair
to be highly exciting With twenty
candidate for King coming down the
baokstretch in s bunoh and nearly as
many fair daughter of New York in
in exceedinglY deco contest for the
Queen diadem It Is anyones race
and It would take a good ffuesser to
forecajt the results In either competi
tion In the excitement of the contest
some voters forget to write or stamp
the name of the candidate on the bal
f lot cut from The Evening World and
thus lose their vote altogether It ii
I i necessary to again caution readers that
f no ballot counts unless It bears the
nine of a candidate for King or
J Queen and ballots bearing the names
i Ot candidates for both King and Queen
are thrown out
It la amazing the turt number of
rotes cast for King and Queen In The
Evening World election said Francis
P Gallagher Coney Islands veteran
contractor and builder member of the
Carnival Committee every year since
the Inception of the scheme In 193
t iThls Immense vote shows how strong a
hold our Mardi Gras hee on the people
It shows that the honor of reigning
over this iplayklnsdom le more and
more appreciated each year And The
Evening World has done much to make
It so
Voting It Heavy
Eight aspirants for the crown as
WinE of the Isle of Joy have passed
the 10000 mark In the canvass and there
are fortyodd with 1000 votes or more
The feature In todays vote Is the
rise of Monopole Jack Oraney thirty
c seventh to fourth place In the race for
King his frlendk and campaigners
with headquarters at the Hotel Metro
I I pole having accumulated a tremendous
bljr bunch of ballots sent them all In
In a volley along with a letter which
announces with as much assurance as
did the campaign manager tr Alder
man James Fazio Ralph Sloane Alfred
Katz and Sunnybrtok Levy that
Its going to be King Jack as sure
i as sure
The Eastern District of Brooklyn
turned out en masse la support of
Mrs Ernest Popp and more than 5000
ballots bearing her name for Queen
came In for todays count making her
the leader with 1SS23 votes while Mrs
MoClusky has 15729 Lillian Murphy
14S8 find Mrs Ben Levy lUiS show
L Ing the dadem Is not won for either
of the fair candidates yet and another
1 nominee fair to look upon talented
F l and oharmlnc was entered for the
I honor and a throne seat In the Queens
r float
t The new candidate Is Miss Kate Me
e I LaurIn of the Henrietta Crosman com
oany now playing As You Like It
ti 1lG
I Alderman Lewis u rotter 35 W i
i Alfre Katz K 24
l Jaraei Fazio 1758
Monopolo Jack Oraney Mfttll
c Ralph Rloanc 14 4S
loul Sunnybrook lAt 11 Wl
James Leahy WSI
Doc Mixeley lliSVi
Doc Traer BIUJ
tank A Miller 0T2i
Joe Whit i 5TUI
A J GulotlaT 5011
Capt Coital Dirby 4WO
Cone Iajton 4210
l b H Smith 4171
Dr IXivM Iazaru i37j
tv 0 fVrrli 3311
II Claude L llaiten 3f lS
4ee lJ Twonfy I >
Bd flavin 2207
lamall H Covert 2126
Bert M DaRlty 5013
t Slim Arkfll 111113
l Joa J L o 1 7nt
Joi M chnk 1eM
George 13 llaxvell nun
t JacK Cohen 1014
Mike Donlln l Ml
f r J Lidjj VK
j WIlliam H Pranne i vfl
Tommy Cm I J M
t Henry Bruml 1162
nmrmt Herman W Heyer 13M
vjlllle Wltl i TV >
Frank K
rank Crhlll 1112
1 I hank DavMnn I v
t Phil T Ornttln 121
Qeorite Tounr 1212
k Anthony I Ford jli
Martin F Tanahv i rVS
Ernsl Iopp n >
Jt HmJlnts F JcClusky ri7i
r Ulllan Murphy H2
i Jin Ben Iny 1417
f Fannie Wolff 5 Oi
Blna May Spooar i Vol 7
I Mae
t Murray
a v 1
> I Mlna FnllllrJi t
ir Ka Tanwny nfS
Ulllan Mnmlelbaura T 1v
Marie E Dlsnn I uj
Beatrice Moritin t
Anna McCuIlourt IVI
Mn WDIUm llemiui t1
Prlnccn Ralh tm
QertruJ lloffmin
t I
Urac SI Solnk < j
JllUred Olb on so
Lillian Hurt
Illrdle HholWfll
> Irt Minnie S Pay t1
Ktt ne 1 Pa rton
Jennie Somtfh
Anna Klein 11
lloie Ofirlen
While cleaning a window on a ladder
at No 3 East Thirtieth street todn
Oforpe Hopki twentyeight years nil
Of No 110 Mlllvllle avenue Van Nest
fell to the ddcvialk striking on his
bead lie was removed New York
Hospital suffering front a fractured I
J r J J v
Anna Held Arriving Tells
Story of Narrow Escape in
MONTREAL Que Sept lPcople ot
this city were amazed to learn today
that masked robbers had held up pas
sengers on a fast train In the heart of
MonlrMl The holdup occurred last
Thursday on a Grand TrunkOttawa
train and although the railway official
retujo to talk the police admit that
they have n complaint from a victim
and are looking for the three men con i
cerned In the robbery
The Grand Trunk yards here arc usu 1
Jly crowded and trains often top at
different Intersecting station Thurs
day morning In broad daylight the
city detectives state the Ottawa train i
had to stop at Guy street which runs
north and south through the hemt of
he city I
As It pulled up three masked nen
made their appearance In the Pullman
car and with revolvora levelled orJereii
the passenger to hold up their hands
They started to go through the passen I
gers pocket but only managed to re
eve the man nearest the door of a
fat pockotbook when the signal to pro
ewt was given and the train started
again The trio then ran out of tho
car and Jumped off There were twenty
passengers In the Pullman I
City Father Loses a Truckload
of Tomatoes in Lively
Street Fight
Alderman Thomas J Foley of the
Fourth Ward Hoboken had a flght
willi a dog today and the dog won
the fight It was a St Bernard dog
weighing about 1W pounds and the de
teat la no discredit to Alderman Foley
When the Alderman Is not engaged
In the duties devolving upon his calling
as a statesman he peddles vegetable
from a cart At an early hour today
ho appeared In Madison street Hobo
ken a thoroughfare In the Italian dis
trict with a big load of fine ripe to
lllpe tomatoes are almost Indispen
sable In the preparation of spaghetti
In certain forms and Alderman Foley
was soon doing a rushing buslines
Numerous small Italian boys and gts
crowded about the cart climbing upon
tIll wheels and seeking to swipe tomu
In reproving the children Alderman i
Foley sPoke In a loud tone of voice
One ot the men gathered around tlio
cart took exceptions and Alderman
Foley pushed him out of the way Ln i
ortunately for Alderman Foley this 1
was the man that owned the dog
And he had the dog with him For
such a large dog It Is an extremely
actIve animal It leaped at Alderman
Foley threw him down and proceeded
1 to bte pieces out of him But for the
owner of the dog who finally succeed
ed In calling It off Alderman foley
i might have bern entirely consumed
he verily believes
I During his encounter with the dog
i his cargo of tomatoes was etolen by
I the thrifty onlookers Aldermifii Foley
spent several hours having his wounds
Then he started our to get a war
rant for the owner of the dog and an
order to have the anmal examined by
he Bcanl of Health for traces of
Playwright Is Charged Vith
Challenging Major Schavoir
I to a Duel
Special to TV Evening World
STAMFORD Conn Sept lTeo
Dletrlohsteln playwright and actor vns
arrested here 10day on a arrant Is
sued bv the State of Connecticut on
complaint of Major Frederick Schavoir
surgeon of the Connecticut Coast Ar
ttllery charging that on An 10 Plo
I trlchsteln challenged Schavoir to tight
a duel with pistols
Ills orrovt came after n cordon of
policemen had surroundrvl his house all
night to prevent an escape
When the police first attempted to
serve the warrant lust night Mr Diet
rlchstein rcfusM to submit and took
ivfuge In his home when the police took
up the long vigil
Early this morning Dktrlchstelns
0ouive arrived at the playwrights
house lu reaponte to a telephone rues
aA and acting on his advice Dietrich
tn irive himself up Margaret
Wrhrle his Msterlnlaw was accepted
35 surely In the sum of J3o0
Dletrlcheln rhallenred Major Schavoir
to light a duel after the latter knocked
him down here and gave lilni a thrash
ing for uncomplimentary things Diet
rlchstein Is alleged to have said of a
woman of Srhavoirs acquaintance
u u u
Commissioner Would Have
Force Join On for 5 Years
Subject to CourtMartial
The rank and file of the Pollee De
partment Is stirred by the latest revo
lutionary suggestion of Commissioner
BIngham to reorganize the Department
Hefore going on hit vacation it Is said
Gen BIngham went before the Charter
HevMon Committee and suggested a
bill that will put the force on a mili
tary basis i
This bill which will be presented to
the next Legislature provides that po
licemen shall enlist for five years at
the end of which time they will either
be dishonorably discharged or honor
ably continued for a further enlist
ment of rive years At any time they
will be lIable to court martial trial anti I
dismissal They will have no oppor
I tunity to arrive at retirement and a
pension unless they have passed honr
ably through four enlistment periods
with a spotless record
How this arrangement can be recon
ciled with the present rules by whlon
2 pr cent per annum Is deducted from
the par of policemen for the pension
fund Is not explained
I It Is known however that Gen Ding
tam fought for this change In the city s
laws bofoie the Charter llevlslon Com
mittee notwithstanding that ho denied
having gone before the committee pre I
Ious to Ills departure on his vacation
It r said that the free Is raulns i
fund of JJOw to defeat the proposed J
t I
Will poilllveiy rll the house of Roachu
W tfr Bug Croton Iluss Ac
No powders llquWi or poison I
So offfnaiie dJid Iniects abJut the houne
Just s wmjtrful Tip that ti lure tIt death
anil Jf rtMth to thfi ninoilnui Iniwtj
For ul at DrUKirliM Qrafeti Hirdtram
and Department Stores or mill 10 cents In
stamp > tn I
Final Sale of
I Brill Clothes I
Several hundred threepiece and twopiece suits
in medium and light weights for immediate clear J
ance marked at the lowest price ever asked for
clothes of like grade l
Many of these suits you will find sufficiently 1
heavy for eary fall wear
Every one of these uits is advance style now
and will be good style next season this W3 guar
Included arc all the new designs and shades of
br > wn tan oiive smoke and gray as well as neat
mixtures 0
All these garments were tailored by the fore I
most tailcri g concerns in America and at ongmil J
prices were best value anywiere 1
The Values Are 825
2250 S20 S18 and 45
Ail AOW Reduced to
gtzee e3 j
tlltU t tUMhMKNr MOItKS
279 BROAOWAY nr Chom ere St 25tn STREET oor Jd Avenue
Union Square 14th St nr Qway 47 COHTLANDTnr Greenwich
Police Censors Not in Evi
dence at Local Theatres 1
Last Night j
New Yorks Four Saliiinrs per
formed again laal night and the tights i
wliloli were In evidence when the
pour insoectcd tho shows un Satur
day were conspicuous by their ub
cense I
At Haminpr tolns Gerlr > le Hoff j
mann did not lvar the gauzy hnnents I
h h wore prxsrcd by the police cen
i ii1 but tin nuilliMioo did not serai
H nil niJ bit
Ills luira Uuerlto who Salomes at
till 1iisino couldnt cry well Inivo
uorn le 5 Her lou wore btre ami
Ikr tSr dlajJhunol1s gauze scirts
liiuru neie a very snort pilr of thin I
lleahvolorvd breeks which were only
vlcihli ft lion she gate all extr violent
Wiilrl There were plainclothes men In
the noiiw but me dance was not In
teriereii ltli
hcn Kvi TaiiBUiv willed out on
the tfiagc of the Colonial Theatre In
her own original vorlon of tho Vision
of Salome It didnt take the audience
Ion to learn that this madcap dancer
had once more donned her next to na
ture garb As far us the eve could Sloe
I this hilarious Salome Is about as bare
I as she possibly can be
L > rw > ed In a few yards of gallop a
few strings of pearls and a pair of
trunk willed she might have bor
nvmfd frun a nnll buy nnil a xwy
smnll onfl at that this lair daughter
of Ilorodlas gaily cavorted around the
hond of Job the Hnptl twlileh by
the way did a row acrobatic stunts of
Its owni nbllvlnus to be nudity as
Kve mlrit have been And the audi
ence dlrtnt mind a bit
Ti Svljilio 11 Imftn1 Fifth avenue
did not dlsplav herself In the tights
which > ie wore PMurrlnv when 1
nnlic were unwelcome guests And n
object tnro were raised so far as could
hll n oorh Inrll
I 1 6th Ave and 20th St
For Boys and Girls
A most important feature nt School Days is for children to be
t c int rtably anJ neatly slvxl
One of the most essential features of the wonder
ful success of Caimwver is our Childrens Depart
ment the motto of which is Highest Quality Lowest
Prices and Careful Fitting 1
Parents who purchase our footwear for their r
children may be sure that they get the best at ther
least cost
Hoys Calf kin Lace Shoes with Little Gents Box Calf and Black
heavy wire quilted Eo Kid LK Shoes G4 A A I
soles sizes 21 to sjj t4 J ti sizes S to O4 tJ > J a VV
Good value guaranteed
Cali 3tin everv pir
Boys Box Calf Mtm Oil and
Black Kid Lace irediuni wetH Misses Black Kid Button and
soid kit her sob 15 1J Lace sizes II to 95
sles 12 to sy tp 150 2 I
Childs Black Kid Button and
oysCalf Lioeihoes 1 A A L1Cej sius S to I
sizes 21 to 5 tj > lUU IOI J 1 It 00
toys Iarurd J un or ChIt and Nh > ses Black Kid
Lace Shoes hack kid and iilf high Cut Button and rj
sizes II 102 and 22 2 00 Lace i sizes 6to tnU tjJJLf 7 J
to 55 oiUeJ Misses sizes 11 to 200
Piano Dept Pourth F
UTIiWlll Co
10 Minutes from Hoboken by rluUaon Tunnel
Piano Bargains
F we ever offered extraordinary
t nary Piano values theyre
right In the list below Its
i f the opportunity of a lifetime
C 1 These used Pianos must he moved
q at once We cannot afford to f
give them floor space It
there any good reason why I
one of them should not
adorn your home
1 a di eJ The terms are as easy as we
r can make them The initrti
nieiila are so good that well
exchange them within a year
dtiJ0pt allowing what ouve paid
foruny new piano in our stotk
c H
q 1 Sterling Organ 5
t 1 1 Bcatty Organ 10
r 0 1 Chukenng Upright 50
1 Laurie Upright 50
1 Kardnun Upright 75
Down 1 Pcae upright 75 Dawn
dal 1 Weser Upright 75
t 1 Needham Upright 75
r 1 1 Mason i > Hamlin 1
LYi Upright 95
i Week 1 Steinway Uprhht 95 Week
M i Sterling Upright 95
1 Horace Waters 1 Sohmer Uprigit 125
Upright 93 1 Knabe Upright 145
1 hranich > Bach 1 Vose Upright 143
uprgit 95 1 ShoningerUpright 145
1 Krakauur Upriaht jo 1 Kranich ty Bach
1 iiehning Upright 95 Baby Grand 200
We still have u very lew ot those beautiful new
325 Warren Pianos at 178
You owe it to yourself to examine these splendid I
f instruments Sold on the same terms ol payment
as above
I p e 0
I Store Clotca nt I P M Open All Day Saturday j
Restaurant Eighth Floor
fu9tCiNEYflCo A
MXfflAV T020 S24QEE 4ri
10 Minutes troth noboivcn oy Hudson lunncl
Oldham Mills Stock Sacrificed
An immense purchase of r IJ
Portieres Couch Covers and Tapestries 1
at prices sensationally low tT FUllrllllloor 1
800 Fine Armure Portieres 390 2250 Silk Pocket Tapestry Por
Splendid quality Arnuire Tapestry Portieres made tieres 1335
In the choice weaves and of the line for which
yarns Magnificent high class hanging exquisitely woven
the Olilhnm Mills were so justly noted Choice of a In artistic colors with pry high lustre and Van
large color range Could not be sold In the regular Dyck edge priced regularly at j 2250
way iiiulcr JSOO
1000 Bordered Portieres 570
1500 Empire Damask Portieres 865 Beautiful foreign tapestry borders of Verdun Gobe
An elegantly woven texture suitable for handsome
lin Tricot and other tnpeatrjcs applied on excep
homes Indo of very flue high lustre yarns In a tionally line solid color Arnuire Tapestries Cannot
beautiful design Choice of all the best colors be sold regularly under 10 and 1250
Thousands of Couch Covers from the Oldham Stock
Covers 5 and d5t 2QC Covent 7 and S Q Q5i1g J10 4LO3 i i Cows Vi ami f l5 ti 90 t
Oldham Mfls Tapestry and Damask Remnants at Half Price
1 fabrics 150 faones t 300 fabrics
JjijO fuurici
yard 49c yard 7OC i yard 150 hard i 250
Fine Lace Curtains at Remarkable Price Reductions
If you have curtain needs its your opportunity The laviiiRs are extraordinary Special pur
chases from France Switzerland Scotland En llIud
England and America bought when manufacturers were
eager to lei and reserved for this sale Included are Irish Point Henaissniice Arab Cluny Brussels
Nottingham and other laie curtains Some pilcej are
100 Pair Tor 165 Pair fur 285 Pair for 435 Pair tIlr 7 OQ Pair for
A 790
1 C 2o Curtains 350
4350 Curtains 1000 Curtains JTrO Curmlns 1375 Curtains
S1it alai li fine Ime Bed Sets at 790 I sop Holland Window Shades Mx72 inches at 25c
Clearing Sale of Furniture
Odd Lots from Our August Sale
HE END of the Furniture Sale in the
THE greatest annals of this store leaves us
with hundreds of odd lots of lurnlture that weve given a lower price In order to Insure a positive
clearing In the shortest possible time
Lf Hflh Floor
2800 3pc 6000 5pc
Suits Suits
2100 4500
I 5000 3pc 7000 5pc
Suits Suits
3750 5250
3000 Handsome Parlor Suits at 2250
Made ni illustrated with highly polished mahogany finished nicely carved frnmei upholstered with I
loose cushions covered with line green silk plush
Special Reductions on Bedroom Furniture
J1SOO Brass Beds 1000 iOO G 0 Chiffoniers 425 I 12100 Mahogany Dressers1475
f 2500 Brass Beds 1000 n50 ° ° Dressers 850 I f 2G II K Maple Chiffoniers 1975 I
3500 Brass Beds 1075 1975 G 0 Chiffoniers 1450 I 118 Mahogany Chiffoniers 1350
2250 G O Dressers 1050 2175 G 0 Princess Dressers
1000 Brass Beds 2575 2100 Birch Dressers or Chiffo I 1550
I Special Felt Mattresses 5 I niers 1475 J 2575 Mahogany Princess Dress
Black Mixed Hair Mattresses10 p Upholstered Box Springs 775 J ers 1675
r 50 Sample Chiffoniers at 25 per cent Below Regular Prices I
I In ajl the popular woods best construction uptodate quality I
DiningRoom Furniture at Clearance Prices
1200 G O Ex Tables at875 I 4200 G 0 China Closets 3425 I 350 G 0 Dining Chairs leather
1500 G 0 Ex Tables at 1075 2350 G 0 Buffets 1850 I seat 275
2950 0 0 China Closeta11075 i 3300 G 0 Buffets 2650
3550 G 0 China Closets2550 I 250 G 0 Dining Chairs 150 2S Gen Leather CoucheaM975
4400 G 0 or Mahogany Buf j 300 G 0 Dining Chairs leather 2450 Velour Couches 1828
fets 2475 p seat 200 12 Morris Chairs complete675
September Sale of Dinnerware I
Cut Glass China and Lamps Floor
for 124pc 112pc f I for rich Cut Glass
15 nnd IOU pc Dinner i 198 8inch Fruit or
Sets of best American Salad Bowls
I porcelain of twelve patterns in deep pretty cutting value350
cluding floral and band designs I
regular 1850 20 and 25 350 for 3pt Wator Pitchers
1995 Jxtra deep cutting highly polished
for Dinner Sets
l ished cut hamlle bottom
of regularly
Limoges China beautiful deco
r I ularl 5
rated and stippled with coin gold ularly
soup tureen combination new I qi 195 for Sugar and Cream Sets
graceful shapes chrysanthemum cutting pretty
945 for 100pc Dinner Sell 500 I shape cut handles regularly 350
of highgrade orcelaln hand
245 for 8305 Sets
somely decorated and treated with
handsome design deep cutting
gold several spray and border
decorations to select from regu 545 for 8to Fern Dlihei with
larly 12 Oliver lining deeply cut in pin
645 for 100pc Dinner Sets of wheel design regularly 10
Porcelain assorted decorations 250 for 10in footed Com
regularly 10 ports richly cut in neat design
495 for fliipc Tea Set of thin 5fr for Electric this handsome or Gas highly polished regularly 395
Porcelain pretty assorted decora ReadlnK Lamp 85c for 5in Handled Nappies
tions and
shapes regularly 050 with art glass shades in as rich deep cutting i regularly 150
595 for fiOpc Dinner Sets sorted colors complete reaJy 2 for Water Bottles regular
servlco for C for use regularly 650 full size rlchl
complete persons as richly cut and polished
sorted decorations regularly 850 tar FIlth Floor regularly 325
I The great September sale is inaugurated ror
Groceries patrons returning from their country homes Prices are very
attractive Purity ansi wlioesomencss guaranteed Mail and tele
phone orders promptly filled Call Chelsea 210U
20 lbs of Granulated I 5 m 0 ked Ox Coffee our Royal Din Ilnnrlrx llrrnkfnit Heron i
Sutfar IIaemcyer El I Tongues young net Blended allllrOastCl Mild linearcured I S I 1
Inspected streaked lint
ten d fre h
derj heel with the purchase or C S fresh OD day of sale j right with Iran alit lot I
8111 ok cil t mpleal bflow I
awaY the ulmlculo
of le worth of our bulk 81 e e i ll lomor 4 Ib for Iuo per price ipeclal for Wed I
teas or coffees for 1 I TOW 14c Ib 28c 110 nolay per 44c
Nets fraAAII rietle > rUIl ar price Laundrr form nov J Stuart ISr 1lfkllne lnrur1ho best rtl 35c
fine i n oal B Its for lt4l 39 none Utleri boJ JH5 1 in barn uu JUIt
TonmloM Htd rliif slit lacked
per Ih Inonoval Smart extra lifted i res
HrBil lllif pinVst ron In LouisIana ular price Hi pedal nue 15c whole Sift Cnmern Brand cum of
2 atol sino M
10 Ibi U5et per jQc of 2 lnz alBt dor ITIicin IJU can dm < < JIHI lOG
tb Full Crram Clier r Herklmer County Itinun lIne Pmrhr Taniornn Ilrand
llnr niirlile Kniciuii Ilclilflleiiular white or yellow 6 lbs for lIned 00 parked In purr ivruii cape ol t
err liSle bottle iwclal 15 3lh cut SOri pr lb 2 dos fiTfii dor Illlt run 25G
iloi I7SI bottle 1rarlirt For prei rrln V t en Corn MlnrrhInvitl Hiuirt toe
1irili hound Corn Mfnl KllnJrlcil r bushel haikrl epee III lJU rial H ikK > fur far i l > kr 8c I
in lbs for iillr 5 11 n j C liioal Mnurl Ciiffrr < ons Eel Ti frnltl Frrn llardv and buihr 48
lor tcr 3 Un li per Ib OJC J rfuiilar iiliojl nab clc BG I
McklinK Unlrf lii Brttlo ulrl in Kimioratrd Irailir lRrgn brlnlil I Iliililirr lIifltPIrirly and Inttr 48c I
mIxtures a lbs for Or i ur IBG mean baits J ° lin r IE I rPKtiUr prro II SI ntf price c
Ib alir per Ib IOC A > imr ciiH hlI In noti iriu r Y
mmonln Scrubbi finest n hot 22c Sweet Ininr Simla Ilara Y illev sun lir price nn Alf price JOG
ties lalt per bottle U cured fruit t S0 lbs for 101 IVi Kjirlj lux 1oAnovlIl Stuart llrand I
Sweet Corn Camcrnn Brand extra per Ib l u rcnuliir urle He rctclal rait II
weft nut Inrtir cue 2 dot ISO Ilurant rrnAII Varieties rerular VI tin UnOi don lMi can lu
toz laC1 II can ° 0 ° Srlrr 75r special S Ibt for ra I Irart nnd Ciati Appleiur pre 40c i
ar 1111 per lb > < I rrlnc No 6 bIt Cl
I f Loui IM < r

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