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n J
I 1 111 P 4 1I iv
r J J
Crank Rushed Into Market
Fired Three Times and Hit
One Man in Crowd
Number Injured in Stampede
for the Doors Before
i 1 Police Arrived
LONDON Sspt 2There was n wild
Uroped1 on the Stock Exohinge during
th Skit hour of trading this afternoon
c when a roadman flourishing a reOlver
I t dulied Into the place and shot point
blink Into the swirling throng at
I The Rhootmx wall so sudden and the
r kttcndnt excitement > o Intense that
i txttiaen was utterly demoralized until
thi stranger after ling three shots
one of which hit a broker was over
powered and carried to the street where
hi was handed over to the police
A veritable panic prevailed and sev
eral traders were Injured In the wild
rush to the street i
t Vha man told the police his name was
Edward Harrison but would not say
3thtaff more Harrison had no con I
ii oscUon with the Stock Exchange and It i
I if his been Impossible to explain his ac i
t tlon It Is thought likely that hie mind I
F had become unhinged through pecuniary I
Everybody wis so Intent with the I
closing transactions of the market that
I few paid particular attention to the I
man until he had ran through the
Exohaee to the section where Con
sols are dealt In He plunged Into a
throne of brokers and bringing his
i plitol Into play fired a shot that whis
I tled past three men and struck the wall
j ome distance away
The crack ot the revolver was heard
by all In the market and as the
brokers who were made the target I
1 dodged past the man they ran Into
others attracted bv the shooting and I
f > r a minute there was a hopeless
Jumble ot humanity I
As the second shot rang out the
ahrm became general and there was
i rush for the various doors scarcely
l a broker being left at any of the trad
r ing posts F
While th crowd surged to the street I
Harrison tired hl third shot and this
striking the celling was defltlected and
t truck one of the tleclng brother The I
force at the shot Iiid been spent ho
ver and thewound Inflicted was Jfily
The rushing crowd got jajmmed at
te door and a number of persons
r ivure Inlured In the crush Ambulances
> were called and the Injured attended
and sent home
The excitement by thIs time had
spread to the street and a hasty call
for the police was sent In In the
meantime two waiters employed In
the restaurant attached to the stock
market ran up behind the man an he
was preparing to shoot the fourth time
They seized and held him despite his
struggles until the police Mid attend
ants pt the Exchange overpowered
f him
f hhnAt the police station the prisoner said
r his name was Edward Harrison but
f refused to give any further Informa
tion concerning himself His manner
I t rather confirmed the Idea that he Is
Insane It II said that some papers
wars tound In his pockets which ma >
In i measure throw some light on his
After the prisoner had been hunted
from tM Stock Exohange the brokers
returned to their posts but as there I
i had been c complete stoppage of bual
Thug for at leant fifteen minutes It
was lomo limo before the ends of I
trading were picked up and matters I
ahaed for the closing whloh was quiet I I
r with prices firm
i li cumber of brokers Including some
at thou who make a specialty of Con
sola were called to the police station
In an effort to Identify the prisoner
but 10 far as jould be learned none
rworolsed him u a stock trader
t A popular Impression Is that Harri
son mar hue been crazed by losses In
1 neculfttlon
Harrison ip < nt Prt of the after
neon walking up and down the side
wallc In front of the entrance of the
ExcSanic and attracted attention by
deolalmlnr ajralmt the broken The
prisoner Is not over twent years of
t are Doctors who examined him late
today believe he II Insana
I o News of the shooting went through
JjonAan with amazlmr rapidity and
flurlous throngs nock > d to the ex
change some of the approaches to
which were guarded by police tort
Surf Avenue Covered With
Net of Wires in Preparation
for Mardi Gras
Votes to Decide the Royal Rul
ers of Festivities Still
Pour In
The electricians are busy stringing
wires across and along Surf aenue
Coney Island preparatory to turning
night Into brilliant day during the week
of Sept H1J when all New York wilt
be on the grand endoftheseason Mardi
Gras Carnival There are bulb connec
tions every eighteen Inches on these
wire and Surf avenue will be literally
rooted In light The work Is being
supervised by William C Melnch of the I
Executive Committee who Is an expel
rlenced electrician i
In spite ot the frost bite which i
nipped New York last week crowds i
thronG Coney Island these fine days
the very beat weather possible at Coney
Island The crowds nnd an added en
tertainment In watching the work of I
electricians decorators highway re I
palTers and others who are busy as
bees dressing the great metropolitan j
play town up In preparation for the
last frolic of the season of IMS when i
the Mardi Gras managers will entertain I
2000000 guests I
Success Is Assured
Success for the sixth annual Mardi
Gras Carnival seems assured and that
means much more to the men and
women who provide amusements and
entertainment whether for the heads
the hearts or the stomachs of the sum
mer visitors than most people realise
It gives to us as Fred Henderson said
In The Evening World recently In place
of a dreary dying profitless closing
week a regular band stand finish with
a whole week of holiday crowds and
holiday business said Louis Stauch
one of the big tour of the Mardi Gras
If we did not have faith at flrst
later confirmed by experience of the
satisfactory results of the annual car
nival do you suppose that C L and
Alfred Feltman Fred Thompson of
Luna Park Fred Henderson and I
would contribute l0w each to the Mardi
Gras fund 7
Nancy Then Butts Her Way I
in and Does Salome I
for Lieutenant
The ringing of a cow bell sounded
familiarly to the ears of Detective Nor
wood of the Stage street Williams
burg police station shortly before
dawn today The ringing of the bell
faint at flrst Increased In volume and
Norwood who halls from a farming
I district upStatei reckoned as how a
cow was astray Presently a low ap
pealing moo attended the chiming
and a brindle cow ambled through
Stagg street headed for the green I
Guess she thinks the lights are
grass soliloquized Norwood Up the
steps ot the police house climbed I
Nancy then standing on her hind lei j
abe licked the green globes j
Shoo sang out Norwood and
Nancy then butted In the doors and I
did a few Salome steps before the
amazed lieutenant at the desk As
Nancy pranced the bell attached to hen
I graceful neck kept up a deafening tin
tinnaiulatlon arousing the fifty sleep
ing bluecoats upstairs and bringing
I them down on a rush
I The cow was corralled and placed In
ceJI head after the
a on bell was
moved She had wandered
all the way
from Bowery Bay
At roll call Norwood gave Nancy the
attention the was seeking and everyman
that went I
man w on tour had a warm
glass of milk as a starter I
1 Nancy was tent to the pound where
i she was reclaimed by her owner I
If You Know An Unsuccessful Private
i Instructor Clip and Send This to Him
lrivateilin Slip
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1 tf r iJ Dtar D Linqatnl Professor
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Cor anon 4 < 1Jl
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I Dr DillI UliariK III
W a Ktrrls 3311
Clauite I HaRfn 811
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Jere F Twoj 27M
J Joph M Sownck 7iO
Mhall A Covert til
I Hfrt M 1isIet 2013
Slim Ukfl I
Tomni 01 1013
V J 1iMv ISFtI
I Mlkt Donlln 1771
< > orce H Maxwell lTVI
I Josei J Leo 7tlt
rrinlc Dald on lilitt
Jack nhen IUS
Wllil m II trarB 1VO
V an1t Cililll IMis
Mdep un Ucrnun W Beyer Im
P I T Orn tln li >
Henry Uruml 1W2
Willie WHI 13S5
Oeorgv votinr I l
I Riroti Autentrtlh llVi
VnUiony P Fnrl llMi
hrtF r TiinV 1010
MM Erneit Pop 1S8IS
Mr Jime F McCji < y KUDO
Illllin Murphy in 75
llrs Hm lxy 14I7S
ltnnle Wolff tuai
IMni Miy Siwonir tHII
line Mjrra XVI7
Mina IMIIlhi XIS7
Uvi TniKui 211
Ann Mrfultodith 2is
Mr 1I1In llennUi USD
Ilillin Manl HnuTi jsai
1Itrlc > Morgan 1112
Mate K nIxon Iii
Gertrude Itnffmui 117
Irlneesi Ilnjah 1101
Grace 5r > lnk 10li
Mlldrfi Gibson si
Lillian Hurt SO
nnsf Onrlen 111
llrdl te1l fl4
Anni KIln 61
Mrs Mlnnlf 3 Fr 111Z
BU ntJ pIton 71
Tennis So 1 < on
u 11J
Little Eddie Burke Cheers
Father and Mother as
Leg Is Amputated
One of the grlttlut little chaps that
ever wore shoe leather died oh the
operating table at St Vincents Hos
pital this afternoon while hit mother
and father sat In an antsroom In the i
dumb agony of waiting offering ssm
prayers for their boys life
The boy who died was Eddie Burke
the nineyearold son of James Burke
a third grade fireman of Engln No 5
quartered In Charles street who Ics
at No 20 Ganievoort street
Eddie with other youngsters was
crossing Ninth avenue at Little Twelfth
treet when a northbound Christopher
treet car ran him down He screamed
once a I he went under the wheels
When the motorman John Carey of
No 778 Avenue A got the car stopped
the little fellow moaning faintly was
wedged down under the rear trucks all
cut to pieces
Ills right leg was crushed entirely off
the left wai In almost if bad a fix and
his abdomen was torn Despite It all
he was conscious No battlefield hero
ever showed greater fortitude
Directed His Rescuers
Ai beat he could Eddie directed the
efforts of the men who tried to lift the
car bodily The weight was too muoh
for them and so he had to stay where
he WM pinned down on the track until
a wrecking crew could come with Jacks
and lift the car The sight of him ly
ing there dying and mangled so en
raged the crowd that they menaced the
Car > ran to the OlinrlcF strtet 0 II
station craving protection lIe was
1ook1 up A little later Policeman
Jessun arrested the conductor Hyman
Zlmbersr of No 214 East One Hundred
and Second street and brought him
in the station house on a technical
harrfi of assault
Dr Danlls made a record run with
the Injured lad tying up the severed I
arterte an the ambulance VouniUd
over the rouch cobbles to the hoi I
pita Homebody had run with the I
new to the home and to the engine j
house and the parents reached St
Vincents ntyHit the tame time
Dr Rector the head surgeon broke
a rule of the Institution He let Burke
and his wife In for a moment to see
the lad before they chloroformed him i
The physician knew the little fellow
couldnt live but ha didnt tell them of
Cheered Parent as He Died
From the operating table the maimed
youngster smiled up at his weeping
Dont cry mom he whispered Ill
be all right Ill only lose one of In >
legs and I aint going to die
Those were the last words he uttered
In this world Half an hour later
when Dr Rector came out to tell the
Burkes their son was dead he was
wiping his eyes
Ive been here a good many years
he said but he wa the bravest human
being I ever saw He never whlmpuruJ
once and he went smiling Qod bless
The Burkes have had a lot of bad
luck Threo years ago Jennie the old
est chllJ was run down by a car Jut
as Eddie waa today Now at twelve
she gOtfI on crutches with one of hr
legs off at the knee Three months
ago the oaby tiled Kven with Kdilld
gone there are mill five children In
the flat
As a third grade fireman the frthir
dnpsnt make much mnney Th other
firemen at No L and tle policemen nt
the station house have taken up a co
lertlnn to help him pay for KUtliu
funeral II
Fred II Oirfleld illvlilin passenger
agent of the Erie Railroad at Jamtn
town N Y and one of the best known
passenger men In the country died at
his home In Jamestown N Y on
Monday aced fiftyfour yean He had
had thirtyone years of continuous act
vice with the Erie system Hi Itaves A
widow tad three childrio
Father Lost Hold on Church
Top as He Witnesses Death
of Little Boy
When sevenyearold Willie Dlxon wv
run down and killed is in automobile
front of his home at No 44 West Fifty
i fourth street last evening his father
David Dlxon Vho was painting the roof
I of the Lutheran Church of the Iledeem
j er of which he li fie janitor and
which Is n few feet from where the I
I accident occurred was seized with ter
j ror at the sigh of te tragedy and j
rearl > los his life Fivxnk Schumm
son of the pastor of the church who i
was with young Ilvm narrowly es i
caped bans killed oy th automobile
The little Dixon boy and the pis
i tors son were crosslnc the street In i
I front of a large oil trjolt Just before
they got to the curt an automobile I i
driven by Harry rlmbl of No 33
West FiftyMrs street mil owned bI
John Jl Sherwood a weillhv resident
of Bridgeport Conn ho Is a guest at I
the Hurald Square Hotel oime along
It was running at a fast clip accord I
i Ins to witnesses and 4s it shot past I
he big oil truck fie DIXon boy was
stanUltig dlrestly in its path The
cliauffeur apparent > tried to keep the
machine clear but ne boy was too
use and the car itru k him The lit
lie fellow gave one shriek then was i
carruxl under tile macnlnr and when I
picked UP a few nlnues later was
deati II
The Schumm boy was only a few reet I
from his companion wnen the car bore
down on him He sprang for the curb
and barely escaped being hit bv the
David Dixon lost his balance on the I
roof of the churoh when he saw his
son killed and tumbled to the cornice
work where he grlppel a piece of tim
b er proyudlnz from the roof and saved
himself frum falling to the pavement
below In whkh event he too would
I proonlily have been killed or seriously
I Kmblcr chauffeur of the aulomobllo
wax arraigned on a technical charge of
homIcide In thu Veat Side Court tu
Novel Features in Breach of
Promise Case Explained
in Supreme Court
i Stuart C3 fiibboner of No M Broad
street wiltorncv for Owen V Farrell
a well ln < > vn hotel keel > < I of D posit
II Broom Cjimtv applied toclay to
Justice ItlWloiT In the Special Term
of the riiuiviie Court for a change of
I venue In the suit hroutflit In this
i county against Iirell for bredfh of
I promise bv Miss Helena M Scull >
I of this city She seeks to recover
110000 damage
I Her counsel Kdwnrtl A Scott
opposed the appllcit According
to the complaint tiled Miss Scully
ile lnres that Farrell promleJ to
iitirrv her on D ember 12 18JT and
it illlteient interval1 Liter promised
10 111111 Us DnMilso out that when
she asked him to do so he refused
His all iUii > n In his nn wer are far
more mnnatiotiil Ho cays that he 1
met MFS Scully tnroieh a iiiatrlnionirl
Htencv and rliat she left hhu to co
to a handsomer man in loa Antiele
Hlio liitl ulo aiuttered lie ad h
tie matrimonial newMUpet He eas
that rhe dd not like the Los Angeles
man fo returned and aFke1 him to i
renew their engsemeat I
Hxtrrnir IVnnlCr III Hnitnn fur
Nevi York Mnn
BOSTON Sept John T Far
how address Is fald to be No 77
E3t Twentysecond street New York I
was toda sentenced to Jail on a
charge of recklessly driving an auto
mobile Fay took an appoal and
lurni had a bond of K V
Tho oiirts have almort Invariably
Impcfecl tines for thiK offeniv hereto I
foe nit Ju < lae Mtinuv stated that In
view of thfl numerous automobile acci
ilents of late he felt that a Jail sen
tHUi was nee 5arv 51 a warning to I
ilrhcrs to be morn CarlFti
DistrictAttorney Says He Will
I First Prosecnte Actual
I Slayer of Annis
District Attorftev Daprln of Queens I
I County expressed some mrprlse to
j day when he learned thnt counsel for
I the defense nf Cap PetE C hams
i and T Jenkln Halns had decided that
both brother will stand trial together I
It Is not usual1 cvpa to the defense I
i to make such arransemcnts and I
nohlnc nmituil has been done In the
I hams case Ii
Xapt liter C lining will he placed
j on trial rlrst dtvlareil LIp DltrUt
i Attornev Ib brother will then be
I tried The mMence nciiist the two
I men Is not the ame one bHR a prln
I clpnl the other an accrtory The
casn Is almost realv fur pioscntntlon i
to the Grand Jurv I
There Is some talk In Long Island I
City to the erred that friend of the I
late William K Annls who was killed
by Cap jyil < are not satIsfied with i
the way UlstctAttorney tat rln has
gone about preparing his race a i
the Halncs I
If there Is such dissatisfaction the
DistrictAttorney hat not hal H
brought dir I y ti hU aueiuion ne
says r
Expects Brothers Exoneration
Joseph A Shay attorney for the
prisoners said today
As far as Thornton Hans Is con
cerned he shouUCrevcr have been ar
rested and there Is a possibility that
once the Urand Jury hears the facts in
the case that they may decline to find
an Indictment agalrs him
Mr Darrln expects to call as a wit
ness the voting man who drove the
captain and his brother to the club
house Iti tha carrlttsu titers was
f01 lid niter thcv hud left It a box
fonttlnini hht etl tart iili2el of
t he utie clibie aiil malllfaluro ai
tno n iKcd liv Call llnln Mr Uurrln
elli Ir i that Cap Hiln < in Hi
rlstol vhfo IK tic iuiTiiiie and Irat
his brother Thornton must have wit
I nessed the act
Wa will show Uiit the contrirv
declared Rlav Wo know that Thorn
1 ton did not see the plsiol 10 dell and I
we Know wheio mil when fr i It tttts
I loaded the revolver Ills tiroliiei was
I not present at LIP time dipt Halns
will fully explain all this
When Irs Clnuilln L llama heard
1 that hor eldest con Peter Conover
Halns third seven years old would I
I probably lie plm on the wittier I
stand In her liiibnncrii defense she U
said to hiivi Iullapsed at hor home In
Wlnthroi IIIFS She Is said to have
declared that f the bov toes on the
stand It will he ttircmih Ithe connl
vnncc of T Jenlrns Halns and that I
the Utter la1 pol < one l tho boys mind
nRalnst tiN and ioich < s him In the use I
of bad laiiKJiiso teaclilnz her son to
curse ind ue Indecent InnKUiKe that I
would lift the hair of a person of re I
ctabUltv I
Nobleman who Has Taken a Wifi1
Defended His Title Against
Organ rinJer Claimant
LONDON Sept 2Earl Ioulett was
qiiloty married In lomlin tidiy to tf yl
via Ulllan ton laiighte ef 1 i
Storey the act o mil re its pnlntT nnd
li st If 1 ineinlior of the Gaiety Th atr
Karl Ioulett hold his earldom by vr
tuo of a decision of the Commit tO ni
1rlvlleges of the Hounr of Ixirl whlon
awanlede him te IIIP n < ocansi an
reangrlndcr Mho cl lime > j I II J
rightful liflr of rh Isih rarl
NBWCASTrK Sept ZD Grant the I
American player surprised British golf I
i er 10 AN ii > defining A H Altkon
the ScitUi lpiernatlnnal player In the
I third round of the Irleh epa golf cham
pionship eontf wliih III now being
played hfe Altken nd ben contld
red rhe almo rin winner > if the
event Gran1 boat i < ni by one fHe
Gen Grant Heads CourtMar 1
tial That May Cause Sen A
sation in the Army 1
v WAHHIXOTON Sept 2By direction r
of the Prcldetit a reiiera1 courtmartla
ombriolng In Its membership one ma
lorgeiieral six brigadiers and six col
onels will meAt at Fort Wayne MJoh
on Sept y for the trial nf suflh per
sons ni may he brought before It
MajorGeneral Frederick D Grant
will head the court
Great secrecy Is maintained at tbs
War Department a < to the Identity of
the otHcoio to be orders before hJ
court for trIal but In view of the Wh
rink of ihe officers comprising It Ills
i suini > lrn Is that tiio promised trfcil I
or uials Involve an officer or officers
of u holier rank than thot of captain I
The Legs Had Already Been Re
covered but Identity Is I
Not Established
Floating In Jamaica Day near Rim
I rqI1 L I tile body of the man
nlioo legs were cut off bj a train or
Sunday morning wu found today utiji
towed ashore
The left leg WAS found on tbs trestle
over the bay on Sunday afternoon and
taken to the Hockaway Beach police
station The right I < g wa found nero
day In the watr near Goose Creek I
was 8lo taken to thp police station
Tin man li unknown at loose Creek y
So far HS can he learned ha started t1
wak ning the trestle tc ard the Ram 1
wb he was struck In a train and
klld r
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Thursdays Exceptional Genuine Inlaid Linoleum Hoys School Suits li
QL The same quality for which others ask 125 sq 1
Ske t S a I e yd offered in this extraordinary sale at 59c A tremendous bargain 250 Sample
aest quality inlaid linoleum granite floor ef Suits worth all the way from
T wo Grand Special Values fects nothing better for hard wear excel I
pecla in Fashioned
Early Fall Skirts In smartly lent opportunity for land 275 up to 4 eachon sale tomorrow
y Seldum do see such remarkable deal
you lords hotel keepers or iFtJ
markable bargains as these at the very beginning of ers 2 yards wide former I morrow at 198what we con
the season theyd be rare at the end of the season price 125 on sale quan 59c
r tity unlimited tomorrow C sider an exceptional value
1000 New Skirts at square yard
75c Genuine Cork each59c DOUBLEBREASTED SUITS
3 Fashioned in the 4f
in ali
I Joseph Wilds famous cork linoleum with or without belts all I
I j1 New C St I extensive line of new patterns stan g g have knicker pants blue and i
Cape Style
I ilew ape ILIC dard quality retails at other stores 33 black cheviots and a large IV q
finished with 12 but it 75c a yard for this sale only C range of mixtures in all the I i J C
Per Sq Yard Limit 30 Yd to each
tons or the 23plaited new fall colors sizes 7 to
16 yrs RUSSIAN and SAIL
models made from a
I I great worsteds variety early regular fall School Shoes for Boys 8t Girls collars dirk OR BLOUSE mixtures and bloomer SUITS large in pants sailor neat i
I t price S 200 marked sizes 3 to 10 years All t
I i i down 1 J for Thurs Special Price Inducements to Buy Shoes Now From the Most Complete Sample Garments worth
I LL I I day only choice at Auortment in New York 2 Great Special Lots 35o on sale tomorrow at
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98 i V f w iI
Boys 89c Knicker
500 New Early Fall Skirts made from pana Ejtra Boys hoes Girls Shoes Pants at 50c I
11115 olles or value for every Patent leatherscloth
thibrtj in four new allover deep plaited day usage Calfskin and Dongola tops Made of fin Cassimeres and Cheviots In neat
models finished with buttons and wide 1 98 Lace Show with 89c bee or button I pattern of light and ifarkcolors all fin I
fold regular anti extra bands colon black J double soles toe C regular 2 values 9 ished with strap and buckle at knee sizes 7 50c
blue or brown choice at cOloi capsj slats 8 to UK slzcs 1Ii to a to 16 yean regular 89c knickers at C

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