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W tI < I
< rj re r r17p
Scores Dragged Unconscious from East
I Side Houses by Firemen and Po
lice Whose Promptness Alone
Prevented Heavy Death List
i To my mind there is a man jumping from place to
place and starting fires for what reason only his distorted
t mind can tell In every case except one the fires in the
Yorkville district were started in the cellar among old paper
t and rags All bore evidence of being the work of the same
Incendiary Fires This Week in
Yorkville Section of the City
r No 040 Second nreniic Ao 70 nnd 72 Bmt One Hundred
I No 1811 Third nvcnue nnd Tenth itrect
No 02 Et One Hundred nnd So 1417 Third nrenne
Second trct No 1112 Third nrenne
No 1088 Third nvenne Jio JO12 Second nrenue
No 1000 Third avenue Xo 174S Second avenue
No 1708 Third avenue Jio 403 Knit Mnetr con1
No 103H Third nvcnne trect
No 179 End One Hundred nnd ZVo 174 EMt Klffhtrflfth treet
Tenth itreet No 1521 Second avenue
No 207 linet Eightyfifth utreet So 15KI Third avenue
The lives of hundreds of persons were in danger from fires started
by a man believed to be a pyromaniac in the Yorkville section of the
city last night and early this morning Battalion Chief Dougherty of
the Fire Department and the police from three east side stations are
r searching today for a man who was present at everyone of the fires and
watching the work of the firemen
From noon yesterday until lSO A II
today there were nearly a dozen fires
itarted by this maniac following a
half dozen Incendiary fires the night
before The firemen had not a minute
to themselves and at times were com
pelled to divide their fighting forces to
gTve battle to two blazes In the same I
For a time the police were of the be
lief that a pan of thieves were at
work but Investigation showed noth
ing had been stolen from houses in the
neighborhood and the conclusion was
reached that a pyromaniac was at
In selecting the houses for destruction
the maniac always chose crovded tene
ments and that he did not cause heavy
IMS of life wat no fault of his
All through the afternoon and night
the firemen had been busy when at 1
A M they went back to quarters
Then sounded the gong that called
them to No 1933 Third avenue to a
tlvestory tenement house which fur
nishes a roof to twentytwo families
The blaze had been started under the
stairway on the first floor and against
the air shaft On the ground floor Is
the big confectionery store of John
Welman Before the firemen arrived
the gas pipes had melted big carboys
of soda water had hurst and the flame
had shot up the stairs and air shaft to
the roof
Stair Escape Cut Off
Not one family could get to the street
by the stairs Some took to the rear
escapes and some to the front Still
others guided by a policeman got to
the roof and crossed over to No 1500
There were a score of rescues at this
fire Frank Brooks a musician ran up
Help Wanted
As Advertised for in Th Morning
Worlds Want Directory
Ad reiuers Houaenork I2C
Agenti 10 Ilorsufhyera 4
Apprentices 1 Irortn 30
JIakfri 3 Janltort 14
nart nder 4 Jnnlrcsaca 2
niackimtth 2i JmMleiii
i f UookMnden 2 buin irosji 2
f > Bockkwiwra IS Machinists 2
lo > l J Manicure 1
v Buahelrctr 2 Milllnra IS
Y Hutcrers 7 Xuncs 1H
aevOJlotu r rr lt r 7
pS Carptntfra 0 PhotnHiVri 10
Caihlen 7 Painters 14
Chambermalli 13 1lumbrs 1
CJiff S Polishers 1
CUarroikera 1 Ioner C
Chauffoura 1 Ijrtry Help 1
Collectora 4 1rcssTn >
t Conpotltora 7 PivMimn 2
E Ccwka M 0 Hojfpra 2
Ev Cook IF 21 jelij > i f t
K Cwp rs 1 Sulwtren 13
S Cutters IS Shlpplni Clerka 3
ri Dtr Work 1 sign Pilnttn 3 I
t ntleclh 2 Skirt ilandi i
t J > < otlata 4 Slwve llandj J
DWmaihcra 0 Solicitors 3
> Drlvera 0 stnorapheri UtI 2J
On Clerks C i < tRioRnc > < ra F 3
l Kliotrlcl nii 4 Tallorcw 1
f li vitor Runners 2 Tallora 14 i
Rnitroldfrcra S Trimmers 7
Knrm > rra 1 Tlnimllha II
l nn Hanli J Tt > wrlt rs < F II
Kf toltrl S UphotiKrvri 5
Kltlihera n VjrnUhtr I
1rmn 2 WilHn 10
r Jold ra 3 Wftltrcsws It
IVrrUliM 4 Watohmtn j
Corereen 4 JllacrtkiiwoM lil
illrli M
Totnl liO > i
The World printed toJiy 1108
dHelp Ads 597 more than all other I
INtw YorkVapers combing
a small ladder to the first floor and I
carried down Miss Margaret Zimmer
man who was rescuing Lena Kates the
baby of a neighbor and a friend
John Allen and Oakley Barker both
of Engine Company No 33 were over
come by gas They were found close to
death In tho hall and carried out by
companions Barker was hurried to
Harlem Hospital
Firemen Price MIsjen and Keegan
were also overcome and would have
perished had not their comrades res
cued them Owen OConnor of Hook
and Ladder No K was badly cut by
When the fire wa under control the
damage was estimated at about 2000
The firemen bundled up their hose and
started to quarters when the gong
sounded again and the tired hones
and men hurried oft to No 943 Second
avenue A bundle of oilsoaked rags
had been placed under the tenement at
this address and this firemen again
were forced to save a lot of persons
from death
Fortyfive minutes later at 330
oclock there was another alarm calling
the firemen to No 1SU Third avenue
The llrebug had started his blaze In the
cellar here soaking a lot of rags with
oil Sixteen families were hurried from
their beds and to tha street by fire
escapes and roof and there was thirty
minutes more of fighting
More Tenements Fired
Next came a call from No 63 East
One Hundred and Second street The
maniac had lighted a blaze In an awn
Ing In front of a tenement house Be
fore the engines rattled up S A Lee of
Fire Patrol No4 had torn down the
burnlns awnlng He was badly cut
about the face and had U be taken to
the hospital for repairs
Next the firemen were called to No
1793 Third avenue and there waa forty
nine minutes more of smoke eating and
life saving before a fivestory tenement
was cafe This fire was also started In
the basement In a heap of all waked
During the earlier part of the night
a big fourstory flat house at No 1933
Third avenue was set on tire and near
ly a doz > > n persons were overcome
Mrs Kato OBrien was overoome
when the was carried to the street
and had to b taken to the Hirlem
Hospital Firemen and policemen car
ried to the sireet several women and
childrui from the house and from
the adjulrlnp structure which the
smoke permeated
While ho was climbing the stairs to j
Investigate the fire Capt llobert Hock
hold of Hook and Ladder No 26 was
run Into by the helmet of mother fire
man who with head bent low was
carrying a child down tho stairs Rock
hold went to the Harlem Hospital to
lave Injuries and cuts to his face
dressed Many persons were resusci
tated In nearby stores
Policeman Joseph Wey discover the
fire and called to a passerby to send Inl
an alarm and then went up through
the house awakening tenants and warn1
M them to go down the rear flres
apes en account of the amokoflUed
So thick was the smoke and gas that
when the firemen came they lad to
work In relnys Wey mlA for the roof
beulnj on each door with his night
stick He finally got up the scuttle
ladder and pushed U back to clear the
ulU of smoke As he dirt so he fell
n the darkness rulf way down thsi lad
der and tors till uniform and cut and
u d I
Many Narrowly Eicape
Oltlcer McKttnna of the Bant One
HumlroJ and Fourth itre t nsitlon
aided Mra Amelia Pereira wto Urea
with bu husband on thi fust roor to
Mrs David F Morion Follow
the Importer From Bos
ton to California
Husband Disappeared After
Justice Truax Ordered Him
to Pay 100 a Month
After traversing the continent In a
search for her husband to compel him
to pay the alimony ordered by the
New York Supreme Court Mrs Ella
Morton of this city today reached
I Los Angeles the end of her long Jour
1 noy There she cerved legal papers
upon David N Morton an agent for
I French Importers at No 158 Fifth ave
nue who has been rouifhlng It on a
small ninch near Sierra Madre Cal
A despatch from Los Angeles says
i that Mrs Morton ran down her miss
i Ing husband In person and oversaw the
servlne of the legal papers Her suc
cessful quest will bring her 400 back
alimony and In a measure Insure her a
monthly stipend of 100 which was
granted Fob 11 by Justice Truax
Lcng Chase Begins
Mrs Morton chase of her husband
first led her to Boston Mass where
she got out a warrant for his arrest
but he escaped Hearing that the Im
porter had departed for Buenos Ayres
South America she bought passage for
that city and was about to sail when
she learned that Morton as In Cali
The Mortons were married In New
York t the Little Church Around the
Corner In 1901 after a courtship which
txgan In Honolulu where the woman
claims to have been making 3OuO a
year carrying on a typewriting and col
lection agency he nursed Morton
through a serious Illness and was re
paid by his proffered love and an offer
of marriage
But six years after their marriage en
tered tho second woman claimed Mrs
Morton In a suit for separation which
she began last February This woman
she said was an employe of Mortons
llnxerlu shop on Twentythird street
whom she followed to luncheons and
theatres with her husband
Charges Desertion
On March 4 1507 he deserted her Mrs
Morton claimed after a scene In their
apartment at the Jeronw No 215 West
One Hundred and Sixteenth street Her
application to the Court added On
Dec a U96 when he returned In the
evening I attmpted to kiss him but
he Indignantly spurned me
Mrs Morton began the chase of her
husband at tho Instance of her counsel
Leo n Brl1l6S of House Grossman
Vorhaus She was supplied with
an exemplified COD of the decree of
separation and started for the Pacific
Slops two weeks atro
Two Plead Guilty to Annatiltinit
Cnihler and Hohblnu Office
Plendirrg guilty to a charge that they
sandbagged and robbed Fred S Hanna
a clerk In the office of tho German
American Office Company at No WO
Grand street Wlllet Marquotte twenty
four years old of No 2516 Seventh ave
nue and Clinton Bushong of No 211
West One Hundred arid Fortyeighth
street were today entenceU to not
leas than two years and tjur months
or more thun two years and five
months In Suites prison by Judge
Craln In the Court of Genwal S cslons
Marquetto and Hushong who formerly
worked for the company entered Han
nas olflce while he waa busy over his
books sandbassed him and got away
with J17 which was In the cash drawer
get to the street Trucks No 28 and
No 13 had raised extension ladders In
front of the houfe and theae were put
to good use McKenna found Mrs
Pereira gasping In the hall He got her
back Into the flat and helped her out
to a short ladder Her husband who
Is lame ollmbd along the window ledge
to the front of No 1931 Third avenue
where he went down a ladder to the
Little Dolly Nolan who lived with her
aunt MUs Minnie Ennla on one of
the upper floors was helped to the
street In her night clothes by Capt
Tlerney of No 13 Hook and Ladder
Tlernsy the went back and got Mrs
Ennla out Practically all of the ten
ants were In their night clothes Mrs
Bnnls fell unconcclous when she got to
ihe street
IJy thl limo the smoke had got
through Into No IDS On the third
Hoar mod Mrs Kate OBrien with her
two daughters Irene and Agnes the
Utter alx months old Mrs OBrien Is
a very heavy woman and had to be
uided out of the house by Policeman
McKcnna She lauuud aa sne naaj
being taken down the stairs Her I
daughter Irene fainted when anc goi
to tne street nlth the policemans am
On the third floot ot No laJ3 lived
Jamee Fleming and his wife and five
children the youngest alx months old
They were found groping around the
smokefilled halls by policemen and sent
back Into their rooms and helped down I
the back fireescapes
Mrs Mary Ollourke had to be helped
down a rear flreeseipc Mae Laweon i
tvrsnty fur yeaz old was overcome
and had to be helped to the street by
two firemen John Curle > a nineyear 1
old boy living on the sconJ Iloor was
carried to safety i
In crwaking of the fires Battnllan I
Chief boueherty said i
Therv l no doubt that every one of 1
these flrw wns stsrKd by nn Incendi
ary If they continue the men from
thl district nil have to call for help
from other parts of ti city Th fire
men Ahu have b en working under me
He rear collude md the horses cant
inmi many more M
Other Mrn all of which were extln
iilhd with small IOSJKJ occurred nt
No 179 Kait One Hundred and Tenth
street No TO and 73 Eu t On Hun
drd and Tenth itreet No Zil Bajt
Eightyfifth ttrt and No ua 8ond 1
Balls Error in Eighth Inning
Gives Philadelphians i
Two Runs Ij
Special to Th Evenlnc World 1
2Tlie Athletics beat the Highlanders
this afternoon by a score of S to 2
The Athletics lit on Lake for three
nine In the list Inning but after that
he pitched gooV ball In the eighth he I
walked a man and thN with a hit
and nails hail error nettnl two nms
cinching the game for the Phlladel
phlans Plunk pitched n s ooJ Kame at
all times
First Inning
Hartsel sent a safe onebags er past
short HarUol out stealing Klelnow
to Ball Oldrlng made a safe one to
centre Barry got his base on balls
Murphys single to left was fumbled by I
ORoiirke and Oldrlnx scored Barry
ping lo third and Murphy to second
owls smashed a hot one to deep right
for three hascs scoring Barry nnd
Murphy but he tried for a home run
and was out at the homo plite Conroy
to Laporte to Klelnow Munush popped I
out to Ball THUBK RUNri i
Conroy singled to centre Barry tried i
to make a ciluok double play on Moll
eons grounder but Nlcholls dropped
ho tlnow and both runners were cafe
Chase was thrown out by Manush Can
ror and Mcllveen advancing Ollourko
ivna safe on a slow tap to Davis Con
oy scoring and Mcllveen going to third
Ollourke was out stealing nine to Har
ry aporte fouled to Davis ONE
1 UN
Second Inning
Nichols was safe on Liporte < fum
ile hut was forced out on Blues at
empted sacrifice Like to Ball Plank
orced out Blun Morlarlty to Mporle
lartsel singled over third sending
lank to second Morlarlty tossed out
Uldrlnir NO RtNS
Morlarlty filed out to Hart el Hall
died the same way Barry threw out
Clelnow NO RtNS
Third Inning
Barry walked nnd took second as
lurphy sacrificed to Chase unassisted
Barry took third as Morlarlty throw
out Davis Uiportc threw out Manush
Lake struck out fVmroy again sin
g oil Conroy stole second Mcllveen
valked and Conroy stole third Chase
walked lining the base Barry got
ORourkos grounder and threw to Nlch
olls forcing nut Chase but Conroy
cored Mcllveen was caught too Car
orr third and was rim down Davis to
Blue to Manush to Blue ONE RUN
Fourth Inning
Laporte threw out NIcholK and Blue
was out Klelnow to Chas x Morlarlty
ossed out Plank NO RlXS
Laporte lllcd to Oldrlng Moriarlty
mashed a clean single to center Ball
tIIo1 to Murphy Klelnow struck out
Fifth Inning
Lake threw out Hartssl Oldrlng
truck out Barry tiled to Ollourke NO
Luke singled past second and went
to second on Conroys sacrtflos Ma
nwh to Davis Mcllvcon was safe on
lanushs bad throw Barry got
hasqs grounder and touched out Me
Ivaen Ollourke was thrown out by
Sixth Inning
Murphy singled Davis singled Both
ldmnced on Manuahs fiicrltlce Jlori
rlly to lap rte the latter covering
IIrst Ixvporte goo Nlchola grounder
and threw to Klelnow in time to catch
lurphy In a ehase Murphy was run
own Klelnow to Moriarlty tn Lake 1
B all tossed out Blue NO RUNS
Laporte struck out Morlarlty was
afe on Barr os fumble BUI hit Into a
oubel play Nichols to Davis Nichols
touchIng second and throwing to first
Seventh Inning
Ball threw out Plank Hartsel filed to
aporte Oldrlng filed to Conroy NO
Klelnow filed to Hartsel Lake lifted
one to Oldrlnir Nichols tossed out Con
Eighth Inning
nail threw out Barry Murphy struck
out Davis walked and went to third
as Manush plnfilcd Nichols was safe
on Balls error and Davis and Manusi
scored Blue Illed to Conroy TWO
Jlcllveen jingled but was forced out
by Cha e on a grounder Barry to Nich
ols OHourke filed to Oldrlng Barry
threw out Laporte NO FtUNS
Ninth Inning
Laoorte throw out Plank Ball threw
out Hnrtsel Oldrlng filed to fonroy
Morlnrlty wa Mfe on Murphy s muff
Bill struck out Barry threw out Klel
now Lake fouled to Blue NO RU S
Woman Ambulance Surgeon
Worked in Vain Over Little
Andrew Bughoss
Threeyearold Andrew Bughosi hul
a little bonfire in the yurd of his home
at No 218 Boerum avenue Williams
burg last night
He died today In the WllllamsburK
Hospital Dr Mary Crawford the girl
ambulance surgeon was with the little
fellow all night and his fath r stood
by and urged the other doctors to
The boy was playing with neighbor
hood children when the flixs was started
The other children say they were pla
In nt leaping through fire Anli It i
tripped In going over and the llam
vt his clothing allre The other chil I
drcn srreameil but before help arrlvtij
the BughoM child was fatally hurt
Iiuls Ralsler vicepresident of th
Hallnr Heating Pompany at No 1M6
Hrotdway and Miss Itosabelle Adler
of No 101 West One Hundred and
Fortieth street were married by the
Uov Dr Rudolph Grossman of Ttm I
nlc KmnnuPl at the Hernstadt yet r I
lay They left today for an ixlende
lionomoon trip through New England
Amona thos present at the neddlnR
Mr and Mr Sydney If Straus or
rwr ii Mr ar I Mr Jillliu Hlf irl
Mr and Mrs Abraham Strauss Mr
and Mrs Huxenr Kahn Mr and Mrs
I aiard Kahn of San Francisco M I
Jrd Mrs ip9nip 1 liolius Mr anl
Mr Stpphn Brooks Rosnithal or
Iunidena Cal Mr and Mrs Imdoi
Prank of tultlmoro Md Mr and
Mr Wllllsm J Wright Mr and Mrs
ftimuM Man Mr and M > s Abraham
drtenbera Mr rtr A Ilandrlcba
Mr AKx JMaalln
pmIOd l mO 30 000002 M
H1IQIW 10 I 0 0 0 0 0 0
Conroy cf 3 1 0
Mcllveen rf 0 1 n 0 0
Chane Ib 0 0 13 0 0
ORourko If 0 1 1 0 1
Laporte 2b 0 0 3 5 1
Morlarlty 3b 0 1 0 5 0
Ball ss 0 O 3 4 1
Klelnow o 0 0 4 2
Lake p 0 1 0 2 0
Totals C G 27 19 3
Hartsel If 0 2 3 0 0
Oldrlng cf 1 t 3 0 0
Barry b I 0 2 7 1
Murphy rf 1 2 1 0 1
Davis Ib 1 2 9 1 1
Manush 3b 1 1 0 3 0
Nlchols sa 0 0 3 i 2 1
Bluec 0 0 G I 0
Plank p 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 5 S 27 15 4
First Base on BallsOff Kike 3 off
Plank 2
Left on Bases Athletics 5 Highland
ers Struck Out Ky I nke 2 by Plank 4
Threebaje Hit Davlf
Stolen RasefConrny 2
Double Play NMiols to Davis I
ImpIrP Connolly
H J M m l
C I l
Runs Sixty Yards in 1 25
Seconds and Wins One of
Worlds Gold Medals
V Sept i Before a crowd of 160
spectators the Playground and Recre
ation Centres Association held their
annual championship fi < Md meet hers
this afternoon The medals for this
meet wore presented by the Sunday
World and IAM ifii athlcteo tt1 > resent
ing parks In Brooklyn and Manhattan
The tlrst event on tho pro rammc
was the Myard dash senior which was
won bv H Jamii of the Sixtythird
Street Park In the good time of 726
seconds This equals the P 3 A L
record for that event made lost May
it Curtis Field However this record
will not stand as It Is not In P S A
U competition
Walter Bailey of Ben onhurst won
he broad Jump with a very good leap
of 17 feet 2 Inches The midget sixty
was won by a colored boy named Jack
son of P S No S9 He defeated a
tleld of thirty starters
The summaries
Running Broad Jump Panlnf AV H < UIy
RenslIhurst Puk 17 feet 2 Inches won C
Razonl Nw Lit Park 16 feet 8 12 Inches
Mcondi P fieiw Timipklns Square Park 10
feet Inchei third
Utinnlnc Broad Jump Junior J A erna
Ion bland Park 14 feet 11 Incho un
M CVmilnjky Tonpkltu Square Iark 14 fet
9 Inches Kond D IJffner Saratoga Park
II fwt line third
WY rt Uaa1 Senior First heat J
Haw John Jay Park won H Jamea Rli
iyihlrd itrtet Park second Tim 7 13
Sfcond Heat JI Shecker X w lAt Park
ivon 11 Halms P S a plajjround
tvoni Time 7 3fl lecondi
Final 1IeltH James Sixtythird Street
Park won J IIa ar e John Jay Park second
J tonh ewJo da pJ kth
ond M Shecker New Lots Park third
j Ihie 7 25 sfconds
00Yard Darh Junior C Razonl Xtw
Lots Park won L McOlnnlty earatoza
Park s coMn Bcrniteln New Lots Park
Ihlrdi time 45s
10TarJ Mlditet RaceFirst Heit L Jack
on H S No SO non K Anderson P 8
No6 playrrottid second time b 23
Second IlealII Hrh Caratora Park
won D Lirtner Saratoga Park lewnd
time 8 2 is
Flnsl lIe3tL Jack on P S No 0 nlar
round won K Anlercnn P a No t nlav
sround cant D Llffner Saratosa Park
Ihlrd tlm H ll <
RunnlnB Hlfh Jumt > J Oettlns SlitythIM
street pa > rku 4 feet 10 Inchen on L
Thomas uenionhurft Park 4 feet 0 Inchw
feconli H James Slxtythlrd atrtet play
Kround 4 feet 8 inches third
CLEVELAND Sept tFire broke
out this afternoon In the extensive
lumUer yards of the Saginaw Bay
Lumber Company on the river near
Uest Third street and spread with
great rapldllv Ai a result of the
lunc contlmiod dry weather the lumber
burned like tinder and In a very short
time the flamcs had leapad from one
pile of lumber to another until fully
an acre was In flames
The mvat Central Viaduct leading
rrom the east to the wnrt was In
nmlnent danger
Henry T Hodman who was arrested
lust wwk In his office No 1 West
Thiryfoiirth street was held for trial
today by Magistrate Walsh In the
Centre Street Court on four charges of
srind larceny Ills ball was fixed at
A dftputy sheriff awaited to reineat
Rodman In a civil action If he obtalnix J
n bondsman
Assistant DistrictAttorney Klndclber
ger says many complaint hnvn hpjln
Tilde airalmt Rodmnn and the total
loss will reach JBOIJO
Tt III alleged that II palmist earned
1untt iivlsel women to Invwit their
fortunes in gold and copper stock
which they obtains from hodman
DETROIT Mich Sept 2Wlth re
turns In from n largo majority of thA
election district of the State Dr James
B Bradley of Kalon Rald State Aud
itorGeneral has It Is conceded de
feated C5ov Fred M Warner by about
2MO votes for the Republican nomina
tion for Oovernor
COMBUIAN WANTKt amataur alw Itnt
II1T l Call flern in T evenlnr I
tlark XX r OTth
unix MAKnn WANTED u njunT bd
mist undenlir waists a lmt < nj
rourhlln 30 w lt < at
I M WASTRI > tnuelllna musical afiow
MfUMi unnMMunr Ill II I 0 > i an
U CUM ut V aoui
j ISR flS
uR r B HIS
French Call His Recognition of
Usurping Sultan Brutal
Change of Front
PARIS Sept 2Th action of Oer
ninny In breaking up the concert of tho
powers with regard to Morocco by no
tifying tile signatories ot the Alga
elms act that she considered the ac
tual situation demanded the Immediate
recognition of JIuli 111 lid tin usurp
Inc Sultan of Morocco has fallen like
a bombshell In Paris
Only yesterday the Trfnch press wns
refraining from Impugning political
motives to Germany In tha despatch of
Dr Vasael the Gorman consul at Tan
irler to Fez Today however with
the arrival of Germanys ofllclal noti
fication regarding tIle recognition of
Mulal Hafld a feeling approaching con
sternation Is manifested In official cir
This notification which was made I
vcrballv Is not accompanied by nnv
explanation of Germanys brutal
chanso of front as It Is termed here
and In the RovernmevU circles the ac
tion ot Germany and the despatch of
I Dr Vassel can no longer bo disasso
I ciated I
Officials can see only In Germanys
action a virtual proclamation of licri
Intention to dlsrecird the Algwlraa act I
nnd seek a special position In Morocco
for herself The consequences both I
from the International and French
standpoint are expected to be declara
Sultans Troops Attack
As If In anawer to Germanys call
for recognition of Mulal Hafid before
he his entered Intft anv encasements
With Europe fanatical Arabs who lunl
been mthurlnc on the AUerlan frontla
nttnokrd yesterday the French Dost a
The following Is tilt official Frenci
view of the situation
Germanys notification came a a I
complete surprise to Franco and Spain
who are engaged In elaborating a pro
gramme of demands to b presented
to Mulal Hat for the safeguarding
of the common Interests of Europe
and America In Morocco These de
mands are to be submitted to the sig
natories of the Algeclrj act as soon
as they are completed and the powers
were so notified eight days ago Ger
many too no exception to this our
and we presumed thai she wus entire
satisfied until suddenlv there came this I
crash out of a blue iky
There was n longer any o xistlon
of upholding AbdelAzlz BoUi ane
and Spain recognized that he had dis 1
appeared definitely rom the horizon
What we proposed to do was to force
MuhU Hafld to ratify tha engagement
of his brother AbdelAilz toward
Europe before recognizing him Now
Germany comes forward with a propo
sition to reooffnlzo Mula1 before he hoa
given any guarantee It ajnounts to un
doing the work of the VlgociriJ con
feruncg and reverting to the Utus ijuo
ante The powers must decide bet ween i
the position of Germany ajid that of I
France the French position we con
sider to be most loynl to the spirit and
lottor of ths Algeclnig act sprt
May Mean War
Th gravity of the Moroccan situa
tion lies In the fact that the contention
over Morocco has brought Germany and
France dangerously near a war The
position of Morocco commanding one
of the gateways of the Mediterranean
has excited th European powers to
kten rivalry In securing a preponder
ance of Influence over that country
Great Britain for a time held the chief
influence but as a result of tlu > Anglo
Franc understanding Great Britain def
Itltely recojnlzed France L having the
Influence In
preponderating Infuence Morocco
The French Influence developed steadily
until the unexpected visit of the German
Emperor to Tangier when his declara
tion that Germany would Insist upon the I
continued and complau > independence of
Morocco from exclusive foreign control
stcrtled the European Dowers and
brought the FrenchEnglish profrajiune
to a sudden halt i
The enforced retirement of M Del
saisse the French Mlnlstor of Foreign
Affairs WBJ one of the sensational
events of the Intenw diplomatic
struggle wMoh isud between GOT
many an France Reports were i
current that both countries had prepared
pared for war and th French press
contained Inflammatory announce
ments of the military preparations i
proceed lne on a vast scale along the
FrancoGerman frontier I was dur
Ine this crisis that the pent powera
were assembled at th Alge perd
frcnce not so much t real with
Morocco Itself as to prevent It from
bccomlnK I source c f tne gravest ron
fllct bftween O rmany and Itance
The present excitement In Paris Is n
Ireent tha formw FrancoGerman
pelm over Morooca I
g f f1 t 1 J + o 1 + f1 t I
Official Voting Coupon
t nl Coupoa IUU the C lo th
ef Pallullr Ilan In lrrlter N Yok or Out ot lor te Mo J
naulM onA Wo o ht 14 1008 al lh
Will Bo Crowned +
of te I
Carnival of the Agce of Pro rD
Week f Sept 14
I vo for for K +
Ole doses 12 Noon Sept 10 19 0 0
I + l i
rJoaD b baW U U Tb Warldi nrlaw bnuhxi TT
I Brn 401 HOt 11 U toW 1893 Br1 HaT 8 W 2
12rt 0 std Broklyn 3 bhrto at anl It
t r + + + + I
l mLMf TS
I Jf Sf OUb I
Nearly Every Official of Park
Ridge N J Charged
With Malfeasance
Practloally nil the public officials o
Park Rldxe Boroucli Ber on County
X J were InJHed today for mal i
feftsunce In office as r result n the re
port of County Jude Demurest on the
alleged love manner in which the I I
boroviRh wai Rovoren and Ita books I 1
kept The Indicted offloe s arc I
Prank 0 MlttiR Muvir on onp
count CYiun < > llman Ham S Stark on
seven counts Counclliia i VIIIan II
D xin on six count Counrilinan IM
wad Lyman on flvo counts Caunll
man Ervln Vnn Hutton on threa
counts and Councilman Eugene
Ierrlor on three counts
Other Indictments were found against I
exCouncllmen David Sroni and Rob rS
A Slbbold on a similar charge of malfeasance
feasance while they wee In office
In addition to the malfeasance Indict
ments bills wero found agalnst Slbbold
as Justice of the Peace James B H
sjtirm and John C Storm for conduct
ItiK a newspaper called The Hornet
This publication was alleged to hav e
printed libellous attacks upon Park
HldBO reformer ana also to hav
failed to file r certificate vth th
ouuntv clerk miming Its proprIetor I
All the Indicted otllclals and exoffl
r1 Al wlre held by Jude Demarost In
on each on the sepirate Indictments I
irtiul 11 additional J3J each for thij
separate counts the bis contained I
Thp malfM < lICe alleged consisted of
pi > ndlnK lionniKh money tnit had not I
been formall > appropriated on an elec
tric lighting plant and dam I
XOKFOLK Va Sept 2Many sail i
InK vessels that have been stormbound
In Hampton Honda for two week put
day to sea with the clearing weather of to
in Gold
For Just Writing the Tabasco Best Limerick Last Line to the Following
51000 for the Best S750 to Second 8500 to liiird S250 to I
Fourth and 85 Each to Next 100 Winners
A soubrette who worked for Papasco For forty yean It has bee ue by cook
sobrele everywhere Every fustclass hotel sieam
One kicked quite fiasco thlp rftiursnt find dining car u es I Iji ths
day Ie a
ne up
1 qUle tseo kltolirn nnd upon the table Tiiburo If
As the hair on her head Eta treat food for for oup ejfjt ro of any ts style flh fo for l the game out i
Turned from yellow to red door luncheon eR ti afternoon lalsd Uu
It In your kitchen 1 the tlmo j
What mnk > > s eicelhnt the nioklnsr of th
Tho last word of the last line must chff wll make delicious the food of the
rhyme with the lat words of the home Ot Ihe Titlmuro biblt In your
rhD6 wih table Dee drop work
kltrhrn on your Orll
first two lines klrhn Huy from your grocer today He j
All the I ntcos arr Is to end UI what you hat If ecry < rocer has I Ak his opinion
think l the best Inst line of our Tobasco This rontct Is open to evmbcxly frrr
Limerick with yuur name and ndarrsi Can Send In your Ilracrlck In your own way and
tel cloe Y 1 J nd prlzel annouecc UK often a you please The fund to pay
R IS 1m thee prizes Is now on dtpoMt with 00 W II
MSrt1bH friend Heres
Get blsr no tell win your an Income free 1ere Voiirc A Cn Hanker New York City
I Remember treat chance this to contest Is open free to McILHENNY COMPANY fEt it 1
J Mv Pcroo oee must win th above laekel and llnatBclur of Soulher Dl I
enrrboY carl A
by not youT tIY
MclLHENNYS Now fiual to Mellhnnyi Pure once
tr t < sl Flavors of anla nl tf
EXTRACTS nh rur anlla IIJ Inon tJVO Plcf
VANILLA 2 sl 1 1 n 1
w lms SlUI oRnu cuoco 19c
speCIAl ASOunD IOUS 19c un8 0 kllldI 1OUSD C
until Uocl k
F Itow tore open enl elnl ut orllk
Pk Rw I1re events until M oclotk
All our atorc ooen saturd evenlel ocock
lUltCILE 01 on Paf AS f B C
ASI Cor Waa
Hlh Ifntl 110 to 1 16 pound 29CORTUNDT5I
J ropr lvr Manhattan abov IL I
r to point anhllll IbV ConCfeurcJaU
lor 00 plet
St liobokon and Jerwy City rS CoC
Ki goods s 10bokan D Cindles for Sf f P I
Sur outoftown customers cajofUjly t OWH
niiked and shipped from our special i tHI
Jnall order department I
The Professional Baker II
e Baler t
I u
J I 384

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