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r 1 rr1 Hr V J
1 7k t i T7 11 n j
Accident Outside Flatiron
Building Draws Broadway
Carpenter Who Dropped Im
plement Runs wayOne
Arrest Is Made
T MlM Rose Levine of No SOS Penn
rtrset Brooklyn came to Manhattan
r this afternoon to do some shopping As
t Rhe WAS passing tho FWlron BulMlnff
1 t on the Broadway side and hurrying
through the press ot peoplo at whAt Is
i t
f > probably the busest corner In New
York she was siiMenly struck down
t A carpenters hammer gtvon Impetus
from a tenstory drop struck her on
the head and felled her so quickly lIbe
t t barely had time to gasp before she lost
l consciousness Men and women sur
f rounding her were grazed by the tool
r as It bounced the sidewalk and skImmed
f Into the street
Several traffic policemen picked the
young woman up and carrltd her Into
a drug storo After the arrival of Dr
Burnett of Roosevelt Hospital she re
I gained her senses long enough to tell
her name and address and then lapsed
i Into unconsciousness again
Dr Burnett saJd the girl was sari
i oualy hurt and took her to the hospital
The policeman haaUned to the tenth
I t floor of the building where a carpenter
had been engaged In replacing the win
dow cases The carpenter John Nel
I son had disappeared and the contractor
l 1 who employed him John Ertcluon was
r arrested
R The suddenness of the aoctdent and
Its W1IQue character drew a great crowd
of people to the scene and for half an
I hour several thousand people stood
f about discussing the Incident and fU
r iiis mi at Uii tenthstory ft1r
Judge Hough Decides None of
the Defendants Rights
Were Violated
Judge Hough In a decision filed today
Injtho United States Circuit Court denied
nied the motions made in behalf of
l Theodore H Price and MOMS Hats to
quash the Indictments charging them
1 wtth conspiracy to defraud the United
if States and to bribe a Government offl
I car In the procuring of advance Infer
M matlon concernlnc the Cotton Report
r of 1805 Judge Hough uI8o overruled
4 t demurrer entered by Haas In which
It was asserted that no fraud had been
shown at the tirand Jury Investigation
The motions to quash the indictment I
were made upon the claim that the I
I Constitutional rights of Price and Haas
had been violated by calling them as
witnesses before the Grand Jury
Disposing of the motions to quaah
tho Indictment Judge Hough said
A part of the argument addressed
I to the Court appeared to assert that
Price and Huas had been oppreneed by
the agents or attorney of the United I
Btfctes Let It be assumed that discre
tionary power reslgj In the Court to
quash an Indictment found 1 > > coder
cJon opjresslon device or trick yet
I there Is nothing even < In defendants
affidavits giving color to a suggestion
1 of such conduct In thIs proceeding i
r That was done all In the open with 1
I every opportunity for defendants to I
consult counsel and not one of the
forma questions put the examination
t never got further was even asked be
fore a full and fair privilege had been
given lath of the present defendants
and by one or soferal representatives
nf the United States
In conclusion Judge Hough after le
viewIng the law points raised In be
I half of the defendants says
t The defect of defendants argument
u shown by authorities controflliiK to
t court whose prime duty Ls to au
r thorltallvel expound the National Con
titutloii Prte and Haas were not
parties but aa wltneasos claim parties
statutory not con tltlt nll privilege
I Regarding these meji as wltnesiei
only It Is settled law that no right
either constitutional or statutory was
Infringed by compelling tnelr attwllance
I and odmlnlstratlrg the oath
When the defendants were duly and
leeallj summoned to the InquIry and
put to their option nd right was vio
lated and the nucgcftlons that they
severally appeared In an unfavorable
light while claiming privilege before
the men who could ndlct them Is ep
reflati Immaterial In a rounlr where
there In mor dancer that criminals
wllj ewaix Justice than they wIll be
4 Alt jjCtpd to tyranny
1 I
Thi tdi otl n ss J three weeks
I e elk with a rope tied dKout Its rk
L was found today In a pond at Unx
sutd Grand View aven M nidcjeAoml
E Itttffhts L I by William Roth
ter were no Initials on the cloth
k nf which would Iud to M ntinc > Uon
The th ory of the QlcndJl polpa U
MHM 1wI htld Srai nut trangl J to
MiIMIw IfeBA wtown into tile pood
i SIDE Bf 29000
Figures Satisfy but Falling
Off in Vote Shows Apathy
in Presidential Contest
Democrats Elect a State Sena
tor for First Tim in Three
YearsFoes Get All Else
Sept 2 Complete returns from yester
days State election In Vermont on the
vote for Governor received this after
noon show the follonlnr result
George 1L Prouty Republican 452S1
James B Burke Democrat ISOl
Qulmby S Backui Independent
League 12D2 Eugeno M Campbell
Prohibition KHi J H Dunbar Social
ist 4i9 The total vote of all parties
was Oi74 and Proutys plurality over
Burke was 3376
The Republican rote showed a decren
of 5 per cent and the Democrats to about
3 per cent The decrease was an1 > ris
ing In view of the numerous local con
test at which the voting was Quite
heavy Political leaders were Inclined
to look upon the returns today as In
dications that the voters were some
what apathetic In regard to national
Issue but not to a marked degree
The Reoubllcan leaders received the
election returjis today with consid
erable satisfaction while LJeutOor
Prouty expressed himself as highly
gratified with the Indorsement which
he had received at the polls
The Incoming Legislature will have
at least one Democratic Senator about
thirty Democratic Representatives and
at least six members of the Inde
pandenoe League In the lower house
Four rears ago the bouts stood 3M
Republicans and 34 Democrat so that
the Republican majority the coming
year will be practically unchanged and
will Insure the election of a Repub
lican iueceasor to the late Senator
Redfleld Proctor probably In the per
son of hts son Goy Fletcher D Proc
The election of a Democitlo member
of the State SenAte gives the Demo
cratic party a representation In that
branch of the Legislature for the first
time In BeveraJ years
Returns from the State election In
Vwtnont furnished cold oheer to Dem
ocratic politicians at national head
quarters today Chilrmaji Mack put
on a brave front and said
The result was very satisfying to
me Not a dollar ww spent by the
National Committee In the State as I
we left the entire campaign to the local
leaders The Republican vote fell off 10
per cent white the Democratic vote
decreased only 2 per cent
We do not Intend to make any spe
cial effort In Maine which will vote
for State officers on Sept 15 It Is the
polio ot our committee to waste no
time or money on atiy State which Is
surely Republican but to devote all our
resourcei to doubtful States
States to Go by Default
lUs announcement mean that
larpj number of Eastern States will
be surrendeud to the Republicans by
default No campaign vlll be made
In New Unglanil ave an effort In
Rhode Island and possibly some work
In Connecticut Col James Hamilton
Lewis of Chicago has been touring
the oldtime doubtful States of Dela
ware New Jersey and Connecticut At
national lltlquarte today he sa
The Democrats have no chance of
carrying New Jerse for the Presi
dential ticket but there Is a ery good
lighting chance In Delaware and Con
necticut It we get to work there In
Delaware there Is a good Issue on Gen
Dupunt who Is one of the leaders of
the Repuollcan national campaign In
charge of the speakers bureau The
people of Delaware call him that cur
pet 03ler Kentuckian who tries to
boss the Slate
I think we shall make Congressional
Rajnn in several Eastern States Ii
NSft Jersey I think me Democrats vlii
get three districts I am going up to
Mnne tiinifht to help out in the cam
paign there
Surprised It Wasnt 40000
Senator C A Cuwrson of Teiaa
j cralunan of the Democratic Adloiy
I loniiniilee askid aouut the crrtiunt
risulta mado tha enigmatical reply
Tne unly surprise to me ai that the
Republcaii plurality was not ics In
stead of 800
Over In Rtyubllcan National Head
quarters there was much elation Over
i Vcrnioni returns The absence of
I Chairman Hitchcock whp Is In the
West lmenu any olholal outbursts
uf joy but a1l the subordinate man
agers sttld It showed clearly that Bryan
noud have no show In this part of
tha country
Chairman Woodniff of the State
Committee an I Pre dcnt Parsons of
the Count Committee made similar
statementsthat ther ma nothing In
the returns to give any hope for the
Democrats In the East
iullnnn nmplojrr Itvmnrrd from
It II Ilrnncli of llic A t r a
I i BecMus of > il poullar ACtion In
I the Rjlruaij Branch of the Y M C k
at Forty fifth trl1 and Madison eve
flue William Klrkwood twcntyeIgii
years A a Pullman car condiiicir nnl
i living at No sn Orange rrpt Albnn >
I wax liken to Iell < 3vu < > Hiipltni till
mortilng lie was placed In the tMno
Iattt word
I I1nlnlC tll the brunch bait flight al
though not a member KlrknotM was
gIven a room About 4 oclock this
mornlnir he traken < l several roomers
and talked In a ieeuliir manner Than
hs mild an atttrcit to lmy out of Il
Held His Job
of Office Box
I for 69 Years
lL 1
1 tR <
I t
it > 1
l 1 r
br a
eft l t
Strict Attention to Busi
ness Is the Rule of Vet I
eran Sammy Brackett of
The oldest olflcs boy In the world
will celebrate the elchtynlnth anni
versary of his birth today He Is Sam
uel Brackett of Trenton and he Is em
ployed In the office of the anvil works
In that city owned by Mrs Clark Fisher
Sixtynine years ago Brackett started
In as office boy and he occupies the
same position he did when he first went
to work
When the old man was asked today
to glvo his Idea of how to succeed he
said Strict attention to business Is
the secret of success That Is why I
didnt want any fuss made over my
birthday I was afraid that It would
take my mind and too much of my
Ume from my office duties
Brackett was a pupil in the Sunday
school class of Mark Fisher In 1S39
when llr Fisher had a large tannery In
Portland Me As he seemed to be a
bright lad Mr Fisher put him to work
In his oflloe When his employer moved
to Trenton In 1842 and helped to estab
lish the Fisher Norris anvil works
Sammy accompanied him Instead
of stayIng In the office he went into the
shops When advancing years and In
juries that had made him slightly lame
unfitted Brackett for arduous toll the
late Capt Clark Fisher Hark Fishers
son wanted to pension him but as the
veteran anvil maker declared ho was
still able to work he was put In the
STOCKTON Cal Sept 2A tele
phone message received here today
from Murphy Qalaeruj County Is
to the effect that a forest tire there
has spread Into the MJaveraj big tree
grove and the big tree known as The
Mother of the Forest a monster
sequoia 3J7 feet high and 75 feet In ir
cumference Is aflame
No other trees have caught fire thus
I fir but the gravest alarm Is felt
thought S PMI Unulil ion Tol
erate loiter
A Boston lady tried to convince
herself that she could get uetl to
coffee and finally found It was the
stronger She writes
When a child being delicate and
nervous I was not allowed coffee
Hut since reaching womanhood I be
gan Its use and as the habit grew
on me I frequently endeavored to
break myself of It because of Its
i evident bad effects
With me the most noticeable ef
I feet of drinking coffee was palpita
I tion of the heart This was at times
i truly alarming and my face would
i fliish uncomfortably and maintain
its vivid hue fur some time
I argued that my system would
soon accustom Itself to coffee and
continued to use It although I had
a suspicion that It was affecting my
eyesight also The kidneys early
showed effects of coffee as I found
by leaving It off for a few days
wten the trouble abated
Final a friend called my atten
tion to Pus turn At first I did not
like It but when made rightboiled
Ifj minutes until dark and richI
noon found Postum was just what I
I wanted No flushing of the face no
I palpitation no discomfort or Incon
venlence after drinking It
Of course all this was not felt In
a week or two weeks but within hat
time I can truthfully say a marked
difference had taken place and a
gicvt deal of my nervousness had
At present time my health Is excel
S Itnt due to a continued use of Pos
tum with a general observance of
proper hygiene Of nothing am I
WIlt convinced than that If I had
continued drinking roffec I should
r > today little less thn a nervous
uicck and uos lbl Mind
Theres a Reason
Name given by the Postum Co
I Battle Creek Mich Read ° The
Road to Wellville In pkgs
Ktrr rruil the ato inr tatter
I nriT one nppmrn front lime to
time Tlirj are urntilnf hit nuil
nil nt humta Interest
Union Men Want Court to
Declare Their Sole Right
to Work
Allege Building Trades Association
I Has Abrogated Agreement Made
in Sam Parkss Regime
Justice Blschoff of the Supreme
Court today pave counsel until to
morrow to submit further piper In the
action to show entice why an Injunction
should not be granted In favor of the
New York Electrical Workors Union
to restrain Isaac A Her per as presi
dent of the BuildIng Trade KmplojerV
Association the Association Itself Sol
omon Davis IS president of th Electrl
a l Contractors Association ant pric I
tidily al the big firms whlci do alec I
trIo Installation from emPlo > lnir any
r other workmen but members of the
I Hitil uiiln Pattprn of No W
Uroulmv ippcared fur the union anti
trolerlik IhiK of Ulillt X I lttboe
No 31 N msiui street rot the clelf nil
It Is inserted In the moving papers
that the Trades As oclnllon has broken
the arbitration agreement which Sale
back to the settloment of the big build
log Btuke which reulteJ In sending
Sam Parks to Sing Sing
Claims Broken Contract
Mr 1attereon claimed there hail been
in agreement bv which all members
of the union agreed not to go on strike
without resort to the Arbitration Com
mittee and that the employers agreed
to nnrlw none hut members of the
New York niectrlcal Workers Union
lie claimed that the Building Trades
Association and the Electrical Contrac
tors Association had intentionally abrO
gated the contract with the purpose ol
forming the new union the Inside Elec
trical Worker
Mr Huit claimed that the arbitra
tion plait wits never Intended to be
tesiod In court
We found that we had great dim
cult > with men who acre sent out of
tnnn said he I > being mombora of the
Niw irk MectrlcMl Workers Union
They were regarded hs numbers of the
nternatlonal Brotherhood when they
vent out of town to work as nonunion
Iounsel for the eniplojers argued
that there WT no power In the court
to compel men to go to work for the i
iefenditu < ivcerni and that therefore
tnere ohoiild b no ordpi of the oourt
compelling lM Hrms io emplo such
For Every Ounce of Adulteration Found in
1k fr
DuffysFire Mat Whiskey
It has been tested thousands of times by the worlds most eminent
chemists The decision has alwajs been the same Absolutely pure
and unadulterated For fortyeight years the best known doctors have
i prescribed it As a tonic lit is better than all the combinations of drugs
I that could be compounded It is not only a stimuhnt it is a medicinal
food and is recognized as such by physicians A leading New York
I doctor said Duffys Pure Malt Whiskey is a form of liquid food already
digested A bottle in the house will save suffering perhaps life itself
GUARANTEE I Duffys Pure Malt Whiskey
We guarantee that the most sensi is the true elixir of life
It aids digestion stimulates the blood
the stomach will retain Duffys Pure
Invigorates the brain builds nerve tis
Malt Whiskey when it will retain no I sue tones up the heart and prolongs
other stimulant or nourishment life
Duffys Pure Malt histey is sold throughout the world by drug
gists grocers and dealers 01 shipped direct for Si00 a large bottle
If in need of advice write Consulting Physician Duffy Malt Whis
key Company Rochester New Wk stating your case fully Our doc
tors will send you advice free together with a handsome illustrated med
ical booklet containing some of the many thousands of gratifying letters
received from men and women in ill walks of life both old and young
who have been cured and benefited by the use of the worlds greatest
medicine Beware of imitations and substitutes offered by unreliable
dealers ho tell you they are just as good as Duffys Pure Malt Vhis
key Insist nn the genuine it H1 cure you
C 11 i
41 i
Compleie with Next M
Paul Reveres Rid >
vere a
Store 530 Closes at rJk 1f4 rnro Auditorium 2 P M
P M Tomorrow
If a man can write a teller Look
er make a better mouse trap than his neighbor though he
build his house in the woods the world will make a beaten
path to his door EMERSON <
Well now
The path to the new Studios and Salons of China and Glass in
our New Building is clearly laid out and being well trodden
these days f
It must be so
There are good reasons for it
Naturally it should be the beaten path
Therefore it will be
Many citizens and strangers are taking a trip to Chinatown
these September Special Sale days
I At 350 to 100 were 650 to ZOO
At 25 regularkv 40 French China Sets of ICO pieces
wh sid evfty soup tureen tfece heavily and three gldstipp large plntteri < cold handles deslgn8 I BRONZES at Close to Half Prices
At 45 regularly JiSPouvat French China Sets of I At 5 to ISO were 750 to 90
114 pieces with soup tureen and four large platters hand T ij r > T A TTTia tTolP n naa
3 < mol > decorated with all peces heavilY cllt Richly Decorated PLATES at Half Prices
At 118 regularly SZi French China < eiM of 100 pieces I At 6 to 10 Dozen from 12 to 20
with IkUt tureen and three large meat platters rich
flower derrnc and all handles gilt Head and Group PLATES at 50c Each
At 10 regularly > 1S American Porcelain Sets of 100 I Were 65c 75c and 85c
nieces with soup tureen and three large meat platters i
tree Fiw or decorations and all nieces gilt I 200 Pieces of FANCY CHINA
OUT GLASS i Balance of an Importers lino of aamplw at halt price
Bowls nt MM and 850 from > 10 and W 1 to 350 regularly Z to 7
Ptttwt Bcwls on stand at J14 regularly JM 50
Srrrs Jler Vases and Crean nt 15 regUlarlv at ii and IS pair regularly I Decorated CHINA at 26c worth 40o
3W and 660 Olive shea 5c each regularly VI 23 ol1ls assortment Includas Breadandbutter 1lates
Fruit Plates Fruit Saucers Cups and Saucers Sugars
BRICABRAC aid Creams fcaUd Bowls Cake Plates Celery Trays
Om hundred plecea at half prices and less Importers Teapots
samples at U to 115 each were > 2 to KO Third floor New Building I
Fine Fittings for the Bathroom
In this September Housewares Sale
Far too many different groups of housefurnishings each of acute Interest to house
keepers are in this September Sale to allow of even being mentioned at one time Hero
for example are all the shiny glistening things that help to furnish the perlect bathroom
one of the spots in her house about which the housewife is apt to be moat particular
Quality is much needed in bathroom fixings and as frequently skimped You begin
to notice this fact when the nickel plate wears off and the rust comes through All the
articles in the September Sale are heavily plated on brass and splendidly finishedmade
extra heavy to give better wear without increasing the cost to you instead of skimped
to incniaso the profit to us And they are typical of the thousands of good things that
crowd the entire Basement all at September prices
FrenchPlate Mirrors Size of glass 18 x 30 Tumbler and Soap Holders for wailuo
In bevel edge oval and oblong Regularly 11 to styles regularly S5c and 1 at 65c and 75c
1550 either style 825
Extra heavy Towel Rods with cast brass ends
Adjustable Swinging Shaving Mirrors 15 inch regularl 1 at 85c
metal frame bevel French plate glass regularly 17
Soap Dishes for washstand tour metal feet
I at 550 regularly 40c at 25c
Dishes removable tray
Nickelplated Soap size ot
French Plate Mirrors with oak frames
feet rubber tipped regularly
with four
glass 10 x 14 In regularly 95c at 7Sc 12 x 18 In
at 65c regularly 135 at 115
Towel Rods with cast brass ends nickel
White Enameled Medicine Cabinets with mirror
35c 18ln 40c
16in at 35c regularly 45c at
plated 30ln ror door BM of glass 12 x 16 In regularly 525
regularly 50c 24ln at 45c regular 5oc at
50c regularly G3c 36ln at 75c regularly Sac at
The Standard S Machine
Soap and Sponge Holders for bath tubs Rotary Sowing
regularly 15 at 1 at 30 for a 840 model is a windfall to
women who have home sewing to do The
Combination Double Glass Holder and
Standard will sew In Its easy noiseless way icien
Soap Dish for wall regularly J2 25 at 165 teen Inches of seam with the same exertion and In
Single Glass Holder for wall regularly SOc the same time that the ordinary machine takes to
at 35c sew ten It Is the best of all sewing machines and
we are offering for the September Sale a carload of
Tooth Brush and Glass Holder for mi the regular 40 model Identical In all points except a
regularly C3c at 40c few slight variations in the case for onefourt5 less 10
Soap Racks for bath tub regularly 60c at fOe 30 The essential partthe machine Itself Is un
changed Sews either lock or chain stitch
for bath tub regularly
Sponge Holders Tlu pmpnt > w null lnJr
Theres a good deal of satisfaction In fin
Important News ishinff the season with a brandnew suit and
having it all ready to put on at the ad vent of
Regarding French Millinery warm weather next season especially when
there is such immediate priceinducement
All i an
Of Interest to Femininity
as thisplenty strong enough to make you
A r e a I French Hat Is the hearts desire
of 1 anticipate next years needs I
every woman
All Our Mens Summer Suits I
We have Just received sixty French Hits direct
from Paris Not the creations of the extravagant AtS1250 that wore 15 1650 S18 20 I
ly priced milliner In the Hue de la Palx we ac At 81760 that were 2250 25 to 35
knowledge but products from our own French Blue Bero fancy chovlotsfancy worsteds
workroom which has Its headquarters 44 Rue
And you know how well made Wana
des Petites Ecurlcs Paris and Is under the per
sonal supervision of the head of our millinery I maker suits are I If not you will never learn
business who has just returned from Paris less expensively Main noor lw Boiidin
These sixty hats will be placed on sale at once
instead of following the usual custom of holding This is the week to get the boy comfortably
them back until later openings reauy for school whether ho is going here in
In order to gIve every woman a chance to the city or off to boarding school And we
possess one or more we offer them at can help the parent greatly with all aorta of
810 to 520 Boys Furnishings complete in as
Orand Milliner Salon Third floor Old DutMIn sortment of new andetaple styles and of
Suit Store splendid quality throughout
Our Womens presents daily new
FourlnhanJ and Tack Scarfs made of plain color tr
arrivals exploiting themost advanced ideaa in fancy silks at ac each Shield Bows 12Hc each
Collars In all the popular shapes two for ac Cuffs
new Tailored Suits for Fall Wear 25C Plain a pair and Fancy White Web Dicas Suspenders Shirts 250 Jl and each too a pair
They are chiefly after the Dir ec t olre order Madns Domet flannel Iajamas Pajamas Jl Domet We flannel and J1IB Nightshirts a pair GOc
and there seems to be no end to the artistic Negligee Muslin Nightshirts Shirts fancy or plaited trimmed bosom tOo each II each
Flannel tiliirts am blue or gray collar aUW 2
variations possible to this classic motif K 1 JrbJhoM 250 and 3 eaoti
Bath Robes 5360 and J5 each
and topnotch style does not necessarily Hubbev Blanket Coats 13 each Main floor Ke Bmiillin t i
mean high prices
Hero are my smart Tailored Suits at 1850 The Nev Fall Waists are com
made of hardfinished worsteds In shadow stripes ing in with a rush each group stylish in cut
Coats are halffitted singlebreasted trimmed with in and
originalities trimming and
satin large Colonial pocket coat sleeves with with pretty
fashions in sleeves the latter with
back cuffs lined with satin The skirts are gored the latest
flare finished with bias fold trimmed with satin to I stiff or with soft cuffs Some of the waists
correspond with coat I mentioned are finished with rufllea othora
There are also very handsome Suite of I with smart bow ties
striped worsteds with coats M inches long At 20 plain or striped Oxford or blackand
straight cut singlebreasted seams slashed I white striped madras
and finished with points at front sides and i At 3 and 375Of Imported striped madras
back low patch pockets coat sleeves Gored novelty serge or Scotch flannel j tl
At 50 striped French Manuel or Imported dot I
flare skirts finished with wide fold front 1
oro trimmed with button 25 ted or utrlpcd challls
pore 578 nnd 67SOf striped flannel or black
Other Tailored for at 1 At 1
Suits women It 1075 I andwhlte striped nunsvclllng
tO 105 ThiN floor OM Dull1ln I Fourth floor Old D11t1411w
Formerly JOHN WA NA MAKER Bruadiy Fourth A t
AT Stewart CO Eighth to 7enrn 711 IIJl
i It r p n Io

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