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n W Tr f l t r fll r 1 NIMeMVMAMaM dW ° JI11 r sullln r T j1 I f lJ 4J jJJ
iifersey City + Householder
r I Wounded In Running Bat
tle of Bullets
I i
I Desperate Fugitive Turns On
Pair and Begins the
WbUt ehulng a burglar who had
totld to break Into hlA home Carl
litter thirtythre years old of No
I Duncan street Jer oy City wa
i hot la tM left thigh arty today
Tb burglar got away
M L Hart who live on the drat
floor of he Duncan street house heard
1 a noli as If some one was trying
U force the front door Ha not up
and Uklne revolver went quietly to
a window lit taw a man who seenv l
to be trying to force the door with a i
Throwing up the window ash Hart
tired a hot at the fellow The build
went wide and the stranger dartcn
around the side of the houto toward
the back yard
Slater who lives on the second floor
beard the shot fired by his neighbor
and rot his revolver and Joined Hart
The two gave chaw to the burglar who
turntd just as he reached the yard
and tIred at hb pursuers
Th first bullet fired by the burglar
bit Slater In the thigh Inflicting a
Own wound Hart and Slater returned
the marauders lire but they failed to
n down their man
AJur a fuilllnde of dhoti the burglar
1 coaled the back fence and escaped
Slater Is t < lnj treated at hU home by i
I physician His wound li not dan1
ilohn Cleveland World Trot
ter Ends Life In Rooms of
an Actor Friend
Ma Qerrdind who WM pretty much
a soldier of fortune and who In the I
twtatyttiTO rears of hit Ills had tray
Otd all over UM world oommltted
vleto early thus morning In the apart i
great of bid friend John 8 Rooney en
actor at No a Seventh ivtnu with a
ru tub H WM dead when Rooney
Mint loom at I oclock I
Up to a week ago Cleveland was cash I
kr In the tare of the Hotel Martinique
Ore lot hli portion and inc then had i
been much discouraged 1
Thi iulcld left two notes to his
friend One Mid he was sick and tired
fit IMni and the other that Dr John L
Coisrove of No 316 West Fiftyeighth
ltreet would care for his body When
Dr Coifrove was seen he said that the
jrounr man wai his cousin but he knew
leery little about him His home was In
Uooster Mam lirrc his mother Mary
I Conroy live I
Three horses valued at JluOu carl
worn smothered In a lire In the barn
of James M Weir on Fort Hamilton i
avenuo near Nest street Ilrnoklvn I
early this morning The lain wis de
m Store Ofcn Saturday
SSsiTEvcnings till 9 o Clock
Cor 6th Ave23d Sr
1ens15to 20
Now Only 890
We have entered Into the
pint of this sale with rest
less energy It Is not a ques
t of the actual worth of
the merchandise our only
aim Is to dispose of all Sum
mer and medium weight
to make room for Fall mer
chandise coming In dally
No man has so many suits
that he can neglect to take
advantage of this sale Mark
youtland Tailored Suits
al styles and patterns to
select from actual values
from Sl5 to 20
Brown Suits I
Black Suits 1
Gray Suits and
Blue Suits I
This reduction Is made so as
to clean up all this seasons I
styles Many are the cream
of our stock We simply I
want to make room for Fall I
joods This Is an opportu II
nity of the rarest kind on up
o the minute
apparel at an
extremely low price
r 145 for Mess 300 Trousers
l r 2IB for MiiTi 400 Trousers
a 285 for Mens 500 Trousers
Cor 6th Ave 23d St
The reason W L Douglas
350 shoes are worn by 50 SHOE
more men in all walks of
life than any other make is
because I give the wearer
the benefit of the most
complete organization of z
I killed shoemakers in this Ay
country whq receive the
highest wages paid in the
shoe industry and whose 1
workmanship cannot be ex i
The selection of the I
leathers and other materials
for each part of the shoe FV I
J and every detail of the hnr tit i
v making U looked after by
I iptciafly trained experts in I
II avery department I
If I could take you into I
350 HOES
my large factories at Brock f
ton Mau and show you
ow carefully W L Douglas 350 shoes are made you
would then understand why they hold
their shape fit better wear longer and
are of greater value than any other make
Omnnot Be Ettualled at Any Plo
111 L Dmjtu sea ic < tieIa iUnpl in ts bottomhloa proutti lhe wonr tiiliit I
1 alai piia ai aiirt jt M IKim PTOK HAY1NO TlUK TAXI HO Ollarj I
ftltCtltr fvitttt tut t vrduilrrlY Crt t Fro fJ IIOUOIJ13 ItrerHltn Juam
433 Broadway cor Howard 356 Sixth Are cor 22d St
755 Broadway cor 8th St
853 14th St
Broadway cor 708710 Broadway
I 1349 Broadway cor 36th St 1367 BroadwaycorGatcsAv
14471449 Broadway 421 Fulton Street cor Pearl
2202 Third Ave cor 120th 478 Fifth Avenue
984 Third Ave near 59th St
2779 Third Avenue JERSEY CITY18 Newark
Lou West 125th Street NEWnKuc
345 Eighth Avenue NEWARK785 Broad St
N 4i t 5tnet I PATERSON192 MuUt St
= r Store Open All Day ToMorrow Saturday u J
MEET ME AT THE FOUNTAIN Double 1 rJr Stamps Victor Talking h i
two with each lOc of purchase tro given Machines Edi
S IEGEL OOPER 0 with all purchases made before noon Ion Phonographs
I St one with each
Single Stamps
1 Ing e amps 10col purchase id
NO CONNECTION F t 1IJf13t1gccunur 1 a Week
WITH ANY OTHER STORE JBGREENHUT PRCSIDEHT with all purchases made after noon
f Come and See Our Showing of Boys Fall Clothing Ii
All the best styles and fabrics in all sizes are shown at the usual Siegel Cooper commonsense figures You pay f
nothing extra here for good styleour prices are bated ttrictly upon coat to us
and not on sentiment or your need for good
Knicker Suits Suits I Suits Mothers
95 3 95
bocker at 2 at 295 at Friend
Trousers DoubleBreasted Suits with DoubleBreasted Suits with DoubleBreasted Suits Blouses 1
t plain or Knickerbocker trou knlckerbocker trousers in with two pairs of Knicker rat
tiers in all the newest de very nobby designs of cassl
at 48C signs of cassimeres and chev meres worsteds and chev bocker trousers In all the at 49C I
iots In all the fall shades
lots in brown gray olive new Iii shades n
ot tan gray olive and brown new and prevailing s t
In all the
new I
These arc for boys and mixtures also plain plaino
P also plain blue cut on the of gray tan olive and fabrics They
r from 7 to 16 blue sizes 8 to 16 years newest models sizes 8 to 16 are all laundered
years of age and worth 4 at 2 yrs j worth 85 to 6 at 205 brown mixtures in cassi and have neck
are In all the Russian and Sailor Blouse Russian and Sailor Blouse meres and cheviots the bands and cuffs
popular fabrics Suits in all the newest Suits inall the new and pop newest of tall models Sizes 5 to 14
and patterns for styles of cassimcres and ular designs of the fall newest years Regu
this falls wear cheviots handsomely em fabrics made wlthlargesailor sizes 8 to 16 years t larly sold at bye I
Regular 95c broidered sizes 23 to 0 collar handsomely em braid at 395 tol Our price Ft
trousers at 48c I years at 2 erect j sizes2 to9yrsat2U5 Slinl Cooper Store Stcend float Kur 49c
Last Suits Chance for Men to Buy and KirschbaumMade Youths at OOU DDU and 850
Tomorrow winds up this great event Orglnal selling prices cut down twothirds Very best styles excellent patterns and weights for summer and fall wear
Mtni and Youth Tic Men and Yiuthi iuifc of Sully Worth Up toS26 for Men and Ycutht Great Sat of Menund youths medium i
Piece and Sum last color pUle wool blue lall weights in line brown gray and olive trousers weight
Spring um rousers ±
ergo fancy worsteds ve 550Sutlt finest blue serge black thlbets weight I
mer Sutls In tropic wor 3 50 lours and casslmeres t 550 and fancy velours and cheviots The 50 ers values to S4i 1sosev t 150
sleds and velour SID V medium fall weights at grandest assortment of Klrschbaum suits era I hundred pairs light II I
to JI2 values it well as summer sultt at ever shown at weight worsted trousers at
l 1
Smart We Have 1000 Breech Loading
I It Will Be a Long Time Before You Get Springfield Rifles t f
R ea d y t owear r Another Chance Like This
c With Regulatinn BayonetIn as Good
Hat 295 7 Condition lor Service an When the Gov
to Buy ernment Paid 18 Each for Them And tIts
We Shall Sell Them I
Its a low price for a pretty and stylish
hatbut just you see the hats before you Lingerie Waists
say Theyre too lowpriced to be really lngerle At 69 Each 1
handsome Snap at the Opportunity While It Lasts To C I
Made on the popular mushroom shape covered with s morrow Should See the hnd of the Sale
silk with edge of brim finished with fold trim t s I
ming consists of large Full ruche of accordion j i had more than twelve thousand waists in WE expect to bet
plaited chiffon around crown finished with band WE this special lot when the sale began in business
the t 10n while
of silk and bow on the side all popular a long
colors to select from exceptional value SO 95 Thursday morningthe entire stock on hand of before we have an I
at UtUu I t the Silberberg Bros Waist Company There other offer like this j I
Charlotte Corday Hats 195 wont be a handful left by tomorrow to make Only an i i
Effective stylish and well madeand worth a great night Every woman who set eyes extraordinary com
deal more than we quote hereaccording 1 Qff Y on them recognized their values at li bination akes of causes il
to the valuations other stores JLiatl makes it possible t
a glance and bought as many as she now
Satin and Eengaline Hats 195 could Lots of them came back nowThe rifles are the
These are in the newest blocks of pressed satin IB for more In the afternoon A
reRulationUSArmy I
or Bengaline and in the leading 1 QC
colon leadin195 breechloading
From i i What else could be expected S p r In g fie I d sIhe m
Slegel Cooper Siore Second Ploor
pected when you can get I government arm up it
fresh clean lingerie waists in exquisite styles made by to only a few years
Shoes ago and still the arm tl
our IJiLOes a concern famous for its careful workmanship In many of the militia in sev
instances the selling price is less than half the cost of eral States They tl
All the fall styles In our Foot Mould the trimming used cost the Government
shoes are ready Its the longest line and 18 each and are just
the most varied that we have shown We couldnt describe the styles I as good today as the
even if it were necessary to do so There day they were accepted j
We are very proud the Foot Mould cepted They have i
shoe and our pride Is Justified by the favor is a choice of seventy or more models A l been held in reserve
It has met with at the handsor should we and designs Button front button back at the Rock Island
say the feetof our public Dutch neck high neck long sleeves l Arsenal up to now 1
t in and kept cleaned and
It has been successful because it gives more for threequarter sleeves Trimmed with oiled d for
the money than other shoes That Is the only reason I t e ready or ser
that could make it successful The men and women lace embroidery and medallions I vice Most of them
who wear Foot Mould shoes will see the same t are fitted with Buf
styles on the for feet their of footwear their friends We who pay it high as Far Waists Fo Waists fington longrange sights and windgaupe 1
J6 a pair use as models the
styles produced by the S5 and So makers and the C worth worth up Only two to each Customer 69c
shoes will wear just as well as they look 150 to 205
Ball cartridges for these rifles box of 20 Oc
But the s Foot Mould shoes are 4
only 3 to 4 For Waists For Waists Leather sling 2aC
1 1 50ForWaists J
worth up worthup In Connection With This Sale We Call
Very Stylish Shoes for to 250 to 305 I
M ltl Capper Store Second Floor Attention to the Following for Use
Women at 195 as Relics and Decorations I j
This Is a special lot The lasts are exact copies Groceries Daylight Cakes Fresh Meats Gras Sabre Bayonets French Army 35c i
of some popular styles selling In highprice stores S ea s Chasse pot Swords French Army 45c II
I at = 4 and a5 Patent leather kidskin and cloth top C Blucher Swords French model of Napole j
Wines and Liquors onic days retailed elsewhere at S3 our
Last Call on Womens price 195
Remington 2Barrel Pistols Belgium
Low Shoes Hazel Bacon Maracaibo Coffee Cake Special Armyvery rare 315
The celebrated WESTPHALIA style or fresh round tides Santo coffee lady cake rude cite mirbl or p l Steel Cuirasses with helmets with horse
mild tutu cured nice firm 16c bun around or powdered 6K 16c cake bole cite about 7 Ibi 12c mane and plumes French Cavalry
About a thousand pairs in broken sizes and In a variety piece Ib 10L IbSlllb SOcsIb 61 UU
these few Napoleonic wars
of I
rielyof ttyles Among ese are a ew hundred
pairs of sample shoes Choose from the Q CRISP PICKLEbFounuIn quilt I SARDINE Quetp Maud bnoJiraporltd
entire lot at 95e nlzed pickles herklo < vhile onion Fresh Butter Toper ollveoll den S Mi refu 25c
or thou chow rcfulirlr 2Jc bol 1 On lir 15e qunlir 2 cini
lie 1JL Kouniila ears creamery the tvetttn Shoes Misses
SWEET MELON MANGOESreru on I lad moildellcloui butier obuln 30c Oyser Crackers I
30 able No5 r N JI4S No I prim cr J
More of Those U 0 S Army CRISP JOequirilir MANZANILLA OLIVES = O lp I HhiCHT JUICY LEMONS I meniicrle Grihim blculh creitn loiti crhp < lode mr lei blieultt sill I I a e and Children
quirllir 1211
Shoes for Men at 198 FANCY quiet 6 GREENING APPLES 34c SANTA do 20eind PRUNESIOIbt 25c 72C I Drlce55ruorIcntScwck Inti lemon soaps ilnrer rripi 3Uc ref I New Ixtra High 1 50
MIXED THAForrooii Ooloni Eatllih 80c 3 Ibi y CutStultsat
You can understand that the Government care Hrtiil ti Ceylon Guaroder Hrion or HUYLER BEST COCOA ft Ib 25c
ful about the shoes its soldiers wear They mutt he Jiptn I tub ctJdy S 161 3 Ibi 3dc screwtopdn Wines and I PN LIMITED quan
Liquors e
rot lb NtW 1HIIE ONIONS yillov onloni + qJors U
lomforUbie a w iUofj soldier cant march They onloai jrellov lurolpt bli < lurnlpi I 35c BOTTLE IMPORTED 48 < tt titles of this service
mUll be strong And yet they must be roodlooking tehed torso or been No6 bit 30c RHINE WINE JCV Q
too for the smart dress parade Fresh Meats kel SI2S LARGER GAL BOTTLE OOn able and stylish foot
All these features are shown in the present lot Selected fresh killed eblckeni Ib 16c 1 Daylight Cakes 7Sc BOTTLE ALTO DOURO IM Rfln wear priced at least
Selected dry picked lollb PORTED PORT WINE
They were made frr the Government and accepted Chouc fresh killed chlckeni 1211 C THREELAYER CAKES choolatt SI2 BOTTLE FERRANDSOJ c I SOc a pair less than you
the Quartermasters Department They could 73 J 3
by p cou lorbolllnii lb I mifihmillow cotoeant marl Afin COGNAC BRANDV
net be duplicated by a custom shoemaker under i5 Chile qvillty Weuero duck Ib lie i culd arum oreiremt rich itui JI25 rULL QUART BOTTLE OQC can set the same grades and styles for elsewhere
For policemen leitvcarrlcn conductors messengers Lets ol liocy print lamb lb IIc reirble or plili vtole ukc bout 35c 7Sc FULLQUAIIT BOT lEON6Ic where Calfskin lace kidskin in button and
Forequiritri iprlnt limt lb lc I 7 Ibi 1115 2lb OGRAI NO U IIbKEY
sengers for all men who must be much on in Mr In button lines will b eWe
LII ol liaey CJnidi mutton lb 12c ANGEL FOOD CAKE er Flo 15C Popular Wines and Liquor lace patent leather
We feet have they a cannot few hundred be excelled more to sell at l OO iO Choice cult ol rib roiii Ib 1Hc eocicikeeich SPUIGE CAKE or i > t rapt tOci at tpecia Prim featured tomorrow at 150 a pair
Uboeulllpolcro bell lb 124C I eich
It lepl Cooper Sore tltoti Floor Reir I II Slertl Career Store Fount Fl rr 3r > blejsl C oper Stan Steood 1 J lone Rf
Jo r Atk for S II II Green Trading Stamps We Give Themrr

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