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> raI
iWill Confine Most of His
I Own Interests to England
and France
How Foolish He Remarks
When Asked if Ryan Had II
Beaten Him in Deal
1 August Belmont who arrived In Now
York on the Lusltanla today brown
and vlfrorouB from a lone vacation ic
Europe struck a pessimistic note as reo
curds the future of racing In New York
While he refused to enter upon a dli
cuialoa of tho local situation he an
MInced that he would Bend more of his
horses to England In the near future
and would establish a branch breeding
farm In France In order to be enabled
to race horses there i i
The fact that Mr llelmnnt rolne to
mend hIli racing Interests In England
and establish n fann In France Indi i
cates that he sees no likelihood of a
resumption of the sport In this State
Hn explained that the French rule pro
vide that horses cnntcntlne In races In
that country with the excoptlon uf n
few international stakesmust be
French bred
Therefore Mr Tiolmont even should
ha hav his Fronoh establishment In
operation within a ihort time can hard
ly eiptct to produce Frenchbred horses
old enough to nice much Inside of three
Small Comfort for Owners
h TVw spectacle of the chairman of the
Jockey Club malting arrangement
ahead for racing abroad
thru YP4l8
I bears small comfort to the horde of
mull breeders and owners who art ab
IIOlutely dependent upon racing In and
around New York for a livelihood
Mr Bclmont was questioned
politics and street railway matters be
fore the subject of racing was Broupht
up He saJd foe wss cot well enough
Informed upon current events to make
any statements concerning politics or
street railway finance and laughed
when told of the common bollef that
Thomas F Ran had nkilfully and
thoroughly pone through him prior to
his departure for Europe
How foolish woe his remark on
the Ryan matter
With regard to racing said Mr
Belmont serlounly It Is my Intention
to end mom of my house to Knglknd
1 In the near futur to race there than
I have done heretofore It Is because
I deem It fairer to the small breeders
and horse owners upon whom the pres
ent racing situation In bringing bloat
loss and In some cane ruin that
I withdraw as much competition with
I them In the market for racehorses and
I In racing as pos rblew1thout giving up
my Hupport of the American turf
I shall keep enough horses here to
bn represented but tun soiling In Eng
land such yearlings aa I do not propo
to keep
His Stable In France
As to breeding I shal continue to
Ned my thoroughbreds at the Nursery
t 1 Stud In Kentucky as I can send yearl
V labored there to England when I
T wlih as all races In England are open
toforeign thoroughbreds
In order to be able to race In
France however horses under tho
French rules must In all cases with
the exception of a few International
takes be bred In France For this I
am In negotiation for a small farm
near Dieppe where I will send 15 to M
mares with a stallion or two probably
I Octagon and Ethelbert my brotner
Perrys horse C
The venture In Franc Is only an
experiment Mr Whitney expects to
send half a dozen mares to me It I
carry out toe plan
Rocltsand and Hastings will con
t1nu to head my stud In Kentucky
Mr John WaUon will train my hones
In England as at present
As to the racing situation here I
cann t expresj an Intelligent opinion
41 I was abroad for my health and
r t ami while keeping In as close
touch as I could I avoided active work
in connection with it and prefer not
to say anything just at present
i BRONX lOO KffrfR
McEnroe Is Hurled Fifteen
Feet in the Air by Infuriated
Mother of Calf
Barnoy Mel nroe a keeper In the
Bronx Zoo wan sarlouslsv Injured to
day In an attack made upon him by
lAicle he buffalocow His esoapo from
I deilth WRS very close
J Tiucla on Sunday last rave hlrth to a
tlt and ulnca then she has been In an
h mood The keeper went Into tho
Jttlffalo park this mornrw to fill the feed
Without warning Icicle charged Me
Knroo hurling him fifteen feet Into tiu
sir The keeper landed face downward
upon the ground In a second attack
BIoEnroe managed to keep Ilia animal
It hajr until assistance came
McEnroe was badly bruised about th
face and body He was rellevtM from
duty and tnken to his home In Bel
rinnt where ho Is recovering from his
Sullivan County for Hughea
Rulllvan County llepubllcin Ccnventlon
innructed yesterday for Charlo E
WuaMi tor Oovirnor
iiIIJ <
Clients Flock lo Washburn
Who Outdoes 520
PerCent Miller
Each Dollar Put Out Brin s
I Him in MoreJ Overton
Paine His Helper
In the cheap twostory frame oot
1age next door to the Pre byterlan
Church on Greenwood avenue In Rich
mond Hill where Charlej F Wash
burn Is making The Hundred and
Twenty Per Cent Miller look like n
beginner business was jtut as rushing
as Iver If not more rushing than ever
when an Evening World reporter called
there today
Mr Washburn wa not at home He
had gone over to Newark where he
makes his headquarters during office
hours wlti r 0 Stone Co brokers
with an a lmant In the person of J
Overtnn Paine whose suddenness and
brllliaivv In izzlliiK Wall Street a fen
r eciM ago was only equalled by the sud
denness and brilliancy with which In
ceased to dazzle It In charge on Die
Long Island flank of ttvs outmatched
and overwilled Nell Yorlc stock n r i
ket was Mrs Washbunin brother
Burton V Gibson who used to be a
boss plasterer In Scranton Pa but
who is now In the stock Investment
i line with Ills talented brothsrlnl
Shows Fat Wallet
The publication In The World a
nn outrage said Mr Gibson with I
Foma show of heat to the reporter
My credit haa been Injured by It and
I expect to sue for and secure substan
till darmires Now If youll print the
truth Ill tail you the truth We are
doing a legitimate business and mak
ing ioney for all the people who In
vest with us A v ny of UlfJJ1
I never saw anything like It before
said an officer In one of the banks at
Richmond Hill The entire town seems
to have gone crnzv nnd some of the
i most censorvotive business men are
among the Investors There has been
almost a run on the bank In conse
quence I dont know where It will end
r In some cases I am to < l w < tole families
children and all have put In their
I money
I Easy When One Know How
A reporter found Washburn hi the
Newark brokers office He Is in
npjienrancti about fifty years of age
quiet In dress and manner slightly
bald and nears small side whiskers
He has a way of humming to himself
absentmindedly between limes In con
I I have nothing to conceal he said
good naturedly It is trus I have
made money for my clients but there
Is nothing occult or mysterkms about
my methods I make a study of stand
trd stocks of their values and of con
ditions surrounding them I use my
Judgment in buying and selling For
Illustration Wisconsin Central opened
at this morning and went as high
aa 23 A dealer with JiW might have
bought 100 shares on a 2palnt margin
If he had rold at 23M he nould have
made HOD today on his Investment
If the stock had gone down to 21 he
would have lost his J200
I wouldnt have Invested my clients
money that way I wouldnt take such
big chances With 1200 I should have
bought ay twentyfive share That
would be eight points margin I should
probably have sold vrtien It reached
27K Instead of waiting for anything
higher That way I would have made
a ate prom of AI on my investment uf
200 and would hive been eatuned with
I that1
Washburn wa angry today in his
offices with the brokerage firm of F Cl
Stone it Co at No 781 Broad street
Newark whon he read that there was a
I suspicion chat his methods were similar
to Uioae of 620 For Cent Miller
I Only 26 Per Cent a Month
Vaa it U true lie said that I hava
I got UkluiionU Hill where I moed four
months 1Il0 money mad but ttU not by
paying Uiom 100 per cent on their In
vestments I have mid 100 per cent
a day and 100 p r cent in live minutes
but that U not my regular method Mr
plan U to make about K per cent a
month and I do this on Investments
ranging anywhere from K to 110000 it
sir I have made 2Eo per cent on a
clients single Investment of JlOOO and
I do it right along
No J OvrtDn Paine who had trou
ble with the New York Stock Exchange
II notempioyed by me He simply reads
the ticker for ma I Milnk he Is the
best 1W reader In the business My
method Is to wtoh the stock market
It changes like the waves of the ocean
un and down I a mnot a stock broker
and I have nothing to do with bucket
shops J am nn Investment ajrent I
make Investments for otihers When
Standard stocks are low I buy when
the are high I sell
rhore was a chance to lose but not
now I see a great wave of prosperity
coming and now everyone who invests
with me will win
The difference between T20prcent
Miller and ma la bile difference between
a crook and an honst man I am a
church member Miller never Invested
a cent flia twas rlvon to him and raid
I dlvlilnnds out of the nrlnclpal Invest
nvern dollar ltlmntey All I expect
l < my commission
Wnshhurn Is about fifty vears old and
cnmo from Des Molnei la H mar
rle fIll widow who hnd 11110 Sum
i wit hhlin and the winning were BO
lixrre t1li 8t It led to a romance
Since then thev hnve lived In Rich
mond Hill but Mr Washburn has con
tinued to conduct hl Investment In
NWnrk maVn the trip hack and forth
each day WasTibiirn has rnr New
ark customers hot1 men nnd women
I the lawn at Klftnld Tarm the summer
i residence In this town of S D N
Norlli of Washington D C director
IIf the Knltrd Slates Teium Mr
Norths daughter Eloise Comstock
North and P Horace Hotvanl Jenks
of Philadelphia were married at noon
I today Only the family and few
I ffutots were present Rv H W Foot
of Aon Arbor OUeiu efflctalflt
WM Mr AJlor Harris who lives In
a lonel > section near the Amawalk
Hescnolr on the New York City rater i
ihed in the northern part of Westches
ter County was ca ling on a neighbor
this forenoon her two little girls one
and four sears of ape were burned to
death In a fire that dpitrojed the liar
rls dnolllng
It Is believed that tho cnlldren pUved
with matches and set lire to some papti
In die kitchen
The wee victims were found In the
ruins burned to n crl p From the po
sition of the bodies It Is believed fiat
Marlon the older child was trying to
save her sister a she was found with I
her firms around Ihe baby and Ivlng
near the kitchen window The theory
Is thnt she was attempting to climb out
of the window wit her little charge
when she fell back Into the names
From Illness to Health in One
Month Experience of
Martin PePtercn of No 521 Sixth
avenue Brooklyn N Y In stating his
experience with the O > ojv > r medicines
that are at present being demonstrated
at the Rlker Drug Store Sixth avenue
and Twentytnlrd street New York
I have no hesitancy In stating for
publication whit Coopers New Discov
ery has done for me I had suffered
for years with stomach trouble which
refused to yield to treatment although
I consulted some of the best doctors
In New York and Brooklyn
My appetite was poor and my diges
tion bad I failed to get the proper
nourishment from my food and as a
result became greatly weakened and
run down I experienced a great deal
of pain And distress In my stomach
after eating As time went on It be
came harder and harder to perform a I
days work and at the end of the day
I would be completely exhausted
I was bAdlY discouraged and felt
I that I could not keep up much longer
One day while speaking of my condi
tion to a friend he suggested that I
try the Corper medicine and men
tioned the names of some of his ac
quaintances who had been wonderfully
benefited by taking Coopers New Dis
I I went to Coopers headquarters I
procured a treatment of thn New Dis
covery and began taklnt it The
promptness with which It corrected my
troublp was surprising In cne months
time I was a well man It naa almost
past belief thnt a few bottles of medi
cine could work such a complete change
In my condition My digestion was
perfect my stomach gave me no trou
ble at all my bowels were free and
natural and 1 could eat anything and
everything set before me and enjoy It
I gained strength and my sleep was I
sound and restful I
Thsnks to this man Cooper and his
medicine I am today In better health
thin I hive been fur a long time and
aside from the benefit the publication
of my experience may tf to others I
j consider It nn more thin Just that
credit be slvtm where It li due
I Tie fiemmsi Ion of tnc d < n > i ram
edles Is still In progress st the Hiker
Unix Store Sixth nvfnue and Twenty
third strut where Cooper 01 his assist
inti meet tho public dtlly The prepa
ration art on tale at all the lUktr
itor s Md at all other drm ftOT
W F Waltman of Mercer r
Street Station Sentenced
on Extortion Charges
Policeman W r Walt man formerly
of the Mercer strtct station was today
sentenced to Plnf Hluc for a term of
not less than three jcnra nnd tlx
months and not moru than fin years
by Judge Malone In Part 111 Otneuil
Seflons nftcr Ijelns convicted Ioy i
juo of extolling P from a woman of
the street on Julv A
Waltmuis attorney J J Bennett on
behalf of the Iol cctnwi s liciKvocnt
Association made un ciiniol < ci rorl
new trial Judge Miilone denied ths
motion The lavvjcr then toiulit the
Couits clcmeniv calinc attention to
Me States cvidiiice fuinielied lor Police
man Fred Conics who was with Walt
man when the shaklnc down took
place and who was likewise Indlrted for
Ive heard enough Mr Bennett
said Judze Malone Tills man was
convicted > u Jury before me
He then turned to altman who
stood with lioned head and quivering
You a former member of our police
force a man In whom the publl had a I
ilKht to cxpiot protection and the I
preservation of their rights slnnd be i
fore this Cowl convicted of extolling
mone rrum women of loose chiiaiter
one of the IOVUBI ami meanest ctlnus In
the catalogue uf uftciites deplorable
and unfortunate spectacle for the clti
ens of New Yorll and the nation
Judiie Mulonc i tun qulcklv pronounced
fwo dozen policemen were In the court
nt the time Nu glance of sympathy
naMed between the convicted evtor Ion
erwho received such n heavy penally
and the bluecontcd nun of the court
It was then announced that Coule who
was indicted with Waltman und who
pleaded guilt and took the stand
agamst his companion will bo sentenced
next Monday
Owner of One Bull Arrested
on Charge of Cruelty
to Animals
Tony BrlelU sixteen rears old was
In the Hnrlfin Police Court today
charged with cruelty to animals Dr
W M Oil of the S P C A was the
complainant Dr 0111 wa very serious
but Tonywell Tony was humming I
Dont Care
Blackle his dog has escaped Any
body around the Harlem market or
Little Italy can tell you all about
Blackle He la a little brindle bull but I
how he can fight1 For months he has
bullied around tbat tectton and wh n
ever he appears every other dog takes
to the timbers
The Long Island farmers have had
sad reason lo tiuto ami despise UUcUle
He has repeatedly umsved up their
Karly today one of the farmers ar
rind at the market with a big white
bull In a hurl In his wagon UXlcklt
had chewed up another dug belonging
to the same firmer and the latter came
In todiij loaded for be < u
nuckle nosed around the nugon and
stirred out the white bull The two
were tangled up In an Instant BUokle
cot the white bull by the ear and the
white dog crunched Blackles l g be
I tween her terth Tor twentyfive min
utes thev held nn In mdcnli grip while
tlie mirkit hinders on iud vilnl rn
part them rinillv fume < ne got sotna
lerosene and poured it on I hn dog
JJr 0111 appealed just as a nmcli was
being applleJ
I The kerosene lel > > rated the dogi and
they fled but Dr Rill grabbed Tony
tnit bt wti Held In JCO ball
fiNAl OCRff
Motion Made ToDay Before
Justice Gerard for Complete
Annulment of Marriage
The papers asking for a final decree
annulling the marriage of Helen Ma
loney to Arthur H Osborne are In the
hands of Justice Gerard of the Supreme
Court and will probalil be signed to
day The motion vhkh was made In
Special T rm Part I was purely a mat
ter of form foi ns them has been no
legal objections nmile tu tho Interlocu
tOr decree signed hr Justice JlcCall
three montlm ago the Inw makes thu
signing Imperative
Justice Oeratd may approve or dlsap
piove of the sealing of tlie papeis which
VVUH ordeied bj JiiMtka McCall upon tho
retommendatlnn of the icfeiee Daniel
Cohalan before vvlium the evidence was
A L Hume attorney foi MKs H
lonoy appealed befoie JuMIco Gerard
today and passed up the paper mak
inj the motion for the final docie
The sealing of annulment papers Is i
thing almusl unprccsdcnteJ In tha
courts of this country
Th ground for the annulment nf nmr
lages Is usually one of threo
When one 01 both of the contracting
partus are uiulei tin age uf consont
When the marriise is procured by
fraud or dures
When some physical dlsHbllly exists
ThCfa marriage aniitiliiients occur fre
quentl In 1111 fluMi of Hocietr and
never before in the mnmory uf the old
est officer of the Supremo Court havo
tne papers been ordered sealed
Paper In divorce oases are frequently
sealed when the ni nionv might be
hought to luve a uoiruntbiR Influence
on the public mind but In the ca e of
Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt Justice
i Gorman ordtred al patJIs mnilo pub
lic In this case the statutory offence
1S churd
The Ma loney case was No 61 on the
calendar Afcr letivi the court room
> Hume wu askid whv the papers
ad bsn ordToi smd He said
U wa 1I0t b p ul order of Jus
tice McCMi bu iridsr tin rulu of
he court
WHO KlllfU HfR
The Commission appointed by Judge
Warren W Foster In the Court of
General Sehslons to Investigate tlio
sanity of Mrs Charlotte Hitchcock
who on Nov JO 1 > W Slot and Killed
her husband Hubert In tnelr homo at
No T6J Kast Une Hundred and Kilty
elhth street presented Its report to
the court today and decland the wom
an to have been Insane at the time of
the killing It Is llierniore found Inat
Mrs Hitchcock Is etlll Insane and rec
ommended that she be bent to Mattea
wan Hospital
In the report of the Commission
which was composed of Drs Carlo r
MncDonald A Ian McLane Hamilton
and Frank Wade Hobertson no men
tion was made of the ruruukiblu tijp
notlc ilrmonftratlon made by Dr Ira
Van Cleson In the Tombs
Dr Van Gleson vvlio la clilof of the
PntholOKloal liuieau of the Hoard of
Health submerged the consclousnebs of
Mrs Hitchcock with iiaraldin > Jc anil
lighted candles Tien ho drew trom liar
a subcoimuuus version of the tragedy
In whlcn her husbind was slftln vvlikli
Was entirelv different ftoin the police
theory and tile DlstrlctAtlorne case
According to this hypnotic evidence
Mrs Hltchcook was thu Innocent victim
of the shooting Her husband had
first shot her and then killed himself
The DHtrictAttornt and Commis
sion throw this testimony out as tin
posalble An cxanlnatlun of the slain
man showed tht Ills wounds could not
have been Inflicted
The commission his t > een examining
Mrs Hitchcock alnco eirlj In June She
will be nirnlRtied before Judge Foster
tomorrow an I committed to Mattea
wan Coward
i School time Shoes
Tlio COWARD SHOE for chil
dren is rv bcnsibloftiul fintrnfrictory
foot cocring for school lays
having special features of daily
benefit to growing feet The last
conforms to naturalfoot shape
with a construction that holds the I
arch in placo and supports the
268274 Greenwich St N Y
tXuR WIMKI s rut IT
IUUOr4nFUl 4 a4iorC UJ fiiM
rfW Of UR H
Priest Thought Man Was
I Asleep uiul Attempted to
Arouse Him
Death Believed to Be Due to
Heart Disease and
Old Age
I Tightly clutching n prajcr honk In
i his left hand and n rn aiy In his ilniil
la noatlv iress d mnn about sevonty
vwirs oldwas found ilcnd knonlliiff In lli
Church of the Immaculate Conception
i One Hundred and Fiftieth sticet ind
i Melrose avenue parly today by the
Rev Father Ecrcor Dtath wan I
probably due to old age and heart Ills
eas e
The dead man was later ld ntlled ac
cording to thH police aw Mr Metier
flrit nnme not Riven seventy > carl
old of No 417 Hast One Hundred and
Kortyscventh itreet
Fiitliei IKr ir luid unuluileil the 7
oclock mass nnd I s usuiil ivilknl dywn
tliroiiRli tlic centre nisi In the fourth
pew Rollill vvpdRcil iiKJlnst tlii > Inner
lalllnR he saw nil ugeil mini with head
slightly bent Ole anil ey < s clocd as If
In fervent pravci The Heine was
dressed entlrcb In hlaek
The priest paid no particular atlentlon
to the suppoed wrirslilpper until al
most hour later when
nn anothci mats
wus about to he said The fiRiire had
not changed Its ponltlon The prlrnt
entered the pow und lappea the man
on the shoulder As hi > did so It col
lapsed mil fell in a pile on the arm
Father Ilerpr saw that the nmn win
deid and called In Iollceiiiaii Ileltnor
who In turn called Dr Uoldber of L
ba non Hospital The pljslclan said
death had occurred some hpurs p I
It is supposed Hint the old man en
I teied the church to attend nn early
j mass ami was selzid while praying
I Tho railing supportfd him In a balanced
kneeling position Only one addr ss
wns foun In lili pocket No 636 Knat
One Hundred nnd Mft > fourth street
No one there knew him liowover i
Although his clothes seemed to In
dlialo Uiat he H I not In poor clrcmn
utiuicm onlv M con s uid a sold w a tell
anl drain were four I In liln clolhm
V halftlllMl snurftmi u mlr of eve
tett O and emr > r Iiw and a nt of
tn s tceih rtmpiiMl In prt of a
newspaper were aUo found
Tho IIPIJCT > iook w is woll woni H
WEIR occnfil It Hie lonls lrn > er
llnierprliitfc ImUainll 11a1 the Irues
w < r ji > tuul tuinotl to tills pa e
Tie srrlni Ia > In Cirrmui anr the i
ronrv was iliad of dirk curiously
oriianifnteil beads
London IlnspKnl llnliliril by Arm1
I of Iliimpln til Men
LONDON Rpt 1IThe number of
unemployed In Mils city wns strlklnclv
Illustrated todrj when tluee Iliousnd
I mn surrounded and altempted to mthe I
thtlr niiy Into n hospital whlc had ad
vcitlfed for a porter at a wane of > 1 v
a week and meils An extra ilet ill of
police Imil to he cnllicl out ID keep lIrIr
In thi < trod v licit was struggling tu 11
Into th building
Big Cunarder Fails by an
Hour and 19 Minutes to
Equal Mark
TIP funardor Lusltanla failed to break
all recods on the trip ending In thl
port today nlthouirh It was expected
In the nfllcpn of the line whfn he left
Mvwpool that she would land her p u
s ° ncor > In Now York vftcrdav evening
Vernnn II Brown New York agent ol
SIR Inencnt abrwd fpeclHll to come
homO on the jii ltnnln on this trip and
WH iloiiih < liaplOlntr1 wliwi if did
I int make tlic Thursday evening tie
I ry
I She arrUod nt Mandy Hook at SCO
cluck last night and anchored until
Ou > light I lei Urn from Uauntn Rock
o Randy luck ai 4 days 16 hours and
13 minutes na ngalnst 4 days and 15
loiirx her bot previous record
Strong head ulmli and tteniral bad
weather on the flrnt tno days of the
ojagc spoiled all chance for a record
oreaklng trip Her best record was eS
knots on the second day out
Jntermyer Surprised by Decision
Kimunl fntermyer who has l > een
abroad fin three month most of the
time In Parlibtd wns n paeng r He
teail with InlMpit In tile morning papf
of thp iled 1on hanilod don ycstenla
by IiKlRes Jeingp Yrnv niul Cieorge M
Oallin In the United States Circuit
I oint in Philadelphia dismissing
suli brought hy the Ff < leral Govern
ment to enforce the commodities
luutc of HIP Hepburn fUllroad Act
iBalnit the tnthratlt coal carrying
rilronds of Penn yhanln
Thu Government sought to prohibit the
coalcarr > Ing railroads from transport
Ing in Interstate commerce coal mined
or produced by them or under their
nuthorltj Judges Gri and Dallas In
ilunylng the Governments motion call
the conunotlltles vlmia of the Hepburn
act drastic hir h unreasonable an in
sailon of the rights of the States and
The decision surprises me vild Mr
Untcrm > er 1 do not think It fill
Rtaml when It gets to tho United Staves
Supreme Court If the contention of the
distinguished Judges h true Conjres
slonil l icishitiuii 3sr3 not seem to
amount to anything The decision It a
I gruat bk w to antitrust policies and a
gnyit misfortune to the people
Mr Lnlcniijer said that the Impres
sion abroad about the forthcoming
election especially In Enuland Will
Hint liryan should win Mr Urian
tnadea great Impression during his visit
to inglanil Ho H also extreme popu
lar In Austria
England Fears Taft
Mr Taft wid Mr tntcrmypr la
looked upon In England M the lepre
eentntive ol ested corporation In
terests It li the bellflf amoiiK well
liiformed men there that If ho IB
iHcUd thorf will be u cessation of all
atumptr in bring the eorporitlnna
utluii the hll
Thu report Hut ihe Ctinurd line stiatn
ships will won cut out the stop at
Oucimstown on the route between New
YoiU and lUprpool was pronounced il
dlculous by Mr Brown htn his at I
tention was called to it U niiU of the I
report hnve nlrcad btcn sent to NPW
York from London I
Ve could mike the Queens town
flop nnd still get our pisicnsers here I
lliurluv evenings on the Lusltanla
and Miurelnnl1 said Mr nrovn If I
tlic Ilrltlsh ni < tolll < a iu hnrltles would
rkire the forilRii malls In London nt
noon on Situiday Instead of cosln 1
them at 4 ucli ck In liie afternoon is
it present We alallI have a long
vvalt ut QucrtiHtnwn Tour hours dlf
ferfiii In llmi ut tlie Quconsiown tnu
11 r tin tlp unulil i > mbli > us to reirh
Bndv llnok iinirshi ntPinnon and I
4i up to tlio dock before dnrlf
Henry lionyon a clerk employed In I
Moores Paint Works nt No 2V4 > Water
strret went Into the cellar this after
noon with a lighted candle to InVeitl
gate a leak of gns There was an ex
plnilon IIP was knocked seniel si and
badlv burned Ilonyon was taken lo
the Zlrookl > n Hospital He Is thirty
years old and lives at No 7W Herkt j
mer street 7
PRO O Ncm HlSl
Whole Body Raw with Eczertia
Life was Intolerable Was Even I
Incased In Plaster Discharged 1
from Hospitals as Hopeless
Prom the nen of thrw months until
If teen years old my son Owens lift
was made Intoler
able hy eczema in
Its worst form Hi
was all right uplll
a red rash broke
out on hU foro
brad but we wort
not alarmed at fint
Very soon howecr 1
the rash began to
spread over his head j
and shoulders and
it caused him grout
discomfort 1 took
him to a doctor and tried half a dozen
other treatments all with the tame
ieault no improvement at nil Tim
disease gradually spread until nearly
every part of his body was quite raw i
Wo hnd to strop him down in bod for
ho used to tear himself dreadfully in
his sleep The agony ho went through
is quite beyond words No one thought
wo would rear him The regimental 1
doctor a very clever man pronounced
the caw hopeless at least lie eoid tho
only hope was that ho might if ho 1
lived long enoligh outgrow t to some
extent Wo had him in hospitals four
times and ho wnt pronounced one of
the worst caws If not the worst ever
admitted From each he was dis
charged 03 Incurable In fact he got
worse under the micccssive treatments
At one hospital they Incased him ID
plaster and this noemed to aggravate
the 8orfte terribly He looked so
badly that no one liked to go noar him
and his lifo was n burden to him Wo
Irept trying remedy after remedy but
we had got almo t pait hoping for a
cure Six months ago wo purchased
a let of Cuticura Soap Ointment and
Re olvfnt Pills nnd persevered with
them Tho result was truly marvelous
and today he is perfectly cnrrd his skin
not having a blemixh on it anywhere
Mrs Lily Hedge 51 Vaughim Road 11
CoHIwrbour Lane Camblewell Green
Eng Jan 12 1007
Send to nearest depot for free Cut I
cura Book on Treatment Skin Diseases
rutlnus Itemrdinnrawild throughout the world
DrpoK London 27 CturterhomSn Paris 6 HIM 1
rtohltlii trallA R Towns 4 Co ydn ri
ft Alrfia Lrnnon lid Capetown ttc UH A <
otter Unit Jk Cbem Corp solo Prop Iroiton j
ijl M I M H
683 8th Av Cor 43d St
Went SUe of 5th av
Speclnln for Irlilny and Saturday
Spring Lamb Chops IGc Ib
Uses Mutton 10c Ib I
Ijffi Spring Lamb 12if Ib I
ranny Stowlny Chickens 12Ws Ib
mili Killed Broilers 10s lb
Prime nib Hoist Doer 10 to 12i4o Ib
Small Hams 8 1
B WEISS Proprietor
usa sih i Cor Klrt M
iVx 0 t Slii jlh 3T
= C O c co
No 2
IF you want a corset that will simply
strap you down and hold you like
a vice almost any long strong corset
will doif you have strength to lace it
tight enough r
n But if you want your figure to be
Y hygienically reshaped into more youth
ful lines and still have perfect comfort
i whether standing or seated then you
i must wear the Nefno SelfReducing
f ii Corset
tjNo woman buys a second pair of
mi the various imitations of the fa
in mous Nemo for all these imitations
N are necessarily without the Nemo
patented features and therefore cant
4 and don f make good
o > Ask any stout woman you know
r more than a million can tell you that
this is true
IT doesnt require much business wit
w or courage to imitate namas and
ii claims but its dangerous to infringe
9 the U S Patent Laws
t are sold In all K ° ° d
om throughout the
UII oJ wofd300 to 10
i 1 KOP5 BRaS Manufacture NEW YORK
N ° 320 r
I t 1 1

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