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Attack on Bryan at Gravess Notifica
tion Filled with Vituperation
Calls Him Almost Everything
on the Calendar
ATLANTA Ga Sept IWilliam R Hearsts speech at the
Graves notification meeting last night was an ttack upon William Jen
nings Bryan which will probably rank as the bitterest arraignment of a
I Presidential candidate in American politics
I In addition to charging that Bryan
I tried to dicker tour months AKO for
the Hearst support In thin campaign
In return for Uryan support of Heaist
In 1912 Mrwllcarst called the leader of
the Democracy a trimmer a traitor
and a trickster a Uizaius at the din
ner table of the rich a political county
fair shell operator a political ragpicker
and shoplifter a political sideshow pres
tidigitator yoijtrllpciulst juggler con
1 tortionist human ostrich nnd clastic
iklnnod man In concluding his speech
Jlr Hearst said
I will not follow the demagOKUlo
duplicity of the boughton Bryan
Mr Hearst prefaced his attack upon
Bryan with a defense of his desertion
from the Democratic party lie re
called that his paper the New York
Journal was barred from clubs and
homes In 1SJ1 He said that his sup
port of Bryan cost him large sums of
money Here Is how he described the
situation In New York
Paper Kept Under Cover
Newsdealer who carried the paper
at all did It under their stands ami
only produced It when some one asked
for It
Advertisers called on me and said
they would take out every advertise
ment If I continued to support Bran
anll I told them to take out their ad
vertisements as I needed mole space
In which to support Bryan
I had space enough after that and
deilclt taken from the hooks for
thEY <
the month of Oct ISO wax J15Ji000
Clubs threw the paper Into the streets i
friends dropped It from their homes I
r In 1WO I was ready for the battle
tealn and I started my Chicago paper
at the request of Senator Jones on the
e da that the Democratic Conven
tion met In Kansas City Wo fought
end I lost again Ve lost but we
fonght the fight that mrixt bo fought by
every follower of Jefferson of Jackson I
of Lincoln of TIlBon until plutocratic
power shall cease to bo exalted above
I popular rights until the will of the I
people shall prevail
We fought and lost and I was not
tired of fighting hut apparently Mr
Bryan was I was fighting fir a patri
otic cause he was lighting for a per
lonal victory
In 1O4 he hauled down his Hag and
made a compact with Parker that he
would support Parker and all that
1arker represented If In return Parker
and all that Parker represented would
support him
Gives Alegcdl Proofs
Do you doubt It Can you doubt It
Look at Ids action In denouncing
Parker before the convention
Jook at his action In supporting Par
ker after the convention and practically
supporting him In the convention
Look at the twenty thousand dollars
which Mr Han Mr Parkers sponsor
contributed to llr Bryans Senatorial
I campaign fund
Look at Parkers attitude now and
Ryanijatlltudo now and Rockefellers
attitude now
t Look at the 300000 dollar campaign
fund In one lump t lat Mack admls
having recftlved but forgets how ho
Look at the kind of trustowned
J papers that an9 supporting Bryan now I
and the private cars that are tendered
S him now and the prltalo curs that
Continued on Second Page
I Trickster Trimmer
Traitor Ragpicker
Shoplifter Juggler
I LOOM Skin Man Lazarus
I PrestldlglUteur Showman
t Contortionist Human Ostrich
1 1 4 I
The Statement Is Absolutely
False Democratic Can
didate Declares
him Jennings Bryan which reached
here In his special car today was
ho ln a statement made by William
I rtandolph hearst In Atlanta last night
accusing Jlr Brym of approaching Mr
I Heart In New York four months ago
and offering the Bryan support to
Hearst In 1912 In return for the Hearst
support of Bryan In this campaign
Mr Bryan said
Tlip tiilenient In nlianliKel
Here Is the language used by Mr
Hearst In describing the alleged propo i
sition for a dicker of Influence I
But It Mr Bryan thought that I
was not the proper candidate he
should not have pproached me In New
York some four months
ago with a j I
proportion to support me In the next I
campaign It I would support him In
this campaign I
i Hearst when shown Mr Bryans denial
I of Mr Hearsts statement that Bryan
our months ago proposed to support
Mr Hearst four years hence In return
for Mr Hearsts I
support In this cam
paign made the following statement
I do not see why Mr Bryan Is always
proposing policies that he to recant say
ing things that he
has to retract and
doing things that he has to lien >
When Irl Bryan came to New York
some four inonths ago I did not call I
on him as I had nothing to see him I
about He did call
on me as appar
ently he had
something to tee me
I kept his visit a secret but Mr
Chanler In a suit brought against me
stated In his affidavit that he had seen
Mr Bryan at my house and so the
visit was Inadvertently made public
That visit was without result as I pun
poaely avoided politics Shortly after 11
received an Invitation from a friend of
mine to dinner When I went to the
dinner I found Mr Bra there After
the dinner Mr Bryan stepped aside
with me In the hall and said exactly
what I said he did
I wish he had not said It i wa
stirnrliJ and humiliate bv lie nro
position It showId that Mr IIrAr
kid no appreciation
alJ1r or conception iv
the work I hnd d ne for him or W tho i
reason I had wrheil so hard and mad
in man sacrifices In the cause tt
showed that he
considered mo cia o
a trader working for some personal al
vantaei J or promotion In rnilllles t
left thn houi humlllntd as I a y Mi
more titan ever opposed to Mr n yan
Mrs Thaw Gives 5000 to College
KNOXV1LLB Tonn Hept liAn
nouncemcnt has been made at Mary
vllle College that Jin William Thaw of
Plttibun mother of Harry K Thaw
hu given 8000 toward the fund of the
Jews of New York File Peti
tion of Protest Against Him
Vith Mayor
Tammany Deeply Concerned
Over New Yorks 100000
Jewish Votes
Commissioner Blngham will end his
rule of the Police Department on Mon
day acrordlm to rumor at No SCO Mul
berry street today lie Is being forced
out the latest gossip has It by the In
lluence of the Jews of New York who
today fllwl a petition of protest at the
Mayors olllce
Many of tho most prominent Jews of
Now York were stirred tip by an ar
ticle In the North American Review
signed by Commissioner llingham In
which the latter declared that llfty per
cent of the criminals were Jews Ex
perts were employed to examine the
police and criminal court records and
the Jews assert that Bingham did their
raw a gross Injustice
It Ii said that Commissioner fling
ham out his vacation Hhort and came to
New York to consult with Mayor Me
I Clellan He visited the Mayor at the
liters country home at Seahrlght
At Police Headquarters today It was
paid hat Com mi loner Blnghcim would
return to his desk on Tuesday and a
tAW houw later announce that he had
Bugher Going Out Too
Deputy Commissioner Bugher who
Is the only one of the original deputies
appjlnted by Blngham now In the de
partment will tender his resignation to
Bingham as soon as the latter reaches
his office
Political pressure III said to have had
a reit deal of weight with Mayor Me
I t Klhn liere are at least UIVOO Jewish
vote In New York and the Tammany
leaders have been worried since
Blnghams attark on the race Al
though they may b > on the outs In other
matters both Tammany Leader Murphy
and Senator MnCanon of Brooklyn are
said to be of one mind on the Bingham
question They want him ousted and
oiisled quick
It was said today that Deputy Com
missioner Baker who has been In
charge of Brooklyn but who recently I
came to New York t take charge of
Ihe wholo department In Blnglmms ab
sence will be the new head of the
Five Complainants Charge
Whitney of Fraud and
More Promised
Edgar A Whitney formerly of the
Parkhurst Society was held for the
Grand Jury today by Magistrate Walsh
In the Centre Street Court on a charge
nt obtaining money under false pre
tense Five complainants appeared
ngalnst him He went to the Tombs In
default of 1000 ball
Whitney was arrested a week ago At
the hearing today Assistant District
Attorney Klndelberger paid
When the case Is presented to tho
Grand Jury there will be at least ten
complainants This man has been doing
a land office business purchasing bus
nesses and stores with bogus notes
The complainants were Jncob Bam
burger of No 1W East Seventvelchth
street Jacob tSermer of No J9 Knit
Eleventh street Michael FlegHbrtum of
No 37 Maiden Lane enrnnrd Harris pf
No 101 West Thirtyninth street and
another Bernard Harris
= C =
= =
REGARDLESS of your mood you
will find much to Interest you
In ToMorrow Sunday World
The X ew York Ilrla pare of portralu
which Ii the type
For your iluilc Collection will b the I
WON ant Music of the hJtla The I
ntrri Snn Hit
Tlio FIt Publication In America of The I
Tmtfly of Four Jut Men
A Safe Manufacturer Mid Aplnt the I
Man Tool ant lIne thftrt n no UCh
ihlnr u a liurglirlWf saft The
One Hank In All Anrnlca that claJm
li bo AUolJtcly Kiindarrroor I
How Qunn Alexandra of Knilin1 AnJ
her Slittr arnt tiflr Duniniera Vaci
fhie sweetheart of lUaJIt Ix ltoV 1
palM w hY It Ii thil Women Mam
This will not five on oven a fair I
Idea of the intereetlnr things to I
be found In To Morrow Sunday
Former Manager Commits
Suicide There With Re
volver Shot
Had the Friendship of Every
Man in National and
Public Life
Frank V Bennett up to a year ago
lie manager or the Hotel riotham at
Fiftyfifth street and Fifth avenue
killed himself with a revolver at that
hotel today Broken In health beyond
medical relief und financially l > err
rehabilitation lie selected the scene of
his Waterloo In the hotel buslneBi for
his act of kelfde tructlon
Mr Bennett was flftyslx years old
and his life had been a busy one
Starting as an actor he made many
friends In the theatrical profession He
t > cin his career as a hotel man n
Washington and was for twenty years
manager of the Arlington Hotel In that
city lie enjoyed the frlendnhlp of
every man In national public life dur
ing that period and his acquaintance
I extended throughout the United State
He was a member of the Gridiron Club
I of Washington anJ the Amen Corner
of this city
In lKfl the Hotel Gotham jUt across
Fifth avenue from the St Regl was
opened by a syndicate of which Mrs
i Mark Hanna Dan R Hanna H N
I Hanna Cornelius N Bliss George F
I Baker George R Sheldon Grant B
Schley James J Hill J Plerpont Mor
j gan and George Westinghouse were the
I principal stockholders Through the In
fluence of Dan Hanna Mr Bliss and
I Mr Morgan Mr Bennett was Installed
I as manager
Church Within 200 Feet
The Gotham was Intended to be a
i I quiet family hotel and had the guaran
tee of the patronage of the Washln ton
i ofticlnl ret But there was one difficulty
I In the way Mr Bennett was unable to
I Install T bnr because there was a
I church within SCO feet and objections
I were ral ed
I Bills favoring the relaxation of the
1 law far enough to allow the Installa
tion of aI T In the O t han were passed
by two L jlsatures but were vetoed
first by Gov higgins and then by Gov
Hughes The patronage was not up to
expectations and the hotel ran Into
financial difficulties
About a year ago Mr Bennett being
unabln to show any prollt to the stock
holders was forced out of the manage
ment although his contract had a year
to run Carl Berger ho Newport nnd
I Lakewood caterer took the property
hut was no more successful than Mr
Bennett had een and soon threw up
his hands and quit Of late the house
has been run by Weatherby
with Frank W Wlshart as executive
Mr Bennett although out of any exe
cutive power In the hotel management
continued u live In the house and draw
his contract whWi wns to
a salary on
expire In a few days
The failure of the Gotham had been
a hard blow to him Fie did not seem
to be able tn get a hold on another
property and spent much of his time
loitering aboit public places of resort
talking over old times with old friends
Left Note for Dan Hanna
Mr Bennett breakfasted at the hotel
this morning and then went out At
noon he stoppedln the Hotel St Ileftfa
nnd asked for Dan Hnnna Mr Hnnna
I was not In and Mr Bennett lerea note
for him From the St Regis he went
across lathe Gotham got Into the ele
I vatof and went to his suite consisting
of rooms Noi lISt antI 18S3
At 1245 he rang for Ice water Frank
Rooney a bellboy responding to the
call eat red Mr Bennetts room Mid
found his Mad sated In an armchair
drawn up at his INlk A revolver lay
on the floor Inside the chair lie hail
hot himself through the head the
bullet entering his right temp
Dr Bentley Squires o No 20 East
Fiirtyslxth street was iiimmonM
Finding life extinct Dr Bentley noil
fled the Coroners office
Coroner hamburger found the rooii
Iitlurrd with torn papers There Ife
evertl u paid hills on the Ilesk Indi
cting that Mr Bennett had reached
the end of hU rtlOourcu
His ion Walter V Htnnttt ta a mini
bor nt the Wet Street brokerage firm
of Van Schttrk ft CD IU Uvt it No
1111 JJlOI4wl
New Jersey Governor to Whom
a Deadly Bomb Was Addressed
1 t
I v
r ct
I II i
I 7Jcrnk7COPVRI6Nr
COPVRI6Nr t4WAA cno 7
Giants Start Early Scoring by
Making Run in Opening
rOOKlyn 0 3 0
GianlS I 0 I
New York Brooklyn
Temicy lb Biirch cf
Heirzog 2b Lumley rf
llrrnalnn v Hummel If
Donlln rf Jordan IIJ
Seymour cf Alnermnn 2h
Dertln 3h
MoMlllnil is
McCormlck If Sherlinn Hb
Brldwell ss Dunn o
aUlellOn p Mclntyre p
StwUI in Tlp Hvcnlnir Wirll
POLO OROUNIva Sept u After
holding back for a couple of days fan
j dom cut loose for fair today and an
hour before the I
I game there were near
I ly twenty thousand people whooping I
I things tip for tho Giants
A great
came over from Brooklyn and they
succeeded In wedging In a few word
of encouragement for tho Suporbas be
fore th overpowering voices for tim I
Giants oould succeed In drowning them
Brooklyn wne not the leist discour
aged l causu they had Iost four
straight gamea to New York and they
went at their pnctlcc work as If they I
wore getting ready for the worlds
chimplonahlp Notwithstanding their
expressed deilra to FCC the hints win
the nennnnt It is the fondest desire of
th Brooklyn boys to give McOraw and
hIS men one good beating before the
efison Is liver
The crowd kept pouring Into the I
grounds all during the practice hour
and early Indications pointed to an at
tendance of 25000 For the first time
since they were built the new hlemhers
In leftcentre Held vrere filled With Its
almost complete circle of stands the
Polo Grounds now looks like a huge
amphitheatre and this aft rnoon the
players were completely surrounded liy
banks of howling fan
While this dropping of a game will
not lose the lend the Giants are de
termined to keep going ahead In the
hopes that Chicago and Ilttsburg will
eventually suffer defeat The heart
< llants In the least and they are were
Just ai fresh and full of life today as
when thy started out fur the season
McGraw had nil of his Available
pitching stiff out for a warm up but
it looked ai If he would select Wlltif
to tackle the Job McGraw Ii a great
Ulytl la working hU men In regular
Refuses to Testify and Ex
tradition Proceedings
I RICHMOND Va Sept 12Mrs IT n
j at nt la iiti whom the police authorities
I say they believe to be the wife of Ir
11 C Flower antI Charles Ivlward
j Cojrlland a relative were arraigned In
the police court here today on ochalJo
of being fugitives from juitc from
New York Mrs F MndsiyIIigaman
whose name has figured conspicuously
In thi > mystery here In which the pollr
pf New York Ihllnlelphla and Itlcli
I mend are taking a himl lefused to ap
pear rs a witness today nnd the cii >
against the fourtlands was dlsmlsnl
i 1 llhoiit any sensational di > vclaiiient
I IMpers wire isiiel this nfleinoon for
the attachment of the baggage of Mr
Hagnmnn for the UMnct Ion of a debt I
of JtOOO alleged to bo due by her tn Whl I
Lltchtenstoin Millinery Company nf
New York Tim police of Now York I
have urjnvl the local authorities to mao
every effort to arrest Dr Iower I
Vlio is wanted III New York for hiv I
tiig forfeited a 23000 ball bond
ng J11 imtea
arrested there on a charge of urind
nrcony The polIce of Philadelphia asi
say that he esnp < 1 from there after
Je had been arrested as a fugitive from
New York
The Police Justlro received a tel
gram from New York tnday stating
that the Cortlnnds were not wanted In
that city
LISBON Sept IS A heavy storm is
Mowing along the Im t
linjiiese msi
and already IIIIH tint mild lama
to the llotllb of halting Tart Twp
boats whose crews number y IlIln
are missing
Mouton a leper who escaped from the
Louisiana Leper Home In
lih about u year ago was ounl her
yesterday selling tickets at a nickel
= = = = = = = =
lurnnnd this happens to be the day on
which Wlltse should pitch
First Inning
T nn y tonk Burch grounder In1
ti jised to Matty who ran over and co
red the base Lumley tiled to Uriel
well Humnittl laced the next one In
deep right for two bate but Jordan
retired the side on a high lly to Mo
Cormlck NO nUNs
Package Filled With Powder Bullets
Matches and Designed to Kill
I Mailed to the Governor of New Y J
I Jersey at Sea Girt
Close Watch Had Been Kept on the Mails Following
lowing the Excitement Caused by En
forcement of Sunday Laws in
Atlantic City
Special to The Kvcnlntr World
SEA GIRT N J Sept 12Had a package addressed to Gov
Fort not been intercepted and had he followed his usual custom of open
ing all mail matter addressed to him New Jerseys Chief Executive
must have been instantly killed As it was the attempt to assassinate
l the Governor was thwarted by the vigilance of postoffice officials who
i discovered the infernal machine before it had been delivered
The package was a cleverly contrived combination of powder bul
lets and matches which had been so arranged that opening it in the or
dinary way would have caused an explosion
The officials have scanned the Governors mail with unusual care
since the Executives recent crusade against violation of the law at
Atlantic City
n Tho attitude taken by the Governor
When he dlreoteii that the excise and
othtr similar laws at tho great sMaliln
I 1 JS
IR ONS DES I n > sort he strictly enforced and even
i I threatened to order out the mllltla If
neiciarv to that end aroused great
I I resentment In some quarters It was to
R I H I Ill ESTBURY guard tho Governor as much u
Y possllde from ann annoyance arising
from that affair that the unusual watch
was put on hlJ mall
I Mfl fl A i Find Suspicious Package
J MrINb ALf Severn days ago when a package nf
1 I t sotHwhnt unusual shape was found to
hear Insufficient O1o1age it was taken
> hy n clerk to one of the postal In
spectors The Inspector became moro
I SHEEPSHEAD BAY RESULTS Impressed hv the shape anti condition
nf the package than hy the shortage of
I stamps and at once wrote the Gov
FIRST RACETom McGrath 1 ernor Informing him that a package of
I suspicious appearance addressed to him
Nimbus 2 and Woodlane was being held at tho office
I I rue Inspector asked for
permission to
SECOND RACElronsldes 1 Bat npen It without forwarding It to Its des
I tination The permission was given at
2 and Agent 3
once Exercising the greatest care the
> Inspector anl his assistants removed
1 the wmpilngs from the package to find
I World Wants Work Wonders that thflr worst fears wero conllrme < >
It was a real Infernal machine crude
Weather Clear Sept 12 Track Fast
mil HIT it vie T H k i 1 iges htihe haMIWI 81O
11 I ii i trt MX 1111 It L Ii I
At P 2a it 1 > T 11 Jot Alb Tim 111 i H t tij
SI 01 My Mtillm it MI i I Irtii
jj l r > Jill 1 k6 u iii 0i
In I irliir ts ll JD LI PI air
MIolIlh Lin t l i < iitTt j
MmlitH I I 1 4 I I
> < 1 volIaTte H7 U 8 I t II Uoyie
i vII IMliy Hi j si II N 41 K Itwill 1
i < lidv Vlnlfr 112 ii 4 il 1 dhiliiiie
Ue Wire Iilli > X j T1 7t II 3lpUanll
s i < ill John Jiihnon in 4 J > 2 3 T 1 Uuilr
i 1111k1 llii 1 u Ii > I utin
7 Xumb r One ill < 10 to II 0 II Smith
uw 10 u t
2 Konl llntri L5 u = =
r trt Montgomery Weitbury SM lift Sir TIIlln lon and He Know
Tom McOrath h in ild hli wrl t In tine elm WfM to th front asity in1 forclni
the tact won nicely In hand Nimbus showed lmprov mnt Woollane clone1 with a i
rh n I
ijSBCOST ttI P = Thr Vi bury SleffiTwIdv for fourjvar oli iirvl upwlnt
> litnllea wiarintset cast Mie JSf ti about so ntlln and a hIlI i
I t r t iii if tiH Sijii IOK 1 Wiin aally Time 31S Winner h t bf
M r T lliniini t AnT J U nt
li 4 1 I HnJ i5YI2rLJJL ri rT iii7
Irn H j 1 i T i =
iI I Hat ilil a a l 2 T Urn k
M tini 1 P 3 i p J 1IIMr
a IUm il t I 3 lot t t aney i
Wt Sonetm Ill 2 t I 111 fluie
r1ir i I 5l WUmN
trontlJu hlo1 in tiir tlctorr attic S nctu and Duouoe tJ 1170IIt fell iiuooA
latirfirlot with Snctui tl tilt rSUNd but tioits4

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