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IDJCf iJDf111 nI1IJ Jfi tim > rDnoi3f7onTT itinnr CJi Jfnj Xlt 1ftJJf2 JOt monnt In1fmnDun1nfir1rtm1nC it It 11m 11UTOt 11 1fI1tffi P11tI1Tl0DfJOOOutll XIDOr1 rIDfBiIfmTiJUIiJrnTJJIDftIfJfniXIJCi tmUi1 JI if il t I
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S VOTE Who Is lU1g Most to COUPON NAll f
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I FINAL i I I ft 4b I f i 0 A GRECIi IEDmOll U I
RESULTS EDITION I I Circulation Books Open to All I I II Circulation Books Open to All II l
= = = = u
m Um = = = = = J
Brooklyn Senator Declares That Un
r less ALL His Delegates From Kings
I County Are Seated He and His I
Followers Will Walk Out
Special from a Staff Correspondent of The Evening World I
ROCHESTER N Y Sept 14charles F Murphy today gave
evidence that he is the boss of the State Democracy before he had been
iin Rochester two hours It had been stated by the convention early
birds that Mr Murphy as soon as he got washed up after his trip from j
I New York would hasten to the rooms of Mr Conners in the Whitcomb
Mr Murphy went to the Whitcomb house but he did not go to
Connerss rooms He went to a suite of his own on the second floor
ind after a proper interval of time and when few were looking Mr
Conners unobtrusively called upon Mr Murphy
Senator McCarren having met with a lot of encouragement from
upState leaders allied with the home rule interests became quite chesty
I this afternoon and announced that unless ALL HIS DELEGATES
H mctt oontettj In two dlttrlcti i whole Brooklyn delegation If hU dele
I the Sixth and the Ninthbill Ii deter
mined that he will walk out with the Continued on Second Page
Weather Clear Sept 14 Track Fast
FIRS1 nACEor all axe andlp JM ald1 bout Ix furlong
910 lost tllhe J off 2tI Hlart good Won lrlllng Willnr ch by Na
lurllum IlI OwnrI J Whitney Tln1o9as
Ytu vtH li t l FIn Jkey opjjjij PlSh
b7U Jar None ii 3 4 1 p 4 iij 1 JUian
56IDe Uund liS 1 I i j lIIlr
llfi 4 3 l43 al J Ide
b O4 B < rry Maid 11 <
b2 Fort Johnson 104 6 r 31 6 4j ilutlor
S 7 7 7 B <
830 Don Ewiqua jj Hhllllne
SSMS IO IOOL ILL II Gilbert lanlf r L z z z
War None avoided the early puce came through on the outside In the stretnh and
rinsUi with a treat bunt of spsrd and Catching D < Munl tlrln won KOlna away
rile ltler fciul all hll P < 1J l > ut quit badly In the mietch Ilerry Maid Is Improving
t xllo lon ran a nnol race iraa shortuon Enrique was running ftrang
iJOl SECOND BACBStetplechis fouryearoldi and upward i lllnf SOU added
abut two mllu
rueal Port time OnerJ 2O off 231 Colt Start TlmlarA rood 811 Won Hllly Winner > 011 rt by Voter
11ei Slutre WU St H 1 IH Fin Jockeys OP III CI 11 Rh
IlS 3 2 a1 ZI
tta Economy 15 MeAtfM
47 SteIl land U 2 m i I 2 < Davidson
dSi iiamrod 132 4 T pl 43 t T OHrlcn
f KMrtjragjnJi y j IH 1 4 44Fell W VH on
ionomi ad to ba much the but becaue she wm repfatedly InlerfrieJ with bv
8telllond she race clear of her In theU half and won gallopIng Slellaland out
lalt14 BAmro1 Pagan lIr was nolng taiyyhMi hf tell
illl > 1I1UU RA ° B The natlan i of lWOj for Iwo yeorolds five and a halt fur
902Post I
Post time 322 off 324 Start good Won eailly Winner ch c h y Wool thorp
ra hlontble Ononeck Stable Tlmclim la
itvln Srtrttrt Wti Bt H > 1 Fin Jockeys UP HI CI Il Sh
880 Faihlon Plate PO 2 14iY P I Smith
W3 Lawton WlHlna 107 6 6 > 8i 81H2 Vottfr
a 80 Royal Captive 102 1 2 2 2 8HOII > rt
gili Erbet 03 7 BW B > 5 k 4W Upton
88J > Sir John 01 7 8J4 fl S 4 BUtlEr
110O Intervene 01 a 4k 4 4 I fli McCArthy
JW i lllackfoM 100 4 a 7 7 7 B Diigan
Fahlon 1 late dMSed Into the lead early and forclnic a fast mce all the way won
rallopln Lawton WlulM cloied with a rush floral Captive was short should Im
proSe Illockfonl and Sir John were oadly Interfered with at the far turn had no
etianCo afterward
< < tOUln1I HAtETho Occidental 2WO handicap all tgeI on mile and a
iJ Curlonr
Iolt Hm < 3M orf 354 Start good Won rIdden OJt WInner ch 11 by flail
Ino8t Irlldlla OWMrA 1I0lmont TlmeI02
Indu Sluurl WII St 1 1 Fin Jockerl Op m Ci JI Sh
h403 Prl lIl1lln 1211 3 II l jTj Duan
811I laAtllr llobn tlI 0 3k 6131 2 Sottfr
8M DandtIon 112 21 21 2 11 Shilling
673 IIrtoM 112 I 4 f 4 45 Butler
SAA Tourenne loT I ft 2 3 ol s lkCHthy
0 e7aFarwt 10 7 II llIl > rt
I < f < Tony Joftro 11 Ltng
jMacllllan ran a grand race he plcke1 up titihavy Imjioit and fnrcM a font pac
all the way but wee ridden out to win Matter Holxrt dose1 vary itrong Dindellon
1 held nn vM
> ii Firm ilACHTSrMye roUi and upward sflllng PJO added onu mllfl and a
U04 aletnltt
Port time 411 ull ItS stllrl otl Won oIlIy Winner ch g by Prince of
tioirm ll < rm pun Oiyny T Wollh Ilm14i
Index aurtert VII Ht V r > 1 Fin Jockeys Op HI CI PI Sa
121 The SUlr W a Ii 141 I1 E Dugan
lilT Loot Htsjihop 101 2 31 81 3U2t4 IJutlfr
Siytor 104 I 2 t2 o 35 l4umter
ve 1A WooUraft 102 jb 10 t 45 Ynrke
f61 S a Wolf WL fl 6 r Not If r
I The Siulre mail a runiwa rtce of It we nexr It down IriI ftonhop olei
Iron avot dii l n wlrhWIrntt emIn billcr
Tinr SIXill llAfi Maiden twoy roldi Ewe i HiMnl flv and i hmf furlmigs
5U < jiMt time 4M off I i 4 II i > l Won rnsllr Wlnnor b f by 1IIIIr
KATtvim 0tner K Wllensr Tlme lOT
Indel Stirtfr VH tiC f Hj Fin Jckl On HI CI PI Sh
I 111 Wallflower 107 I I 1 7 P Noitur
I Jrtl > ti Mive no i i S 2 I 2 2 J Iff
S4t HffiiPlI Ills In S > VI4 t IInli
r X btc l7 I 71 1 4 I K Duiran
i Hirlem Mall 107 1 71y I il 5 111ltl h n
on OIWIB 110 5 i I 81 31 t1 Gilbert
aV ltasrPc 107 II pI 111 7tJ 7 McCarthy
fts tt FalMY BO 11 14 12 MI 444 MrlMnlol
kt UlllfillllUllI 110 I 15 13 9 PI1 Crevy
Kl Tutnl Ill 1 12 1 fI III Miller
Iteatre 111h7 l IB 11 u II t titIer
IrrXiMre h7 i tt J 13 t viirtln
> Ul < UK 107 II 12 to i 13 1itllfn
U7 Marlliu t01 II II III II XkCuhny
7 si2 IIU J 1 IL = aZJi2Ji IS 1 WlHlMLay = =
rTwiiTflowtr vrji never let down Dtl < < bo1 a ood rac fIndLII d nn
I r
r Ii t P
Hits at the Record of Nebras
kan Who Asked for a Few
Simple Words I
CINCINNATI 0 Sept HAsserthig
that Ms oftldal record his speech of ac
ceptance and subseriupnt utterances are
ample Indications of his own polItical
position Wllllam II Taft today replied
to Mr Bryan comment on the Room
eR letter published today by switch
ing the potllght of Inquiry back to Mr
Bryns own political record and mak
ing an analysis thereof This Is Mr
Tafts reply In part
In my notification speech and In
other speeches made since I attempted
to make clear my position on all the
Issues of the campaign Mr Bryan
should devote a little time to his own
lecord from which he seems to be
stru KlIng to separate hlmnelf with aU
the adroitness acciulied In a twelve
years hunt for an Issue on which he
can be Heeled President
The readings with which Mr liryan
In suicesMva Presidential campaign
loeulg pas e trom one paramount lsnue
to another shows that the chief con
sideration which has affected his selec
tlon of an bsue hat been Its plausibility
In attracting votes lIe presents t Vei
remarkable spectacle of one who has
been seeking the Presidency for tweh
years without success Mid without olll
clal ivsponilblllty and iithout the op
porlunlty to test the various proposi
tions which hu has advocated for re
forms and yet of having the event
demonstrate what a colossal failure he
would have made In each Instance had
he been permitted to carry his pro
posals III the nojlclos of the country
Mr Taft then arraigned Mr Brynn on
all his past and his present policies
and declared his Tafts platform and
record on nil live Issues were clear
R 11 PO A E
McElveen rf 0 0 0 0 0
Conroy Jb 0 0 2 2 0
Hemplilll cf 0 0 2 0 0
Laporte 2b 0 1 3 1 1
Morlarliy ll > n 1 12 1 0
ORourke If 0 2 0 1 0
Ball ss 1 0 1 0
Klelnow c 0 0 4 0 0
Lakep 0 1 0 3 1
Totals 1 B 24 13 2
McConnell 2b 0 1 2 2 1
Lord 3b 0 0 2 3 2
Speaker rtoo I 2 2 0 0
Gesslor rf 0 0 0 0 0
Stahl lb 1 2 10 2 0
Wagner ss 0 0 4 t 2
Cravath If 0 0 0 0 0
Donahue Coo 0 1 2 2 0
Steele P 0 1 5 2 0
Totals 2 j 27 15 B
Two Base Hit Donohue
Stolen lineiCanroy Htalil Take
GII Rlllr
Led on Bases Boston 7 Now tllrk
6 1
Base p on Hulls Off Lake 2 off
Steele 1
Sicrlftce Hits WtiRncr Ball Steelo
Double PI nys Wagner to Stihl Mor
larlty to Uiporte Steile uniSlMrd
Flrl Bus1 on Krrora Uoston 2 New
York 3
Wild Pit IiUko
Stectiti L Th Iventn rkL I
HO3TON Meam sept ItThe Mlish
lamlcrs openH A torles here thl aftir
noon Klberfeld deolded to put Luk In
aiinlnnt the 1Ilolns and Chnppelle
was trnttod out by the home team
The tianis ale in gooil naylns form
right now and the New orkers who
alvvayft put up a han tight litre vvrrn
nrlconietl by a lartri crowd It was a
good nttcmlnicc for a Monday
Kleitiovv vvrnt In bohlml the plate for
trip Hilltops while IKmolme Is on tho
log tor lIIo borne uttm
Southpaw Wiltse After a Weeks Rest
Starts Off Badly in Pitchers
Duel but Score Is Tied
in Eighth Inning
Brooklyn 30000000003
Giants 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 1 4
Highlanders 00 f 00000 0 1
Boston 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 2
Giants won from Brooklyn tills after
noon In the tenth Inning score I to 3
Seymour Aid the trick He made flve
hits Wlltse started off badly but set
tled down The peerless llucker was
knocked out ot the box
Much depends on thin game and the
Giants went at It In their old slambanj
style By winning today they Jump
forward The cubs do not nlay today
and the Giants propose to make merry
while the sun shines
The New York players were very Jubi
lant over Uie reports that Marquard
and Durham wouul be here on Wodnei
day It they are In condition McGraw
proposes to use them rljtbt nt the
start He Is verv desirous of saving
I Mathewson and Wllta u far is popsl
i hip for the games with Pit tebuf and
i Chicago
j First Inning
Burch opened the game by slamming
the ball over Brldwells head on a line
I to left for a base Lumluy paRed a
grounder to Herzos who tossed the ball
to Brldwell forcing Burch at lecond
i Hummell bounced one to Herzo who
i fumbled the ball and then threw poorly
to Brldwell both runner being safe
Jordan then slammed the ball Into rlrht
j Held seats for a home run scoring Lum
ley and Hummell ahead of him Alper
man was an easy victim on striken
McMillan singled to left but was forced
at second by Sheehan Brldwell to Her
Tennoy was thrown out by McMillan
I and Herzog lined out to Lumley Bres
nahan struck out NO RUNS
Second Inning
I Brldwell tossed nut Dunn And Uuek
er died on a bouncer Wiltse to Tenney
Seymour got Burchs high lly to can
Donlln struck out Seymour smashed
a twobigger Into right and took third
I AS McMillan threw Devlin out Me
Comtek retired the side with a line
ililve straight Into Sheenans hands
Third Inning
Wiltse threw ou > Lumley Donlln
took Hnmmells long fly on tin run
Jordan popped out to Brldwell XO
Brldwell wnlkd Wiltse hoisted an
easy llv to Uumlej Tennoy bounced
II lncli off HIP HP nf Ruckers fingers
SlId llrldwoll took second Brldwell I
was out stealing tilrd Dunn to Slue
hAn HIMZOB cracked a single Into cen
tre and Seymour tiiok third BreMia
Inn again struck out NO HUNS
Fourth Inning
Alpfrman struck out McMillan
beat but n neat bunt Sheehan lined
out to Seymour and McMillan died
stealing second Bresnahan to Her
Donlln lifted n high one to Lumley
Seymour swung a long drive Into con
tre foii three bases Devlin lifted a
short fly to Burch and the throw was
so accurate that Seymour stuck to
i third Me Milton then threw out Me
Cormlck N 0 RtNH
Fifth Inning
Dunn struck out and Rocker lipped
a weal fly to Wilts Burch wan out
Utltsp to Tenney NO RUNS
Itrldwell filed to Sheehan Alpermnn
tosVeil out Wlltse after tho ball had
bounded way from Rucker Alpermnn
also loispd out Tennoy NO RUNS
Sixth Inning
Iumlcy was thrown out by Herzoff
Hummel popped out to tlrldwell Jor
dan Illfd to Seymour NO RUNS
llerzotr was hit liy a pitched ball and
Hrosnuhaii gut HIP some dose Donlln
struck out lUring And lIrcAna linn
workrd n iliiiihlo deal Seymour agaIn
runnpcteil for A twobntwr to centre
I iuorliifi both llerzni and Bresnahan
llucker was taken out of the box and
Pnstorlus tmU his phcc Seymour
was out stealing tlilrn Dunn to
ShPChan Devlin vvnlked and took sec
ond on n pas pd lull Met ormick thou
to Jordan TWO RUNS
Seventh Inning
Alperman singled to right but was
I forced nt scroml on McMillan attempt
d sacrltlc Wlltse to Brldwell Shee
han walked but Dunn hit Into a double
pitY HerzoK tu Llrtet well to Penney NO
llrlilupll led off with n single to rlclit I
and took second 011 V t It mom xncrlflrp
Sheelmn to Ionian Tommy llleil to
i iinltv mid lleriog was out the Mine
wa 11 Ht s
Eighth Inning
llrrzrg made a great ply In throwIng
out Pastorlous McCormlck lost Butch
tIC In the cnn and It was sowl for two
has e luinley singled nul Burch tok
third Urldwell cot HummeUs groudder
andtosj Ijtrsoi la time t mnk
Giants 82 46 640 i
Chicago 83 51 619 I
Pittsburg 82 51 617 M
Tenney lb U 1 9 0 0
Herzog lib 2 1 l 5 1
Bresnahan c 2 0 S 1 0
Dunlin rf o o 1 o III
Seymour cf 0 5 3 0 o I
Devlin 3ti 0 U 1 1 OJ
McCormick If 0 U U 0 11
BrIdwell SB 0 1 5 4 O1
Wide p 0 0 1 4 0
Totals 4 8 30 15 j i
Burch of 0 1 2 0 0
Lumley rf 1 1 6 0 0
Hummell If 1 0 0 0 0
Jordan lb 0 2 la 0 0
Alperman 2b 1 1 U 2 0
McMillan si 0 2 0 I 0
Sheehan 3b IJ 0 4 1 0
Dunn 0 0 0 f 2 Oj
Rucker p 0 0 0 0 0
Pastorlus p 0 0 0 2 0
Totals 3 7 30 U 0
Hase Hlt8Oft Jlueker 5
first Base on Ballsftrt Wiltse 1 off
llScker 1 oft Pastorlom 3 i
First Base on Errors Hummel
Itft on BaseaOlants C Brooklyn 2 I
Struck OutBy Wlltsc 3 by Ruck 1
er 2 1
hustle HunJordn
Tnollaie HHStymoiir
Stolen BallJIHrzor 1 Bresnalun I
Iassert BullUunn j
Hit by PltcherHerzoB 2 Bresnahan I
out Lumley and Burch who tried < o j
score wa out at the plate Hftrzog to i
Brcsnnhan a neat double play NO
Hrisnalian walked and stole second
Donlin rolled out to Jordan unassisted
anil Bresnahan took third Seymour
promptly smashed a single Into centre
III fourth hit and Breinahan came
home with the tlelns run Seymour
took second as Pastorluj threw out
IDevlln McCormack died to Burch 1
Ninth Inning
Jordan Mnnled put flr at Alvsrinan
lit a safe Ten leaguer over short
and Jordan took second Devlin got
McMillans rounder touched third
orclne out Jordan and by a quick
throw iwllcd MoMtllan at first Shee
him rtnick flirt N0 RUNS
As New York went to the bench It
was fouiiil that Brldell had mirTerml a
sovcro splkn wound while trjtiiK to
cVitch Jordan napping at fcconJ JOT
ilans plkn cut a gash two Inches long
in the fleshy part of hH leg but he
ranlel > went to bat llrldwell vas
brown nut by McMillan Wiltse struck
out Tonney was out on a long fly to
Lumley NO HUNS
Tenth Inning
Dunn struck out Pastorhis popped
out to Tenney Burch also struck out
i lIeuo WAS hit by a pitched ball
Brosnahnn Rot a base on mils Both
runner advanced on Donllns snorltlce
PBrtorloitp to lordmi floymour mnibei
the first ball to the fence scorIng tier
zr > K and Hlnnlff the genie ONE lUN
At Jersey City
Provldeme fl 0 n ti 0 Ion IZ
Jersey t fly 0 0 Z n Z Z 0 II 6
Rtttrle01I7e and Pater < on Young
find Fitzgerald Ulntsires3tessr Staf
ford and Murray
At Baltimore I
Newark n Z o 1 i n
Ilaltlmori < 0 I 0 II I 0
HaltTl > V1M ant St nate Mc I
rinnkv and llfirne Implres Mei n
VnlkPr and Kellv
At Montreal
Rochester ft 0 0 J 0
Montreal 0 1 01 o
At Toronto
BuffaloItAflO l o ii i
Toronto 1 0 0 2 0 0 i S
Priscillian Shows a Good Turn
of Speed in the Occidental
Special to The Evening Wend
i4Augut llelmonls good threeywirold
1IInK Irliollllan Hill hai an unbroken
strln of victories Tuilay In the Occidental
Handicap he carried 120 pound gave away
weight In chunks to everything else In the
rao and stilt won ill the way This make
Prtscllllans hIts straight victory He went
wrong II a twnyearold hut ni a three
year olI he comes close tu being the licit of
tie am
Today Prlscllllan went to the front
at the Hue of the terrier carried the
field wide at the first turn and then
stood oft challenge of Dandelion Tony
Honero and Master Robert In turn to
win at the end under a mild drive
Ma ter Robert ran closer to the pace
than usuaL and still had all his finish
Ing powers enough at any rate to
come away from Dandelion easily In the
drive through the stretch
Firestone didnt run to his lust race
still nt the end was a close fourth The
result of the race was of considerable
Interest to the turfmen who followed
every Jump with Interest
Large Crowd at Tack
There was a noticeable Increane In at
tendance over that of She pBhead last
week Conditions were much more as
they should be and two or more per
Onl could look at and talk to eaoh
other without the fear of going to Jail I
Among the 2COO or so on hand were
many new facei not exactly new faces
but those who deserted the cans at
Bheepshtad They were hack on the
Job hoping that the oral betting would
give then a little chance for some Ju 1
dicious speculation
DistrictAttorney Rider was not on
hand but was said to be In Rochester I
for the convention Borough Inspector I
Flood aud Inspector OBrien wens on
hand They said there were no special I
orders Issued today but they were on
hand to see that the law Isnt violated
Anybody caught recording bets come I
under the head of the law violators
Tho IInkertons under Capt Thornhlll
were on hand too bet ai vigilant nt
ever Just before the nrft race the
crowd had Increased to something like
old time proportions Everything seemed
lively much u a race track ought to
DeMund Quit at Uiual
The first race was reduced by
scratches to six scratches DuMunil ran
to his reputation opening up a big gap
at the start only to quit In the last
fifty yards and be passed by Bar None
Berry Maid getting good again ran a
nice even race throughout getting the
third money Kxploslon ran as If short
and may do next time
Economy Wins the Chase
Caller and Water led were scratched
from the steepleonase leaving four to
go Economy won the nice from Slel
laand with Ramrod third After la
gnu Bev fell At the paddock Liverpool
there was little or < io contention Slel
bland ran n Rood race showing n
lot of weed In the eirlv part lout
Davidson hail his own troubles keeping
him straight He wanted to run out at
0 very lump and must haIl covered a
quarter of a mil more the n anything
fsc 41 the race
Fashion Plate Wins Stake
Pishlon Plate broke the trjck record
imds by PHase hut yiar by piiellfth
of A if ontl In winning the Flatlands
the twoyeirold feature of the cArd
Iishinn PHte led ill tin war but Just
bfforc he iTnched the < treloh turn he
vas Joined by Royal inptlve and here
It loked Iko the Intter would breeze In
Smith on rishlnn Plate haul a lot left
hovvvrr for when he let nut a wrap
Fnhlon Plae canoe away and At the
end vas onlv zilloplng ti win by fuur
lengths from lAwton lirziiis ulth
Roval Onptlve stopping very fact third
The Squire In Good Form
The Squire was the goods In the fifth
race nnd he won all the way Saylor
running a greatly Improved race was
second all the way nnlv to he nipped nt
the post by I < Jrr1 Sttinhope Woodcraft
ran far below his roal form unit Sea
Wolfs rare war positively despicable
Ii iai Ifrtcrr llrilrrril llnili to
Furl llrnnt
oItT HIAlfI s t tUnI
otHwnrt who tin hen iirulally 1
exle nt Fort Grant nlll not take the
nlnctymle ride as ordered by the
11 War Hemrtnient
lie u > fen ordered back to Von
Grant without taking the test and
will Ite for Fort Huwhjaca taJjy
President Swings Big Stick by Declar
ing for Governors Renomination
but Bosslets Sullen Show Re I
sentment in Convention I
Lack of Enthusiasm at Big Gathering and Only I I
Slim Cheering for Roosevelt and Hughes
I Hughes on the First Ballot
Is the Tip
From a Staff Correspondent of The Evening World j
I sand Milieu subdued Republican politicians assembled here this afternoon I
I and opened the first session of a State convention They are going to
I renominate for Governor Charles E Hughes whom exGov Black de i
I scribes as having more friends uiho hate him than any other man in tin 1
WHIr President Roosevelts 1 am for Hughes ringing in their ears
the delegates at 3 oclock this afternoon bowed before the Big Stick and
began their task of doing the will of the man at Oyster Bay
I There was a show of enthusiasm as the delegates filed into the
hall and the shouters filled the galleries while the band tried to enliven I
thingS with Onward Christian Soldiers and other tunes very much
like dirges but the bosslets who had been fighting Hughes and a few I
hours before the conventioned opeiuM had received a sudden swat and
orders to jump into line showed the etlects of the jolt
I There were still mutterings of war but few were doing any loud r
I talking Chairman Woodruff the leader of the rebels tried to be pleas
ant as lie called the convention to order and introduced Elihu Root as i
I the presiding officer but it was a doleful effort
The bomb that shattered their nerves had cpme as an official com
I munication from OysterBay at noon and read
l > rt > ldriit Hooacvpltx uncle sin nil I lie nnomtliin of the rr
noniliuitlon or Get hughes ua us sup 1 forth In un oillelnl state
ment jlvon oat at tine Kirrntlvr 1I111eI > N liiilny Tin sjtntiiiirnt
The President usia beoni ins nnniiiiiinlriitliin
so lti Secretary
Hoot mid Cnnsremmnn Cork III rrfiMvtiiT to Hit Oovernnrnhlp
Itnntlnn nnil linn nnlliorlMtl them In Mulf Hint while lie baR
un Inteutlou of llctntliiff yet to nil Mi friend who linre
pokn o htot en the mutter In Ino Mnji In the utronKent i10
Ihlr term Hint lu favored he reiiiiniinntlnn ot OV Knirhrsj
At Philadelphia >
Bowon 0 0 I 0 Z I 0 0
Phllndclphla 0 l 1 0 1 0 0 0 J 03
Uatturles Cliapp lle Anti nowcrmin <
McQulHon and Doolin tmplre Kmslle
At Washington
riilladflphln II 1 0 0 1 0000 01
I Washington 0 1 0 0 0 o n 0 i 1 12
BatteriesSalvo and Powers Koeley
I and Street Umpire Connolly
I Jliiladnlphla 0 1 0 0 1 1
v hngton 0 0 nO O 0
I Batteries Coombs nun Lapp Kellcy
and Street Umpire Connolly
I At Chicago
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