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The Evening World Daily Magazine Tuesday s September 15 1908 i
t I GIt Otl
tk 1gI111ehed D llr Execpt Sunday by the Prey PuWteWne Company N 0 i M U tt
Park Row Ne1 York
I ItrMar1Irl1UTZZPrrrutlldaun LAx7reaniRawnaar11Md111Ath + A
Entered at the rostOfuce nt New York as Second Claas Mall Matter
iubjcrlptlon Hate to The Evening For England and tho Continent Ian
world for the Unltea States All Countries In the Int rn tlon l <
nnd Canada Poital Union
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One Month 30 One Month u 11
VOLUME 40 NO 17102
The Ionsheralded political scare Is supposed to be here There li a
baking of heads and there Is an appeal for money Wall street pockets
become empty and plutocratic check books grow thin when an election
care Is on
t It there Is to be a genuine Bryan scare Ibis year It will have to be
r based upon tho terrors of long ago Mr Bryan and his party did frighten
a good many people lu 1S9G but many thins have happened since then
Not the least noteworthy of these Is the fact that te have had a Republican
s President who In office has been qulto as violent aa Mr Bryan ever was
cut of office He has made us familiar with disquiet and alarm Tor some i
years past we have breakfasted upon arbitrary deeds dined upon the men
Ace of revolution and supped upon favoritism i
It would hardly be worth while to go back many years for tho pur
pose of raining up the Bryan ghosts when the chance are that we should
be frightened out of our wits by the nearer and more horrifying shapes
> cf Rooseveltlsm A Bryan scare and a Roosevelt scare together would be
c J mure > than the country could stand this year I
Mr Uryan Is nut running fur tho Presidency ou the old Issues but Mr
Roosevelt has nn amiable Proxy In the Meltwho Indorses everything that
the present Executive has done the bad as well as the good and tho false
as well as the true 1 Mr Roosevelt Is the only President who evor Borl
coaly proposed to tho courts that the Judicial and executive departments
Join hands for the overthrow of the Legislature 2 lIe Is the only Presi
dent who ever said to Congress that If It passed certain laws ho would
Ignore them and that It It refused to pass other laws he would do as he
pleased anyhow 3 Ho Is the only President who ever made a practice
oC condemning people without trial or who ever denounced the courts for
upholding the law 4 Ho Is the only President who over sent for a Har >
rlman to raise campaign funds or who ever rewarded a Cortelyou with a
Cabinet office 5 He Is the only President who ever assumed to give
powerful men llho Gary and Prick of the Steel Trust permission to vlolatt
j law as they did when they took over the Tennessee Coal Iron and Hall
road Company
If wo are to have a political scare let It be based upon our detestation
ef wrong and violence and Injustice or every description and not upon ft
few manifestations of these evils
A correspondent of an esteemed contemporary complains bitterly of the
great post of agitation Contested elections the recounting of ballots
Insurance Investigations Inquiries Into the mismanagement of banks ani
trust companies the overhauling of Jerome and such matters certainly do
call for the expcndltur of considerable money Even tho administration
of justice In the courts is expensive But who shall say that the monej
I is waste
There Is a crusty conservatism In this new country which would main
some of the ancient Tories of England feel like radicals Where did U
come from 1 How did ft get here It Is always well satisfied with things
as they are The most that It can ever be persuaded to concede to progress
Is to admit that reform might be desirable If It were only worth the money
Once upon a time a representative of this class was moved by some
I mysterious dispensation of Providence to make a handsome contribution t
a worthy object The man who passed the subscription paper was telling
of his success I raised the money easily he said everybody was gen
y erous Jones gave 50 Smith 25 Robinson X20 and so on and even oil
Crow gave me 100 What do you think of that
The thing to think of conservatism when It runs Into mossbacklsm Is
this It defeats its own object It makes a laughing stock of Itself It
loses most of the pleasure of life It gets Itself hated It usually get
1 run over If by accident or mistake it ever does belle Itseff and perform
a noble deed It receives no credit
Agitation In worthy causes leads to truth and knowledge and Justice
and these things are worth more than all the money In the world
Asked In New York what he thought of the recent mobbing of the
t Duke of Connaught In Glasgow Kelr Hardle the English labor leader
laid I think it was necessary to call the attention of Government to
the neglect of the unemployed
This Is a phase of British politics itith
which Americans happily are
unfamiliar Mr Hardie Is not alone among conspicuous public men in that
kingdom In Justifying disorder Gladstone and Disraeli did the sam
when It was enlisted In their behalf
The British theory seems to be that when poor men have a grievance
the most eloquent expression that can be given to It Is to break all the
show windows In the Strand to noble
upset some lords carriage to cave
In the front door of some honorable members house or as In the Glasgow
case to hoot some member of the royal family
i In this country the press and Innumerable politicians may be depended
upon to voice the complaints of any element and no American Government
af in so Infatuated with Itself or so befogged In Its own stupidity and reserve
es to ask for an Incipient revolution before It gives heed to popular wronga
There Is not much more demagogy acre than there Is In England either
I Letters from the People
Tea InquIre of City Comptroller
To the Editor of The Evtnln World
Ia It true that the city li to bring
f water through ID aqueduct from Queens I
And fang bland to supply Brooklyn
just the same a the one that I i under I
construction from the Catikllli at prw
l tnt1 Also Is it true that the city his
contemned property for the tame TIt
so when Is work likely to tart on It 7
tai rut 10M itrttt X Y City
Undrurd KlulltiB
To tIt Crtlur c < Th Krnlnf World
Who li the author of Ourxra IXuT
Woman In the Inbwar
te UM tklttor ot Tlu Brnlu World I
Of all the mean patron of tha sob I
Ray woman are the mtastit They glv
aobody quarter On of them or two
tt ihm occupy eroH eats and place
s t r drM uJl owl is ttat tan Ii
a ±
no room tor others to get Into the seats
Do they shift the ultcate Not they
Its none of their business that other
passengers are Inconvenienced by their
parcels and packages Yet hear them
holler at the men host 0 0 M
Flnt Cltlxcn Papers
To the Editor ot The Evtnlaj world
I am fourteen year In this country
I was born In Ireland I never got 017
citizenship paper Would you state In
your valuable paper the bert way and
shortest time I can get them In
You must bt IjfMeen yean old to let
first iiperi and hen walt two year
For Cnilom Uonia lnpetor
To ha Editor of Tfc ErwslM World
Wblro can I prepare for ha azamlna
lion of Custom House lnip ctar and
whir can I obtain application blank
Adlran U fl Ctrl BtrrUM Cooaatt
titan ClMtcca hones tttjh t
And the Cat Came Back
By M de Zayas
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Mr Jarr Goes Home and Finds Mrs Jarr in a State of Mind
He Tries to Cheer Her but She Refuses to Be an Optimist a
By Roy L mcwurdeU
+ jRpELL how are you feel
Fr0 r W ing this evening
a asked Mr Jarr
Oh much you care said
frp Mrs Jarr dolefully
Would I nave asked If I
dldn care raId Mr Jarr
Oh 1 dont know said Mrs
hr w Jarr Its easy enough for you
sv to come home and ask me care
t 7ta lessly how I am but that j
f t doesnt mean anything
It means I asked any way
said Mr arr somewhat Indig
rr t Iwout nantly It I came In and didnt
ray a word then you might have somo occasion for
omplalnt Im not complaining I never complain iou can i
do as you line I have given up asking any ques
tions aId Mrs Jarr
dee you are In a nice cheerful state of mtndl
exclaimed M Jarr
I amI am In a decidedly cheerful state of mind
iald Mrs Jarr quickly But If you had been
through with what I have been through this clay you
would not be 1 i very easy for you to come home
from we o wnere every ming Is made easy for
you and you vent any cures or worries and start
n at me because you are In a bad humor about
1 never sala a wou except to ask you how you
were said Mr Jarr with commendaulr patience
And I said Much you care replied Mrs Jarr
LOW i you know I dont care 1 ak it again
said Mr Jarr
i dont say you dont and I dont say you do
raid Mrs Jarr All I know la that you cant trust a
man nowadays
catch you shout know about this man In the
time these Lays or any days said Mr Jnrr Weve
oeen married long enough Why talk to no as If I
were a total stranger
Huh said Mrs Jarr nlpnlflcantly ioure al
most a total stranger I seo very little of you Hut
If you are trying to plci > a quarrel with me wncn
you see Im all nervous and upset you can do so
but I wlsn you wouldn t for I have a te e head
Mrs Jarr really did not have a headache This Is
the first explanation of wives who are cranky with
out knowing why they arc
Im sorry you have a headache Shall I get you
something for lit asked the good Mr Jarr
Oh you neeuu put yourself to any liouior said
Mrs Jarr mournfully Ill ate cup o Ha soon
and then mayue II be all HMI and If I am not oh
well never mind
Children get ort to school all right 1 asked Mr
Jarr to change the subject >
Oh I suppose so said Mrs Jarr but I was
ashamed to sena tnem Trey haven n thing o
wear and how Im to get them school clothes nnd
school shoes do not know sure
were they glad to start to school again asked
Mr Jarr
No they were not said Mrs Jarr and the way
Willie carried on and Emma crying and frrtlriK so
Its no wonder Im nil upset I wish there was no
such thing as school
I Hut you wore wishing echool would begin again
because It would get the children out of your way for
a while every day suggested Mr Jarr
I never said anything of the kind said Mrs Jarr
Im sine they learn nothing these days at school
I except bad manners
I Im sorry they worry you said Mr Jarr Where
arc they now
A little girl next door has a birthday and after
I they came home they went there and havent come
hack yet
I Then they couldnt have been much trouble to you
today said air Jarr
I Mrs Jarr gave him a look as It to Imply that he
i didnt know what he was talking about Maybe you
dont know the girl Is going to leave she asked
I Oh thats whats the matter Is It1 asked Mr
1 Jarr
Oh It doesnt mako any difference to me said
Mrs Jarr Its just one of the things one has to
Well tomorrow Is another day and you can get
another grl and the children will get used to going
to school and your headache will pass away said
Mr Jarr patting her on the back Come be an
i You dont have the worry of It said Mrs Jam r
I anil its easy enonsh to talk
Just then Mrs Kaiigle called her up on the tele
I phone and told her that her new dressmaker had
rtilimi a dress for her
hid you over hear a woman who fussed and com
plained about every little thing like she does said
Mrs Jarr as she came away from the telephone
j WLt would you do If you had a peevish wife like
A Story With Quick Action caw Bv George Hopi
tfl 74 3
t G rH 1 s
I iri
hl 1
I r
I2 c B
oax e < 3 iie 11
rLrLJXTjvvxixfinfW ii ii u urwM i > y
By Nixola GreeleySmith It
No VIII Was Kept Late at the Office
ANY persona have pondered the question 11 to whT
M Evo nto tho apple It doeant seem to have occrurrM t t
+ l to any one tint It was to provide her husband with
a decent excuse for staying away from her
For until man was compelled to earn his thing br iAs
sweat of his brow he had no office And until an ofrla WM
grantid him he had no apology for reniaJnlng away from
home that a selfrespecting wife could accept With ttw
Institution the working day clime his emancipation HcfW
over Onco penndUixl to wander from his own nrNldo IK
was able to oxorclse all the Ingenious resource of hid
drain to delay the hour of hU return Now dale he quiF
rel with the hour In which his favorite fiction WU bornf
1 woo kept late at the olhce liven the lelcphon no
longer believes it Yot how confidently ho murmur
Into tho helpless mouthpltva
He knows It lint BO She knows It blamed for the telllnc of thto hk
lent to Moreover hs ii perfectly favorite fairy tale There are wives
aware of her Incredulity And Just as men contend to whom It Is Impossible 5
utterly undeterred by it to lull the front And they are amply
The fatality which upsets her to call Justified In saying so S
hbi up at 4 oclock only to learn from j One cannot blame severely a husband
the office boy that he has gone for the who tells a narrates untruth rather
day and which does not add to the i than submit to the wifely third di
plausibility ot the tale of extra work t Tree which some mortals have to mt
he telephone at 7 does not worry I every evening after they go horn
him either Why should
It Just lot
loll Where have
I you been What kept
him catch het catching him In u lie and
you With whom
did you lunch
hell assume a three days attitude of I
Then what did
you dJ1 ic
righteous Indignation diminishing gradually
It la far butler to wait
and let Mm
ually Into lofty
forgiveness that will bring fort llttlo excuse primed
make her sigh for the amiable Amuilasi and nicely tended of hla own accord
she know of yore and be dul
duly grateful
gmllCul1 furthermore It Is likely to contain
when she gets him back
i more truth than all the
damaging ad
Yet the husband Is not always to bJ I
missions that be
wrung frum him
1i I I I
Reflections of a Bccheior I Cirl I
By Helen Rowland
X XXXioi X <
0 a man the most fascinating woman in the world U
TO the one whom he i
has almost but not quite kissed
A man Is never so doubtful about
whether or not a
woman will reciprocate his love a > he li about whether or
not he ivanti her to
A woman never has a charitable
> thought for one of hr
husbands old sweethearts but a
man always has a tender
fellow fecltng for all the
who so
nirronly escaped fill
i own fate
f Mlchaol Aneclo In his most In
never ft
us the thrill of triumph nor acted half so haughty ai the Ifiu
band who has just
painting the piazza rocker
A modest woman knows that it Is often not her accursed
e1cLar4BNt Nn beauty but Ler accursed plafjuot that makes men share
after her 80 interestedly
A man can persuade a woman to do almost
think ho thinks she anything It he can only make tor
Real love may make a husband
devote and attentive but
times Just as err real fear Is oroe
etfctto II in thai dlrectlun
A little nagging Is a dangerous thing
r Cos Cob Nature Notes r
EOILE around here b
I are beginning
to worry about flying
have been pushed machlncs IS
oCt the
road by the
I II stopped with dust liS Omar automobiles and our mouths
says until wc arc all sore
11 new nuisance It Is and now conies
possible ot
CourE to keep out ot the
automobile It you arc quid way ot 1t1
spryer than formerly In consequence enough and wo halo all become a bit
Bill Peck
changes M
crosses tho street But being his salt when ho
spry n Ill be of W
no use with t1
having a fat man like Charles A vl flying machln Fancy
Moore como nnnn
i slim such one like It Jy Walsh drop < lawn tho flopping through the skylight or 11 I
lows as he sldes or laving Johnny chimney scrapIng oCt the swat
u r hri rsi Tyson ta1ee ore the root wIth an Isotta
glider The future looks air
SSI arrJS pretty gloom for us folks who have
wIth rich
a mania for hutting Into something neighbors
With the help of M Ilcpubllcan delegates
I the Hon
eluded to remain our Permanent Selectman James F Walsh has con
I anything else where a handy man Is needed Hut lit delegates Judge State Senator and
i the effort to take him from us A man named John eale sympathized with
i face the aulpliuroull Cannons mouth In Wuhlngton Quincy unless rllson will have to
wallop him Democrat
The Republicans are beginning to rehearse the
I beglnninRehear pleasant song which begIn I
We lave the Hectic User >
President Mellon has just completec some Important Irnnrmm
Cob depot The planking between tho tracks where improvements lit the Cos
to walk has been passcnngers are not allowed
renewed and a big splinter h
has neon CUt out ot i
attention ° the
ho are all grateful for the attention platforms
On Sundays the nutoroblles scoot past on the
post road
minute from nine A M to seven P M This tho rate of one a
makes sIx hundred
day We figure that oachha an average value at SJVJ which going by In ono
ent to would bo equlval
having JlSOOMO worth of machines going iT
through r
our midst
We have had every SUnday >
a good deal of morn latey and this haDOMtd
spollcd tho
cant be speared when the moon Is sling Eels
spear rs lure h
with lanterns them from the
depth terns so that on bright nights there Is nothIng doing
The Temporary Selectmen who Iway take an Interest
fore town election have covered the sidewalk to the station with Co Cob Just be
The citizens ore expected to pack It down with their feet crushed stone
Assistant Secretary of the CII Franklin Clarkin
City Club In Now York refuses S
cs to
feet and walks out In the road That Is the way with help es with Ills
want smooth going MujrwumM They always
A Divorce Citys Woes
By George Fitch
S a matter of fact Sioux Falls is 1 < 1
pretty tired of tho divorce
I business anyway There was a time when It
1 was the pride
of the
city and practically the only money seen In that windswept
l cads brought there by dlvorsays with rrekled pan and spangled on
futures They were welcome then They made thing howl and
Sioux Falls being glad of the noise wasnt particular about the
a tune But the
city has grown up In the past few years There are other buildings
now taller
than the Cataract Hotel says George Tltch In the American Magazine There
are citizens richer than the dlvorsays who have automobile of their own nnd
who spend money which Isnt BO odorous There are other ways of
getting rlcn
i and other slcWs more Instructive than naughty fragments of busted famlllei
I The dlvorsay Is Mill tight and diversion
a a but he U also a nuisance Strangers
I Insist upon finding out all about him Instead of learning the more peimanent
1 reeourccj of the great northland Embarrassing mistakes are made and dli
I agreeable jokes are related with gusto by careless visitors It Is irritating U
the iSloux Falls promoter who wants to tell his customer all about the wen
milliondollar packing house the great water power and the Inexhaustible quar
ries of pink granite from which all Sioux Fall Is built to have to stop and ex
I plain Hint the nicelooking woman across the street Is not a dlvorsay from thY
I East but his own daughter and that he himself linn never been divorced No
sir Not once These things flll Sioux Fall with the same kind of humtlatoul
that the rich man feels when some one alludes to the beautiful pawnshop tiff
I which was once his pride before he graduated Into banking
i r Little Items of Big Interest r I
Dean Russell of the University of
i Wisconsin has selected Mrs Scott Du
rand to lead the movement for effect
Ing pure milk legislation
The deepening and lengthening of the
Annliquam River has made an Island
out of Cap Cod
It ta said that the UMof an oil or
IU engtn on the farm result In a
saying ot from 20 to M per cjnt u
compared with norm
a a a
MMM r M ti ttrof1111og
+ Ii ktda t
In Holland than almost anywhere else
because there are so few dtlei In
which Dutch Ie understood
England owns 60 per cent of the
mileage of submarine ciblw the
United State coming next with U per
cent and Franc next with I per cent
The annual amount paid In Interest
to depositors In Australian Government
bank In IKWUflT was 15 8101 against
1t3b In UOMSC3
Th OoTOrpor ot CaU f1IO
1MU4 A8I a hill MAt aca

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