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1 s J r r
The Evening World Daily Magazine Tuesday September 15 90S u
Jack Strarw I
Is John Drew
With a Smile On at
IUOPICION that John Drew and Jack Straw are brother In the truest
A MUM of humor grew Into a bUf M the three act of W Somerset MAU
Ibani Uht comedy passed gaily by at the Emplr Theatre last night
W 0 ft n bur of an actor embracing a part but we seldom set the part
yvttinf lu arm over the ihouldcr of the actor and giving him a brotherly slap
B tIM back yt there at the Empire this rare this cheerful sight mt the
eml flrat ITo
Bl flntnlrht er
To put the matter in familiar terms
Drew was u Jack su Straw This
really tell the whol story of a capital
performance even though It may not
explain where Mr Drew ha been hiding
Mr smile all the year Jack Straw
Is Mr Drew with his smile onI smile
that flaahu from hit wayward aye like
1 ar radium from the airship gun at the
Hippodrome and that lend the corner
7 of his mouth on a grinning holiday As
usual Mr Drew is misunderstood but
this time he doeint take It seriously
The tragedy of iteming wrong when h
Is right no longer saddens him Walter
1 or archduke Its all the lAm to him 10
0 long u the fun of the thing keeps up
And Mill Rot Coghlan was then In
all her glory tat night to see that the
fun did keep up It wu a joy to see
Q her and Mr Drew renewing their Daly
iet youth she u a vulgarian who was so
rich hit she could afford to drop her
b hi u a waiter who tumid arch
I nut oe duke by taking off his fall whiskers
and putting on evening clothe When
G she took him In only to find him out u
eviTN rOil
she supposed Miss Coghlan was quit
right In saying that It was enough to
pap make her false curls turn gray
But Mr Drew who hats a tidy habit
John Urw as Jack Straw of keeping his years In a bandbox
grew steadily younger once he had
thrown his whiskers to the winds He
1 r may not have been a handsome waiter but hi certainly was a young and alto
gether amiable archduke
J The audience of course wasnt deceived for an Inrtant John Drew a
walter It knew better Couldnt It see that he had better manner than any
of the other people In the Orand Babylon hotel This to be sure li often true
of waiters but where Is there a waiter who could take an order or a tip u
John Drew takes one Mr Drew took
tIp and abuse as a matter of course
for half an act he was a thoroughly
trained waiter you went
Then the comedy worm In Mr Mau
ghams play turned Mrs Parker Jen
nings rich but raw went too far when
she humiliated Lady Wanleys little oJU
friend flosle Abbott
Ambrose Holland who was with Lady
Wanley saw through the waiter
whiskers and recognized his old friend
Jock Straw Revenge cried out In Lady o
Manley and Jack Straw was the an
swer Why not make the vulgar rich
itlll more ridiculous by Introducing I
Jack Straw as s nobleman After tak 1
ing a second look it pretty Ethel Jen
nings the willing waiter was more than
willing 11
And there was your playa light but I
tntertalnlng little affair Ethel played
only a small part In It The fireworks
were all In the hands of her ambitious I
mother and the obliging nobleman To
how him off Mrs Parker Jennings
gave a garden party to which the whole
countryside was asked Imagine her
horror when she discovered through yI I
Jack Straw Interfering friends that phi I
she had turned a waiter Into t lion
You cannot Imagine It unless you saw
Rose Coghlan as Mrs Parker Jen
Miss Coghlan In the fullness of her
grief and the white heat of her wrath nlres
Ehe overdid and overdressed the part at
times but she was never vulgar without being Immensely tunny
OJ Mr Draw too made too much noise IP answering the Imperfect ladys
a threats of arrest by drawing a picture of the ridiculous figure she would cut In
the newspapers If the story got out He may have raised his voice In the hope
of lifting a comparatively poor last ac amt of Its dull monotony but he only
ucceeded In throwing himself out of gc Ills last chance was a little scene
In which he proposed to Ethel with
another suitor standing by This irene
which seemed to make a jest of love contained the true essence of the audacious
character and Mr Drew got the very last drop out of it
The other chap took nls medicine cheerfully and Frank Goldsmith summed
up his lost case In a very neat bit of acting lIss Mary Boland as Ethel was
pretty enough for any archdul but she seemed almost overwhelmed at finding
herself John Drews leading woman Miss Co hlan wasnt a bit afraid of Mr
Drew and lie seemed to like her all the better for it With them It was a battle
of artists
In Jack Straw Mr Drew scores the happiest success of his career but tho I
play does not justify Londons great ado over Maugham
Clarence the Cop e ec By C W Kaliles
1Wb d
THC N fW Cueline
tvVl4tH1 ry
I t Vincent 5u2i On courtship and t j
eA Party Initiation
Hu B tt7l
Ail 1MMlI and like a young man
I of twenty HI hu eked me to go i
out with him several times and I
never vent because my parents dont
aiow me to go with any young men
He ha also ask j me to go with him to
a party In November I told him I
would go Would you kindly teU me
If 1 ought to go with him or not D
If you secure your parents permlnlon
It Is perfectly proper to go with the
young man Why dont you maJte a
party of four for the party In November
conaattng of you and tome girl friend
a man friend at hens and this young
man I llilnk your mother will give uer i
content If you do not go with him alone
cA Lonely Boy
Dear Betty
Ail a boy of sixteen and stay with
Ito my father In business this has
made me frl end I M I would like
to join some club to get acquainted with I i
some boys and girls of my age Can I
you help me J D
If you join a church the pastor will
Introduce you to some nice boy and
girls of your own age If you let him
know of your friendless condition
There are various settlement oluft
moment CHY4 mt a ohuioe
talk to me PhIL
Certainly The season has been un
usually gay and the opera most stupidly
brilliant stocks continue to fluctuate
another old woman was tossed and
gored by a man motor this morning
More time Allx With
pleasure Mrs Vandennlng has bought
a thirdrate castle In Wales the Pana
ma Canal
But It wa over at last a flurry of
sweeping skirts ranks of black and
white In escort to the passage of tho
fluttering silken procession
Ooodby she said I tm not
staying for the dance
Ooodby he said pleasantly I
wish you better fortune for the future
Im sorry I was rough
lie was not staying either A dull ex
citement possessed him resembling sus
pense u though he were awaiting a de
nouement ai though there was yet
some crisis to come
Several men leaned rorward to talk to
him he heard without heeding replied
at hazard lighted his cigar with thou
others and leaned back his coffee before
fore hima smiling attractive young
fellow apparently In lazy enjoyment of
the time and place and without one
cue In the world he found 10 pleasant
For a while his mind seemed to be
absolutely blank voices were voices
only he saw lights and figures mov
Ini through a void Then reality took
shape sharply and his pulses began
again hammering out the Irregular
measure of suspense thouch whAt It
was that he wn nwaltlnit what ex
jpoUn IIitriQ alan knew ro i
throughout the city which wciuM gladly
welcome t nice boy to their midst The
Settlement Club headquarters are at No
U Rlvlngton street where Information
can be obtained
A Fickle Young Man
Dtir Batty 1
KEPT company with a girt for two
1 and a half years About six months
ago I ttoppel keeping company
with this young lady to go with an
other girl I am beginning to find out
my mlBtike M I like the first one now
How can I regain the old love T L T
You ue evidently fickle and I doubt
And after a while he found himself
In the ballroom
Tbe younger set wa arriving he I
recognized several youthful people
friend of Eileen Erroll and taking
his bearings among these bright fresh I
faces amid this animated throng constantly I
tantly Increased by the arrival of
others he started to find his hostess
now lost to sight in the breezy circle 1
of silk and lace letting In from the
He heard names announced which
meant nothing to him which stirred
no memory names whloh sounded
vaguely familiar names which caused
him to turn Quicklybut seldom were
the faces oa familiar as the names
He said to a girl behind whose chair
he was standing All the younger
brothers and sisters are coming hereto
to confound me I heir a Miss Innis
announced but It turns out to be her
younger sister
By the way do you know my
name she asked
No he said frankly do you know
Of course I do I listened breath
lejsly when somebody presented you
wholesale at your sisters the other I
day Im Uosanrund Kane you might
u well be Instructed because youre
to take me In at the urcMles next I
Thursday night I believe
Kofamund Kane he replld coolly I
I wonder how nee nvolded each
other 10 consistently this wlmerr I
never before had n gnoj view of you J
though I heard you talking to yotimc i
Innl at dlnfter Andyet ha aildeil I
smiling If I hail been Initrtict to j
look arounj and select < uiueb dy j
If your first love will trust you again
The only way to regain her affection
t j to render your attention to her and
drop the second girl
He Wants Her ctiddrcss
Pear Ifettyi
Ail twentyone and love very much
I a young ladv about one year my
Junior Last Tuesday she went tc
the country Can you advise me how
to secure her address as I wish tc
communicate with her MAC
Call upon her parents as a friend
and ask them tor the udtlrasa of the
young lady
Readin Ritiri and Rithmetic A JJ By u Pop
lur s e
PoP r9 I
° 1
r THE OLD BOY What1 the matter
ALGY Wuz you promoted Jimmy r with our brother
THE TERROR Courae notl Im THE KIDAh were twins an he
ao popular dey ran ma In for t ceo wu kept after school terday by mis
ond term I
take ter me
Jr ± A ± v
A Leap Year Pun Mean Thing
U EWould you like to take a spin OLLYThu second time I saw him
WILLIE JONES absently At de beginning of de battle Gen Braddock
HE with me on the bridle pith 1 was engaged to him
jj jl SheChurch or park Yonker wtiz hit by a pitched ball an took his base but the redskins rallied In de I DaIsyWhat oaused the delay
Statesman ninth an Washington had all he could do ter save de gamel Kansas City Journal
named Rosamund I certainly should
have deoded on you
A compliment he asked slang
her delicate eyebrows
Ask yourself he al
I do and I get snubbed
And imlllng still he said Do you 1
know the moM mischievous air that
Schubert ever worried us with 1
Rosamund she said and
thank you Captain Selwyn She had
colored to the hair
Rosamund he nodded carelessly
the most mischievous of melodies
He stopped short then coolly resumed
That mischievous quality Is largely
a matter of accident I fancy Schuhprt
never meant that Rosamund should
Interfere with anybodys business
Andwhen did you first encounter
the malice in Rosamund Captain
Selwyn she asked with perfect self
lie did not answer Immediately his
smile had died out Then The flst
time I really understood Posamund
was when I heard llo amund during a
very delightful dinner
She sold If a woman keeps at a
man long enough shell extract romp I
ments or yawns And IooklK up at n
chlnlMs young man who had halted
near her George Cap Selwyn has
acquired such n charming Oriental flu
envy during hid renUlinoe In he Eat
that I thought If you i > v > desire I to
travel again She si urucil arid
lancing at S lwyn Mn you met
my husband Oh of cnnr i
They exchanged a clIn nplnf nr
two then oilier people eeparttel them
wtilniut rtslftantv > n hI art tad
4lArn found hliiualf drifting mlidlyl
I stUsr rfcrrtf rrC r 1 iTiXXjrj r r r
TT fl fT > H H < fO A
The Elder faster I
U And Her Tricks f
I Ly Lilian Bell j
N F 0 n T U This of course take Its first form lit
17 r N U NATKLy It I an appeal to mother because mother
1 too o f ten utidorrtUnds Father doesnt He pour
1 1 1 happens that the i fond soul ofterf finds himself wtshlU
1 beauty whloh that tho children would not marry r t
1 1 4 would sit KJ well all or at least for a very Ions tlm
t rMtr = t upon the elder dee because Il b such n sweet picture to HlJ
l c ter pajisej her by devoted eye to see the young faces
I s and alights with ffroupeJ around the table and to hear
w i all Its light and liar fresh young voices making tiu lo
t v 1 bloom upon No 2 In the house
pN > Th J Is hard
a1 fin father would do nothing to adjust
Ji enough to heart
a Mate of things which he never under
but Is preferable to
stood any way
the i lie o t a c Ie
i But motherl Mother knows
it r u ahlohone frequently
arr1A M likely as not she had to go through
uuX quently sfei of s
Irle with the same experience when he was
nock of plain girls
a girl She knows that each one of her
while the only brother has long eye
skin like girls must marry or else work for her
laahes limpid melting eyes a
oh heavens how llv ng at some trade She doesnt stop to
a peach niiilheavens 1
think that marriage Is often the hardest
can we bear 117 hair which curl natu
undertrade a woman can work at and frequently
rally That 1 grant you comes under
quently with the least pay
the head of real calamities
However whether the elder sister is So mother Interferes and ha a talk
plain or beautiful If she remain too with the younger girls She point nut
long upon the parent item she Is to them that until the elder sister has
obliged to contend at last with one en had her chance they the younger
emy which women of every age dread ones must keep out of sight Of the pray
and that li the woman of more youth belns hunted lest they interfere with
Youth Is Ube one dread foe which van sisters chances
quiMiuH the most valiant spirit Frequently
Then dresses already short are mad
quently the woman armed with It lacks
shorter to carry out the Idea of mot
contour purity of feature and soul yet I
youthfulness than Is natural hair U
she capture every oup offered by the
forbidden to be done up and every
sheer exuberance and freshness of her
thing Is done to keep the field clear
abounding youthful charm
Uttween sisters that breeds trouble Youd better submit you little girls
when this h being done for If don
The elder having held precedence 10 you dont
accept amicably youll be In of
long naturally hat her eye on all usurp Singer
on of hr superiority and when die beIng packed off to boarding school
sees the eyes of her own admirers wan where you cant Interfere with the
Jcrlng wistfully to the corner whem I game being played In every family In
little sister with her roguish eyes and this broad land of ourstn game of
tumbling curls sits drawing attentions catching a husband so that our womw
wont have to work
which should by right be hers she i
naturally takes steps to perpetuate her An odd thing life i
I own hard won supremacy I Iln > t ltf
I t May Manton s Daily Fashions J
HIS simple ono
THIS c e kimono
can be mad a I =
with only centre back
ahd underarm seams
If out from wide ma i1
terial but If out from
narrower It more eco
nomical made with I s
seams over the ioul Ill yI D
I den In either CAse 1 t i
It falls In long and I 11 ll 1
graceful lines and involves I O
volves very little la a
bor while It Is adapted a I I
ed to a very great
variety of materials
In the Ulu tratlon II
pretty flfrured cotton h f1
crepe Is trimmed with I
ribbon banding
Th e quantity of ma
terial required for the I Iy
medium In Is for 1 I
the long kimono
without seams 8 Jl iI I I j
yards 24 8 14 yards i I l
82 or M Inches wide I pt
with spams T yards J II
24 6 84 yard 3J or
I 14 yards 44 Inches ii 11 P
wide S 8S yards of I
I al
ribbon 2 14 yards of I
lace to trim ns Illui I I II 1 y I
trnted For the short U s
kimono will be needed I t
118 yards 21 or 32 or r I I U 4 I
1 14 yard 44 Inches tl
wide I I
Ilittirn No OOS4 t l
Is out In three sizes t I
t t
small 32 or 31 nwdl
utn1 + i 13 large 40 or
42 Inches bust measure Long or Short KimonoPattern No 6084
i Call or send by mall to THE EVENING WORLD MAY MAN
i to TON FASHION BUREAU No 1S2 East Twentythird street Ntw
Obtain York fend 10 cents In coin or stamps for each pattern rderl4 I 1
i l These IMPORT ANTWrite your name and address plulal and al
Jtllfrnt ways specify Mile wanted I
> m4 s < i < fWN < M O Q O a N4 W lOvhK t m MM ± te 1
v i < i Y Sd 1 ADOmm V > E D4 N dX tt mQ df 4 DvrJf t DdbA > 0 > > M H NMM v 4 > ±
9 Revelation lob rt W Chambers
N fi ew VorR Society of t THE YOUNGER SET r By Author oi l1ghtinll J he li IrlllJ Chance talus sad A s
v V
Ooprrlfht 1WT br Robert W Chamber
Opt Philip Selwyn whoa wf Ax had
divorced him to marry Jack Ruthen reo
turns to Sew York to visit his attar nd
brothertnlaw lit and Mrs Austin Gerard
The family conrtiti at a wand Eileen EY
roll sad four children Selnyn has left the
wmy Ctpt Selwyn and Eileen ride to
gether and pees the captains former wife
Allzt Eileen Is inxlous to ask Selwyn
about Allxe but darN not Eileens brother
Gerald Erroll meets Seluyn The latter en
deavors to make the boy visit his sister of
tener and to dv < up gambling Belwyn and
his former wU meat frequently In society
At a dinner party they are accidentally
Med nut each other and converts In order
U avoid ridicule
j Continued
S Under the Ashes
I M i NYTJUNa bltteras long as
ANYIUINO your voice and
features Try to untie at me
when you peak Philip
All right I have no reason to be
bitter anyway he said and every
rlon to be otherwise
nat la not true You tell me that
I have ruined your career In the army
1 did not know I was doing It Can
you believe m r
And as he made no response I did
hot dream you would have to resign
Do you believe me
There Is nb choice he said coldly
Drop the subjectl
That Is brutal I never thought
The forced a unite and drew her glass
toward her The strawtinted wine
lopped over and frothed on the white
utn of her arm
lWeal she breathed this ghastly
Iaw Ass aeaa2Y eatdel I
O 4
He nodded pleasantly
AndPhll bit tremuloua
I What
i Was It all my fault I mean hi the
beginning Ive wanted to ask you that
to know your view of It Wai It f
i No It Will mine most of It
Not alnot half We did not know
how that Is the wretched explanation
of It all
And we could never haye learned
Cuts the ret of the answer But the
fault Is not there
I know better to bear the Ills we
Yes more respectable to bear them
Lot us drop this In decency name
After a silence she began One
more thing I must know It and I am
going to ask youIf I may Shall If
lie smiled cordially and she laughed
as though confiding a delightful bit of
news to him
Do you regard me as lufflclently Im
portant to dislike rrre
I do notdlslike you
Is It stronger than dislike Phil
Contempt 1
What Is Itr
It Is thatI have not yetbecome
To myfolly
To mine
She strove to laugh lightly and fall
ing raised her glass to her lips again
Now you know he said pitching
his tones still lower I am glad after
all that we hive had this plain under
standing I have never felt unkindly
toward you I cant What you did I
lalabl Acv rnII u4 J1uwa
enough but I cannot help It now nor
can you If you would I
If I would she repated gayly for
the people opposite wen staring
We are done for he said nodding
carelessly to a servant to refill his
glass and I abide by conditions be
cause I choose to not he added con
temptuously because a complacent
law has tethered you toto the thing
that has crawled up on your knees to
have Its ear rubbed
The level Insult to her husband
stunned her ihe sat there upright
the white smile stamped on her stiff
ened lips finger tightening about the
stem of her wineglass
He began to toss bread crumbs to
the scarlet fish laughing to himself In
an ugly way I wish to punish you
Why Allxe only look at hlml Look
at his gold wristlets listen to his sim
per his lisp Little glrloh little girl
what have you done to yourself for
you have done nothing to me child
that can match It In sheer atrocity
Her color was slow In returning
Philip she said unsteadily I
dont think I can stand this
Yes you can
I am too close to the wall I
Talk to Scott Innis Take him away
from Rosamund Kane that will tlda
you over Or feral those fool fish like
thlsl Look how they rush and flap
and spatter Thats amusing Isnt It
for people with the Intellects of cana I
ries Will you please try to
say something Mrs T West Js ex I
hibiting the restless symptom of a
hen turkey at sundown and well all
go Ie roost In another minute i
Dont shiver that way
ocant aoatrol ItJ 1 wW la a I
Iritarwlad In tin vapid xotvang of
civilities whloh cost nobody a mental
Ills sister he had Once thought was
certainly the most delightfully youth
ful matron In Nen York But now he
I made an exception of Mrs Fane
Husam und Fane was much younger
must have been younger for she mill
had something of that volatile fresv
ness that vague atmosphere at Imma
turity clinging to her like a perfume
almost too delicate to detect And
under that the must profound capacty
tr mischief he had ever known of
sauntering amiably amid the glittering
groups continually forming and disin
tegrating under the clustered lights he
I finally succeeded In rescuing hIs host
I ess And Mrs T West Minster disengaged
Herself from the throng with Intentlun
ai he approached
oand he was sorry and It was
very amiable of his hostess to want
I him but he was not remaining for the
I Je mnccu mon nlsbut you note I
like a perfect dear she sail JAW
culpa mea culpa and can you forle
a very much mortified old lady who Is
really and truly I nd of you 7
Ha laughed holding her fat ringed
hands In bo li of his with all the D j
tractve dcferrno that explained his
popularity Hiding t xeton had sent
he color Into hU fare and cleared his
< rn grand ey > and h lokoil vary
yiim and handsome his broad snul
rrs bent a trlrle before the eimmelKM
end tij < ate 11101 matron I
IoMde you IK re > ateil with a
laugh f proto on the cuntrary II
thank you Mrs Ruthv U one 9t
the most charming women I know If
that U what you meant
Looking after him as he mad his
way toward the cloak room The boy
Is thoroushbied she reflected cynl
rally end the only amusement any
body can get out of It will be at my
expense samund Is a perfect cat
lie had sent for his cab which no
doubt was III line somewhere wedged
among the ranks of carriages tretcli
Ing east and west along the snowy
street and he stood on the thick rrlm
son carpet under tit awning while It
sons belnt summoned A few jwopla
like hnisei f were not staying for the
dance others who hail dined by pr 1
arrangement with otlur hostessea had
now begun to arriM and the confusion
Srew IU coach and brougham anti
motor cam swaying up through limo
falllns snow to deposit their Jewelled
WSOIM of silks and laces under the
I vast awning picketed by policemen and
and t
lined wth furswathed grouse
apindle legged chauffeurs In coats uf
The Cornelius Suytnm emerging
from tile house oBeiiJ Selwyn ton
neau room but ho enl mgly de lied
having a mind for solitude tmd the
lenox Club A phalanx of ilobutanMi
opera bound else tft Then the tide
art heavily the other wnv atI there
wmvl no end to the Hn nf arriving
ic cliM and goers ul h heard a
ninn pronounced II poll man warned
1 f k an arpriuon ng Fat and 6 lwn 4
ne M HIVII mclop il n white
turo step from the portal I
To Da Continued
a J

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