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0 I V k v r v may o w a T wvv n f aeesrsens 1 If
I Pour Hundred Men Assemble
in New York to Forestall
4 Prohibition Movement
rafts troaorad brawny brewery work
the who really run the brew
lit the countryhava foreiath
eM 4 ta thus eltr from avery quarter of
till Union They art lOin to tackle the
prohibition question and perhaps fret
HUM sad foam over It
Thar have two weeks In which to
flak It over for they remain In the
ajatropolia for that period 10 they at
trust must consider the prohibition
HorMMnt of tom Importance They
am to New York to discuss the puss
i d Nail Tori bslns to their mind a
tally antiprohibition city and State
4 Shay gad comfort hers
TtM visitors present the delegates to
I till aeventMoth annual convention of
the International Union of the United
Brewer Workmen and they are con
retting regularly twice a day In Labor
Tempi In East Eightyfourth street
Many of the delegates are accompanied
by their wires and thou that come
flea dlataat dtle are taking a keen
wtareet la the sights of the metropolis
Brawtry worker are big fellows phyi
laally u a rule and the average li
maintained among the aggregation at
tbor Temple But there are some hu
man Percherona among the assemblage
I with brawn and bone greater than that
if Jeftrlei
The prohibition question la going to
IN thrashed out In every phase It will
H looked at through the small and the
large ends of the glass and sidewise
Brewery workers In convention realize
that If the prohibition movement gets
too busy and the kibosh la put on ales
wines beer and liquors the breweries
will shut shop and the brewery workers
will be out of a job with no use for the
I union powerful aa It II at present
I Brewery owners too want the brew
try workers In convention to take cog
k Alxance of the spread of the prohibition
movement and It li for the mutual
food that the present convention man
agera are preparing to debate the Issue
> to the limit Resolutions will be adop
ted suggesting cooperation aa well as
defense Not a few delegates nlll urge
action of defiance to the prohibition
agitators and their cause
Dont get gay said one delegate to
a defiant one today They thought
that they never would knock out booze
In Kentucky Now see nhat has hap
Inernatlonal Secretary Louie Kemper
said The prohibition question Is one
of the most Important whIch will come
up before our convention I cannot tell
In advance how It will be treated The
whole thing will be argued out to the
finish and the matter Kill have much
attention We shall endeavor to adopt
such resolutions as will meet with
faor from both fides It It hard to
tell In advance what w e shall do In
that respect
Speak German and English
Speeches will be made In German and
English There are delegates from
Flanagan Nay OShaughneaiy A Fo
gartys emporium who would be trou
bled to understand a speech In German
Acting Major Modem yesterday ad
dressed the delegates In English and
welcomed them to our city lie also
wished them good health which over
the amber sounds like proilt and
The officers wish It to be distinctly
understood that no beer Is allowed In
the conentlon hall during the session
Three extra brewery wagons were
hauled up in front of Labor Temple
today delivering a substantial supply
to be called upon during noneonvenuoa
Sennt rite Yw Old Vletlu
Knocked Down at Crossing
While crossing Seventh avenue at for
tyfirst street today Moyer Bart ser
Ave years old was knocked down
by an automobile truck I
His right leg was broken He was
taken to Bellevue Hospital He lives at
No m West Fortyflrst street I
Liveryman Reports Death of
Third Horse at Hands
of Arsenic Fiends
David Hartman a nelltojdo livery
table keeper of No 179 Harrison ave
nue Wllllamaburg reported to the
Clymer street station today that a
team of fine truck horses worth J600 I
had been poisoned with arsenic early
this morning aa they stood In front of
his stable
Two days ago he lost a horse the
same way
The police fear that the gang of horse
polsonera who warred on truck owners
last year In the WillIams burr section
have resumed operations
The poisoners went out of business for
a time after one of their number had
tuna to State prison for ill years
Arthur Blank twelve of No 87 Pros
pect avenue Glendale Queens was on
his way to school yesterday with other
boys and girls when a mad dog threw
the little party Into a panic
Arthur seized the animal by the hind
Dress Goods
Direct from Mill at Las Than tVholcsale Prices
In connection with our large wholeuls business we have de
cided to maintain a separate Cutting Department affording the
general public an opportunity to purhase our goods direct
at first cost saving both the Jobbers and retailers profits
Beginning tomorrow morning we are
prepared to offer all qualities ol
At 40 U 50Less
Riverside Mills Mfrs I Salerooms 1ls itt h s
r Womens Silk Raincoats
Standard 20 Value
13 °
These are full length coats made from the newest and finest quality silk and satin
striped taffetas including some novel effects a nd silk moires The designs are exclusive
and are the embodiment of smart styles and graceful lines The lining is pure Para rub
ber cured by our special process so that it will not crack peel or produce odor Every
one of these garments is hand made throughout in our model workrooms and the seams
tre cemented
Thit it a garment indispensably to any womans wardrobe and it nit only abnlutily
waertiroif but druty and practicable upon any occautrt day or tveninf
r ri 0 831 Broadway
> fiE ij BETWEEN
RAINCOAT U COMPANY 12th and 13th She
it I
I Ir fr
Food for thought
Food for work I
Food for brain r I
Uneeda Biscuit
Tho most nourishing of all wheat foods
e In dust tight
5rt moisture proof paekajn
Never told in bulk
o to
4 or
lac and notttlthstniKlliiK It bit him
cverely on both of his legs held It
until the rest of the boys and girls
had escaped to places ot ifoty Thun
he threw the dog out Into tho street
and ran Into a hallway and closed the
A policeman shot tho dog and the
brave lad who had risked himself to
save others was taken to the German
Hospital at Glendale eorly Injured
HaysH air
Never tails 10 itestore
Gray Hair to Its Natural i
Color and Beauty
No matter how long it has been gray II
or faded Promotes a luxuriant growth
of healthy hair Stops Its fallinr out
and positively removes Dan
drull Keeps hair soft and glossy Re
fuse ill substitutes 24 times it much
In ft as toe site Is Not a Dye I
tl aud oOc bollleb ui druggists
bent 1 tar trey wok Tar CAr ot tae Hair I
Pbllo flay Spec Co Newark N J
Hays tiarlina Soap w urn Pimples
red roars sad mapped made and ill olds
dlwiKt Kp ikfa ins aDd aft tip
rtrurriiti and to for tree boo Ts
ar nr th skin
Imt J
Black Buck Boots
for Women
Something new for Fall wear already
established In popularity Royal cut I
slightly higher than regular boot Pearl
buttons to match
Our 5 line of shoes for women is even
more extensive than formerly All
leathers and styles
Why Envy Us These Pianos I
TEN years ago or more in Philadelphia when we first thought of dis
tributing Pianos we considered them in the same way as other
merchandise Alter two years experience and study we learned better j
Then we discarded the highly lauded wellvarnished boxes ol strings and
sounds we had been selling and started on a voyage of discovery to see
if there were not something better than the ordinary pianos This we
did for months until we reached what seemed to be a Treasure Island
and there we sound certain masterpieces and goms of old Masters ot
Music who like Mil ais had been on partially recognized in their lifetimes
Heal Pianos like artistic paintings are not simply dumb merchandise
The Painter must be an artistic Painter and the musician must be a
master it he i to live through the centuries
Jonas Chickoring did not think he was building Piano Club merchan
dise when he put his life and soul into the old Chiokenng Herr William
Knabe the senior wrought at his grand piano scales for glory as well as
The men less known who have made the prose the Schomacker the
Kurtxmann and Campbell what they are ware musicians first and manu
facturers afterwards I
There have always been and there always will be men with something
in their souls above yellow dollars I
At a time eleven years ago when according to the leading Musical
Journals of the period the Piano business was higgledy piggledy a gen
eral goeasy speakeasy tradeanyhow get as much as you can for
a Piano tra le we put out our hands and called around us the very best
Piano makers known making tho best qualities and of others making
good qualities not so expensive as the best and from them we picked and
picked what we wanted
The WorldRenoivned CHICKERING Then came the ANGELUSMost
The Exquisite VOSE artistic of all PIANOPLAYERS
Presidents one of the worlds three great pianos
The Sweet Voiced EMERSON built with au interior player
The J C LAMPBELLA piano of real instrument at moderate cost
worth at tae very low price 01 190 The A UTOPIA NOAnother delightful
And later the KNABh was added plaverpiuno costing only 550
These Pianos are exclusive to us in Philadelphia and most of them
have been largely so in New York From the first we ruled that no Piano
but a good one should pas through our hands to a buyer and not one
t should pass out bearing a false name or trademark i e a stenciled in
scription upon it Ve ruled out all humbuggery and two prices and
settled that the one price should be as low as thequality and workman
ship upon the instrument would allow believing that intelligent people
ready to buy a piano did not want to risk anything with bargainers in the
getting ol a good instrument while they were about it
Here in New York we built the Piano and Organ business for all time
to come into the structure of stone and steel we are installed in The
Auditorium is not a sensation but a School of Music with its magnificent
organ and neither Hall nor Great Organ would be there but as an adjunct
to our legitimate business
Our entire Second floor is exclusively set apartto Music Besides the
open sulesfloor there are twentyone private rooms to try and study with
out haste the various instruments
Nowhere else can choosers ot instruments get so many of the excel i
lent various makes of Pianos to test at leisure aide by side and without I
obligation to purchase
As the Chickering people and other makers will testify we have from
he first urged greater care and better workmanship rather then the cheap
ning ot the cost and price ot instruments We have endeavored in every
way to promote the manufacture and knowledge of the actual merits of
good Pianos and Organs v
So it shall always be that we shall only offer here the best instrument
that can be made of each respective grade in our catalogue
Mail orders are treatod with double care because of the trust imposed
in the absence ot the buyer
The partial cessation of Piano purchases during the money panic has
added a ripening of tone and increased brilliancy to several beautiful
Pianos with which we begin our Autumn business
Having the birthright to the new order of Piano ser
viceability that began with us eleven years ago we invite
a visit to the Piano Galleries
e f 1
y a rf r + var j4
rJk im
Paul Reveres Ride Auditorium 2 P M Tomorrow
Store Oloses Daily at 630 P M
These 25 Suits for Women
will serve to illustrate the exceptional values of our entire
stocks as they will probably surprise you by their smartness
and beauty Three models in particular
1 One style ot broadcloth made with singlebreasted coat
86 In long seams strapped notched collar coat sleeves lined
throughout with satin Gored flare skirt finished with wide bias
fold a 25
2 Suit of broadcloth coat of which Is cut In the new straight
lines singlebreasted halffitted seams slashed and finished with
I small buttons collar faced with satin Skirt Is ninegored with
slight flare finished with wide bias fold 25
3 Suit of hard finished worsted In smart stripes tho coat Is
i singlebreasted seams slashed front sides and back large low
Colonial pocket coat sleeves finished with bias strapping lined
I throughout with striped satin The skirt IB one of the new gored
I flare finished with wide fold 25
The now models In Womens Touring Motoring and
Steamer Coats from abroad are here In a tine variety of
i They are made of heavy English and Scotch mixtures in browns and
grays others of diagonal weae cheviot or heavy melton nome made
with high collar and luge revere trimmed with contrasting colon Th
styles are varied some have a tendency to the Empire back the long
straight line fitted from below yoke effect or falling loose In a graceful
sweep Then there Is a very fine collection of Satin and Crepe de Chine
Rubberlined Coats from abroad which make Ideal motor and rain coati
and can also be used for street wear
Imported Touring and Steamer Coats 2250 ti 5 40
Imported Kubberllned Satin Coats 25 to 4u
Imported Crepe de Chine and heavy striped Silk Rubberlined Coati
3750 and 545
Domestic Touring and Steamer Coats 1450 to 1875
Third floor Old Building
I i t
5 k
Smart Practical 4 Hats
Wo show two natty models of the Wanamaker
Knockabout Hat lor women and gins both styles
of pliant felt one like the picture the other a Mush
room Sailor Bomnwliat larger of brim They are
trimmed withsoft laid of auk the long ends Unshed
with a tabeel Colors pray Copenhagen blue castor
brown navy blue and black trimmings of lame or
contrasting colors
Royal Saon Third floor Od Building
Arrival of the Famous
The firm of J It Morley is thl bet known maker of
1 FIo ierv and Underwear in Eng andand pood bearing its
I name are hallmarked for the highest qualities of make and
wear We are very large direct importers for retail setting
and are therefore able to offer the twin inducements of tint
1 assortment and lower thanelbewaere prices on theee splendid
Thp Fall shipment is hereu t off the steamer and
I finely varie as to the weights and qual ties of the Hosiery
and Underwear for mens womens and childrens Fall and
Winter wearing
Mens Half Hose I Womens Stockings r
Fine black cotton to Jo a pair for the I From 35c a pair or three palrikor
tine shot silk Also some new striped li for cotton to li a pair forlllk
merino or cashmere Socks at Ito a Borne extra size at Me and Mo
pair White and tan cashmere K pair
Mens Underwear Childrens Stockings
rarment there are heavy
At tl76 agarment
In black and white cotton ribbed
balbrlreari Shirts ana at
also nne medlume ht un We a pair for size 6 advance EC < w
aWe1I wool Shlrtsand Drawers each larger size UnlhMnkable
hriii able 001 Shlrtl and Drawe whIte
or tan cashmere at the for sizes 4 and
at i16 and ia16 each Hi 1Oe for B and e 44 and 730 for 1
I Fine while IUkandmerlno Shirts aM got
aM Drawers at 1e each for Mlnon
shine and iilnoh drawers Advance I Alan other sorts lit each of the
Zoo on each Large lilt i above mentioned irrowps
Mala Cox New DulMIn Main floor Old Building
New Imports of FANCY CHINA >
bave juat come forward to take a front place of interest in
thin September event New decoration and new styles at
September Sate pricey This is the month to buy these beau
tiful pieceseither na gifts or for beauti yin the table In
rich floral border designs and all pieces heavily gilt
Chop Dishes 250 worth J325 Richly Decorated PlatesJust a
Cake Plates ISO worth 2 small balance of about 100 Plates
Chocolate Pots 273 worth 1325 one two and three of a kind They
Chocolate Sola1050 worth JH were 1 to 3 value now SOc to
Teapots 150 worth 2 150 each
Sugars and Creams at 2 pair
woruhars Richly Decorated Tea Cups and Sau
Biscuit Jars 275 orth 350 cers at 6 5650alOand12doa
Condensed Milk Holders 225 from JS 10 16 and 1S
worth 3 I
W Salad Plates6 doz worth 840 Afterdinner Coffee Cups and San >
Fruit Plates 5480 doz north 61 cars at 5 and 12 doz from 760 I
Bread andbutter Plates J360 I to 18
doz worth o Bouillon Cups and Saucers at d
Ice Cream Dishes 3 worth 4 60 I iOand 1 Jr50 doz from 9 to UO
Celery Trays 150 worth 2 I ThIrd floor Sew Building
Formerly A T Stewart Co
Broadway Fourth Avenue Eighth to Tenth Street I
7 ri > > t j I

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