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1T Ir 1
t y7 < Ji I
u n
tile Chief In reply to further questions
and had absolutely no Idea aj to how
It could have been fired
John Leonard besides being an Iron
marnite wai a horseman of some
not lIe had n stock farm and ralsM
a treat many colts that afterward be
CAme known through their exploit on
tM truck
In Business for 50 Years
Ue had been In business for over
flftr rar and hl Iron mil lat Avenue
A aDd Twenty thtrd street was some
tan ago tt larges In the city
At the ofllues of tho John Leonard
r Iron and Steel Company and the Man
hattan Rolling Mill in the Singer Build
tag the news of Mr Leonards death
and of Phillipss arrest caused grant
1 Call Arrest Outrage
Tam Horton the head bookkeeper
of the concern expressed disbelief at
flrtt that Phillips had been locked up
but when he was assured of the truth
of the report declared that It was an
Walter Phillips regarded Mr Leon
ard almost as a father he said He
Dame Into the firm as a boy and grew
up with It 10 to speak Mr Leonard
wu much attracted by him and ad
yanced him rapidly For several years
now he has handled all the private
business and extensive real estate tran
saction of Mr Leonard and I know
that they regarded each other highly
Mr Phllllpi had an office over the
rolling mill at Twentythird street and
Avenue A where he did all his busi
ness and he seldom if ever came to the
downtown offices
Mr Horton said that Phillips had a
WU and family In New York but that
hi did not know their address
The family of Mr Leonard Is one of
tIe best known In Montdair and his I
daughter Mrs Voaburjrh Honon wan
noted u a beauty In 1S39 she Incurred
her fathers displeasure when she be
came engaged to Vosburgh Horton who
tA that time was a comparatively poor
woollen broker with offices on Leonard
Her father an ardent Catholic ob
jected to the wedding on the score that
Horton was a Baptist while his daugh
ter had been brought up In his own
faith Aa a result young Horton be
came a Catholic convert under the
tutelage of Father Joseph Mendl Mr
Leonards pastor Then an objection
was raised on the score of Hortons
lack of money end the young people I
decided to elope They were married at
the Church of St Francis XavIer In
this city
The wedding made Mr Leonard ex
ceedingly arury and he said at the time
that he would out his daughter off with
out a penny
Inquiry Amazes Office
When word was received In this city
Of the shooting of Mr Leonard Inquiry
was made at the oUlces of John Leon
ard Co No 119 Broadway for par
ticulars There It was said that for
nearly six years Mr Leonard had had
scarcely other than nominal connection
with the linn which bears his name
Little was known of his death save In
the most casual fashion It was said
At the offices It was also said thut
Walter C Phillips who was believed
there to be about fifty years oil was
secretary to Mr Leonard In his purely
personal affairs So far as was known
he had never been In the offices of the
Iron and steel company nt least not In
recent years Some of the clerks there
it was said had known Philip In < v
casual way only
Philip T Farler whose nomination
for State Engineer and Surveyor
caused the only row In the Democratic
State convention Is a nephew of Arch
bishop Parley and a reptew if Mrs
Luke J Stapleton Iff I f thirtysix
years old unmarried and lives at No
194 McDonough street Ilrooklyn For
t e last two year hj has been presi
dent of the Jamaica By Improvement
Commission to which poet he was ap
pointed by Mayor McClellan
Mr Farley was educated at Sl Johns
College In Brooklyn and got his scien
tific training at Cooper Union where he
won the decree of B S In 1S33 and a
A a after he had been made a civil
engineer h n appointed assistant
city engineer of Atlantic City He re I
mained In that capacity for three years
In 190 he was appointed a Subway en
gineer and had charge of sections 3 end
t In 1803 he was appointed superin
tendent of the Standard Oil Company
plant at Uayonne X J
Mr Farley said this afternoon that
he could not explain his nomination as
he had not sought I and had never
been active In politics He said that
he had always been an admirer of Mc
Carren but had never actively entered
Into the McCarren flcht In his dlMrlct
the Fifth r > f Brooklyn He had
Fih Broklyn le Fjp
oorted McCarren In the recent orlmarlcs
How the Teddy Bears
Met An Emergency
A skitlnR rink ne rpen J up
In Bnrvillt so thev say
But not a TeJdy Bear mil skates
I wu i sid siil day
But Daddy hear wu wide 11kt I
I And through V > rlJ F J US I
He tfid d thn5J he A rt I Jt
f For jkitos
i WIlats hIP use al lAlklni hull 11 V
WiJ Klflun f Ad nll biln w li > i
null fu ntuil you 111 n dees I
aia41DLMtJ sa
i 1 r
Declare Governor Has Added
to Expenditures Without
Benefiting Public
Declare for Election of United
States Senators by Direct
Vote of the People
lowIng Is the platform of the Demo
cratic part of New York adopted ly
the State Convention today
The Democracy of New Ycrk In
State Convention assembled reafnrms
nnd renews Its allegiance and devo
tion to the fundamental principles of
the Democratic party and heartily In
dorses tho platform and the candi
dates nominated by tho Democratic
National Convention nt Denver and
we pledge to both our hearty earnest
and enthusiastic support
In hl 1M campaign OCT Hushes
nromistcl retrenohment and reform A
soon as he was Inaugurated he de
manded t wMe Legislature should
give to the Executive the rkht to < ro
into every State department and In
vestlsrate conditions there to the end
that reform mlcrlit be brought about
He recel ci under the Morelanrt abUI
passed In 1S97 most tweenm < power In
thl regard But he has failed to exer
cise It and has noslected to root out the
evils and the all es of which he com
pIn ned and which are known to exist
We denounce the system which has
come Into vogue under Republican rule
of governing the State by commission
a system never contemplated by the
Constitution and which has gradually
taken from the constitutional officials of
the State the power which should he
directl yielded bv them and not dele
rated to Irresponsible appointees who
in the great majority of cases would
never have been elected by the people
to positions of trust and responsibility
Want Fewer LaW
tt wants less noise less legislation on
new and untried lines and of doubtful
constitutionality and less Interference
with personal and economic liberty
Ve are opposed to all sumptuary leg
islation and we believe that the people
are best governed who are least gov
Ue furor the clrctlou til liiltud
Sliiten Sfimlur ly direct vote of
t ii t iienpli
I The illrlHtlou of the numlnntlnii
of hIs iicce Kor mill < > 6 IC uouilMce
MnU >
for UiiiiTiinr of the
l > NHI Kfilernl Chlff RtePiHJ C 1T <
rediiU flu n ilniiHirnun
Tins cxninplc nf ppr Ills l Bovern
mcnt n I Clip IViliriil ciipllnl IIIIM
hrin olonrlj folpiCd nt hut tnt e
1 vltnl iiirllnn In
I ivipldil mill thp ln nNttl
linll HIP iniilo nili nnd govern
ni e i 11 eI ye
iWo desire again to place on record our
let In thc elghthcur Uiw anti all other
statutes enacted In the Interests of labor
and a threeplatoon system for the p
liceWe are unalterably opposed to thrusts
and monopolies and we demand from all
corporations publicity obedience to law
and Just recognition of the rights of the
We recognize as reasonable and Just
the request of the representatives of
railtvay employees o have lejireentatlon
In the boiles charged with the duty of
of Improving the State the transportation facilities
w I believe that the State Fnlr helps
the agrliiltural Interests of the State
and sliould be encouraged
> fuir tne rigid enforcement of
the liws for th prrotlnn of the for
ets as well na the speedy acquisition
I of all lands properly within the areas
of tho AillrnnHck nnl Catskllls parks
The State of Now York possesses many
vter courses available for water power
which should be protected and con
Wu demand the honest and Just en
foTmcnt of the civil service laws of
I the State
Continued from First Page
sixteen went to pst and I was a merry
ramble At the end Ragman was In
front by a comfortable margin with
Footpad closing fast from a bad br ak
a good second in front of Prudent
dent The latter made tho race all the
way ts he usually does In these short
cashes only to tire right at the end
Humble came back to the racy after
i long arwnco and showed tarns of his
oiil speed He went along with Prudent
In the early part only to stop In the
lronslde a Winner
after bis
Agent ran out again today ater
tog In a position t win the steeplechase
ron ldM finally won the race after a
constant changing of positions through
out Watershed running in sjmethlng
like her best form WM second In front
of Perseverance who ran creditably a
bough very pore
Wise Sain Nearly Lost
Shilling nearly tossed on the third rare
P111 Ml Sain He liud her out In fnnit
nil the ttiiv and turned Into the stretch
Iad of three
ulth a punt lengtlm
HMliInK tlHtipht 1m hail the nue lon
there and tk hfild of the filly I was
I hn that V hip Top who had brtn run
ning third l the way Hosed under the
whip and Just failed to get up Cantle
j I rio erund nil the way but nt the
nd was lucky t b third In front of
t l IlfRIB
Maiden Jockeys Race
The maiden Jockey evint gave ten
Vixs a chance tl stiv thlr ahily ai
M r11 F Ravrley hurl t re IB ho
i i Mm In Lord S inn pe mM hf
iv ij < h c nee all the way alt nII1
rlpht at tie end he was doing hs I xni
ml T Min ir tot linicl in
ran r a forward position a1 tre way
SlId rtt Ilu flnlih waa third Te rest
vfrr rung out
TTucri MFiriand flxv VHITS r > M X
ittl St > ojnd avenue a laborer employsl
1 the Huurke ioriri ll < un1t > iny
it the new Grand Centrnl terminus was
truck by l work train in the cut oppo
site Fortyseventh street last night He
wu removed to te emergency liospl
til In tie station where he Led a fViv
nliirrH mt r The cans it ml u see
red ill the t IK
Sunday World Wants Work
Monday Morning Wonders
Harmony Prevails Throughout the Proceedings
Until Tammany Boss Punishes the Kings
County Delegation McCarren Promises
to Support Ticket
Continued from First Page
the State for Bryan and Clianler under
the quadruple leadership of Mack Con
nOn Murphy and McCarren
Jackson Bowled Over
The ceremony of eliminating Wm S
Jackson from the rae for Attorney
OoneraJ took place in a hallway at the
Whltcomb House today Jackson
waited for an hour to see Chas F
Murphy Finally the Tammany chief I
tain came out of his room and said
Hurriedly Whore is he
Jaokson stepped forward and Mur
phy M the of to the dark hallway
For ten minute Jackson spoke earnest
ly Murphy listened standing like 1 i
sphynL When the AttorneyCtenerals I
speech was finished Murphy shook his I
head and left Jackson without uttering
a word The unsuccessful aspirant did
not wear his usual wide smlU as he
At 10 oclock when Temporary Chair
man OBrien should have been calling
the convention to order there were Just
seven delegates In the hal and the
Miserere with
band was blowing out the lserere
cettlo drums and xylophone fleets
There were no Tammany men In sight
InsIde the convention or out The audi
ence assembling slowly showed the
e scarcity of women that marked i
the assemblage yesterday In the whole
front row of the balcony which ex
tend around three sides of tho hal
here were only four women Two
women had seats on the platform away
back In the rear j
The first big noise of the convention i
this morning followed the arrival of
Senator McCarren who wore a grin that I
wrInkled his taco In several different I
pats Then Senator Gore of Okla
homa the blind man who precipitated
the ono hour and twentyseven minute j
demonstration for Bryan In Denver was
led to a seat on the platform
The Convention at Work
j empurary Chairman 0 Urltm took his
place on the platform at U oclock He
came to the hal In the company of
JUdge Parker permanent chairman III
this time about twothirds of the dele
gates were In their f Mt and the little
hal was jammed to the wall with spec
t hors The air was filled with that In 1
definable ton Icy feeling that Indicates a
Ilot uf bottled up enthusiasm
Charles F Murphy was the last of the
I leaders t reach the lloor I
I Almost simultaneously Chairman
OBrien called the convention to order
A long wait ensued however owing to
the tbuance of Chairman W W Parley
of the Committee on Contested Seats
whose report was to be the llrst matter
I of business
Mr FiuIey arrived at 1123 and proceeded
ceeded to the stage He declared that
never before In the history of the Dam
ocratle party had he found Us work
more pleasant and harmonious than had
the Committee on Contested Seats
I All were settled he declared with the I
i spirit of harmony and success
I Former Judire Alton B Parker was
then elected permanent chairman and
I delivered his address
After junce Iarker finished his
speech the platform was adopted and
then routine resolutions were offered
by Arthur McLean of Newburg Mr
ftnfferty of Onondaga Charles N Bul
ser nf Oeweco and Packy McCabe
of Albany Then the work of calling
began the roll for nominations for Governor
Chanler Put In Nomination
When Dutchess County was reached
on the roll Mayor Hague of Pough
keepsie a young looking man with P
bald head took the platform to place
In nomination Lewis Stuyvesant Chan
ler Mayor Sague has a voice some
thing like that of Charles Harvey the
New York announcer of sporting
Mayor Sagxies speech had the merit
of brevity hut I cannot be said that he
led tlie audience or delegates Into any
wild demonstration of enthusiasm The
cheering for Chanler was of the per
functory sort As It died away the
m mb ri of the Poughkeepsle Lewis
Stuyvesant Chanler quartet arose and
emitted two verses of song to tho tune
of Harrlcan Fortunately the audi
ence was In good humor
100 <
The roll call went clear down to Went
cheater before anybody pot up to second
the nomination of Chanter
Didnt Know Thomas
Augustus Thomas the foremost Amer
Iran playwright went forward as the
representative of Westchesttr As Mr
Thomas mounted the steps to the pint
form Juilge Parker leaned over and I
Asked the author of the Witching
Hour In Missouri Arizona and
manv other great successes
What Is your name please I
Such is tame in Es pus
Mr Thomas U far and away the clev
crest platform talker tho Democracy hoe
Before he was on the plitform five min
utes he had the delegates and audience
In gales of laughter At times his hear
ers were a little stole catching his
points but he waited ami when they did
al ane
come across Uicy tiine strong Mr
Thomas however did not keep on a
humorous vein nil the hue
He Is eloquent when the occasion calls
for eloquence and when he concluded
Mr Chnnler got the ovation he missed
I at the end of the nominating ipeeoh
The nomination of Chanler was about
the quickest on record when the eon
vention put dosvn to It
Judge lark r as ohaJrman called for
a motion to mak the nomination
0 moton
unanimous the motion and second
popped out and hauler was chosen with
a whoop to ld the ticket The Pouph
keepslo L S qunncie tried t sing
again but SOnIC qiilcliwUtod bystanders
Rushing the Slate Through
The convention was moving on bail
bearings by tills time and the cheering
for Cnanler had scarcely die away
when James Kellogg of Washington
County placed In nomination John A
Dlx and Mr Kellogg called the atten
tion of the convention to th fact luat
ton as his candidate grandfather who
said If any man pulls down the Amor
lean Hag shoot him on thl spot
The work of nominating Mr Dlx consumed
and the
sUllIed less than eight minutes
roll cal was under way for the nomi
nation of candidates for Secretary of
Howard T Mosher of Kochester its
playlnir the only full set of whiskers In
the convention retioiimuteil John S
Whalen of Monroe Coutiiv for Secre
tary of State Mr W iiUn lives In
Hochftster and b very popular here and
his friends un dneUhW Ire td tits
nomination with a warmtli that ought
t have an expanding effect on the
Democratic vote In Monroe County on
election day If I lat > until that time
Mr Whalen to was nominated l > y ac
clamation after Onondira County had
furnished the requisite wind
Mr Charles N liulcer of Oswego
also seconded Mr Whalens nomination
When Albany County was called for
nominations for the office of State
Comptroller a young man named Cook
of Albany mounted the steps of tile
platform and was recognized
As the Mine young man who placed
William Randolph Hearst In nomination
at Bulfalo two years ago Mr CoOU has
Improved P whole lot In tvto years and
has weaned himself from the frock
coat habit He placed In rfnomlnatlon
hU fellowtownsman Martin I Olynn
not forgetting several times to point
with prile The unnnlmous renonilnn
thn of Mr Olvnn followed Edwin H
Bailey of Suffolk placed In renomlna
ton for State Treasurer Julius Hauser
and Mr Hauser was renominated In
about a Inuser I
Palmer In Jacksons Place I
George 1 Palmer the veteran war I
horse of Schoharie and mlnorty leader
of the Assembly at last got on a State
ticket He wan placed in nomlnaflon
for AttorneyGeneral by Edwin H
Halley a gentleman with a continual
tremolo In hit oratorical voice Mr
Palmer 1 well known and popular and
his unanimous nomination arousel I
great enthusiasm
There was a npplo of excitement whon
Kings County was reached on the roll I
call for nominations for State Engineer
James Slnnott ant lcCar n leader of
the Twentysecond Brooklyn District
nominated Philip D Inrley for the
olMce The excitement come to pass all
right In a very few minutes A dele
gate from Queens Frederick Buwlcw
former Borough President pi iced In
nomination for the offlc Leonard C
L Smith of Long Island City and by
his action tore off a lot of the veneer
of harmony Lhot had up to this time
featureless made the convention smooth and
McCarrens Fight
The fight < rf McCarren and the up
State home rule Democracy on one side
and Tammany Hal on the other butted
Into view with all lu ugly aspects ex
posed and there wru a line m on a
roll call This was the only content In
the convention and rolled In a victory
for Fnrlev backed hv the machine
forces but it looked like a close shave
for n time There was a roll call of
the Erie and Kings delegations and Mr
Canen cast his 54 votes for Smith Tie
other fifteen votes went with Slnnott fr
Jlfarren are a soon M Smiths had
been proposed and walked up to the
I arise to r ent nn Insult ho said
I want thte convention to understand
fiat the Kriff Covintv orsanrvin s
under no obligations to anybody here
We wan fair treatment We serve a
lice upon Tammany Hall that th Is no
way to conserve harmon In these pro
Mr VarIes mny he an able and hon
nrahle mm but the otrinl7Vlon In
Kings County dies nt wan him He
If tOl cu tindlilHtPaml h 11 i I fi
dealing decree thnt the organlzatl n
shall have tho naming of a candidate for
om e
The Kings Count organization al
ways has and always will support the
ticket but we will not to responsible
for the votes of the people who will
nuiM let I temael 8 Insulted by tl K
tion here
Thli announcement was greeted with
Moses and McCarren went hack to his
DiamondStudded Medal I I
I For Most Popular Giant
i The Giants are playing the best baseball that New
York has witnessed in years They are out for the pen
nant and from now until the close of the season the struggle
promises to be the most exciting in the history of the league
As an encouragement to the individual members of the I
team The Evening World will present to the most popular I
player a diamondstudded gold medal All New York fans
can express their preference through The Evening World
coupon below which will be printed daily in the Noon
Baseball and Final editions
For the most poplar member of the New York
National League Team
I vote for 0 e s
4 Address Letters to BatthU Editor Evening World P 0 Boi 1354 I
Weather Clear Sept 16 Track Fast
0 IJt1 JAGHToer01 setline Uoo aIN five and a halt furions
lost tl 231 off 1i Start good Won easily SInner b e by Plan
gti itaitlui Owner J 3 hoc Tlino lOS <
lnp suriem Wli Mi I t L VII Jockeys Op HI Cl PI Bh
Ml Unman luu 10 4 u injli York
> W fouinnu no 0 4 J > 2 Cullen
Mj Prudent IW 1 It Ib SU 3HSwiet
iSJ htle if the Ball 1UJ 4 3h 81 41 44 J ID9
V3 Urania lea S 1 5l 71 II J Butler
ai roreirunrd llu 1 12 M SH 0 > E Martin
N > i Ctiouulituc 11M 7 V ill 04 7 E Uutran
leO Xtlee leo 3 i 7 US Smith ai
Mill Ltakout lux 13 13 IS 12 UW Shrove
wj CMU HA i s 1 10 II I Olllvrt
Ms Jnilo Jim 1U5 Ii 1411 U 1 hllll
MU chan IDS 15 11412 13 12 McCahey
40 Rambla iw 2 21 54 Mi III Upton
M52 Huh of Duluth 103 12 15 15 li 14 Johnson
Sand Hill Hill H U I 15 14 Doyle
Aiilhur Jus IU 111 HI li M ijirntr
Hatman took coiiiinanl In the stretch nl ivni i llv lVjttnJ clo M strong Pru
dent gun an mini Uilliof the mil shout lmtroi
iJ08 lEttNis llViK KouryeuolJ and uirIi ittrepltcliaie hAn SK u Jew Jo
Li itoiit two anil a halt miles <
I Pest tlnn 3a off 2S4 Start tool Won easily Winner b r by Ielle
i tlanona OwnerJ 1 Colt Tlme fM
I Index tilrt iV Iil 1 I Un Jvkry < 0 Ill Cl PI 3h
S > 5 Ironfj i 147 2 2 IH 1 I Lynch
MVi Watrnipfed 135 4 3 3 31 S nivMjOT
Mi JVrseierjiu llil S I 2 X 1 McKlnney
iIC i Agent 1IS 1 4 Ho M I ilendersin
IronsMci was carried out at the tint Li ii > uoL but moved up fait and swain tak
Ire L the lead won CJllopln Watroeed ran a Improved raw Perseverance showed
hI1IU THTIUJ RACETnre v arciJs still Ctl a let one mile and a lxtenth
P t 11 m < 1 il0 off 321 Start K 1 on JIJ JO it Winner b t by Sam
ihtiitket ihrnipJohn Power Tlnu 147
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I 5 Ihl ret 57 4 31 a lcCarty
C4llleWoii tl 2 214 2 24a4 E Puzan
I Cl SIr CIces 11 I 31 l4l Smith
a Wid it train I I 01 flI m l0n
I S7 D I IrlJnwaer 10 I 71 I A 411 lcCahy
I i111 Antaeu tJ 1 0 i j tnon
tili Cnil Ia 11 5 01 0 tholnies
I lJ MIss leliney Itt I Ill S S 0 huller
eIlt Inte h T 1 1 to 10 nlbort
11 IOII Ij 1 11 It I I tl E 1ln
MIss Sali iil out a 111 OMU and juallisted Whi Ten II nely imeroved clOJ
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tl U b kings h llALleIe iEow of luOX twororoll mi flee and a halt fur
Post Uinr 340 off 8 5f Start ter Won easily Wlnn ch f by oter
Xwndiy i iwflerJ How Tilflti5i 45
1nk i 111 4 H Fin Jockeys Of fTT CI pi Sh
HI gu raeett8 llj 2 I l 1 I Notter
i4 Trance 124 1 2 > 2 2 J Lee
rt iIeltr Ii II 111 1 fl 3U McCarthy
72 Taboo uc f r1 11 41 4 Huller
3ii Mjocarada Ill 4 3 > fi 41 B 1 GIlbert
< 1 Sun I > in > e 112 A 41 P ii K rurin
I Siniontivis 10 7 7 7 7 7 fnion
Sutfraeett ia never let down forced i fait roe all the nay won ease UD
rri v4 ni r 1I ltrp trng
i III tlhTII fur one lthCEtTiueoyearoIds anJ umari selllns i4 > J added one mile and I
Pot time lit all Ui S art cool Won lrlvlnK Winner b g bv Stanhope
Osnr C r Clark Tlmo1rII5 Stlhot
helen SLutHs SlS 51 0 i 1 Fin Jok Op Ill CI PI
lllti Lard tlnho iei t I l lt 11 Hawly
a Calrnerni 11 7 t 41 itt 2 Ural
2 Lad ot Ln Jon 11 2 4 31 S S Leach
CST tolconJl itt 11 b 43 41 FItzpatrick
Stl Marrn 1m Ct Ill 1 ICartor
sro Antmtis 10 3 C 7 l t 11 Walke
1Ir dOr 11 II 0 ll 51 7 FUAISl
Mel Crack Stit 11 1 10 11 10 S C MIller
1 Col Whl iwt t 75 h 9 1 TI ller
< Kr w I Z l l tlO laleP
111 i lnho 1 astet Clrnrm cased eron Lad 01 Lnron held on welt
61 I OSIXT RACEllare OaT ban ii sdled about six furlongs
kOtl tl 4jI3 of 42 Star red Won driving Winner c fo by
1 wnerlrderck Johnson TmpIO 3
nde1urcro stI SI i l tln Jiiiksmt On f CI PI Sh
541 Ldl Vlnltred 04 1 t b 1mtumter
5 Hrlurie 111 S 1114 5 n 2 Bulr
i 1 17 7 31 348 R Isn
En Dele Strome OZ 5 2 ii4 4 cbY
It < I 4 516451 Eiartln
t Marln
5 tlnn 1i I 4b 4 I i l Mccarthy
1 Ictlh
i sil 1nhfS S I I TI i 71 Iotun
C4C Crna 104 R 5 I 0 b E Paean
0 A llu1 11 Z 71 b 1 0 Gilbert
Llv Quit tnlfred Just lasted Alrluche ran an Imorl rc N otuulu held onwel
seat n htnl mad after announcing
that Kings seconded the nomination of
The roll call brought out a lot of
excitement The enemies of Chairman
Canners in ErIe County lined up and
when Conneras name was called he
eled Farcy so loud that he could be
heard In tne streets outside the hal
The disorder was great while the
delegates from Kings were being polled
When the name of Bird S Coler nas
< i I there was an astonishing vol
ume of boos and hisses and over In the
Scnoliarie delegation there was almost
a fist fight over the efforts of I gen
tlemmi to cast three votes although he
was not a delegate The choharle men
were evidently out celebrating the nom
ination of Gel M 1almer
The result of the balloting was 3T
voice fur Fancy and S7 for Smith a
fair lineup of the machine and anti
mnchlne forces After the result was
announcel Sheriff Harvey of Queens
moved that the nominal on of Farley
be mnde unanimous There were a few
scattered objeotluns uttere dwlth suf
ficient furce to cause tnt motion to b
lost So Mr Farley Is the only candi
date o nthe ticket who was not unani
mously chosen
< The row over the nomination here
was in the nature of a dying gasp of
the Murphy opposition The excitement
wore away In P hurry and Judge or
an J OHrlen pacvil In nomination for
Associate Jude nf the Court of Ap
peal Albert Haight of Erie a Repub
ler lallht of
llfin The unanimous nomination
Judge Haight wound up the regular
work of the convention and after the
usual routine had been disposed Sena
tor Nltne Oklahoma was formally
Gore Stirs Them Up
The blind Senator put everybody In
hlnd Iut
good humor ly saying lie had been
wondering whether lie was In 0 Oem
ocrutlc Convention up to the time of
ocmtc ho culled the friendly contest
over the nomination for State Engi
neer Ho expressed his opinion that
the Demon at must tight soma among
themselves to retain their ylrllltLL
Senator Gore with Ills clever incas
of simile and his sudden flashes of
wit made a great hit with the au
dience He said he carried a message I
I of Democratic hope and conlldence
I from the Pacific coast and Hock
Mountains and prairie and felt con
fident from his experience in this
I convention thnt New York was In line
with her sister States of the West
I 11 came here he said to sat the
1 Tammany Tiger take the bone of the
I Teddy Hear and I came here to see a
horse race between the string halted
I I Hughes anil the victorious nominee of
i thin convention and I tell you my
I frineds Governor Hughes will never
irot away from the post The Demo
iratlc wreckln train is going to ro
move the steam roller from the path
of human pruzrosi
I The convention wound up with three
I cheer for Bryan Chanter the toot
Murphy McCarren and the City of
no a
Mrs Mary Sjchernach twenty yearn
old of No 612 Knit Fourteenth street
was accidentally shot today by John E I
Stadlw i rocer of the same address
I Stadler wan bxamlnlnx In his store a
revolver which he had recently pur
chased when the weapon exploded the
I 1 bullet luilsing In Mrs Suuhern ache
right shoulilir
i She did not know that she was shot
1 until Stadler found a small bullet
wound Hi summoned iolloeman
r niKherty if the Union Market pollp
< Mtlon anil Ir emler ot llellevue
Muned the amnn to brt iemned t
i hrtpttH r the bullft al ft
I T <
< dIr u i > rrsei on > to hnlnl
rge end itrrauneU in the Essex
l3V4 1 < tUrkt Curl The woman will r
The taking of testimony In lh suit
brought by the Government to dissolve
f the Standard Oil Company of New Jer
sey for alleged violations of the Sher
I man AntiTrust law was resumed be
i fore Referee Franklin Ferris at the
I CustomHouse today
j J W Uullng of Clifton Forge Va a
1 special agent of the Standard teslfled
i that the Standard had never cut price
I In that section except to meet such cut
I as were Inaugurated by rivals Last
I fall he continued the Red Co Com
pany one of the leading Independent
i oil concerns of that section made a
general cut of threefourths of a cent
to two cents per gallon all over that
I In answer to a question by Mr Rosen
thai the witness declared that the re
I duction was made simultaneously with
the conference between Mr Hetiel a
I Hud C ofilclal and the Federal lawyers
suit Mr Kellog
yen in the present r aJ
chief counsel for the Oovernement ob
jected to this statement joint on rec
ord contending that the knowledge
of the witness so far as the alleged con
ference wu concerned was hearsay
The Standard lawyer however succeeded
Standrd Iawyer 10wever ucee
e In getting It on the record
Cut After
The witness narrated a number of
specific Instances where he declared
competitors bribed the bUr of large
manufacturing concerns to induce them
to drop Standard Oil and buy oil from
the rival concerns The Red Co
company cut prices according to the
witness In Staunton Va and secured
H lot there Another reduction In some
place as high as three cents a gal
lon was made by the same company
last summer according to the witness
That was after Mr Wetzel had tes
tiled for the Government In this case
wasnt itT asked Mr Uoaenthal refer
ring to the fact that the Red C Com
I panys general manager had been a
Government witness during the Wash
ington D C tiMisJon of the suit
You had hotter iru o the tand and
testify suggested Mr Kellogg Ironl
cUly to Mr Rosenthal
l dont need to testify O to these
facts retorted the lawyer for the
enough Standard without I can provo them easily
The competition In that territory had
naturally Increased during the last two
years the witness said
Or since the Government commenced
this an observed the Federal trust I
bjsnr with I grin
idward Kltcl another Standard Oil
I special agent with headquarters at
Hlchmond Va told of the cutting of
prices In his territory among the Stand
there being the Fair
11 il cwnirtltors th fr
ax oil Company which according to
r he wttneM made outs of from one to
two cents a eallon In order to let trails I
Tlw ItoJ C Company was another
I rh companr with a ro dye
said Mr gitel Is and Hi agents toll the
1 more Ignorant trader that the colored
oil WHS not only a beter Illmlnant but
that IS was Alter to use In lamp
The Standard sells red oil ton
iloejnt If asked Mr K I11 on cross
It doe in meet the drmaml or If
ansnortd thl wRnes Many DtMOni
I In that section think It loots nlcr la
I th lamP and li ta mere ttlutv IfaM J
Wilhelm Allows Cincinnati
Three Hits and Brooklyn
Captures the Game
Burch cf 11 5 0 0
Lumley rf 0 0 1 1 01
Hummel If 1 1 2 1 0
Jordan Ib 1 2 10 0 0
Alperman 2b 0 0 0 3 0
McMillan SB 0 0 3 5 0
Sheehan 3b 0 0 2 1 0
Dunn c 0 0 4 3 0 I
Wllhelm p 0 0 0 6 0
Totals 3 4 27 19 0
Bayless rf 0 0 6 0 0
Egan 2b 0 0 0 3 0
Lobert 8S 0 0 0 1 2 I
Beacher I 0 1 0 0 0
Hobltzel lb 0 0 13 0 0
Jowery 3b 0 0 1 1 0
Pasktrt ct 0 1 3 0 0
lcLane c 0 1 2 1 1
Dubec p 0 0 0 7 2
Huggins 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 0 3 21 13 5
Base HltsOff Dubeo 1
First Base on BallsOff Wlhelm 4
off Dubec I
First Base on Errors Brooklyn 2
Cincinnati 1
Itt on BasesBrooklyn 7 Cincin
nati 7
Struck Out By Wllhelm 4 by Du
bee 3
ThreeBase Hits Burch Hummel
Stolen BaesMcMlllan I J
Double Plays McMillan Alperman
Wild PitchesWlhelm Dubeo
Hit By PitcherMcMillan Alperman
Umpire Klem
Special to Tile Evening World
helm allowed the Reds only three hits
today and Brooklyn shut them out I
score 3 to 0 Cincinnati never had a
chance I II
FIst Inning I
Baylesa WM a victim on 8 rkN Egun I
pasted a long fly to Buroh Lobert was I
retired on his hot bounder by Alperman
aM Jordan NO RUNS
Burch laced the ball to deep left for
three bases Lumley was thrown out
by Mowry Hummrll Illed out to Bay
less lurch scoring Jordan lifted one
which Paskert collared ONE HUN
Second Inning I
Beechor hit safely to the Infield Hob
Ilzel struck out and Bescher was dou II
bled up trying to steal second on Dunns
pretty throw to McMillan Mow rey was
retired by Sheehun and Jordan NO
Alperman drove a fly to Bayless
McMillan was hit with a pitched ball
Sheehans lly MUS taken ny Ia > less
McMillan stole second and went to third
on McLeans bad throw Dunn struck
Third Inning
Paskort singled to left and went to
second on McLeans retirement at first
by McMillan and Jordan Dibec struck
out Bayless drove a line lly Into Mc
Millans hands NO RUNS
Wllhelm Hied out to Paskert Burch
was disjouod of by IVan and Hob
lltzell dJ Lumley was easy for Dub
and Hoblltiell NO RUNS
Fourth Inning I
Hummel made a pretty catch of
Humel I
Egans foul fly off the screen In left
field Lobert pasted I fly Into Buroh
hanjis Bescher doubled to centre but
was nailed trying to make third on the
wa nale
hit Hummel to McMillan t Sheehan
Hummel hit to the fence In centre for
three base Jordan singled to right
scoring Hummel Alp rman was hit I
with a pitched ball Dubeo fumbled
McMillan fi bunt filling the bases
Sheehan walked forcing In Jordan i
Dunn fanned Wllhelm filed to Bayless
Hurch fanned TWO RLNS
Fifth Inning
HobllUoll was tossed out by McMillan
Mowrey struck out Paskert was re
tired by Wllhelm and Jordan NO
Lumley reached first on Loberts throw
Hummel filed to Bayless Jordan was
put out by Hoblltiell unassisted Lumley i
going to second Alporman went out
Egan to HobllUell NO RUNS I
Sixth Inning
McLean singled to right Dubcc was
tossed out bv Dunn and Jordan Mc
Lean going to second Bsjless fouled
out to gln haji Egan went out Mc
MIlan t Jordan NO RUNS
MciUJants > high one was grabbed
bv Paskert Sheehan walked Dunn
bt Co Dirbec who threw badly to
Duec wo
second both runner
Wllhelm went rn Hotolltzell Burch
Wilelm same way NO RUNS
Seventh Inning
Lobert walked Bescher hit Into a
double plY McMillan to Arperman t
Jordan Hoblltzell filed out to Burch
Jordan 10bltz 1 t
Lumley out Egan to HobllUell Hum
mall went out Lobert to Hoblltzell Jor
dan walked but was caught napping
McLean to Hoblltzell NO RUNS
Eighth Inning
Mowrey tied out to Burch S did
Paskert McLean fled to Hummell
Alporman out Dubec to Hoblllzoll
McMillan safe on Loberti error Shee
han itruok out McMillan stealing S
and Dunn filed to Mowrey NO RUNS
Ninth Inning
Hugglni batted for Dubec and went
out Alperman to Jordan Bayless
walked and so dirt Egan and Lobert
filling the bases Bescher filed to Lum
nling and Lobert was doubled up off
first Lumley to Dunn to Jordan NO
may be causing your
Stop and drink
Theres a Reason
I hJ A
lake chances on ruining their
eyesight by buying over the
counter glasses Gambling is
not uncommon but do not
take chances with nothing to
gain and everything to lose
It costs no more to have your lJ
eyes examined by HARRIS
OCULISTS than to have them
experimented upon by jewelry
or dry goods salespersons And
you dont risk your sight j
Glasses if needed 1 up
M EAST 23rd Street Near Fourth Are
54 WEST 125th Stred New Lenoi Ave4
W COLUMBUS Are 81u t 821 Su
76 NASSAU Street Nw Job St
BROOKLYN 489 Fulton St OPP A S
Buy Direct from Manufacturer 1
All our fixtures are manufactured J
in our own workrooms under per j
sonal supervision And are guaran
anteed to be of the best quality an 0 1j
perfect In every detail 1
I perect I
V 1 I I t 1
398 39
Spread Ii 111 lenxtb mud to m4or
This squire wrought Iron dome mlulc
ttcish with flan anl
jWih lh green red or amber
bae fringe ron r I WIMch I 4
llTt or Ariranl burner Inside of dome 3 Uji
Put no romnlf for
58 Myrtle Ave Near Jay Sf I i
Tlrre blocks from liorourh Hall Subway
Open Kvfnlnn t i > t 2S07J Meta
1 f
CYD9 j
Trade Mark
Special Uor Today the 16th I
C1hA3tIAO lOc
MTES ID klndul POUND 19
Eitv TAicAMKis rnrxn
Special for Tomorrow the 17th
NirrrEn niEAM lOc I 1
ITY 10 klodi IOUN 19c I
Pwk Row Btor open evenlnl until II
oclock I
All our itorfi open Saturday evening t
until 11 oclock
We del vel unti purchases of ono doll t
and over between Batten and 300th
streetl sln shi fle11n n
tre1 n5BA S i
CorWeit Wws3t
S Pm
f QtHI Pl i I
At Cash Prices I
largest and Itafit stock of
niamondi Wit 11 cad Jewelry
Ilamondl o Nw Vork
Xo emploTe references r < jalr d I
Call or write for
Illtwtriited Ct1nm < No 4 I
37 Maiden Lane N Y I
a1h Fnltin S ooklni
False Teeth Med to sbsclt15 J
your F a S8 I f7 for Iu eta I
Slr wrt UJ wJRITrl
the lath Inot bout I P U ir
LOSTOn Iwn Unite 1th l BUllilllW and j
Unlt red pocketbook containing i
money nroadwa end I ropers pktbook mar kee
monel and will 0n rewarded l < otb eon
money tents are returne1 to room QIR InleJ j
lluildtng 1 I
States ExNl1 Buldlnl e Ii I
ENOAt Forked Wvw X J fl t > t It e
FnkO IvN
1WW ate a hong illness MAY n wife o
llyron E Eno lllvwaWe lou r
Funeral private Sept 17 I
IlArEflSPt 15 TIMOTHY ltnf
aged 88 native of Iloiic rbarry Cltyf
Cork ton of the late TimothY Ua7 ld
In 4
and Catherine Whelton S
Funeral from nildence of Ml coutln <
Ur Terence Curley 205 Monro tJ
New York Thursday SeoL IT LO t
nelatlvei friends and member of thtj f
Cork Meni tpocithOn are invited In
terment Calvary
MOItOSINIOn Tuesday Sept 13 HOI i
Rlrirdate > f Y 010 I
at hli residence Rlytlts 00 j
VAN I MOnOSlNt In the 7Tlh Teaf
of his ass
Funeral prlrale Pleaie omit COWlr
Sunday World Wants Work
Monday Morning Wonders

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