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j i v iiii 1NI1f 1 < > 7 W r U r I 0
Governor Guest of His Rival
Fraternizes in Syracuse
Where 50000 Gather
Senator Horace White the
Governors Running Mate
Also in the Throng
8TRACUSE Sept liGo Charles T
Hughes and LUutGov IAWI Stujrvt
I ant Chanler meting here today at the
State Fair Grounds on the common
ground of their official duties to the
stat received the snthuslastlc plaudit
of probably the large crowd thit ever
I gathered within the Fair Grounds Gov
Hughe and Mr Chanler first met at a
flagraising at the Academy of the Sa
cred Heart In thU city early In the
forenoon and there as well as at the
Fair Grounds the flgnlftcance of their
meeting so soon after opposite political
parties had named them as their re
apecdve standard bearers was not lost
upon the throng that numbered 50000
The two cmclals were moat cordial In
their greetings and neither at any time
during the day let politics enter Into
the local celebration The tribute of
cheers to the rival candidates when
I they appeared upon the platform within
I the air Inclosure where Gov Hughes
formally dedicated the new Manufac
tures and Liberal
Arts Building
I was
probably Cur more personal than politi
cal In Its message
It was the duty of LleutGov Chan
I lr as exofllclo chairman
of the State
Fair Commission to net as host while
I the Chief Executive of the Stato was
the guest of honor In the observance of
Governors Day
1 Mr Chanlcr Introduced Coy Hughes
1 who In a speech which dealt almost I
wholly with the achievements oC the
State Fair paid a high compliment to
I the members of the state Fair Com
mission The LleutenantOovornor after
ward expressed hIs thanks to the Gov
I ernor Timothy L Woodruff and Sena
tor Horace White tho now Republican
I nominee for UculcnantGovcrnor also
spoke at the Fair Grounds Exchange
of cordial compliments marked the cele
bration from beginning to end I
Gov Hushes Mr Clianer and other
dlitinpulsliecl suejls were enlertalnid
at luncheon In the Fair Grounds and
afterward made a tour of Inspection I
I > of the principal buildings and exhibits
1 Late In the afternoon the Governor ad I
dresied the Daughters of the American I
Revolution anj tonljrht ho and Mr I
Chanler after a banquet at the Cen
i tury ClUb ivlll review the fraternal
I Karnlval parade one of the picturesque I
features or fair wMf
Car Hushes who WOP entertained at
t the home of Frederick U Hazard jr
In Solway a western suburb of the city
Iept tale and Immediately after
breakfast went with his party to the
Academy of the Sicred Heart on the
north side nhero he was the guest of
honor at a flag raisins The party
I which Included Military Secretary
Treadivcll and Confidential Secretary
t M W Smith arrived at the school
shortly after 9M oclock An Interest
Ing feature of this event was that there
I the Governor for the first time since
tho Snratoca romcnton met hs nn
r nine mate Senator Horace White of
At the llaj raisins the Governor said
I count It a happy privilege to begin
the day with the raising of the Amer
ican Hag Ton will never become so
jaded with lifes experiences that you
will full to lave emotion when you look
upon the emblem uf our liberties
He said that It Is well to Inculcate
leva of country In the children by tell
ing them of the opportunities of this
country rntli r than of battle
Addressing the boys he said
The best tiling boys you tan do
for your country Is to become good
clean honest men
The Governor grasped the halyards
and raised the nag while the Star
Hpangled Banner was played
Lieut Gov Chanler mrived unex
pectedly nt the school and the rival
candidates for Govunior shook hands
The flat and pole are the gift of
Sfpiitor Waif to the narish nf HIV
D > r John fl Mullinv Thev jiera dedl
VatM In an adilr In W J McCluikv
John nauillnelli fmiwrly Provincial of
HIP IaH mH Fiithiis in the United
States anil Mexico died at the Passlmi
Ht MonuHlw lien1 tnilay lie was
lorn at Giiina ieIiitL four year ago
Like Music
ql Thsn rerhip1 you would know
what it would mean if a certain
I record was sent to every ohono
graph owner in New York City
the tune or song would become pop
t ubr wouldnt 111
Then imiRine if IOU can whit
broidcist publicity is secured when
i Lost Found Advertisement is
I printed n the Morning World a
14 newspaper Hut got daily Into mart
1e1 Vork Cit I homes and olllcjs
than are reached by ANY TWO
OTHER morning new I3pt PUT
TOGETllERlet a h
gr plis
u >
He Assails Chanler Hushes
Jerome Murphy iiul
Hearst Continued list nsh in the role
of the Grand Slam jtienv atlicK
Ing Chanler Jerome Murphy and Mc
Cnrrm Tleerrin to Chanler he satu
The Democratic party nominated Mr
Chanter who was elocod In an anH
boss campaign end was no sooner
elected ttan ho betrayed the party that
made him and the people uio eectel
All through lili term he as dan gied
i like a little counterfeit brazen nCI
gill charm upon the wal ii cnam of
Dow Murphy
He sold his birthright of Indepen
dence tar a repulsive mess of polllcol
pottage for a nomination the T lu
as disastrous an it Is dishonorable fqr
1 lIe li doomed to tin Ignominious d e
foal he > a richly deserves
I The Itepuollcaii part nominated Mr
Hughes whose crufade againsi rae
track rambling IJ the only crcdlablc
alt of his whole two years term Mr
Hughes vetoed the twocent fare bill
which would have given to the citizens
of New York some of the advantages
of great railroad earninss which now
i fo Into water railroad stocks and
The FiveCent Fare Bill
The Republican administration
smothered the flwMnt fare to Cone
Island w iloh would have given to the
heittormented mlldons of New Vork
City an oportunlty to reach the life
savIng breezes of the se x here for a
reasonable trolley far
Mr Hushes has mads formidable
pretense of his desire to remove the
corrupt Kelsey where the consent of
the Senate Is necessary but he has re
fused to respond to the universal de
mand for the removal of the equally
obnoxious Jerome where neither the
consent of the Senate nor of any other
body Is necessary
Mr Jerome Is the most fully discred
ited and the most generally repudiated
person In public life but the same cor
porations that own Hughes own Jerome
and the same strong blind that compels
Jeromes service prevents Hughes in
Public Service Board
Hughos has created public servIce
commissions but they have been em
pio > ed only to furnish places for his re
tainers and to protect Um public lervlco
Millions upon millions of the peoples
money have been spent to maintain
Commissioners whoso sole purpose and
performance lias been to protect the
corporations In established abuses and
lo prevent municipal ownership or any
other plan of progress and reform
No Inslllullon In the whole history of
the Stale of New York has ever cost
the people so much and served the
people io littln
Afler a few move lams at Hughes
he continued
And when you are through looking
nt time Republican convention look at
tile Democratic convention What a
sorry picture that convention makes
with Bryan exapostla of polilcal pur
lly enthroned between Murphy and Me
I Carren But what a typical scene s
Iher too when Kryan as Murphys
sponsor and Rockefeler as McCflrrcns
I sponsor Join the hanils of these two i
i political bullies of Manhattan and
llrooklyn unit bless the union
There stand two samples of the cor
I rupt boss whose criminal methods are
the main menace of our Republican
form of government
I His Views on McCarrtn
Ther stands tho kind of men who
Moot thcr candidate by floaters and
I colonlrori and repeaters by ballot box
I cuftliiR and also counting and by the
lrinulorv of an enormous corruption
fund I < Clrrn handles the sack for
r the Sandanl Oil and tn this inslniJtlvi
poliiro luck of Mcfarren ftinls the
typical lrut miRiiale who contributes
tin1 sack
Thor loom the ficuro of Standard
1 oil pircha = inR pnliteal favor paying
tor pfiirkm protection fattening on
qlne > Rryan In Fiioh as
What i i nci 131
I toclfitlon Who ra < on itle tIc for rec
onrMlne the force of corruption
Trill v we have i n < > w Bryan a ois
tlnpllynew Divan i c njroccfuly new
Bryan a diaieronalv np v Bon
Front ToDays Sun
The Democracy of the Empire State
Is at least lemporarllv sane and at loist
I superficially harmonious It has put
up against Oov hughes a dangerous
I conteiant In the peon of the honest
Kpntiirniin anl honorable public ofllcpr
whose peculiar destiny It was to be
i elected as IieutenantGovernor Iwo
years ago In the very shadow of
Hiiuhcsp plurality of about ftfifi over
Hearit Mr Chanlfr is likely to corn
I mand the full strength of the regular
Democratic vote If he hru made any
piieoici In poll ie < tey are not nolsv
If thorp Is anv ron for distrustUK
urn It in nn1 OflCitm5 HHIKI ul
I dor c mpeli t ill f itevn ha he Is an
a Ierar ru > t in D il iplid
McDonald Before His Death Ac
cused a Postman of the
Throuch tile IlrooKlyn Wfethoirl the
police hope to learn today the name
of a letter cauliT who li Hllipd lo
1 have lauseil the death cif Ijonit ileDon
I all nf WPSI New lirigluon auuen
I 1laiid
I An uuiupsy pi > rfoi nsd after MiDon
aids dcxlh last night disclosed a rae
turid UuIl us the iuist lie told its
parent just liofoi he died that a is ek
igo In Ia assaulted by a l > ller carrier
In It ruokl n ud run on the licad
HP > aid UIP ltpr currlfr had beeii ut
tCtitlM In the Hrouklyn girl unlll hu
I MrDoiiiilili Ixcumf nijascil to her
Excitement Kills a Noted Negro
IlIXIXflToV K g0 JIt ITThf
1tv J W Hawkins pBftor of ihc
ioureU First HaUt Cllur1 and
Ikdtr t Mi > Ilnifui c n
it v > iiin i > j i KIMIIU es
i i i Ii 1 I I ncr it i
M I r I
J I l <
I n > I I r fIi <
j I lU > 11 I > < I I > i 1 1 r I IT
I inn Titl to urrrii im ani i tier al
t k J he Hanktw residence
Independence League Leader
Scores Former Boss in Let
ter of Repudiation
Following the action ef the former
Independence League organization of
the Sixteenth Assembly District In rot
Ing last night to break away from the
Hearst party and support Bryan Presi i
dent John T Crania mid public to I
day a letter addressed to Mr Hearst
in which Cronin practically charges the
Independence League leader with enter
ing Into a conspiracy to elect TaCt
This It U alleged wu to be accom
plianed by placing the Hoarit national
ticket In the Held
In addition Mr Cronin rays that at
a meeting of the former leaguers In
the fen Kyck Hotel Albany last Satur
day night at which thirty counties In
the Slate were represented It was de
cided to form a Bryan federation and
organize In all the Industrial centres of
the State partlcularl In New York
Men formerly prominent in the league
were at the mutiny
In his letter Mr Cronin resigning as
a member of the Executive Committee
of Ute league sys
Tho leasue has degenerated imder
the selrtsh manipulation of yourself and
your socalled advisers until it has
finallv ended In this howlin fare of a
Presidential tIcket composed of an ami
ai > lo ull dealer and the edlior of your
PPecharfe that previous to your re
turn fioni Europe your former attor
ney and the retary of your Chicago
I Convention Mr Delord was constant i
ly In consultation with William A OIl i i
I man tlie nUnrney and rtprtsentatlvc of
Charles 1 Taft That as a result of
their ujnteuiRe on the 7th day of
I July iiw Mr Ullimin wrote Mr
diaries P Taft as lollona
There IF a matter of tremendous
polltUa iRnlflcance brewlnf 1 am on
i tile liside and within three or four days
mav have a dsciosure to make to you
I nToi will give you tio keenest satis
faction If It oventUKtes I will go to
Cinliinatl lram < ltauly lo fee you as It
I s a matter that cannot be otherwise
communicated Will you please win
mv offlp where you will be from the
15th in the ISth of July W A U
Ilhnan subsequently did go to Cln
clnnal He wa4 In consultation with
Mr Taf
HANOVER Pa Sept 17Leavirg a
couple waiting tO le married In his par
lor Rev C L Illiter nf Ialrlleld cast
1 aside his clerk a Jam nts hastily
uonned old chitlnK anl hurried to tho
si cue ot a tire mir ij and joined a
locket briKidi A < s n an tile lire
vis IXttnRUHhed I i turned dresied
in sunilf atilii and nii iel Mlas Mc
Henry and 1 Lao > Heaver
IJtllt IM ami 1 I qclarcll that
II ey admired tlie pai sgn plui k and
were not at nil ollemieJ by the delay
Main Buildings in Galway De
stroyed and Numbers of
Families Left Homeless
nALYSTQ N T Sept 1TA fire
which started at A M today swept
through the vlllas of Galway ten
miles north of here The fire started in I
the barn of G C Shnyne and spread
In all directions communicating with
the business section of the town The
names could not be checked and leaped
from place to place This village was
asked lor help and sent firemen The
places destroyed were Roblnsonn stole
Johnsons hotel McPhersons hotel the
summer home of Gen Horace W Car
penter of New York and several other
A number of famlles are homeless
No estimate of the damage has yet been
The tlu was not controlled until W
oclock It Is believed to have been I
caused by a tramp
There was only one casualty Scott B
Glenn being badly burned The loss Ii
estimated at PJKO I
Jlother Convicted AV11I Serve Three
Months In the Tninln
Mrs Sarah Rorofsky of No 11 Mnrtct
street was sent to the Tombs prison
for three months by Justice Mayo In
the Court of Special Session lodij
on thc charge of using her ghleeJi
monlhsolJ child to solicit alms
Agent Cook of the Gerry Sooltty ap
pKUod against the woman He said hu
iiiid natmcxl ier Tuesday afternoon v
Iigheenh street and lire iwiiy She
seas dressed in rags and had the boy
in ir arms SLe sapped a dozen tr
more person and obtained money from
eucr invisiigriJin bv Cook dfclopisl
thc fact tlnt the wonuna Llb nd
was a paimer making 3 a lay and tho
family a 4 orcy in he bank
Jues Mao recosnlzed tho women
is han lien arrasned bofor him
twice beoro being allowe eah tim
lo ere free because of her alleged
Starting out for a stroll but suddenly
I deciding to get married a young couple
walked six miles to the refldcnce of
Pev William J Hampton at No 3J
West Fortythird street Bayonne Tues i
day night and were made one They
said they were Grovel T Kecton and
Idna May Heller of Jersey City
I About an hour later the minister was
routed out of bd to perform another
ceremony The couple were Edward
I Cridland and Crarlotlo Elizabeth Ians
hayn nf Greene street Jersey rty I
As in the oilier case elallves of the
minister wen pressed Into service us
witnesses I
JobtQ SoWlI OS i
I Special Sale t i
New Fall Gloves
I For Men and Women
CAPE GLOVES spent1 point now wood
tnn tints vnlun Si < i3 Spcrinl for IU
KID GLOVES Dlfiok inn grny mini white
n dc from tho I h ii nst ol Froiv li nitional
hkius Special 2yt >
iMcns New Fall Gloves
1 i i N li irv i PT pin i I 100
I I Broadway 8th and 9th Sts
Thn Dog SIsv held under the auv
p1cm of the Westohester Kennel Club
In conjunction with the Westchestcr
County Fair and Horje Show on the
White Plains Fair Grounds has been
mich a success that Oliver Harriman
the president of the Fair Association
said today that next year he Intends
to make this feature time biggest ever
held In the State
Samuel Inermyer and J Scott Mp
Comb the Dobbs Ferry millionaire each
were awarded cups and blue ribbons for
their doss today Daughters of
wealthy New Yorkers also took piizos
anion them being the Misses Ortiz
Chandler Bates Clltforcl Brokuv and
Tile second day of the Horv Show
brought out a large number of hi
s > p aid dI d r ig n
was mjch In evidence J n Hereford
offered a special prze in the class fir
pones under saddle the contestants
being Miss May A Weatherbee w ti
Silver Spray II A eaterbee wl1
Oak Lea and Leonard Prince wLii
Mr and Mrs Oliver Harriman are en
tertaining iulie a house pMt it their
country mansion on the ouitkirt of
White Plans Unon their g iesti are
Mr and Mrs Reginald Vandeioilt
iedeiation President likes 1
Admissions in the Bucks
Stove Inquiry
5HINGTON Sept 1Thp taking
f tctlmony In the OompcisMltch
Motrson alegeil contempt case In con
ection with the Iluchs Stove and
tange antiboycott procscdlngs agnlnst
lese oftkcrj of the American Fedora I
In of Labor was resumed by Kxani
ier Harper today with President
ompers on the stand I
Mr Davenport giin nas Interrogate
for the prosecution and he sought espe
aly to develop the facts concerning
ie circulate of tii Ja miry issue of
le Federatlonlst fie official publlca
orginliition which number
in of tie I
Mr Oomperj ha ssited ia expedited
i order that It m ght be gotten out be I
ire tht Injunitlon should become oper I i
M > Davenport asked Mr Onmpers to I
s are iif purpose In cncilne out the I i
ui ur sine after the Injunction was
ai o1 Vits it ie iifked to an
ate the operation of the decree
> le I otlierwis wuid hav prevented
on from i < iinc It I
Mr Gomprs renllil that ho hud not
leen sot nhetlier Mr Van leave
i iid tile his bi flit and thus make the
iliciee ooeratvo Ut In any event
IP went on I minted to Issue the
January number lust ns It had been
1 pre ared crier to Dec 23
With the nnme of LIe liuck Stove
and Range Company on the unfair
list Mr Davenport suggested
Mr Uompirs replied In the arllrma
Was not your motive to be found In
the aprehonslon that the Injunction
would he carried Into effect
I had no motive In particular There
was no Injunction In existence to pre
vent my getting the issue out
What was the vccaalon for the
hurry Z
I wanted to get the Issue out before
the injunction decree becnni opera
I tive
That Is a question I ought not to he
called upon to answer
Mr Davenport Insisted nnd Mr Gom
rmfi replied
Iwanted to cet the SHle out so we
could continue the Dont patronize list
without Interruption
Without Interruption by whom 7
Without interruption by any one
Mr Oompcrs replied
Did yoU nol turin that you wa a ted
I to nvoM the IntiMTUptlon of the Our
i Tilt anII iT niiiliH nil MI M
1 rjnmpors there was danmr of Mi
iiuoiion b > the Uucks eoflpaii
REDOING Cal Sept liB an or
der of President Huojevet ahUI 7i > 0M
acres of land adjolnlnu ti > Orfiontali
ornla line i 5 to b set ai io is a re pr
I ration for the propagation and proleo
I tion oC al ca tie blius The orler li
eludes all land nol lullaiio rr agrrru >
lural purposes The land dcvrlhed x
I protmbiy the greatest hrvdlng ground
In the world for water fowl
Mmx M M = ijiLa aa > ilMM ai > in ir
Absolutely the Last Two Days of
Spears Remarkable Dollar Sale
We advertised last week is being the final week but have hid so many
requests for a week nv re of tins sale tint we have had to give in to public
demand II you have not as yet availed yourself of this great opportunity
do rot let thise two days go by without VIsiting us Let us show you as we
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article of furnture a carpet or rug and it 111 be dilivered to your home in
payment of ONE DOLLAK We also wish to show you that ours is the only
This Colonial Sut comes in three pieces composed of settee irm chair
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ered in removable cushions of silk velour Each cushion COi 95
fastens with silk cord and tassels P
1 Cali lOne Wffklr
One Dollar Brings a Carpet or c
Rug to Your Home
HltrvSKIS CAUrmS braut till pat
ter V iluinlilr worth > ic ii 63c
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This Davenport cm be shown
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Satir ays
Cincinntii 26tUAVELI6UiT Unill 10 F M
L 4
Carrie Nation
Breaks In on
Bill Taft
Hatclietless She Invades Can
didates Home and Gives
Him a Gab on BOOM
CINCINNATI Kept 17Mrs sine
Nation without her hatchet dropped i
Into town early today and went direct
to the Pike street address of William H
Taft The Jude himself admitted Mrs
Nation to the spicloiu lull I
You know me site demanded with
out preliminaries
The candidate admitted that from the I
public prints he knew who Mrs Nation i
Well I have come here to have a
discussion with you on the liquor ques
tion was her next remark
You will have to excuse HIP from en
tering Into any discussion with you
was Mr Tafts lialfsrnlllts icplv
Whereupon Mrs Nation lugati one of
her haracterl tlc speeches against the
drink evil not overlooking H condemna i
tion of all those who did not so valiant
ly to thn worl of reform us she be
lieved It should be carried on
Judge Taft was modestly backln I
aviiv and Mrs Nation spemlnfly mine
vlul awed bv what she vs ilmnc
ilso backed her way out of the dui
and thp Interview was ended
FortySeven Years a Policeman
Anderson the oldest member of th < j
i Metropolitan polce torn ha applied
for retirement lcaujo of failing health
Anderson was born In Mar lind II
ISO After eivmg three months in the
Union niny 1e wn al Sept ii iv > a
i iiMorn al > I a puln fniun In tle District
of roHimblv Oi tin KI men worn II
at that time no is I lie niiv one inaln
ing on tli foiv He it ut nh n badge
No 1 which Ie Las sln1 retained
1 n
Candidate Deserts Cincinnati
I leadquarters for I lis Broth
ers Home
ClNClNXVri Kept lTVlth th IKf
slreniiotif speaklnc lllnran nf luds
Tn It divided upon the tlmn Intervening
bel 01 e hi1 louvre here on his first tilpj
will Iu devoted Unily to I he prppaimi
I lion of numerous Important speeches
lie ir to deliver through the West
TWIt this woik may be done uc mOlt
cxp illtlonsly Mr Tad will spend the
Heater pail of cuh clay at the 1ika
Street residence of his brolhsr when
he vlll bu able to avoid the many call
IT who constantly throng the head i
limner In lie S I stun Hotel
Tin re nuiy bo a delegation or two
which will come from Ohio points btiC
the icccnl porch feature of th cam
palgn seems to Imvo been omtilutPly
eillpaed by the more Imporunt pro
ramme of tiavel
Wag Behind FoodPrice Increase U
IHNnTON Sept 17The average
nagi per hour In the principal maun
faituin nil inrviunkMl Industries 08
Ltu country acre 37 per cent higher In
IK i than in 130ij while retail prices ul
Mil nuro 41 per ent higher Reco do
Ing to the July report of the Bureau ot
Lab ir Hut tlo putilinsliiK povvur at
ii en wirfc is nHa > li red by food v v it
i M 11 T in 1 Itj t lie decci
t iIt o I Vi if nni rr CeO I
For Infants ard Children
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Signature v4
of d U
i fiBrill Clothes
Why Brill Values 9 I
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I Close mill connections t3riiidirtCt
I tailoring organizations Brill volumebusi I J 1
ness competed tor ly Americas leaJinj I
wholesale tailors four Brill stores opmuM 1
under one executive expense all are trade I if I
advantages that reduce aerially the cast I I i 1 I I
I to you at every pmit hll Iniv In Brill 4 A U d j
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I Cravenett
and Fall oats S10 r 4 I I
H5 918 and 1W Values
The ovfrrrcnfuction Hall 1903 Riioits r 11 i fI J If1
the model Fall l ° OS Fall coals from a lea i
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eoas mart g fl QSO
Fall Coats 1350 Iuinr fancy Knicker suits all
wool bliieiuts new Military Hin
All these are journeyman tailored sian suits blue serge Russan strts
garments the Fall Celts are oiive covert and blue serge Refers and
tan brown and nell gray shades in covert and cheviot Top Cr ats
addition to the black arid Oxfords 56 B5ue Serqc g l95
The Cravenette raincoats are uf 395
standard worsted raincoat fabrics In Knicker Suits v
new stripe weaves new gray shades These are Winer weight full 1C
and Oxfords
I ourrce serge guaranteed pure wor
sted Models are cut full and have
Has the r all the newest kinks cuff sleeves
B His
I as e Boy IS 1908 button through pockets etc Seams
Fall Clothes let lr taped trousers lined
I 8750 to 81250 Suits 11
Try Drill Clothes this Fall Drill Special at 4
clothes for children are cut full and Including allwool
I roomy nothing skimpy about them Knicker suits with two pairs of
the tailoring is expert work done by Knickers finest Sailor suits and
specialists In Childrens tailorlrr the Kneepants suits
I fabrics are specially selected to stand Extra Knickers
I hardes usage the models ire new 2M value Blue Serge Knickers 150 II
I and pleasing In the next column 150 value Worsted Knickers95
some extra special values are listed SIS value Velour Knickers79
I 1lj
rouit STORES Hirlem stort > ODeS BTealnn
I 2T9 BROADWAY nr Chambers St 25th STREET cor 3d Avenue
UNION SQUARE 1 4thStnrBway 47 CORTLANDT nr Qreenwloh
il You Know This ManSo Heres a tip I II
See that He Reads This Mailing Slip li
I I iivateilinlip S
I I called on you the other night 1
For drugs I hoped would cure
Ill never call again until
I A new clerk you secure i
II The dope that your nun handed me
Shows plainly that you should
i Read World Situation Want Ads sir
For clerks not made of wood
4 r 1

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