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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, September 17, 1908, Final Results Edition, Image 11

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1 o ft n IU 1II1A1 u I rt t + si
if 11II9fIrI ye p i ii IT r T 1 r
I RungWoman Who Appears
t t Rational Asks Police to
I Protect Her
fills of Attempt to Take Her
I From Home to Asylum
r Ambulance
Ieaaee she Is In constant dread her
i Mtfbftnd will carry out an alleged threat
to foo her tn an Insan asylum a
prtttr Intelligent looking young roman
wb dnorlbu hersolf ai Mrs William
O etougbfon wife at a broker of No 2
Wan street laid he would go to the
WU1 street eald ahe would to to the
warrant tor hie arrest
Very nerou the young woman I j >
p ared nt the Tenderloin station last
night and naked for protection asalnst
kldnappax to whioheshe told Lieut
D rap li y she fcarod her husband would
ruort In order to railroad bor to an
She told the lieutenant that
sine she
and her huabind separated last Febru
ary the Ere been earning her living by
flMlgnlns In a hop In Sixth Avonue
between FortyseoonJ and Fortythird
streets and by art work living over
the shop with the manager family
Who are old friends
w My husband she said brought po
licemen and nn nmbuhncu to our iom
Fb a to tako me to an asylum The
ambulance surgeon utter making IIn ex I
amination reused to take me and the I
police also refused to hue an + thins
further to do with tho case Soon after I
that I took our month and a half oid
child from our house In Edecomhe ae
nui and left hIm sending my little girl
I to a home In Fiftyfirst stroll
When I was In my husband offlces
last Friday he told me ho was going to
I lend mu to an Insane hospital at the
I first opportunity It he had to Kidnap mo
I I am no more Insane than he Is
I have Blnre become
I more and more
afraid until I tear to bo nlone owlni
1 to his threats I tear every minute he
will end some one enter me and repeat
his attempt of seven mouths ego
Pleaaa tell mo what to do
The young woman eyes tilled with
tears and she Impressed every one
about tho Btaton as being rational The
Lieutenant told her it might be well
to let her husband make the first move
but It she desired she could get a sum
mons to force him to keep the pearr
toward her and the left saying she I
would pursue that course
She said her husband lives at No 153
Edsecombe avenue their home before
they separated She says that up to the
time of the alleged effort to lend her
to an asylum they had lived happily I
and the knows no reason why he should
wish to get rid of her
Coming from Coney Let
im Go Just Back My
self Said Mussed Victim
Policeman Mike Cotter of the Oak
ltr tet station was standing on Park
Row near the north roadway of Brook
lyn Bridge at 4 A M today when nn
automobile containing several men antI
women bound home from the Coney
bland Hard Onus earn whirring
around the corner
A man happened to he crossing the
roadway and the automobile struck him
full fore and hurled him across the
Tau ohauffsur mad no effort to atop
and Wa putting on speed when Cotter
jBiada a flying leap and landed In the
front of the car lIe seized the cnuf
Tb Injured man was picked up and
after a doctor had worked over him he
eald ht was Oscar W 8eetin of No
na West Thirtyeighth street
Were these people coming from
Coney Island he then asked
6tMr we were replied the chauffeur
who had told the police that he WAS
Bamnd E Fradrteki of No 130 Lafay
Bette avenue Brooklyn We had been
town the having a good time
Then let him go Haverln said Ive
titan down there too and Ive had a
I good time too I dont want to Inter
fart with anybodys pleasure after the
1i t ttme Ive had Ill go home and get
patched up
111D to this time the men and women In
I the automobile had not spoken The
women were frightened and sobbing
When Severln announced that he illdnt
want to prosecute they began laughing
and as the automobile rolled away they
gate cheers Then Beverln caught a
car and went home
Every advertisement printed In
THE WORLD talks to more bust
ness men and housewives In New
York City dally than can be reached
through ANY TWO OTIILR morn
Ing newspapers COMBINED
74S Wrld AJs TALKED Lest Sea4s7I
uc u
a A
> rV
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OO + Hlb breasted coats S17jvalues No 95 forty differeI1 lasts Leathers are Shiny 1 < 00
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00 firrt 1 sizes 7 to 1 years 1 11111111 w IFt t is size from fl to 11 and AA to 1 E 41 s 98 f < 00 <
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1 < 1 Challeu lenge Sole lrlc Orders Vilu 04e r r au 1 ar i UPS 0 Or Orders Clml M
0 Inu Price ale 9bc a nlr hulloae for 1rlre a I > c hale I linllrngn rice fl9c Prlro si II ureOzC tenor Irice Sale lOc X10 1 48 Ir lmlleot Vrl e 5i lr lenge dole Irlce 75c Sale I imler li 1rlco jKe 69c Cludlenge aue irlie 98c tnlues ulr1rlca lialliiuio 16c Umllnid orders bnle 1rlc 39c Aero ten Price n Ghat Sole 66c lrlre enge nle 39c w 00
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JAPANhsn 1 It IL DIU Tf EQltU of UilM In ffmilne
r ft I 11adt of IjNC J Nfc N9Itequttful Juniors Suits u90 1 llrAllierhlixini Mo W
7J i A fJroidcUli Wonderfu bur Jeilrn In arsrfec diem and 50 C + An nstoundlnt ° n tern and Sateen In M
crntrrplrreel IH yaluw 1 esq bnignm for c j ttl 51
32inch Inn Meij r nlRIn 01 I
0 gains S me urn ° jj r f J Murk colors or M
C 1 n coat prettily capleaot e TABLF fin sn DAMASK dl In wide all lOc linen rotor soft U9C tt < tiZ tills > car time At this of I f 1S q funcr PI n I lis nnil 51
11 trlmmtd wlth mReteted ti BBU MUBAJM croJieted henunej price you r a tripes 1retlllr 00
11 Skinners satin striped lining Skirts malls e lame sine 7nj values Clul 4 Ar 4 toudn make get a for A1EN S lL1L 11 ti I Innied In II Tl1 M
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1 L u BLLACHED s < OFT FINISH CAilBUlC sup led him ft J GLOVLSjUth shyjit illl not be duplicated ot SA
of butt ns anti fold giving the cipe wire de fur 10n s uhlrts and women s and r A with all the t l Iltl price W
0 n L oh Ibol near yard wldd l2r that have been I
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r0 effect rut Miryjujj The colors slgnrd r t ralu < s Limit 20 ranli I6 If r in u t u r I a I a s r perfections 1 > nines Ware
LyOUC U TIC Made In tho
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a + 0 Pree I
are Black Bfue Brown and Green G t new JO Inch HHAVT WHIGHT COMFOKTUHS up to 32 M
All sires force of TUB 14T1I hlllEJrr STOlli II o x Coat for full size beds In handsomn t lillINS SI 00 HILK GLOVER Clmllengu 51
Main Hoorl
sJ rnlCiners C f El leHalr t1t floral or Persian deslsna j oe block and white double linger Hale 00
ltioitr r 1 I I ted id ill u J19S values 125 t 1 Challenge Sale i19c t lllce
wom < IS own Challenge Sale Specials t tit JJaSllI HKAVV SATEEN COVKRBU COI Pilce 00
Jj ttort II t front Plaited FX > RTKIUf Biiltible for full size WOMANS ELBOW LENGTH mer r lllce88c M I
d SUIISn s eKIrti Variety beds with pretty scroll 1 US cerized lisle GLOVES 16 button 88c W
7 t1 rooms Leather Goods colors In > 1 U I
wool Broal rnt S of Btltohliw JJCO iiJues S black mousquetalre S100 49c 00
00 2 I wool mixtures values Challengo Sale Price
a sloth CSi vloUi too i HAND BAGS U sizes 11 Jtlu3rc1 0 Heavy Weight Ulanaets
r elg u THE Mill siitrirr STOut
unit 51
00 and f ncr mix alike nn1JITt and fun 1 SluuOx rfii Main ijnnr MOMFVS nil UPEHS of goad per
+ metal frivmes 1 fn C val 690 KXTRA JlhAVi FULl StXE il m 1r II ue and Illicit stripes 00
00 tuns Newest o < tor ihonlni of hats ever die side telwTtn + i ues BAsrnn AIAICK liED HIVNK an1 l xn nVrn trlmmM with fancy
K and M Inch pnee at ess than ren i I1S with pink and blue 13 Sale i + IIon1 Mr Uth fbunces 00
l forgo con > ntae rSisses eP Gl149 Challenge Specials Sale AOr
IJJ C Hiie v i r inpej In fry fainlon hll ro jaTh 1 I borders 200 values vl > J 7c litj frith dunces 49 v
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to v gale er han = ° I Suits 114 CALiroliNIA P1N18U UED 00
Z it lr trimmed Olhvi i uts at 40 < au + J750 w Vie I 25c Fine Ar alclath UIA iKUTS white und ray MENS Undermuslins
I t j 1l nub SMnner and up to Si 01 Ue C and a o 0 I wills silk binding WT5 Co 75 f1UULltGli w
IJtJ Second Floor I US obekI IMneh double Pond slnl values Pair > PG < y MLSUN IHUWBRd with full ruffles It
Il e ittn bands ic µ 0M11trrun m W E A R ALLIGATOR LEA PHbIt BAG Iml breaded Bt > ki F nc > strlpol linin g h I kTS f and hepistlteoi1 hems Jic tic W t
51 T Lined will HVlH Orcatft variety of stjles tArq1 li > ath r lined Inside flteJ Full circular iklrts very well IIluk rna ted Pillows Al V s r aloe Clalknje bale Price
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trim skinneraaun
rlth trlmmel with Skinners
t coin pursa alga 12inoh W
00 1 In batln Silk Vehet or Felt him checks Covered ultli tall ticking
1 rt T auarfcntMd CrlMIINKGOAT SEAL IjEATIIKR glue brown and Uniy c Coyert > 90 or I T1IK Hill srilKET STORE M
ri yr ply but stylishly trimmed Small with PIM U 16 and IS years 890 l + tlltnl with odorless troth OQp + i hrcniid lloor W
nQ In Back onlv j
W 3 s ttln XlloT or medium shapes and the popular SIRM future era Wo saluei oy C ea It A
larmlnr Interlocklnr Ipather env 1 1 1 cZ
00 plaited or new Charlotte Coiilaj Hats pwl ffamff In Gilt and Otii I A rrrgt nun Free lIC Charge J LARGE 812K FEATJIKR Ill ar e n S t I1 I 1 JO W
450 393 S349 fitted with large coin purse QQ LOWS coereU with 1I11Y or A I ll l t Challenge S Gale cZ
t Girls Three rtnlent
1 totedalroular 98c ThreeQuarter
M T Imitation lrnnrhrntelneal VOL C A ticking No dust O r Or Iltl W
W rr iklrU Colon 298 X 198 and 149 < v ft tnmnrrnn Length school Coats idor 9 > o values 69c o I Rand I t I alt t
VSJ k t Uick blut t Mulnlloiir R al Alligator Leaher Bags Plain maierals extra full sweep full 1 HIE 14FII HlllllT ST011K dark CO Or I 11 EI 1 Corsets
i A trimmed imrth 1luorl ti All S I
lane cure oHri NMtlr
00 bro wn taaoX Inside fitted with large coin purse gs Q I t l
t Challe to match and real leather lined Dyer shoulder w lth epaulets Colors i JUS Cor cf Coutll long M
I1Z Ifi 4 to All slits Challenge Sale Specials 8Inch Rata SIOJ at S22H are Mu brown red tre q Cl II ale S 1 Byoi p tl hl1 straps on front
jJ Z 11 r 1 I loollvel a 0Inch Hags n BO at in slues Sites 8 to H Years 574 169 Challenge a e Specials Ij SUC S + mode especially for full
f s 10 Inch Pan 4 00 at 273 W
00 00 1 e 1 r Y fir L 125 00 YthHs WAISTS 11 12nch Inch nags nags SB 4110 00 at aL 2119 340 Girls f School Dresses Laces NecR wear VAlU01 a 1 flpures four plain hose bound supporters
V rj i 1 ChnnzlaJ Girls dresses of fine Cltlatea and woM 29c top strong steels and
r 0 If 11 1 l 4it v 1lln Floor PlAId newest styles variety of j IN DREhS bone eerv pair sun QJJ
v O M E N 8 UN
t JV
nte colors a to M I nil
VI t + r 1 sizes years 1 98 antectl good lit altos
15TB I w TTIerT
1 It OIKIK KM v Vue Ii
uet MEVS NBMUOEE SIIIHTS neir Fall 1glOlSlns
1 + 33 IS a 14 90 A prettllr made with Challenge Salt Specials MissesWaiUingSUirts white ere t F pattern Itndrni Iorwlei and Cham Challenge I 39 tsn
M AIt 1 line embroideries IInd eCIII n I bray cost and cuilom models 59c Sale Price tf W
r1iJ nnd clusters of Of tint Panama miner platted oInt t Values to 3L 50
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line nss rip e up rrnml 1 Inor 1
pin luckv Toilet Articles with wide fold blue Iron inj TIr 00
v o piniia 50C backEI1378Slenllhs2ns 169 nel lottec UFAS NBOUOEE SHinTB < oISc M
W M H all d orne New Fall ftitt 7 GROUP ZBo lOc Porn Hani Inils lubber 2 boxes Combs for lOc 100 vatuet Tiiuiirti iitnnr STOIIK < and tes IKns 1I < wI e e + I ax7l MBVS value SirK NECAE1An 121L Challenge Sale Specials
A Hroond Flnnr
I1Y tI Suits 1190 OF LIST t N 0 assorted E R JSc 19c lrroxldi ayrnD Fiji IlYdruaea 44 10e U1 t > rrr111 c f MUSS z > c vaauel INUiaO HLUE FLANNEL ltI
In ptllll 25c CnInrU nc i EC L29 fs IIIIT hear warm mats e c
broadoothi 13 In coats 1UUcc C 98c p 51
I IL rlaURTS1 p
lined models IIruobee10c Challenge Sail Specials JL lSOvslu
00 trlnund with Skinners aitln IIn vaiuns up 69c 250 linporteil Tooth rnrn rials ro v u s
fSJ with guaranteed san circular and to aL6u 200 Huhftoam Pocket Comb lie ll1c OKRMAN AND LINKX TORCHON THE 14TH RTnFBT STOKE
lover taltedeklrta EH1tRE + 17c
w black plaited blu brown u R II 0 l SIADRASWAiSTS 2Sc Violet AnnnunU tOe Men Coat Sweaters LACES anti Insertions to n t Main floor KFY WERT SPBCIU llJIIJh erode
t y and green all does 141 1 1JJ neallr faltered 2 Be HowtHter Oljcerlnt and Hn mAtch widths to 6 Inches VIC JV domestic Cljirs lfll rilrerHrel at
1860 nliie with half inch I0n lOe shaped wov regularly Sc Foul i > 5TT lebrnte < l for their jood 70 001
00 ir Raincoats a plaits and Lana lOc Hlilte Castile Soao 3 forH > e or VET TOP AND KMBHOIDFRFr eclal3 5od bis of V = t yt no
Women Cottons Lon < < Be Poap 1 rakes Inn 100 en neck rein 11 LACKS b MmoID Challenge Salt Specials iimoKlne quilltv oU l2 Itt
VAI bindings i
Of 76na0 Fin Combs tor lUc nga ana In HTVF > SJIIIItOn k Cos famous W
QJJ t flno satin striped taffeta blnclt etecees uro04c Ida White 2 forced facing sertlona In nhlto and of the 1 ly ajyer
i7 Witch lIa1 Seam > Be C1gor one largely
blue and brown 63 Inches long v1tU IBc Mnnjons
1 1 guaranteed rainproof extra tull DUSTY WAISTS 2m NET values AND TAF In ctkis for 2e Armouro Boa Uo and > yard cream regularly 19c 1 If HOSIERY Nt tire populir brand box of J f 39 00 tZ
sweep C h allenge J15CO values Sale jn Q 75 F SVhtle an1 DyckbackWnt uo r 03 for Shrclii1ng pearl f v t r Nec HHSOVcO11 DOMINO ii V onIWI W l
Irk P ort ru le s Osen 1ro i or wr11 806 too Rubber Slieetlnit Ii3a pattrl 1 1i J Womens NecKweur 1I ANUCIIIhIIIiINJ Cigar mAde tn the the stanajrVl ae tlllson of other M n
buttons 1 to
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trlmmI yard f ons ASII t loq IIn up
M W tile ratinnt Frer nf Clinrtf mnipA elaborately SWEATERS fJnot I BOc Fountain 8 > rjn i fit tr ts DOTTI7U COMPLEX10V VKtl lIiim in rkJ well known brands mite bY then W n 1
FlllE I fill SrilKKT HfOKE ultI NS Front CXT omamcnte1 with roarl tl l gea 30o all in r iJ X11 rl t lNXJ Inblock white 0 and colnrit11 regular price 300 box of I fiu 00
wcavcis and all deslmblo I tan
W Secoud lloor stitched poiketj 2Ua Vhlsk Brooms magpie Ida aJJ dread xr C oM Ito Rule jl lr ICO
rarserrnnra rr buttons sleeves also Gray Red and 188 = ta the pOp rb 11t h l i h ale e nine 2oc ard i ur up to HJiL Ial OO I
00 full e SL00 Ljdla IlnU f111 nO dOl Jh hC lJ TUt7I nom
CIUlPrlnutJi Whlto Uboo VIii ular 1 1 SOOO LACE STOCKS In whit 19c Tin 1 1TII mtr tIZ
ecalo t
6eCla i r ° ham ecelatil hli Floor
c a tn a I ± iIi creamoIBabyIrITShlolntenl e nnJL ot + Main W
l5J WOMEN FVNCY STITCHED = KOc tmnpoumt HUo ln shades s iItll 1 i II J FiIJ I and Silk mbroUlorecl Filet Lace M EN B SEJOILEIH 121
KnIt Uh 2 roT 3WEVTBRS In Red Oran and rt II 00 Lucarets nine of can of oxford I 1 I HI + f nnlheol In the Gibson I o 1 r 1 HALF K09E feet blank end Challenge Sale SpecIal W I
breasted r
rwear While Double band IJver Oil mll o Ob Rlit 1 i ili l style vftltio 5c a hun 1212 C tan pllt 1m l
ornamented with Pearl but 80o Kllilr Phosphate bothplain UW > lrj 11 Jrxl Hfferent styles 72 fancy color < tJ
IZJ t + iFK nIDDED tons a iIU roltng collars 9 1138 Iron fululnf line and 1 lI 4 1 i MAILU1OU STOLES In black vauis C tsn j I
Nirnnchnl fancy 9lT pair
tIr values
J39S i
II LF F C J LINFJD I Hlrrchnlit 45o il and natural 77 lnchoi r S C l WALL PAPER W
QJJ Calton C01
rMv + 3 Aliorbrnl Cotton pound H > < tCO tl 5 jtnnds value 49 C111LDRENS til
lOo a
Till Cause B yds 10c tJ4C I TON uaClm llum tTtJ
00 JOc Absorbent C I gfS1 e s
floor J1l
Second J iiillt
Tra j I II 5400 n LOT
1TiTFnnco or 100 8 > nil > JIjpophosphllM Com allle I Main Floor I he r U ver1ela stic MO SPKCTAT IATae 121 I
00 iili rt s LOll pint alO r wetR duDte heels containing 10 robs tide Jl t I w
g poIIR V
tt i Hleeves Dou Challlllge Sale Specials 3100 ulpho Nallthol W Boys Worsted Sweaters nn nn quality knees and too ISU and 20 yards border 1m I I
t2 I k1 + c 10 I e x e lito II 25c dOc Sirup Ponds Milie Kxtrart Ill Compound Kin IOci Single colors roll collars and cuffs Challenge Sale Specials relussI pair 9 Uc FlzMl Enough room for a g II n M 15 l w
00 r I Ii OJ l 5c T nn vll 39c Children Dept 70c 100 2Gruln llul ber U ilulnlne over Pills lIIe lr aalues 26 10 plain 31 < SI and Rd fnnw H M 49c u WOMBN SaUtIF > COTTON val BT l OK values Chal 68c I j
00 uesV I 29c 15o Iteef Coropopsls Iron suiil Talcum Mine Powder 1r I lie 1u Third llnnr HAIR GOODS uea INfJI fat color12Sac gj Ie11RC Sale Price 4 i
4 J b I rar B Nl S EWFA Lfj 26o Aulirjs nt8ntlnerIUo tVOMEN9 IMPOmED COTTON ANC HIGH CLASS TVPFS M r
FINIREIIINI3ED1 Lll Brerrthlnt In the Hair 9TOtRINndD U I twotoned I J
lrr FINE RII1DED all Main Floor n I LISLE STOiKINQS In J be t ° TRY silt two tan e 1
r Co COAT8Jn + Challenge Sale Oooli line has been irtat v r d sat fli Q t
i1 FLEECE LINED 00101 Collar f r VV na Itnge Specials rolj ai rtmnt of catrl crt251 efffrH anti n II
UNDEHWCAH one Irim leJucM pain fancr and emtrolJerel 25C I ri tultabl1 JJJ j
i Vests have high snJ Uffs trimmed rel Challenge Sale Specials Q 2 flWlroHF vi M inch ClfUT hlKh spllcef heel and Ines STOIIE for Uh any parr room In the 00 r
inifidivef Go r
r j f med 300 GoCarts X279 ITIIK HTM TIlrET +
1 V
r no c II long L MCO value turn 5r to r
frt manem Main Unor
IS leevcs Prettily 115 01 20J Inch CUHIT NnliM Challenge Snip 00 t
W 2 I flnlshsd with Bilk f J r tut mt 3 Ill NOTIONS t it about H less thin usual Fold 8 ITrIIEfl II I 59 Prices 1 f
00 q roo he t Pure triilsBlij a a m for tile SKIRT ing style Reclining T a du a oj Special Luncheon Friday 12Jc IlJ 9c I
whlt and cream to 41ff ± 1 S T RAt 0 II T 18c t
t 300 qUill Vafu i Coal 1 lit M A It K E UJ dinIng back and swrr1jUS rOm 189 C nO ST VIIIOINU HAM with 3QC 00 I
work fuel like Coffee r > Tl T E IJ
25 1 Ba 1 TrxurCofts I M l
n < nsc1
W It C r tdJusUblt dish elcnech TSEI M
the dollar one S VIUXJWE PITFS mads of natural nLlTFFISH with UMTHKn Satin h
rice 1J1lt AU RIIK t d W VT hair natural 1 tWa tHIED CIIOIOE I J i QJJ f
s o guaranteed wavy 198
00 1I11lJmNfI NATURAl FLEECE 198 j TASSFIH Ore I Oc tt tt vlos now runt Dear end mashed 25C 11Imnak and TPKKO
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