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Evening World Daily 0 o Magazine Thursday September 17 1908 1
I M 1 Wr Tl
g PJIIIJlbed Dally Except Sunday by the 1nss IuMlshlnf Company V os 12 ts 83
IHI low New York
or MInt MUTZin r T tin 1M Mrtrt t At Its nil Vlr I1 Tm nM 11I111 far 4
r Entered at the Iosi Oillco nt Now York as SecondClass Mall Mutter
L o ubierlptlou Itales to Die Evening For Enplane mil the Continent land
L I World for tio United States All Countries In the International
s and Canada I Postal Union
tone Tear J3GO One Year ttnJfi 6
One Month 30 One Month < u
1 VOLUME 49 NO 17104
1 Permitting himself to be drawn even n little way Into a discussion of
the reasons why the free and unlimited coinage of silver at the old ratio
la not an issue In this campaign Mr Bryan Is In danger of forgetting
the solemn vledgo with which he entered upon the contest A platform
Hi binding he aald In his speech of acceptance as to what It omits as
Iwell M to what it contains No candidate had a right to raise other
toiuea he contended and no President would be justified In advancing
Ideas which bad not received popular approval
Naturally enough his Tart hw attempted to revive the silver ques
tion and Mr Bryan has helped him to the extent of explaining why In
til opinion the coinage standard Is not Involved In this campaign The
production of gold has had aa he says something to do with the
putter no doubt but U Mr Bryan were entirely frank and wholly sound
dally he would know and he would say without equivocation that the
rM tlhrer issue li dead because Its fundamental error li now almost tinl
Maraalty recognised and that political leaders urge it no more became
11s7 an trail aware that they can hope for no encouragement at the hands
K the people
Tb omitted Issues were wisely omitted They had split the Demo
L o party in two They had twice rwbolmed Mr Bryan In defeat
they tad given tho country Into the hands of a plutocratic majority
rZIiah for yean had ruled without intelligent or effective Opposition
hot to hale omitted them mount party annihilation When even the Pop
tftsta forgot to reaffirm their old financial dduslons there could have been
H XCUM In reason for Democratic persistence therein
It there hM been any progress toward Democratic harmony In this
+ iMmpaign ttiu been due to Air Bryans opening pledge as to the omitted
wrnM It would be the height of folly for him now by excuses and apol I
Mtfe to seek either personal or pasty justification for those errors Free
MQrer and most of the other popullstio lunacies of the Chicago platform
Ire dead and damned Mr Bryan Is not called upon to deliver any pane I
cjrrfcB over them He has Democratic planks In his platform this year
2 which are worthy of his entire time and attention
The best way to make Mr Taft and everybody else forget the omitted
Issues Is to urge unceasingly the true Democratic remedies for the evils of
ttooserdtlsm which are tariff reform economy In expenditure opposition
l to war opposition to Imperialism publicity for campaign contributions
rod everlasting hostility to plutocracy and privilege
i u4
1 Of all places in the world one would naturally go last to Chicago for
enlightenment on the subject of fashions for men Chicago produces a
tittle of everything but In mens apparel the prevailing style appears to
be an odd mixture of Broadway and Dead Mans Oakhi Nevertheless the
American Style and Fashion Show la now In progress there and w e are
Informed that tailors from all sections of the country are present and
that many new and some startling Ideas in dress will soon find expression
lion even In New York
From the little that has developed concerning the meditations of those
4 who are In council over fall and winter modes only one thing Is clear and
that is that the lords of creation are to be garbed hereafter in gayer colors
and more pronounced plaids and checks Grape blues and blacks are to
be tolerated but If one wlahea to be particularly distinguish In appear I
ance and to have the true Chicago flavor he will array himself presently
In the most brilliant and beautiful greens pinks browns and purples and
If he can fet material for a vest that will quarrel with the rest of the
atilt and daale the yes of all beholders so much the better
On these lines a good deal will be conceded to Chicago perhaps for
there Is general disposition to liven up the dress of men but one chronic I
propensity of State street must never find base Imitators In Fifth avenue
While New York may accept zebra tiger lilac morning glory and other I
bewildering effects In suitings let it be understood at the very beginning
that pint hats and sack coats are not to be worn together In the morning
and that tan shoes will not be tolerated with evening dress
Chicago mar eet some fashions It cannot be permitted to enforce Its
own peculiar views as to all of them
The outcome of the election says Mr Harriman makes no differ
ence to us one way or the other As long as we keep our balances In the
banks we dont care who Is elected This may strike some people as a
1 Bunsbylam but It Is not It Is the gospel of money It Is tho philosophy
of the sailor on shore leave I
Bank balances are highly useful They give their possessors a feeling
Of security They represent power They signify prosperity To keep
them It Is necessary that they shall Increase When they decline It Is
dn Mr Harrlmans opinion high time to note the signs and portents and
to manifest some Interest in public affairs
Somebodys bank balance then must have been exceedingly small four
t years ago when he made a night visit to the White House and returning
quickly to New York raise 2COOOO for use In the last days of the Prcsl
dentlal campaign Furthermore when Somebodys bank balance has
reached the dont care stage of effielenc It moat be that the la = t four years
t have not proved disappointing to everybody In a bu ness way
Letters from the People
o CunnllI1 In in
To the Elltir of The Evcnlrg World
I You may hive leard this before hut
I thought I would send It on I no
ticed It hung up on the wall > > f a boot
blacks stall
r Man Is BO unjust
I scarcely know whnm to runt
Ixe trusted many to tHy wow
So pay today Ill trust tomorfffw
Flag Qurrles
x To th Elltor of The Ftn ft Vo M
Why did the tnlted Stales once Imve
k tyrtrtren piers jn is Oe Did they
change the runibe b i i e it was un
lucky Iloiv many S an + are there
t A c n
7h thirteen stare Is the Car stool tor
the thrfen original colonies Trf n m
I bt oi stars was enlarged as new irate
I were ar ultted There are now lrtj Ji
I The CHIIIO nf llnnl lltmv
Tn the EpiJtor it The Uffnlnr World
I One of your readers Mr Phil Mak
asks for oitttiis as to what cut 1
such hard ii Mj opinion and In
Wends nay the B shops bill In New
Jerwy wo the xiiif cf It all
state nn lnpi < Olftcc thnllf
T the Sditor of Th K v nlrr Wor1
Wher could I CM n rtlila > cnrl
Inir t orv vnr snh ns 18lr1I1 f t IT
8the as regards to am names of
i advancement to a higher cosltion In
the srveytnrItaeiyi YL
Bv Maurice Ke ten
lrl I1J I
dv 1
1 IT
i Q
IT r
J f
J I i
I R a W6 s
I r
I I td
l I lllr f lt
L f I i U
A Woman Feels Badly to Fall Off a Car When Not Well Dressed
Mr Jarr Doesnt Think She Has Any Right to Fall Off at All
By Roy L McCardell
H TTTTHY do you set off the car that way asked Mr
r WHY testily It I have shown you once 1vr
y shown you a h7pt ttiie
Ir Whats the matter wit h von I got off didnt I
b Yes > ou did grumbled STr Jarr but If tile car had
w started up you would have been thrown right on our fact
s ter jr SSel6 the car flliln tart and I wi nt thrown
+ x pile Mrs Jarr What are conductors for if they arc not
to look after people
t a Some div tlitj II IP looking after something else and
4t > ull go to thn hospital al < Mr Jarr Kv ry Miitlp v
t > J same woman Is hurt lj > tie street tars slmpl because she
will get off the wrong WHV I never saw uno who even u >
chance would face the way the car was gaIn when alsht
K u JTCARDCU ing frin Ili
If you minded sour own business and wouldnt be look
Ing at women getting on and off the c irs youd be better off snapped Mrs Jarr
Oh never mind that line of talk said Mr Tarr quickly Im talking sense
Now why In the name of goodness didnt vou grasp the rail with your left hand
and face the direction the car was going
Because I had my handbag In nn left hand thats why replied Mrs Jarr
Couldnt you have changed your handbag to the other hand asked Mr
No I couldnt Mrs Jarr retorted Id ba a pretty eight standing tcoorlng
on the car steps trying to remember which any I should race and what hand I
the rail and what hand Ill ram trv < p
should put on purse or hnndbar In Po vou
think the cars are going to wait while Im deciding what to d01 Not much they
But Its 10 simple expostulated Mr Inrr Its so eacv to get In the habit
of doing It right Some day joull get badly hurt women get Jerked off their
sot and Injured day after day and year after year limply because the > do not
now how to alight from n cu and Lley wont learn
Oh for goodness akf I never heard such a man sold Mr Jarr I havent
been hurt jet to what dM It matter I wont let you or anybody else dictate to
me how to get off a car If It ts so dangerous win dont the companies put signs
n the street cars warning ladles
They did Tor years In HiooKvn they had picture In the cars showing
women the right and wong way of getting off a car saM Mr Jarr But the
omen never pal < 1 any attention to them
Why certainly not said Mrs Jarr One can always get off a car because
the conductor has got to top It for von and he dont dare start It either when
you are get ng off Thy should give Instructions how to get on can How to
make the motorman top for you when j oti stand In the rain at a crossing how to
make end fat hags move over or let you pass them Getting off a car Is easy
and thats why women dont bother about that
Well joud think one of them bj mistake or chance would occasionally get
off faring Hi right way the way the car Is golngbut the dont
What do I car what way HP car Is going after I get off If asked Mrs
Jarr It can go east ldp west side or all around the town after It brings me
to the place Im going to No when Im getting off the car I want to see where
Im going and tl nti all
Oh very well said Mr Jnrr but joull get caught some day and sent to
the hospital
Im going to get myself plenty of nice clothes this winter said Mn Jarr
rIle clothes wont ave von ald Mr Jarr If you get off the car the wrong
way and It starts up quickly and throws you down and breaks your legs
But It makes a differ < nee In ones feelings said Mrs Jarr Think what
one must sufTfr when one meets with an accident like that and the thought rises
asone I being cairled to the lio pltal Oh dear to think this should happen
when I have these old darned stockings on and soiled petticoats and the binding
ion this walking skirt all frayed
Heres luck old girl said Mr Jarr gaily May nothing happen to you till
i you are all dressed for a pleasant visit to the hospital
eddy the Rooter tr By George HopI
C1tl ° r T f f
r0 0 GEEwC < r GRAND fJY tiE < KWELt OONT
w n
EM ALL f31pF DE 1
I I I 44fr
I 1 a li 11 1 t iii t I > rawroJl
i5 aGas si
8 By Mixola Greeley Smith I t
No VIII1 Love My Home
OME husbands love their wives but absolutely no
SOME loves his home except us the place where
his wife usually can bt found 1
Women like cats are said to form attachment
to places rather than portions nut for mankind thu quality 1
of the persons makes or mars the place Yet the rapturous I
siclamutlon How I love my home Is by no means the
2Z tr least frequent fairy tale with which the cars of wives are
bf beguiled The fond tale Is most generally told after the
ea husband has remained away from the beloved abode a aus
t piciously long while It li a crude endeavor to avert the
outburst of wifely wrath and the cloudburst of wifely tears
< that must otherwise attend his reentrance Into hs homo
As a rule It succeeds For wives nr so genuinely and I
deeply attached to the four walls In which their lives ira I
bounded that If a prodigal husband returning after ten
years desertion only took pains to notice the new parlor furniture and the im
proved hanging of the pictures his spouse might almost forget to ask hIm where
he had been
The How I Love My Home hus
band must be a Inn believer In the
ancient adage that absence makes the
heart grow render That of course le
the explanation of his remaining so
much away Homo to him Is not of
the variety of things that must be
seen to be apprecJatal lie prefer to
admire Its beauties through the vinous
perspective of a midnight poker part
or to contemplate his favorite view of
Itthat of the first streak of daylight
shimmering on Its windowpanes and
getting inside tho house before he doe
As a matter of tact the man that
really loves his home rarely says so be
cause such a statement Is 10 unnec
essay He leaves It at the last moment
posslbe In the morning and reaches
It at the earliest moment possible In
the evening even though he has to
pus several saloons on his way
n 9
By Charles F Th wing LL D f i
President of Western Reserve LTnhert > lt and Adclbort ollrlr 1t
IIi did you end your boy to
ollege1 I asked Ihn prp l
IlW en > of a great railroad Rev
cause he will have hard prob
lems to soh The college
training U fit him to solve theM prob
lems The problem which American
life Is to solve In the future are of tremendous
nendous complexity Perplexity and
comprehensiveness They are social fin
ancial governmental Industrial The
making of the great forces of life la oc
curring In fie United Sate The eon
Inuance of the process of combination
and consolidation Is to be limited only
by the finding of men who CAn guide
and control these great movements
The men who give most promise for
such guMIng and controlling are the
college men for they are trained men
The are trained to think They are
able to weigh evidence They can see
valu assets They can reduce II multi
I tude of discordant phenomena to the
one truth which unites all Into a har
monious whole They are able to detect
the Irrelevant and to point out the es
s < ntlal and necessary They can dis
I criminate motive aid show how mo
tives become movement
It is of course superficial and I think
It Is almost superfluous to say that col
lege graduates have no monopolj of
such conditions and forces Greater
men who are not college graduate are
found In the Active work of the mod i
M iir oJ iYf t
k Reflections of a Bachelor Cirl f
By Helen Rowland
I >
I 2SSB3roSG5X rf 1 i0 rr
nmlOE Is a got I brtk from welsh most of tN gilt
M gets rubbed off during the honeymoon
e S If lovers could be apprised and marked at their
true alue before marriage fever men would be tied ip o
9J per cent Jolly and 2 per cent cook and fewer vvoimn
to ft per cent business abllltj and Sj per cent grouUi
i When a man suggests platonic friendship to a woman
It U a sign that that Is the only way he can discover
to make lou to her without taking foolish Outlets
3 The fascination of a married woman for most men It
I tl fit something like tho fascination of the articles In the shops
r W with the Dont Handle sign on them
There Is a tide In the aftilrs of every bachelor vvheh
ntlLtlROWIAND taken at Its flood leads on to marrhic with any girl who
happens to be there at the time
Who want the course of true love to run smooth 1 hulling In a dead calm
war never exciting
i Perhaps Its because husband and wife are only one that married people 81
ways appear so lonely
In the love game a woman plays to wlna man Just to play
of e ji
I Quite an Essential Point j
HANK HITCHCOCK the Republican campaign manager Ls fond of taking
FRANK walks In Ute country On the ccaslon of a recent visit to the Souto
he started OM day for a tramp out of Nashville to a town called Parker
When ho had gone sam miles he encountered a man who was weeding a pat 1l1
of ground near the road
I Am 1 on the road to Parker asked Hltchcook
I lou are answered the malI surveying Hitchcock with mild curKMlt t
Well am I halfway then Inquired the traveller
j Why as to that responded the man In the patch It would seem as K 1
tvuiild make a dlftrence where you started from Hnrpera Weekl If
Three Grades of Milk
CITY man took a house In the
A country tor the summer lie
ought out a farmer at once I
looked over the tows on the farm
found them to his liking and Hid
ily servant will corns to you every
mornlnt for a quart of milk
All right said the farmer It will
be eight eintr
But It must be pure milk mind
said the city man absolutely pure
In that case It will cost you tea
cents Very good And you will milk the
quart from the cow In my servants
pretence 7
Tesfor fifteen cenlW hl ton
I He doesnt even endeavor to make
his homecoming seen i pfclil virtu
in his Tvlfes eyes being porfeo lr tvll
Ing for her to realize that he H LING
because ho prefers to he The man
who says Ive been hints three eon
Ings this week as an o ue for going
to n prize tight nn the fuiir h hakes
entirely too much merit of vv nt s read
be his greatest enjojiiipnt
It the nnn who turnips res
Cries not when his filur die
Tie u proof that he ti id ra h i
Have a turnip than i retie
R3 the husband who rfiuni uv iy
from home when he raj I or < J
demonstrates that nionu ta rU it
least hi prefers other Ia is h J I
It U i lucky lliliig fir l1 hr Le
tan usually > i an hisisrif r t it
I his fond twits hmu h Iml t
ern world than are most m T rho are R
college graduates lre N i c it
the only fine thnt help to 11 I 1 nij
minltv auf the Indlvl hml I < I n
thankful that there are thi for i
main and mot nluentlal Ref It o
bo wild that the do e h n fun c w 1I1h r
added to the natural force of many
men has hf ned to constitute theIr rat
worth Hut I ill only urn g 1a the
more fomplex conditions if 1I1lern 1 f
are making morA Imperative c nee1 of
men of the wldl5t depeet hlghe most
enJchlr education and of a most lls
clplman training The great U3lnesl I I
men of the future are to he better k
traIned than were their fathers x
Yet the father Is sure to and that Ute t
college will give to his son something
besides i capacity for com neral and t
Industrial leadership This something le
a gift which not a fen would regard ai
of Importance uperlor to cnn neretal
or Industrial mailer The enl fie will I
help a boy to i more atlsfv g HId
It still Olen tn him fleds of 111tIa k > >
and rullmtlon fresh at nvltln Ihlh
once would has spoiled to him Inrren
and brown It wall aid him In finding
himself least alone when most alone
It will help him to eeirer thinking to
pirer renting ti ronper w1 ling Mat
the thinking will also be richer n well
as clearer the ffelng will bo deerer ai
well as purnr and the wlli will tare nor
gracious as well as stronger New fork
The Unreliable Clock
RS BUANK had been paying 4
MRS visit to poor old Vlw
tonne Dupreux whom she found
crippled with rheumatism Dut If Vino J
tonnes limbs were disabled her alway S
ntCTtalnlng toniii was not and Wo
time passed swiftly
M reyl at last cried the lady glan l
InK at the clock that ticked whfeilM
above the Ftenchwomans stove her
It Ii 6 oclock and 1 should have genii
home half an hour ago
O eve youself nn distress marl nn
rtaesured Vlctorlno lon lellr doss
clock she ees loin lie hon herself far
more ran eex ear She eec now to a
preciseness one hour fut on nftwa
minute aIaw

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