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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, September 17, 1908, Final Results Edition, Image 7

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I lI lf f
> < I fI
JI f P Wj
r I
A THf SlA YfR Of
FinnMi Ironworker Said b >
Police tollac Mmck Fatal
Blow in Fight
i 1
Vido ot Slain Man Still In
sists Thai He Was Victim
1 of Political Cans
Aitin rapt Simuel Price oonmuid
Inc the Utonx Detective Huieau de
clare 4 todiy thaI lollowlnp the airest
In illdrlletonn Y of t mird idu
i irri Osterholm in Ironwork r tie d
Ied the m > terv surrounding tie
ktlllns o Capl Danl i MorUirtv for
thirteen v ir klpper of the Quaran
tine iteanie Male of Ven York
Morartj was latallr injurwl 11 I
iTeet ion on the nlglu lr < ppt
Price declared todav afier rister i Hi
had been aralgiiel In t t JI
Court that the prUonei nH boat n
Jlorlaitv to death The nnnorker de
I nits this out admits tint ho wii in In
toilcated on the nl < lIt of tV row tin t
ho does not knois whH ip 111 lie I
was reminded to Coroi S v i me k
I ivho held him without nil rr < i
quest tomorron
I Police Bui cjllng
There his been i Ricit d al > f <
I hutiRlliiK In tie if nhlii III m
Bounces that he strakitenerl ni1 T i
Is tho dvtecthea arcount of how MI n
arty was slain
Osterholm I a jaune Finn I nit n
the lines of Jim Jeffrl lli lii in
mous shouller1 ind Ion ami wi
rrfRt snclnni miide I p to tl i
nlffht MorHitv was killed hi lied nt
No Co ra1 1 tint Hundred and si tcintl
mreet That nlKlit nccomiianlpl bv lil I
neetheart Illy Johnson ol No 4 J7 I I
Huron strit riilrago lie went to the
home of Carl Wllen n lanltci at No
P3 summit avenue the Bronx Mlsf I
Johnson I H > crolni to Chicago ind I
Wllei Was to shp her a farewell party
Ostfihnlii mil Wilem drank i much I
In the ri I > nr the evenln that the I
join 11lan UPt hamn illsituted
ind nl iiv Then Wllen snl Os I
trr n ii lcM on for more nhlkey and i
v lie I lelzhbornoo 1 aloons
T1 ev WP i n i it of everil placet Io
f K tli t 10 One Hundred and Six I
tj frti itrn and Oden avenie 11
Th w1 here lid Cap Price
Jiut as i apt Moilart mi Iron I
workei tiairod lames AldoiiKldln i
nen pap > rtnin named IPW > ind Will
Urn Minn nirc comlni out of a silom
that wa IP ne plo el nspni i re
opnlzed Mi IoiUilin nnd nllM him a I
jiijh A pipnl row film 1 In w h h
the Itnii nllen ed ldII nriln aid
ill hl flen1
Tlcie 111H l llfflit tin Monni toik
no pit In H Npverie < s II < ceivc1
hov tn k led ilm OMeihoMi flrd
hit was mxil p iriliv it ddlo
lnPII taouh tio wlduft o rapt
Morlllf 1 tin v IP Fi L I l
il In s Iin h is nnd w is n b > i
polltliil niiLnll Mul Int tv 1 i i >
tlvr Htpilllcan Ipjdtt In the distrlc1 I
The wldnw chaT p the polioi nlth hid
11 In pal ii m nal lieciu of lii I
I ill i il u I i MI ui iiK i
i ri t i pIit W > rl tn the I
in b > v It PH hJ 11 i iI i I
n l I I p i > t i P i i iiiun f
C HI I I n 111111
Mrl fJ UI
IL111 hnrltl rn
I t llIOI i = 111 HcLl
I 111 CI g of ReaiMiK
tokl1 Goods I
1 r I 1111 O > r Jr m
0 v v rtl < r l i i >
i ns mo 11 i < M in
t I i of He 11 uiio ifti <
L r I id rt > inH in ndlct
np nltli < eli UK stole
j I s taken of UP Itlrl i
t nf I iiTi R < t I 1
I i n t i n 1 ms In
0 > bon
of irl M in i came 11
r i i n Tth of np of ho
1 i 1 mil such tree news
j r1 of Uirlstiite Wahle a
f H ao
un is he eMabllshment of xuld
A < at No U Inl wsltv I
I < i a i ercd hv thoes n 10 tool
f i n i I uric fur1 nere sull I
ii 1 n ind In the pI veiilon of
Itiirtl A in Irlnlmin mnl nnotlier
fIe n IPII in i H ed
licn to tivo plxonnri were nr
ri ror1 In ti Lti re Strop dturt Mu
B < lII01 Ualili iiprlifil evmjliodj hj
d J ir i P liotli thu defiMidiuvtii At the
lill ho ifdoii that the furn be re
t 1 i VIait thflr rightful owner
11 M Au Jsum A Hi Kara whu
I vi i < mn ed Alliert went to tho
j jwrututnnii offd with the tact
tid oiijy tf icquel b < ifflll In Ihi lock
lii p of Irlatnuin
Coniclence1 Fund Gets 500
llierc Man r Hlveu ul HID ollko of
tlc jliclor of Cutniiiii uf Sen lork
iiiiida 111 all rllMlup cmiui Ktil
New uiV HtaUon 1 i JU 1 Ji atpi jj
JM unohilf uf a tuld cerilflcata for I
Itfi nllmbHtl1 tMtiW tojetlier with I I
n umUned noto at folium Now
York HerjtMnb r 1508 Plemo credit tho
United Slnlti with the enc oiure The I
other half may be found In Washington
Imvlng been tddroird to tha Lnltoi
fluid Treaitiry Department The Col
lector tlio received a letter from the
Tmiurr Department Informing him
IItLrmlnd that the other hfcll of tha MO biU badl
Friday Dugain Magnet No I ALL CARS TRANSFER TO Fridn fiarciin Vijjnet No 2
1 Girls 2 hoes at 125 fee 1 ranslers
lx ru Ir I h cut box calf lac shoes with ex Get one from our acnt at 59lh Srcct and
tended soles and low heels Similar shoes Lexington Avenue when y u Ret off a S th
are advertised by othei stores as a bargain Street car Its good for Scon a 100 pur
at 179 and 198 ch isc or lOc on a 300 or greater purchase
is 111 mint I FIn iDtli St oo LEXINGTON Good on a C 0 D c arge or cash purchase
FriI R rciin Mujne No FnMiy Bargain Magnet No4 Friday Bargain Magnet No5 I
Vrnt mnl Hm 1r Womens and Misses A 23c Sale ot Infants Wear i Wnll of the IM hand IC TOne
i Milit Ti All VKllmi1 the iew omen s n rss s i a e ar Women and Misses roincit Mill papers varieties ever of I
FOi stvli In JIg 2259 Tailored Suits and Childrens Undermmlins sluinn roll Including at SOc cxer n
and Al peifei flirk colir an 6 to 10 doth Jackets drtlnlile culm nt the irftitniid Irliliy
qc o i sizes I at 14 75 I Wants S ips namsooV finished at neck and sieeve with 1 If nle bniKnlii prices maKiiet of
tn I 3 3 for 11 beniMitched ruffle I 4 7f I
3 395 12Hr
< JftC
ll < Ih 11 ant > iAl S very fine mmmt at 301
I Ian Floor Mtle ol best Lymansville ancy cheviot Infants iCCflueS hand crocheted f B I MIUS u nir I
I lluiiii lmluii I in alt sIzes and all modish shades Coat a Cfi la tns C anon ranne D rowers nil slzci 01 Made ol many high grade new material I In new lotti II II n P flne seamlf smge I
e r il II t m natty 4 but on prince chap model 36 inches Ch OTfns flu n n Drawers fine embroider J edge wellmade color They represent sample lines Irom noted fast color ill sizes
i lltditil i ill IM long with patch pockets and buttons Siirt Cii d ens AJus m lnaersiirlj wuh wide flounce 23 C I tnakeis Not every aue In each style but every me m 111 a K > n o ii t a r sale c III n
sire IO5I Inrlut is a lUll gored model with a old ol sell material I Infants Lawn Caps various st > es In the lot Not a garment worth Ice than id and price of 4C
ind khnm sp
nx Inches it tie terial at bottom Ch icicn s Unaeruialits ail sizes many worth 10 A ii in c n M IIP
bi iln iilf trl B inln Ulis d Hoor VUh t 0 IK i 1IIomlnKc1nlr M Floor nei Rotunda I rjlooinlnitdalei 3d Floor 511th 81 oc stnikl ifti seam
l Jf > for 81OO loi full length
iKh > 5C nnd nldth fast
i II P III S t I I III ll rrulav Barsiin Mi nel No 6 Friday Bargain annet No 7 j i Friday Bargain Magnet No 8 i 11 Friday Birgain Magnet No 9 i I Friday Banjii Magnet No 10 i in hi n u K k n e ii t T 1lf I c n
s r il I f s n n il ni i OC
16viil lnnrrl a Ini I IPS SlRlt J nl Womens and Misses Dress Goods 1 Flannels Etc I Smartest Silks I I 125 L lion ChllilrriiN Miln Hojr trc
I Incucs tlnve one 5 Fall Skirts at Xnllllll > Mrllllli < 1 1m nib uIlP limit I nlili ailiril lliiini I no I i 0 Sliifllncn Illliliid flit ditlhle I on
I row of ilia MI phndld itioiii fihrli In lHlr I IHIHII 1 it v4 I Him illn Dm Illmi wnl wldii all Waists t 8 7 K nor < e iniess
win k 1 I nnmn wini mtal ind rich fin
< 1l1 nlth
lamp i ni 1111 nn nmliii rim 1 lii nntt pink ind nun till sort I fui hlade perfect
IIIIlip IITr1Ip 395 Mink Uhiilar bc unif 11 pti 36c hi e tiif H p i il nnd k 1 ish Hi gulnr il jj v ilue it per 85 e ittiillh sizes 6 to
I ill IMT lor en > in H u qual > at pei S ya r 111 1 Made of a A hl1rjulli
MIL lit i > Made in vat Ill 1111 ilia Millii ii pli ndi i u IM 111 i il 72 IIIid Iniliiii MIU yard wide ovl fine quality net alt m31
ta ciin nagnct 1 link lIaIY he In iiiiiii und black Hilling riiuiiHl In K > U rink b uu quilltv ind euar mired to woir nil oft finished ii r prko OC
f i < ii Ice uus Pretl > nil ul the iKSift blip alll Ill lilies IOn hlntolllI Iteeiiln s au CQp I
I9c HllltP
I uf new tnodeis nood we lian en oil ul Ie 91 111 I 01 I If 113111 ldl > lit lUKUlll JJ tW I it ici 11111 Jul white II non 11 Vii Fltur
I tillin U ll tlill a PI l Ttl j with wide tai nun IIN llo I in
IiipiMr Illlinr Iliiilliini > li KKiillnp inl vidi ilch i
I and lii il t I Ilium I t11 In ivy > < 1 a t il I U I
p eae l 1 n 1111110 lillliin Nun I inliit ill I Illi IM Iliiini 1111 r i i
I I p Ioin ft llnhn and lataanJ t
IM i a iieilor riimllu In oledpcalsalld I
1c hriinl
IP Kt ilm t
ki lle color effpi oredof vcrr pura uool s Iniln nld1 lip u IDe il i i full u 1 all tin IHW > t ii mil inunliiK butonj I o c
vi ili fruin t i f HIUIMII Ill > 71 peat lllUI Ulll UT >
i i oj Id i n
o u 1 i 711
hlI Sil will < i 1 72C tii > a < well T < hlic > and w Hi
leiiraVe rev ti n s lh ai on the iron P H ll hind
I i i r 01 llUiinl MMII > mnl I In liil J IfMilu il Milne it per
qumil at tha Ui cases Some liuiii ill iI < i i iantf uf I Nlll lll < Ul > l a < t CO II I 111 j Is v ltd 89c Back is pleated pinht ililern a I I I
nn magnet C I is Hi Ill I al > i ill t at or 11 IN Hid < olli lml Hi Kit Cf They have i i KI I n
in inlet of OC have lo i d J I I 35c 1m 1 kind lit IH r ml ul I mlii minllne a verv lliu > iiuiln Miivnu silo 1 j I
I 1 iuirlimi MSI lulu Ii In nn lP InelnH wlilt nlti a nip i i tin sli separate laun pi no litC
r II n t i > r llnir whli others ll in I riilni Ii lirin ii < I All the ntnv licet ind ovi Inn dele i collar I
AI Main IIor
NIMH full sl1 In In nan Iua brown wini and bl ick irn ind lUlit hlitliiKs t > I Cr snide ItiKulai fc value nt I r
1 < I lois at the are severely itunh iI 1IIoIlIt > u pet 59c Mid i Iirl 3ge and shirt culfs MIMII Ik I ni
ajc I OllllilK Il Illlirl cl I il Nl i
raid 111I00 II h lIonaI port r
u iln ll t All > I xceptiona ly
I art m c e tailored mil 111 uk lalTrlii SHU ji Inches MII > tl I hr llnir
II I Ihll I I 36 III It 1 I P II ill In Ink nil uu siiit s r i n1
lku and
I H 1
1 > lU t e 11
nn1 dull iroiinil one of UK Icn bist nuilltks OJI Pre y an lliiMii silk
r lOc colois and all al tn nn tiett ind I j U Iclil Tn I neil s
I slllli tSlllBI 1 allli It In Hi ulir lSc kind it tir 73r 01 n l tlll ninwlieri furlts 5 Linn 40c pracllcal model embroideries o n
Ill niul di 5lzes > in thtlot MUl 30 c I 1 74 c 10 nt inl Q None C 0 D hi irk giound all I
u luui fruit crtim < Miln H ilih t Sec < Main Kl lht = I > Ii n t a I n
Bloomll > 1 a e a HXI lth 81 81 llloon nRl il i Ialll H h bio I III minim tale Ho i iiitdipi 2111001 lcx Ae fpc t
lhocohltllK III I miRtiet s 11 U
sorted tlavois price U19c I
I pure otup and at the whole bar Friday Bargain Magnet io 11 I Iridiv Bargain Minet No 12 j Frida Bvgaln igiiet No 13 Itli1 Main Inuncpnr 1 Inor J
tain sale
t lli net of imigret per UC Blankets Constables an d Oth Ir I I Excellent Household Linens II linit n o Molt t n t I < n i 110 NI
S S b f1 In the Upholstery Department I u o s from the best an
I nils I n o t h T thoM aKOOdl > col
Iuttiler at the Coin u Ilneiil Ued lliinUfH Munlln Hi il MIIIH fi SI7B 4 m d tncr IIM > iiirMsn Until lection of pictures
II oa n aln m H B n ei nhlto and eras slntie Ize 29c I Iln n ml1 nle PIer i linUii i It IN nu Sollhllilllii liue Ml Illllin tpli ti r deslgnc Inches Kirftiiar w de To p IN pme whltr ItiKtl 19c nnd plttnrr frames
isle irlco of nr 6i alue pi < r pair fe mulin 11111 alone 1 CMU ll1ar tn irp c a II I hale thtni dod > I lilt opening ll d iiillt Ill rltli diHlgns j An Ilia I II at per rad 7i0n C lir 51p vilue at li the popul ir pis I
I toi 2Se Uool Tin h Moil Hlniitili 9c for < 101 a susi j n HKuiai o value ut l > fa frriiinn I iniii lliicU l 0 l Ftpartnut s t j I e
Main FoJr size 114 unite with pink anl blua t un our special prlci uf IIE bJlarl J 00 at l 25 I 111 FsnrK r aH I an extri flneinllt hem tllchI sUt u7 5c
J20XHIOO Muslin IllliMt Ino r sorj g < iod 11 I fane Inches c
Boticht In the 1
I lnpi tr > 1ortlf ri InolotiP ef In Worlh pliln whit with tinttj dtirniik
V o m r n 7i > i 45l > 11IllIs effn I It I
iiuillt siziH 4JX In
I I sale Ueruhrb they sell 98c > i 61 C Unltliil Inil llnl itnt excelle tet pry prpit Ptyle fn ror 59c borders size JK < 3 Inches a o M aln T loor
lliMrn 011 K I k for f J sporlil pke per pair C and l3j Incie at I qllaIlt > nd wIth centre nnd rciulir floO alue at I JU I 111 Iliri lliin liiniM rr > ulnr 0c tone at 1l2 JL irrp i ct lith
6tI omtn s Mlkullnr Ciiinfiirtnlili full niil U Idi Illintliril Miiolhi I corner motlfa At idi lip > pen I htl1I tllclrl full bl aeltl i Ml llnrn Killhen mull 17 ium HiMnilrrm
16buttin length 0 Inches I
n finioli < 11
size light and lirk I all the best UK brinds not 11111 nti i XIII bIter piece Tniuxtr m1 CMIT lei iZf to anl12 Inches nlde with red bordi r nlth Silk Inn
pire mous grounds tltched tufteJ more thin 10 virls to i Cl I I cilulv old 10 wide Mty prttt > Oikntal 200 n1ttch 75 C
i itlr glovei Inv or 75c 511 C jr > 495 eftei t > retularl 51 5 at I A lefTtJ 211gClS 10 jrtB Cor mliti 11 Inches
e e dO
rejI >
v iirious OM 11 it splei < 1I1 Jl Ifl value it rii omer at 2 I I P ml at IIr altlr at yo Ilicn llpnulnfinni Srnrf loni Hn liuhCR
ITP IHU J113 nand Crurhit HPI > iireiuln extra rinlli rillnus covned Itll I Opmiiip IndixT lmdi vshlte I Uvtiii Iliir llnplc lowpi size I3xM Inches HIP chdp wlile our bargain
9 hem I > ot ClP
yc 11 Uli Iliuit I in Curtains i
an < 1l1o at heay quah > full slz I A l tkklnK Izf x euu nnd green slt 1 < i ti i > t mtd led holder size 5 xW kind advcrtlnd bv others it n1a net ale n
Main Floor frlnKed Mar rlei 5sKna 8Sc In ies PI an ind od rles 91lc I u P e r I o r qnltj CM llenth on prltiK rolleri leguUi t k 1ge 1IIthr A Kind I5c ton el I about this price hut IIP I rat Is lIC
llnisied lie i ir V > To f fin Ji7i lit 71
I lone situ lulu regular Jl 10 alue at C lleculir J Ialll it u 0 Hue it I 12C rpguhr SJi kind af 69 C Main Kloor
0 I n i c K elbow Illnomlncdi e Main FI 60th il Sec Ill omliiKdilej Third Floor Front ninorotn dalei M ln FI rtiMh SI oniin Miorl I
length inousqtie riiiiuirlittf Kl
I 11 re t IP in hli in o n o ii n n il
anl arpnln olors m i at g n the t Fridiv Bargain Ma ret No 14 I Friday Bargain Magnet No 15 snouuin n p r n H pleated I n B
of all Main prlie Floor 2oc A Boys 350 I First Fall Sale of French Ostrich Plumes I 100Piece Gold Initial hound Home front with have and ribbon sailor hick
flr rltlnn Pn collar Iarlolll
nb t I l Double Breasted From 10 to 1 clock tomorrow Frlday3 hours pretO colors nt
ti nine 50 slieets 1 29 Dinner Sets 798 r barraln mis
and 0 unelopo nft ale price no
fabik Mnl < h papei Surts orne with 2 onlyostrich plumes worth 198 to 298 at Kth of 98c
i < tllent qualit > t Pairs Of I Littn Loictr on Each Fitce I
I 1 lllMH 7 Illllllfl
I1ltr 11 Milt 01 lIC l i 1 Knickerbocker I There are 50 doen of them The finest quality obtainable 12 to 15 inches i elide The a hundred covered pieces soup in riiiiinii num Made rn of In line I
iUIn Flosr long Have Wids Lues t trenched the entire length Lustrous and periecti lutecn reguiar rim soup Domet llmnel In I
< Milling iucli pales and 3 meal dishes lust th weight thi >
III tin S II t 10 II 1 I Trousers at stock A full assortment ot the newest COlors me udirg peacock taupe and i roach piece Udecora edwtth bos need for Tall I f
I 1 e h II r K a In I rai Cut full S3
malt101 Fal I I khaki browns as well as black white navy ciel pmk myrtle a green co or band bolder mil noil nude
Irle jh 1 3 7S i 269 etc We look for an immense throng during these three hours ill 29 and and a CXIM go d gieen crest with hall your line mo ir All mlltnrv sood col col I t
Illlll Ulllf Sit 1 The price is more than magnetic T initial in gold a Slownrn ors Sizes O 4 tn 15
i ir > n OPI or henl b the ci Xot tnor
ooi Mndp of al wool cheviot ma Ulnnl1llnJtI le Man Tloo f x SIC accompanying illustration thnn 2 suits
I < III I is I if tn
alllllm Id Inch pll LJ I tenn t > in sizes 0 0 to 16 > ca s I nn one cus56
at llllf lli UI pp Uf models Verj smart and serviceabe With 50c Worlh of GROCERIES or More You May UIlSUrllllFI1 ast 111I JJshe rul alo 0 iAb rnade hr nK th ou Homerf untloubtelly aUJhltn kn 0 are 01 1111 tomI Main Ilo r C
M I ror ilij
14 ll J all IlIulI
Fos 69c Kmrlerbcdu rOIl rs 2Rc
Sun rlinn liln 11 C tIe ° Fets lire wit i collir itticli
All Chev ol lit ue n 7 to lb sirs 31A Lbs ot Granulated Sugar for er m0 tTn praClfr1I1y lnale to rOUT MIItr and
r 11 I I I ll > I wo > > yenr Buy A Uat3 1 k Ifnlf III which tll milk lell PI pockets at
till IH 0l S l I Mri more i in i pnr < to a customer s u and It 00111 l1Ih JPlo ft I r flulnl In ea11 sldr mmlorr hul I
nn 1 1 I nig unit n Mall i n u uliuil u 1 lo r l m i M > tc I I onnll1lalr Til Floor fith St enured miilras n
i it i ml 1 IIB fano pittrriis and
i i pil d omet tlannel In
I inilll M H I 598 Iidn Birciiii Mi ne o 16 Friday Birain U net Friday Bargain Misne No 21 hiday Bargain Magnet No 22 i Friday Bargain Magnet No 23 f I Friday Bargain Magnet No 28 r al to lr eir 11177 e
50 Sewing Mac nes al No 17 Cornell s Lbu bys tibO 95c irI > ir
11 r s iith < I ht 1944 2 Comb Sets J Ietps at 98 C Women 4 2 45 ihotsat I Mens 190 mlnsook nrorl < ind IIMTK tros of
t ritis lii o > idiilo D
< I I toll hoes at Bojt canskin lace ihoes with hnr Ii mil
m III t with tv > HiM rnlni Mai lilnc Inirlnicnl mi Famous I prelll
I stout so ei and rein i trlmmivl
at94c Soft with
II lliuttuk r and
uu all I
I I 6 J bile crosi I Newesllallslyleslnwomens foicfd seams Notli ire liiserilons ntid
I Beautilul 1 medical d meial and vici = IIKP ribbon to
M PI r lijht Kunnln rn Illilne 2 1 u patent cot Run me III vie f ing bflter or more dri alllII
i 1 > I us i > ilih No < clc < S drawer Intone Mount black kid I kid shoes are yours at n radicil a h b serviceable lor i so d for CIIt < JC
si i huh b it Dust Proof dual prool iPliIMl cni1 i I JUteucb in this l ichool wear I Derby Hats Si Floir
tomoriow n IS
I I nIl si jrf nnd him mo c a PllUiWMJJf Set n 4ell 0 l with noise underpnce nrnwrr of mui
Mill IIC pllluw Illlllf with automatic > I sale They are
II III tnLteh 11 n d unbei eis soles bargain magnet Sizes Iln deep llounro
LiQ i7
121 matic lit and rubber I button and lace styles wit h tlexi W 10 to 2 at 125 laco with uliln Insertion Toiclion
ball btai
Jl 1 I iir JlI Ilk II ber bee s I bie cushion inner soles nnd edfic nt 26c
1 > 11 Iliir ini parts 11I < alion at Sizes 4 to 8
lIlMiliili I
ai Floir
s ii Ii I i > Siiiirri > l and pa ent tlte Irry 51e n oJ > lr < llth St 11c I Jl Hoor Jith si Vr 2d F loor i h SI I Made in all the newest styles and loiiiiii th u s 11 n
Ols foiirmhind ntrde dallJlku 94c colors low round neck I
IIII1 < ft r ind f Hat liicnes pll thieader Miln F oor Front of C ntr > Frt ct J V Bargain Magnet No 24 Friday Bargain Magnet No 25 I Mln Floor Wth St tlon short Mn seees with hemstitched fln
litiare Ion muif n imn i of theie one 1i B This Fine 25 Davenport Bed I stitched liberal width ruffle o I i
nt L Ot machines 5 T rave lng Bags I tt e at Idlh23c
f t Moir i is guaran Fr day BH ain Magnit 1 Friday Birpiin Magnet No 30 i 21 Floor I
nlllllIl IIIoII teed by No 19 I lor 1598 Short IhtMiilftct
> i i ISlnch thnm Blooming J for 298 0 69c Tabourettes or of mutlln finished I
11 arf and I at neck nnd arm
23 u
w 1 f da es and 2 bmbrellas a conservative value or this splendid Daven rsn with Tor nn I
at Hi 0 the maker for 10 years Oxford shape port Il Is nude o sold golden oak and has box I tbel Jardiniere Stands 25c chon lace at 23c
31 Floor DloomlniJalei Main FI Liw Sec I ding Seat and back I J1 Floor
uranul uolt J ep 1 I bags that every are tutted ard ccv Made of hard wood oak ft r et ifood qual I
Inch pointed end 1 ered in I good < I H > medium bust
en 11 likes to go quail y finish and a 19 inches
thro tip nnd U Made of genuine traveller e S s a are nc ea and long hip gar
arr < FJ i velou When
Friday Bargain Magnet No 18 n
i argam liagne I leIs front
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1 AH Ct1 Transfer to QJLOOM1NGDALES Lex to 3d Ave 59th to 60th SLid m

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