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W 5TW ii
Uumps Into Fourth Place I
When Friends Send in
700 Vqtes
I Christy Mathewson and Joe i
McGinnity in Neckand
Neck Struggle
MlUe Donlln took a apurt In the can
t t being hold by The Evening World
to determine v hit pla > er In the opnlan
of to fans li doln the most to land
the pennant for the Giants and added
over icven humlted votes to hli total
jesterduy Cy Sejmour and Fred Ten
npy nlao climbed up ye erday and aro
row close together only nine polnti
vcparallns the two
That the fans are Interested not only
In the contest but are also of widely
diverge opinion as to what player Is
inoat deserving of the diamond studded
medal Is bl on n bj the Itlcrs that COUK
with the XOLS a fen of them follow
Iltnag rive Mke Don n d3 it i for he
I R huiIor for th i ns All our cu
rieaibijis wart to Note fr him
lusi i U BO > 5
Ilarln Club lojso 104 West
One liumlr4 anJ thirtieth street
InclotiJ flnj eiKht v i a for the Urtat
Haiti fie molt wonderful Dltcller that tn
IM In thi same an I fi s will sianJ cool
uitr another nthIn onnni on earth to
< iut ns rfkunls tit til uu to ti a rtii
iliihensui > J IIX MiRll
No 3ID Gist I fiigtOi biren i
L ne0I1 jou will 11I1 the vote for
Chilstv lithtvnjn the mn > jouUr uaicr
tn te Net Votl Nuuuiil lfiue team
I AI rC lcll I
0 I J I s nruon urtot I I
Incltwcj flnJ t n hi e tcs nr 11
foril < ballplaYer n lto UUns Claol
Muhenson lrs iv in Ms the lead it
WMSint but ho uil1 n keu > t cr > 1 MU
Thit ph Uljius to Mi II and he wllr cit
It uicK airim Hopmi to FI its n < inc In
bUI Ill iBJli lam r > WIN TON i I
Indeed flnJ tttevy r > > n otn for CI
IriloseJ find 0111110 Woll co n ni from
tho CflMaln of tie Iron Mans llaioball Club
ef the tiror tr Joe Molnnlt
C IJII VVl M MTtllWri Caot
Plfas flnl tr < nin fn Larry Doyle
He iViu d win Cili oUf fur he IIJ ureit
c > < In he Vtt F UIEIKTI101I
InclouM find fifu all late s for Lirr
Dojie Hi OUn ceat lectMvl basniSD
fc N STONE llockiiMiy litach L I
James Jackson Cou hlin of
Bristol Conn Fell While
Coaling Shin
ALBANY Western Atistnlla Sept 17
i James Jackson Coiishlln of Bristol
I Conn i seaman on the battleship Il
linois was killed last night bj a fall
6 while helping to coal ship
The American fleet was scheduled to
latl from here today for Manila
j g bUk he time of departure has been post
poned until Friday
The collier Rpsom nni not discharged
her cargo here but will take It to Ma
There IIns a leceptton and dance on the
flagship Connecticut last night Riven
by the officers In return for the hospl
Ulltj they have received on shore
Among the hundred guests were the
Governor and Premier ol Western Aui
I tralla
Then were sports on shore In the af
tcinoon for the American semen n
th tusofwir contests an American
tfam defeated a tcsm from the British
cruiser GbriltJr but a team made up
from the Albany police force deeated
the Americans
MANILA Seit 17 Another case of
cholera Is reported on the transport
Aherldan at the harbor quarantine sta
tion at Marlvclos and the vessel will
be detained three days longer
So far the cholera casei In Mtnlli
thirtyone In all have been canalled
almost exclusively to Flllplnoi
Two Giants That Many Fans
Favor for Worlds Medal
> 1f
1 i
11 i t
f I
c <
fIL Vt ib
jfJ rJ H tt1y
l i t
Ij < IF
flr l ij f i
u HHuuu I fi > j
It r Bre rHhtn 1 10 I
Christy Mathcnson 40JD
loc McOlnnltj 3VO
IIKo Donlln 33IC
John J McGraw 320J
farrj Doylg 2T24
y Seymour 2W
1ictl Tcnney IJSO
iuoriro WlltEO t2ii
I Hildwell 2i < i
ullicr Taylor 2OT
ick Datrj lTC
vrtlnir tieUin 16
harks Heuoj lj
i on AIIILS 11
liomas N e lham j
t is i riti Ull GZ
ill 1 At ii I
IIIN ririn nt II > o llcacli to forcril
lulu llnnlvriiitu >
An Itiountarj petition In hankript j
WRI flod In the Unltfsl States Dafi
Court yesterday against Kll > ElnJ
Sn > Jer keepers of the Ha Beach Inn
nt ni X V M i o Hazard and
Cnmpinv ml others tlI rfnodi sold an
delivered amouniiis to fJ
The partnerhlp is com o < pd of John
Kell th Harting man oeter known
Itl IIQnest Jolin I pll ant Oscar
pameniS to th
1anEevnort Beef COlli pan and othe
creditors unrl the sccretlni by John
> >
J 1 If JI
I r
1 1
K elly of money PUI I to Lho ftrm Rr
c p1 In the p < iiton No mentljii
hnn evr Is mnile nf li < amount of the
nip tins made bj Kdly
t KETCrt 11 J
B i
li Sm
K J m I
g M AL 3Sn = j
KetchlYiAii Koacii Trap 1
111 Py f lu > i > j >
uoa ii i Uaer Uugs Croton Hum ole
0 i 4jT iqulji or pgiiani No of
icuil u dod Inseotj about the house
lull a nunlerful trap that U iur u
ifBlh an iur dfath to ttitM obnJt
KetctiMAll Roach Trap Co j
i51u ruuiON si nuul > tiN N If 1
For ule al Drucslsu Omceri Hard
are nd D pirtii nt StoreJ or bjr WAil
10 nil In itanpi
6th AveCor 20th St
Shoes for Boys and Girls
We Have the Very Best
j Shoos that cost the least wear
I the longest look the best and are
the most comfortable because
scientifically shaped for their
grovrinc feet
Parents tved only try our
shoes on their childrens feet to
be convinced that the are The
Very Best on the Market
High Cut Button and Lace
Shoes in Black Calf Kid Patent
AM M EYER Leather and Tan Russia Calf
> STAMPED ON A SHOE rtk Sizes 6 to 100 SJso and S3 P0
MEANS STANDARD OF MERIT Sizes 11 tn 21 3nO 311d 3 50
I Ci7es22to6 J350 and 400
Button and Lace Shoes In
Blik Calf Black Kid Patent I
I Leather and Tan Russia Calf
I Sizes 6 to 101 Jl Si and 5200 I
i Sizes II to2 2iUanJ50
Sizes 22 to6 2So and 30U
Our Lit lo Nemo Shoes
i For Misses and Ch Lren are gmr
I ant eu tj be thi Uest blwes nude
at UK price In ul Leather
Sui 6 to iOi l5l
I Sues 11 to 1 S jO
We carry the Beat Hosiery and Youths Lace
to School Wear ot the Least I Boys
II Prices Shoes Black Calf Russia
Calf and Patent Leather sizes
I Our new fall catalogue will 11 to 2 and 20 to 50
soon be mailed be published free on application winch will 200 J S 50 a u03
I t
0 0 Q 4 sa CJao < > r
P D C orse t 5 C 0 French u t II Toilet Articles
W V M fc I
Corsets long hip and back ins PeroxIde of Hydrogen Lb bot
ilium bust horn bone carters tie 150
front and aides latest modula Idoalla Cold Cream Tlolet scent
simply soiled from handling ed 4oz Jar 10c
Mzes 20 In 30 regularly West India Day Rum best qual
3 at Slpond Floor 195 ity V4 pint Miln Floor 25c
Exceptionally Attractive New Fall Suits for Women
Simmon Cnwtnrt Co Third Floor
ATTRACTIVE in prce and attractive in style Each me del presents the newest style thought in cut and fabrc Ma J
terials ate striptd Chevrons Broadcloths Cheviots and Fancy Mixtures Six snappy original models 80 to 40 inch coats 0
tight or semifitted attractively trimmed with atm finished with Ufe moulds all the new smnrt touches on cufFi collar and ocketi guaran 1975
teed quality linings used in all these suits New close fitted circular and pleated skirts with larae ittln moulds applied In many w vl 1
New Empire Dresses of Satin Duchesse Satin Princess Dresses in street and eve Storm Coats of Rubberized Taffeta ex
In black navy rose or smoke tan peach wistaria and ning shades full length Mousquetalre sleeve yoke of lac tremely smart model full sleeves high fitted collar patch
r white yoke of filet lace full length tight I and Persian trimming clinging circular skirt pockets twotoned atrlped effects all colors
GOId vory special at < c4i D 1660 value for 10 7O
sleeve closefitted circular skirt at t
75 Covert Cloth JacketsOdds and ends nobby Automobile Coats and Tourists Coats stunning
r 11116 I model of Qua Imported maUrlal large revor trimmed collar
values J1SU6
fctjles divided into two lots up to in fa
choice at 750 and 10 and cuffs 2600 value at 1975
f Misses Chiffon Broadcloth Dresses in a semiEmpire I Misses Skirts of new crisp Voile trimmed with graduated
model trimmed with satin sUes U to 1C years at iyO folds of satin and large utln buttons value 11660 special 12
I SOc Silk and Cotton Mixtures Yard 29c The New SilksA Special Sale for Friday I
Slmi on Cnwtoril Co Mtln Floor
Cttntart Co Mala Floor
I THEY have the appearance and lustre ot an all silk fabric 60c Colored TitTeti Silks 48c 100 Colored Satin de China 78a t
Neat floral effects dots ring and solid Ihuds with neat figures or Jacquards 70o Satin barred Plaid Slk 50c 9150 30ln filk Peiu dc Sole BOa
in all iradei 100 Colored Satin Messallne 78c 75c 19lnBlk Guaranteed TafletiSOa
I New iali Cotton New Mercerized Fall Dress t
Plaids at 29ci Poplins at I9c I Sateens at 15c 75c 19ln Imported Black Satin Messaline 58c i
H25 New Fall Dress Goods at 59c
Slmp on Cr wfoM Co MaiD Floor
52 inch Twilled back Broadcloth a 85 inch allwool Batiste in black and
r light chiffon weight in black and all about twenty colors Mado by the Paclllo
colors regular 125 value at per yard flQ Mllla and generally 59c our price O UC I
5t inch Novelty Suitings in hlack I 4C and 48 inch allwool chevron striped I l
brown green and navy an excellont value Novelty Suiting in all the new shades Womens i5 New
59 98C
e ard f
sale Friday
at S3c on
J7 inch Wool Challies for kimonos lj inch nilwool imported French Voile Tailor I
with small Persian figured In black onlj 125 quality at per
at per grounds jard 3 3 C yard v 5 cEO Suits atONE I
Here Are the Latest of the most important I
Engraved Plate Jewelry No cities at 50c ONE ICS of Womens New
Fall Suits which has tar been
Simpson Crswford Co Main loor so
and 50 Cards No SUCH Novelties ever shown ut held in our Ha g nn Basement
this price Thy are a direct Importation Theie new Tall Su ts are made in an up
Crawford Co Third floor
Cleter artistic and useul to date Siinch ilnslebreasted model
Old English R e fl u 1 a r
new cutaway front in an assortment of
Roman 9 8 cost is Fancy Woven nnd Bead
colored liioidcloths The skIrts
C are
159 ba > aatire Neck Clmliia ancy Gilt and
Block Bead Long Chains beautiful artistic 50 C very lull Hare button up the front with
Hat Pins Brooches very deep old at loot Come in black
In Shaded Old English or French Lavallleres handsculptured Back Comba and lair 7
j blue er y gieen etc > 997
Script coiling regularly 2iO 1 59 Barrettes In amber and shell Nothing In this great i i v
t assortment ordinarily sells for less than Jl Sale of Sample Suits at
Less Than east
Special New Laces 25c and 50c The mot approved modcli for the Tall
styles Some are extremely pUin 1
Blrat on Crioford Co Mala Floor
I tailored otheri the elaborate
ONLY neat and desirable kinds are in this sale The latest designs combina 1 ate effects Made of Tory more fine mix
tion and thadei are here at prices lower than ost to import I I ture broadcloths and chevrons
Handsome La Tosca Embroidered Bands Embroidered Net Laces Values from 2250 up to gjfi
the nort oioied bands Japanese emorolUured etitctH baby Irish Venlse Filet etc I
in medallions galloons etc A wonderful collection at per yard 2 5 C = 5 0 C 15 16lJ 7 J 8l f
Lierre 100 Black Robes all f
The fashionable La Tosca new Spangled lmiin Crmford Co Liiuenienl
Nets dotted and tiguied Filet Nets embroidered new designs and latest shapes utrlklng uncommon I
and ring dot Nets Nets and Allovere for walsta patterna Paris spangled on fine durable Brussels TaffetaSilk Petticoats 2 95
Rulmp entire dresses and Tucked Nets in white net Imported to sell for 12 to 15 Positively r I
au 1 ecru Neta worth up to J125 yard Q one of the trongeat values we have ever of retticoatiol heavy TaR eta silk with deep flounce and serial
special at 40 A fered OholM at 4y5 rows of ihirriiiK and icctional rudle otheri have two mall I
ruftlei finuhed with lancv stltchinR perrallne undenay and
dut ruffle In all the leading Fall > hade and black ii
Priced Never
Domestic Rugs as Before If 1
Slmpton Crawford Co Daietnent 1
BLnp on Cnwtort Co SVurth Root i
R immense rug stockan assortment from which you can secure anything Womens good Cambric Drawers iimbiella d
OU is made in American Rugs together with astonishingly low prices shaped lawn rufile trimmed with tucks 24 L I
hai given us the greatest rug businesi New York and fine embiodery open and closed TC I J
Tapestry Brussels Rutfa 500 Royal Axminster Rufls blmpion Crawford Co Das ment f I
161 Bales turee in a bale MaUe of tho very finest No American rug more nearly represents Oriental B J r
quality of worsted yarn the designs are all repro I fabric than this Royal Axrnlnster It is over one Boys Glotfring
ductions of the highest grade Oriental rugs This I quarter of an Inch thick and the texture colorings I
iiuallty of rug has been sold by practically ever and designs are of the very finest quality Size 9x12 3 VallIe at JJ = 5 1 i
dealer In the country at from 18 to 20 apiece Our value 28 our price 2175 83x106 value 2175 I I
price size 9x12 1390 83x106 1295 a nc I our price 1076 6x9 value 1875 our Doya Combination Suits 2 paIn
Gx9 D95 price lo50 pants
127 Royal Wilton Rugs I pair Hoys knickers Double breasted Suits nne JI
These particular lu I last annual a lifetime as they Heavy Lnoleum 1 j
lire Just as fine as Oriental We have sold hundreds 100 rod in handsome tile and hardwood effect leg Boys Russian anl Sailor Blouse Suits 1 J
at 38 to 40 apiece Our price whllo they ular G5c grade Vo win sell this llnoloum for ages 3 to 8 with 1 pair nf blnomem
last will be 2 975 i ine day only complete on your llpor at a yard 3 ge 14 The Comb Suits come mostly in daik I
mixtures In ages U to IGj some have
two pairs of knickeis others
Lace Curtains at M to U Under Price Plain one kulcker and one < f J 75 I
Simpson Crawford Co Fourth Floor I
selection is marnifirent embracing the latest creations n Renaissance Hoys 5 Combination Suits uicfcs 0
THE lo 17 at > 2i 8
L ace t Arabian Cluny Antiue Iruh Toinc Tanjbour Urusses Marie BOJJ Knee Pants knlcluis and plain CD vi no W 1
Antoinette and docni of combination lace cflects Five big lots for Irldayi jelling Boy S5o Stnool npa College and roif 17
a Hoys 75o ordiiroy Knlkeia 40e l
3 00 and 3 BO J tOO and 150 I G75and JibO I 1260 and 1350 I 1450 and 516 76 Boys 3 allAOol fovort and lied Reeor SI 98
qualities i qualities I qualities qualities I l ns extra slie Iunts up to u ualtt 1 SJ5 t
pair 195 pair tfo5 i pair 445 pair 790 i pair 975 H and J10 odd Coata and Coats and tct luges
to 20 tt 105 SlmpMon Crawford Co UjmnniMit
Portieres About Half Price fj
y50 to 1200 1450 to 1750 < 23 to 28 250 Goat Sweaters 1
Portieres 585 Portieres 890 Portieres 1525 Slnglebroasteu mannish Coat Sweaters In gray gray with ted 01 X i
j gray with blue bands also plain white ornamented t
Eight try tortleres designs trimmed of Annure with Tapes cord Magnificent ar crentlona In Im Magnificent high class hangings with large pearl buttons regularly J2 50 special nt I 1
Tapestry borders or Van Dyke perlal Damasks trimmed with exquisitely woven In high lustre fllmwon fruvforJ Co Da I
edgings cord or Van Dyke edge trimmed with a Van pyke edge f 1
98C White Lingerie Waists 18 C
Thousands of Couch Covers Sacrificed Ij
Beautiful white Lingerie Waists Vshaped > okp eUbouiMy t
500 and 860 H and 8 i and UO 12 and 15
Q Qr trimmed with Val and Cluny Insertion tucked back collar md
Couch Covers CVo Couch Covers OyO Couch Covers rOJ Couch Coer8590 cuffs trimmed sleeves also lace trimmed buttoned back Viluo 1
9R < Limit 2 to a customer Slnuwin i raivforj Cj Ill > i n t
Groceries 3 Car Londs New Tomatoei 5mrk Ox Tonaues Fresh riJ IH
Full Size Lace Gnrtains
The famous Mllord Brand from the smoke home mild 1
IIChlla2100 t Blith Floor olid cold handpacked red ripe ten er sugarcured tonguej U 2cc 3 c 9c per snip
86 to 60 Incliud wide 3 and is jaros long Sold b > the pair at I
I Flour Roval Stnart irult sold rrgu rly at 12o I S Impeded sold reRulirly at l8o to J4 aomo are slightly soiled Many can lie matched j
Brand barrel In wood special clse 24 cans 203 doa Ifc ipecial lor Friday per 45250 Rev Tapcslrv Pouch Covers at 39
Qtirtal 160 nlr
75 zcoic La c s I
I S9 I tfbblielf 74C 103 larfio can Qc II > I 49 e 45Uyo > Itev faimstr fort ores 1 9 Jlr
SI < 1II O dri nl
N w PotatoWhit m Uy coolc ri Pnu Fruit J minoy l Blmrt bran Tablo rwnineruUr pric Uofl0
buihil lick OSoi 1T I J < varlotln ipecui fl Jari Im Dram Salt and Shakers
pcV inibt 2C I 1 liOi llb ilau Jir plrktd white Xiw until rorl Hl hint Glass Pepper
vounK nit
Ror l ninn r CofTe Bnil to inr mid Xw rragrnt INUAII our 800 ifnrlri 10 Ibi Mer Mb I liOC
11whlr Ib drum at 248 sno 4 Br Iba ili nn 10 I Perlb trade In built up to 10 Ibi i k 7 C I nrMlnd palhflllUrokonIO that look just like the 50c
lb I 28C wMdn hOI ploal
t CooUIn or TM ApDlN Crab ro 1 j8c 5 fiJ
Or ni M Luioloua brlrhl luloy or I Applw nnd Irnr for pre r lniti No kind RemoNa le celluloid tops The belt thins
anie pellll ioM for Frday iularlr per at del < 001 cHC rtfllversi a biiltet hiring full tin C Wines and Liquors you have ever hem at the price
> wn 1wt < > l1 C
1I0Tai Ann ClirrrlM U711 Stuart IIwe1 nur Com Camaron brandi fu11 i1 ot flOfSI California
Drandr doi 3nO laid ruullrl It 1201 tolal innrj oiil rrrl fln flnldtn flhorry r
lirri cm 25 J dol IIlIc i ran 0 C nd Inn Dinner Claret ill r 0 > 11 tn
DnllnJ Hum CnofcM Onrn d nt and all Junn lr Rnyil Btuarl brandi 111111 doi 911nO larjrt bnttla 3 < > e SHOES 7111G 8 g 0 lJI
rriwh Clilnmd DM elleld 26 1014 I cUla l i IBO i meclal Oat Jntalld Iert Pint for imdlolnal 019
Dutterlns In ordarl Bold plr Ib by other Horn al lln C I tan m cam IJIIOi dot e 1111 jJrt bttI mellow dm ill 811111 nrj C DOUBLE VALUES
r pir r lt Ib > i ip clil for rrld jr 1UC IlniueUaiii Sunihnei ipsclal Cakw noM Anxtl n nr I llanqaM reiular OOo UIU bottlt Dm BH no 75c Severn I hundred pairs ot Womens Misses Hoys1 J 0
leDlon Cling InehCameon brandt ch J Je I Crr > lal Old Tnm llnlal a a I and Cl lichens jjcod Shoes niclu nitf many pairs
told rtiularlr I U2 I kula till I 65
il ID ptr itoitni r IrunHBun cure lara a7B la bottles 11I11111 bottln UOC
lino iptrltl oin donn 13110 2 C brliht 11 Ibi ninny 111 Irult Iba tho Ho but crown llarllnet llSlsr Cmnao llrnndj lin Unit me aluecl double our Fruluy prce
Cariillna MM d Hle Tin tiMl faner per Ib I C polert e In flani per 11U 1 irn HI d Sti is C 1 flfb
rlt < < roirn 10 Iba fH I 3101 Ture Italian lllr OllOrwno brtndi I SHima v Lr
J mn IIn HhUkejOaJ CiraKn and C nf Y lg
Ibi Aflpi lb nC al can BJ7BiHfal can a OOe Itrtj
rvmoiirtlcil 1Il1kOold CroM bramli lfiB rl o In O Cl 111112 quarti B7i p r ql Buy S Hi taf I i es
t amllr ill cam mill l > rn Hardr hmhr plant < ilth l hl < ker Heather flleni 1 23 Hll it r1 able itaen
4 l5
for c rt < < ulAr price t I 1 lal C ial rr nl la nta 41 1 boitl tiuHJn iriwlorl ID Uaneminl I
Tut Clda VIcarOllll a 35c Uumln u n Hvtlfla Jrlde er no 1 Old Cmw Milikfj Hal aW70 n h
Jaf oJ Naphtha 10 ban for JOC u qu ajiM full 41

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