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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, November 27, 1908, Final Results Edition, Image 1

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I II i
LJtEtlJJiTS EJTU1 r Cirrmlaof1 BooTes Open to All 1 r II Circulation Books Open to All I
= = = = = c = = u u = =
u h n u
French President Poisoned for
I Political Reason a Story
That Stirs France
IPolice Inactivity Declared to Re
1 Due to Desire to Shield
High Officials
PRTS Nov 17 lloinnces of ove
I end death the one involiiiR Felix
Fauretho President of Frame In 1SJ3
Ii b jjincl the other Alolph Milnholl the
nrllst both murdued are now belns
credited to Mine Melnlietl the rdnai li
able oman whose llnson nro alleged
by HIP Paris nflnp to lime been
I of the deepest political Mgnillcinc
I I Mme Slclnheli aftT haUling th po
Ilce for months with clues she offered to
J discover the stran lei or her hnabind
I and Imo Jap her mother 01 step
mother has been arrested and Is now
locked up in 1 icll of St Uazare
The new pap rs arc Llamorlnc for the
Trillins of the murder of the artist and
jvlmc Japy and the popular belief that
iMme Mclnhall was an accomplice In
that shocMnK ciimc of last ills has
t ken deep root
i i It Is also free > suggested that Mme
i Stelnhell was lmpllLiitiil in tin poison
ilntr of PiPsldent iaure She was with
jlilm when ho died and there had bi < n
Jopen scandals of hrr relations with
iJaurp Oiarges wort mad ihat silo
ijmd poisoned him to male Way for a
romance with another man who was
r port erful In French politics
I I It Is now believed that a similar moth P
II i prompted the Killing of her husband
t jnlxpd with Htiothci hint to that In
U i oled polltiii Mine Strlnhrll was
y Sdioui to hivn made another of her
lj Tiany shifts of afftctlons hefoio her
Jiusliiind death A French nobleman
A pf great wealth who left Franco short
jl hy after the artist and MIIIP Jap > wirp
rtransleil has tipi n mentioned 11 imp
of the widows lateit friends ito vat
tlso dep In polltlci
Politics Mixed With Love
Still allot her man MiBlstiaie IPJ
MeLt lino been driRKPiI into HIP case and
h Piil up as mo of l IIP vlrlinis of th
ttnnp fan inailoiiH of Mm Htilnhpil
Tlio hrHtlms ot t hi famous muid1
i aip VVCIP at lir I 101 b > fun him
Then ni iiw dMlopmpiiis wirp oppnd
the ore of piildic opinion inmpilUd I
Mm to turn OM r the ltte to aiiotlu I
Jlailliat Immediately afteivvaid
MIn Stpliihell was aiipsttd
1 Jim nltPinit to npaln inipirtli thp
Brnmldlx tliHt trot ii to HIIUO 1111 t lea I
fumlOrllHe iifnr the daili of IIUIP
piiivo nipt wltli lopnt opposition Aim
Btelnheil had povvpifut piotpptoiH men
It IH now enld who WIMP aided politi
cally by the death of the Trench Chief
J lExecutUo Fault IH ald to have been
poisoned hriunso Im opposed the re
tklon of tli Ircfu case There was
c n plot InvolMns men lueli in national
pilltlcn and MIIK Sioiniini it win
lilntcd vaa ipndll dniwn Into the plot
21 41 c slic had tired if Kunrr mid foimd lls
j tonllnurd pifiioii fin hir nn rmlur
I aeiuur 01 i
Poison In ritires Cody I
S tt It 1 II > i IHMV t h1t on I II > d of i
c Din fniiriii or Ir s 1111 Iuiri II nrtur
I tor tlir inllpiniti Iuiolc ii hi
i I lini ppii thin lindj haul ll tin shill r
i if the nnlMlin i8 wan ninhli to 11111
Ml vi HIP i m psi < fiom HIP dlMdvpiit nc
j lion of HI siirtlo ituinuii Jliii IIUio j
V i rule io1 iiiXox III I
iy iii 0 u < IInlIullq
are hUt M HP SlHlnhpil mnidpiPd
is Jfliirj
fell hln ailindid nf funiinl m liurp
r nllil iiilidtiiird IIPPlf PlliaajuiHv ut
I llC iCIIItitU hi vvipt lid iiilPd la
Till prmi IV HH IIII iun and HIPII fell
JH her IIIIN II Mill II It Inn Hum hui I
lirsoni a huiKi ol liilcln rind unto It
nil Hit nnlei AN HIP uuki vih IIII
4 lowirrd slut > uibt hiibolt on the 1niiiiiil
rnd Mihhtd IUHII in nllv luiroiiiiiel
Uxlli 1 lIIIilll Of HU iii hlclil
Uiat1 if had III ht o llu jui <
Illrndn of MIIIP f piih ll uuUain Hint
ifi liiihhand tIlls I IIIIIIUellIt nl ilu
Il fiiciiilniti pxlmliu hutwuii fain and i
u lllu wfp iuitln imoiii II s aid Hiit
I Jif iiffiird no iihjp Hoiiii In hi i Inn IKIIPH I
with olliii nun ni CITIH pii ninuiup
JIu hlniMlf WIH huh III pnlUlm nnd H
WI nald to liai luni Impiilaiit iapi > u In
rq Jiln puisitn lim i hiii lie nu miaiiiilnil
TliP PMIIIV ihaiit irfmU uf Mint
HUliilnll to tiiHlrii lilt muiilir nl htr
II u wbti III mid MIIIP Jupv on otlierv IH
now lucid up A > moat dituiiijjn cvIdeuci
1 liMit III t JIVE flul Klin unit tiltS polt < i
I Ilt alt a wild BOo1t Until ut u
CIIDlihued 011 tecvu 11
iJJ41JE1 fM lIRE
Walter A May of Chicago
Sees Her as He Emerges
I From Waldorf
After Mirrhing In vain for thirteen
jparp t Iartt each others hpreabonts
Walter A lay a diamond dealer of
Chicago tnft hIs mother b > accident
TtnnKpghlni afiinoon in flout of the
Mother toothier le found you at
last rkd a tall hindsome man as Ic
alunpth euuuln aced an i > ldul vvoimri on
HIP steps ol the Tlilm < hln sinit in
tiince of the noilKnown hoMpIrv
allu m > iou iilaimiil thp
woman tiasplug till exijtI man III lutz
inn nnd Micddlni tears of jlidm s
ln ssersuy who viltiiied HIP sit IIrzs
InR pecta lp ol u tuil iluesseil s tiiuici
I piilnlih iinbiiUni n nuiit tttili ilil
wtnaii did not know that hp ilnd thij
Mfiip was a ietna rita uI c ronmim tin
Kcnrs ot whiih IIP hid in UtiKlami
Kouih Afiiia anti Amorlia
tt tIer A Mnv I tla Jong lost son of
Mi llllain 1 AMP who lives In
Itiodlthn at Xo 11 Jlosppit pi n p
I Vliti rvri liTi this alternoon In nn
lvnim oild ippoitpi thp u hicaj oan
told how ihiitiit hud 11111 him mm
HIP IMI < if I hi tutu ittI Horn whom fu
sipaialed thliliin jpaifi ao
Fears Its Only n Driim
I ful its thoufili I urn dreninliiK ngaln
nnd will w iVp up soon lo thud Unit the
till It her I luc 10tal Ill II t last is only a
fiuiiaiv Hio 1111 blond fun paid lilt hue
kiued toni I > on IJ ldtphalrid vvomati
whose eyes LiiKs pd his handboino ia
I uurcu
1011 M p when I was a chop of
IWIIIIhal tliltteen ears nloI
Jolnpd the tlnrllch oliintppts to go to
South Africa When 1 eald goodby to
mOl her I dldn 1 ret iii It would Inj pin h
on a KI before we met again I thought
a vtat 01 so at HIP most would SIC me
III Ciulumi iiKaln with HIP inotliPi wit
had hctn ny chum and liiji filcnd sill P
oailleil ilnldhood ml fnto Had other
plnmi In Ion MV mi > aid di > li t in
llPliiin to n I11I bv a litilliit hilt
tin u ii HI in ib ni v jjoII i thin
I 11 I oin iiipu In HI iinviial and
lit 0fl5 111011 lull lipfoip uiw iborh HI
all Wlmi I iirnliied ins lillOllltli I
1 vioto to t tilul Jut e hut tin be I tot musI
IIIIVP OHP uiiItzly foi to II and nuinei
HUH niiiHih I tPiiHfd no rrpl
And mini inut haw itnim nut IU
boll tpokn up HIP wliltphnlrnl mullici
InKIng up HID tin cud or lila itmj 101
I Ioln liuiiilriilH of laililM to IIr I KH
I in plpjpi ilclnllvc to loiiHo him Inn
Iliiv onU leiiiiipd he hid len Sniiih
Alrliu nnd fonr It vai tliuualil to
hal it Just tiipi i j Wilt lit ittuit in I
Mr IW J IBJPU lit uslilfl K
jiaiM hllo J vyuit in fm nhiup tlluutillt I
I ns l1II till < eJ irut HiPie lull tin
liinhliiK loi mv nivn homo mid inoihir
provrd too MIOIU tu malhl m I fhl mil I
lIly uiuiniK tli 10 nnd mlltd MI 111
lunl Vluli I ailiMd tluiin nil nacu of
ny innllii i v Vjt t lul Jot as I hit 11 si nuts I
llpuiiipd slut hud m 111 hub ilonll1 hui I
ippiiinl lioict lioliiK lllhim 1 Aj rr
hId Hn v luni mm nl tu llioukls Jn
Hi m nil limo I too 11I1I
uhuuariuul nu I IM r
hind and Ilr sour haIl liinip III xu
liu IIHli diouiiiinc that II wan in Ii
uuiito I wim tu Ilnd toy in itPI
Ho Finds His Mother
I tlIfd III Clilcato mid IHHUIIK n I
ilrakr III ilainondB Jasl urek I utmaj
Kait mi LUtIIIIUII anil tU > > el1 at Ilia
Wfildiiif Ycttctdiiy after JliUoIilni M
u hli
I eaJn ctor in in of the Hour Legalh Separated From
Wife Mio Vas Formerly Veil Known in San
Fninciscos Bohemian Set
111 12 VIIon ontlmn matlncn The dpfondant wa HIP leader of a
11 i lt i ha boon plivliiR lie liadliv Bohemian et In thc ny life of Snn
i aiu Isco about Hevent ien eare at
jearn ao
iv y prl In the MIII of the Hum
liei tyIe mid lienutv alway attiatpd
> i In play wa lirit pniduced line
nttention on t hit h iduiK t I ttuiJt fares
t him granted a dlvorir f unit t lili I
of thc s I rn metropolis V IIon va
ifi > M ru ry I V llsnti The Milt va I
plalnp leod In a HIIIIIC lompHii at
11 I u it than a ear tuna antI In an
thittlnip it nd wns v nv pupulai MH lallv
i I i Kfrp tin iniutrr from ualnlns
Hit tnt go niMit was llllIot iud o Miss
liltv the trstlmonv wa hcai < l itt
laughlln who VVH S mtndird a out n
i < fun Marl O Hulxttln at Ills iillnf
I VP al UKO In lie fntliri Mil Prnnk M
N i 1 t itt tud way I
Iniigliliii tlc well kiiiwti lout kiatu tin 1
1 j t u n ijrLjioiidint s nampl tt Mr > i
mining opuatot who oniniKled < Ulo di
Ie r Iovf n vcllknovn PittbbyiKPr
alter h had hhhlI his iiichUM
1 T M Motlov of the Motl jv tocn I
nipin No ij i II nail eet Th 1 Uellglous 1 I ITeuit its w MI L silt to bp
HaltitVfI mother ho Is lihitno tin1 cause of the LupiMm of the n
f 1 riM tctlflid to Indl cittlons lie I na pmeiit and In a plilt of pupii t
r w I rr luv < and tile lefetidzutut In tlir on suipilfd his friend1 by I11l1tT tug
11 n i mo at Fat rnto 0 t N Y iv lull diihliiR Hien dlIlr ihe tin toe i
1 I itnouM0 told of dnlni nt the I which the woman whom HIP actci I ni
Ii i hum Inn hoipliam I I whlili 1iIlI divoiiril was inii Kliivn
i H nul lutlcc Illcrhoff In the Su i AttoinoMt KellogK nnd Hat atlla1
111 i nut wl1n lie lzuit i ame bc fn the ilefendiini while Hcnjamin I
0 him i trt final motlun 1Hacis condu led ll < i n s i asi
I S2dtJOooo Alleged to Have Been Improperly Diverted to Re
habilitate a National Bank Involved in Order Granted
by Justice Bischoff in Supreme Court
j Jutic niichtff tndav handed down
Ins decision in l1c application tout 1 E lat I
April hr counsel for lamp Harn llulp
and hi nmtlui Annie U llNdc a1 trus
tCP inlet t he will of HPIIM n J ldo
founder or HIP Inimitable llfe Aur
II alice Socii I
I I IIP I attiC prauts TI injiiiu to ic
i stii n Hi diuitable the lpicntllp I
r Vrit < nijain all l dfoiic Turnoi
fi Uill pr Pf illi f v th icr i r impp
tL llvdi l iivi 111 tt K Out wlIh
it vv < i il a < I 10 ia i in
I IlPlcnlik K IfdPliui tlon to n il ° w
Id uli 1011I dlaliPte Jorlt1r iiI U
Chal far vlhi Cl1r5 old of No
I 7 i2 uou oil Ill ttfut t HiooMMi abut and
illnl Iniiuiir thH nftiMiioou ill a iiloon
n Vultnn mid Itinilx i land Mtipts
I Finn buy I lug tvvo sill tilrs 10 nnp him
flf he vvciii Into n IP 11 mom and
tiliti out tubs liinlmt IIP ImllPt piitinvl
HIP tight tPinplc Klllint him uistuitl
In raithliiK the culIdiH eli hlng a
Ipltir wns found uuultlressed to Dr
nanl Shan of No 117 South Oxford
Tin < I 11Cgfls furlong
UrdPinpHon Iii MnVrlle 2 lo 1 and
nut fust
JlKHi J ° l lIohnon 3 in 1 a nil even
Jli Itlup 101 iMiimli 5 lo 1 and
t o i I ltld I HUP Ii llat
I lick alHo rui
i > tt 111111111 onIjfIlllrlrtr
r nu I u ii igs
rn 1 n lui ilihtion In 1 and l to
Jlprr Ii < Mcrtl 4 to 1 and 3 lo j
CPI oiul
I m iillim 110 Ullir 11CM II third
in > > tiiandma Jln Ianii iilrntrp
IiHitiiont I IHIII nlfu mil
c c c = c
koch 1ItlwkJlllrItJJ llillNPr I Mllnttldl
nut to the nurincp on the Thittlilrd I
ftuit Nub Just an I rtoud on HIP nips I
I nuiHifrliin iuiiilS how I was to amumi
mjKlf for I butt aftiinoon I i > aw uij
mm Hi i and nn Ion ellis Ihu ftiui
I I louidnt hiiltne m > ip 5 n mi I
1111 Iholirtl tilt Pm > i havi Mllilpwlilt
ilannd IIPI iipinaiaiui tluti miild
iul ili 11 iv i i no in in > ntvn inuthci I
unhid upun hoi and lutdlriii of tio
nluiiKrii took liir in III Inns and
ito lui dtai rln iks Mi A > ip
whIt uai with luau mukt JoHn thouKlil u
mi u inadmnil loi vin wioid In I lit j
ntidill nt I lul Him null liiiHlilin nnd I
v iiplim 10 > Ilium 111 till Itch II viah
u hdlt 111111111 I Ill nn and mp
iltE inullur its I
No Hint > ni h M fmmd hi > i I
I hull do > lilt mlml to Inr VMi > 1IIo
i Mi liar 1
111111111 r1 u Ulll I III I thp
i i ii I unxuii III uiri laKi a Jon
iuitoii and so urn vvlh iiinilii
f i r XIIIIIK nun and jcilmpu I inn IItr
111110 lii > r Mini Mr Ativ In dime to
til jjf11 with inc Tlunii lino IIPKI
bvt ttiough and tliatn Ill Uka si > > d
ccu not tu lute mother ICU IltiL
A d U + S I
II In the puichifp or rehabilitation of llp I
V itt in National Pa tilt i
i lip Inlunction ustnlns HIP pro pcu j I
linn or tins suits until It hits In en Ie
teiniliipil whether lucy 01 tin qtillaluc
IIIP rponnlhle
The suits inclndpd the estate of Aim 1
oellu llnrthi and nGI1 Lou ti Pit a
SCI lid John I piiles mid llllaiii N
Color ii as defendants holilln thit j
thov VVPIP spoiibllilo fo HIP Triulti I
hie s gun i ant if J IICJ1WI orh of nofi s
of Iu hank iiioi < i V Tall1fl n I in
Kifni giving ids noil as a dumnp
i I
I Frederic W Chipne of Brooklyn Aft I onir Worry t i
I C her lib bst Failing Condition of Health I I
Hastens the End With a Bullet
I In wiltpi said tutu niiotm i Irtim
iiddip r 01 tu tiN wlf u 1111 Ii ulHlnd
lo lie III onli itt I ut would In found
1 In tin Inxldc poiKpt of his tutr To HIP I
Iphvslilan IIP wioip thai IIP had dn ii j
Hull It would IIP Id Itt In dip liv Ids
I onn hand than suffer HIP cuidunl toi I
IIIIP of ilsliiK fiom dliilirliM Tlii polkp
puiilpd the iPltei to tin w ifp and iUlc 1
I Slip said she had fparPd her hiishand
would take liln life as hn lonntantlj
tallied about his tiouhlrs and could not
i sleep for worrying over hls lllnpi
No T TliP cot lies for tomorrows
rups aip a8 follows i
rilit1 ICIIHlilnj tl t nnl nnohif
furlontii Hun imi r H mh I M a
I lr Pk wiiiif nr rim o PK I
lfIi ft iiifliinn l1 llnniji pr 110
Iuli pr VII m II limn III
IMlllllu till l
Iliut sir lir llnmiiUM III
HIJiUMi ISUT > lllns Hvv < ir olda
I Mv furlnnn Caflilil llu ilrinip < > ttit I III
j 111 Mi Mllil if iiMhain In tilt iii
ill fh Irujco III rnlr Vnl11 iII 111111
11ojI Ills
llIiHul lltl ivttIlilr not lulls Sul
trio JOi i M Hililnl iON 111I1 lm MI
Sinlrki 1 Hii k > 107 r inl thits lulti
MIIK liinlin IMI
rmiHH fin iii Mim wnoii
llmilkaji nun IIIP nol nn > llIlIlh ftnnli
1i Ii V11 1Itlil Il ° > lOltttti JII
IUun IHI itt iz CIHT 11
V111 VB Sllllt oin fur mi
llPlUnlikii hi l rirji 1iI lanclia lini
I Dinlliil I 2r 111I010 11
MTII ill IIh Mllliir uvn Hint ii hair
fiirliinKf I pniiiiliiR I isa I trtl Nilui Hi
Jllntli HI ink nf liriJsn ilir lie1vm
nlrluiim ln > luiai ll i lir ro of Irmiulas
lir Var ti IIKIII in UiKlmln lull Ill
Ill Illgpii iuur I i lijiriMin Idi
0 AiH < inlir lliMvniH
Iltal I
VAhlllNiri Nf v 7 Thi llrpui
11111111 of Vgrlmiltmp to da iirthti sib 0
1 11I111a lit 111 nKfilnsl HIP piiilm late of
daivlHid MI far IIH lattlt nnd idipip nn
iiiiiirnni ni m i mini of HI tipper
aiui nf fi ot and im uili dUiati
I lilt > liv rIIIIOUIICtJII1Clt I
ot ihr uiiuiitmciit i > f Ilaudu II ttteiti I
ol New York i lf it Htutv Dunk Itz4i
Intr lua nmile toduj at Ilia till
1JanklDjf PorUIIII
Actress and Playwright Who
Shot Herself at the St Regis
ihS Robert Johnson Jut Out
ol Hmiie of Good Shepherd
Faces Giuesonie Scene
MIM Maiv loi iisnii a onni tAnia
if lllltV OIl < liIIIIIlI1 fOil I P
Ifiu p of tJonl Spp1 ptl loilav nit vi
heis iiililiiuil tHt > eiVPial WPels IIP
ituso of her iitrmiernl lablt < Sho
ad hppt an InmotP of the ln ltullnn
M I nN ocialom and tiililiiK In PI
hnnr I 111 al ii itt 14 IHPII wrlconnd 1 uy Jut
slavl llolpil
Ihll iii > iPiulinl ho lirtlo lint on
II i ipiond tlooi or No 1711 Inlton Hnii
IIJ ifpinonn alii iPPtlMd 111 KHporm
o i or lnoiUIn No inulil tin milKli
lois I eli her wlicio laI liuMiind sits
ii > WPIU lo his tItles ol i inplov mitit
and was tlun > InfoiniPd Ihil liu hid
not Ixin to vvori fo tin dav <
Itotiirnlnc to tin liar slit HMtphi th
nsitiuiio of th Jauior In bipalIns in
tire donr As HIII opplipd II 1110 fillip
of 4ts rnsiid oil upon thrni and In
the llrm room HIP wife cntircd she saw
tin bod of her huibind on the door
Th > uuns man he vvns thirlstwo
had severed the arteries of his right
wrist and then turned on thp Km HP
lad been dead for two dn > s dpelarfd
riiir < con Sammh who nn cnnmoncd
from the St John Mpupltal
XilBhJfvs siId that Johnson had wor
ried jricitly over rU ivlfpi hoino oom
IIIK He told his filPipN 4iat In reared
tI nomni would be hone ottiy n hon
linn brfori u u v mU sulUi motmi
In > o Hi ml il > ai mirjtiiiiK in nit
j td lulttttt lo hUi IIIM iv f tuil Mil
pith PJIPIIIO of hn Inti npiTin t hUll
111 II IISC thrill tn i n > > furl Hi
had al avx Im u II i < > > 1 luMruii
ni in p < d was aimin d Iy luis nritih
ItijilllSTIJIl o i I Corgi Ita jn
out of HIP IH KnovMi iinnliiiil lavtvpiK I
In t Itt Mali dlid biiddpnlv it IIIX liomu
hero at i Pu oeloli < ihlx aftcinoon
Mulr HIP londltlon of Pro V T 11111
in piaituull iimhaiutd n i admitted
li > Ills piisriciuiis hut tulUK 111I m lie
Hotel Ilna Hint lu Is Mniliill > brow II
hut old I Sr to Ii VUlhUI HI I
tha lancci in Jr Hull hued will ud
I lit uui Klo whin it len e hue a vital i > ° i i
hut IIP nitrf i lit lined in billet tit pu
iliiil wiinld din ti urn oliniisilon I
iH 8ii N4 hut v > itu4 r
i1 iviiK i mi 1hO11 Fl lair
Aert > KiInl ui plIJlI Ha M
Jlti I Killl < 1 > 4 flvlKll lulll
iitsir I cit It lilt hall > J III ties ninth i
ii i iuii l r Itni luakiiiian II ai
futuilv hlll 1
IU1IIV ltrn uranl 14U Iirk pi Flnot I
owniava Opia until mldolibt Uuilcs
t lpa 11 inns ol Painter Sec
Ii Him 11LJll o lleadlons I
I to Death I
i Ilnpp loui < alntPin silt on n niiiow I
swItisrliiK hijffoll ihat luin In 11
slings fiom IIP loner iidi ol HIP iinlr
pan of th ten IJIIrllh u i nndn 1115
aficrnon lvin HIP Ironuutk nf the
under sido f th snieii n 1111 1
of led fMlnj Tnpv WPIP JII ls
llrd I and I minai Oiarbs Ill N
Vtii Hliivl ind UPOIKP it of No
i j ciiiin iti t
llixcl toutl built fri Mill old I
who sat with his I Os linrlmi in p I I
at hut i ml of HIP MV In pljiilt I IN I
tPlllnj bIt n nllH two ol Hi tuiKM din i
IIPI IIP had Msifiilat at IiH ho ndliifi j
IIOIISP as iii mulled foiw ml to inn his I
blush ovil HIP i Mi ndliiK soul of a i
Homing Khilei II lint his hilinic
iniidP a vviid ililtih fin HIP inppoitlUK i
cable and tumbled down tlu > laii nl I
HIP mlddlp pier ilniiibr tombing It us I
Its I Ill
Iloriorfltilckcn lilt two oompanloim
wntelied Hio Illsht of the boll through
tno air Whilliiff over and over Illotcl
dropped a sheer 110 fret 111111 truck head
i llrnt iiion tile ell r dock cm IJla kwoHB
Inland where the bontu of thu Charities1
and Corn tin ne Dipartmcni land and
Ihu bridge LOiiiiucloru vloie their blip
I Pi 1uweis an ginhulance surKPim of
riovver lo pltal ruviil a ii IitS the IJnnt
I Itlter In Ii nKlff In psponp to I isle
pliono mPs aci llu mill Hu pilntpi
hail hoi li Kill il iiistintv Tin Lily
OilS MIU II the MOI UO on on imlir
fnm tha Ctutttt mil i < I
Husband of IneMcisS pepptran
derHlt lolls nt O tirl ship I
and Title Deii >
IMnnrd Wanl aiidtfihilt the wuallliy
Ilionklvn nnimifii 111 who IH I > PIIK
pxiinilnid 1 > I lunno lommlmlon In
lioioiil Inll HiioKltn nn an applica
Hon ID IU niKiitPi Mlniivi VandiT
111 Iliuin liii inuiiiiil Hip splilluul
Mslli inrdlum Ml Jeppir touk the
Ulinid ago itt to ilu oi ucu I brett uxiuntnn I
tlon Hu told ilu sIbir > H IIIH louilihji
and ol his i4ipit IOVP foi his xtcond
llb 1ipiivi lilt ihhtH el him lo the
4iliil llnuhi I m tiiih Illillnliii loud I
ami II J P illliul it hU dmiKhlei Hun
In IH lompli til > under Ihu ilomiiuitloii I
ul Hi medium I
I l < out n in In n id Iliiilid Hie mid
Ill aO > > II > Ialh of 18 1111 uifi i
IOW lip had Kixuid ovii hid hui m in M
lzttIe < < > illill < tu uili iilliu ir had puid
11 niiii > on it and had Him tlMi mi I
u lusulsi in UtJlitlilli lrol ils maui I
will Il her fuvor Im until an he had
iilnni fur hlo IMM vlfr provldlm that a
two third children of hl prapfrty ulull go to liii
Mrs E M Cowper Also Widely Known
as a Playwright Puts Bullet into
Her Head at a Fashionable
f Hotel in Fifth Avenue 1
Closely Followed Method of Her Associate
James II Wallick Manager and Actor
I Who Committed Suicide at Middle
I town Last May
Mis JIdflOi kiioii Cowper a uivlely known pin right ind actress
runt hLIS1 in her loom u the St lgis I Intel loliy and will probably
iiI She vi a piotege and biibiiiLst ptriuei it the late James II Wal
HlA h11htttl and icto who Killeil hip > elf at his hOle in MiJciletown
N Y Iist May nnd in her act of ittcinpted seHdestiuction she followed
dosuIy the method adopted In ValIi1 i
Heioie limtiiii herttlt Mis Cowper wrote letters to her lawyers
Jtidije Heilvrt 15 KoyrJ ol MidJletown and to John Hood manager of
the King ldwud lintel in Vet loit > > evenlli street where she lormerly
lived advNinc them 01 her intention to kill hersel
Accepts Position of foslniasler
General Offered to litn by
PresidcntiJIcct Taft
The Associated Pren In authorized to
announce that Mr frank H Hitchcock
has been offered and accepted the posi
tion of 1ostmastPrOeneial In Mi Taft 1
Cabinet Thin U the Hint Cabinet posi I
tion filled
Mr I the heork was ChUnnin of the I
llepiildlian atllll I nmmittio duilnt
tin IPCPIU iampiln and I lie ilniiiilii i
ul alI I 1001 dMl t HIP nell loi
II alit titit at lili duoi It lias litoii
tnhl tight aloii that 1 I ablnit posi
101 would I itt his f I iid t
At the pi Hut lmo MI Illliliiiul Is
nl Hot tpiinis Vi ioufiiilii wni
jipsldenipeit Tn ft Hi iaPi > hPii
tonight foi Vihliliutim w i PI lit will
attend a dinnii II Im Klvi l 11 Ili s I ouur
toll IItht
Itrunllir Itiil Inpe lillun rub Jind
Noliiu U Ulin IP irrlid Oin
AiiNloiiH that his intlio loll should
Im pioppl > Inn lid Tlioinim NI Inn
IhlitviuiP ysois old ol No I lhI
NltitOlitlil > turi whof left fun and
Itfc up a e 11 u t > I lit liue wpie iinipu
tatid n HPlleuio 1 low ilajd tIgo wsiti I
an II Itti lrt alter todiv to the rllvun > I
moiKii when HP inii OilS and had
II Inn pd In a lot in llol > tlins IHUB
IHM 1lntlll
Ih ttil8t tel tup hid lo hI ton
thiourih tin HHIIIP UN HioiiKh a IIIMII I
WPII helm lat fiom Hu miiKiii I
und In lolni II > UH i tIlt ti t lin 1
dpatli i ciliHi ii im Ihul put of Nolan
iMfoiii HIP mid > IlloT lould get I II
vii plaid in a lull t Iii iuk and
tl1k1 to ti unKim
Thsl l thr t y In i ieni Iit bOII alit
11410 l 0
faeatra li iiilijt iJ > 4 111 lbs fthall
t410ui CiliiU Cream At 48u5g1511 e
I Slip tiltt left n iioin to HIP Coroner
miitlii to I hue StPphfii pnltt Hurlal
finpanv and HUP to HIP hitch innnnffe
IIIPIII PApiP slus hpr pet at tlm
tiiUlip MIP wan nbnnr li iane She
nl o Irft ii ipiin i iiillihlivl on a card
Hat 11 1 II 11111 of No 50
1 pht I Ifiv fliM HIP d hi LHlIrd A
if hiloo of iou lIfe largely be >
t in i I uiiiiim I p inifi on the
IIIK Has i mm In h r mutts
No Mention or Motivc
In ill I hI Mdiinilnnuv uiltiiiB sue
ltd liohind silL m uli no mcntlnn of any
mil Hun nuuht dilvp lieu to jtilcldu
MIC iPiPlMd llit It ties on SPVUI I 1118
iiad nn liiKicpt In a hit Carl onnPd
us 11 WalllPlf at llIIIPowl and Was
In I ho hpst of health nppnmitly
¼ iIt Cowppr met lames H Ualliok
SOIIIP Ix jpiii aqo ivlun sins went II
live at MlddlPtonn with her hmbind
Theodore Archibald Cowper an actor
He hecama Insane nnd died about three
years PRO Mr Walllclc was sreatlj In
tcrciteil In Mrs Cow per and produced
one of her plaja called A Dairy
Tumi lie flirt took her Into partner
ship In his stock farm business
Ahout II year atjo Mrs Conppr took
up 1 ipfldpncp In HIP Kim Kdoarrt
Noli Mi htnihltk aputiaiid Hiein
MIOII aitii md PiiRihPil loomc Iliiv
were loKPther all HIP time nnd Mri
Iniipri addirHid the old inaninti iii
Iii titlo 1 hilt
Aftir Mr Wallick i > fiiuldP Mr C > w
pop iimilmipil to live at thp Iilll itl
ivvud ladir oitaFlniial IP < out of
toin In riltunil ti hir hujliitii affair
iShn left HHI Kins Cduiml 1ItII v t hrest
iwidu ago lellliu Mi Moid sic nm KI
Hip to livn In MuldlploMi lot Mull
di > site rot it itted I a NPH Uuli and rex
Utprpd at IlII SI 11 < 11111111111 fha
maid loft on Tu0 di >
Sat Up Late to Write
II 11110 IIPHI iPiiinod tint Mm i ott per
nil up hiiiil i oIIIi Mil miniiliiK 11
IIHI inum viiltliK net flnai MmuiiHoiif
Tin iiipu lltiii In thai il tilt iKtiuU
Hnii uflii tliiit hum 111111 liuC fl
pml of tliu 1 U IJJIIIIIh vnu moll
nldfMliloiipd IiI 11111 1 vii ii punby
puttlliK H plllou IVPI IIPI hnd
Ml Hood appMied llu ill htil3 at
in u vioi k lit 1110 rtu I tit in in 1l1i I tat Cli
tubeS of nind Ho told HIP loun ilciX
Ml i omiu lliU lir Iul JI Itlnj
u Mpm Ul dwlivil 1 r HIM IIIHII Mr liiw
ppr m whliii Hu wunM su ml Hmt Dim
nUlnd hlm lo suIt it II Intel mil
muUt irrainwuuit I lui tin > ain uf lire
1 tall All i 11I111 i tllt1 Iha 1111151
dPtmil I and haiitird with him ami
Ml Hood li Mr4 1onpiT 100111
They lojild her fully < inv lyinjr
IIcrou thud Jed vlh a bullet wounj 1 a

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