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4 tt STORIES c S r OF SPORTS U tt ttr 7 uru UP TO DATE NEWSY
4 i
J Success of Dorando and Hayes Likeiy
to Draw Many Runners Into
1 Competition if Public Sup
f port Is Given the Game
t T I TUT I T II tho HayosDorando
r W match professional runnln
baa takon a groat bem
I It wouldnt be at all surprising to
great amateurs tun to the I
C cj1d JMN see many
moneyed side ol the game within
iLondon Marathon there v ns so much sympathy for Dorando because he
Icamo so near winning and collapsed after taking what looked like a per
fectly safe lend and there was BO much of pride In little Johnny Hayes the
L L u
looy wno passed me otners nuu
right on the Job when Dorando tell
Dorando Is going to run against Long
i boat soon The place tor the race has
not been entirely decided upon but
many cities will want It and Dorando
will clear more probably than he did
5n Madison Square Garden the other
Longboat Is a marvel when he Is
right He appeared in running races
only a little over two years ago an un
I known Indian trom a Canadian reserva
Longboats First Race
Longboats first race was the Herald
race at Hamilton the home of Shcrrlng
j Marathon winner at Athens Longboat
i knew nothing about running then He
was Just naturally a good runner like
most of the Indians He appeared at
Hamilton In a striped bathing suit and
ran In It He wore heavy brogans He
had never seen running shoes and didnt
know euch things were worn But he
won easily and after that there were
j plenty of men to coach him and look
out for his Interests Longboat was
forced to quit after running about
twenty miles In the London Marathon
He was in poor shape
After Hayes had wona few weeks
afterthe Englishmen ran off a consola
tion Marathon to give some English
men a chance to show after Hayes had
I left the country and Dorando had
turned professional Longboat ran In
that and won In faster time than Hayes
j had made But the real Marathon was
run on a blistering hot day and the
tone that Longboat took was In cool
weather In spite of that fact Long
boat may be able to give Dorando a hot
time when they meet If the great In
dian Is In good shape He Is taller than
Dorando by a foot or so and has a
long easy stride that covers ground In
fine style
Dorando Is quite willing to run
Shrubb the English professional over
the Marathon distance but no shorter
route Shrubb who can trim the world
up to fifteen or sixteen miles says thai
about ten miles would suit him nicely
and that the Marathon Is a brutal test
and no race for a gentleman to run In
any case he refuses to talk business
with Dorando on anything but a ten
mile basis And perhaps he Is wise
Haies broKcnIuartcil over his de
teat says that he will go on and train
and will yet take Dorandos measure it
he finds another chance to meet him
The upshot of tho whole thing may bi
a grand professional Marathon run by
i Doranda Longboat Hayes and Shrubb
with possibly a few crack amateurs iikt
Tewanlma tIle Indian inUULiil tu join
tile money winning team
The most curious tiling hour It all Is
that here In America wu have ncn i
cared at all tor loiiKUigtrfncc tool races
thinking them wtai isomu lor the spec
tutors We have always held back our
enthusiasm for the bprlntB And lien
the Marathon a distuiiie of twentybls
miles und i > j yards lias becoma the at <
traction that draws real money
the next few months Hayes and Dorando ag I
gregating their shares of the gate receipts I
cleared 7000 the other night This la enough
to make many amateur athletes eyes stick I
out with envy Hayes got 5000 which Is
about as much as hed set In ten years at
the job he left when he went to England
But of course there was a peculiar sen
timent attached to the HayesDorando race
which will be entirely lacking In others
There was so much of a dispute after the
Charley Garner the lightweight
Jockey hw been engaged by H Eugene
Leigh to ride on the tracks In France
and will leave tOT Paris with hIs new j
trainer some time next week Garner j
was one of the most successful boys I
around the New York tracks a year
ago but last season did not seem to
get going right until away late In the
The retaining price Is said to be not
a high one but Leigh will give Garner
every ciaace to show the form that he
displayed on the local tracks When he
WM rirfit Leigh has the largest public
stable In France and will be able to
e Garner pie of work
Crowleys Ladder Step
Has Runners Guessing
Hod Carrier Uses His Gallop
Form in the Mara
thon Races
IM CROVLET vs Dorando Pletrl
JIM That would make a great race If
the athletic experts know anything
about Marathon running
While It is altogether out of the ques
tion owing to the fact that Crowley Is
an amateur and Dorando a pro a
comparison of their recent races Is In
Let us tako Dorando first He Is a
tried athlete of many Marathons a man
whohas competed against the greatest
distance runners In the world He has
everything that goes to make a steal
runnerspeed endurance a strong
heart and experience
Dornndos race against Haye was on
an Indoor track a distance of IS miles
as yards whIch he negotiated In lib
44m 3J25S The track was the fast
est ever built In the Garden and bank
ed enough to take any strain off the
runners It was a merrygoround
from beginning to end and nr mile
after mile was run It was beaten Into
a smooth path Then there was tle
cheering of his countrymen together
with the band that played the airs of
his native land All helped to urge him
on and give him conlidence Ills rival
was with him over the entire Journey
und each knew tile others pace
Now take the race won by Crowley
This young giant of the IrishAmerican
A C weighs clohe to ISO pounds and
incidentally this knocks the reasoning
that only tmall men make Marathon
runners Tills big boy had not the
careful advice of a graduate trainer I
He Is a hodcarrier and hap to work
al day and train at night when he
should be getting tho rest that Is so es
sential for a dlBtnnce man
Ills first race wan when he entered
the Yonkers larothan a year ago and
after lending his Held for nineteen
miles being two miles In front drank
a pitcher of Ice water nnd then col
lapsed and was unconscious for two
I hours lie joined the IrishAmerican
A C and entered In the live and
I ten mile rnuLs during the past spring
and this fall Hi hail a peculiar stride
and JCrnle Hertberg the clubs trainer
tola him to run on the ball of his foot
Instead of on his heels lie tried this
t und it gave him n sort of crouch He
could not be biuken from this gait and
It has often been remarked Crowley
runs as If he > vus taking a hod up a
Columbia Oarsmen Expect to
Be Heard From Next Svrina
f I COACH JAMKS ItliK silt Ifslim
C any tleip cm i li inuttrr of turn
InS out a S < oJ vurtiiy eruw at Co
lumbia next spring boMUtu of the Ilnati
Clal troubles wiilil iae pievenied the
training of the seniors this fall HCC
U latslrled to have hlb fiesimen it wish
and while tills material U rat Irer IlgV I
H lie think he fen enouili sood mut rill
I for a crew which will be a wdt to the
varsity In the fpniii Hut uuJ uicr i
bt 1ouKhkeuple I
J But here curries the old Toronto chain
Ibis who ells It IIKti tliix
j Im imnluy lnd to imvu an open fall
for we can ct 4 lot ot good work our
of ho Ireahintm on tI40 llmlinin UMJ
i when UH too cold inero we nave thc
t inachlncb in Inhirstty Hall The b > y
are rathur 114 iit but there in kon < Md I
N mttriln I HUTU whlcn will show in tli fc
iprlllg lKli > > l tllu iibiiJ IMI Wllilll lil
prevented HUIK lor inn nniori Ihii fill
Columbia has IIUSIT bvtii In u better
Mtlon for ciirltiK pruiillce vrs lull
have Ihe lunikiboHt over on this Jarty
thorn anil UIIM ear u tcr aniUiinudu
1 tlon abuurd not to apiuk uf HID aupfb
course on wiifii WU nope iu havt J d4l
iice In tlm tprniK
Looking Glass 3 Success
The lourlni lu us4 for training
the freshmen Iss w n n eat amTt
too and i iintirc tlu tt In now tt ty
adQIlLd bl I i IS Ii H i4iii
A nIII1 HI 411 lg O1i55U his
faUll ilnt L II r 1141 Wfl
I Ioell to tics i i qm11Ii
J Ia errvc I o
4 Fnlk II UIr 111 5511051 aratsU
L Pi > II ro ii5Mg ilt g tr4l 4s14a4 rr
AUSIIU in n > arrh of matchea with the
nmfii iiiB Ornr hai ben trying hlmt
ut llgsi i the i unk ai1 at various Ill
tanin an Will the rorJI berurf him uji
no tac ii K ir of clefeel oy any Luiitr
As a tM < or the liln elun varsilf cttv
a ri I t > 10 s t mutgt vvili Ihe Idlumnli
I I ui that ivVM4 a trtiJidtJ at
1 < Ki IBII lao auniinu Iumh Jiice hdi
iifiMl lu 551 IUB ere inlo anuw fur men
a re
Thii cuts will pull off boxing nag
tonlMi two in Manhattan and one Ir
Brooklyn All of them are fortifiei
with an injunction which will Proven
ihe fBjILa Jrotu interfering with th
At the nry pock A C iat 7 mb
iitreot near Avenun C the principal n
tile main but will be Jtrt OConnell the
Kngllij feather iviljiht and Patsy
IM of Nmvark who U one of tha
mat prvrnt little fllow In tie bUll
ntj Tiny ft III battla for six round
Iour ullier biun nii jirruide It
t the Long ocr A C Maniutr
I XuHmtwi will jut on i tin usual curd of
nix but uiBeeii faily JuJ boxiri
At tflf Njonai A lj of Urui4Iyri
he ciniMaiiu In uc atar bout will t v
ev > 1 di 1 r a I Uen UoiiB
4 I tilt Hr i 1 n ijhti TUllY wll
j nut ittii i IT r t > iund bout In
Ilb41 Mnuttiui erig Will taokl
liltIH ilurr tilt ax rouati
MlE 60I frb
A d1I tI
I MF i G 0 A1E
A I I ti
How Croley Trains for a Long
I Distance Race
ladder and was afraid to miss the
Well thats his stride and on Thurs
day ho proved that It was a good one
He covered 26 12 mJles over a
track that wan a sea or mud and as
slippery as Ice It was up hill and
down dale One of the hills on th <
c urlile was a mile and a halt anA
with an SO per cent grade For 21 miles i
he travelled along rough roads und
then entered the Empire City Track to
finish the last four miles
j Every rocpgopr known what a race
I course Is like when muddy Crowley
shoesnot the light track shoes that
I were worn by Uorando but heavy I
I soled ones weighed two pounds with
i the mud that was stuck to them and to
his leusas It was splashed up In the heavy
going Notwithstanding thm tact Crow
I leys time was Ih 9m 16 25s Dorando I
ran about three Quarters of a mile fur
ther than Crowley In almost five min
utes less time while Crowley finished
his last mile over tiii muddy race
course In less than six minutes
Everything considered Dorandoa time
I was not as good aa Crowleyu and he
would have to perform much better to
I beat this sturdy novice
BuelIc Trcmblay llghtwolght chan
pion of Canada defeated O ors 1I01h
I nr or Hrooljlyn lightweight champion
I of tho United states last night In two
out of three falls Trrinbluy In the diet
and lest tithe Kt u toe hold on Until
ncr and und It to lulvantoBe tarcine
the latter to his shoulders each time to
rave himself from having brolion lionel
A small crowd witnessed tho match
One Baseball Record
None Can Seem to Reach
IIX1 one of tlm fans who like to
B p ft over irucball dope In the
off fctation illil It ever strike you
that there is only one man among the
111 or mine mlnur louguu pl jirs who
can lalm n batting average uf Ito or
b ttur fur u cuiutiutiva period of ff
tech uar Of course Itu Jop n
un but nut ittiy fun coulil uuuer the
The e iiae bfcn only ten men In the
ttilrtyIKu yearn of major league Ills
tury who have bult > U ut a tui rule in
lull ion ucutho > t 4i s Sotiii ratiui
hard to btllovn In them day nf KROI 1
atLc4wori Iluwut UT Uut lilt look up
r I 4 tc LOtlsofr1
ill 74 >
p ivi I
i 1 4
11I 0
ii C
Fook to Game Naturally
When a Youngster on i
I Onondaga Reservation I
ITT Tom Longboat the Indian
WITH the professional ranks dis I
tance racing so popular a
Jecade ago Is likely to see a big re I
klval When one thinks of the days of
Charley Lowell the Englishman
Hughes the Lepper Pete Golden Peter
Eleselman Gus Guerrero and the rest
3f the ctars of years ago and remem
bers their racing with JIadison Square
Garden filled and cheers splitting Its
walls a revival of the sport Is welcome
The worldwide fame won by Johnny
Hayes In tho Olympic Marathon Do
randos now historic finish In the same
race his recent defeat of Hayes and
Longboats meteoric career are events
sufficient to arouse the old Interest
contests of speed anti endurance
He Is
back to Longboat
But to Get
perhaps the most picturesque figure In
athletics today He Is a fullblooded
Onondaga Indian and was raised on the
Caledonia reservation seven miles from
Hamilton In Canada lIe attracted at
tention suddenly by winning the his
toric Herald Marathon race In Canada
when only nineteen years old and came
back and won a similar race the follow
ing year No one had ever heard of him
before this but subsequently he won
many famous long distance races
among them the twentynvemlle Boston
Longboat ran In tIle Marathon at the I
Olympic games lastlear and was among
the front runners for about twenty
miles when he n > tlrul
Long distance running is second na
lure with the Indian Ho can run as
well with rubber boots on as with the
uptodate spiked shoes There Is a lot
or human interest In Longboats en
trance to the professional ranks It
nearly broke the heart of Tom Flana
gan the man who discovered him and
who mapped out lilt career Here Is
the story
Sure I dont know what to do at aU
nt all gentlemen raid Turn addressing
J J Ward and Itcv J p Morrow
Thcsfl two had rotne ilnwn 10 linplop
Klaiinugan to allen l nKimut to turn
professional nnd thus gntbnr In a little
butter and egg rnouuy tur his old ago
Its all very well for you glntleiripn
to say let him get the change but when
I think of Turn Longboat running pro
fetisloniil races mu stout Irish heart
beats with emotion Sure lvi > been i
mother to the by carrying him around
on me hack like a impulse continued
Why bnil be an outcast fal < Flan
iigan Well no longer be mtertulnrl
by the reeve and town council and
me this best aft erti flour humorist trot
rln Chaunciy M lJei > ew did you net
that 7 Oh dear no I ilont want ili
l social Huinitphoro turned agaltist tle
boy Just yet
1 May we mil ko co bold aaw isk 11
yrm are mifferlnt from n malady Ji nit till
I the dope hook
Alisun slallol In 1KT0 the first year
I of this atlonHl Lcugnv trill a hlittllllo
iiveraKo of mniuthniK Ijitmr than tt
and tie kept Ills ey un tie lull ami J
flim grip on Ills IIK but for flit ii
cunici iiilve years Jail UrotitlifTi
fieillil tu litivii u i hitii u lu liLt 1115 II H
firanil del Man Inn hi Irseseri m
I lie Job after tUvjn vir wlilcli win
a I act tho itHiirl of Wue Wlllia KMICI
liijolo a nil ld Uvliliurity inu In tin
twelveyear lilt anil the latter nilulii
tmvrt niiilci n urns tKcoril hail iiit iluati
Intcrvenfi Hilly Jlunitliuii mil h
Ivully itnt ufir JOY > iim wluli
Hugh liulTy unit JOIIo liurkui luii
ole Mur toss
4lifin la iinu man who U wi M on ti
VBJ to II nuw iDioul wml thai II liar
I w KKiiar who has already rMlwl ttV
IW itcord for aa even dozen nnOlll
III Follow Dorando Until
We Race Again Says Hayes
Thr race proved nothing I am Dorandos master and I will prove It to
the satisfaction of everybody before very long provided he will give me an
other race said Johnny hayes today Hayes was asked how the race
affected him He said
I was not the same Johnny Hayes that won the London Marathon In
that race I had the careful training of Mike Murphy and was as nt as a
fiddle I only hadthree weeks work for this one and any one who knows
anything about distance racing will tell you that the time was too short to
pronerly condition myself I was attacked with cramps during the twenty
fifth mile I attribute my defeat to that cause for It weakened ms and wor
ried me I thought that everybody was looking at me I will beat Dorando
and Insist on another race I will follow him all over the world until he
agrees to meet me and then It will be Hayes first when the tape Is reached
as cold fcetT ventured the controller
a smile scintillating through his side
wnlskers Can you In any flight of
fancy Imaglnu Shrubb or Dorando beat
ing this runner from the reserve
Whereupon Flanapan almost nwooiied
Beat Shrubb said he nt the same
time giving ir Ward a withering look
Say John can aces beat deuces
Ive seen it done replied tile latter
Well Jim for that ann to show you
Longboat can beat anything outside a
motor car or an express train Ill give
mo content if youll appoint a commit
tee to look after the vush And so
raying he despatched u native runner
to tho reserve with the following mes
sage Come back to papa all will be
Ionguoat Is a natural born runner Ho I
was born In a typical Indian hut alls
when u youngster his people marvelled
I al his speed anti endurance A few
weeks ago ho broke away from Flana
gan and had a champagne revel He
was quickly brought to time and he
signed a contract with Flanagan Thu
contract had to be approved by tho Ca
nadian Government under the KriRllHh
law on account of Longboat being an
I Indian
I Englishman Who Beat Attell
Accepts Jeffries Terms for
Match with Dane
I1EDDIE WELSH who recently
F secured a decision over Abe At
tell In a fifteenround bout at Los
Angeles Cal last night accepted terms
1311 Marathon craze Is rampant
bed through your
OU Marathonlng out of
THE Have you felt it Are you
hit it all day
breakfast and on your way < to tIle ollice Do you up
There is no question about itthe Marathoner can stir speed out of the dead
aro really
noticed it In our ollice boys They
We have
I considered Immovable objects Long live Johnny
they have been
unknown line live Dorando Pletrl They have given life to the ofllc boy
I IfTou negotiate the oinc In nothing make a
H you want to see him npurt yea
noise like a ticket to the Marathon
laps Form Bowling Team
to Meet American Stars
OrFTln 1 new In matoh game
S bowling will be seen at the Whtto
Kitpliant alleys Manila night
team from the Japan
when a ilvotnrn
Curl will roll a best tWO I
eH liriwflng
against a
outofthicf B 4flO
picked alli tnrlclln Uiim niuilo up I
from star liowlem of these alloys
The JupuniBo Club Is miulu UP from I
prominent 11I11 < 111 era In thin city and I
I itle tsrhictil I I of tlliny fl1ey roll
as a
w I
lUKhtB at ltiu isis
Vfiii itiliy org I
fhll club
fCIU lire nut IlIfrCllunt
will lIIaku nn Vntry In a II the ivents of
hi rclw National touinament at the I
I liarilcn In May
I After Ihu loumaniiMl limes In tie
1 iuiiiin Nat lonul miluy nltllit a
I iritili Kimi will hu inlliil nn thu tour
I immuiit ali Cl C ut Tliuma bet rveri I iast
i iiiruil ul tin llfnilil iiml IIel of lh < >
I KiiKkiibui Utr 11 C tie ii Ill I cli lu tlm
I liHt live mil IIf nlni giMnoi 11111 prmi
I I nua Kiiut upon UK young oel lu con
j ilirtd JIlt if < hi boat llriinx IKJW
< ii > uml i M ISpiMinl to lii II gruat lac
I tur In rxirii Individual tiHiiimniiiila
I i ml ronifbin
Jliniute Smith bnwllng In Ihl > AniRrl
1 in N4ti nul tourney Wnlnexiluy win
i hi fiiitin uf the Vcnlnj He toads
Qye iplll nuarca in the twr lijIlUlU4O
910 6710 4710 410 and baby split
Smith Js high averago man with 199 810
The Shamrock Howling Club seems to
be II liuoilnu to many of the crack
bowling clubs Though being on the
tail euiL all ot Its victories have been
taken from tile Hcalpu of tlior leading
teams Their last victory was aver tho
Corinthians depriving the latter of a
rlcnn iitcord Tliu Corlntliluna now
bland nine games won and ono lost
Nell Kennedy of Santa Marie Coun
cil and Llnwnod Howling Clubs Is sur
prising himself In his ability as a bawl I
11 Ior use last four series lie bowled
the following amesj22 1SS 214 2IS
Notices are being sent out by the Na
tional Tournament Committee that de
spltn the act that the Harden property
Id In th inurkat the loose of the build
ing for lire big tourney Is eUcnoi and su
tured iy hCvy penalty Pile notice Is
due to the ninny liiqulrles It the tourney
Is to he lOlit1MJflClJ called off
It Is a remarkable fact that In the
HUornMn ttvnmen tourney there have
been tIthes scores toVtr IIKH rolled this
ueusoii thu average being higher than
uny previous year
Alley owneiu who u month ago were
TiifdUtlin u Imril winter are now do
11 UK morn tlialnrm tliiin lau season with
I Indication nf a recordbraUln win
let ptttronagt >
Shrubb Is a Wonder 1
Ten Miles His Limit
It Is a Question if He Would
Be Able to Stick With Do i
rando Over the Marathon I
OLDINO every record from one I
HOLDING miles to twelve
and with a performance of 11
miles 1137 yards In an hour to his
credit Alfred Shrubb la regarded as the
most remarkable distance runner the i
world Has ever seen Ten miles Is his <
favorite distance but ho has run fit i
teen miles In close to record tlmel i
hour y minutes IS 46 seconds There
Is little doubt In the minds of experts
thJU Sbrubb can beat either Dorando or
Hayes over ten miles but how he
would perform over a longer route
say the Marathon distance U prob i
lematical and would he quit to the
gameness and endurance of the plucky
little Italian 1 Only a match can prove
that but In view of the fact that Kng
land has always maintained that ten
miles Is enough for any man to run a
match with Dorando over the historic
twentysix mile route Is unlikely
Sbrubb has been beaten only once In
more than 1500 racao He has out
classed everybody he ever raced In I
I America so that now It Is Impossible to
tin any one man who can give him
I any kind of a race During the past
year Shrubb hu raced against relays of
from two to four men and distances
from four to twelve miles and won
easily not by yards but by laps
Shrubb has been running for ten
yearn and today Is as good as ever
He attribute this to bard work and a
clean life
I never train unless I feel like It
I says Shrubb Many men who go out
to train when they are not feeling quite
right do themselves more harm than
good When 1 do train I work just as
hard as I do In a race I never Jog as
some runners do I run and run hard
Six miles U my usual workout
Speaking of distance men In America
Shrubb says there are few good ones
for the reason that most athletes train
Welsh May Be Next
Man to Fight Nelson
from Jim Jeffries to meet Battling Nel
son In a fortyfive round fight for tho
lightweight title at the Jerles A C
ot Los Angeles Cal on New Years
afternoon Jeffries wll try and get Nel
son to sign for the match In a few days
The Dane wll probably turn down the
match as he Is not anxious to take on
After trying for leveral month to Induce
pools of tho heavyweights to fight him In a
lonb distance battle Sam Lannford the
colored hurricane pugtlilt of Ilo ton Iou
finally LKIII successful In landing a lOa lh He
was signed up by Sam Bcrger the Hunt pro
motor of San FrancUco alt night to meet
Jim Flynn the aturdy Hunt heavyweight of
Pueblo Col for twenty round at a allow to
be brought off by Herder in the bIg Audi
torium In Ban Francisco on the night of Dee
117 Flynn recently beat Battling Johnson
I the Cnlirornla heavyweight In a tenround
bout before the Iliclnc A C of Lot Angeles
I Cal and aa be showed good form In that
mail him otter
crap llerger Immediately un
tI tight Ijinrford which hu anally accejiieil
ih lh hte iceJ
rg night fjinKforcl islil 1Jo and ret on a
lIght with Stanley Kolcliel tile middleweight
champion II hs beau Flynn
The twentrflv round fight between Hilly
Papke and Hugo Kelly the Italian middle
wclrht of Qilosgo will be fought at the
Jeffrie A C ot lot Angelea Cal on the
night of Pee 15 Iteallzlng that a victory
over Kelly might ha leo return match
for him with Kelchel 1apke Ian night cun
tntoO to tak Kelly on and Matchmaker
Jtfirlea lOll no time In having the man
affU their alcnalurea u the article ot
That Joe Gene has no Intention ot engag
ing In any chore long fichu la shown by ma
refusal to accept an orrer from the Jeffrita
A C of I sis Angeles Cal to meet Freddie
Uetah the iiiKliiii lightweight In a twenty
five round boul at that club die latter part
oj Ihla month lions probably feel thai lie
can no longer K ° Hat dlaianco with men of
Wetaua apeed and cluvrrmu und oti that
account duos not want to take any chance jut
netting beaten
Jade 110llghert who hu a good Ilrlng
at fighter under his management at pree
slit will leave WItH t itlu JI MUIlriI ne
bantamweIgtIt tighter for Alteray n1J
tomorrow night Where Iurphy will me
Joe Kid Cooler tie lIallan tJour 01
lIooklYII for twelve rounds al Stir chow
of the inickerbocker A C of Unit city
on Tuesday night The lade wIll battle at
116 pounds rIngsIde 11314 bould put up Ii
clashing nard tJhl =
The refusal of Judge Beabury of the
Supreme Court to grant a permanent In
junction to the Unman A C to prevent tire
police from Interfering with their boxing
stab was a cad blow to the Officials of the
club for It mean that they will bo un
able to pull off any mure how Jollie hi
anector Johnny lluaael will now go after
tie club with much more energy than he
did before pIne the court ha declined lo 1
grant the club tin Injunction II wanted
Member of the m nleft rS flocked to
the club hta < l < iuartera yeaterilay and ob
talped their ticket from Secretary iimn
for the slug lu IM held bv Ill club un Krl
day night at which Kraiikle Madden sal
lurry Ferns will meet In the main bout or
ten rounds Manager Juhnnv White me ru
lu run the Us airictly within the law by
nut loulag a iike1 la aoyuu bat le < Ulai i >
mNllo tl
3J miles 5 minutes 40 15 seconds fI
li miles C minutes 47 35 seconds
2 miles a minutes si oO seconds
8 miles 14 minutes 17 35 seconds
4 miles IP minutes 1i 35 seconds
5 miles 21 minutes SC 25 seconds
6 milesni minutes K L5 seconds
1 miles 35 minutes 4 S5 seconds r
8 miles 10 minutes 1C seconds
S mll615 minutes 7 D5 tBConds l
10 miles 50 in I nut us 40 seconds
11 mllsca minutes 23 15 seconds
One hour record 11 miles 1137 yds f 1
for sprinting distances Distance run 13
ning in America Is not what it Is In t
England Over thero you run pretty I
much the whole while here most ath f
letes If they dont compete indoors lay
off all winter
Talking of Longboat the Indian
Shrubb says Longboat will never be
a champion 1 have tried him out for
three miles and run him oft his feet
The Indian Is overrated I doubt If ha
could do four mOos In less than 21 min
utes and thats not fast at all
Shrubbs appearance gives no Indica 1
tion of his wonderful running ability t I
He is slight in build and Isnt even
deepchested or strongly muscled but
he is light In his movements and re
markably supple lIe weighs about ICi I
pounds tall and u five feet seven Inches
In looking after tho fielding averages
of the American League pitchers one I
noticeable feature Is the rumber ol
putouts credited to the Chicago chubs
pitchers 1
Walsh had 41 White 2S Smith 23 and
Altrock in twentythroe games hud 21
Vulsh leil the longuo In this respect
having the advantage of participating
In many more games than any other
twirler Doc White led the other G
anti Smith was HUM being tied with
ono man for third honurs
As a pitcher usual gets most of his
putouts by covering lust Imse tho Chi i
cago twirlers MHIIII to Iao n little 1
something on their rivals In this da
lurliiRiit of the game
5r hERE IS Tllll LIST
If Tommy Oums It not defeated
for the heavyweight title at Sydney
Australia on Dec 16 thu uiuminoiis
of the different classes In pugilism
when IM Is tiKlicrcd In on Jan 1
will bo us follows
Heavyweight Noah Brtisso
Tommy hums of Detroit
Middleweight Stanley Kctchel of
Welterweight None Harry Lewlo
knocked out Champion Mcllody but
not at 142 pounds Mllody hus re
Lightweight Battling Nelson
Keatliewulght Audi
Uunlumwuight olulII Coition
Mahmout the Turk won u wrestllnR I I
match with Iluoul tIe Itoucn of ITancn
act night The first tall catclias
tollcan went tq the Turk In tweny
ono minutes In this Htconrt QraecoRo
man the Turk quit lifter cloven mill
ufjs and in thu third the Turk won tha
toss and electing for cutclioscatcli
cjui won In seven minutes +
Harry Warner unit hearty Whltacrt will I
tool A utICa nut nf llvo uumn neilnj acalnet
Dlik Dllluuuy anil JIll rry 1nrker on the
Columbia alleys Ono Ililnilncl uml Knurl
rbJ r I yJ r
tinlit anti Coluinliiia avumifl Huinljy yen
IIIK These Is a tl < lu bet Ira 4t
Suverul tIg nmlili Kainn ale being nr
rouged at Utrlimiii Cinu iluinlifil and KU
t iinlh street ami Inox avvnue unriu every
Hull lay nltlit toinu Illtclollliif fulluru la
chiluldl I
Uvt Dm U for unnatural t
In I te 1415 lKhuriiMdnlUianitiloai
Qulst4Si lrrltaliou pr ulceritlloni
lt3 ati Is lrist of maacua in iubr DM
1elI tiitsjl tylulliea end pot aitria
csNuo ate tolwnoui
ClshiiitlttO ttoiu Sty i iipBlMt
Li ii A fir seat Itt pito wrppr
l > 7 sers l > f i i fur
hi 125JA0r1butt I ifA
d j

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