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1r t 1IS J i t y r 1 H 7 V e kJPT
ft t > t
Continual r <
toM me tho nholc story of her conduct
with Annls
All during thin testimony Mr Whit
had been flcillnp ImrJ to exclude It
HU p r ltpnre In tho faro if th
Judge rulings nettlM Ills Honor nnd
be finally Mlencod ilr White sharply It
suddenly bccnme nppirtnt that White
and Darrln were no longer work me in
entire accord Itr Darrln wa evidently
willing to have the evidence RO In while
Mr White differed with his colleague
Flret one and then the lthr or them
was on his feet
Finally the Judge for perhaps the
tenth time publicly deflnrd hlA attitude
rfranllnr this phase of the murder case
He aald
Art I understand It tills testimony Is
only beJng Qltared by tlio dcfcnen 1S a
preliminary to brlnplng out that 1eer I
Halnsa demeanor at the time of his
> m First 1age
i cOlJerslI toils wlti tills witness Im
flrc1 Sir Held tlita lie WflI mentally
lTpouil ninl not ulth any hope of try
IIIR to flliou plthrr the truth or fnlclty
or Ilio o allrvtd tran actlnns I would
allot 110 e idpnce reKardlnK Annlsii re
tation will Mrs Halns If oRered to
shrw such relation ever existed
It l understood by this Jury by the
JefonilAtit and liy all of UK I hope thAI
even II men nllecntlons were true It In
I 10 ItIiI Ilkni Inn for murder
I Air Heed went on to gIve a prnphlc
sympathetic word picture of 1eter
llaliifs appearance and manner luring
I thin fiul Interview when he told Held
of his wifes admission Until oclock
In the morning he said he and Thorn
ton Halns tried vainly to quiet r
and Ret him to go to bed Peter hemp
walked back and forth now telling
i mime detail of the confession now
breaking Into quotations from Kip
1IIIIs Vampire now crying out that
his life had been ruined and that he
wished he were dend
How did his conduct Impress you I
tisticd Mr Mcintyre I
I Captain Near Collapse When He I
Told oi Scenes With His Wife i
Be was tremendously excit d Bild
Mr Bald HU mouth raped and
twitched hIp cia tared He looked
like ha was almost crazy but he didnt
appear to be Irrational
r move to strike that out said Mr
White rising majestically
Dont you see that helps your case
It Its true said Justice Crane lo
t you want me to strike out that Mr
Heed fays hams seemed rational
Yes saidMr White stammerlnff
No no put In Mr PanIn trying i
to set from behind his bulkier com I
patriot i
t Ill strike It out said Justice Crane i
grimly Now go ahead J
I object then to the witnesss quo I
tation of the Vampire shouted Mr i
White still unabitheil coil jumping up
again a moment later Suppose that
Peter llalns had quoted from twenty
fire poets what would that prove I
It would prove probably that he
either had great Insanity or great wls j
dom said tho Judge j
When Peter hams was relating the
story to me went on Held his face j
was distorted h spoke wlldlv and inp
idly nnd his eyes were set and he g < R i
tlculated and lie moaned often Why I
cant I die Ills brother waR In the I
room and Raid Dont Connie be a I
man buck up He snld Thornton has
been no good to me since this trouble I
began I was alarmed and snld to
Thornton Hes In a very bad shape I
had known him alnc boyhood and he I
unburdened himself to me explained
the witness
Lines From The Vampire
He would appear to be rational for a
moment and then he would spring up
swinging his arms and drop Into a chair I
moaning How can I stand It t
You say you remember his reciting v
at that time Yes ho quoted from 1 v
Kiplings Vampire j r
What line I M
I Mr White objected but his objection
was overruled and Heed went on
Peter would say I never understood
efore A fool there was and he
e his prayer
e witness repeated the first four
mcs of the Vampire
° What time did he retire that first
night asked Mcintyre We talked
until 3 oclock In the morning
How loudly did Peter speak asked
McIntyre In a conversational tone
lometlmes sometimes raising his voice
almost to n shout lie would sit with
his head In his hands sometimes not
hearing what went on around him After
I had gone to bed went on the witness
I heard tho captain pacing up and
down the porch I called to him und
lie said ho could not sleep
I AVhat else did he say next day
Ho tulil lie hml only hiD children to
live for he wanted his divorce case ti
come up at mice and wanted to eel
over with It I conyoluil him as best 1
could Ho leprntidly asked mo If
everybody was talking about It
Seemed Near Collapse
WhKt v as hit nppe nnie cn the
second < lay lie wuuli fit for hmirti
J lulling Is Ualr Vltn 1 > nolt I < him
ro would < all out Vlint IM a loud tone
and apologize to mo fur nut hciilrK mo
before He termed to be In n state bor
dering on rolliipM He sumetlmeH
talked quietly but then would rave
Hut liu vas soon exhausted and It was
then dltficult to get his attention Ho
was apparently fur far nit I
Did you notice his eyes Yfs Ills
eyes wei fixed and flaring as hi spoke
und he wrung his hands
How about his face While talk
Ing his lower fuce would twitch I
On the third day what did ho say j
It le dimcult to place the third day
but 1 recall that lie ad he was Klail to
have np there because ny presence I
helped him en much He was calm at
intervals but after a llttl while ho
would become raving
Did ht suy anything lucre Ho
and had then gone to live with her
When he spoke of his wifes confes
j 1In how did he act He asked me
I how It could be possible for a woman to
do as Me had done
Very Wild at TImes
How dirt he act asked the Court
Very wild especially whn telling of
his wifes admission that abe had had
an operation performed When speak
Ing of this he repeatedly said Reed
what have 1 done to deserve all this I
worshipped her I gave her all my love
and this h my return Im trying to
search my mind to see If I was ever un
kind to her If I ever did anything to
deserve this treatment She looks me
right In the face and says I dont love
you Vnti ilfmt understand I love
nls Hilly Annls IK the one I love
V ben she said
< that to me I never
suffered before as I suffered then Part
of me lived but most of me died Phy
sical pain Is nothing to what I am now
enduring He acted an If In a frenzy
HP paced up and down wringing his
How many times did you hear him
say be wished he would die Oh
many time perhaps a hundred I
would say Connie brace up and he
would reply You dont know what It I
to suffer My lawyers seem to be so
slow Why dont they hurry up the 1
divorce I want to be free and yet my
God how I still love her He was af
flicted by physical contortions and from
being on the verge of a frenzy would
suddenly pass Into a sort of laze or
coma and then back
again Into the
ited state
How did he talk He frequently
talked very rapidly and with great
vehemencH and at other times hi
voice was broken Words were mur
mured and broken sometimes almost
I Did you notice any stammering or
halt In his speech Yes at times
I This closed the direct examination
Mr Darrln undertook the crosjexam
fnatlon Mr ReId stated that Peter
Halnss unusual conduct continued with
out abatement until July 10 when the
Witness left the house at Bay Ridge and I
returned to Chicago lIe insisted thAl I
Peter Halnss acts seemed very Irra
tional and said if ho had stated earlier
In the examination that Hams
seemed I
I rational he had made a clip of the
tongue and didnt want to be 10 under I
stood now
Letters Barred Out
Did Peter tell you the contents ct
the mal which he received at San Fran
cisco and which started him across the
Continent Not directly
Did he peak of any letter advising
I hm to come back to Xen York No
he gave me the Impression that the Icitre
was aboit his wife or from his wife
Did ha tell you that among these let
I ters Hero some from his wife telling
him that site was the subject of scan
dal V Ill so 1 iinrteiaiood I gather I
I fd tNit his wit < had written him that
xhv Iad Lern tallied about and tiat
ugly wcrles wore In circulation
Hid Me tell you that fhe had written
him asllrB him to come to New York
and prelect her good name No
Pd he say any one had written ad
vlselnc him to come bjck No
Mr Mcliryrc thought this would be a
chance tn slip In Claudia llamas letters
on the ground that they were the best
evidence bui the alert Justice had him
thrown roped and hogtied before he
vuis fairly started
Your motion Is overruled snapped
Justice Crane The subject matter of
thfte letters Is not in evidence In this
east except In so far aa what Peter
HnliiKi told this witness of their con
Did you ever notice Peter hams had
a habit of twisting his hair before this
troll il No
Do ycii know how old Claudia Linney
wan H lun Halns married her I
ttfl ti < ld slit HUk clx teen years
I 111
t tile pInt recons was taken with
wm me iu i4U nan se14r i omess > 4 > l Her siMl on tile stand
I Allayed Suspicion Reawakened
by General Rains Witness Says
The aged mother or the Halns tro penplf liSt Ie did not hfllcve any of
ton entered just as the aftr rnun desslon H i ries I
DM ie tell you how Annis first
began and took a feat arrvSI the in
id be meiitlnnd upon his arrival at the
closure from her son and let luInnd
No I inferred that AnnsH
Pld you ever hear Thornton Halns nurm must have figured somewheic In
lay he wrote to Peter Haiti Ht San ti one letters
Did you undristsnd that Thornton
Krancueo asltsd Mr Darrla nwunv
Mains vas present when Peter called
tag his ollltlllnlllon No fait I
up Annls and invited him to dinner I
Mr liet
Yes Tter told mt that after Annie
Mr Iarrln oauie4 JJr Reid to KO over
fuiiiu tu dinner anil went automohlllng
Peter Patis narrative at warsamt
he uturnsd horn very much rherifrl
Unct T e vtltniM Mid He told me
In mind be < Auti ho felt that the can
Ke rna > 1i > him bnUnv vhiir was nothing
daJ Was alloyed
la te e sorlm and itt W w vsry gliMJ
I e Cuptalo tll yuu what the Father Told of Trip
trl s it tiMt la had heard ii nrfl I IM he lel You of hta converii tlon
lag l roO bflre he reachvU hum ulth his m l er the next ilny Va
ojui4 T ii Keeking lu rmplianlnv tliu HI tlM r tI1 morv 111 fat lit t t < 1
interest ttd t It MUD Thurntun HUUM there wn fnllI In innnoctlnn wi
who p ied Peter Main mind hIli wife and that he nmit lflleitg ri
atfant laudlm Hams < ii > U MKailuit An certain utoilv rpsrltng u trip lv
nl i > MI uf IIranal h crad fur ulf had taken Then Pater call hip
Annie father U8gMtl ttat lucy gn tonetlrr
Yn aid le wtuntw hNltaUuI I to a cwriin hotel which llr llalim
I thnk IK 4U I WM P4 to have vuiitil ami Inquire
DI4 i i IU you where ht first hlll i IMu Ihot fuel Itrr told me he as
the 4t > ed Ku tlv Olil < 5444 tht lured hili f thr tint lauilU had eon
the Stores ware < itKMtiii in Mlvr I vlncod him he lud done nothing
that efIOI aim ui tea Fr nci co t 4u i wrung bat hi falinr thought In Jus
iidn t hal me wiw uru4 ttvw IU rt I tic Lu all ctrncerad he ought to make
Wbv aid IM tbUM af > i lBvll d e fuli InvMUKAttM
Anul to IiMscg Uwt Actl BjiiT KcI DM ou lufntand that his father
1a14 AaaU vu IDI4t4 y 1iJi a w Him er that he cent wojd to
ILon D4su1ua 1l f iU1 < 1 w nQW Ut IlIthd I uarlll tht b1 I
Aged Mother of Thornton Hams Who
Will Be Witness in His Detenst
I Sketched in Cqurt Especially for The Evening World by Statf Artist Michelson
j Aged Mrs Hains mother 4
of the prisoner is n pn
tltetic figure in the court ii
room at Flushing She cried
on her sons shoulder and
had to be led away from
him She may be called as
a witness today by the de
1 fence
I I jJ jJfTERr
I 4
i S
a e L
tn 11
I 1 i V1 TrFL I
I 1 ntJ
father sent for him but I wont be What has
tyre a do
newspaper got to power boatlie said that It he
eure with It
wanted lo go out he would gvl her
The witness couldnt be sure whether I Didnt your side cause such a letter nuo shape
Peter Hems had said his father was to be printed In the papers asked Jus
hl wa Did he ul you who built the boat
the first person who mentioned the trip tice Crane bluntly evidently having In
of tco hlunl eidenl hall I understand he built it himself or at
Mrs Rains to the mountains but Mr
mind Lawyer Shays longcontinued plan least he put In the engine
Rain Reid rather Inferred that It was Gen at publishing his evidence In advance of What else did he bay Ho said if
who first told
regarding the
fnl the trial I wanted to go out In her he would put
The stay In the Adirondack I dont know that we did said Mr her In commission The witness said
that after prosecutor Peter was trying to show Mclntyre rather taken aback that Thornton Hains had told him the
Halnxs confidence In
ater Mr Reid went on to tell the details boat was being repaired
wife had been dul
duly restored
hl It was
Hulnss second confession
of Claudia
his father Illnss This line of examination wan slowly
who reawakened the BI I Ino slull
pln which was made In the tC5ittL of
doubts and quickened them Into 1111 11 prfsunce going to prove that the Capaln at this
nl qulkel1 renewed and Thornton tame Then
Gfii loins
newed life ruiil continued GI Jalns lalns time wan In n perfectly rational mind
lre contlnlf < I Peter loins sent lor a lawyer who ratolol
sell 1 and could talk
Peter told me when he cot home ald Intelllgvntly about gen
Iot her In
tool ilovui statement writing
tolt dowl wrltnl eral atfulis
that alght utter seeing his father In
ntHr and sin signed It
said to his wife Claudia you ought to sil I The witness did not tee either tho
I Mr Mclntyte made no objections to
tell nte about that trip of yours And nhjctons Captain or the defendant again until vie
i xuetl wlmt
this for It was exactly th > de
she an > nv red Now 1ete we settled nil I I 1 > > uw them In the Queens County jail a
ett eth1 ni fence hoped to get Into the cn > and JII
that uhy brine It ip iiRaln 7 I soiic I jf tw few weeks ago He went there with
IlnI oli
which thy couM not nave got In lacking
how lufriTfd thnt she on the Urn night 11 Majur HuliiH and one of thu luwyers for
tl tl the aid of Mr I > arrlns unintentional
ing t n it i ls Ult ii ttit
of bin uriival haLl explained to hil set I II I ulioten tho del nsi oIl Held said he hud
isfEcUr that the ent e wool of East tional Lffurii In their bchnlf railed n the Tull Island t Ity Jai on
r 8aF Did Peter tell you whether n rolnrid TS arrival from ChlLugu week buforn
or in the 01 I
it II mountain with her mtisln hut litt
wih ot51n
In tho cnnVsalon Ni
servant flcuicc sn
I wont ht sure I reoal that his futher lul1 oonlslon When you WITH to tho Jtill to t rn
Inil rnid If these Hores > about ttit but 1 cl wall thai I rulurwi Kervaru the defendant and his brother did you
trip 1 told 111 of riilaln lets of his wife In talk over what you w cie to testify to
l anything like the truth it looks I at this trial caked Mi Dirrln
like a IjS ImsincrF my pn fnce No sir
1 bUlep i 0 replied the wltnufcu
Doubt Would Do > uu know whether he sent for Iteld binv Mr Shay In hi uince on
Drive Her Away III lawyer himself No Dec 19 und miked wth him stout tl e
Reid was required to icpcat what Old lie tell mi thrtt his wife uan at oao find ubuut the leiilt iuny u t otihl
hams wife said to him after Ids re i any time advised nl her legal rights by j tiv but dccldod Mr Mclntyru to cfitig wanii hi iilud o prutcct wieji
turn flam his talk with his father I the lawyer or by OIl one else present hi Junlfe poliited out to i lm that ho
Haln told him that when he presfed No He only I Mr Ilennct tcld had fo I litvqt I simKir lull ro ln n asking
Mrs tabs for the details I wltnesti3 of 1 Ic other pit f tniflr con
of 1 oel
1r delals her trip him It would be fuey for him to set a raIions with lawyers lor btti prose
she said I you bring up these hus divorce He uls0 paid that later Mr oIalolu lh IIOSO
plcions again 11 might a s well quit liennel was lelurtant to take tin case The OUIII outherner had tilked over
She begged him he said not to go because itt had never handled a dlvoivu his testimony with Muor John Hnlna
10 with lien lialns and with Me
to inquire Into her Easier visit to the suit hefore his people being MI let Intyro and shay Luvoers
mountains adding If you go you v111 church people and therefore opposed to Thornton Halnss Attitude
find that I have Atitude
loll the truth hut It dlvoice
will show also that lid Oo M < nnv Clint during your
wi you suspect my him Did hams tell IlnH
Thornton he
YOI ever you
and Vo laln5 11 I visit ut Hay nidse hoar Peer Hilns ex
or anI I will never have anything to was the man who served thw divorce
anylling wl0 ftcc lvo prefcH any unriuilty to AIHIF Ho
do with you again He answcied No snld that Annlf had
Iga 0 pajiers on Claudia loins No sill Ihl1 rund his home
Claudia Ive jnil that If thee w God above
father 1 will 11 wio a An
promised go tc e1
Uld FOIT Jlwlns tell of
wil 10 Prr > oii Anything
and I will lld lins tcl 1 nnthlnl nlh would be punished >
Then It
ld wi MMH according 10 that between May 21 the dato
happened ltwcn Did Thcirnjii say unvihlni about An
him tint she broke down nnd said Sits of the alleged confession anti your I tIe or about thjsw other irmtters In the
all true I lovo ttllly Annie and always arrival on June ir j He told mo ne lijicscneu of Ivtr C I futile Yen he
have and I dont love you I 10 I was frojuently telling Jvter to think of
o0llt pent for his wlfp mother and the uiher things
When wa It he got hack from his tl IIIIH
mother tool her Did aorh
1r awny you ever f Thornton haiti
visit to hie father Very late about sienl of Annls Yeti he Hal
State Showing His Sanity pNil nnl I
3 oclock In the mornrnfi Ills wife had I y uhdlft thliiK wet terrible Ho eald tin
morntnr Ils Did he tell you of an Interview he i II 111 ln
disrobed hut cite had I 111 o In Uf first dny arrived Hu came I
not bed
101 gone to i had with Iicut Andrews nr Mrs An while liter liii iitti tvttti tulkltiK to me y
She was lying on H couch waiting lor drmvH or Ciipt fruvm o Mr Craven init Hnld liotl IIIK to ma uiill Peter bf
him IJI rtve oxeltcil Then Thornton saul
himDo ui others at tie Pat No imnt tnlk iihriit It too much ilu > x
Do think I it ublt I
Hnlns told BUI1
you Cnpt lnin you What dlil IKI tell you of tho rolortd up nnd lm iiiue Divert your mind
11 these tlilngH from his memory or KprvnntH t ii lee I II xivid Mlnnlu nnd I refill Inter Unit nUn Miilor I hit iii t
his Imlllnntlon1 Krora his memory 1le lnnl < II unit tlot n TlKirntii mild lie didnt
1rom Ils le 10 FJinma two colored maids hud fut
1 flore1 i NUII
He was often broken in his 110 iMnlc Ipter oMild Mnnd tlti 41 raIn uinl
wal frn nlKlKd nlm with conoboiutlon of I ret ftnrrd hli min wnild give situ
but lit always repeated hit factb In the laIn detail uf Mri 11111 nil nil eslotte He Mild alto I It ni I Hhnnie hat Wlr i
same way I Mr Uarrln v 1 ruined I et ru life 1 nslted ivh
time nhmvlni
oIl ipen turno Ihwln
EJI0 ile nhis hadnt been dlhrlnnetl
What did he tell hn i mini ldll
you said to his 1lloel
11 I by Mr Kria antiwriri that Icter mint HjiylnK I thought It would help HDlve
wife when she contended 7 Jie told thoellite his allW1 tnRanlty dhoivcil a tjin wlinld nlTiil1 Thnriiljii Hllil hi
in he mid My Clod Claudia why clear etiugii ought HO trio Ii jut wmld Kptnk to the
I ar ciiijM it perception of thu legal Lnlti <
have don this elI1 rlIC Jlol 11 fla ii Ayfrn thout It
you Havent I nlwpy llnrH
111 01 lavlut nlI Ft tit Ilk i if n In ilotnestli I
rttua II < IISII aFfairs nnd of Didnt you > nnw AnnlKn niiine had
loved ou mid cared h did 111 Anll 111
< you Ii a for you Why 4 Iii events In ire ner l durliiri t into nnil July ilrPHily 1nli IlllII 7 I did nnt
you do It Then cite went a Ii P a ii und Once Ufid uid a IIIIK Inl tioiit lug tel Itll Thornton Malnx go to cii Iii
laid everythinr at length telling him 10 1 IOIf rltli Inwvr uout thn rxpcrtlnniy of prlntliiK
1111 with Hains about juiiiitoiir ph AiinlsH tiiu lie hI fin his
thlt while suit tae nupprilifd 10 bo in JmalOul AlnI nuiiB II < iii le
Ill slIIJsI11 toitri lilly iif wlinnss sahi ho bnjug ttirn he buld ihu Inwyri mlvlKid ntan
the mountains the had rnally beg n In 10111 I
eln up the mlHt biffciio IP WBIltei i In
ew York He toll me he aid to lur II IWICH I WI 11 1 t dV kped is tiT UIxPll I ILo
U al 11 ls is rue why ill you let tile dlhfit hr frciulH cuinly UOlMid nlid vhilc lie vm > vl illi > K Hr 11 f Itell
liahi bid filmi corier > nl with Hud i t lit to Uaynlrte Ih sfrne uf thn nub
brns Attti 1 i 11St naht Why dnj lr II II
times itlitiiit In1 invtorbrjut nnd abuut eiiililll IBKllv If lUHlli tnt
you i I 1 e iIi Iiutu aa that wu 1m lhIII ni 11J1t e tl < r > Rfil < 1 s 11 II
Mr M < intvit ribi ted ti i t i ii vl < I
miit i i iciiiFd then1 Ih told jiiVHii i r
< 1ils line of inentiiilti liii ft Mr IMT t > i al i < i d I 81 Rt
me c le i zinc < r tu thlt lte
l tll i In vi si on rlrfht end Ir ft I I 11 a VK1 innjr II WIIM pohltivi
< xt in t g in Jsticr cnnj duwft I I AnnUi
und i i presence she repeatid hi WI 11 tl j I r Be acts I r Ihl trjulil1 had bee
aurnlseloiti wn onl lntrodic the jTiverriitiuns < iI 11
I8 i Irtrr llalnn to lay M hiivU of liinnull d vi I rirnln tlatite n KU
Opens Door for Deferur II 1111 IUWlul ttg tu liiiy1ls N o 11
Molntyre Wlhilj
talil olrI vulMuf Into the
Have you een the prlsourm since trip walklur Nrflro Cook Called
you Vkllin on to trttlfy V s lulcu Anti thernfore the nllirr lUi tine the This pnd d tie from AI1111 tU i
I < hloh had drugKei out for four
In the jell I tn Introduce the Hourly ou r
Jai I right now Inlrocu thl rut nt hU
Did Thornton hems tell you tie wrote ronvrriAtlnns to lay a bawls of cattIly 1ourp At L dock Minnie inline a
10nrltlonl 11111 lt Iuly r I who was In the employ of tlu
to Peter llama at San Francisco urging patti Hli lan brUkly icier hems fttnily at run Hii nlltnn
him to aunts home No What did the Cupnin fay about the i limit In th ktnnd Mite iv n n lilg
Did you Tr so uch a letter = = hiuU iirKrveii wltti typical African tea
leter I IUU Hhr ald she W
now lived at Vusii
Only in the Grass AI at elevatIon t 1M lhl 11
newspaper I All ts4
111 newlppu T 1vaUj1 tels tM Ill ii having workvd In tn Hulniii
I objeut to lat all r cat McJn grae e 1 1 4lcI 70 UNo t tiiiril liz j eetg dlw cc
imtnlHrnd wlHii I all llnltiK went to th leaped 111 trnw tlio UIIIIPM rluilr m < 1
Ill pliiVnm luii h nine bniK Hho begun slumping about with he hauls lo
a itltit tl dn of Ins iirrlvul tuttle Her even n gnlciiup figure Ho don
She tOi him tliiM she snlil if the al this u t sIlo IU llwrl out us slit
legpil nctlons if ire Iliiitis nml Annls Hlntnpnl aliitil tiiil 11 say Oh titv
durlni his ubsinre Sod1 nh my tlnmlln Oh lily wife 11
I Inllln Irl
What dlil llnlim dn when I
tie Volt
< alit Inll 111 TIP wttie v na inpldly I > PI imlni
J told him nil I his iiskiil Slolnivrr lostrrlini fton I e fpivor of Iplil
Fill lilies t intl olcol like mi ci cut 1 c hit acting Ilir voice had taken I own
011 11 1111 on i ij
cry upon the big hln1 woman Slip of the
11011 hiI II enrf 11 0111 1111111
I Witness Defense Fails to
I Add Strength to Hainss Case
Hcfore tho proceedings started John I And you saw about four men on ihi
F Mcintyre of the defense protested I float AlMtll four
against tins admission to tho room of Tlerney wan certain that he saw I
tho wltnehses who had already testified Storm the Harway Dowllng and 1111 on
float or tile dock during or Immediately
for the State of whom were already
or seine diately after
FOI lntI nler the slintlng lie couldnt
ready filling n row of seats that had remember having reii Klmmcl When
been reserved for them Mrs AnnlH stood forward white hell
While McIntyre was on his feet protesting nil his and Kplendld looking Tlerney hook
bend t net saw her during Chit
Mrs Annis the big statuesque lurll1 II
testing lnl Ile RlltUNUI shooting ho said stolidly Slip wasnt
widow of tile slain man In her blnrk on that Mont at any time After the
furs and big hhiek lint cnme In with shooting I raw her going up the walk I
her friend Mr Charles iti icit hell a to tin club
little woman In blue The two women racing about lining watched the with
took spats Inside the railed Inclofttre ow Intently until slip faced around and I
only n few feet away from where went away
Thornton Halns tutu his old fnther sat I
at one of the two l IISe tables Thorn Makes a Damaging Slip
ton Hains eyed Mrs Annie steadily Tierneys worst slip came when Har
apparently trying with a touch of his vey Itockwoll advanced frcii the row
customary courtroom bravado to store He was positive that Hockwcll had
her out of countenance She didnt look open on the oat at the time of the
his way except occasionally and then shooting He stood fast on this point
only for an instant whereupon Maines lawyers looked un I
Mrs Annis Barred Out harm1 and Darrln and White smiled I
lroadly for Itockivell was on the dun
Justice Crane called the lawyers up to Hokwl I
veranda until several minutes
his bench to d uss the point out of the af the
tragedy and saw It
no of
I trnc
hearing of the jurors Special Prosecutor I
harlnl On redirect Mr Mclntyre asked him
I tor Elmer White pointed out that he this question lcIIrt
had made no objection yesterday when Iou have
already testified that
the parents of the defendant both witnesses ltf < you
parnls blh
pproached IVter hams before the
nesses yet to 5jo heard sat In the court shooting lnin
holn and asked him If he knew
Hut McIntyre stool fast and all the where Lcavltt knlw
was Yes sir
vltnespps on both fide filed out before What was his manner Very i
th seats had go warm Old Gen
10 gruff
tame who with his wife probably will gruffHow I
low did he answer you He Jus
called this afternoon arose to 0
ie go
I cole afernoon grunted like thai Huh replied Tier
lke I
with the others rind then after hesl
tle afer ney expelling the breath from his
llng lungs
tatln3 sat down again I
< with an explosive sound
wih that would
Honor be the
Your l no began Mcintyre
have done Justice to n cinnamon hear
neral here
lrl James Sley a mlddlea ed man who
bar th General mlddleIc
Im not goln to the
Im said he lived at Hay Itldge
was a
> II said the Judge I see no reason 1a
nilldT by trade and an Englishman b
Iulder lrde
vhy he should be excluded and 1 may j lshman by
1lrh canto next to the stand He said
add that I sec no reison why Mrs j le
hams sent for him on June i
should he excluded either Hut Jlne
fhould exeuded elhr
at ahd wanted hint to make estimates
she as been sent way Mr Mcintyre slmales
on a cheap temporary garage at Thorn
I at your request and now lets proceed ion Halnss house in Bay RIdge
10 business More Talk of dulldlng
Whom else have you told of what you
saw at the time of the shooting besides He went on to tell me thru he only
whom mentioned wanted the arne for a little while
Mr McDonald whol you Ite w111
ontlnued Mr
I yesterday asked Mr White on resum Sley because he was go
ng to build a bungalow out at Bayslde
ling crossexamination of the stolid lIsp
I He then asked me if Id figure tha
ng Tlerney I do not remember any le Igurc on la
job I told him 1 didnt know where
i others
I You saw Mr Storms boat at the ilnjside was exactly He said You
YOI ousht to know where it isIts neat
time of the shooting Yes IsIs
0 shooltll Flushing or rather its out Flushing
How far was It out In the water
iay I want to build close to the Bay
Twice the length of this room la
td < Yacht Club
Herbert Funke one of the club mlmnI aj
Funkt you discuss the garage proJect
bts MUD iriMHill by Mr White Mr with runt oren Five or MX times n
I Funke stood for the witness to identify these Wa Capt Halm present at any ot
Ihesl interview Only once tie Ira
I him Tluinty said he could not recall Um
having fen Funke on the lloat or dock What was Capt Halos doing He
if the Tarsi Yneht Club at the time uivunitmally joined in the conversation
jut disjointed He would
the murder of Annls by Peter hams <
i lalns jd ihen
lhel still suddenly He j ept got
Then Mr White sent out for all the iig up and sitting down quickly He I
yewltnes to the tragedy who have uuuld stick his hands in hit pockets
testified for the State and they filed In < nJ at one pull them out He lighted
lesl l i cigar frequently only to throw I
twelve or thirteen or them with Irs away His lace would twitch and his
Annls In their midst and the two ne eyes had an excited look
groe iiler on and Clark bringing up This testimony had been put In for two
purposes first to show that Thornton
the tall end of the procession hams was Interested In realty at Ua > ide
Tlerney looking them over said he j as tar hack as the beginning 0 summer
had seen Edwin Andrews Jr on the and second to show that Peter Hams
began to
act trarel
strangely from the
float He wouldnt be sure about Ar He heard on May 31 his wifes Mart
thur C Andrews He recalled that confession aie
Hlrchtleld was at the bow of Annlss In your opinion were hi actions and
boat at the moment of the shooting He tional words at asked that Mclntyre time rational They or seemed Irra
mumbled his answers confusedly along to me to he exceedingly excited If thatV
here and the Judge told him to open I what you mean said Kley
Dr Mr White began the crossexamina
and sharply
his mouth Fpeak up harll tion by causing Mr Sley to say he first
Mcltrlde was the next witness to stand camo to the courthouse yesterday He
forward wrote to Mr Mcintyre since the trial
him at no time at all began telling of what he could testlfj
i didnt see 10111 leslj
10 al to If called ns a witness
said Tierney
sal ler Captain Only Excited
And you say you were on HIP left I
hand hide of the fiont put In the Being called upon to describe more
fully Capt Halnss
lalna mannerisms the i
Judge Yes Hay Ridge builder wild Well he1
Were there any men net ween you and jumped up and sail We might HH well i
j he north end of I persisted the Jus go to the backyard now neil lou Ic at the
place where well build It Thornton
Ice I dont thim so said the ash Ilnlns all It would he better to ell
I i in m the nsf ant dlmenvdonn first before I
Dr MrPrlde testified that Ire landed examining the prospect site I thnk 1
it the nri end just Ierdl the shoot thut was about all I llalns sad
S101 e xpt bitlln vry now nnd then
nc teKa iiaiunic to du dltlerontli from IPI
Anil > l FIV V I were ere fKe nin vfie doing Oh JOB added Mi S I e
bp i F i V oHo I tiwnber t ai he std the prer
JI svns a1 right and he hked he measure
53l that In Justice 11n
Ho hat sa put
10 1 nierts His words wr ruuir enough but
i raie his volcn was very quick and exited
Trade iark1 i
Special for Tuesday and Wednesday 1
Special Assorted Chocolates K 20 dS POUND 19c I j
hUOAU M1U > CANDV lOc 1 181 hftlfr tutu Hint
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tll l 1 y t IJIlll u nllC
hint < iiir prltrt tier r ivniinlt
uf anlllu I hunt lxm I
C uiihUiing ullt 1111 IrvH nnftfirtment of ilellrloUH 85c
jitlr < rniiu lirlill t rita iii Iunlri lluii 1 < iiiunil fur
r rl
11 iiiMiilnli mill IVinlrr
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rnillli A r 111 Ni C I I C 0 I A T I AM
dl Ill mIll II ri an 110
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