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V P 1 = tIF rTf i i W m P I
King Replies to Partners Who
Charge Temperance Talk
Hurt Business
Admits Dad Is a Prohibi
tionist but That Didnt
Start Law Suit
The water wagon had nothing to do
w h the breaking up of the paint and
varnish manufacturing firm of Will
Iam H King 8 Co with an office at i
No 17 State street and a factory In
Brooklyn At lenst that Is what the
president Mr King fnys thereby
r contradicting Armln Klchler the vlce
president who has applied to the Su
jircmn Court for the oluntary dis
solution of the concern and says Ill
Is pretty nearly nutty on account of
Mr Kings prohibition tall
Mr Klchlrr and J Arthur Clem the
secretory seek the dissolution nnd Mr
Klchler accompanied his application with
H statement In which IIP described the I
president ns srvcul kinds of a 1urltan
not to mention an acrusntlon that he Is
K lllicctor In Anthony Comstocks vice
iilppresslon society nid a Lnlversallst
He said Mr King talked prohibition
morning noon ami night that he I
wouldnt hire a salesman unless the
j man would climb to as high a perch us
the one lie Mr King perniiuently oc
cupies on th < > water wngen and that
this attitude had lost the firm much
moneyAll Poppycock He Says
Mr King Is Inclined to be choleric over
these Interviews and Intimated that he
might say something about Mr Klcliltr
which wouldnt go through the malls
He has a son Parker D who Is treasu
rer and hj was as hot under the collar
as a treasurer of a paint factory can
Its all poppycock said Mr King
this talk of nichlers about my Pro
hibition principles hurting the business
i Jm no prudclt Isnt that 1 am against
idrinking from sentimental reasons but
from a political standpoint because I
consider It a tralllc that Is dangerous
to tho business Interests of the country
I A Unlversallst resa member of Com
Mocks society eslllli proud of It
I sir
As for malted milk ho continued
certainly I drink It as Klchler says
and It Is about all I do drink because I
urn troubled with nervous Indigestion
I know a lot of people who would be
better off If they would drink malted
milk Instead of some other things But
1 dont seo what thats got to do with
the paint business I simply regard thh
talk of Bidders as an effort to let
himself down easy
Didnt Preach But
You see Kiehler and Clem simply
taw the handwriting on the wall said
3uiing Mr King who wears glasses and
evidently nns something of a temper
lilmseir This company was organized
Teb So 1SOS with a capital stock of
JltWOOO and Elchler and Clem didnt put
a cent Into It Elcliler has drawn a big
salary The Idea of him talking that
way about my dad He knew his finish
was approaching and he took this
method to put In a last blow
Did dad ever preach prohibition to
you Capt Baker he asked turning
to one of the salesmen In the office
cv heavy set man with an English ac
cent I
centPreached Xot he answered the
1 captain He simply asked me once
f to vote the Prohibition ticket and 1
I told him I couldnt conscientiously do
It and there wis an end of It
As for binoklng dad doesnt object to
that although he doesnt smoke him
lelt continued the son Elchler Is
nlto sore because dad criticised the man
agement of the factorv which Elchler
was supposed to direct The fire risk on
paint factorl Is very hlsii and when
I nn Chrlntmas night our watchman i
man Elchler hired left the place be
cause he was on a drunk dad naturally
1 got hot and fired him
Th statement of Clearing Hous
0 bank for the week shows that the
banks held f OS175 more than tho reo
itilrcmenU of the SS per cunt reserve
rule ThlH Is an Increase of 1 52a In
the proportionate cash ri > s rvp as com
pared alth last week The figures aj
made public today were
Io nj inctwst M2074l
1 > > lt In < rao JIWt
ClrcuHllon iltrrcaw 01f
JS 1 lenders Incruaso Iirl
Steels lnmaso 1 1UltiJi
nuult UwrM > H 4I7i
n no r Tulrel Incrim llMTiris
Surplu Iner1 SOSjai
> sl S Deposit lncr 561s 7M
The statemftit of banki and trust
companies of Greater New York not re
porting to the Clearing House hows
that thfse Institutions have aggregate
deposits of UISMO0 total cah on
Jiand J1127751W and loans amounting
to 1036 3I
See Which Way
You Saw
Some men keep on sawing vooJ
Against the grain and lose
But that Is not true with those
Who World Want Ads peruse
World Ad readers see the shortest
1 Cut to thltiRS they need
Tint Is why Its easy for
World readers to succeed
The World printed l002673 Sepa
rate WantFilling Advertisement last
year 108804 more than the Herald 01
ANY OTHER newspaper on earth
IWwMfart ta4q KirM Ik TiHorrn
I IV <
Here Are More Pretty Candidates for Votes
I in The Evening Worlds Prize Beauty Contest I
Coupon to Record Your Choice
Will Be Found on Page
i of This Issue
The ienlng Worlds cycl of beauty
has rim iilmo to the threequarter
mark for with todays Instilment of
pictures seventythree pietty candi
dates for place In Charles Krohmans
American Beauty Chorus have pre
sented their claims 10 the voters
Voting for the fair competitors has
begun already The Evening World
readers are asked to fill out In full each
coupon designating their choice The
coupon appears on page 2 It should be
mailed to American Beauty Chorus
Kdltor Evening World P 0 Box 135
Jfew York City
The twelve lucky girls who receive
the most voles will be accepted as prize
winners by Mr 1rohman They will
be given at once Instruction In singing
dancing and acting to fit them for their
work In the chorus of The Dollar
Princess which Mr Frohman presents
In New Yor next Augu t Each one of
the twelve glils will get a years con
tract at a salary of J2J weekly
The voting coupon will be kept on
page J until Feb 13 nnd the contest
kept open until Teb M so that all read
era may hae a chance to get their
votes In
InterMet Brooklyn Trancit
Wabash Union Pacitic and
Reading Among Leaders
Stocks closed strong today alter an
icthe session Tne representative rail
roads and Industrial stocks were In
most demand but the entire list bene
fited InlerboroughMolroyoltan pie
ferred rose an extreme 312 points
Brooklyn Kapid Transit 21 Wabash
preferred 23S Lnlon Pacific Heading
American SmeHIng and National Bli
cult 2 and LoulsUHe Nashville and
I Erie first preferred 112 Other shares
averaged a point gain
The total sak of stocks were H Q3
shares and of bonds m
i The Cloning Irlcr
7oda > i hlcheil lonrit and Ut vrlces of
itocli ant ot net charges ai compared with
> e9t6rtUi fhul flgurci are ai follows
1 Illih Iow Tot chanct
Amal Copper III 7K MJJ 1 >
Am fJr F 4s 4 4 j + I3
American C n MI > I ti
American k Co Tj I 3 j
Ani 1xomotlve WP M SO I
Am Smelt Si Irf > M 2
i Am H 11 pf JII I 111 lOJVj i
Amcrlan Sugar lily 1JU 129 1
Am 7 A T io IJ > I ll litl I
Anaconda Slicing 47 4i 4S r
T A t K UnH I lS I
Bait 4 Ohio 115 llJJ 11 T 1
Ilrocblrii K T 11 t H in 4
Canadian Paclflr HTj titS 177 > J
iOn A Ohio UI4 f t tl i1
C M 4 8t I m j HHi J4i4 > j
Chi 1 Alt fiili I 117
Chic i N V Wi 176 17Ii it
Col Fuel i Iron 41 4n h 41 + 1
Col Southrn iw itii Wt i
i Con Ca 12S W7j 1SJJ i 1
l I l A lludion IJJJa ITT 1 JJiJj T
Don A lllo Or rj 11 IDS i i
lUit Hc Corp 37 311 jljl + if
I Eric all All III
Erin 101 pi 47s 4 47N r IN
ifn Elictrlc IMS lV 1VI 4 11
lit Nor pt HI1 14J HIS
Inttr Mn Id IV Il 1
III Central 145 Ml1 J43 v >
Imn Pump tu iui ill i Ai
Kin Cttv Houth HI 40 4l II
Louis I Soib 111 I i ILllj II
llinhittan JM II a
vitt M HR Oi 35 33 + t
M K A I1 4l 4JS la I
M IMcifl 70 f > 7H
Xatltnal UUvuIt ImN iwlj lii i I i
Nttlonil J < il il 77k 77 > u
Norfulk Wcit rn W4 K sSl a
Ntw York Ontril 1W Jill 3S o
Northern IaiUlr 140 lWi 111
Ontario A W tUrn 4 Hi 4 lij
Ienniyhanla 1M4 In I IM S
Popli > f Ou HOj HI1 mil i
lri seil Heel 41 41 41 1J
llcadlnt W7 ltii 1D7 11
ncpublle StMl 2 S w I J
Itfpubllc St l Pf MJ > H Hit l
Rock Island 11 J4 stjj A i J
nod Iiland pf MI > M 1
SouUi Pactf IJI > HI t II
Nutr Hv W MJi 4 i
SjUh It Pi 21 t 6Z + I
ThlM A gj 1 tI J r IIi
° PalIe Jl l I
r iI K fecoi w1 AU 1 i ji I Ii
1 H St l Wj l W J
a c i jf 1J4 lll 114 t
nah Ioiitw HK 4V 10 IS ji
Valitih I 1ri 19 I
VVHtatu rf lI i 111 41 l
vvlw > u K M mt H HJ ill
w ten Tel i M IAS I j
WU Oral tSi 40H iII i
Adnco n11r
MARSEILLES Jan liTh battle
I ship nhod Island < rpt Into the h rtor
j early toJay h a dtnse fog and fired
a tilute of tnreut > on gum which 1as
tnawered iun for gun br the shore
Uittrrlu Slit moored aloaiiM the
Ofonjla acd Nebrwk already In thli
Mrt The battltihl ktr Jert r fol
fewinf In the wake of th4 Rtjodi lilind
U ti7ct 4 to kirtT bar Ut r Wdar
College Man Has Much to Get
Over in Making a Start i
in Railroading
ward H Ilnrrlman the railroad owner I
and financier has written lor the Vale
Dally News his views on college train I
ing as a preparation for railroading He
said In part
i The question which jou have asKei I
me Is college education an essential or
even a valuable preparation for a man
who expects to enter railroading Is a
hard one to answer and my answer Is
both Yea and No1 A college educa I
tion vvlll be a great help If the man In
going tliroupli college has kept the
foundations of high school learning
firmly fixed On the other hand If he
has neglected Ills handwriting and for
gotten his arithmetic In higher mathe
matics nothing could be worse for him
If however he still retains these
I essentli he has a gteiU advantage In
1 that he has a broader view of the world
I and a greater knowledge of how ti
The high school boy has the advan
tage In that all the first essentials of
good work In rallioadlng are at his
fingers ends For Instance take tl
making of u simple statement A statr
ment should be llko u picture something
i that can be tnkon In at a glance not n
jumble of letters and flguies that must
be traced carefully out and the meaning
extracted from the mass of superfluous
matter A high school boy will draw
tuch a statement with perfect accuracy
and clearness while a young college
graduate will draw it in such a way that
It Is a puzzling scrawl
Thus college education Is In the be
ginning n disadvantage and I have
found that In every case the high school
boy doe better work than the college
man for the tirst few rears However
as soon as the collvee man has over
come these habits and has gotten back
to first principles he will go ahead much
faster than his less educated rival His
mind Is naturally 1llIer developed and
more capable of grafplng the tine points
of the business
On the other hand the high school
bov as btlng younger Is more adapt
able and has not In mmt case the Ir I
regular Imblts of HIP College man
II S OT TO rlt tS A
Laborer Was Riddled as If He
Had Been Swept by a I I
Catling Gun
A galling sun could scarnelv lia
riddled Anuelo Oentlla more effeitlvclv
I than did a Stic of dynamite hidden
I a pile of loose stones at Ninetyninth
street and Lexington avenue today
I Gontlla Is In Kurlcm Hoypltil llteralK
i shot all to piece and tho surgeons
I marvel that he Is alive
He It a laborer living at No 21 Kast
One Hundred and Forth street and
has teen employed In the excavation
I for the new car barns at Lexington
avenue and Ninetyninth street
1ollrmln a big blast today which
shuttered a long ildge of rock GentlU
I was sent to break up the stone with a
pick and throw the pieces back to
nhere they otild be loaded on a truck
I H fore he had betn working long Gen
I Ilia stuck bit pick into a stick of dvna
mil that 1a1 not exploded with the
i others In tle blast fill pick exploded
It though and the whole pile of stone
I rose up nnd smote Gentile ltork rang
i Ire from boulders to pebbles In sUc
shot all over the neighborhood but no
1 one was struck except Oentlla
One piece of stone went clear through
1 his l i cnrrylnE a section of bone with
It The doctor have been unable to
count his nounds and lace rations
BALTIMORE Jan 14 PrO Simon
Xmrcomb of Washington He umlnent
istrrmomer and mtlhemtlclan under
went a Mrg1cal operation at John
HoEklni lioipltal reiterday Hli con
dition shortly afurwud M deoland
lo bt taTorabl
Miss Ward Did Not Run
Away Nor Was She Mur
dered or Kidnapped I I
A talkative woman with n propensity I
for butting In has jucceeded In mak
ing all eons of trouble tor ills Maria I
Ward a cltessmaKer of No 63 West
One Hundred and Thtityflfth street I
who la donn on the police records as
mlislng but Is not nilssins at all
Miss Ward lives alone at the address
given and employs no help
A woman called at her apartment yes
terday afternoon and knocked at the
door Receiving no response she made I
her nay to the basement and summoned I
the Jatittrr I
I noniler what can be the matter
with Mis Ward asked the cailer I
had nn appointment with her today
and she Is not at home I Just know
something terrlblo has happened to
The Janltress ready for fjosslp
searched the reces es of her Intellect
and recalled that flic had not seen Miss
Wnrd for vo or three days or ma > be
longer Then the caller became InuUt
ent In declaring that something nwful
must have happened to the dressnnker I
The two vumen vvent upnnlrs to
gether and questioned orcupanti of
Mats None of them had cJen Mlsi
Vaid In a short time the wholo house I
was In an uproar It vas confidently
asserted that Mist Wurd had been mur I
dered In her Hat One of the terdiits
raced out anJ summoned Sergt Ullllam I
Curran of the West One Hundred and
Twentyfifth street station i
Curran followed by a score r t om
en tried the fiont door of Miss Wards
lint It opened as ho turned tle knob
not having been locked Cirefully and
fearfully ho went through the Hat
Kwrything was nent and Milpahape but i
there was no trace of Miss Ward I
Somebody said that Miss Ward had
appeared to be worried for sne time
past Another said she WAS sure she
saw Miss Ward bareheaded running
toward the river Wednesday niRht Cur
ran after listening to hysterical gahbla
for half nn hour went to the station
hour unl report 1 Miss Ward ml slng
A f RfVOKfD y
Blll tOWA S
Commissioner Takes Jobs
From Removers and Will
Make Them Pay Forfeits
Street Cleaning Commissioner Ed
wards guillotined three snowrune1 I
contractors till morning for failure to
live up to the contract they made to
clean away snow The firms are Thuiiu1
M Hart Daly McBenn and Celc tlno I
De Marco Melzone Hart liad the
first district the lowest secton of the
city Haly MIlean thc second sixth
seventh and eighth but they have befit
put out only In the second and DC
Marco X Melzone the Bronx
Commissioner Edwards hired 300 trucks
from William Bradley tha contractor
and sent them Ititn the first and second
districts The trucks are big and cost
him a dollar nn hour Edward said ln >
had OCM men at work tody and will
work them all day tomorion
The Commissioner said Harti work
had not been up to the mark frpm the
first He and Raphael Garfoln liav
been quarrelling over tho contract the
latter claiming It had betn assigned to
him The Coinmlsslnner said he heard
half a dozen or n huskies went to
Harts oflki nnd threw out the force
of clerks working there and In a little
time a dozen bouncers for Hart turned
the tables on the Uarfoln men and land
ed them In the gutter
I I told both I wouldnt stand anything
like that sild Commissioner Edwards
and now our own emergency men an
on the Job
AH the heavy blll < Incurred by the
Street leaning Ptpartmtnt through
Commissioner Kdwuds pulling in his
own men to remove FnlI nil hlJ juit
up to the contractor whom he fhaijiri
have failed to carry nut their contiacf
The contracicirs are bondM for in UK
gregatu of Jl W an < l < i > inmlsElniiei fvi
wards said thucu no irKbt nliout tf
city getting the mcij
= =
As for Miss Ward 51e certainly cre
ate a sensation ulen she got home
late last night and f und unmistakable
evidences that her lat had been In
vaded She called tit irllress and thu
janltress railed soincotn elsu and there
was a great time in tii way of argu
ment and uiusutlih It all tills l mis
as nothing when Mi 0 Wir < l looked nt
the morning IIPWIPIJII today aid
found herself the i iiT flgi1 In a m i
Hhe left her honm Tl iisday after
noon to vllt a friend 1 cm another
part of tin city and 1 < to lork thp
door J < is fT her nn < i jon hM
would Ilkf to get IHHL o Her who
started the excitement t f 111
fiT fO LliV Of
50 On PfOPlf
New York Cast Some Noted
Landmarks Into Scrap Heap
During 1908
Expanding Business Reduces
Home Area and Families
Move Outside
New York toro down enough buildings
to house a city of fOOOO people last year
Many of the demolished landmarks
wero more Imposing structures than
could be found In most cities of MOOO
population Yet they had passed their
days of usefulness and their cites w re
ne dP1 for vistly linger buildings or
for other greit public works
Familiar tn nM Now Yorkers were the
three Hroadway hotels which were
Ilt1 away In the years wreckage
tho famous Fifth Avenue thc once pala
< lal Everett House thu still older Sin
clair House On their historic sites Im
mense onVe and mercantile buildings
ate arising
Riches For the Junk Heap
Downtown saw the demolition of the
massive Consolidated Stock Exchange
the ponderous Ciueinaey Building nt No
100 Ilroadway and the SuiUsZeltung
Building facing CIt > Hall Park from
the Tryon How side All were hnpres
she landmarks which woud hae been
good for many more decides of service
In smaller cites Hut tha Irresistible
growth of New York demanded thelr
sltcs lor skyscrapers
Two timehonored theatres fell In the
ru hthe Madison Square next to the
Fifth Avenue Hotel and the old Wind
sor at tht south end of tho flowery
I hcro It stood In the way of the new
I v C tif Harlem Property
Owners Association he presided at the
i or government
and the Tup > ers Confcrcs
The Flour of
Four Generations
Milled frOlii1
the cream
Manhattan Bridge approach Actual de 1
molition of the Windsor Ims not begun
although the city hotiBht It oml permits
were Issued for Its removal
I < esi noticed was the destruction of
smaller building most of them old I
homes Tlie siuno bridge approiiihes I
I MIPt nearly coo old huiises Into the
j Junk heap A largo part of tlicm ivero
tenements and their occupants to the
number of 6WO fled to other soJtlons
of the city Many went to the suburbs
Those whs spread through Manhattan
added to the population congestion and j
the net results was an overflow of
others to outflde homes I
Trade Crowds Out Homes
Not so sweeping but even lajger In
volume was the spread of business over
old residential centres benveon Union
Square and Fiftyninth street More
than 10COO persona vero unhoused In
that dUtrlct during the jrar Tho total
number who had to leave old homes In
Manhattan on account of sudi business
expansion exceeded XCOO I
Remaining homes In the side streets I
along the Broadway and Klfth avonue I
lines suffered most Fifth avenue lo t
1 nearly all of Its last old brownstone
1 mansions On Iong Acre S < uaro the
I 111t block of old Astur apartments was
I torn clown to make way for a business
structure tluit on tho west sldn of
Uroadway from Fortythird to Forty
I fonrth street
Ill the steady transformation from
I residential to business utility with It he
attending pressure of homes continually
outward from old centres the alteration
ot building took also a prominent part
Many dwellings and tlathotures w ra al
tered In part or wholly for buslnes oc
cupation In most Instances tlle effect
uas much the same as If the hom hall
been torn down entirely for It forced
the old tenants to seek homes elia
I Manhattan spent over 510000000 In 1903
Ito alter old hulldlnci Morn than half
of It went for transforming home etrue
tines into n business utility
I This Is a record for a year of excep
tKiMl depression In general business
With a return of normal prosperity
Manhattans rush from residential to
business occupation la expected to be
come very rapid There can bo no other
result than the forcing of large popula
tion masses Into new outKlda home ictnfe
HOIK especially Into districts alone theHft
beat rapid transit lines V t
ITHACA X Y Jan MAn outbreak
of scarlet fever among the students of
the short course In the Cornell College
of Agriculture Is causing much concern
to the local health authorities There
are now eleven students confined In the
contagious ward
To the lIt r of Th Hvfnlnc Vona I
Will you pleise correct the statement
I that I attended the Salome ball1 It Is
absolute untrue ANNA HELD
> >
23d Street 4th Street <
II McCreery Silks
i Latest weaves and colors suitable I k
for evening or street dress
Ou Monday and Tuesday
January the ISth and 19th
Sale of Tcn Thousand Yards superior
quality Taffetas Silk White Cream t
and Black 45c per yard 1
I vilue 65c fi
Commencing Monday January the
Sale of 25000 yards White and
Colored Dress Linens at greatly reduced
Pure Linen Suitings Irish manu
facture Plain colors Cadet It Alice II
Copenhagen and light blue pink Nile
green rose pink French gray helio
i trope and natural 36 inches wide
22c per J ard
i I
White Irish Dress Linen full bleach
and thoroughly water shrunk 35 inches
wide 25 c per yard
I On Monday January the 18th
Broadcloth sponged shrunk and
spot proof 54 inches wide 185 per yard
value 300
French Cashmere bright satvn fin
ish 43 inches wide 75c per yard I
value loo
Short lengths and Dress Patterns in
Imported and Domestic fabrics Mixed
J Suiting Serge Cheviot Cloth Silk and J
Wool mixtures SOc per yard I
23d Street 34th Street I
What You Like
As You Like Itl
That Just What You Will Find in the Way of Feature
j Stories if You Get and Read ToMorrow Sunday World
The Worlds Faunal Naturalists headed by Roy McCvdell dd
cover a strange race of blacks In the Eighth Avenue Jungle known
as the Minn Strells
I Mr Roosevelts African expedition Is forestalled and the curious
tribal customs ind the thrilling adventures met with are described
together with the comments of Battling Nelson and Aanhall P
Wilder both members of the exploration party
I This story shows to the full the peculiar and genuine humor of
Mr McCardells genius and there Is a real laugh In Its every line
I WOMAN SUFFRAGE This Illustrated article will present the
views of Governors business men politicians Ie upon the quit
tfon of womens right to votemen prominent In the Statu trharl
women have actually cast ballots
POKER Every chip was valued at 1000 In a game played tt a I
leading New York hostelry In which a Cleveland millionaire won
IDOIJO in less than two hours and didnt know It
A SONG In the Magazine SectUn will b > found the words anil
music of the weeks vocal sensation London Johnnlei
WONDERFUL How the blind and deaf In New Yorks D af and I
Dumb Institute are taught to play and enjoy music
MY IMPRESSIONS OF AMERICA by the Earl of Warwick
It would take a whole page to glvo even adequate hlnti of all thl Ii
other good thing tn be found In tomorrows Sunday World
i L < I 4id lllilrl

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