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The Evening World Dally Magazine Saturday January 1909
YI 2 jWrt
ij111C h WtorID
ttttlshcd Dally Except Sundayby tho Press Publishing Company Nns C3 to C3
Park How Now York
fOBEPM TCXJTZER Prta M Iark IUW J ANtllS SHAW SfcTrf 61 1ark now
Entered nt tim pOHOmC nt IV York ns SecondCln IIII IQtlfr
rlpllon RatC to Thp Evcnl For nlan1 and the Continent and
I World for thl United StIltE All Counlll In the Internallon
and Canada lotal UnIon
On Tear S3ro On you P76
I On Mont2 00 Onp Month IIS
VOLUME 49 NO 173113
ARIOUS amendments to the Sun
day liuvs have been introduced
in the Legislature I
Assemblyman McGrnth wants
the Board of Aldermen to have
the power to regulate Sunday
performances and sports In an i
other bill ho seeks to amend tho I
Sunday codo to permit baseball
games between amateurs Sunday
l j Assemblyman Gluck would al
low Sunday entertainments for the benefit of charities and education
Assemblyman Cuvillier would let the Board of Aldermen regu
late Sunday theatres concerts and baseball games of all kinds
This is only the beginning of the session Evidently the Sunday
bills will be numerous Among them will probably be amendments
to the Excise law to permit Sunday selling during the afternoon and
vening hours
The present Sunday laws do not fit metropolitan conditions and
hould be revised but before they are altered there should be a
thorough understanding of what Sunday laws there are and why
iW they am
c Tho Penal Codo now prohibits
r till shooting hunting flshJng playing horse racing gaming or other
public sports exercises or shows upon the first day of the wook
AU trades manufactures agricultural or mechanical employments upon
t the first day of the week except when the same are works of necessity
lAJl manner of public selling or offering for sale of any property on
I Sunday except articles of food before 10 oclock In the morning and meals I I
and prepared tobacco milk ice and soda water fruit flowers confectionery
I newspapers drugs medicines surgical appliances I t
All service of legal process V vi
All processions and parades excepting only funeral processions
The performance of any tragedy comedy opera ballet farce negro
minstrelsy negro or other dancing wrestling boxing with or without
gloves any circus equestrian or dramatic performance or exercise
It is a mistake to entitle these provisions as does the Penal Code
Crimes Against Religious Liberty and Conscience The strongest
I reason for the observance of a day of rest and recreation every week
is economic and not religious The Penal Code recognizes this in
> providing that where the defendant uniformly keeps any other day
ef the week as holy time and does not labor on that day such an
1 observance is a sufficient defense to a prosecution for work or labor
I on Sunday
Most men can do more effective and valuable work in six day
than in seven To Work nil the time decreases the quality of the I
product and the interest that the workingman takes It makes him
a less valuable citiin It would tend to diude the community into
I one class which labors constantly and n preferred class of idlers
F When France abolished religion by statute it soon restored the
rest day The effect of constant labor without rest and recreation
was found to be injurious The total earning worn no greater The
production of labor did not increase correspondingly
It is doubtful wlmtlier there is a bartender who would not prefer
to have saloons closed on Sunday
The performers in theatres at
I least so many of them as are r I
versed in political economy
i would oppose Sunday theatricals
Every labor union recognizes this
r economic principle in fixing a pro
hibitive price for work on Suuday
In amending the Sunday laws
the utmost care should he taken
that the result does not require
l seven days labor for the wages
r of sir
I Letters From the People i
TITO Home Illnli
I To tb E1IUT o The EMvitr Vr4 I I
Here aro two home hnta that I have
told to many of mj frivmls and they
Chink < hey are fine They may Interest
other housekeepers Ir jou wish lo
keep Any kind of sreen sulils over
t night to use next day wet a cloti ncl
with fresh water and roll It up Next
iUy you win find It ns fresh as the
clay you bought It Here Is another
C If At any time Our oven does not br vs n
l your broad ako or pies on the top
p turn out your burmrj from the oven
h And put your ple under the
J burners where your broiler It art
f tiny will turn brown
I Hrlffln nf liloli Noine
r Vo th KOIIor 01 The iculij ir il
i AIda writes asking the meanmp ot
ter m hes Irish nsme MirXtwr
It rneLU the descendant ot the here of
Heath The Iriih torn Is Mac Coo
Jtjdhe Meath was one of tho tin pro
IN of old Irtlocd The lurnuic li
also Anglicised Cnrme and Con
vey It thoulu be iddiil that in speak I
Ing Irish ve ieer employ Mac In ref
erence to a woman but which Big j
nlflei ilituehter At present the rnme i
MacXiiiivc is found ch < fly In Llitcr I
and Iunmic In Lcniter and Con I
Vinlln AiUliT
r To the lldlt > r > Tn Eilns Virld I
In atuwcr to tve lolln query I siy
I that by changing the po ton f th
I oud post you innge the s tind or
tore I also advise amateurs lo leave
It alone Vlnllns are ery sensitlvi
and Iully damage J W
i y
I To the Wltor i > r Th Uwnlnic WftrlJ
Was there ever a Commodore In the
Unlltd States avy by the name of
Stephen ixTAtur A MAUTIK
i There worn two Unitt l Stales Navy
Commodore father anJ ima namnl
Stephen Docatur The Utter wu the
more fainou 0
The New York GirlNo 14
By Maurice Ketten
1gffi I I
2 ttt I
The Chorus Girl Saw a Bit of Melting Snow So Hark to f
Her Sweet Memories of the Ancestral Ashpile at Home I I I
By Roy L McCardell
AV Kid If these sunshiny days
SAY up Ill bo getting my
spring vln for alilvos and cot
tago choese
You know how
them dreams of
childhood days
comes back to you
in the spring time
The tlrst break of
sunshine In winter
time males me
yearn for the old
home on the out
skirts of Altoona
I stand nga n In
tho kitchen door
1 J Celling the
tQA r 1tUuo
warm wet wind
coming down over the Allegheny
Mruntnln and sen the snow melting off
the ash pile in the back yard
What does folks nilicil in great
c ties know of the Joys of nature Has
thy an ashplle In the back yard has
thty a hjdrant standing there mapped
In an old rag carpet to Keep It from
freezing which It dont and you got
to thaw It out with hot water and
your little brother sticks his tongue on
the spout to drink therefrom on frosty
UK niings and he cant break away and
tile reams Is pitiful to heat and brings
all the neighbors out
Is thero a sound of n parlor organ
on the breeze when gentle fpriiis has
come and you smells the gum shoes
burning on the trash flres In the neigh
bors yards
Vo there aint What does this Iron
hearted steamheated brickwalled
town know of the gentle seasons kid
Not a thing
Speaking of parlor organs has the
kind of songs we used to sing to em
gone out too Why Did They Dig
Mas Grave So Deep What Are the
Wild Waves Saying Will You Love
Mo When Im Old1 You couldn sing
a song to a parlor organ complete with
cover stool and look of Instructions
for SJ unless It was a song that asked I
a question from Where Is My Winder
lug Boy ToNIght to Dont You He1
member Sweet Alice Hen Holt 7 I
When I hear Dopey McKmght play
and sIng Them Cruel Words 1 ant
Forget or Lured by Gold She Left Her
Happy Home or Mr Othrllo or Ive
Lost My Teddy Rear I think of the
merry songs we used to sng to the
parlor organ In dear old Altoona when I
was wearing my hair In a braid
Heres one that was Imninsely pop
ular We didnt play it on Sunday we
played only hymns on Sunday < t some
people saId this was a sacred song be
cause It was about the 1eniisjhmla
Itallroad nnd In Altoonn tin 1emisjl
anla Itallroad Isnt an Institution It s
a religion und It Kites everybody In
thru burg their cakes too
This song was all tho rage In Al
toona You could get a copy of It with
a swell picture of the Chicago < l
on the front cover and the locnl time
tnblo on the back I forget It all but the
chorus which went this nay
See the mighty englnel
Hear the merry bells ling out
For safety ease and comfort
Take the Pennsylvania route
Well and alnt I the big boob to be
talking Old Home hokum and raving of
springtime right In the middle of winter
and poor Mr Roosevelt only a tow more
weeks to work
Lets get out of the airship and back
on earth ngnln It has been a busy
week for Little Sunshine I was at the
Salome Hall and the Hesper Club Ball
and I dreamed last night I went roller
skatIng on the ocean with a band of
pirates and woke up to hear the silvery
laughter of Donnld Do Uranscombe
choking his dear old mother for the
price of two balcony seats so he could
I go ticket scalping on the sidewalk now
thAt the law has gone Into effect that
i fIrCsSlY forbIds the naughty theatrical
i ticket spceulators from paying any
I license fee for the privilege of hitting
unybody in the noe who wont pay dou
I Me rates for fents that will be refuted
at the door unless purchased from the
house speculator
And thats why I say Hurrah for
law and order and if you have any law
that keeps anybody In order do away
with the Inw i
Dopey McKnlght la back from
Hrldgeport where he won the bug
distance piano playing Marathon from
Ilurdy Gurdy Hank the Cowboy Pad
erewskl I
No I aint doing nothing now Im
waiting for our show The Gay Life
to get n Broadway production Its a
long walt kid And meanwhile I
think Ill go Into vaudeville I got a
novel Idea which I can do In one And
> ou know how Wllllnni Morris and the
Unite Booking Is both looking for
acts that close In one
I want to get a good sentimental
song like Meet Mo In Hose Time
hock And lImit Ill sing It straight
and then Ill give Imitations with It
how a 117710 hoy would sing It with
slap on the wrist gesture how n
mnn with n hare lip would sing It how
an old nl < her would sing It with a
wooden ICLthn nil new stuff
Well If It nlnt exactly new Its what
Im awfully strong for delicate
I satire so If I have any patter In no
net I want It bright nnd full of stliiLs
about marriage for thats whnt tou
i In vniile > IIIi Youd think a variety
show wns the first refuge for tlc
bleeding hearts of the married ami
the mlMitilemtuoil
Whnt must you be going
Well you go off to the wars lack
and Ill ety here nnd fight tbd devil
Panhandle Pete < ot 1J JJ By George McManus i
r I
iftf > I
11 c
I 5 SI
Hut wc
II It no voider hont l
cihlcniarj annuls doing
IN Woman SjfTratellft lury djf n 1 big criminal
r Ijns l generalship trial
in cirrjwj lt ir wir Ig
V Cweil rttmn tin fj nit rf
bren Itutltntt
lo lh Injtnut wt
f T > ITY the poor Congressmen ejaculated the laundry
PITY The suffragettes are going to carry on a l
campaign In Washington for the right to vote
Mote power to em said the man who was gettlnu hit
package If women have II right to vote they aro going to
Mile The leaders of tho movement show signs of general
ship In carrying their war to Concriaa Time has shown
that Congress Is unusually susceptible to female wiles and
fejiialo bluffs
A few persistent languageshooting women buffaloed
Congress Into passing the law abolishing canteens at army
resenntlons nnd making great fortunes for the dlvekeepers
adjacent to the various spots where we quarter our regular
soldiery If the uomen can bring tho sam pressure to bear
ryrJlXCJ In favor at Ihelr own fKlts as they brought lo bear against
the rights of the enlisted soldier they will have Congress
eating out of their manicured hands t
Many profound thinkers profejs to see danger In handing the vote to women
Where do they make the danger signal A majority of women do not want fa I
vote Most of the others dont care whether they vote or not A majority of the
remainder will vote as their husbands or brothers or fathers vote From the way
strongminded women arc forging to the van In the noise of public discussion It
Is apparent that a growing number of men are voting the way their wives want
them to vote Its about time that something was done to of bet these subsidised
and terrorized males by balancing off their femininely directed ballots with votes
deposited by women who believe that men should run the government
I On a Crime Case Jury r
H T COKING ovcr thc alns case reports said the laundry mnntt seems to
L me that Juries In Important murder trials aro stnylng out longer and I
Its no wonder to me declared the man who was getting his package that
honest earnest hardworking citizens are averse to doing Jury duty In n big crim
inal case They are asked to forsake their business or employment for days and
weeks to listen to quibbling lawyers who would starve to death outside their
suspicious profession blip and con and slobber and squirm for weary hours ut a
tune and finally when the case Is given to them they are locked up in a room de
void of anything called for by the dtvemles of comfort t I
It there be a fatheaded Jurxnun or two In the twelve or one jr < xo who ban
listened to arguments advanced outside the courtroom the others are held prison
ers In surroundings that no prisoner In a Jail would tolerate Why Jurors should
not deliberate In n room where there are cots or bfds where the sick and weary
may sleep Is a mystery For mine I look with leniency upon the man who sxvears
that he has a prejudice against capital punishment or has formed an immoxabU
I Rebuilding Quake Cities r
j w
SUE those fool Italians are going to rebuild again on the site of Hegflo
H y
I and other cities that were destroyed by the tarthquake remarked the
laundry man
Let us get close to home on that replied the man who was getting his
package When San Francisco was laid In ruins by earthquake and fire did the
citizens hike across the bay to icbulld on more solid ground and leave their be
loved community to tho Ileas which settled It originally and have Inhabited It
ever since despite human Invasion Not In any overwhelming degree
Those fool American san Franciscans remained right at the old stand fllltd
up the caverns In the ground the earthquake had made and built up their houses
and homos stronger and higher than before They know an earthquake Is liable
to get them again but they are taking the rhance
And why Hecause they own the ground It takes more than an earthquake
to Jar a mnn front a title or leasehold to real estate Where men own ground
they are going to build and where men build others are going to live The
hysterical Sicilian or Calabrlan Is no different In that regard from the descendant
of the progressive pioneers who walked to San Kranclsco when the walking TVM
mlzhtr bad
i w t S
r Tillmans New Role j
nONT see any t > lood < h < > d set In the thentrlcnl wnr between Senator Till
H I mum and 1resldent Uoo xell said tho laundry man
A There lug been a shift in the diameters of that sanguine drama ex
plainer the nuun who was genius his package Tlllman originally cast to play
the villain has been transferred tn the Ingenue part at his own request
w v JW7A
II The Story of the Operas
By Albert Payson Terhune
Vo 21 Meyerbeer IMoilc da Xord Star of the North
i Tiil Tim bniUT Czar of nussla went In disguise to Finland to lown the
ID trade of shlobullder There he met and fell In love with Catharine a TIne
vender anJ > became the chum of her brother George Ho also while In dis
i guise made frlenls with Hanllowlu n pastry cook whom he Indiued to Juln tlie
ItutMin army
I Peteri suit with Catherine did not nt first progress very rapidly Ho w
hoi tempered and a heavy drinker Both the e fallings disgusted Catherine But
I at length she prumlscd to Income his wife If ho would win fame as a Miller
Catherines mother when dylrg declared
Peter agreed mil they were betrothed
clared that a star In the North was to guide tho girls destiny Catherine had
a Ir entlment ti qt Voter the supposed carpenter would prove t < > he this star
Catherines brMher ieorge wns betrothed to Priscovla the local innkeepers
pretty daughter On the eve of their wedding n band of Cossacks whom esther
i Ines tact prevented from looting the village reciulted George for military ser
xlce To spare George for lube brlile Catherine disguised lnrsclf as a mnnsmi and
went to the war as siiti tltute for her brotier
Catherine tatlimed In the Hupslan tnmp during the en < ulnir Swedish cam
the of uertul inn regiments to mutiny nnd desert
paign uncut rtined n plot on part 0
the Czar IWore Jhe could take action of any sort Peter and Datitlowltz arrived
In camp disguised as grenadier captains They had heard rumors of discontent
In tho army nnd Peter had come In person t Investigate
To while away the night Peter plunged Into a drinking bout and began Mrtlnc
with a couple of pretty wine sellers Catherine who was part of the guard of
honor In front of the Incognito Czars tent peeped In nnd wis amazed tp find the
former carpenter clad In n captains gorgeous uniform Hut his drinking and flirt
Ing made her so angry that sho boxed the ears of Orltzenko a corporal who had
Just ordered her away from the tent Grltzcnko dragged her Into Peters pretence
and ordered her shot
ence The Czar was too drunk to recognize his sweetheart
for striking a superior officer Hut when she had been led away to the place of I
execution his memory returned nnd tie sent Grltzenko In frantic haste to bring l
her back
Grltzenko arrived In time to stop the execution but not to prevent Catherine
from Jumping Into the nearby river and swimming across to safety He tired
his musket at her but she swam on
Catherine sent Peter the proofs of the mutineers plot bddlng him make his
own fortune by conveying the news to the Czar Peter after seeking vainly for
his missing sweetheart put clown the revolt by making his Identity known nnd by
leading the formerly discontented regiments to victory
Returning In triumph to Moscow and casting aside his various disguises Peter
reigned once mors as Czar of Hussla Hut ho wns wretchedly unhappy Ho still t
Hl failed to i
Ills spies
her anyxxhcrc
loved Catherine nnd he could find no trace of
and every glittering reward for news of the mlsslnff
discover ins r whereabouts
glvl remained unclaimed
ventured Into his
waiting In black despair
While tho Czar was
presence nsklng for promotion on the ground that he had fired a shot at the
unless Catherine w reproduced
escaping Catherine Peter In fury told Orllzenko that
produced alive and well by the following day the blundering itirporal should tie
Catherine meantime wounded by Orltzenkos shot had reached tho hut of a
There her wound otnblned with grief nt Peters semlng Infidelity
peasant Panllowltz at length found her Insane and
had robbed the girl of her reason
helpless nnd brought her to the Czar
hit for transforming part of hit
To restore her to her senses Peter on n plan
palace Into a grciit workshop tend filling It with Inland carpenters As Gather
Inc drew near the xvorlJien hnlltd her and Danlluwltz In his pastry cook dress J
bade her good day George and PnscovCi who had Just nrrlxed In Mocar II
begged her presence at their wedding All was as It had been on the day she had
left her old home The demented girls reason began to clear She believed all
the terrors of the past few months had been a hideous dream
Peter was last to address her With n cry of Joy Catherine now wholly re
covered threw herself into his arms while to her amaze the courtier loudly ao
claimed hornot aibrld of Peter the Carpenter but aa Empress of Ruula
Misalag neir I eta i4 a be by ad1 s
lest to avbv tocnaJtItiea De YPi4 WI
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