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x t I
b ff Reduction Will Take Effect Before
May and 600000 Employees of
the Various Companies Will
Be Affected
1 It was stated officially today that wages will be reduced in the
ited and iron trades before May I The wage cut it is estimated will
be no less than 10 per cent on unskilled labor and from 15 to 20 per
cent on skilled labor
S Six hundred thousand employees of the steel industry and its
allied interests will be affected by the reduction which is the next move
on the steel programme to follow last weeks abolition by J P Mor
gans steel trust of its stand pat business policy and the opening of a
price war with the fourteen leading independents in the steel world
Tho yearly payrollwages ami sala
rlei paid to employees of the blast fur
naces the steel trades and In allied
companiesamounts to the not Incon
Merable figure of JGOOOOOOOO The Steel
Trusts proportion of this great sum 13
IMO000000 divided among IO00 em
ployees In a normal period when all Its
plants are operating full time
600000 Workers
The employees of the steel Industry
number more men than the whole Con
federacy put In the field during the en
tire civil war and If these tiOOCCO men
of sinews and brawn should elect to
attend the Taft Inauguration next week
they would make a human line which
single file would stretch from Grants
Tomb In New York City to the White
House In Washington U C
Depending upon this army of steel
Workers are Z400000 women and chil
dren In fact the people directly af
fected by the eddies and currents of
the wage problem applied to the steel
trade whirlpool equal the entire popula
tion of Switzerland
Wise economic experts hare already I
harpened their pencils and are out
theorizing that the open market plan I
Is a great public benefit how a wholly I I
rtlftclal and untenable situation has I
been abandoned with a view to read
justing conditions to a basis where
makers and consumers might meet on
equal terms But this fact remains
the announced wage reduction means
the full dinner pall leaner by at lead I
175000000 worth of necessities to a class
of people already shorn of the luxuries
of life
Judge Gary Reticent
No one relalzea the effect of a price I I
war on the sire orkers morn than I
former Judge E H Gary chairman of i
the United States Steel Corporation
Judge Gary was seen today at the
WaldorfAstoria Hotel by an Evening
World reporter lie said Just now I
do not care to say anything about the
effect of the open market on the wages
of steel workersI am very sorry
Judge Gary was asked If there was
any silver lining In the open market
cloud hanging over the steel workers
I will not discuss wage cuts was his
final reply
Consumers of steel manufacturers
building contractors and bridge builders
are represented as Jubilant over prospec
tive reductions It Is pointed out that
while the steel workers will be hit hard
other departments In the world of com
merce will boom ana bring back pros
perity But buyers seldom purchase on
a falling market They he a habit of
waiting for the bottom and then buying
on the upward movement
What steel consumers wnnt to know Is I
how tar competitive cutting of < rlets I
will go and when will It end Tncro has
not been an open market since Mr I
Morgan Marled the billiondollar Steel
Trim on IU career In the spring of 1WI
The frequently illscii seil 51 cut < if Sep
tfmbcr KOI was a formal and united
lowering o the schilule price
In substantiation of the statement that I
there will be light buying In steel can
be cited the situation In copper when
only recently Its pric was put down
from Hl2 to 1512 cents a pound All I
copper consumers are holding oft wait
Ing for the price to reach say 121 cents
A Flank Movement
The report that the abandonment of
the attempt to maintain prosperity
prices was a flank movement to Influ
ence tariff regulation a sort of a
Wall street object lesson Is heard most
frequently In the locality of the broker
age offices where strenuous attempts
are being made to stem the unloading I
of steel stocks But an object lesson
L of such a character would hardly be
t made before tariff reductlorslt would
t be most apt to occur after the Installa
tion of a lower tariff
The Steel Trust simply had to get
r nut and hustle for business or else de
fault on Its fixed charges at the end
of the year said a leading member
ij or the Now York Stucl Kxchange to
i ilay The net earnings of the Truit
1 In 1907 were IWlWXfO and last year
they had hrunk to jttoooH0 This year
the net earnings will go below T34t
which were the earning for 1WI a must
7 disastrous > ear
lUllronCs are not going to pay the
I fancy price of IS a ton for rails when
structural seel has fallen off ST tutoi
v ere reduced 110 and maleable foundries
k ate reduced from Ills to tllO a hundred
pumli The old Carnegie policy of
4i itcrel nrlcee In free ten Jtnr ago
has betu adopted by the Steel Goliath
t and It Is going to lay all the Uvldi
1 In the fitlil by Its margin of profit of
IIS on etch ton sold against tin profit
of from M to W on the same quantity
by the Independents
The plight of the Steel Trust li ret
forth by the Wall street Journal as I
It i s ailmtud by sleet manufacturers
that iharu reductions In W4 ej will be
600000 WORKERS
United States Steel Trust employes
I Independent companieB Repub
lic inn and Steel 15000 em
I ployees Bethlehem 17000 Lacka
I wanna 16000 Colorado Fuel and
Iron jOCD Jones Laughlin Co
1SCOO Pennsylvania 6CCO Cambria
oot Midiale 2000 Inland 3000
La Belle Iron 4000 Rogers Drown
Co 10WO Slo3sSheff 5000 Lukens
4000 Southern 4WO Total 115000
I Employees of companies allied
I with the steel Industry 245000
Grand total of employees engaged
I In steel Industry 660000
I announced within the next few weeks
The drastic cuts In the price of steel
commodities mean a postponement of
I action looking toward an Increase In
the dividend on the common stock for
an Indefinite period The Steel Corpor
I ation Is now able to produce for sale
upward of lliOO000 tons of steel a year
and an average cut of K would affect
earnings to the extent of nearly 60
OOOnoo a year Of course wages will
have to come down and this will offset
to some extent the lost In steel earnings
through reduced prices
There was heavy selling last wk ot
the stock of the Steel Trust the com
mon dropping 64 points and the pre
I ferred losing ST4 points But the stock
loss of the Independents was even
greater In some Instances as follows
I Republic Iron and Steel 51i points com
mon and 1014 points preterred Sloss
Sheff Steel and Iron 6H points common
and Si points preferred and Colorado
I Fuel and Iron 85i points Bethlehem
closed at the low point of 22 common
and 49H preferred both representing
losses on the week
Bridegroom 20 Bride 16 Her
Papa Thought They Were
Too Young
The marrlige of Jack Coles lingers
and Therciw Nledermelr has been an
nullfd by Justice OOorman In the Su
preme fourt They were marrt In
July 1007 whn Roger wan twenty and
Theicsa nlxteon The didnt tell their
piritits about It until thrio month
aftrwiird Then they were forgiven and
young lingers went to live with his
folkslnlaw Theresas mother who
had entertained Jack us a guest at At
lantic City for six months after the
marriage without knowing he was her
sonlnIaw publicly admitted her ad
rrtlrallnn fnr him
I began to hlnk Jack Rogers was
the finest boy In the world she said
fin began to call me mother but I
thought It was only a joke I didnt sus
pect he had married my little girl
The young people explained that when
thflr parents were out of town July 13
1907 they had gone to Grace Methodist
Episcopal Church In One Hundred and
FourUh street near Amsterdam avenue
and had been married by the Rev Dr
Young They didnt tell of It because
they were afraid and because they liked
the Joke of fooling everybody
Mrs NMermclr who is the wife of
Herman O Nledermcir of No 118 Man
I hattan avenue didnt mind very much
i for Rogers came of a family well known
In Osslnlng and New York and seemed
I I likely to get on In the world Mr Nle
I dermelr didnt think so much of the
I match hut let matters ret as they ware
for a while
I In time young Rogers and his bride
wre separated and the huslianO went to
UOK in the ollleel of the National Bis
I cuit Company at Bridgeport Conn
Last week Mr Nledermelr appeared
before Justice OGornmn as hli ilaujrh
i ter > guardian and a ked for the an
nulment of thj marriage on the ground
tui both the girl and Rogers were un
ilcr age rn the ceremony was per
i formed Justice rrijorman granted the
innulment Rugnrs did not uprose the
I action
The annual Dixie dinner of the South
ern Society will be given at Uw Hott
Vstor tonight As usual on this occa
sion Udlrs will dine with the members
aral a danr will follow he dinner Tin
fiurth annual dinner of tee Tenne
Society will te held at the same hole
tomorrow evening Gen Luke E
Wright Secretary of War will be the I
cunt cf honor
Girls Learn to Box Talk of Lett Jabs May
Replace Gossip at Afternoon Teas
4v UaO4Qr7 C
5KIN 7 < fr Cloves THE CLUB
Death of President Roosevelts
Nephew Saddens Harvard
The body of Stewart Douglas Robin
son third son of Douglas flnblnson and
a nephew of President Roosevelt NaB
brought to Now York today from Har
vard University where the young man
was killed early yesterday by a fall
from a window on the sixth floor of
Hampdcn Hall a fashionable dormitory
Accompanying the body from Cam
bridge In a private car were Mr and I
Mrs Robinson parents of the young
man i Monroe Douglas Robinson and I
Theodore Douglas Robinson his broth
ers and Mrs T D Robinson Vlss
Corinne Robinson his sisters and Theo I
dore Roosevelt Jr his cousin The cas
ket was taken at once to the Robinson
home No 422 Madison avenue The
family announced that the funeral would I
probably be held Wednesday morning
In New York the burial on the old home
estate at Henderson Point Htrklmer
Young Stewart Robinsons trarle dealt
lisa plunged the whole university In
gloom He was popular with all the
students although a Junior not quite
twenty years old six feet high weighed
m pounds and an athlete In fine train i
It appears that Robinson left the A D
Club Saturday night complaining of
not feeling well and Instead of
going to his own rooms on Mount
Auburn street went to the apartment i
of his elder brother Monroe Douglu
Robinson In Hampden Hall almost dl I
really opposite to the clubhouse Mon
roe Robinson who Is a senior at Har
vard was In New Tork but Stewart
Robinson had the freedom of the place
and several of his friends accompanied
him there
Fell Through Open Window
It Is believed that after his friends
elt Robinson got out of the bed and
walked toward the window to open It
wider It Is thought that as he leaned
out over the sill which Is two feet wide
he became dizzy and losing his balance
ell out of the window
He was a member of several of the
bestknown and most exclusive clubs at
Harvard Including the Sphinx Institute
of 1770 11 K E Hasty Pudding and A
D Tliswlnter he was dretsubstltute goal
for the hookey team and was playing a
good game but was not allowed to play
In any of the intercollegiate contests as
he was out of college a part of last I
year and to failed of eligibility under
the oneyear resident rule
Mr Robnson gave out a statement In
which he said his son who would have
been twenty next month had always
slept with i windows wIne open Ti I
window In the dormitory was at least
rive feet from the floor which necessi
tated his climbing upon a table to get
to the window It Is lIved that In
opening the window half uleep as he I
probably wait lie lost his balance and
fell out after the window was opened
A table was found pushed up against
the window
The mother of Stewart Douglas Rob
Inson wit Miss CorInne Roosevelt a
slater of President Roosevelt and young
Stewart was a frequent visitor to the
White House as well as a guest of his
uncle the President at Oyster Bay
having spent put of last summer at the
latter place
Ills death recalls the triple end of
Adelbert Hay only son of the late Sec
retary of State John Hay who met
death In a similar manner by a fall
from a window at Yale just after he
had returned from South Africa where
he had been a United States Consul
Accordlnj to dtspatches from Wash
Ington President tlooaevtlt did not
learn of hId nephews death until he
reached Hampton Roads today as the
news reached the White House too late
to be communicated to Aim before his
departure on the Mayflower
1nlr Fought Guard After AnnoyIng
Third Avenue Paairntrers
Tornado Ulnelll twentythree years
rid of No 9i Baxter street and Joseph
Oranturko nineteen years of No 22
King street who were arrmted last
night for assaulting Guard Charles
Ikrc on a Tiilrd avenue L tram
were held by Magistrate Uarlow In
Torkvllle Court today In 1X0 ball for
The two prisoners with others Insisted
on smoking on the platform nnd annoy
Ing passengers and when the guard at
Bid tempttd t3 Hop them they jltchtU Jnto
Evanston Starts the Had of
Teaching Young Women
Manly Art of SelfDefense
Jiy nthel Lloytl Patterson
The last time my husband came
homo after midnight I hauled off
and landed a left jab following It
closely with a terrific rIght swing to
body that got him groggj all right I
so I experienced no further difficulty
Iin rushing him to a corner and ham
mering him
That Is probably a fair sample of
the conversation we shall overhear at I
afternoon teas In the future If the
precedent that the Kvanston Womans
Club has established become univer
sally accepted
Mrs Catharine TCnuRh XlcCulloch n
womnn Justice of the Peace Intro
duced the resolution to the Evanston
club that suggested that its girl mom
bern should bo taught the manly art
of celfdefciiBi Her motion was car
ned by nn overwhelming majority
Only one weakling member ventured to
murmur an amendment that would
cause tne resolution to read taught
to defend themselves from violence In
a ladylike manner Tho weakling
member was firmly squelched
No longer will the fair sex give theIr
admirers the mitten Instead they
will hand them the quick mitt
Putting Baby to Bleep
How much simpler too It will be to
land one gently but firmly on the babys
solar plexus when fond mamma wants I
to put urn to sleep
Or fancy ducking under Bridget
hamaker and getting to her heavily
with a vicious upper cur when she burns
the steak
The roll call of the Womans Club of
the future will read something like
Flosle the Mitt Fllnger Sarah the
Savage Long Armed Laura Jessie
the Jabber and Knockout Norah
Of course It Is all a Joke to speak
of women rosily taking up boxing
laughed Mrs William S Dessar one
of the most active members of the i
Womans Press Club It a woman could
not keep her husband at home by pow
dering her own flOe she certainly could
not by punching his Of course that
Is metaphor
I mean to Buy that It a woman has
done nil she can to make herself at I
tractive she certainly can arouse no
further Interest by any brand of quar
Hut of course you cannot take the
Idea of an educated woman pummelling
her husbawl seriously The type of I
woman who would do that sort of thing I
would let flatlronc and finger nails take
the place of methods and mitts
She Boxes Herself I
Now as a matter of fact Mrs Des
jar admitted It may be amusing to 1
know that I am not such a bad boxer
and wrestler myself but I did not g i
Into It with any Idea of ever match
my brawn against Mr Dessirt T e
truth Is that I have a son of fifteen jrd
as WP hall always been pretty close I
comrades he has taught me most of hu
accomplishment I
I play tennis arid golf and all that
sort of thing but for entirely lflsli
reasons First because It enables me
to be with mv ton most of the time and
second because through healthy exer
clfe I manage to retain my abounding
good health But I have not landed an I
upper cut on any one reV finished Mrs
Dis ar and I do not Imagine I ever
Mrs William Cummins Story of No
30 West Ninetieth streot was rather
shocked at the Idea of her sister club
women donrltv the fistlve glove
I have not heart anything about this
Hvinaton club she remarked and
ciTtalnly there has not luen any such
discussion In tho New York clubs If
women should take up boxing It would
be simply as they would any other
gymnasium exercise not with any Idea
of felfdefiiiac
Mrs W J De Illveri of No 131
WCM lIght tlrth street refused to take
the question any more seriously than
had the others
Boxing preparatory to feltdefense
will not be taken up by the New York
club women MM De Hlvera remarked
with tlnulicy
Father Prout Follows Cere
mony by Christening
Their Little Grandson
This has been a proud nnd a happy
day for the Rev Father John T Prout
the young pastor nf a growing parish
up In the Bohemian uuarter lie tore a
congregation that packed the doors of
little St Johns Roman Catholic Church
In East Seventysecond Ptre < it to its
doors this morning he officiated at a
solemn high mas In celebration of the
fiftieth nnnlvrpary or the wetiding of
his parents Mr and Mr Wencelas
Prout and following ihis he christened
his little two weeks old nephew
Charles John Masln the great grandson
of the need couple
Altogether It was the blciejt day that
St Johns hal known since the parish
bought the building where they wor
ship from the Knox Presbyterian con
gregation The young clergymans
father and mother now seventyfive
years old came on from their present
home In Battle
Creek Mich some
wtfkj ago In anticipation of todays
golden wedding ceremony Two weeks
ago their grandduishter Mrs Charles
Iasln of Durham Centra Conn
sented her husband with a fine boy and
at once It was decided that the two
events should be coupled
Invitations printed In gold script and
bcnrln the date of the original wed
ding which took place at Prague on
Feb M ISM were sent out some days
ago As a result the happy old couple
received scores of handsome gold pres
ents Including some very elaborate lov
ing cups The parlor of the little rectory
fairly overflowed tola with Mowers
and gifts Six little dilldrtn of the
n dressed In whitf anted
R8 llower girls Old Mr Prrut had a
gold boutonniere In his buttonhole
while for his wifes crown or white hair
the sisters at one of hip cnnv ntn mad
a little tiara of gold roc IM VPS
The Ilsv Father Iroui waR the cele
brant of the high mass with the Rev
Timothy Tlerney nf SI Gabriels as
ijeicon anti thf Rev Jan von Kohacs
of the Church of the Immaculate Con
I ception as jihdeacon The Rev John
Crosse of the Church of the Sacred
Heart delivered the sermon
At a reception In the rectory after
the chlrstenlng there were many promi
nent church dignitaries who admire
I Father Prouts work among the Bo
hemians of the city Including Mgr
Lavells anti Mgr Mooney Tonight
I the festivities will eml with a ball at
t Terrace Garden
I Priests Parents Who Celebrate
Their Golden Wedding ToDay
jYfR5 ANV MNt sAs 1qchJ
Broken Down Guests Re
gard Themselves as Being
Out of the Picture
In Addition if They Pass Three
Nights There They Go to
the Island
Ant because we know we navi breath In
our mouth
And think ne have thought In our head
WB hall assume that we are alive
Whorl we are really dial
KIpling Sang of the Old Men
The now Municipal Lodging House at
Twentyfifth street and East River Just
a block awa from the Morgue Is as
fine a place as was ever built In the
worlif for the housing of the broken
It has18 has been writtenbath tubs
patent sanitary arrangements white en
amelled cots and snowy linen besides a
disinfecting plant for the garments of
Its lodgers Hut heres the not Immate
rial part while the hotel of the mendi
cant has aroused the admiration of
every philanthropist In the Greater City
the men for whom It was built foul out
r the picture
And then too If they sep In these
beds or use those glittering tubs more
I itf lines III succession they are
liable to a length term on the dreaded
The old broken men who have been
the citys guests of winter nights any
time these last dozen years find an em
barrassment they say In dragging their
greasy frowsy rags and tags Into the
spotless bright work and marble and
porphyry of the new municipal lodging
The bull no doubt did not feel happy
In the china shop In the midst of the
glories admired uf philanthropists the
Veterans of the hopeless squad express
u desire for the walls of the old munici
pal lodging house foul with the contact
uf the countless dirty bodies that have
rubbed again them but friendly withal
New Bivouac for Men
Saturday was the night devoted to
the opening of the mens part of the
new bivouac of the derelicts of New
York and they were there In force
I Very few young men mostly old faces
> o old In misery and helpless pov
erty that every expression but that
of a sort of mild helpless wonder like
plains cattle prodded onto an east
bound freight was blown out There
Is no fierce piotest against poverty In
the citys lodginghouse Nothing hut
an Acceptance of an tinunderstandable
The fierier poor Supt Yorke will tell
I you Join the ranks of the powers that
prey Here are only the meek mild
shrlmpsplned unfortunates whom Ill
fate has buffeted Into unquestioning ac
They dont even panhandle said a
dIsgusted lodger temporarily forced to
seek asylum here
Of course a place like the Municipal
Lodging House Is popularly supposed to
be as drenched with local color as a
slum lyric of Paul Verlalnes
A StoneGray Hue
It li painful to report that there Is no
I local color In these dreary polished
nails except a sort of stonegiay hue
as drab and uninteresting as the freshly
pnlnteil walls
Mind you there were 05 men there
when at 6 oclock the doors were swunj
open Four hundred and twentysix
expecting ham and eggs or Lord knows
whatfor supper In the new gilded pal
ace and setting the same old dry bread
and coffee
And up In the womens quarters there
were twentynine Inmates and of these
bedraggled dependents twenty had chil
dren Give up the kids To the
Nut much Each poor tattered mother
I cling to her palefaced weakchinned
offspring with the pertinacity of an
actress about to bs separated by a hard
hearted hotel management from her
dear little King Charles spaniel And
the fathers of these children
Oh they arc In other municipal lodg
ing houses or worse all over the coun
try working out the problem of living
for themselves and leaving the solution
of the more complicated example for
their patient tiredeyed wives driven
from pillar to post by an allwlio mu
Gee said one of those products of
civilization why dont they put less
paint on the walls and more butter on
the bread 1
And with the eyes of a mother wolf
she gave to her Ute flock alternate
alps of the coffee bowl That particular
mother drank water on Saturday night I
but the little cubs slept with the smile
of repletion on their faces 50 that was
enough and next morning they were
tubbed In porcelain tubs with nickel
plated taps so that the unities ot faith
be observed
nope and charity might oblro
Some Young Men
There were some young men among
the crowd on Saturday night too
I TheIr stories ilrtnt vary much Came
to New York to get a Job aahamid to
write home old folks broke anyhow
Then maybe there was a girl too I
wouldnt do to let her know of the fail
ure lo after weexs of brave strug
gling down the furnished room scale
here they are seeking a lodging for the
night on Gist Twentyfifth street
To such nl these Superintendent York
and his aides many of these latter
grailuntea of the same hard school nre
more or less helpful The Superintendent
keeps a little book In which applicants
for employees enter their names and the
sort of men they want
When a likely applicant happen along
the Superintendent stakes him to car
fare and sends hIm up to wherever tho
prospective employer I to be found
I Hilly Yorkes name doesnt figure large
with the wellaxtvertlied philanthropists
hut In East Twentyfifth street hl
rating Is In the Carnegie class
I a to te mtn who cas diu 0
the citys brcnd mid coffee and sleep I
corpe RI
In hit Hty white miuinMled beds and
> null find n dtniMKi fiimlly riMmliliincn
In nil theIr Morlec Mn t nf them rro
wiIltnilii imcc llutl Is tiiny lived faIrly
comfortably but sortie stroke nf nils
fin thus which thiy had lot rlmrnvlvr
enough tl right stnrliil them down the
atoll toboggan that leails In the font
of Knst Twentyfifth KtrfetI block
stay from I its MurRimi from the upper
windows you get I fIne view of the
domed deathhouse I
Story of a Human Wreck
Here Is the story of James nrennan
onco a welltodo boilermaker now a
helpless willless rum wreck Says
No use talking about mv case Im
here because Im In hud arid theres
nowhere else to go Sure < had a home
once but I lost my Job nnd then my
wife went to work as a cigar stripper
to get money enough to keep our souls
and bodies together Then sire got a
cough We couldnt stop Itthat cough
No money to waste on medicine you
see So the cough got worse and then
the dispensary told her shed an the
con Well she died That wns three
years ago The kids Oh the Cruelties
have lot them Jim used the common
name of the poor for the Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Children And
me Well Im tlll looking for a Job
You see If youre not a union man you
cant work at my trade and If you
havent got money you cant pay your
union dues
Then there are the young fellows who
came to New York expecting to find
banks and stores battling for their ser
vices They fount the road such an
uphill one that they are fain to rest In
this wayside Inn And Jostling them
arc the old old monthe broken men
to them the bread and coffee and the
compulsory hot bath are old features
all to be accepted with a lodging
for the night just as one accepts the
struggle In the subway nt rush hours
Ti the Juniors who fret over tho labo
rious filling out of the pedlsreo card
which tells ones name alias birthplace
occupation previous convictions of being
poor anti physical lltlonthr old
graybeards point out the fresh paint
the marble the big shining copper urns
of the diningroom the spotless cots
the clockworklike discipline and tell
them to be consoled
On Saturday night 1 visiting part
was going through the house Ihcj hnd
driven up In n Limousine car rind were
being shown through the ells glided
lockinghouse with little squeaks of ad
nitration from the furwrapped women
of the expedition
Oh this Is lovely said one of the
women with the satin Intonation with
which she might have greeted a new
dish I suppose these poor men come
here often
Not more than three times the was
grimly told or theyd Lp locked up
ON 25000 THAT
Engineer George Must Defend
Action by City to
Collect S369
Through a decision entered by Justice
Platzek made public toda t revealed
a suit In the Supreme Court In which
the city of New York seeks to collect
13M73 taxes on the personal estate of
Wllllsm I George of No 310 West
Eightysixth street who rays he haint
any personal property to tax and was
never assessed before
Justice Platiek says he Is not con
vinced that Mr leoipn trait no the pe
cuniary ability to pay the tax and that
It Is no excuse that he was not taxed
It was on the assessment for IO The
isaewoM tot Mr Geurge down for z
000 personal estate anti Mr George
matte the mistake of assuming that the
notice to him was merely perfunctory
to he did not go down to the Tax De
partment and swear It off like a mil
lionaire He It I mining engineer and
his business Just et tnat time was In
1 I alter
MCIico wnnner no snnniy AIr went
Has No Personal Property
Last fall however he was summoned
In this suit find at the Tax Office he
submitted to an examination In which
he swore he had n bonds no stock no
mortgages and only eight or nine hun
dred dollars In bank while he was In
debt at least JlKC Then he explained
I am a mining engineer and at the
time of this assessment on my alleged
Pfiioiiiil property I 3 continuously
residing In the City of Mexico although
I called New York City my home In
fact I owed more than my assets In
January 1908 Up to that time I had
never been assessed for HPV personal
property and as I had never inspected
the assessment roll of the city I pro
ceeded upon what I thought waR HIP
proper assumption that no unjust as
sessment would be levied against me
In answer to questions by the As
sessors Mr George sold nil th prop
erty In his home was his wifes His
Income ie said was 17000 to 12000 I
yearr George will now have to defend
the citys suit for I3CP72 taxes on the
bonds and things he hasnt got or at
least did not have In 1306
Property of Public Serrloe In
spector Dumnced
A frame building at No 242 Wet One
Hundredth street occupied by the In
spector of the Public Service Commis
sion who Is directing the laying of the
watermalns in Broadway caught fire to
day through a broom falling against a
Patrolman Clancy of the West One
Hundredth street station turned In an
Iuntedth etaton
alarm but by the time the apparatus
had arrived Clancy had put out the lire
with buckets of water
Some valueless blueprints were de
Woman Slight TS Dsbrs flight
Iraby Ion know what Mailed Milk li
best You do not know Then buy A D
3 Melted Milk mtnufacturrd by an Inota
11loJ toW iptrlenctd retail druggIst
who do know
In Conch Senion
What Is the but remedy for jour r
threat You do not know aa will make n
mistake If you Use A D B UronXUti
rtunufacturf1 by In association of In then
rand qualified retull drunlili who do know
HOST to Accomplish It
JVurlr teeth and n clear imoolh com
o are the pride of any woman Io you
know how to CreaTe al preierve them tier
A I 8 r rnihlo Tooth 1owder ant A D
It Itroild Cream the twin prep r tloni
rianuficturiNl by an anoclatlon of lOOiig
H < rlnm < rttafl druf tiis who know
tails for 1romiit Action
You dont know what to do to nt relief
from Jour bwl cold or attack of Ibo crlpr
JM A I b Cold and Orlop Remedy
manufacture by an auocUtlon of tea thiu
sand nl drUggISts wbe know
I Declines Governors Offer to I
Send Troops to Protect I
tect Greeks
Two Boys Are Shot and Many
Persons Wounded by Fly
ing Missiles I i
OMAHA Feb 22After many F
of vigorous work I
combating n
of mel and boys who sought to
Greeks from South Omaha In r
for the murder of Patrolman I
Lottery by a Greek Friday
Sheriff Bralley today said he ht
situation under cuntVnl and de
Gay Shallenbereers offer to orde
The rioting continued until 4
today when the police manng >
clear the streets
The mob nt time numbering 5000
amuck yesterday ufternonn anti t
of last night shooting anti beating t
Greeks and wrecking thirty buildings
In the quarter Two bON were hit with
blnl hot nnd score of others were hurl
by missiles I Is not known how many
Greeks wow womulcil Wholesale ar
rests are being made Most of the
Hours were boys under twenty
The police were powerless for almosB
three hpurs to disperse the mob and i
Greek residents and business men with l
their wives ant children lied In psnlo
from the quarter attacked while ths
mob wreaked vengeance on property
Attacked from Three Sides
The onslaught of the mob on the It
Greeks was mace In three divisions The
main attack centred at Twentysixth i
and Q streets the principal Greek quarter
terTwo blocks east another crowd smash f
ed the front of a saloon and several meQt I
attempted to pillage the Interior II
A third crowd rushed to Twenty
fourth and L streets and destroyed
confectionery store kept by Demo
lhe riot grew out of tie arrest of
Greek list Friday night by Policeman i
Lower While on the way to a pOlci t
station the Greek suddenly whipped out
a revolver and shot Lowery to death
and escaped I
A quick and unsuccessful attempt wul
made later to lynch the Greek and thin J
a mass meeting was called for yesterday i
afternoon to take action with reran to
Greek residents Tho mats meeting
was addressed by State Representative 0
Jerry Howard and J 1 Krause Attor 1
ney H C Murphy and others The ton
of the speeches was generally hostile ta 1
the Greeks
Greek Buildings Set Afire Jj
At 9 oclock last night tire mob again
began depredations and riot calls cams
In from several places At hlrtytec
and and Q streets the mob set firs t <
the house of a Greek
At Twcntyelgntn and I streets lbs
mob set fire to a double frame buildIng
occupied as a boarding house Twenty
five or thirty Greeks made It their
home The building a destroyed but
all the occupant escaped I
At a special meeting last night tha l
South Omaha Fire and Police Hoard
Issued an order that nil saloons In the
city notice should remain closed until further
ppp eepppsa
One Way to
Avoid Piles
And Appendicitis
Every Incoming patient recite
Ibe fame story neglected or Im
properly treated constipation The
great Increase of operation for ap
> enillrltl rectal diseases and wom
anly displacements Indicates the
cryIng need of a mild hut sure
treatment for constipation says a
wellknnirn hospital matron Head
ache stomach troubles piles and all
the forers of children can be pre
vented by using this mild formula
whenever any contlveatss exists
Ort at i any well stocked drug store
one ounce aromatic fluid cascara
one ounce compound essence cardlor
nndtwo ounces aromatic syrup rhu
barb Mix soil adults take from
H to 2 teaspoonfuls after each meal 1
while children will readily tako from
five drops to a teaspoonful after each
meal iccordlng to so This treat
ment will correct the bowels and net
drug them The longer It Is need c
th less ned It except when some
heavy meal li consumed or whin oni
catches cold
Sayings of Great Men
Henry CIT 11
Sir I Would Rather Be Right
Than Be President
And Its much safer to be right
thin wrong when starting out to
find a suitable room house or
ipirtmtnt to rent
Last weak Th World priat4
4638 8tparU To Lt AdT rtlM
inintL39I UOBB than the Hnr
oltI3 oTa JC ev York
morning nnripaptr

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