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THEM AND 13115
Mrs Davis Dean of Centenar
ians in the Home for
Aged Hebrews
Young Miss of Sixtyfive or
Seventy Is Practically Regard
ed as a Debutante
A rnr
Esther Davis JI5
Roe Amu nil lOS
Mendel Dlninnfld 1117
lUcliM ItubliKiUU IOU
Surnh Horkovlt Ilia
35 otlirn over till a
By Ethel lloyd Patterson
Spry slim and seventy Is more popular
than at air and foity In th < Home
of Iho Dauglitcis ot Jacob fur aged
Hebrews nt No SH Eat Broadway
for It h necessary to attain two core
jeais and ten before admission to the
Institution Is considered The majorIty
of the ISO Inmates of both sexes range
between the ales of eightyfive nnd
ninety so that a young miss of sixty
t I five or seventy Is practically regarded
nil a debutante
1 Mrs Esther Dvis who Is 113 years
of age Is the oldest woman in the home
tilie Is kept to her cot In the hospital
ward with a severe cold
Indeed I wont be hctc on this bed
very long Ihe remarked brlsll 1
am solni to get up tomorrow I am
a little hud 01 hearing but that Is thu
only thing Aside from that I get
around with the beet of thorn How
fragrant thl Is1 she broke of lo ex
claim making a cup of her hand to hold
the bloom of it carnation that the re
porter had given her I expect to be
hire ten years rom now to receive an
other flowerIt you remember to brlusr
It to me then
J rs my time coming brokenly quelled
Mendel Diamond 147 years nf age the
oldest man In the home The great
book tells u > that many flowers shall be
given us when we are ready to so
home And the weary easy tears of
old age followed the furrows of his face
One Woman Prayer
Dear may your years lie as many
Vi the petals of this blossom und each
year as fresh and as Sweet In your
heart was the prayer that follow < d
the reporter ns fhe left the loom of
Mrs Sarah HarUovltz r
Mrs llarkovltz Is 1C3 > Cars old and
blind but theic Is happiness ttlll In lur
gentle voice Her choc arc Ihifhod I
otly as a slrla > I
Down the dim hallway tint connects
the room of Mr IHrUovltz vvltii the
omens ward came n little lent fipure i
itumblliiK In Its haste Two Knotted
tollworn hands Brasped the reporter
I and team Mol happlnesH ranio together
My daughter mj tall FtrotiR laugh
ter has come for me nt last The light
la poor and I urn old hut you cannot
f tool a tethers heart sobbed the cling
log figure
It was Mrs Undid HaMnovllx IOC
yeari old fairly firm anil sound In
body but with the tower of remem
brance and recognition comic
Mrs Hope Armvolt lih > rars old was
quietly reading hear n window where
the warm xprltiK vinchiuo Jun laid Its
fingers on her bowed head
I road a great deal of the time
ahe laid dreamily sot lo pass the
time but to Improve It When SIlO
hue lived ns long ai I have you knm
that there are not so many years left
that you can afford to in them ilip
Idl by
Fully thirtyfive of the Inmate of
this home are over ninety yean of age
explained Hupt Albert KrtiKcr and
not more than fifteen women and u
dozen men are confined to tha hospital
ardt Their health Is really remark
able Lately a month ago possibly we
had a pretty lianl tlinu with an epi
demic of grippe There was no way for
each to have solitary confinement and
In con equonco they caught It from ono
It kept Mrs Krugcr anti myself
pretty busy Now though they lire
back to about a normal ayrAKo of good
health They eat three siiuara mrnli n
ilny and somutlnif afternoon tea unit
I dont thlnlt you will fbI u much hap
plci little community In New York
Ill admit said Mr Kruiter with a
little smile that It did nmlco my wIfe
and me a little blue when we first came
horn in talii charge Now Ill < neve
think of It Vc halo n boy fifteen years
old who lives with ill here a nil I dull t
think It ever depresses him rlilier Ho
Is a pretty healthy specimen
Member of lllch Kentucky 1nmll
Airujird Itt Murder
K Gudlner son of a wealthy planter of I
Tajlor vllli > Ky a ntl a nephew of
Judo Edward C Ollcar Chief Justice I
of the Kentucky Court of Appeals
faced a jury here In the tnlted States
Circuit Court of Appalls on a inuriltr
charge lie Is accnsid of killing Joseph
Carilnitn a iolorrd bent stierer on tu
vlmli lluxrheail on whlili yang Oar
diner thlppeil as Iwfoifllisnmst hand
I wllln from this port In IMS
VSHJXnTO March lrteprescn
tatlve Sterling of Illlnoi has intio
duced n bill rstaliliOilriK a luiiiau un
der Govoriuncnt supervision for the ir
tftltatlon of pulmonary tuberculosis
mder tint head of tnu Department or
Cnmmerco and Inter
A Discovery Constantly Used by Phy
v sicIan and Surgeons
There arc many treatments uchertijnl la
he newspaper for th removal ot super i
fluoui hair but there li little ulferej by
the manufacturers ot these preparations In I
the way of substantial iUIencc of their
worth Thin la not the case with the well
known method Do Miracle
Dr Fowlir who tin made n lhnrouh I
Hinly of tho supertlunui hair prnvMbf i
hpeaklnK of a race In which he used Do
Miracle says t applleil lie Mlucle and
In a few nilniitrs I had her lip devoid of I
hair wltliout any puln whatever I In I
structed her to call leatU In two weeks I
which the did I found about onefourth
ot the hair roots were not killed hy the
first application so I made a second op
pllcalon I sal hr again In about n I
month and found her lip aa clear ot hair
os an Intanti I ran heartily recommend
lie Miracle for nil the uses for which the
uinnuficturer rccninmcnd It
If Ie Miracle were not the only non
poisonous and the beat preparation in tln
world for the removal ot fiiperlluoua hair
wn < ould not Ret the Indorsement of so I
many promlnou pbytlelam surReons tier
maoloKUts medical Journals and inagJ
lletter take a doctor advice dont be I
deceived by slarlllnB tatomectf made by i
the fnke trro advertb Itcmeinhnr after <
you have usell worthlesi concoctions It Mil
l harder to remove the hair Therefore
Out It better to lint luvcatlgatp nil hair
renoaem DUKOHK you try any of them
We will end you absolutely tree In plain
sealed envelope R ii2page hooklet roil
taming full informatIon concernlni hh
remarkable treatment us wlI as lestl t
monlals of pruiiilnnnt hyp > i sn5 sunconn
dcrniatolotlt mcdloil Jut rods xnd Iho
inertia nuKulnei You should read this
booklet before you try anything It tiejts
the silhjen exhauitivr Write to thn
lcr Iark icnue New Yrk simply Baying
you want thin booklet alit It will he mafled
ciled at oixe
p > > c 1 T
Give the
People what
They want
at the riqht price and I
I they Ii come along way
I for it Mtiny patrons
of our three stores live
in Ncvv Jersey Long
Island and fur the r
points Our great 15
I suit viilue is one of our
drawing cards
Moe Levy f Co
H19 Broadway 119125 Walker St
I New York New Yor > I
I 3SO3S2 Fulton St Brooklyn
0 I dtt I
ORN I Sweet tender and wholesome That is the
CORN of corn that conies from Maineand Maine I
produces the best corn in the world This vegetable I
is not excelled for strength and muscle building or for
general nutritiousness Andrew Davey has just purchased F
an enormous quantity of the best Maine corn and can
therefore offer this delicious vegetable at extraordinarily I
low prices I
f > JMainc style Southern Mo
I CORN nocacy Valley brand per can 7c
I Fancy Maine sweet corn
CORNFancy 10
Atlas brand reduced
Tomatoes handpacked Jersey extra
can Atlas brand per can
French Mushrooms Hotel grade buttons
and stems per can
French Mushrooms first choice all buttons
per can f
French Peas small and tender natural
V color and flavor usually sold for 20c
special per can 15c
Early June Peas small and uniform finest
Baltimore pack Atlas brand per can c
R H Micy S Coi Attractions Are Their Low Prices l
Dway at 6th AT 4th to 35th St
1 r
Large tin La shape of lightcol
ored rough straw trimmed with
smart knots of black velvet rib
bon one of which holds in place
Ions curved black quills
SlaIn Ioor
Complexion eiling 18 inches
wide in black brown magpie
myrtle navy taupe and brown on
champagne 25c quality special
a yard I8c
Riding Habits i t
Habits with side saddle or di
vided skirts made of blue serge
gray worsted cravenetle and mix
tures Regularly sold at SJ7I
special at S2971
Separate Skirts made of cheviot
or allwool mixtures safely or di
vided model 974
We are showing a full line of
linen khaki crash and woollen
Habits made in the latest
models Meadowbrook Royal
Hunting English Dei by and
CrossCountry also Separate
Skirts made of linen khaki or
crash adapted for astride or
sidesaddle riding
HandMade Underwear
Second Floor
Not only does the outfitting of Eastertime mean new
frockhatglovesshoesbut thedaintiest of Fine Under
wear as a proper beginningand nothing of the kind is
daintier than the delicate traceries on sheer fabrics that come
from Paris and Madeira
Madeira Chemises made of fine nainsook with the
beautiful clearcut embroidery for which the Islands arc fa
mous are 239 to 1694
French Gowns made of nainsook simply or elabo
rately embroidered or with embroideries and laces in com I
bination arc 539 to 4089
French Skirts 349 to 8549
French Sets Chemise Drawers and Gown 769
to 18550
Silk Petticoats yeont fOI
The Directoire mode has not as predicted done away
with the Petticoatindeed the scanty uplifted breadths but
accentuate its frills and laces
The Easter Petticoats show all the tints of a flower gar
den pink blue yellow hiVender blurred Dresden flowers
on palertoned grounds and are trimmed with silk ruches
lace flounces insertions and medallions with lace crossed
with rose ruches with fancy pin kings and shirrings
Uiiiw Silk PellLont 794 to 1949
Dresden Silk Ietlicaik 1349 to 1949
Taffeta Petticoats 794 to 2249
Mcssaline Petticoats 589 to 2889
Womens Footwear econi
FoltICtr of the ornamental kind Footwear of the serviceable
kind frivolous pumps tar the Easter parade stout shoes for the
even day triune rthe newest models hut with dollars taken from
the price at which they are usually sold in the specialty shops
Styles improved Eclipse Ties Sailor Ties Gibson Ties with
one or two eyelets with or without tips plain or per
forated ininia and ThreeBuckle Colonials j Pumps and
Oxford Ties
Materiahs Pat llI leather Buckskin and Suede black white
gray or brown Tan Russia Calfskin Black Calfskin and
Prices Ranging from 249 to 694
Special Attention is called to our line of Womens
Boots ana Low bhoes in desirable models and materials
and of a grade or workmanship usually found only in
S500 Shoes at 349 I
Wash Goods Section
In the Underpricc Basement
Nothing ever is so misleading as it looks except the
advernumtnti of competitors who claim match our prices
If you want an object lesson turn to Wash Goods
I modest priced Wash Goo 1salld make comparisons
The plainer simpler weaves are the best understood by
the largest number of people Therefore we ask you to ren
der your verdict according to the values we and others
offer you in Ginghams Percales Madras Galateas and re
lated lines of Cotton Textiles
We have the patterns and colorings that you like and
our prices are surely lower than elsewhere
Here are two worth coming for
l2c Figured Batiste at 6c
The Batiste is sheer and line and we have about lilt
dillerent designs including checks stripes dots rings and
florals The mill made a reduction because a few slight
weave imperfections were discovered Not a thread is
enough awry to hurt the looks or wear of the stuff
15c Cotton Crepes at lie
These Crepes 25 inches wide closely resemble the
French products They pucker and wrinkle and crinkle in I
the same crazy crepe way white stripes and neat black lig
ures on light blue grounds desirable for waists dresss and
kimonos sold elsewhere at 1 5c our price lie
L i
Sizes 4 to 4
8 t I I
i I
1 Q tc t I lIIff47
This is for I
1IS or mammas lt n
The average store while making large provision for
your feet neglects the feet of your babies We do not
hesitate to ask you to measure all our Hosiery resources
by the variety and values we show in Infants Socks The
following list suggests the stock now ready
Among the 24c Varieties
Fine red sky pink tan and black on tan
hairline stripes on white grounds Sky top and black dots on white
Cluster stripes sky pink red navy grounds
and tan stripes on white grounds Pink top and black dots on while
White grounds with colored tops grounds
and sky pink tan and black Jac lllack lops and white dots on white
quard woven dots on white grounds grounds
Sky pink rd navy tan and black Navy tops and white dots on white
broken plaid tops on white grounds grounds
Fan nay red pink and skyclieckel Scotch plaid tops on white grounds
tops white grounds Plain black white tan sky and pinl
Dainty skychecked tops white Lace lisle in assorted patterns sky
grounds white on black and while pink white and black
29c Lightweight plain lisle white black sky pink and tan
33c Plain lisle medium weight silk clock while sky and pink
Lisle with tan sky and black checked tops on white grounds
48c Usle white grounds with colored squares and Lice figures
striped topssky tnn pink and black on white grounds
Shot lisle line rih1Iack tan sky and pink on white grounds
Lisle fancy plaids in blackandwhite redandwliite skyandu
Misses Lady Washington Gloves i
Our Lady Washington I
doves for misses are real kid
glace Two clasps overseam
embroidered backs white gray
7 tan anil beaver 94c
ti 2a Womens Beryl Gloves
II l Our Womens II Beryl
IIl7 J doves are made of imported
I 1
v r < lambskin two clasps oversewn
scams Paris point round corners
l 1 71 white black brown dale and
g I tan 94c
J There You have the un
varnished technical descrip
tions of the worthiest Gloves
on the globe for the money The statement is not fustian
Weve grubbed into the Glove question Gone into it deep
ly earnestly and intcllii ently The object in mind was to
secure reliable serviceable Gloves the best possible at a
popular price Our efforts developed Misses Lady Wash
ington and Womens4 < Beryl Gloves The quantity we
sell is evidence that appreciation is always active in respond
ing to solid merit
ShIn rioor
Look at These Fancy Linens and
Youll Take Away the Facts
That They Are Beautiful and Cheap
Doilies Centerpieces Reception Cloths and Scarfs
centers pure round thread linen trimmed with fine hand
made French Chiny lace All sizes hut some of them arc
in small quantities
Slain For
The prices Too low for comment
Round Doilie Jxi inches value 20c at toe
Round Doilies 12x12 inches value 5oc at 3ic
Round Centrepieces 2x2i inches value S 175 at > 8c
Round Centrepieces 36x U > inches value 5150 at S240
Round Centrepieces 45xIS inches value S7X at SW7
Round Centrepieces 54x54 inches value S800 at t9
Dresur Scarfs 20x54 inches value SiOu j at 249
Round Reception Cloths inlaid with fourinch deep
Cluny lace insertion forming an effective circle design 72 x j
72 inches value S2ano at SI2S8
Carpets Linoleums Oil Cloth
Mattings and Rugs
At Special Prices vit
Fifty olls Tapestry Brussels Seventy rolls Wool Velvet
Carpets reLluLeLl59c Carpels reduced
from 89c to ObJC from SI09 to I I7C
inoleums y > yards wide i Oil Cloth 2 yards wide
reduced from reduced from
69c square yard to 34c > lc square yard to 24c
Our Own Importation of Mattings
China Mattings luyd rolls Japanese Mailing lod
648 789 I mils 789 1089
989 1089 J 1189 1289
Reversible Smyrna Ru < > jicu inches reduced from S2Sd
to 198
Roval Wilton Rugs size 30x63 inches reduced
from SOM to 484
Tapcstrv Brussels Rugs xi2 feet reduced
from 5 I 86 to
Axminster Rugs f > x IJ feet reduced 1r nil
S227I to 1724
l3oty Brussels Hugs S X IlP teet reliue1
from S2IIS in 2124
R R racy X Coi Attncflons Tbdr Lour Prices
BwddA MtbtoJSUSt i
La Comtesse
Corsets snj nmr
The poet ailinns that a woman
should have thirty charms for
perfections sake I
hut what do even twentynine
charms avail if the figure is
not right
If nature has been whimsical in
the matter of lisure you may con
line yourself to our La Comtesse
Corsets with conlidence The I
corseliere arl will supply natures
deficiencies reduce her ex
The pondlily type form fits
present Fashions slim erect elas
tic willowy The new La Com
tesse models will give you the
light lovely linesand comfort
as well
They are made in Paris add im
ported exclusively hy us
Prices range from 396 to
2649 I
Sizr i i j
e Y
71 ike f
Squaretopped turban draped
with ruffles of creamcolored dot
ted net and encircled with cream
colored silk ribbon shaded crmf
son cherries giving a dash of color
Lenten and Easter Goods I
Main Floor rear
The ragged jagged phraseology of advertising fain
would take on a softer mellower note when it touches
Bibles Prayer Books Hymnals and Rosaries
But it is pardonable to secularize even sacred things
when the process involves a practical economy that
smooths the way for spiritual grace by placing these
Lenten and Easter Goods within your easy reach
Key of Heaven Prayer Books
I leather binding 42c to 100 I
Vest Pocket Prayer Hooks SOc 84c
mil iia
Following of Christ 47c and
Episcopal Praer and Hymnal SIc
o 94S28 i
Text Blbl 87c lo V08 I
Reference Uibles 13fl to 440 I
Rosaries pearl beads 20c to 1Q4 I
arnet or amber beads 07c I
Post Card Albums I I
Minims floral designs on cover
space for three cards on each
page j capacity 200 24c
Albums linen binding handsomely
dfcuratjil spaces for four cards on
each page capacity Juo cards at
Albums full cloth blinding Jwn
leaves spaces fur four cards on
each page capacity JOO cards at
Albums full cloth binding floral
design on cover green leaves spaces
for three cards on each page it
108 Mlin Klwr
Rugs Blankets and Shawls
lta > iupni
Extra heavy Printed Dnmeslic
Hugs two iliilereni plaids reg
ularly sold ebewhere at SdOo
special at 484
All otii Fri ti gcd Domestic Ktujs
reer < IMi or plaincolored backs
variety of Scoth plaids 60x72
inches at 710
Allvool extra size Fringed Hilg
size ii2xSu inch mnlantm tact m red III
retail it tono each special 81839
lishtweixht Himalayan Shawls
frnted all around o7o in sue
sold elsewhere at Jtooi at JGO
Allwool Knitted Afgluns col
ored stripe effect 62xoJ inch size
special at 1080
Indian Robe Blankets fullfleeced
bright color combinations S72
in at 119
Heavy Gray OimpliiR Blankets
black striped borders fancy edint
5SSn in 9203 7oSI in 320
MidWeek Candy I
Special I
IIIS1JInl an 1 Main FIor
I Mixed Specials Can
dies comprising specials that
are sold by exclusive dealers
at 60c a pound our regular
price We special at 2ic
Easter oods it eluding Novelties
for children Dinner Faois and
Table Decorations now ready
Hosaries imitation cut stone beads
including amethyst garnet crystal II
pearl and emeralds mounted on gold
tilled chains guaranteed for 10 years
at 9108
taster Postal Cards 2c 3c and 4c
Laster Cards Booklets and Nov
elties 2c to 24c
Laster Novelties in burnt wood I
17o to 30c I
Handpainted Cards and Banners
17c to 9340
Grocery Specials
iMatoihs Pork and Deans Wax
Beans Dry Shrimp Honey Crab
Apples so go our Grocery of
ferings Diversity without limit i L
The values are lipe for all The f
bargain pickets are everywhere
Celebrated Tea iMatzoths Abso
lutely clean and freshly baked
Goodmans Berliner or Maass
fjold iMcilil brands 5lb cartons
44c pound Oc
Oooiinuns Berliner or Maass
Patent Matzoth Aleal pouni bags
lOc Mb bass lOc
MazAII Toasted Corn Flakes
manufactured by the Quaker Oats 1
Company regular inc cartolls our
price fur this sale dozen cartons
Macedonian Strained Honey from I
Salomca imported to retail at 25c
a jar our price 18c
Arm and Navy Pork and Beans
with Tomato Sauce socai led quart
cans 8c dozen OJc
Calilomia Apricots Honeysuckle
brand tall cans packed to retail at
I k our price for this sale lOc
dozen 110
Dak Orchard brand Crab Apples II
large cans containing 15 to IS
apples can 10c dozen 181
California Yvlute Cherries or J
Sliced Lemon Cling Peaches Jessa I
mine brand extra heavy syrup No
2cans this sale iMcs dozen
California Lemon Ci lug Peaches
Teal brain extra fine No 2i cans
22c dozen S20CI
California Gages or EgR Plums
Jessamine brand extra heavy syrup
10c each i dozen 217
Petit Pots packed expressly for
us by one of the largest packers In J
Freehold N J equal quality sold
flsevhere at 20c a can our price i
for this sal 10c dozen 118
lixtra Fine Maryland Tomatoes
regular size socalled quart cms
lOc dozen 111
Extra Fancy Maine Corn Lily i
White brand equal quality sold j
elsewhere at I5c our price lOcj
dozen 8114
Golden Wat Deans Lily White
brand extra fancy No 2 can 12cj
dozen S133
Lima Deans Arena brand No 2 f
can elsewhere t5c our price 10c
dozen 114 j
Cut String Beans Jessamine
brand No 2 can 10c doz 8114 I
Columbia River Salmon Lily
White brand finest quality packed
b cans 12c dozen r33
pound cas 22c dozen 8247 f
liaralaria Dry Shrimp No I can
Hcdven 8120 No 2 can 21 c j
dfzn 8U41 f
Talking Machines and Records 5 < h i I
New Nassau Double Disc Records loin sue may Iv
ticj mi all Pi Nidiine our lit includes all the hits of the day lest
claMicil nd Nindird cedion Two hits in one at I7c
Improved imperial Irinceion DiC ralkiiiij achines standard
ie i ill guaranteed large ilnuer horn will play any difc record
muuititured with tn douMe record twenty different selections
omplcie at stnS1 I
Small Size Princeton Machines with six double records
1IhI j diiUreiu ekvtioib at SliS L
t iipe ntrvii I I i I IIUII Kecord
ijinipletestuck nf Nicto1 iul olunibia tcllocs and
J oiilil
I 4

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