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lltll < r I I
or + ri lIIJm
I f
Tristan und kola
Presentation j
Gadski Louise Plainer Bur
rflfl Soomer Hertz ana
the Orchestra Make an
Admirable Combination
HKRT5 have been Home memorable
T performances of Tristan und
Isolde at the Metropolitan Opera
J Homo In tho last twenty cars and
last nights was one of them So much
depends upon the proper blending of all
the factors In this greatest of operas
that Imposing casts alone do nut assure
success That IntatiKlble somethlngcal
It atmosphere or magnetism or whai
you will must bo there When It li
at It was last nlKht tho emotions
evoked as this stupendous traMdy of
love ii unfolded are overwhelming
The first act which was begun al
thirtyfive minutes after five oclock In
the afternoon nhlle It was adequatelj
performed was not altogether con
vlnclng QadsUI was a beautiful Isolde
regal In bearing but more llko ar
English queen than an Irish princess
Oddly the showed not one trace ol
green In her costume She sang will
ftr greater power than last year bill
both Bhe and liurrlan who was Tristan
fell ihort of expressing tho height 01
tcstacy after they had drunk of the
love potion
There was an Intermission of an hour
and threequarters fnr dinner before the
aecond act began Then the true note
was founded In tho ptolongeil lov
duet that Is so f instantly atulaclnu Ir
spits of Its romantic fcttln and pomi <
expression both elneiMi oxcdltil themselves
elves Gadskl was cnu illy hippy In
her moments of exaltation and of melt
Ing tenderness Her voice was tine anil
finely exprwlve
Some of Durrlnns ofter passages
were sung with surprWng beintx am
none was without pleasing IIIl1sh11 ex
pression of the ponllinenM nf tin Invct
ho was virile as well ns tender Iouift
Homer as IlratiKnene sang the wauili
from the tower must Impiesshclj I lei
voice was beautiful clear lallliko all1
penetr llng
Burrlan made his tr > ing half hour nl
delirium and buffet I m in the lasl 011
jeem err iial lieu1 too Wilti
Boomer mall II Mr > nK alpcal is Ki
wenal Ho fcani plurluiisly ami his il
votlpn to Tiisttn was moat totalim
IJInjVi King Mirku is IRIOMIO a tn 1
tlon for exrellutce ami Muhlniuu
Helot and Iteiss s hcpherd arc familia
anil satlifactur
If fjatlsld iiigliig of the MoliiM 1
lackeil someth IL of powei It was It
perhaps to IUru who gae the nri he
tra a free hand whil she s ng li
Nevertheless the rnmliiclm 11 d hi
mutlclans were largely topnMMe Cm
the delight which the p > ifnrnuno
afforded The l > ig niiliMiii Hi it sll
client and rmpii mint > in u f >
three acts rcwidiil ill tht fn r
with man cnti iaiutiL it lo rt th
eml of eirh
Allert Ppald ng KUC the 1011 nf hl
violin leutnls it MiMileNnlm Hall last
night His pining of the Huh a < ligl < i
and fugtio In n mlmir i > pcrlall > tie
llKhted the aiullonco llpethoens rn
manco In G and lenlattjliis pulnnaUc
In A were among his other numbi ra
Alfre < lo Onwrtld Mr Ppaldlngs nrrnm
pllshftl niunmpanlst jnnd him In pla >
Ing Ihc Heethoen Kieutzer fonata
Mr Spaldln who Is a modest > otin
American with fine nmslclanlv qtiahtle
In his first season htii has tnstifud
himself his iun > p < > jn repiitatlun
While the regular season of the Metro
polltan Opera I Ion e rtuls nil Satmda >
Hght a c > ilc of The Ml i lungcn King1
v TJo bo guen on Mundn Tue ilay
u Thursday and Satunhu n it of nei
ft veek This was annoiint 1 some tim
go Now the iinnagetiunt in iliruinl
e Gets a Notable 1
at the Metropolitan
In fill out tho open evening1 anil tlio
Saturday matinee Alila with nmmy
Dpitlnn Maria flay Ciiniso Atnatonml
Uliliir will lie pcrfonnpil on Wpilnvulay I
cxpuliiff On Jooil Fruliiy nlht VerUIi I
riiiilt in Muss with iininiy Dcttlnn
Luulii llumpr Hlccnnlo Martin nml
lleibcrt ltlifTflpnnn will tie sling On
Hnttinlay afternoon Mailanm Butter
fly with Ornlillne Farrar Rita For
nli ciiisil nml ScutU will he tile bill
To rnnlnl will conduct ench of the three
ex tin performances
For tho henent o tthe Music School
Spttlemcnt there will ha a special per
fonnanco this afternoon at the Metropol
itan OpprnHotun of The Bartered
llrldo Smctnnas chtirtnlnttopein un
der the direction nf Hertz The original
cast which Includes Mmmy Destlnn and
Carl Jocrn will tnko part
Pr N If Trlplott dldl yesttTday aged
nlnetY Hen years Ho ofllclnteil at the
I birth of 17CS babies of whom only
four died at birth
fAllS f IY fffi
Lad Lands on Steel Girders in
Subway Extension on
Centre Street
Trying to escape helns tagged
while playing with other boys hut
night John Carplo twelve years old I
Jumped Into tho excavation for the sub
way loop ut Uroumc and Centre streets I
thinking lie would land on a eh lf of I
dirt four feet below the street lex el
Instead ho fell on steel girders
forty feet below Thomas Gilllgiin the i
watchman carried the unconscious boy t
to th street Dr Sheehan who came
with an ambulance from 11 Vincents
Hospital sal1 lie feared the boy his r
Internal Injuries and n fractured skull
A woman who is sick and suffering and wont at least
try a medicine which has the record of Lydia E Pinkhams
1 Vegetable Compound is to blame for her own wretched
condition i
j There arc literally hundreds of thousands of women in
I the United States who have been benefited by this famous
I old remedy which was produced from roots and herbs over
thirty years ago by a woman to relieve womans suffering IRe
Road what these women say
Cmiulcn X J u It is with pleasure tlmt T send my testlmo I
ninl for ldin J3 Plnklmms Vegetable Compound hoping It
miiy iiwiiuo other suffering women to mall themselves of the
uciKJil of tills valuable remedy
1 suflcrcd from pains in my back and sick headaches
no appetitp was tired and nervous all the time und so weak I
could hardly stand Lydla E IMnkhanis Vejjotnhlc Compound
niiido mo a ell woman and this valuable medicine shall
always hae my praise Mrs W P Valentine U02 Lincoln
Ac Camden N J
Erie Pa II I suffered for five years from female trouhlcs and
nt last was almost helpless I tried three doctors but they did I
me no pood Myslstor advised mo to try Lydla K Pinkliams
> ejjetaljlc impound and It has made me well and strong I
hope all sufleriiiK women will Just jive Lydia E Plnkhams I
erretahlo Compound n trial for It Is worth its weight in gold
Mrs IJ P Endllch R F D 7 Erie Pa I
Since we guarantee that all testimonials which we pub I
lish arc genuine is it not fair to suppose that if Lydia E
Pinkhams Vegetable Compound had the virtue to help
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ing from the same trouble
For HO years Lydla R Plnklmms Vegetable
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female ills No sick woman does justice to
herself who will not try this famous medicine
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has thousands ol cures to its credit
EjiB If the slightest trouble appears which
fiiIICW you do not understand write to Mrs
Plnkham at Lynn Mass for her advice it is
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100 Years Old To day I
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buryport Mass who is one
I hundred years old takes
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Morrill says that her health
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tain such an excellent tonic
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be expected at my advanced age I am i
one hundred years old today March 31st
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cine for the old
Every testimonial is guaranteed gen
uine and is published in good faith with
lull consent
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tu c HI
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urnlshd I
I I 10 2I1 W rtl it Ih tlli nl at y II r l St Itt Till uuil Stb Ate
DSMaclNNES COMPANY I Jltr A M to V II oej IR 9 Include
No 948Marbridge01dg New York
tun unJirtlciuJ nlll offtr at public m
y vv > v v vxv rf > w I
IKU at t oclock M all that icrial
USED V manufucliirfrs se EASY JMI I ot laml iliuite In tnlonport liron
f upil < hl punoi ant lluioueh CUI of Nc w YOlk known ami < lci
PIANOS t 10t k In llurlem TERlIS Unatdl on a cfruln map enlllln llap c
lArlUO piirri Jrxi Situ St rnlnnpurt Whhller Count N Y mad
Mu IIIUUIK3 I and n W lth n t > IlKiinel tt u frJ tiurxe > urs ililnl tnlci
I CUOTHUMC jorl So 1 I W ami filed In the offlc
OK en c a i T of tlie Clerk of the County of Seiiclie io
EDUCATIONAL INSTRUCTION AC 1Wrlo I ConUiitn Irul eti 0 > numlnr lid KulJ panel of land fion
I 1 I Itr rII Inl trtnenli in Wlli heller all a Jlitanci of IDS lei
u COrtlnlTI Ia 0 i mloIIob Janel on CuitK Illll ae a Jlilinco of n
S b lnG Qlll ll i A UGl IILEI Ir an i tirarj Hutidinff 13 leit txlng II corner lot unlmprort Tern
3t W Oth Aor I t tilll b inrvJe known on iU > of ILIO
Dr Savages Gymnasium 1 VT O IAJVIIUKCE U llOYD
Hiecutor of no Uitale of Emma C
rI ii j II k Favjer rteceaid
iMMnenti sum Oer I Wmhlnslon Pn
AUCTION SALES mills 10 111 115 uti Si llf m n tr
quinil KXillVVtJK 10 IIINi i U lloom
Vtr p I 11 r jr NM I I Vilk IlAi r Taku tie
7ODAY at 101 E ISfth > t 001111011I1 latl j
of Furnltur anl Carvts
U N IIII T lent nominations ftiv in bet
LOST FOUND AND REWARDS li > t 1 O Uielili Bui in ed I ni < f r or or iiore vain t 1
A A V V i N f f I In the Hoard of tXrectirs f t > ie Ne
WWN VN y M J nf r mr m i n r n <
> ik life Inmirancv Cuinpan at ti lli <
th street Jlitmn r A CII I I II F olllfalli
> OlItIFUlIelh SITI II Ml m
t tlon of I > lritors nnl the Sup > n
4 11 I M PUIIM mlanniK num v ii I k I Uiii i i M i
t > M in > Mulnir u it lulu I i < JM tir
and rruuliitloni ff
scribrd run < llll riilurlln
Drlihton H I DIAMONDS ON CREDIT I an I hildlns fall i > lei tl n lher > iu > pui
I sildiu to Hid rulil ami irdlla I 11 r I
JAMKH HUMAN herebv ffhn thit the IIMi election ol nun
WATCHES tnri uf the Il iid of Dritor t tl Ne
W i V riL0
f 1c
hlelllaD1I11 a t fl =
7 ji HUD
iik Life Insurance Con mn > il t > c h l
at the llnlll Off 11 ot till CMMpui Ni til
l N i iiilliSil 1 1 olrr un ore II 11 llri4ilnn In Ih Ctly of Nrw Virk m th
Follow the crowd f MI in mitt inn otirl nMil Slate if New Yoik on ednexlar the In
O OW e crow M 1111 I t > t7 r i i > nnwr di > of Inl HJ lli iHilf ti I opttin I
i ir r IH rl > ck In the rorfnrwn nnl to remal
I ill i n mill I ilick in Ih i t rn on uf Mil
into The Worlds l SF lit nt MWK which IFi lime INSI tlu sha N > L 14 O I UIANI J
II MIS 11 J re an
In I Ma h 1llt t i
sioTiis FIHE i 011 In I 111 World Winlc Ulark Wonderc
l ii r ItQwru 11l U no
ilXl A 00
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I hlnclt ninl SpiliiB hhndiM
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i values
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IlOUKb Wral 2D8104U8il alll > Sllk llrJ 11 alII 1 0810408 l I
btn t B rll ll 2 18 to 4 08 I IIslr IJraljo 08 to 2 48
Milan StrlIIR 19910408 itibbon HraMi 3 08 to 4 08
I fhlKon and Ilrild 248 to 4 08 Ni iolllan UraMs 08to308 1
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haudumel 1 ute uilh wln I Tuull Straus 1 2 < lto208
quills iluilon orniiiLOUb uta 398 Iiiro TIIRcaoo i 100 in 2 2 j
Split Straws aul SenlletRl24lo 2 08
EfIREiDg HATS Juu liralili 08 to 218
I 70 to D 08
Ir hortu
onlj b rlO H 0 tlul
9 2oniii fhDPPS 10810408 I
Ihlffnu HlilrrrJ itc 1 08 to 1 OS I thiffou nnd llraM Shipes 08 to 403 f
Chiffon and Silk llnlJi 1 40 in aDS Chi trOll nnl Spannlea 1 24 to a08
Chltuu mid lliilr IJralU 1 08t < > 408 llnild and Spangled 1 24 to UOS
Silk Straw llrnhls 308 o 4 08 Allocr Spaidcl 08 to 4 03
HulrllMWn 1 40 In 1081 SHAIKS ImnnAC
AH 198 tn 408
SpanKl TIIt iimrin > no Tiirtwvn
SpaiiKln ind tlrnhl 10810 4 08 Till lirimii Vunlnnoni Point ido ir Turbaat i
II I > M Miuhrnom SiiMf Turiinm Ie
Sppilully rinc Ilnn larffl and small 111
> n Tiirt am
rurliM nml Hoi niti iii iii lrI I
Ioililii P ih r iinHI Turtiant
rnfdm Mallno llraijn ind iii iiiiiiolM Jtmt TurMni
vnrlrty of popular straslolors Vmllum hrl 111lro 1lIrllLnll
nni blackilsiiwliorc J 50 1 08 I OW LIlen f11at < Vilkln hII >
1 Ir 1IllIsh > nu Small alirlol4t
Mc1 inn ialiumrmiiflii NOV Wnrh Sailor
I I lima II inln > buiM < Ku I > ron Sailor
All new colors lutings are on riari an 1 Ilol Ilrlm Tilled llkr
I ilrrful to are values Slniliil lino of unlrlnimc Hit ID
s rl Clusters etc 15 to 1081 fnshloniiblo tlutpud itraws und 79
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I finish 1 20
fine soft sklnspxtra
hand welt extension soles
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I IHUS lui10 and other aijllsli 1
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Gun tlalorth IIS
Adlers 08 140 rJ
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