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Th Evening World Daily Magazine Wednesday March Zrl 1909 J
n n
II mJC N morW
p Published Dally Except Sunda by tho Press Publishing Company Xos IJ to 63
Park How Now York
r J ANOU3 SHAW Pre and Tteuj JOSEPH PULITZER Junior Soc i
3 Park now C3 Park Row
Entered at the Post Oltlco nt New York as Socor d Class Mall Matter
Subscription Rates to The Evening For Knpland and the Continent and
I World for the Tnlted States I All Countries In the International
and Canada Postal Union
One Tear 7rr77 5350 One Year 1976
l One Month 30 One Month SF
VOLUME 40 NO 17380
TilE opened yes
t terday It has cost
r so far some 20
000000 m u c h
+ more than the es
t i 1or part
of the excess the
E rc i changes in the
t plans in the con
rt 4 tractor favor are
responsible A few
r j t thousand tons of
° r as tracks r paving an
l jsti J d other heavy mate
E < f
+ J se rials which were
f e
i k paid for had to be
t a k e 11 off the
bridge as other
wise it might have
a collapsed I
t The earliest es
timate for a bridge
li across the Last Hiver with a pier on Blackwells Island was 800000
+ On the present bridge more than twenty times that much have been
1 expended
And for what
r Yesterday Mayor JEcClellan motored across the bridge William
t IS Devery the best Chief of Police New York ever had says that
ho anticipated the Mayor and crossed the bridge earlier in the day in
his automobile
k For the owners of and riders in automobiles tho new Queensboro
Bridge is a great convenience It connects the upper part of Manhat
tan Island with the Long Island boulevards When the new Riverside
Fort Washington automobile speedwayaj qompleUd nt a public ex
pense of four or five million dollars more there will be only a few
blocks of rough stone pavement to cover in a ride from the upper end
of Manhattan Island to the automobile speedway on Long Island
Incidentally the Qiieenshoro Bridge has four trolley tracks bo
IT1 elevated railroad tracks and two promenades
yA j
I a
sy Y
1 t Vsy
y G Gt e
J l
c i
I r
tsl t I The trolley tracks bifiin nowhere and end nowhere Tho elevated
r railroad tracks connect with nothing If there were any cars they
il I would have no place to go except to and fro like shuttles
i t For anybody who desires to walk to Queens County the new
t flmdgu otter every advantage
ilI j i The man who buys a cottage ten or twelve miles out by piecing
rc jtogethcr trolley rides a walk over the bridge u walk from the bridge
A f to the elevated or subway and another fare can get to and from his
work a little more speedily than if he lived in Trenton
mf After some year when the Villiamsburg Bridge carries through
rf passengers when the downtown subway connection is built when the
l ftstcinway tunnel tangle is adjusted and a few other things have been
> done some of the ordinary citizens of New York whose taxes and I
credit have paid for the construction of this bridge
1 may get some
advantage of it
4 I
f In the meantime it is openfor automobiles
f I
ti t Letters From the People 1
ftc li
j i An In Pnrnirr Chances
To the IVlltcr or Tae Evralmc WorW
As to the Inquiry Don Farming
Taj and regarding farms within fifty
nil Ice of New York City I would say that
Food poultry and fruit farms with
hok and tools can often be purchased
In New Jersey ownera usually require
I 1 il cash In advance which for a farm
i Letting a comfortable living would be
It fol71 iqo up the total cost often being
tit lun about JlCw to SyJO
lntiU After the Irnilirr
Tc 11 < rlltor of Th Kvfnlnt WorM
Reading so often of mothers wanting
rdtc about unruly boys I would say
this Lour after the tether She
liny I jf unruly Whrn my grandchild
j coat to put ito f < hool WII had com
I I nt < pl Ie tlni and he gut so he
vtuiu not KO to school and was unruly
ht home On advice of a trltnd we put
v him In a good prtvnH school and to
1 Uf ° he U Interested la bla imdlM and
n v
gets the roll of honor and stands No1
In his chi
In Ifs than a year he got from 5 A to
7 n grade and to dey we hav no com
plaints Whatsoever and no trouble with
him at hunD ulther A good teacher
makes n gvd scholar but an unruly
teacher make an unruly scholar
I A llcrn lit Ileijnlrril i I
To the nr t f The Rrnm world i
I If a Rrooklvn coupl get married In
New Jersey u a license needed 1
I L Jamaica U L
Yea tnlcH one or both uf the per
eons to be nunlil arc t < > lentj of Net
Jersey a Indite Is reguiud
To the Eillior of T rrr Wrd
Was Gen f S runt nt the time Ol I
the civil war a W cst I ri giulume I
L < i UltKNT I
ToJII Oimn uf 1 till I
To the Elior jl The EnnJnr Worth
I Watt li the prestnt population ot
Liverpool England approximately I
rt onno fl f no
Payne BilL
y By Maurice Ketten
el I
sq ENE
= 1 = l
I Mrs Jarr Buys a Turkish Gown and Fez for MrJarr
at Sight ol Which Jarr Dashes OH for Guss Saloon
u u u
By Roy L McCardell i
H IlIH r silil Mrs Jarr open
T ing a small square past
board box for which with
another larger
package ilr Jarr
had been mulcted
In the sum of SSS
to myth e LU1 r
charges rheru
As sits emitted
the second there
t with great self
satisfaction she
y held up a Turkish
r fez of a rich red
color ornamented
4 with a h u a I v
Rye 1 brc4Flaat tassel hang n K
down behind and
a large brass crescent In front
Going to a masquorade ball asked
Sir Jarr i
Masquerade ball rpatni Mn
Jnrr What nonsense you talk This
Is a smoking cap Unt It a love It Is
genuine imi > orted and tnr ivaa a
tpeclal sale of them r luced from H
To how much askid ilr Jarr I
Never you mind said Mrs Jarr
but Isnt It artistic Artists and tuch
pccple wear them
Going to learn to smoke
Thats right start to make fun of I
I me said Jlrs Jarr her eyes fllllng
I with tears I take my money that I I
i need to buy thirds for myself and lie
children and the house and get some
thing to please you and nil the thanks
I get are that you sneer at me
i Urtut Scott woman That Isnt for
me IB It 1 cried Mr Jarr
I Yes It Is said Mrs Jarr with a I
sob And now Ill have to send It bak
I only they do not exchange those greatly
reduced things
I Oh all right my dear
And the other thins was for you
sobbed Mrs Jarr but never mind I
ir glvo It to some poor family
As she said the words she opened tho
ether package and disclose a startll ig
bath robe sort of garment of some silk j
me cloth
It was of dark red color with n deiljn
of yellow squashes mid green triangles j
on It the tearful and wonder patten
and colors fully supposed to Le
Mr Jarr had meant to be kind and
pal lent but this was too much Am I
to near this wizards Mother Hubbard
too 1 ho gasped
It Is a Turkish gown that goes with
the fear sotibed Mrs Jarr
lou arc always telllnif me I do noth
tub for you and I thought It wowed
rhea o you to have artistic house
But suppose anybody saw mo In
them asked Mr Jarr I
You need not tell them your wife
took the little money sHi had saved and I
scraped to get shoes for herself and
bought these things for you Instead If
Sol are offended because I am unselt h
and think of others first sobbed Sirs
You didnt pay for them I paid far
them said Mr Jarr
Oh yes thats right I Twit me with
the fact that I am dependent on you
sniffed Mrs Jarr But I wont be any 1
longer I can leave tills house I can
support my children we will never ark
jou for another penny 1 can pack my
thing I can go
I can go without packing shouted
Mr Jarr and he made for the door und
slammed It behind him
Ir Guss place he met his friend
Hiiii lu who was also a man tem
porarily banished from home And
then ladles those two wretches began
to almost enjoy themselves playing i
cat < > ml drinking alas to excess
I till you whash said Mr Jarr
about two hours later I got fines 111
wits In worl You ht tersee smokln
Jacket and smokln cap shush got for
Like to see Ish tier mush faltered
Mr Handle like to ff Ih ver miisn1
y Cmon then said Mr Jarr Cmon
DOND M9Kf 8F CRRffut
t A4f
Q r fats
< le
X i
p9GRpr mows HOW IfOII IIJO
and see Ish So out they went arm In
arm to the Jarr home and fireside
Mrs Jarr was hanging out of the
window and marked them as they rolled
up the street Hut when they rang the
door bell to the flat upstairs all was
dark find silent within Sh Ish gone
downtown hoppln suggested Sir
But Just then the door flew open ind
Mrs Jam stood on the threshold
Come In here and dont malte a
sh w of yourself she snapped to Mr
Jarr wholly Ignoring the boning and
smirking Ftangle
Wana show Kangle lovely omokm
Jacklsh and smokln capsh you got ter
mull sweeart n muttered Mr Jarr
You come In here and go to bed and
lot your drunkard friend go home
said Mrs Jarr And she pulled Mr
Jnrr Inside and slammed the door
Mr Range weavrd unsteadily on the
top landing vaguely conscious of hlch
words within for a few minutes and
llei started down stairs lie had gof
but half nay down when a crimson
meteor hot past him and landed with
a thud bnow
It was Mr Jarr wearing 10 red fez
ana an Oriental Mother Hubbard
Ill how iir who hrm n his
home said Mr Jarr arising Cmon
ard lea show Gus muh swell snioldn
togs I
FI Looie the Bowler t Ii Watch Hes a Him Wonder Roll I oQt By Ferd Ge Long I
DOND GT NOW you 100E
G EG6SDED tv rou57 HElr
Tnl5 RRE 7o twat
105 5T 105 O You
OH1u l IN PRE5EHTIHG You 17 v05
LoolE Wr7rl TNIS NaasE
prr0 toJ jCgN Sr
foal Nt a ovR do J
1 I
lull c
t ° Olr
y I Jill III
I Fifty
I l
j Historical Mysteries
I By Albert Payson Terhune
HEN a certain redfaced red halred redbearded man galloped iJi
W the English roads In the last part of the eleventh century thj
lieasnuts secretly crossed themselves and muttered prayer tied
their breath
This horseman was William II King of England known u Ruful I
and as tho nod King Nor were the florid face and fiery hair hla sol
claims to the title of Red for Rufus was a man of bloody deeds Thji
curse of God wa believed to hang over him Rufus himself laughed at title
curse but the common people who hated and feared him believed In it
And their belief was one day to be justified
England had been snatched from Its rude Saxon masters by a Norman
duke William who Invaded the Island in 1066 beat down all opposition
and won for himself the title of Conqueror and reigned as King Will
lam I He parcelled up much of tho conquered kingdom among his Norman
nobles crashed the liberties of the Saxon and ruled with a hand of Iron
William laved hunting To gratify his taste he set apart tor himself a hug
deer pork HI square nilleu In area which he called the
t j UXTX L L he and hU
JL New forest In order to secure this park
The Hand j son William Rufus destroyed all towns village and c
I of Iron tarns that stood within tho limit of the proposed
i b iimn > x I Forest arid thus drove hundreds of poor people out I
s iu in g Ui oiaie For this outrage t I
I solemn and tcrrlbla curse was Invoked by one sufferer upon both father and aon
The maledictions results so tar as the Conqueror was concerned ware not
long delayed ns daa sere sped III strut Ins fuvorltu son Hlchard died and
ho himself was killed by a fall from his horse at a time when he was on the very
eve of fresh conquests The English crown by right of succession should have Ii
gone to the Conquerors elder son Robert Hut Rufus hurried to England ieli d
the thtonu and made good his claim to It by trickery amid sheer force of anna
Then to ialse money nu oppressed the lop To strengthen his own power he
Increased the tyrannies his father had pructiaed He insulted the clergy plun
dered the Church estate committed sacrilege scoffed at the Pope duped his own
brother Into parting with the heat shreds of territory and In a ecare ol other ways
mud himself abhorred
So vile was his life that It was openly elated he had old his eoul to the devil
fearless and danger lovitg he bore out this superstition by his very recklussnea
Once for Instance ha embarked In a small boat to cross he English Channel ta
the teeth of a furious gale Wjeu his trembling courtier Legged him to taro
back Rufus cried Jeeringly i
Kings cannot drownl
Ha built London Urldge and completed ths famous Tower of London anil
Westminster tall during hU stormy reign That Is about all hla real I8rvke r
An ancient writer thus sums up the Red Kings character i
All things that displeased God pleased him and all things that God love ht
hated deadly On recovering from a sickness ho swore that Uod should never bar f
any good In him for nil tho ell lie had brought upon him from that Um1M
succeeded In U1 ho undertook ur wished tor The very land and sea teemed to I
carve his will as if God would leave him without excuse by granting all ke f
Rufus inherited his fathers love for hunting lie spent days at a time pur
suing deer through the New forest laughing to scorn the curse that had betA
laid upon that despoiled region
One morning In 11 < X > when hs was fortyfour and had reigned Just thirteen
years he entered the Korcdt with his followers There was scant chance of any i r
Intrusion upon this tract by the plain people Not only did they dread the curie j
but the King had ordained such barlnrouj penalties for the Maying of a deer that I s
few dared risk death by being found lingering In the park I
The monarch following a stag rode far ahuad of his companions Never again
was he seen alive His dtvxd body later win found lying In a section of the Korea
whence he and hla father had evicted a large vlllageful of peasants He was all
Walter Tyrrell knight of his
by some to have been shot accidentally by one a
Other old chroniclers suy an arrow was found driven
iI through hIs heart and ilnt that the shaft was sped byl
i The Crime of t a divine hand To this day his death Is a matter ol I
the New Forest I absolute mystery 1e 1
The superstitious folk of the time firmly belief
w r v v Rufus was slain by some unearthly agency as a result
of the curse Thc foresters who found him lying dead in the woods scarce dared
risk supernatural wrath by touching him At last they wrapped him In a coarse
I noollen cloak tossed him into a ilurioal burners cart and had him trundled to f
Winchester There on tho same day he was hurried Into u grave None mourned
aim I
Men arlng lest the curse might Infect them shunD hU crave and the
pot where ho was slain
Mining nnmb ri of this series may bt obtained by lending a oni cent
stamp for each number required to Circulation Department Eveuinff World
+ +
I < s3SS3 0
I Sayings of Irs Solomon
Being the Confessions of the Seven J
Hundredth Wife u Fr
Translated 1J
By Helen Rowland
e e e IMJSN I
t4 EAU mv wisdom my Daughter for women ore
r 1 H at a club sandwich full of strange turfrittt
f = r i r5 but men are as the pattern of the wallpaper t
t11 r1 Ft tTt which is the same from the beginning unto the end t
s9i a1 yea thou wall dltcover in EACH of them the Rills
UULtlRW1AIiU nnsiGX and same cunning DKYIOE even at 4w Nei i
yard of thy parlor carpet tJICI I
I SOlO there ftfdf a youth in tho Sort Babylon which is Harlem
and he had a intl
I lo he admonished her saying 1 would not have thee ASSOCIATE
with the damsel across the street for she Is FRIVOLOUS Xay she hano4
i nt to touch the hem of thy chiffon ruffles
And the maiden uas astonished but tne sold WIlY
Then the youth made answer boldly saying Behold I have kilted Her
many times And if she hath allowed ME to kin her hath she not allowed I
OTHERS also And is this PROPER
Go tol replied the Maiden Hast thou not also kissed ME many
times t And why shall 1 not allow others to kiss mo likewittt Art thout
much BETTER than they 1
Then the youth waxed excited crying Nay but they would not UN
And the maiden suppressed a mad desire to lay Hal Hal For she
had heard this many times before
Yet on the morrow when he returned bringing candied Jruitt ant a
new song she said unto him 1 have considered thy words and J will NOT
pick up that girl across the street For she is not only as thou tayett
I have heard OTHERS speak concerning her
Then the man looked INTERESTED Is THAT sot he inquired ant
lou lvand again Do tell I And he took his hat and hit coat and ht de < t 1
parted going straightway ACROSS THE STREET cc
Verily verily a man will forgive a woman for kitting ANY nan e i fc
himself even for making a fool of hers Jl over any OTHER man out riot
ing convinceth him of her indiscretion even her BAD TASTE to Qtlickl
as her undue fondness for HIMSELF e
Tor he AVOlKBr hlmsell BelaM
fl r fT16 Days Good Stories <
The Silent HAY
American travelling In Ihe un
AN derground of London between
Hammcriinlth and Iillngton
heard the guard call Ammersmlth
Whereupon being of a humorous turn
of mind he old to the guard
You have dropped something
What 1 said the guard
An h answered the American
Oh never mind retorted the guard
TU pick U up at HlaJlnrtoD Trani
r I
Suspicious C
T TOW did you lose your poiltta i
HON the bankplaying r is ks
Nope s
Strong drink 1
Never drank a drop In my life
Poker maybe
Dont know one card from another
Will come out with It S
The president caught me eatlnf
plate of Florida itrawberrlu with
lunch the other day and called la t

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