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iItI p
I fW
f T
The Eve n f n g W 0 rId D a fly Mag a z f n e Wed n e s day Mar c h 1 I 9 0 9
The Conflict
t an Atoful Stab
at Balzac
F the lady who takes tho downward path In the acrobatic automobile at the
T circus should ever go wrong and break through
I tho north wall of MadUon
Squars Garden he would probably cry aftc making sure that her hair
as on straight Give me liberty or filvo mo dcUh For she would find her
I self up against The Conflict one of the worst things that has ever happened
In the Garden Theatre
iI 11 I
r fo
Robert Drouet as Valentin vu
this new skin game She has fn clnated I
t jl that tort of thing you know only to glv
tier to love him and the lauuh In on her
Up to this point Tho Conflict Is nn nv
kill something more than time and so you
NJrst Is yet to come
When Mr Samuel gets In hU deadly
Work along original lines you can
Almost see crepe on the Garden gate
taa brings an Intolerable young man
Kll the way from California to adver
tise the glorleu of that State and yawp
bout Paree Incidentally Haphael
learns that ha la rich In mining stock
iBut ho Isnt feeling very well In splto
Of his good luck He has been wish
Ing more than Is good for him
Mr Robert Drouet takes the part of
Raphael very hard lie hasnt fallen
off In flesh and he laughs with great
nthuslasm but he looks pale and al
most wished out Something alls
fclm you cnn see that and sou feel
father sorry for him He seems to be
Buffering from n bad nttack of act
Ing with complications In the form of
MIss Helen Robertson as the lady who
wants him to enjoy life on the Euro
yean plan and XIIss Florence Lester
s Berenice who dresses In white and
conducts herself accordingly
Berenice does everything but pray
for Raphael and her mother plays the
organ Hut even the organ accom
paniment to the conflict has no ter
rors for the woman of the world
Bhe keeps pulling tho poor weak chap
To prove that ho Is a bravo young
maimger Paul H Lleblcr recom
mends the play Tho programme
ays no It lets out IJalxao by de
scribing Tlio Conflict us a drama
of tho emotions founded upon the cen
tral conception of llalzaca La Peau
do Chagrin The Wild Asss Skin of
which however It does not purport to i
bo a dramatization In other words
Ualzac escapes by the skin of his teeth
Jlr Llebler
doesnt recommend any
thing but Tho Conflict This done
lie betrays tho author Maurice V Sum
uelst In smaller typo than he uses In
honor of himself
After tho first act even a bookworm
couldnt find Ualzuc All trace of
him vanishes once Raphael de Vulen
tin takes the skin cure for suicide from
old Caesar Reaapha and starts In
having hla wish Ho Is warned that
the wild assa skin will shrink and
that Ills ears will uhi Ink accordingly
every time he wishes for anything but
with tho recklessness of youth he
squander an extia wish on the old
tccondlmnd dculer and laughs at su
perstition ha haha ha hallike
toard the Joor und slIcceNls In really
Testing rrju N Sheldon Lewis as Re
Interesllns him hut Just ut Ibe crillcal Resapha
moment Berenice shows greater
itrength and virtue triumphs while ths organ rolls I
Meanwhile the old eccondhaiul ilcr who brought out the wild asso skin
and got a cecondhand wish for his pains has been making n silly ass of him
atlt over a chorus girl She Is too busy to drop around In tho last act but you
ee her picture Its very gay The old man Is very ad He dresses like a
Johnny but bos afraid she doesnt lovn Mm for hes ninety you ce and shes
only twentytwo Trotting after her tires him dreadfully Hu really goes the
> > ace that kills Just totters olf and dies Aint U awful Mabel
i It
i There Is a Bean Milk 1
n actually Is a bean milk snld the milkman It Is drunk put In i
tea and cofTee and even frozen for Iceerf am The Japs are Its Invent
This milk Is made of the Soja bean Th bean Is first soaked then
boiled In wator After tlo liquid turns 1hlle sugar nml phosphate of
potash arc added and the boiling Is kept up till a substance of the thickness of
molasses Is obtained I
Nobody could tell Hub bean milk from condensed mill and when water Is j
dded It cant > < o told fiom the fiedh The Jnpantse poor use nothing else I
Philadelphia Uulletln 1
left the woman A covered wagon was
there now and a lire smoking fno
woman herself was Just visible reclin
I ing In a camp chair Munnlsters voice i
i WIL i slower and more dcllberalu i
j Sinclair he said you see there
your life You have done me as a nun
I the greatest Injury which one man has
learnt In nineteen hundred years to In
flict upon another In leaving you
alive upon the earth I make no pre
tenso at forgiving you To kick you I
Into eternity would be however only 1
the caprice of A child Tho vengeance j
of Clod and man strikes deeper The I
woman Is yours by right of theft I
ICBVB you together and I leave you tao
care of her a charge upon your life
Only remomber that my arm Is Ion
us as you deal with her so shall you
b dealt with by me
Sho loves me no more She Is weary
ilrcadyt the man muttered There Is
no path In life which wo could tread to
Too late Mannlster ILnlueJ
You must hew one axe In hand even
If It bo through the wilderness And
tor Die rest tho love of a woman Is to
bj won by the man on whom she lews
You must win hers Sinclair You
played the lover well enough no doubt
when you took her front my name Ufa
tnit you play It again and to good pii
I Ittl to herl I worked upon her
Jcilousyl Sinclair muttered
My common sense has already Al
lured me of that Mwwlitir w
1 1 Madam Swastika llEEMl iFort1 i By George Hopi j
NOTICE e o 11 y
willing she
Is to have you
smoke yourself to
death now that
shes making n
collection or tnose
prize coupons
What Every Wife Ought to Know but
doesnt That a man would as llcf
osculate n dccpjea drumfish as kiss
a woman with n coldcreamed face
Some husbands are so Infernally mean
that theyd rather have their wives
taunt them with being noaccount
poker players than to fork over all of
ihclr poker winnings to the taunters
Women are instinctively suijfdous
of that tchieh it is impissibli for
them to understand the oyalty
Kith which men treat each other JUI
one example
jswered else fhe would never have left
me for you Jfever mind You mUH
i do your best There Is but one royal
I road through life for you and alons
jthal road you must go hand In hand
lor alone to your grave For tho smaller
matters jou will find that there is
money enough In her name to keep you
from starving and I shall require to
I hear of your marrlago within trio
months My divorce decree It belaro
the courts
She will not marry me Sinclair said
sullenly We do not speak All Jay
ami night sho weeps because of what
she has done
What you won once Mannliter
said when surely everything nas
against you you can win again now
when who Is alone In the world and
the poor remnants of her honor are In
your keeping At any rate you must
try Hemember that It li for your life
that you plead Come
Tho two men approached the camp
ldo by ride Mannlster leading hu
hone by the bridle tall illm debonair
Sinclair hobbling by his side bent and
btoken with dulled eyes and wandering
footsteps The woman tcined forwrrd
to watch them coming Her lips wore
parted a tinge of color had coma back
to her cheeks Her
beautiful eyes were
faitened Mannlsterlt i
seemed as
though she were fighting with all thoro
was of life left In her IT draw from
his stony face one tingle sign of recogni
tion He came and went amongst his
servant giving brief orders once he
mOlt brushed tier stdrts and pasted
by with blank unseeing ejes Bhe illj
not exist for him He did not speak to
her He could Ignore her so completely
he could act u ttoufta tiki wr 1
Meditations of a Married Man By L CuJJen 18re ce j
The essential difference between the
heknocker and the shegossip Is that
I the former when caught at It can be
slugged whereas the latter knows that
I she cant be and Is defiant when nailed
so there now i
I In thinking out a business problem at
I home dont stride up and down the I
npirtmcnt and tousle your hair She
cant help but view those moves other I
wise than as Indications that you are be
ing tortured by tho accusations of a
i smsinudgrd conscience I
Its always n good thing upon return
i Ing from a little trip to tell her that
I you haxent seen a woman anywhere I
i who for looks was onotwotwcnty
I with her She may wonder privately
If your eyes are going back on you but
1 she will like It all the same
Among the few remaining com
Pinsvtions this one stands out Jav
icon be able to fashion a hlplcxs I
bathing suit I
r In the Schoolroom a By J K Bryans ct
TKACHER Now stupid who was the most beautiful woman of
indent history
DU CEIIerforget But I think you aro the most beautiful
voraau of modern history hones
I 1 Mannlster the Avenger Seeks Out His Foes and SingleHanded Crashes Them 1
r iYiY rt f JOi WJ 1 fir i7 Y i o i eY it l X JiX1iiXiii J l iiY Y YirYiY Y rIir rYYOr = = r = r
The Long Arm of Mannister
By E Phillip Oppenheim
00p1rlAhI 10W by Uttli Drown 4 Co
Outon Sinclair elupo from London willi
Chrlitlne the joung anJ beautiful ulfo of
til friend Ueorga Munnlatcr Mannlikr
followi Ihe couple acrois tho norld und
overtakes them at Ut on a South Ameri
can prelrlt They ire tihtuited and III
from the lent flight Christina has long
Since bitterly repented of her fuult aiul hui
crown to loath Sinclair Iaylne no heel to
Ell fainting wlfo Mannlit icadi Sinclair
Into A wood Thera ho forcei hli foo to
conftu Elnclilr layi that even men ami
woman plotted to get Maanliter out of
England that thiy might rob him In tho
Stock market and they therefore Incited
Outon to elope with Mtnnltteri wife
knowing the huiband would follow tha lUll
The Noxious Gift
Btngjertd up n weak I
SINCIAIR of a man lie sas bent
almost double and ha reached
scarcely to tho others shoulder Man
ulster showed no signs of fatlue Hla
white linen riding suit was unsollod
hl till and collar Immaculate Ills
bauds though brown were unblhtered
1 nd his nails nell cared for Ho mlsht
very well have been riding throush the
Mils on a Simla picnic If he had suf
fered through that tireless chase hIs
hard bronzed faco ihotvrd little ilgni of
Jt Compared with him the creature
by hla lido was iullKlble
Ills left hand hu laid upon Sinclairs
tdrooplnz shoulder with his tight fort
beer he pointed to where they had
Hut when ho finds himself face to
ce with Fedora a woman of the
orM and an awfully bad acireas
s begins to pay a little attention to
him and Kept him from his work and
a him the laugh nut now he wishes
add lia has to bull
nful slab at Ilal ac but It promises to i
j ult hrulne for tho beat liut the i
= o > J = < J = =
I ready dead Fuller and faster came
hff breath and vhlter grew her lips
She loved him She had known It In
tho long nights sho had felt It like a
jmcrtil pain piercing her burden 3f In
tolerable shame Xow he was coming
nearer ho lud passed He was upn
his horse hov well he alvuys looked
i upon horsrtack Iand her fingers were
I gripping the shoulder of tho pjor
ucature whom she loathed
I Hemember ho said looking down
ward with a Hash from his steely blue
I eyes Hemember Sinclair
Ills horse plunged and he was gallop
In awa > She sprang to her reeta
crj of anguish broke at lasi from hor
dry lips
i Ho Is coming back she shrlekad
Tell mo that ho Is coming back
Ho li never coming backl Sinclair
I said sullenly
She looked at him for one moment
and her heart ilckenod with loathing
Away along the level road the figure of
I tile retreating hotsemnn grew imaller
i ana smaller She tottered and fell I
forward upon her face Sinclair tit
still and understood why he was alive
Traske ami the Bracelet
LITTrH of glass and perfume of
GLITTEK the muilo of womens
bushier the iparkl Of JeWcIi
upon white boeoms all the nameleis air
of content and nellb lp which per
adri such a rcslauran m Lulgls dur
In the holy hour of all Englishmen the
hour when he dines The little orchei
arlt 1110 r W4 pllIllIWU
Hn n
THERt i ftN OR
It appears to be taking women a IOIIK
time to find out that thoso black suede
hightopped shoes make their feet look
na If they were afflicted with elephant
An AnteSeasonal Hint No woman
can look pretty or engaging while root
Ing violently at a ball game
When Tennyson It was Tennyson
said that A womans crowning glory
Is her hair rats Instead of being
used is crowns were still pursuing their
activities under ground
Queer tsnt it that just as soon nv
you stake yourscll to a safety razor
your iclfe cuts out her habit oj chirp
ing to uou while youre shaving
A man must Just naturally hate peace
when whether It be truo or not ho ac
cuses his wlfo of having IIU feet
There are more limn u hundred minor
physical reasons why n man may bo
rejected for a Ilfo Insurance policy
When he tells his wlfo about his re
jection though nothing In the world
will convince her that ho Isnt going to
die somo tlmu next neck
If dlgostlNo power were the test
women would gain the vote without a
I struggle Ever seo her cat about a
pound of mixed chocolates half an hour
before dinner and then attack the dinner
as If she hadnt had a meal since last
Tuesday week
Ceitainly she thinks she means It
at the time when after youve old
her something in strict confidence
she solemnly promises never to re
peat it to a living soul
So great Is her power of selfcontrol
that she Is abla to poBtpone having that
good cry from the forenoon when she
beglni to calculate upon It till you get
home hungry and tired In the evening
Familiar Quotation Now dont you
honestly think that my hips have gone
down Just a teenyweeny little hit 7
I Do you know nlmi happens to little girls who are uaiiuUj aac vout go
to school
No But I specs Im agoln to Dud out pretty quick
< one of the charms of the place had
Just finished the Salut DAmour
Smoothly shining heads were bent to
ward more elabarate coiffures whis
pers and smiles and glances lit with
meaning Hashed backward and for
ward between the bccupuita of the
small tables Dark vlsascd maltres
dhotcl deft and eager watched the
scene with Interest At one table only
I a largo round ono near the door wec
there any signs of dissatisfaction I
Th table was laid for four and there i
I were but three men present They
resented the obvious otltuda of wait I
ng for tho tardy frueit The eldest of
the party baldheaded with goldrim I
tntd spectacles pink checks and imooJi
shaven face looked continually at his
watch and bent forward to see every I
new arrival The other two men were i
talking to one another In earnest whlS
pen I
Lulfrt himself came up to the table and j
boned to his customers wth all he I
cait of a long acquaintance
Mr Iolsoer li liter thlj evening I I
gentlemen ha remarked Von think
tnat he will come eh You leo It Is t
halfpast eight and tho dinner was I
ordered for eight oclock punctual
Im hanged If aell wait any longer
lAIffl dcoarrd the man with the sold
rlnniuJ glasses Till them to servo up I
dinner Hythebye have either of > ou
fellows seen rollover today
j RI htm only an hour or so ago
Trnske doclardTr the Junior of
the party In white waistcoat and tie of
th > latest pattern sleek well groomed
mnucuUtc alter the amazing fashion
of tho strugsllng stockbroker He vas
Iin itPoolos trying 4 con on to4 Uj
I walked down the arcade
Say anything about tonight tHe
other asked
I Only that wo ihould meet again
later Dy Jove here ha 1st Poliover
I > ou blackguard Do you know the
i They all turn towards
him with a lit
i tie chorus of protests and questions
1 And then as suddenly there was sllcnco
I Tho new arrival tall slim and darker
than tho average Englishman wai
Itlowly unwinding his scarf and pssslns I
his hat to the attendant The eyes of
the thre men were fastened upon his
face Traske passed a cocktail acroji
the table
Have a drink old chap he said
Polsover took ths glais and held tt
with dlfllculty to lips almost as pale at
tha white kid gloves which as yet he
had not removed He drained It and
set It down ejnpty Then he took hit I
place at the table TIn silence wu
sirlined and unnatural I
Walters and mall res dholel melted I
may for a moment Trnke leaned
across the table Ills voice was lowered
almost to a whisper a whisper which
notwithstanding all his efforts 11
hoarse and shaky The words came out
h a jerk harsh staccato
Whats wrong 1olioxr
Poiovrr glanced ar nd half fear
fully Ills face was still the color at
chalk lie leaned across tho table and
ths hrads of the four men were close
Mannlster li In London he whlj
pcrfd I have seen him I believe that
ha U coming here I
To Ve Continued
I The Little Journeys
As Told to the Intelligence Lady
c f o = rr roIVN
No III Gladys Escapes
from a II Turks Nest us
She Cads cMudji Beys
By Lindsay Denison
41Tin1S < DIowaE lId you cal1
MIS yoursalf a lady asked
Gladys approaching tho In
telligence L d y
with a red spot on
each cheek s n d
Hashing dyes
IJ certainly dldl
aid the Intelli
gence Lady glar
ing What may
be our kick now
Gladys And may
1 say that there
Is i o m o people
which kicks until
their usefulness is
ended even to HO
long suffering a
woman as Is Gwendolyn Qonavlova
Then how how I asks Mis Dlowse
the girl almost screamed did you hap
pen to send me Into that Turks nest
Wa It that you wajitod mo isansl
natcd 1
Cam yourself child said ha Intel
ligence lntly Cam yoruselfl WJB
anything out of tho way about this
Jludi lie pursuil 7
Out of the way exclaimed the
girl Why you told mo they was dis
tinguished foreigners sojourning In this
country In the Inteiesls uf their coun
try and that It would be elevating to my
mind and Improving to my education
like a trip Into foreign lards to observe
their manners and customs Their
manners wu nweet and lovely Out
they was nut the sort that any lady
o =
from this office would care to assoelaU
with Low brutes
Tell me child I demanded the la
tclllgence Lady now really alarmed
Well Mis tilowse you told me that
this place lud something to do with
politics or government or something
Yes consulate thats what you said
There wan a butler man called All which
had the loveliest eyes r ever see Th
third day ha cornea and ask me to
marry him I asks for time The
eyes certainly was lovely
Hut the lJIl Squeeze of the place U a
guy by name of MudJI Bey and h i
going back to Turkey on the run to
square hlsself with the leader of his
district And the whole bunch la going
Lack with him
Hut All tells me there Is a lot of
Turks hero outslda the organization
which nooks lila masters life Any
nay thuy was to sail tomorrow and
I was going to say Yes to All and sail
with ulllnow you neednt look
shocked Mis Hlotvae causa I didnt
and anyway you nover seen them love
ly eyes uf hlsn
Hut this afternoon there comes a
bomb Into tho kitchen window and
blown up and puts out every pane of
glass In the house I gets to the
street and hollers for AlIlIecomea
out to me and lor tho IIrot time I loam
of htm In hid true colors He say
You are frald baud dose Uora r
ho say sneering most cruel So he
says iiHvalro ahull you be tho wlfo of
All You tiro too much scarel ho says
llvtt wives 1 havo Constantlnoo
who are not no much acaro by dos
loot bum I will not have you for a
wife tu gu back wld mel
Now do uu blame me for quitting
tho job ills illouuo LIJ you ever
hear the like blvo wives Asking
niu tu be thu sixth 1
You stated out your guarantee
sahl the Intelligence Lady so 1 guesf
1 has no luult to llnd Id a dona the
same In your place Five other wives
And 1 always thought them Turks was
so rellncdl
j By Count loistoy I
Iranslalcd by Herman Bernstein 10 Copyrighted by Herman Bernstein
mea lJto see all your viciousness
R all your weakness Repentance is the negation
of all that is evil within IouII is the cleansing IVlllJK
OJ the reception of good n4
KiND man If ho does not admit hIs errors and at
A tempts a justify limelf may beccino a monitor The
J there is anything that deserves censure within you hasten to declare
J this yourself
iTHINO softens ue heart so much as the admission ot guilt and nothing
N hardens It so much as the bclN that you are Justified In doing vrhat you ire
doing Tho Talmud
more guilty you are before your conscience tho more willingly
rUB seek for the guilt of others especially of those lefore whom
you are guilty
Repentance is effectual only then when the man has rtiolied to leavt
off doing that which he It repenting
GOOD man Is he who remembers his sins and torgets the goo he has done
A a bad man forgets his ilno and remembers what good hemay have done
Do not forgive yourself then you shall bo able to forgive others
Devout people iay Blessed be our youth which has not disgraced our old ajs
Repenting people say Bleised bt our old age which Is redeeming our youth
llut both thu devout and thu rrpentlng say Ulesscd Is he who la free from sin
The Talmud
LE6SED Is S le man who repents his sins while he Is yet strong Repent while
B your strenh hat not yet foriaken you add oil before the light has gone
outThe Talmud
I May Mantons Daily Fashions I
TTHC skirt with tha
I panel effect
A makes one of
tha latest features of
l i fashion and la very
preuy ana generally
becoming This one
being tucked at the
sides and back Is
propriate for any of
the lightweight mate
rials but that list In
cludes almoit every
thing seasonable and
fashionable One of
L the sllkandwool nov
elties Is the material
111 u s t rated finished
ony with stitching
but pongee and fou
lard cashmere and I
wool pongee the many
pretty washable tab
rlcs all are appropri
ate If a more elabor
ate skirt Is wanted the
t front panel can be em
I I broidered or braided
I or treated In some sim
I ilar manner
The quantity of ma
I letlal required for the
I I medium slza Is 711
alls II or 27 614
yards 32 or H Inches
wide for walking
length 73I yards 21
or S7S yards U or
U Inches wide for
round length when
material has figure or
nap 512 jards 41 for
FiveGored Skirt Pattern No 6U90 round length 5 for
walking length when
material has neither figure nor nap Width of skirt at lower edip 414 yards
IMlern No lliiOO Is cut In sizes for a 7 t 4 y M and 33 inch walit
BUREAU No 113 t send by mall
10 fast Twentythird Itreet or
to No 132 West Twentyseventh street Send 10 ctriU In coin
Obtain or stamps for each pattern ordered i
Theit IMPORTANT Write your address plaInly and alwtjrs 1
specify slie wanted Add two cents for Utter postage If In a

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