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< i I 111M J
fI I Pj
1 > I
1 by Charles B Force a banker of Xo
I 1 E H 1arh avenue and that tho chauffeur
was Uarragh I
IWectlve Arthur Carey believes that
V If lie will have Darragh In custody before
J long He l < eogcr to get the chauffeur
for In this case there Is evidence of a
> chaactcr which has been lacking In
q every qsso heretofore brought against
a chauffeur In this city accused of run
nlns down and Idlllng a foot passenger
Going Sixty Miles an Hour
Tho police ave the expert testimony j
jt of an Automobile dealer named llalnca to
> tf I tho cffeci that he saw the accident and
that the car which killed the little Trim i
bio boy was running at sixty miles an I
hour Heretofore the prosecution has
I j never been able to disprove the asser
lions of chauffeurs that they were run
ning it moderate speed and that the nc
cldent wns due to the carelessness of
the person who was hurt
i The police arc also particularly nnx
lous tu catch young Darragh because of
the aggravated nature of his careless
ness when the accdent happened After
K his automobile struck tho little boy and
r was dnmging his body hanging fiom
L the lamp flame Darragh did not stop
ff t his tnachlnc Had ho done so accord
i IJI Ing to the surgeons who examined the
f1 boy afterwatds the little fellows life
1 might have been saved Hut the uuto
inoolle vas kept at full ipecd until the
> boys body bounced off ncuily a hun
I i
1 dred feet from wheio he was struck
ri i It was Mr llainis who tave ttiu po I
Ji lice 11 if clUe wincii ltd itiem to tho con
J elusion that Uauagn was the man Hit i
Were allir Most ol the musses saitl
thul thu car winch Killed the buy was a
i lull luiuiuuut ui a dark gray color
9K Ml liujma said that It wis a rucm
K car with only two M > ats and that It vis
ii u dull uuiiish blown in color
j l Carey determined lo lane tno experts
or WOIlI as tinal as to thu style and color
j cf the car He had Ins mtn to till ugh
t tveiy nMtage In thu cltj Including
Jiiuuklyii alill thu Biunx tlo even len
t i lien up miu II iMcitcttvr County At
One Initialed and ftev < mh Mi eel and
I 1 Lluauttiy lliuy rouiul u twostated KM
f dish tiown car wuh a moKen lamp
said thai It belonged
IO Ulie garage people
to 1 1 oicti unu had bien i > ent to them
c for iipairs
Harry Mulford the manager of the
garage salu tnal neither he nor any uf
b u Ills iiiiiplovim ttie In tne garage when
f j Danagli iiniinivd with I on oalifday
t night and that tlc > did nut men once
that thu lamp was btoken 11 Mul
I Told said that he did not belle thit
thu car cuuul male n spewl o s > lty
I I miles tut hour Jle said thit he would
not class It as u niclng cai thuugh
I was swungsu ilos0 to th ground i
I tha I was easily mistaken lor une
1 m Detective Lost One Clue
t ti < i i
I i wi At the scene of the accident a trl
J hI angular piicu ol IIISS biuKen out of
< i thu lantcin had Leeu pickeu up ana liiu
f i1 been sent to the iliinciu Detective
liureau car lull that if this bit o
bioken lantern his evi1
glass llttfd the bruk1 laltcr 115
deuce a to the car at any rat would
To his wrath he found
tit be conclusive 0 wTtll
that 1 tcltsulllclent detective lleuten
C ant In his bureau had thrown the
broken piece ot fltss awij as rub
1 bish banker Forcu cuupsrated with
1t the police as far ab ho could
Mr ioicu all nun liv hud been I
J out In tie cat whitii is a sixty horse
1 power car with u lu0h spent of sixtv I
miles an hauL with Danagli tin suui <
He had iinlved lit Ills
> day alinnoon le hal nlrllco lt
I home In time foi dinuei and hud told
I Danagli to lakt thu car luck to thu
1 garugu He gave to tliu pulicu a
I 1 rash addles No M Wen une Hun
dred and Slxti3Hh street and told
f Tthem that he linn luaid noinmg nf the
t f chauffeur since atuidav lit did not
know the man who was with Duragh
whose hat blew oft and laS picked
fup on the scene of the accident
75 OO W lH
0 Woman Living Like a Million
0i aire BVngs Suit Against
Georg Pope
< I cvue to llcht this afternoon In tho
V trial of what hat started out like a very
projnlc port of n law ftilt that theic h
one house In Brooklyn Its nt No 871
Bushttlck avenue to l > o exact with
bricnbrac In It to the value of J750000
Mrs Kunlgunda Mullln was suln be
fore Jiutlco Marcan sitting In the Spe
i elal Term of the Stiprem Court Urook
lelal to compeller brother George Pope
the owner 01 tho soBreatlyudorn < il
Bushwlck avenue establishment to give
Into her posesslon tecurltles worth JX1
j el a part o her private fortune as n
prelUnlnary to going Into a further ac
counting with her tu anon how ttey
i aland In relation to each o her finan
cially In his argument the plaintiffs
I lawyer exJudge William 13 Hurd said
Ills client had grown weary of living on
t I scale which might lead to the belief
L that she had million whereas her ts
L late really consisted of abuut tl + V
Continuing Judge Hurd told tiling
that made
abut tho IfipeMullln house
the Justice and the crowd In the court
r Jrom open their e c In amazement
if For oer a year It appealed thee
have been differences between Mrs
Mullln and her brother Judge Hurt
tald that another brother John Pope
who made a fortune In the tobacco In
dtistry died In Virginia leaving Gear <
Pope mr a million nnd Mrs Mullli
und her two sisters Mrs Eva Krelavi
and Miss Margaret Pope eaih 11110
jill iif money But Ueurgu got tin
l bulk of the estate This was twelve
I yeiUit ago and since that time Mri
Mullln 111 her aimer and Clcoigc havi
lived In the Ilushwlck avenue house to
futher Mrs Mullln hal never goi
nn part of her property Into her cus <
tih Judge Hurd said nlthuugh the
iul IIt on a scale nf magnltli ami
< Sllmt wss womlcrful Tue > had Uuiu
1 and Southern trlpa a luM bly lur
iliUshed huini and other things in srkn
t 4Jivi > cr Uob < rtf on of lh Ilrm 01
IlnberMon Harmon ntid jolis win
reptetcnted the defendant lni > t i thai
Mrs Mullln had hail cvcryihln MX
could biiithers ul < h roof for ulille llvliig uudtr hci
J Wh tliiy have fprnt ITVtmo nlm
for th lirlcabrac In the home MIII
1011tr lurlon
And no VII hade a motion for tin
nppolntmint nf u itunmliinn l > kH
hull Vnrrnn with a sunumd niil
V llttle later Mr oln saul tin
liOUV hud live leiiaiatt grcrn iou > e <
MUchnl to I
Tho Just e look thi NIr In the
ruie rrxrvlng drclslon
1I of ItU I
r 31J
< PI of blrb < urUvrm Q1lr 0
10 U T O O S
Jeromes Former Assistant and
Franklin Pierce Appear Be
fore Grand Jury
Must Tell Mow Ice Trust Min
utes Got Into Charges
Against DistrictAtorney
Aftlng upon n decision Im tided ilonn
earlier In the diy by Juilse Croln of Hie
Court of Ocnernl Soislons former A
plstnnt DistrictAttorney Osborno nnd
Lawyer Iiunkllti Pierce appealed before
the Grand Juiy till afternoon For 1
II time after Judto Cralns decision was
handed down the recalcitrant lay rs
I thoiiBht of golni to Jnll rnllicr than tell
the Grand Juiy hnw the nilnillis of that
hOly of the i < ei lon of January 190s
I CHtne to be copied and Incorporated In
I lle KIIIK fliiruiy njalnit DistrictAttor
ney Jfinnit vihlcli vieru filed Villli Gov
I llut they Imil a second tliouslit over
their luncheon and when he court con
j veiled at ocloclc they verc on hand
i In the absence of niMrlctAttorney
I Jerome In Albany Assistant DhtrlctAt
j toiney Kiesel had iharge of the case I
Jtidtre rain sent for the Grand Jury I
nnd charged the members concfrnlni I
tlie mater In hand
A point selznl upon ultli avidity by I
Jsliorne and rirrce and their counsel
Cenrse Gordon IMttle was tho declara
tion uf the court t hit tho minute of
tho Grand Jury may be properly de i
crlbcd as constituting a public docu I
ment made fur public purpofes and
when the aid nilnutfs are In the handi
of the DistrictAttorney or tho Attor I
neyGeneral they may be used to serve
a public purpose
The tlneu lawyers concluded that In
curporatltiK the minutes of the Grand
Juiy In the KlnK charges vtnn serving
a public purpose Conseiuently they
decided to no befote the Grand Jury
and maintain that Inasmuch as no
irlme was committed they could not
Le questioned legally about tie tram
The subpoenas were Issuer several
diiyb aio Mr Osl > uin mid Mr Pierce
through Mr Ilattle went before Judge
Iraln ind asked that the subpoenas be
et nslde TodayB decision disposed of
tnelr motion
T UCt P Al HtO
Operators Agree to Continue
in Force Present Agreement
With Worker
i A truce hai been declared between the
anthracite coal operators and the com
mittee representing the Interests of the
Inlted Mine Workers I
At the lerjuest of ThomT L Lewis
who headed the committee of mine
j workers at the recent conference with
1 the operators In 1hlladelphla the oper <
I atoia have ogrd lu luntinuu the pres
ent agreement In force after April 1
1 pcndliiK further conferences
The communication from Mr Lewis
came In the form of a letter to each of
the seven members ot the operatr
commute The icims of ihu teruporar >
ariceirtnt ippucntly siited the com
mtttcemen sInce ciili membir voted to
accede to the rII t
LOS ANGELES March 31The en
Irlffi for tomorrow follow
filT P iCE Sere lie nJ r hlf
tr nft Vrnl e > lln Pletk 110 la
nisa OfW rate I Kin iw lli i in
< iiif 11 Iula n 111 Vy nutn 110
HIlt Thorpe 110 Larelne HlnJoo 110 Mar
rli n tin
SE < JN1 HAiEThr and onehalf fur
lone tpoil purse llarnev Maiun
tlU ihl > K < e IIS l > jri 1ayiw t i Inia
I Mi Miles OtVnr I Wuif Jia
Nflll Ill1 I Tarte > U llar > > 112 rhautt
H illrl Vf El Iertct lirf Kstrhel lil
M len K rharlv FIX 113 DtlmHi I in
1rel hinnis lZI Mitclnm IT b tra Wj
THIRD HAOE itlllnc sU urlonir
i dtl rt Hills 101 Ivinhie IK fnfm
I iii liii Toltr l Wntarli lul liyrur
i lllfhIQ It
I Tjld You US SipMno H T l
rtnd 1 < f > Kuropatkli lu Ue KnI i 1 iA
IutKx l i I lifi raxr I Viani ld1
FX > lItTll IlVil SMUIIK nix futlonn
Auhiinlal IM r nstintii I I 11
lid LJn IIH lu A liS Bin Tm 1 c
Cardinal arin I Urilnxtnn Irt yuis
K f Un TuiHlrtil litl tltn jnl tll
Hlini Ill taujab lull Ji or lo
Vllilit UntKt KT
FIFTH HAEStlUnK nc mile Alten
11 till Iliukth irr < 1 iC Illiko tally
1US MUt Nnoml Ifl lloliert lirny Hi
Vnsri Pace I Ur Mfyr in Jane
I Iiura 13 Nnamorlt I lu nn
A ZI IW IMnat < t3 UUy ll uJ > mir
KM Iromotheui tii1
I i SIXTH HAt S linK Ola mie Mont
clalr 111 vVwlnlnttr > Kop lia 1U7
ln > ii > nnnt > 1t llanrlal Dy I and
Iliwr W
SKVEXTi llAiK Ip and thrnilx
I ntr fl me Art fir lil ann
1 I St I jrlo lit IHH i tk II i
Urtur rrr III Neei In i Merlti RV 1ID
ftar fa t
Vniitnlril lloiKfkrcpir of Mnln
NemrU lrlr t IllIll n Ullnrx
I Antntslnn ScwnM la tc I mi oktciirr
wy o wns lit when FIIr Ar mn un
i iiiunlirwl In t i > rMturv uf St tnnlH
iBiis i Ihutvh h i Xowiirk > ins ntlr l >
1 rtnled and j lmIIHI t I
fa lay in lOOO 1t lS a vvltneiii In the
faThe lollci niiii < t sin know more
than ih tiiis told nb < iit the munler Shv
i tayi the H In doubt ai to wiirther the
1 I of weald tit priest te nble to rt < o nh the tlaytt
r Why each Avoids Women Car Cry Which
i Scares Others Away and the Straphanger
RIOt WrH rt
I I t t
1ft WO N
I rKi o r
Continued from Flist Iape
said the platform man after the human
sacrifice had been concluded
Although the coming of the can for
I oman had been heralded by neatly
printed notices statlnir that the man
agrment was making an experiment
and that they reserved the right to
I withdraw the car nt any time yet
tin re were dozen nay hundred of
men who seemed never to have icen
the placards
Even In the face of the large printed
notices hung In several place In each
Jane Crow car announcing that This
car Is reserved for women only the
Jersoyltes stormed them They were
hurled back In large numbers by the
stout platform man detailed to guard
the wheeled Adamlesa Edens
Keen to See It Work
In the height of the excitement Mr
and Mrs Mullen of the Civic Federa
tion arrived Mri Mullen buttled right
up to Mr McAdoo
Oh Mr McAdoo Im Juit keenly
alive to see how It worki ahe panted
Come dear to Mr Mullen serious
minded and tortolseslitll eyegluised
Oh Mr McAdoo this II Mr Mullen
hes my husband Hes keenly alive too
Delighted1 murmured Mr McAdoo
with his best lullriver imll Its
working fine
Aa It reached 8 oclock the rush began
In earnest From railroad and trolley
the crowd from Jersey poured down the
eat and west stairways Into the station
This car for women onlyTHIS CAl
FOU WOMEN ONLY bellowed the
lung squad of the tunnel I hey grew
excited In their combined attempts to
separate the sheep from the goati
Well the womlnjs cars full dear
cried one sweet young thing In a peach
basket hat to which clung small vege
tables resembling adolescent cucumbers
carsferwomfti eh Well men dear I
at fer muh tank goodness I can al
wua tin a man to guv meh I seat I
So far as the women were concerned I
the plan worked remarkably well Like I
well drilled Amazonian troops they
made straight for the rear car of lha
trainmost of them that Isand filed
In with delighted smiles They apparently
ently derive much satisfaction a man
after man stormed the doors only to be
herded Into his section of the train
One bewildered youth who wandered
Into the womans car was unabli to
find hla way out but wa p finally shooed
across platforms while the train was
In motion At the helcht of hli agita
tion he resembled I pinkeyed rabbit
that had stumbled Into a convention of
i One harrowing scene occurred when
a stout subject of King Edward who
I has a dog ranch out In Scotch Plains
ni n t i < j lauioiiru iu z suriace
I In search of solace le aUraCl I
I Said Mr McAdoo I
i The test this morning has worked i
I ecelenti I must > ay J am absolutely
iatl fkd with the
stiled wih result eo far I
The InterboroughMctropolltan Com j
pany operating the New York mbwiy
today sent a letter to the Public Ser
vice Commission announcing Its will
ingness to put ladles car on their
trMns provided they were ordered to
do so
President Th odor P Shonts some I
das ago waa mae the target of a I
complaint order Issued by the Commls
lion on the application of 1 womani or
ganliatlon represented before the Com1
mission by a woman lawyer
For a time the Interborouih people
contented themselves with laughing at
the proposition Then Mr McAdoo took
I action and announced his Intention of
giving the womans car plan A trial i
That the Interliorough suddenly law R I
i light was admitted today at the com
panys otllcek In the City Investing I
I I Building A letter Is said to have been I
sent by President Slionts to the Com
I mission offering to do what Mr McAdoo
has already done Secretary Whitney
of the Commission admitted the receipt
of the letter but he declined to make It
public for the present I
I By FMicl Lloyd Patterson
With only the writer aboard car No
O thu first For Women Only C
ot the lludbon Tunnel system mae Its
Initial trip froin Iloboken to Twenty
third street Manhattan today
1 left at precisely 7 oclock and Presi
dent William U MLVdoo watched Its
departure with a broad grin on his
fice All aluiiK the line It started the
blir lausjli with tho guards while ticket
ehoppuu shouted Intereited Inquiries
tain ernlntc the health of The Lady tt
the brakemtn In fharK
i At Christopher treat a young girl
i obviously of the working cass started
to enter the retervcd portion of the
i train but the guards cry of This car
i rccrved for ladlts caused her to start
I tack In confusion murmuring Excuse
me s the turned to the forward car
Ie lS turnft
i There wire plenty of nuinun aprlnklcd
1 tlirnuKh th crowd of tiun In the other
cjrs but If the reservation placards
had Informed the public that there was
umallpux vithln the women could lot
have trtatcd that unfortunate car with
mol frigid formality Which all goes
to stijw that the first Instinct of woman
Isbul ot court that Isnt part of
THIS story
raduilly however a the Jane
Crow iarj continued In leavi > the Ho
luktn 5lil the feminine wurkgulng
< rnnds lt ari In rrgard then iiKirr fi
vnriblj lly S oclnck evrrv ii wan
I HIM ThNt v ire na straplianici In
the womens rurs As one preity Itt
itenoBraphtr remarked
U t have to stand Ill lake my
chance on doing It whre them KM
ore mfn around Id drop dead I sup
I U MC < 1 RTO
I i
I or tome place In Jersey tried to enter
I the car with his wife
This car for ladle only fled the
grogthroated platform man I
Ill sec you on the other side my
dear smiled the dog ranchers wife
Youll do no such bloomln thing I
sputtered her lesser half I Jolly well
Insist on my rlhts
You cant get on here stonily te i
marked the guard letting the woman i
slip through As the door slammed the
dog fancier found himself alone on the i
platform with the tall lights of the
train vanishing through the tube
McAdoo Is Pleaaed
Ill jolly well write to the papers
about this protested the Indignant
husband My wife torn from my side
by this bally Suffragette movement I
bal Surtragete Out
rageousoutrageous upon my word
UfnAraiLltn utg a nlaka n
I pose before a lady would get up and i
give me a teat
I WB an Interesting IUd to watch I
the very pretty very younj and very
i much dressed ladles make for tho for
i ward cars There was no hesitation In I
their steps They had Kaster bon I
nets and they knew full well the eye
that would brighten most a sight of
them I
flood morning Harold bowed a
I jaunty miss from her teat In the
Jane Crow to a young man atamlliiK
i on the plitform Then turning to her
i companion Arcn they tho mean
things They wont let Harold In I
J think thay ought to let your gentle
man friend coma In and talk to you If <
I he wants to
I AmuiltiR Incidents constantly nc I
curred when sonr stray male ivoulil
escape the vigilance of the Kiurdt nnd
would nubsiueritly havn to lie plucktd
I from the midst of his Kvcfull Kdcn
Unfortunately for the Rallantry of the
utronger KCX It wnn noted that not 0110
such rrror received the compllmint of j
irntcst i
Notlcci of the Hudson anil Ianhu I
Inn Itallroad Comimny that inform the
public of the experiment are posted
In all the cnrH of the system
The placard lha inako tlii > reiprvi
tlon read Tliln inr Ioiervpd Kx
lu Uly for Voin n nnd ther are
four of them onei nn iah ml and UUP
on fain side nt try June rO
lean the statloi <
I LVXAT1V i UitLMtv uulnli Ih World I
I I < 1 Coll aad Otto rjmJ r < mo > e < caua
Call for full atmt Loo tot IlDatur li
W Orott Uo 0 1
Continued from Kirst Page
lies of Mrs Illgrliii Mrs Yuung and
Walter Ulitckucll the ociupanln ot the
dwelllns was wanton and Inexcusable
lao the persons Intent upon destroying
the viaduct gone two blocks to the west
ward they would have been In a
meadow remote from human habita
tions The pillars there arc higher and
I the force of the explosion would havu
been much more destructive to the via
1 All the Furniture Broken
The damage dOle to the dwelling at
No KS Is amazing There Is not 1
I whole piece of furniture left In the
i building The bed of Wale Pilgrim
who slept In I room adjoining that of
Mrs Fannie Illgilm was actually
shaken to pieces under him
Three big pieces of Iron were blown
through tho front wall of tho house
Plates and pictures were shattered to
fragments All the three families saved
unlnjiued was their collection of knives
and forks and some clothing Walter
Pilgrim Is still deaf from the noise of
the e explosion
Every window In every building for
half a mile surrounding the explosion
on oil sides wns broken An Iron pro
jectile aboul a foot long and two
Inches In tllumeter was blown through
the wall of a saloon at No 361 Four
teenth street and Imbedded Itself In
he bar so deeply that two men had
all they could do to ull out
The frame factory of the Knoburn
Co Nos 363 to K > Fourteenth street
was denuded of windows and doors I
Two sections n the pillar supporting
the viaduct were lorcfd through the
front wall of the factory and through
three Intolor partitions lodging In I
joom M feet back from th stieet
I las believed al mat that the ex
plosion was caused by setting off I
charge of dvnumlle Hut the force of I
the shock wns upward and outward
while dynamite exercises Its power In
a downward direction The explosive
used wns undoubtedly giant powder
Abutment Blown to Pieces
A big tbarge of the explosive was
placed on a concrete abutment extend
ing about thteo feet above the street
level Into this abutment was fixed the
Hanged biise of a latticed pillar such as
supports the L structure In this city
The pillars at that point are about
twentyrive feet high and about ten feet
The lower fourfoot section of the I
pillar testing on the abutment which
pilar reelng
felt the full force of the explosion was
blown completely ala A piece of I
was found sticking In the roof of the I
plant of the Fletcher Iron Works eight I
blocks distant Thomas Llllls Inspector I
of the work for the Hudson County
Board of Freeholders after a cursory I
examination today said that all the
work for I block on either side of the
point of explosion would have to lie
overhauled and seeral new pillars
would have to be HL1 The abutment I
upon which the explosive was placed
was blown to piece I
Sl A lfN l lAND
Elizabeth Stack of No CIS Richmond
avenue Richmond Staten Island was
granted a separation from her husband
August today by Juitlce Marcan In the
Supreme Court Brooklyn The evidence
In the case tended to show Stack a close
contestant foi the title of the Meanest
Husband In the World Hero are sonn
et the things which u was proved to
tlc Justices cntlsfuulon Stuck bad
done since MJ muritace in June 1SS8
I Got drunk every Salurdnj nnd holi
day nlKlit and on 111 Iceaslons
2 When drunk tied a Ill stunc to 1Is
wifes licdronin duor to miiKe It Mvlni
shut and n lopo to the dnor knob so hi
could pull I upon ami aui It In slam
all night or until he himself was sleepy
3 lame In late at night In the win
ter and opened all the doors and win
dows and 111 > sat down in hr over
coat ail muMJ ali < mii > lno tha
the hOle na < I > ii < im
Ins le < li t n I II hlldrn sleep
lroS tne loot nf Hi bl ino th r
pmed rT n t ii > s with 1 toes
tci make tticm er caujinn lilt wife to
punish them injuitly oecauje th
A ere afraid to uli on hn
9 When rebukrd by his wife loaddd
t revolver and insisted that she blow
h I s I off In Hi1 prsenci of the chl
len nnd thereby get hersel vnl to the
tdle chair
t fame in lit nriMrmi ntid declared
da r < od cluer nnd
It was u Jo1 In1 that
tilings vvcto oo < iulet and chatei 111
n ainl id MJ into tho mow
vvlMi H butTT knife
Heat I wld in font of friends
rnil neirfllmr iiiil men upbraided her
j r MI Inl pruud of a lnnijaid who
ao ih > moral tuiruue to beat tlj wife
I public
Juitlce Mare1l said hi was complete y
satisfied U > t llno actn and otlieM
> rdnd In the complaint constituted
txlrema cruelly within the meaning
ot th tUtutt
Jeromes Assistant Insists on
Defective Being Committed
as Disorderly
I Lnles Assistant DlstrlftAttorney
I Murphy MinYrs 1 change of heart there
I N n likelihood nf Dhvard J llcnidon
II onip attached to DistrictAttorney Jer
I OIIS ofllce UM n iletertlre being sen
j lenced to the Workhouse for live days
1 im I chniie nf disorderly conduct com
I mltleil In the Tombs lull our In the
i pri n o f MuglMintt Kiolel today
i Itinrilon apiieaied II the couit today
with llerniaii llotnthnl and nthen ar
i re ted at the time of a rid on Rosen
I lhals plati Penidon had heel arrested
nt the Instance of DistrictAttorney
j Dstrlettore Jer
I ome on the charge of contempt of court
and when ho appeared before Magistrate
i Krotcl and learned tlmt ins case as well
as tho c of Jtosenthnl nnd others had
i been postponed until April 16 he beonme
highly Indlxnnnt and Insisted that lie be
heard nl once
MnBlstrute Krotcl explained that a
j Mr Jerome was out of town It was only
all tl him to order I postponement
until such time as he could be present
nt the proceedings Although
Irucecdln AlhoUJh Iteardon
wns upreseiited by Leonard J Snltkln
as counsel lie took matters In his own
hands all said
This case his been postponed three
I times now your Honor and r will not
submit to further delay I Is hurt
IIIK my business and I nm entitled to
BII Immediate hearing I demand to
Know the reasons for my nrrcst and
what motive prompted It and ael
want biought out ns soon as possible
I am pretty familiar with tha star i
chamber methods pursued by Mr
Jerome and I dont Intend to be made
one of his victims
As a defendant appearing before
Your Honor I am entitled to an 1m
mediate hearing and you are bound to
listen to me
Ueardon was mad through and his
manner was eevn more offensive than
his utterances
Magistrate Krotel after I long p use
Yes If you Insist yoll java that
rlcht suppose but
Before tho Magistrate could proceed
further Assistant DistrictAttorney
Murphy Interrupted by saying
I It pleases Your Honor I ask that
the complaint of contempt of coun be
withdrawn and the defendant b Im
I mediately committed to the Tombs on
fresh charge of disorderly conduct com
mltted In court In the
mitel presence of I
presiding magistrate
Murphy explained that such an of
I fens li punlahable by commitment to
I tho work house for five days
We will not go Into this case nny
further Magistrate Krotel said but I
will postpone all these cases until
April 14
Not satisfied Heardou sprang to his
feet nnd said
I ifpent that I Insist upon an Im
mediate hearing of my CUSP I am here
defend myself and I
to lsel IuLl dont need a
lavvje I will conduct my own case I
I am out on bull I Is true but my
bondsmtil Is m a position to surrender
me at any moment and In that event I
wiuild be locked up
Magistrate Krotel was visibly vexed
at this fresh outburst and then an
nounced that he would postpone tho
mater until late thi afternoon when
he would consider Mr Murphys demand
for Hear ons commitment
The e tries for tomorrow at Moncrlef
Park are as follows
K1HST KACE Klv and a halt furlongs
lellriK thrtfyfiroldi Hoic Arkle luS
Udy chlleon Utt She Wolf 101 Coliro i
lid Mo Khrlih IDI Euiliclin IJ I
Mcarla 1W John A Mvnro Hi3 lion I
Aitir 101
SECOND nC Threeaors and up I
nard five furlongs nur e Nlolrs lut I
f > ilef llajts l l Anna Smith lni Alrihln I
100 St Valontlm 113 Alive 97 Font 62
Ui ur 1KI llarkaway tU cliislcrtt IK
St t ins iviidc in
iMIItl HAiK SI and half furlonjj I
i tie frur > earill anl upunrj
Uuithlnit Ffti 100 nsjall IOS oL J
lUuuin WI MiUlna HT Chirlcy Iuik
Hit Spunky 11 Mlsi Ifrleord tu Mil
cdlcllon lll Itrlford Mr Knapp
rOtriTIl UACEV One ml > High Weight
tlnnillcip Smith nichsrdson and tonrny
Handicap xYouthful HH ilearl Iolnt
Ifn < Jeanttfe M 102 John Oirntr 10U
filikln 115 Hltt r Hand 1ft1 RoMboro 1W
Don Hamilton HI Holi Scott tin
tIFTH nAOB On rule idllnit four
VfaroMi and lifinard Unrlo 110 Druid
10 Ctitl 10 Klnrnfy 1M land Me
Dnn lO Mfllnn 105 mtimnn 109
Alamo 110 Mirlght llor 1 leul 111
PIXTH ItAfi unii mil lelllnc four
> farolJ and umard Judrt Patiflv 110
I Iloiom Frlnd M coincident 1 > Jupiter
110 l > r Ynun 105 Oraco Gforce Icy
Mil Topiy Hl Alei Grant 10 < 1 Rich
niond Dm Hi
I Anprfnll < f itllonanre
lUunlop entry
OAKIAMl Marrh 31The entries for
tomorrow follow
Pin > T 111PIul furlnw Jz t2 I
KKtnr t gl 112 0mo < Mt 112 Hcllci I
112 lawn tin lnnc Winter ltr > Ire I
tn1 um nMilcle n If IMrry Oroth
1 7 I uin lull Twin Nrew 1U2 AMer
lulch I i
HHiiSH KUE niturlty rnurtr Ponfei
r 112 Jiiii A Msllnn iii Hush Money
1 lil Nilriin II1 ihlnwi n > llevlfer
Fi 1 KM a Sealta 1 strike Out ti1
liinlhol UI Ihll Utlni M Ilrlrtt Sklfi m
THIllD UA K Futurity cnume i 1 rg
I THII ShfFhan Ill tliicillo IW The
lllst liW S Vtn Iull til Itogal lIt
rjreen rjojdf UK I > pinti 101 Ileaie KM
OPn Otori US Show If Carmlaa M
OPl H 111 Wo Itvli One mllf and a i i
i teenih Hlllnf llrxkntor 107 fVverui
I l Iluikv ll Keep ollnK 101 Joe
HOM ii i 10 nn i
rimi liMK ono info an1 > venir
virl f lns i HI 113 Piillhon 112
Frel 11 ill IM fnl ialit Clvonnl
i llilerln 110 Imiirt 1W llrookPaf Jos
HiLtpili ts Illl Ilillmnn ins inch Un
10D tflrd Irnvnit 1 1C Apt 111 Cun I
SrXTl ItAiK Six furl mict ninir 111
Ocian vhire Ill 1I > V3t iln11 lailr
Curi t ii fnlii Mr Je iun lit MarniwI i
inu Hiiel lirt Hiwh MrOnnn HI p
NIICHM U t Jeann tl In li Marian
faif lul lur i liw HI
0 Aiiii low Inc i
i t i 1 Trafk > nw
on Ha > thi ItiaMMtv of Or XVlllam
T UlniiJi to attend tlie peeting fr
I m < Ti r f hn American Minfiin frI
Xnturjl Misturv tnmnrron night Iy
I mun l 11 rnoI of tht raslchU ele
InMltitp of Technology will Ic ture In
hit pie Hunting with Canoe and
Cuintiu lubjet In Ntriv llrunswlck will be Ills
r l
J iJi
Suitor Ma Triti ISvery Three
I Years in Lust Twentyone to
I Win Sweethearts Yes
f Iall The Kvtnlnc orl1
I WOUlKSTKll Mass March 31Kv
ery three ears for tho last twentyone
years Arthur llurke aged fiftyone and
for rlKhtcrn vpais I resident of this city
has Journeyed to Montreal to propose
marriage to a Canadian sweetheart lie
started on lil fevonth trip today tit
I aid I expected It would be successful
He tontklently hopes the subject of his
I untiring devotion will my Yes and
becomo Ills bride for he has made all
arrangements to bring her back with
What her name Is or where she lives
beyond saying Montreal lie refused to
Burkes first wife died twentyone
eat ago Iteforo staring todny he
obtained a duly attested certificate from
his pirlih priest showing his wife died
a number of years ago as well as the
I clothing a bridegroom would require
500 000 CHCK
i T AllfRS BRIDf
To Be a Present From Her I
I Father Alexander Brovn
the Banker I
Special to 1 Ev nini World I
BALTIMORE Murch 3iThe ap
proachlnff ivedtlini of T Suffern Tallei
of New York and 11 Harriet Brown i
the beautiful daughter of Alexander
Brown head of the banking iious of
Alexander Drown Sons of Ualtl
more Is the absorbing topic of conver
sation In Baltimore Just now
Although the wedding U not to be i
solemnized until April I It has just
become known that Mr Drowns ivcd
ding present to his daughter will be a
check for J30C A A similar check wns
presented lo his daughter Bessie when
she was married to Benjamin Howell
Oriawold I promlslne young lawyer of1
The wedding of Mr Taller and Mlsi I
Brown Is to bo a home nffalr The
ceremony will bo performed In the
beautiful ballroom recent erected by
the Browns In the rear of their statelY
old home at Cathedral and Monument
streets While only the Immediate
members of the two families and their
most Intimate friends will attend tint
ceremony moro than 2M Invitations
have been hsued for the reception to
Mr Taller has Issued Invitations for
his bachelor dinner ThlH will take place
at the Klkrldgo Fox Hunting Club on
Charles avenue which was the scene
of the nol famous Osier dinner al
which function Mrs W S O Vllilam I
the young matron who figured In the
Roberts hooting episode at Atlantic
City was a star performer
Many rumors have been afloat a to I
novel features thai are to be Intro
duced at Mr Tallers dinner I Is set
four days In advance of the wedding
day Miss Ilrown his reeled many beau
tiful and costly gifts among them a
J13iX0 touring car from Oscar G Mur
ray president of the B O Railroad
Her jewels I la sid will eclipse nny
ever presented to a Baltimore bride
and the llvtr and plate are rare ex
amples of beautiful workmanship i
The wedding of Mr Taller and Mlsi
Brown will lote to Baltimore one ot Its
most beautiful women Iron
in the I
Omega Oil
If yon have c weak aching back
e sharp piercing pins rub you
aelf at night with Omega Oil and
often the pain will le gono in te
morning The Oil penetrate
through the pores of the akin and
goes direct t theBcatof the troubl
3IAI1K ritOM YOLlt
New York Rug Co 401 W I24lh SI
HrltB for r
On the Most Liberal Terms
1 Tituar ANY MAX on VAOMAN I
S100 rt WEEI Nu U reference rurcj or
112 W Mth Slue 2193 3d Artmit
ivcil of lab avc Neir 1 Mlh it
Iloo IYD 920 Brodwi Inl gl
S30I10N aN3QIAia T J83H3JNI
A dividend iif 0lall of OIK 11 rent on
the rt rrl lrk lu < Urn dtcUrnl Oi
able April 13 1 la preferred itockholi ri
ol rlurd at tht clow ot builntu April 0
1 CO Trantllr bnoki will remain OMB
CI mailed 1 W ltd IWtrtliry
1 f
ovm BOrS D
Weeping Eczema Kept Spreading
on Little SuffererA Score 3
i Treatments Prove Dismal Failure
Grateful fat Tells of
I tV9t mo great pleasure to ejpi
I my deep gratltudn in appreciation oJ
I the Incalculable bcnnfl
that HIP Cuticura Soap
Ointment and Hcsolvtn
did littlo Ht
my ltlo boy I
hid an awful rnh nl
over hI body nnd lh
doctor said it vra eczema
U was terrible and li < jq
to water awfully Anr
plaw tho water wint II
would form anotlmr eor
and It would htcuniii
crusted A score or mor
physicians failed utterly
and dismally in their
efforts to remove th
trouble Then I was told
to use the Cuticura Hemaj
dies 1 got a coke of
Iot o
Cuticura Soap a box of Cuticura OinU
I lent and a bottle of CuJcura Ke olvent
and before we had used hal the R olT
ent I could toe a change In him Iii
about two month ho wai entirely well
When people see him noW they ante
What did you get to cure your baby l
and all wo can say I I was the Cutl
cura Remedies So In U Cuticura will
I away have firm and warm friend
I George F Lambert lag Wlsl Cent
St Mahanoy City Pa September 21
tnd November 4 1907
Rely on Cuticura Remedies
I Millions of the words best people W
Clcura Soap and Cutcuro Olntme b
Aslstod when by
nessar Cutcur
Resolvent or tor
Iuld pi pre
Ing purifying and beautifying the skin
for eczemns irritations and inflammfc
i tloni for cleansing the icalp of cruit
I icales and dandruff and the Itoppln
of falling hair for baby r helchin
I tnd channES and many sanative at
I icptic purposes which readily euggf j
I themselTea to women a well IUiH9
the purpose of the toilet bath ana
PUrS tnlet
I nursery Guaranteed absolutely pura
CtHlnir 9n ap USI Olntmrnt 5O RMorrent Itt
fSO nd Chotoltte CnaI PI1U 251 ar t
Uirouihout tht world Pott r Drui t tttm Cr
lol Propi IJTCOIumbui Are lV < tf
Mltii Frtt Cullcun Bo k CD iiXJ DH J
Tlll113 I IKI AlIIII 1 and J
3li beautiful 10 U and XMnoh Black
and Whit Ilumci with bro full
hal made of leit qutllty mile itook
M a rv Sale Price 575
av > beautiful flneit quality broad
rtumni Imnilluiotted fluej It IS and
SlnA all cln 11
rRuHirvi Sale Price 900
ILK UlKAMKK It you can bur
frathfri o OIWI ili and qualliy anj
lere < I far leu than Ii mor tan o
ranlJ uk jour money Mil te chearfulljr r
ranlJJfail Orders Filled Promptly
Importer MunulMturcri
Cor liTlh Street Take EleTator
f =
f AN
Aienl will call If de tr 4 I
IM mica i mm ci
3 Maiden Une TelShUT Cort
lmn Slondar March 20 MAH W
TIN J bln1 huiband of Msrrttrtt ne
ltelatlve and frltndi art Inrltrt to at
tend funeral from hit late ruldence 311
Waihlncton it Jerisy City thenc to 8t l
April 1 a t
Pelrla Church on ThunJay Apri
Q A M harp InUrnunt in Ctlvarr
CI tOn tho SOlh dar of lUrth
John Clark
Funiral Thursday mornlnf from her
lain residence 300 Kaat 138th it j
thence to St Jeromes Church where
olcnin rtqulem inon will ba celebrated
Frlenda and relatlvei
KOIKY On March 10 1000 ot pneu
monia TIJIOTHY FOIKY ion of Pat
rick Foley and Honorah OConntll
iortnagreo County Kerry Ireland
Funeral April 1 from the reildenc of t
hli lirothr John C Foley 2H Ulh 8
at 2 11 Interment Calvary
unrlOn March 30 at her realdenci
147 Kill lilt it fVTIIKIUVH 11UII
PHY widow of the Uto Jiremlah Jlur
phy of Ilarley Hill Newmarket County
Cork Ireland and daujhur of Charle s
olel ft funtril h reUt r

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