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4 I 1 IifIriIiIloK7JIf =
TJlE EVENING a ee d fl Ib ic
Miss Isabelle Graham Then
f Calls for Assistance and Men
Detain the Offender
Gets Off With a Light Fine
Because He Has Wife
and Family
On a clone packed car of n Third
aventid train coming south at the top
notch of the rush hour today
a good
looking young woman uiM nlr crier
out and gave a nun a hove that sent I
him sprawling In tho ulsle
Then forcing a passion through a
narrow Inno of Interested straprmnKeri1
the young worryin lt face s arlet and
her whole fr jjy > trembling with Indig
nation ran to tho platform and appealed
to the guard for protection She said
that this man who was tIJW picking
himself up had grossly Inmilted h r
and she dornnndod that ho be arrested I
Men Guard Masher
TIJi liappuned Just above Fiftyninth i
street A gruup of men pnas > > ngeri
taking the glrl8 side volunteered t
IPI that the allffcJ offender stayed on
the train until a policeman could be
summoned The guard sent wont on
ahead There was a lot of excitement
on the ca At Forty econd street I
Iallon noln 00
d p r c A 11ft Wall
Ing Iftooc the man In charBe ami
escorted Mm to the Yurkvl la Police
Court Tim girl went along to nuke
jl the complaint HI4 proved to be Miss
laabelle iraham twenty par old ot
Vo 36 West Ninetieth street a maker
of artificial tinners
I Sllll quivering with anger Mli
Oalmm told Magistrate Hermann that
without speaking to her the prisoner
had offered her flagrant Indignities
And Im perfectly wllllnn to lose a
days pay and even lo link mv place
she added If I can put this creature
where Ip will not IM nblo In nnimy ie
rpeclable lils n > i ihelr wny lo work
He Denied ths Charge I
The nleged ciilpilt Inlfted that he
fould not peak KtiKllih He told the I
court Interpreter that he 1111 Frank
FelHieno thlrtvfUe years oil or No
315 ErM One Hundred nnd Thlrtyulchtli
strei lie ald tlRI for his wurk In n i
Mulberry Mreet Jiwolry shop lie pot
wages of 1UO week and that out nt
thl ho had to care for a wife and five
children He denied that hu lad done
anything Improper
Magistrate Hermann bdleved Mlfj
fJralnms tory te Intended at Orst to
send Feloneno lo the Vorkhou i for a
lone term but hwiust that wnulil leave
III family as charge upon the
the Court let he
man off with a Ono of
n dollar Felonenn hail no money and
wai looked up
Allowed to Adi Fund for Ilriirflt of
Prlrinlnn1 Wlitorr
Police rvimmliskinw ninirlinm todiy
Issued n clrcilar letter to the members
of tie Iollce
Department crantlnK them
permission ti subscribe to a fund for
the benetlt of the widow of 11 tilt Petro
sino who was murdered In Iulennu
Italy on March 12 last Petroslno let
a widow nnd one rlniit
The Commissioner says that Individual
contrlbtitlniu houltl not exceed 50 cents
and dNtlnctly sutes that no nun need
V contribute unless ho feels Inclined io
L f do so to
Motorman Kdward Kelly Ihirtyelsht
j of No tSi West ThirtyIll street
1 was
I arraigned In the Vet Side Court this
t mornlns before MnKlstrnte Corrlgan
r charged with homicide Yesterday aft1
ernoon the car he was running run over
eigit year olit John Duffy of No 113
West Sixtieth street at Sixtieth street
anil Broadway and tha lad died later In
the Itoosevelt llnnpltal Kelly was re
I manded to the Coroners
oruimera mtUa for x
t II mlIR lion
Help Wanted
ToDay I
II rtrwtJMd for kI Tbe Monte
Woidl Wtal DiiIQh
W1NC4DAY March 31 lOW
JdJrtueu I Horsehoer 2
Agent 12 lronerr M
I Alteration IIlnd 3 Jlnllor 21
JolprtntlCtl 1 Janllruu 3 i
Arllt 2 Jewellell I
Bike 6 1alIes TILUon 1
1Jlltnderl 2 Ion rsel a
IIIackll1tllbt 4 l1chlnltl I
Uookbln1rl 1 MafliturM 2
1JookkuPTI 10 lIIlInell 42
Hoys co UIlU 16 i
Brgpivorkeri 2 Oerator 10 1
lIulholmen 35 Plnlmaken I
Dulche 5 Ihntoaldpherl 3
lJuUonholfllu 2 Plintul 28 I
lnetlakerl 1 Irlntr 8
Canvaari 21 1iumri 2 I
ClrPfnt IS PolIhe a
Cuhlere 4 Iottir i C
ChambfrmaldAt 115 PNntrl 3
CllArmkl 1 Irmen I
lbauUuu 1 JrooCrdtn 1
Collacorl 6 floteri I
I Comlto 10 BfJuldlea 2
Coolu tM t Jmn I
Cou 11 I 8tftnulffilletl 2
Cutters 10 IIhlppln cerke I
remkert 112 81rn latntrr
1 > enthl IS IIklrt IlInd I I
Ithwhera 6 fleeve IIlnd >
IIrllrl r jlIdlo 31
IIrua Ciulla 111 t Ublmn 3
ltcllldM 2 81notllPhert UII 3
ttvlor Hunnl 0 81nOlll8ph4n n1 I
EmbroIderer 18 TattoeeIN a I
Entloeen 3 Tllorl 11
t Fra 1 Trimmer 21
FItiIbfre 2S Tlnmllha I f
Firemen 1 Tytiwrlterl CMI I
Id II TnwllI F 1
ortlldlea 1 tpholillre I
Foremen 1 Vlrollh 2
t Uurln 3 WaltrlS 2
11I11 kt Wsttreia 21
I IIlrnakn I lIchlnn 2
T lIul < work 112 1IeollnlolLl SU
Tout l7iu
The World printed today 1736 I
Help Ads 765 more than all other
New York papers combined
t h u
I Women Unite to Wage Battle
Against I a Tax on Stockings I
Organizing All Over the Coun
try to Oppose the Pro
posed Duty
City Federation of Clubs
Plans Monster Mass
Meetings in City
Th fight on the tax on women I
fifneMngn will probably hs brourht
Into Niw York tomorrow nt tho I
meeting of the New York city I
Federation of Women flubs This
body represents 46000 women every
one of whom Ia bellnved to repent
Iho effort of Speaker Cannons
Ways and MeanR rntmnltlei1 to
bolster up the nations finances by n
discriminating tax upon the stockings
which they nnd their children munt
wear One of the first steps In the
campaign wuim be the calling of a general
eral man meeting of women without
r naril to dub nfllllntloni to protest I
agaInst the stocking tnx
Miss Mary Uarrett Hay vlrepresl
dent of the New York City Federation
of Women Clubs has prepared a reso
lution which she will offer nt the
meeting ot the executive council to
morrow If the rufes of tin meeting
which Is called to settle certain rou
tine matters will allow She said I
I feel that the Xew York City Fed
eration of Womens Clubs will realize
that smith a proposal aj booitlng diitlei
on articles of domestic consumption
uuch BS tea glove stockings woollen
Roods etc Is Just such a matter u the I
Federation can wreLI with In order to
convince nonclub women ot the Interest J
club women feel In the big subject of I
womans greatest good I
Votes Would Help Some
On April 7 the matter will come up
At a meeting ot the Executive Commit II
tee of the Interurban Woman Suffrage I
Council Ad a suffragist I realize for
the millionth time how much more ef
fective would be every woman name
on every petition to Congw If there
was a Vote behind every womans sig
Miss Hay raid Hint the matter un
doubtedly would have been taken up by
the womens club nnd federations be
fore had there been any meetings of Im
portance since the tariff nljedulM were
announced There undoubtedly will be
R freeforall massmeeting ehe raId
The New York women of Indiana
bllth nnd parentnge banded together u
the DauRhters of Indiana nlieady have
i put Into effect a scheme to Influence by
i letters and prliloni all the Congressmen
I men fruit Senulnrs of Indiana New Jer
I s ey nnd New York They are concerned
too In the added duties on gloves
i Kxperls on the stocking Industry thus i I
1 describe the real effect of the Increased
tax on womens stockings I
I The Payne Tariff hill proposes that I
i I plain cotton and lisle thrcnd stockings I i
relallltif at twentyfive thirtyfive nn < l I
Ofty cents shall bn taxed at eighty per
I cent of their value Instead of sixty per I l
i cent ns now U present there era Im
polled each year KtMIM worth of
I Philadelphia Firm Wants Duty
In 1W ve manufacured In this rounl
try about JiUHfrt worth of stockings
i The effect of the Pnym duty will Ie to
I cut down Imports about one half Mhlle
i It will raise our production only about1
pix per cent because with an Increased
I price of Motklngs not so many will be
t The additional tax on womens stock
Ings Is sail by these ripens to be ntlced
for not by the American stocking tnonti
nctururs generally but by a particular
ti run III Phllidelplili which rum a fur
Ilgn factory with foreign methods and
machinery and desires etperlal protec
i Hen agum i must foreign competition The
experts say that the effect of the new
tariff bill will be to create a trust In
ertaln grades in stockings or nt least
i inch a trade rmiilltlon that the Phlln
delphla llrm will control the market and
i can raIse the price uf middle grade
1 grade clockings at high as It please I
omens federations and chit all
over the country are organizing for the
bailie It li even reported that many i
womeni Republican campaign clubs are i 1
considering the use of their Inlluence
not only directly but through the men i
on whom their campaign efforts have j
been exerted
Gen Miles Voices His Opinion on
Hunting in Africa but Men
tions No Names
FITCIIIIflUI Mass March 31An
Interviewer here today asked On
Xelpon A Miles who 11 visiting a rea I
live for his opinion about hunting In
Africa dm Miles cnM
I never roiild iiilte ee why a man
wanti to iliiHil elephants zebus ante I
lop > > and other animal wilfully Kle
pbnnts ate fit useful to u you know for I
they are put to work at so many thine j
Whv shiujtlng at an elephant N Jmt
like pouring shot Into the side nf a farm i
barn It IN really inn bad to kill them
tor nn Illnef of more than two ypsr
Mrs lolm II Vincent wfe of lll hop
Vincent of the JInthodlst Epl copal
Church and Chancellor of Chaulauqua
Institution I1Id today at her home In I
tnli City She wu horn at Depoilt N I
T In IO3 Prof n arx EX Vlnc nt I
dun of tht faculty of the Unlr r lty of
Cbl uo U k coo
y J1GJ
> f mKf I
> < I
Muskegee Militiamen Reported
to Have the Chief Who
Is 3adly Wounded
HENIIVETTA Okla March 3lThf >
report that Crazy
Snake had been cap
lured or surrendered Is not ronflrmed I
Cot Hoffman telephoned from Pierre today i
da y that the rumor was groundless r
Similar reports were received over thc
IOIIK distance telephone tout Checotah I
11Ikugec and Thompson I
MCSIO11E OhIo Mtrch 31Chlef i
Crazy Snukea uprising apju nrs to have
collapsed It ended with his reported
capture last night at a point Indefinite
ly fixed west of Checotnh Much mya
lery surrounds the taking of the chief 1
but It appears he was captured by or I
surrendered to Individual whu are
keeping the fact quiet until the Indian i
leader Ias been safely landed III Jail
The chief Is said to be siifferlns from I
a severe wound In the tlllh
The mlHHl mxn Il la flinrlA narf
I fully able to protect their prisoner but
did not wish to parade him ae thc lo
i callty has had excitement enough dtir
Intr the last six days Many of the
i leadlntr aides already hul been ciptuied
and the chief himself had been ready
for two day to surrender but feared
f or his personal safety
Crazy snake becnnie a pilsoner as a
result of his negotiations vith till mill
1 tlanien He sent In a courier and offered
to surrender It some of th > > soldiers
would accompany his messviiKer to his
hiding plnce and guom rant cc him protec
Why didnt he surreniler before
then wns jsked He has hat abun
dam opportunity
He In afraid of the scouts and depu
ties and would not surroiuler to them
beiMUse he thousht they would kill
The soldiers accepted the offer and the
capture wai made ThU fact was kept
secret several hours for reasons best
known to the oillcers A despatch from
Henryelta expressed the fiir that the i
capture of Crazy Snake would Incite tile
Indians throughout the Stale to an up
rlslnn and make stern measures ncces1
leary on the part of the State authorities i
It generally was agreed however that
1the tall of the leader would end the long
and useless reign of the Snake Indian
N arrow Incnprs nt Plctnrr Shins
Illnur That Sri lit nil A firs mtue
Fire early Inda
today destroyed n one
story wooden building on Iiirnswortli
nxcnue used as a imulii pctui < >
place by II A Lehman and damaged
i t rum moo house muijotiul tug It nmiplctl
by Id WI1 Ill Heel n restaurant Keeper
nnd wlilrh was owned by Walter M
Carslakts The lleil family lust nl
most everything nail barely rvapeil
with their lives The los nn thin
picture show property was about KOO
nnd on the tnurant lllmi fhf
origin of lime lire Ip a mystery
MANILA Jlaroli 31Hovnrn Hmh
hal roninuitrd tie ilf1 ivntemv n
Papa Islo the blirk Pope of thf Irlhcv
rrutn Inhabiting the Island nf Xrgrns
The Governor believed that If lilo was
executed one of his fanatical follonets
would claim lo be Isln reincarnated and
thus renew the troubU
00000 DEBT
Cash Exhausted by Borough
Bank Otters Securities
to Creditors
The receivers of the IlllsburyWaih 1
burn Flour Mills Company of Mlnne
apolls Iho are trying to collect an In
ml etut pt mm eec of l9SjfW from Vlllhm S
Hurley ut iirooklyn were utitliorlzed
by JildK Ward of the Lnltfd Htutes i
Circuit Court todny to accept In lieu
of cash certain real estate mortpajje
bonds promissory notes rnortgaije
aslKimiditi Ac
Mr Hurley whu wni fonneily a llour
meiclinnt was one of the chief officers
and sloikholdirs of the linroiiBh Hank
of lrnnklyn which wini to the wall In
tho bet panic The hanks difficulties
led tn tllH arrest nf President tow and
Ills Indictment The hank later rcsimud
buslines without toss to the ilfpnsltor1 1
nnd It wav lnlul nt time tlni lu Hur
ley lad Licrltlcid larsely his rioiial
foitune tu put lie bank on Its feet
Hirloy Is tins PMIIKPI l In the real
state luislroa mi5iiImi III
mniniv that Ian of
Itockaway and Iocknwa Hiaih known
as I amimeZ t out and proposes to tranifer
S iOJ of the fniiith niortKaKe bonds nf
the Iaurclton Cninpany and other I
estate and three mites fur IG i pay
ihli > In tivn VfiMitl fit antllu liiu i
Tho which 111111 I
properly Hurley offers In
ihules laiuls stole and mir 000umsi at
NoslO to 101 North Iourth street
Urooklyn land and tliro siury dwelling I
ut No V biJiith Vlnth street Brooklyn
land and dwellni1 at No 59 JeuYison
avoiuii Hrooklyn C Mr Hurleys hoinei
and ni vt gum gemi mi No i4J tlaseoa ae
i nue Xn an Fourth avfiiue No 1VV
Nostrum iienue on Metri > ii > lltau ave
nue heliport on KiKHlTsi bakery at
Coney Ida miii and the bonds of the luu
relton Land Ioinpauy
VIIIIIIK Mnn Aicineil if Aiitn Speed
I IIIK InIN III i I hoar for Trial
Arthur Welsheckor son of the late
Charles Vol liecker the inllllonalre
Harlem Marknt man failed to appear
for trial at Hpeclal Sess tie Court Hta
pletnn S I mi HmrBea of hnvltiK run
his uutiiniilille tot fast thnnigh Tottrn
vl tile March 7 when on his way to At I
luntlc City
His K cacti ball was furfelted and i
a hench warrant IllS Ismied by the
Justices for his apprehension Vels I
beckirt father stas crushed to death
when his speeding auto burst a tire and I
Rwervcd over an ellH > ankrn lIt at IMgo
water JC J on Oct 7 last Mrs VtVls
hecker was badly Injured In the same
s rtlrr Mini IlirOtrm iarvvr III
iuipniiiM Ililil
Clay IuKotis for the la forty years
an iMItor and JnunnliM died suddenly
In a iospltil here toili from heart its
I uSC HP iiegsmt newspiper work on the
Philadelphia Press and W lIO the turin
Initor of flit > Pith and Pint nliimn
a fealiirr in sump nru4u iv Hi tllleij
rditorlil pl ltlnns on tin Neu turk
lully Sews ami the iiini luri is C 1
World He WIf six n1 fiirt ilil
miTt MKi llli 1iTiti Man 1 31 To fe
iiiM nf till leraI irl i y dceKite
tn me Nm Vork KIS iintrfn < i w n
KJtlierel at the Stanford Metliodst
Iliiirrh tnU morn ng It vn lilting that
Illstiop Dinil A l < K > dsell thould pre
sliU for U mirtnl the opening of the I
golden rfnnMrurx of his Ufa In the
ministry I
Churches of Nassau and Suf
folk Counties to Be Open
With the Polls Tuesday
Ministers Lead Drys in Fight
but Some of Them Are I
Allied With Wets I
Pllwn In Nassau and Suffolk Countlii
he natlXs talk and think of little Hlsf
except the local option election whlc
lIkes place next Tuesday April 6 that
being Town MeetUtf Day All other
local issues such as Improvements
bonds and new schools have been en
tirely lost sight of In the erleinent
over the excise question Hard words
are flying about as thick an the mos
iiiltoes will be In the same atnin > plieie
later nn and the bitterness Is of n
proper consistency In tie drawn off nnd
but tiett
Frutii Montauk Point to the iroaier
New York City line the firllnn < lire
preparing for the hottisl lIght the too
counties ever knew For example it i
was aiinuunceil today that on next
Tuesday afternoon between oolnek I
nnd 5 oclock those helng the hours
during which the polls will be opened
lie women of Hlfi > rhoid the oils tuit oil
seat of Huffolk County will as emhle
it the Methodist Church lo pray for
the BiirrtfH of the local option ticket
i Gvery hour during the day the chinch
bell will be tolled
Prayers and Vote
In most of the other chinches of the
I two counties similar prayer meetings
i will bo hfldlnit not In all of them hi
lt understood fur nt least twu promi
nent cleigymen are this year arrayeil
Illn tho side of the wets
i The license advocates have no stouter
champions than the itav Dr tV A
Wasson of trace Hplscopal Church ill
Rlverhead and tile Ilev Martin J In
renj of St Johns Lutheran Church at
I Ilndenhurst Until are opposed to pro
hibition an n panacea for the Ills of
Dr Wasson who has been at odds
with some of his brethren many years
hecatise of his pronounced views on
i the Ilijuor problem romes nf a minis
terlal aiitlprnhlliltlon family Ids
r brother the Hev II A Wnsson of
Newark N J having gained a wide
reputation becaiii nt his liberal views
on the subject nf the legulatlon of the
Ilijuor tralllc
lOr Wasson In an open letter Issued
this week says
Cant Stop Drinking
The fact for mis to hear In mind Is i
tint people do un tilt liquor whether It I
U right or wrong nnd that the tratlli
does exist nnd has always existed I
liether It la a good Institution or a I
bit nne
The liquor traffic la absolutely sure
to exist In nne form or another JiHt as
long as there H n considerable number
nf people whn wish tu buy liquor Wo
can no more abolish the tnllli by law
than wo can change the weather condi
tions by lass Those whn think It Is
wrong to use alcnhnllc Ilijuor as a bov
crnBe have u perfect right III try tn
bring other people tn their way nf think
I ilK hut they have tin moral right nor
liavo they HIP power lo fnice other
people In conform to their mle i
The advocates nf local option have
flooded time different towns ulth pam
phletB setllni forth III various colors I
what Demon Mum has done tn the I
country Large fnursheet posters adorn I
billboards along the country lanes show
hug eve fles from The Drunkards Home
amid other temperance plays
Miss Allen Takes Courts Ad
vice and Goes After a Writ
of Replevin
MIss Zelia Allen the trainid nurse j
xvho has teen having so niiirh trouble
with the hesriin Clul Ht Xi 4W West
One I I mm ni red and HI mu temm tIm over a iN I
tinted bill of JIO appeared In Harlem j
Iollce Court today ready to prosecute I
a charlie aRalnit K C Moore maniKer
ant K 0 Crocker bookkeeper of the I
club of unlawfully holding her clothlnc I
nail other possessIons In her room Hut
Mr Moore and llr Crocker who wer
n Rprvpil with Slltnmntisefl lat nliht > lf > rt i
I ed to Ignore them and failed to appear I
Inasmuch as tile dispossess pioreedl
tags hroiulr br the Hub iciinst Miss
Mien In th llarlcni Mciiiir ul Iniit
fslnlu m er wltlnlrattii oO > ymiiiK
imr e I anxloui to pet Inii her rmmi
nnd lake posseolon of her emrets HM
she has been denied aI umil I tu tie to the
lIull < trig allli nic < rn era niio IIIVH tee 11
sent fur her rlutliim were told that sue j
u > nd han tn My th < bIl In d pnie lie
fore she could liXe inytlilrnc out of m he i
billldinK I
MaKistrue I louise ndfr s alnlv wall I
Inn for Mojrr a i oJ rker tuli > ml
S hl lIu Allen M sue nut I Will nf
relies iinl iimiciiiui 4 cs l sun iiio
Uf tin1 rjin i IITI up a jim > ii I
SAIT IKK CITY March 31Jasper
Hand a NVtv York millionaire vIce
prisldriil of itt I a gersoll Rand In tit
Comiuny piethlem uf the Hand Hick
I Ioniler Works antI i prominent club
mn of Nt < v York tiled at St Marks
I Hoiolul last nIght L
11 Her Wedding Gift From Papa
a Check lor Half a Million
HullRinged Ship Between Two
German Plugs on Chest
Designs on Ann
The police of the Jlorrlsnnli station
life endeavoring to establish tin Iden
tity of a young Herman who ellI 1 il
ilfc by gun III the fiirnMiiil loom lie
mil mitiil at No Ml Tlilnl tvvmit1 last
night V pawn ticket fur a coat ho bail
phdKiMl In Hit ha mime uf llamllsh on
March 11 for ST cents was round on
Aftor taklni possession of dm mom
he reiitid jestiidiiy tin yiwnif man
told Mrs NYlllc Nolan tin lindlndv
Hint ho had IOMK ocn ml of uork
but nail at last found rmp uu > iirm liS
a liakd amid us iit to start III 11 Ids now
placo tiidiiy lit mull lid In II mia ml
from tramplm tin stn < MtH In MUII of
work ami Intomlcil to ijot a 14001 1 IIKH
test He paid lam thirty iint ie all
Oil account of tooii mi
This imiriilni Irs N olin MII > 1 M ci
u linn hc nlOH > mill aII Ir i 01 I
tIe room of her new lodpr S i u aiiid
In Detective Thailaii who waN pitlnn
ami ho broke In the ilnor ru loot I id
boii tnrnid on full ninl nil 1111 > I I
Ii the door and sttmtlumm < ii 01 <
1111I1K01 up Tho man nu doad in
II1 was cheaply Ilotlicl hU filn da
bliii > suit showing evIdiiirM 01 lmg m
hard war On his ilicst ui fit
n full rigged ship betwn miii IMTIIM
thugs On tin1
rltht arm umo III umumm
two hnmiiiirs ninl u w ren ii
limo sllrldo vvus apji i lltl ill
tWiMltytwn jeirs nlil Ii k hiil rot
eycs and rliiin shiiven II mu < > i
alMiut 10 poiimh and was t t > > lir n >
Nit So Aiiilium ti > AiMiiil Irr
inls lnli In lnril In Vriiriiiln
HOItPKAtX March 31 It a repnrtod
hero that wlien Ilurlann I tn > usmis In
furnieil lit Pniitniiilir that the Veno
ziHliin Oovortiinenl would pinit him I u
land In the repulllr ln tulil tin tap I
tain of the Uundelotipi mi Imaid nf
whlih Mfanier hf Is iHiMium tn the
test luillos that In wnill airry nut I
Ins orlKliifll plan IIC UKIIU ii tu rolmi
and uwalt h r ilin I
Notice to Consumers I
Lion Brand j 1
Condensed Milk
New Premium Slores Will
Be Opened in April at
201 Montpiinrry St jcr ry ly
217 East Vth St New Wit
12 Centre Street New Liven
There n a larger and Imet
selection of premiums to choose
from than ever
Remember that labels
f r oat
Lien Uvml Eviporvcd Milk
good tor I3e
ii um ji u i
those from Lion H and Condnc I
When you buy lm iirind
Milk either Evaporated or Con
densed you are getting Ihe bcil
money can but
rlfir Ill mill Mrs lluUII Will III
Mrlilri Alioiinl In Ml miirl
Thorp will ho a doiihli1 ivrddlnB early
i linNt vecl nil the iiunrlerdcrli of ito
liiitllcfhlp Mlssouil In thf lloslon Navy
1 Vird luMMiM Clerk Scully head of HIP
MiiiiliiK1 Lwitise lliiriuu made a molt
talo Aliuiilay In ilatlnt tin IH
I MIII ti > rllli Kay thi actress and lln
I MK 11 lislle Itmutl itt Anderson C SN
v tout Iii > ItiV CilMlfKl I1 Klklliall le
fusfil to marry the pair Paymaster W
II Dnhfrty ninl Mrs Iloriiiro llakit
I I mvii M < II tn hal < iitiiod up smith tinin
i MinKiiteil thiy liavo thin ucreinoiiy per
1 fni iu il nn linanl tm Iii
I liiihrity uhn lins tin1 rank of lleiilon
aiitriiiiiinaniVr plrtinid tln > lirllllancy
I nf such a Ulihllii and t tue upKhnt was
I thai Mr llakit his llalirrc aiiri slut
Minld ritlni l < r a lirlih1 than hriilos
maid Ho the ilnnhlc uoililliiK wan
I phiniiiil Tin1 tim 1 uummumy will ln < > cr
I furiiiiMl by a naval chaplain In the
presence fit olllcorx and rrtW
Reconciliation Annuls Separa
tion Decree Entered Against
Allan Pirie f
The decree of separation which litt
n llrlllos attorney for hazel B Plrlfli
dross up as dhected by Justice Truajq
omit which the latter signed today coni
talneil thu II II lie ull provision that It
in I Klit tim annulled by the future reoi
onclllatlon of tho younc husband ami
Mrs Ilrle who Is living with hel
niotliii Mrs Meliis at Shecpsheaj
Bur Is clviii sole custody of her llttll
ilatiKhter ILixiltlne and t100 monthlj
alimony llcsldon thin ho sets til I
monthly lent limn the house given tc
her l > y AIIMI Hawkins Pirie on thelt
urililltiK lay in 190 at Dvanslon t
Mlblllli of CluraKO
YiiuiiK Ilrio who Is the only son ol
Iiihn Ilrlf nrMliii Clilcaso department
chute nf Scott Pirle i Marshal has bcec
at Orinond Itcach Fill since he pert
siindrd lustlco Divls to let him out 01
neoli jail when he hal been locked
up nn an order of court obtained by nil
wife when stun lieKan this suit for a sop
nratlon un the ground that ha was a
rrxidfht of ChkMKii ailn nilKhl elude thj
rmrt by returning to ChlcaRi He rs i
i1 I a salary nf IIV a month from hJ
fjihuVH II rill and Imi a JVW yacht no
iiuluiiioliUf and PI me fast horses JM
did not difoml his wifes Jiilt
NiV nltllIANS March 31Julltii
lirutlsiiliiiltl the director of malntni
iiiin11 anil opnrutlou of the llnrrlmne
mils accompanied by members of lila
c t mit It u and olhere left Sow Orleanr
till iniirnliiK un K I Hnrnmins yacht
Sultana for n cruls of several weekJ
m tin 1111f
I A Valuable Hint on I
House Cleaning
Reil lunisi cleaning cannot be accom i
plished without proper disinfection
i soap ami water do not kill disease germs
or insects
I It is very easy to pour a few dropi
of CN Disinfectant nonpoisonous in X
I all cleaning water and to sprinkle it j
everywhere about lie house
I After sweeping go over everything
with a clothcovered broom dampened j
i with i CN solution J
I Uy doing this you can secure a healthy j
home for your dear ones anil keep sick
I ness away friin your door II
r = = = I
The NonPoisonous ficrmicida
I I Trial r
Drug ot
Stores L Oc
1 I
I 5
f1UIi il
c I
c Smartest
Willow and French Plumes
Also Latest Paris Novelties
so Novelies made from your
old discarded Feathers at
12 the Cost of New
You will be surprised at the result
Feathers Curled on Your Hat While
You Wait
Feathers of Quality at Lowest Prices
Beaching Dyeing and Cleaning
Tliis work is done succcjsfully quickly and tt small cost f
A unique Mclhot convenience is the dyeing of feather
i > match ha or costume at short notice
French Feather Dyer and Dresser
J ilooM mm Opprnhrlm CulUni Lu
3it Iliinr rake Klrtntnr
In Illll 1IVY o
Third Ave and 1119th dEAi
Slip Covers Purnilure
t > rn < c lilrtO
I I lM for five Pecu
I 298 I
Special lor 7 I
J J One Week t1tlt I Nk 1
MiIf I llrv IJMII J lr
11 I Arl I
JTMM I iMiiV illim MJOl to I r
Ins M ffftl lUul iiriiirfil irr I
I Callt l > phone or send inislnl niulour nuiu ivill cull vllli smnple

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