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1 w
p 1
1 j
r I
i Through Manhattan Alumni I
i Will Ask Prelate to Act i
i as Arbitrator
1 Brother Peter Dismissed Ath
lete for Being Out Late Al
i though He Had Permission
Archbishop Fftiley Is to be asked to
arbitrate tt differences between the
student and faculty of the Manhattan
Collect at Broadwav aid One Hundred
and Thirtyfirst street which resulted
In a strike of the students
The strike was precipitated l > > the
dismissal of John p Nugent a fresh
man who came here from Iafa > ette
College with n great reputation as a
baseball pitcher and n football star He i
I Is the Idol or the student bodv which
was relying upon his strnriK rlnht nnn
to bring fame to the colleges hasebal
team this year
ugent had permission to spend the
night out of college mi Mnr h l2 In
stead he returnd to college it I A M
and was met hy Itrother Peter the
president of the Institution Nugent
wa severely reprimanded and retorted
that he had permission to be aeent
from Brother Alpheus but Hrother
Peter maintained that he alone could
lisue such a permit The next diy
NuRtnt waf Informed by Broth Ieter
t that his roslKnatlon from college would
be cheerfully accepted I
Since then the college has been In I
an uproar The student1 hRH held
frequent meetings and made II number I
of Attempts to have Brother Peter
rescind his order of practical dHmh
cal Brother Peter lm remained ob
durate despite the fact that powerful
I Influences have been brouRht tll bear
j upon him by members of the Alumni j
The association has now decided to
Uy the matter hejte Ar hnli1 ii Va
l BI i cc urt of lAt appall and it iS
expected that he will urxv llrother
Peter to temporize and mete out punish i
ment less severe to the offendln ath I
Nucent IP a son of the vicepresident
and general manager of the Uruoktnn I
Shoe Company of Troy Mr Nugent I
has many warm friend1 here amonc
i them Municipal Judge Keefe of Urook
lyn Surrogate John T Cohalan and
former Recorder McAvoy All of these j
I men are members of the Alumni Asso I
elation nnd they will be risked by the I
student body to reptesenl them In their I
appeal to Archbishop Parley
Advised to Go Home
When the strlters assembled on the
campus tudu they were Joined bv
Charles 1rellna proffor of civil en
gineering vho I a prim fa Iorlt e with
the boys They iurrounded the prufcv
for and urged him to make them
Ipeechou know we are right don t > ou
Profe or We want you to toll u so
said tile boy In choru
Thli Is a subject boys I cant ills
cui Iii liofe or dlplomatlcaHy re
lIeI and then made his escape
John Hirrlnston president of tb
student body mounted a rock and ad
dressed hisfellowstudents
Men and fellow students began
Harrington you nil know th tmrpn e
of this strike and you know It Is a Just
one We will remain out until we Kiln
our point 1 strongly urea you now to
respective home In a
return to your rp I
quiet and ot deny manner and return <
1 here at 9 odock tomorrow moinlng I
when we wl 1 I repeat our demands to
the faculty Maybe by that time they
will give us a healng There must be
no disorder and for that reason we will i
bandon all thought of parading about
town Now brs good and go home i
A committee of Ave students was then
named to call on William J Slearn of
No IT University place who Is Presi
dent of the Alumni Association I
Burned Part of Fence
The rebellious youths have more to
answer for than being cutupi fur
to furnUh fuel for their bonllre they
tore away n poitlon of the colleBC fence I
at One Hundred and Thirtysecond
street nnd they must answer to the i
authorities of the Institution for this I
An nbunlvc attempt to get day stu1
dents to Join the molt ns they arrived
at the cimpUK to day did not eem to I
have much effect I
After the stidents went on strike last
night they built a big bonfire on the I
campus and marched about It giving I
the college yell Man Man Capital
Man Hattan Ilattan llattati Man
hattan Hah Rah Huh Then they
added NUKent Nugent Nugent wus
the cause of all the trouble the end of
which Is in doubt at this time
Hrother ieter sat stolidly Inside giv
ing no sign that tho demonstration was
r Intended as a rebuke to him The stu
s dents say they do not think he was Ju
and would not remain at an Institution
governed by an unJust man
Manhattan College Is under the direc
tion of the Christian Ilrothers Brother
Peter the president formerly superin
tendent of a prcpiratorj ncliool at
Providence It I lou been In charge
for some fine
I 1 Every One An I
Last week The World printed
29302 separate wintfilling ad
vertisements GAIN of 4463
over The Worlds corresponding
record of list year
The Morning World his L
circulation in New York Gin
GREATER than he HfralJ
Times Sun Press and TriDime
Striking Students of Manhattan College
Greeting Recruits and Doing Picket Duty
Photographed Today I vciilh fir The I eninn rid In a btatl A list
Queensboro Span Tolls Never
Will Equal Interest on Bonds I
Sold to Build It I
On ftn lne tnient of lMfioiif > the I
city hag reielxnl its first return > ISol
Thi latter sum Is represents in the
tclh lollpctr on the Queonfhoro
llildRe which ai opened ye tHnli V
or course this Inslnnlliinnt iinoni wi1
inc rca cc nR the JI lllIll1lltr of tl e fleW
rtiiirture Kronj but thli fat icmnln <
The ImeifM oil tin rltyi InuMrmnt
rateil nt tho ilnilii ability nf the
bond e H about 100 m a da y a sum fur
In excess IIf any po3lMe rccplpt Ir
on Iay
Of the ircolpts > em nlay reckuiied
trt nIl ni htHIJ 1I1t derived from
auto toll < uf th > uhlilulir trips
across the tiiioturo 412 wen made lor I
automobile ii nil 2J5 by two hoso i
vehicle SliiKlc hors ttaKons and Kil
horfes completed tho It
Even If tn < trolleys and tile Mill
reels pay a lfa Viable tat > for cross
lug Cuinptrollpr Met aYn it Is a
Inch thru tin irw bridce iMinidt ho
elfMistalnliiR Uliln liftv years the
lit term 01 tb hnll Then bile I
ttc n Kni il tax mi the i > Hti rlt I
Lord and Lady Herbert and
Others of British Nobility
Also Aboard
Among the pTsiniKers on the Cunard
line r lnrltanla which left her pier
hie tnilav for Liverpool wore Ill nnd
MM iVIln Campbell Lady KVno c
iY Clod the MaiihloneM of I mMl
tlii Hill of Merely Mr and Mi > lan
lei Pfiorman Mr and Mis Inrmiin
VaiideiMlt Mauler Cornelius V miletlllt
ii MlfoHran Va nil rhlit I Lib Mian
C I Atley Lord Peslnald Ilertmt
lndv IVatilce Herbert and lit Cnil o
The VnnderLllt will ho Ruav Iliii
said for II few month at least and
will iiperd much of their time on n
yacht irtilje In Ilutopea nuatuis Lord
and I alt Herbert a nd the Karl of An
Blesey are In the one pirtv They hive
been visiting the Karl and Countess
Orev In Montreal Tiny were KIIISI at
a dirtier given last nltht by Mr Cor
nelus Vanderhllt
Ulnd and tide uru against the iusi
tana wlen die wa tea viny r pier
and furred her colt ward until the
tnui heil the next ici below barely
ml sin g the lighter l > ho nlx tnoonil
tlieie and latl the t I re inas ted
ichonnfr fHITonl I Whlt In tow up
the river rue LiHltanla travelled half
a mil tout h with MX IIIKS pulling at
her before she was headed 501111
ItuilEP Wlilil l cil
From this Iloston TraHlltr I
Vhatee one tatty think of the prar
tlie f rriiKlnK there IN no denying that
it IH much more genorall done than
twenty years nR when a woman who
pilnled her fare was looked upon
S une women who iln not ohjeel to
ruuxe from any other Klnndpnlnt heal
tute to use It for ftir of Injuring their
skins This K iifc a rule iille ground
I see
An Inlereftlni iH mje that It h r
ing in ide in lMtl to Inxemlirate all the
rostneir in the market hinds that the
majority of the moUrn coimetlrs ate
ilSriuirlv free from tnjitrlo efeilii
A trebles vxti < > ami ohiitftiiti v for
their part rarely experience liad ef
fit And mar of 1lm have demit
fill skins AniuriR the noted French
a trt ii > ea rpipntlnneri In the crurne of
this Imestimation not one told uf hail
effiri from her makeup one wo
r IVir u es r3inelcs off the Mat r1
cenii > told how she keeps her ski io
Its porfert conditIon
The Instant she Ie through with her
part SK f rutis hot fire wIth COM cream
and then wxsten It wIth hot nlmon
bolltnv wAter IAttr ahe apllei old
water In which a little benzoin la
m LA ed
With Reading They Show the
Way to Higher Levels on
Goo Buying
Ileadlns and tl i Ilnrilirnn l sius l clan I
nn upward momiPnt In tin Iud mar
Kft curly ti > di y On the i xpectation j
thnt 1nlun and Smitliun IRltlu wuuld j
> 10111 excellent statement for till innntl i
nf Keliuury the toik1 gained ovci n
jidlnt nn laiKc I > IIIIK niilcii Heading
wn ftrnne wit nn 1 I point ndvanre
Tlc ipinilndei nt the innk wi < car
lfl liP s llli lit l cole s 1ilcps lilil
It 111111 In buljo > < inent 1ilIln which
s MTI a < tle
Itta stock mark rulwl trnnif thruiiKli
tin1 nfternonn tin mnl luacN as a itrnuji I
Ifliii ixrtptlnnallv vlaoniu Ill I hf I
finiil hniir Ililon Pailflr ustiiited the
HCIII III n bmuiK movcmiiit that
biiiijhi iirlips in tim hlKliP nt the
idn inliiv inn from I III 3 point In
tlii alive list Iafillf oust maile II
sensatliinnl rise nf 11 1s hunts Tnul
lug lit tin1 end its PIV actlv
I The liitil sifi it stucks were vlfiim
shares und of nundN SjII
Ie hsg 1rlcrs
I Tta a hlh1 weet ant lall price I
101 itoch nM it flft chcinee A erniaret
ii IIh euteniialb Iu figures are 0 IOIl
t I
1 high low lonft Itigi
I AmaL owr a Ij 1t
tm lar c fh 111 II I
t ni ian sI it
Alii an It 7
I 111 Ii 0 11 i ttt P
1 kr oni rtI t 1
AIII itIt tc II lI I I
i m i1 t R Ir hilt ticit lilt
Am > tlnr itt lth 1ii
I Am T T 1 n tat iti iJt
11I Tob I hit 11 I l tt I 1
I MInnla tlnln 1 44t 4
1 r r s f I IH hi I
i llanlir inipt 1 21 iiiu 1 r lii
htett C Oil 111 III h12
lIklO llin T ptt I r
I HO Iarlo 10 12 tI
I he Onn i cli fi5j I
shI M s HI P h4t 11 Its II
shtc Ut I us ls a
hl eN 1 1 t2 ti I
I 5 C > Lt I
01 tur k been IU 111 I I
1 ounrn 1 i15 etL2
I nol II I hi 111 hk I 1
Lit I I < V u c
I I lIuIn Ii 1 Is I I
1111 nrp 11 I + it I
hri 12 I ii
ttCIl Uoc I ha tb
Ut or 11 II I 11L1 tn
hater iei liI j 11 I
II onl HI III lit p
I lacer Pun1 II t 1 s
r Ian lily 11 h
loute bX aa IH U lali
111 it It II 1 I I
lIan i It I 1 6 M
1 io P r 1 III II 4 111
SI m 1 cx I I H
Mo Iaellle t2 F
Ont 1aI h5 r2t I
i Nrfhhc ir Vest s IK4 tIol I
Nrh tirr iii i ii I I i
i c Y Xike C I 1
Y irihtrhI t 111 us
V X II iot tm iir Z
1 r h lalIIr Ha I 12 IIn I
OnI ei I t I
r PatIft I At liJ 7ih Ie II
I IpnIonl1 3tI IXII lab
i iii II 112i 1111 i I
1 I I 5 i I tt3I Itt iu4
lrseh iilct jgl 1 ti
1IlInll tynl l5l 131 I 1 I
hti > 1let tn 2i l
I Itch tset flS1 11 FI I
ftk hslanI ZJI hi 8
nk 1lan It ia III h4 I
ih ut 1 n Ilj I I I l
urh II I fC e5i
JI i IIS p1 IllS sit ii
1 I
Tl1lr1 sr Z i 1l t I
To I I Ir W fs al I i I
In I r I Ia I
It hieS t i TI4 73 11
I I t test 111 t III I
t S c 11 tit 112 t
1 It El Ill
WHu 1 t t I 3
CihnI rtI I 52
Sa n 11 r ctV
11 0 141j hi I 1
A I ii iIie
A hMgh ant N eo Knela I st
i ai Ia i lurtij nrnkil nt f s waf
I 7 I I N I I > < ln i t rlll
ivoi e i i il ws deltte I i
i i me Pit i HKKJI efi this iai i i
Inl Ion an nihnrknent Thre tiats
no one In It at the time
Taft Storm Centre of Distillers I
Who Are in asliington
fOI a iStjw uling I
Tnt w is I Iii > sioini eniio tndav of a
It l an Ill tin siilijct of Uliat 14
UhMicvV The dl rim lon heft thin
Ihlrr lXiitthv ithik h nut plrllllllllRI
to Hli elMiei hcnrlne to li Kiniilril
by him nei udiusilay lilnRnl upon
tin tfihnlctil 11Istloll of u what point
III the priifc of hlKliur riuilllratiin
olilfT lilotid stre chit lifinn imlta
thou hlley iiiulei tlp nilos uf tin
IMne rood law oil hail iloun by lie I
Iepartii ent or t tl < iiltur In accnul
anff with a deehe hon of formnr Attiiiu >
ienernl limiaparlc I
I iron I lit tl11 ronfironi of dHtllki
Soil flONcrnment olTldnl at the White
IIoUp Htie Attortielieni Wlikii
sham fecretariof Acilrultnif Wlon
lr Wlli Hr Ininlap nnd Soliuto
M < Iab t if the A llrIlJulr I > epi l I
imTit lofeph II riiiifite of Xii York
iepre > enilnj Canadian whiskey Inter
t lf Uarvvlrk Huff of St Louis loul
ii ert hey of Phlladlpull i Hcimaii I
ivilarlu of Cincinnati John I Iliggs
i of Tern llnulp Ind K D Hull of
Peorla III and II W Taylor of Ken
lurk > i
1if lISt I hlers nlio take rllPl1 oil out
of thrli whlsikev lv big IIr method of
rertlfliitian or rcilethllat IOu and i o or
It jn other wan ilinn by tie li uf I
chimed oak luiiil aid altos t
IP now labelled linialoii t h f ran
diirloi nf sttu IIIK a new llnz
Tics ai cppiid In thl tiv tIe FO
cnlltd straight whlKoj liiterenf I
It I Mild that innor Mi SitPtLl In I
tin heparttniMit of fiiltiiri nth I
sub nlil > ki > fiinn suliih WLkJas I
not been mei liitnral rif5i lt1rlrot
trardeil liS s n ti ln whlsl ni I lei I
tin Hi piirtme nillns It Is de jn
t liLt moK SiMh tvhihslts and miinv I
nf the hlnhei ciailf of othiT Uiiuls nf
hlHkeis MOW mi the markft ioini > un
del the nlmnxi m Libelling of linlli
tloii uhlfkiv iniiipjiilid whl < kf
bite mattel V Ill be till exiled out at till
I net liearln net Vdniiiy
hit ni lnrl
IV in tv tf Xh I e Aireritan i
il miirrled a hatuliomv mllllnn
4iv but finne mm are luek
ei3 but sle i Iliit workin tn 01 iI
ilav 1
Solid Gold
100 a Pair
Voiil hate In tin 5JS OO fnr the tune
iKnlt ul iiin iitfirr lilih < U t mitlrltinH
t L life ii IH el i iC t ee p
tt In It Isi I ti gtiCe aol ettpe I I
as if c tile fr whiCh r cane
gsi tha i 0 of lnef vr
Mf of i s it it r IBM ar riuIret
If Wiri In 1itib Ice t j r it n r f KJTM
IH i iticd C < t rm rfltrrfil
ahit i or oIM tint g
yI rethehI I t H I
I joeUudSIJT
I elIv t2 Me Italy 541 FuiloVstBHjn i
K 1 > llheij I5 Nf i ft Kl b A
10 Kill CZAR
Officers Plan a Revolution Al
most at the Doors of the
Royal Place
St Petersburg Police Also
Make Big Seizure of War
Munitions and Documents
ST IKTERSHnsa March tIThe
police of Ht lVti biirK luve frustrated
1 plot tn otart an tiprlilng In the Can
asus Yesterday thfy arrestt seventy
men InclitdlnR several army offlcfr
who 11 members of n revolutionary or
sanitation were engaged In providing
arm ammunition and funds for the
projected movement A largj number
of military rifles and several thousand
iirtrldges destined for the Caucamu
also fell Into the hutils of the iuthorl
tie S
The raid wis made In the rentr of
tnc oily on a corner of the oskl Pros
pekt where the bind boldly had it
lerted hoidnuarKTS The police pured
Igned docimiehtu betraying ill the de
all of the movement
The speech delivered In the Duma
March S by Alexander J liudikofr one
or the Uctolieilst leaders iiastionlni
the mil lary ability of tilt Riivslan gen
erUf with hUh iomtnnml > already has
tnrre lt < IIIs fruit An nrdei was
aKlifd > p tenla making n number of
Important cliinRpx iU lRiieil to Improve
the war ellhleniy of the aim
Lieut Uen liierichclmann Governor
eneril of MO IOH whose lirllllirt coy
ring 01 tho retreat from MuKdri jael
the Manohurian army hat been nil
pointed commander of the Mllltat > lls
trrt of Vllna R post entailing com
nurd lit th TiMt Arms fnrp III lM M
Iusla sliouM eiiKaKf In hostlltlet with
q many
The new appolnieis nre vigorous men
beUveen tlfty and tlft > nxe Sears of np >
These appointments mark the passim
of the IiiiiTiirklsli war heoes who
up to the present time hixe beui gIven
preft retire In the allotment uf com
mands S
Inner ilolin Ieur penkn In
The propospd IHlslon nf the charer
of the Cltx of New Votk wi xlcorou
attacked todax hj Iinxer John Lea
hdolr thO e Pea tnnlflu thee IIf i 1
Hoard of Aldermen Chairman xV s i
Invited Mi Lenn to appear hefoe thf
cominlttee next Vediiffdiy to furlhfr
Present his vIews on the cuhjeet TDI
ImxIiiK the next publlo heirlni the A
dermani ioiiinlttee mil 111 to Alhitn
for the piiipnve of hcnlni niKuiueni
CliilnnMi Wal h said today I am
nnvliired that the prnposed ievl < lon of
the dialler does not meet popular
Isuas nl the Knot
i From h C Brmlriiam Are HIMJ I
V 11 11 bIn Ii in Vimaid
He held the iiek record fur fir
yea vs
Mercer Court Judge Holds
Her in 25ooo Bail Whitla
Family in Atlantic City
MERGER PII March UIrs Helen
Bole wife of James 11 Boyle kid
napper of Willie Whitla wni arraigned
before Justice of the Peace Thoma I
McClaln at this place today charged i i
with kidnapping I
She entered a plea of not guilty I
And was heM for the action of the I
I Grand Jury In the sum of J330 iO ball i
Her hiiNind waive a hearing it
Sharon MonJay and It held In the Jill
on n similar bond
I The woman was taken from the jail
by Sheriff ihe s and the two followed
I by n couple of deputy sheriff went to
i the offlce of the Justice about a square I
distant Mrs Hoyle wa asked If site
I would plead guilty or not guilty and r
i replied I
I Vhj I am not irullty and I enter
a pIp of not guilt l
Fa you want to hal a hearint at I
I this lime 7 said the JuMlrv or will
you waive a hearing
I Tor the present sh replied It I
I will bn better for me in walxe any
heat Inn
Well that Is about ill replied the
Justice Of course there will be lush
In this race It Ic rUed at JiOOO
lime you any one that will go nil your
Nit replied the woman and there
upon she was committed to jail to
await the action of the ilrand Jury
way to Atlantic City to lest from Ihs
attain under which they labored for so
many day Mr and Mrs James Whitla
of huron with little Willie who 1113
I lidmpped and their dau hur Sxllna
stopped oft In Philadelphia more tlian
an hour todRy before hoarding a rain
I for the MAholl The family will a >
In Atlantic Iltv for about a week and
I will return to Miaron to aid In the pro <
tuition of the allepfd kidnappers
I S Im glint tn set the Atlanta Ocean
Us tine to be hack with papa attain
exclaimed Willie
I nm M much pleated that toy son
I with me elite and well that I can
think of but little else said the father
1 they nine kail that I will claim the
rewm I uttered b > the State but It li
nut true ne deilated To have In >
Still back I > the most splendid tlilcc In
the hole world Chic tenure probablv
will B to the Cleveland pullre who
uorlnl so nobly for us
e shall rest ourselves In Atlantic
iIU he intlnjcd and then Willie I
will to to school In Sharon as though
nuthlns had happened
j VA IIINCTOV Match 31It de
eillpetl tolar that vxtungiwrnan
I Morlll of IlillBde phla had been
offered tie post or AmbillMdor Ip
I ins e la but h use of the demand nf
his prlxnte Interests he was not tulle
to jiAul lie position which Is now
Itltci 11 John V HIIJ1
Ciuldman Sachs ft Co todav Cmugagh
I PIf > jn 100111 coin tor 8hlpmllIt till
IhIP11IS Arei tnmurrow ant luo
fur cli I pine lIt next wrek
Little Known in Harlem of
Mrs Augusta Wilson Who I
Inhaled Gas
Mri AinuMii Wllnn thirty three
year old WI1 fnuml dead In n ro klnx
chnlr on the third Moor nt th > apartment
house nt Vo Oi eet Olio Kundied and
Eleventh ci reel hy tho Janitor lintnve
Note at noon lodny A gnu tube rx
tendliiL finin a jet nil tin1 wnll to IUM
i month Indicated hov the votnan hid
I llttle Is known nf her rnnnectlnns
She lived line In t lie threernnm lint
S and VMS selilnin sen liv her itch chile ire
She line hen nwny for peilmN nf two
iseeks lnrc shin innk the apnitnient two
months nun One WOIIDIII In the hulldliii
S tnteil that Mri Vlni nail spnl > pn of
1 leaving her htihnnd Hi movements
wet it 1115 herr tn nil whn know her
Ir William Jncfllinn nf Nn JUT West
One Hundred nnd lcvrntu tIred fild
that Mr Ullroii lad lioon dead for
hour 81e left nnthlni tn toll 1111 sle
had taken her life The lnd v lullS re
moved tn the Moictie I
How to Tell Whether a Skin Affection I
Is an Inherited Blood Disease or Not
i i
Sometime i It Is hard tn determlno whether i
a skill affection Is a sign of a blood dlionler
or slrapl a form of enema Even phvsl
clans are often puttied li the diagnosis I
The but way for any one afflicted II to no I
to IleieuinuX flItter Kallshs Klnimaii8
JunRnianiiii or auy good druggist who han
dles pure drURi soil obtain M cent worth
of poslam Apply this and If the Itchltu
Hops nt once ant the troible In cured In a
lew days It may lie set dO11 as having
been eczema as this I s the nay roslam acts
In the worst races of eciema and In curing
acne herpes blotches tttter piles salt i
rheum raili barber and other fornii of
Itch scaly scalp and all surface skin af
I Thou who will write to the Kmeriienoy
Iabomtorles No 32 West Tvientyflfth I
Street New York car secure by mall free
of charge a iiiriply inCIPient to euro a
small eczema surface or clear a completion
oxernlcht and remoxe pimple in twenty I
four hours
Its GO < D h > tii
For tKe
Qi S1
Dont use manure tint looks unsightly
jnd Ins onetenth the value of Emerald
Lawn Dressing an odorless fertilizer
thits ill food to the grass and guran
teed to Rive absolute satisfaction I
10 Irs 45c 2c Irs S 100
100lbs300 500 lbs 1250
50 Barclay St New York
i1OOPfR juffAN0
lilt Il ROOM
75 ° I
sho IoOs I
100 Years Old To day I 1
Mrs Abigail Morrill of New
buryport Mass who is one
7 hundred years old takes1
If Sk Duffys Pure Malt Whiskey I
regularly as a tonic Mrs
i Morrill says that her health I
7 and vigor are due to this and I
1 is grateful that she can ob
0 tain such an excellent tonic
liLLJ C stimulant in her old age
I y In an interview Mrs Morrill says 19 I
5 1 i c j have been using Duffys Mure Malt
ti f I Whiskey for the last two years with good
jF i4I results and I am still using it every thy
as a tonic My health is as good as can I
S t i I V 1e expected at my advanced age I am
u one hundred years old today March 31st I
I thank you for preparing so good a medi i
S cine for the old I
S Ever testimonial is guaranteed gen1
i nine and is published in good faith with I I
I full consent
I Mrs MorrilPs experience is similar to
S that of thousands of othir men and
women who have been kept strong and
vigorous in their old age 1y the ue of
Mrs Abigail Alorrlll Aged 100 Duff1 Pure Malt Whiskey
I Duffys Pure Malt Whiskey
If Mm uili to keep young btronj and vigorous and have on ymr cheeks the glow of perfect health
take Dully Pure Malt Whiskey regularly according to directin It tones and strengthens the heart action I
and purifies the entire system It is recognized as a family medicine everywhere It i1 invaluable for over
i worked men delicate women and sickly children It is a promoter of health and longevity j makes the old
feel young and Veps the oung tronij
CUTIO When you ask rout druggist grocer or dealer for Duffys Pure aIt Whlskef he sure you get
the genuine Its the only abaolutely pure medlcnal mtf whIskey and Is sold In sealed bottles only never In I
bulk rIce SIUO IlIok for the trade mark the Old hemut on tha label Ind make lure the sell over
the cork l lf1roktn Write nsultinK hIcln Ildlf Milt Whuke COs Robster N V for free IIIU1
trlted medlc boollet and trce advice
If all the prospective piano pot
chasers In New York could absolute
appreciate the extraordinary values n
lire offering during our big sale whlc
Is now going on there would be a I
least he thousand people at our stoi
tomorrow clamoring for bargains
Biggest Piano Sale
on Record
This is a real sale The big rt
iductioiis are genuine and ever
piano advertised can be seen at ou
We have placed all our discon i
tinned styles and used pianos in on
Fifth Ave store It is our intentio
trwll absolutely every one at prk
that will cause them to be snappe
up immediately Every piano I
taped in plain large figures On
price to all Payments the lowest
A small deposit say Ten Dollars
and the piano will be delivered a
The following is a partial list o
the new and used pianos that will b
placed on sale tomorrow This i
a piano opportunity of a lifetinw
Investigate at least
fit ue1 I273 new I
CaInhrt 40 styles now SI9
500 uied 325 ntw r
Stinuty 6 a I styles now 22 t
4 o used 350 new
Chick2ting 80 stylis now 25
5iOO used new i
ljorion tylf s now 26
500 used I 400 new i
Chl k ring 125 I styles now 28
4ooustll 5new
Ul3llbury 135 styles flout 31
400 UStJ I S4S0 new
D1Ckr UIOS 140 I styles now 32
H5ous Issoo new
BI3Jury I styles now I
150 lISeJ 50 new t
Emritt 165 styles now 39
43 1 tISCi EJOO new
hiorae W3tm 175 I Piano PlayesIS
50 used SSO new
Sterling 185 Gund PiUIO 60
Vith every one of these Instrument
goes a stool cover one yeirj free tunlPi
and free delivery Wt will dtllerI
these prices any one Instrument upo
receiving a small payment down an
your promise to pay a regular imoun
each month NO INTEREST
The House of Quality
Wissner Pianos J
96 Fifth Ave Cor 15th Stl N v
The only Go 01 Hi kind In the World
Voor Old Trunk er BM
gale Made Good
asfwl I I
szaao Wroti inBU it CO Lnmont 4n
SI iLSSHerculft nHO hoBOEnrKlt5fl
fAOO Fifimiri a4ni apn Loalhr jo
C I ItO Tresu OSri 1800 Oxford ftK
Fibre Cases Sob
Leather QoodsTraT >
ellers Outfits Etc
1 lImit from nlon Sfl Writ on 14th g I
A It e m ark I rod TrtnItsa a
able ttusrMt I bought io1
I r C C 1 b ari ° J exchaniite
trtth all utu 1ltoekhtj Inade 10 oMr
No matter hero you llv or I s
what your occupation nay be you I
can dress well on our new
Credit I
We carry a ulret and uptodtlt stock of i
Ladies < < Gents J
Opon an account with us anti pay
LenoxCl C 1 0 g I
2274 3d Ave I
Between 123d and 12Uh Streets
ThtiIntu Coolldolla1 pn Puenlng
Ha Kitrn Char e for II I
Adftrtlmnll for ne 70114 map be h
Cl Lay AmU1can Dllulel aUkngs orno I
III In city until t P K u

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