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n 111 JIWur II LIJ J T 1 I n = ISIJiI 3 ff < l UlMH
1 I > r fe RrT I I 1
f l 1
TO JAil TO fOil
tl Only Way Artist Perry Can
I Get Out of Paying Ali
mony She Realizes
With the utl eonunt of hi wife who
li Mr Terry No nolnnd lllnton
Perry the artist and sculptor it solntr
to Immolate himself In Iudlon Store
Jail 10 to speak In order to atlefy a
Judgment held by his nut wife for SLID
back alimony Jlr Perry expects to
take up hto rwldence In the Malson do
Iudlow tomorrow morning
A six months term In the not un
comfortable jail will purse him of eon
tempt of court Incurred his fdlluru
to pay alimony And after that he nil
he Immune from arrest the Jl10 hill
of arrears will be wiped out and he will
start with a clean nlliiom slate
Mrs Perry liven st t1 a Intel Van
Renalaer In West nieentli street
with her twomonthsold bah She Is
naturally disturbed over the outlook i
but Is same to to the entire route
I am In full accord she < ild to i
day with Mr Perrys determination to I
go to Jail and so wipe out his alimony I
Indebtedness Abmp cverylhlnc ese It I
Is an Injustice to compel him to pay I
alimony to his first we Win wllln
IIP Is trylnc to do Ills full duty as a
husband and tether to me and my
baby should lie IJP held l > v legal n
Hrlctlons to a foinior wtfe who di
tarred hIm i
Arranging for His Absence i
M Perry Is an nit ist In the present
nr state of the market foi wJrk nf art
he Is iinablo to lather Jllii hens he
must RO to Jail HP l out of HIP rltv j
tn day afrnnklnK foi in fi Ijve com I
fortably during has hri Itrntlon and I
expect thai r < nil Llu Inisclf up
tomorrow mnrnliiK
Mrs Por ilt > been itnrrlcil hpforf
She was Mrs Iar llinlmr Klslitr of
Han Dlrci fa wren Mi Perry met
and wnoet her Inn and a halt years
the first Mr IVm teas Irma Hln
ton the > iMilptiii M Ht npuii llr
martini her In If she site a lallll
lei ot lury llionson HIM II Illf Hlllp
tot and a sister nf Irs DIIT > Iii nrkeu
and the foinni Alr Jjt IS lllllllliT
t few Mai apt sill i uli hoiilid with
HleliUil 1s liHiiMiic ill writIK T hi
Laurel uf Gooip I S Iran Mint > n
PiMi made hi dbut 01 lit stage in
Artist and Wile Who Part to
Avoid Paying First Wife Alimony
4 < It I
i frV I
l 1 t c
1901 and has played In various prnttre
tlon lure
when she was granted n divorce In
1m Perry was ordered to pay her Jli
la month nllmnny lie saidlhls Is
too intirli and begin in fall behind
In the IJIMIIPIIIH After thiMtmlns
him with punishment Mri Ieirj No I
agreed In lft to accept jo a month
lie tall this according to his attorney
mill Inct Mny when tile panic hit him
Hi aint in 111 anything since and
yL n Prrry No 1 became pervl h
Declared In Contempt
tier attorney In lammry made a mo
on to have Perry punished for con
tempt Mrs Perry wanted a settlement
on n hauls of U5 a month for arrears
her rhlrn amoiintlnp to 11120 He of 1 I
erect tn pay fps clown and SIC a month
until he had settled the bill which he1
t ssertwl was only 1150 She declined
llr was given n few ncclts to settle
hut iiccortllnK to his lawyer has been
declared In contempt end expects to go
to Jail toinorrrm
you can be sure that it is all Havana Tobacco
and that it is as good a cigar as the combina
tion of choicest material skilled labor and ex
perience enable us to produce for the money
100000000 sold in the last five years All 1
sizes from 3 for 2l to 2c each Ask lor them
everywhere There is no cigar just as good
Try Our Diplomaticos Size lac 2 for 23c I
Be t Value and Quality in Years
Ir iJOi I
Sale Starts y E Every Spring f
i Every G a r Suit Top Coat
Morning Cravenetle
Morning Spring Over
This Week i coat and
at 9 oClock Trousers
at Our Lease ExpIres at U Price
1 Sale On
Price 72 W e Must Vacate Business Only 9 More Days
Pt I to Easter
The Big Building COt 23d St and 6th Ave
More than six months ago we placed orders for over TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS
worlh of Spring Suits and Top Coats which we will be compelled to receive notwithstanding that our
lease expires soon and we have to vacate The manufacturers would pot accept cancellations on any part OIi
of orders placed with them J v
How to dispose of this immense quantity of merchandise in a short time on account of the expira
tion of the lease corner 23d St and 6th Ave is the PROBLEM THAT CONFRONTS US Itis
to us to sell up
Two Hundred Thousand Dollars Worth of New Spring Suits Top
I Coats Cravenettes Trousers Full Dress and Tuxedo Suits
na short time All stylish merchandise fresh from the tailors The Suits and lop Coats are high class
I and include the best makers of this CITY ROCHESTER BALTIMORE AND PHILADELPHIA Gar
menu that always sell at from S3 to S40
And have marked every garment to be sold at
HERE is your opportunity to supply your Easter Suit or Top Coat at Half Price
Mens Business Suits Mens Top Coats Mens Trousers
Retail Sale Today 4 Tomorrow Sale Retail Sale Today tc Tomorrow Sale Retail Sale Today c Tomorronv Sale
t Vaiiif 0 Ho 41 sizes Price Value 34 to M sizes Price Value JO to 42
waist Price
1000 Fancy Wool Cheviots 500 10 00 Tan Top Coat 500
ioo BlKk Cheviot bulls 000 12 00 Black Thibet Coat 000 250 Cheviots and Cassinteres125
400 fall Worsted SuP 700 I loo 700 I
oo Fancy I1 Oxford Cravenette 400 Worsteds and Scotches200
ljOolllue Serge Suit 800 1600 Fancy Coat 800
i 18 00 Worsted Suits 000 IS 00 Silk Lined Top Coat 900 500 Worsteds and Cassimeres250
2000 Blue or Gr Its 1000 2000 Elegant Oxford Silk Lined
600 Custom Made 300
500 Pure Wor suits125o Top Coats and Crav
4 2500 Tuxedo s 1200 enettes 1000 7 oo Mens Elegant Worsted 3
2800 Custor ads Suits 1400 2800 Custom Top Coats 1400 500 Trousers Neat Stripes t 50
J Entiiv stock of Mdns Trousers Fancy Vests Boys and Childrens
l Suits and Top Coats go at 4 regular prices
Boys Suits Boys Short Pants Suits 500 Wash Vests at 50c
Retail Long Pants Sale Retail Double Breasted sale
and 75c Worth 2 CO
Value V 13 to 19 ycarJ Price Value 6 to 16 years rie ana ac wor n V 3
600 Fancy Cheviots 100 5oo fancy Cheviots i5o Elegant line of Craven
9QO Black Cheviots ft j
1200 Fancy Cassimeres OOo too Blue Cheviots 200 ettes at ONEHALF for
15 00 New Shade Worsteds 730 I 1 Fancy worsteds275
15 00 Latest Strlpf Worsteds 750 I 71 glut Serge 350 mer prices
KIN G Cor Sixth Ave
I and 23d St
J g
Railroad fare allo d to outoftown purchasers Show your return coupon to cashier jjj
Ii f J f
jnlti gumianj
Broadway at 34th Strut
An Extraordinary Clearance Sale of
Waists for Women
at Yz and less than Yt regular prices
Incomplete assortments and sizes slightly soiled
or trussed garments of French batiste or fine lawn
Elaborate mode in combinatons of fine embroid
ery Cluny and Val laces A wide variety of styles
including tailored effects in allover embroidery I
Value 200 400 650 875 1050
at 100 198 298 395 495
Spring Millinery
Tailored Semitailored Hats
for Women at 495 to 1550 i
A large variety of Untrimmed Hats in all the
newest braids and shapes at very modest prices
Complete assortments of
Osrjch Plumes 1 Fancy Feathers
Aigrettes WiQ s and Flowers
Untrimmed Straw Hats Value 225 at 135
Flowers at 38c 48c a bunch
Hydrangea bluets rose lilacs poppIes cherrlei
An Introductory Sale of
Low Shoes for Women
By way of directing attention to the exceptional
facilities of this department we offer this
Special for Thursday j riday Saturday only
Low Shoes of patent leather gun metal calf
Russia calf or vice kid in all the approved 300
shapes of the newseason Values 400 500 j
136140 West 23d St
f1DcPTHWA 1807
1 TOrJK w A
ifJ 1 Patel a y t
Carpets Furniture
The housecleaning season is upon us and winters wear
and tear on household necessities can be plainly seen Why
not replace old and worn pieces with some of our Reliable
Library Tables 1000 to 1425
Former prices 1600 to S24
Rockers Leather Cushions 975 to 1575
Former Prices 2150 to 27
Fashionable Dining Room Furniture in the same Artistic Wood
Tapestry Carpets 110 per yd I
Reduced from 145 I
Borders to match
Reduced Mattings Chinese and Japanese Rugs at Special Prices
All Goods Marked In Plain Figures
10ft Discount for Cash
23d St West of 6th Ave
Ftetbush AviARtfRiifeaft Street
Coip RMttaI
Be Wise in Time
You cannot keep well unless the bowels are regular
Neglect of this rule of health invites half the sicknesses
from which we suffer Keep the bowels right i otherwise
waste matter and poisons which should pass out of the
body find their way into the blood and sicken the whole
system Dont wait until the bowels are constipated take
They are the finestnatural laxative in the world gentle
safe prompt and thorough They strengthen the stomach
muse l cs and will not injure the delicate mucous lining of
the bowels Becchtuns Pills have a constitutional action
That is the longer you take them the less frequently you
need them They help Nature help herself and
Keep the Bowels Heatjhy
Bile Active Stomach Well I
ta Bon lee and ttt with full dilution I
RIDE FIZECnrrl ° Iru of Double SllGreen Trad ffi
° I Crownn Vihlcli Cue omnlbum in lath St ing Stamps With Purchases
In inj Ron Id Ave III Subway inj nirtice
llnci on JJ inj < lh Avcmiei tnJ llrnJiy Made Before 12 oclock
fA at ova ns r EtfHU1PQES MEW YORK j
Nothing but Compliments Are Heard
Around Our Displays of Trimmed
Hats at 5
Nn less than a thousand hats in the collection at
this extraordinarily low price and no two hats alike
that in itself tells practically the whole story Can
you think of another store in New Yorl that offers
you such great selection even at double our famous
I price We think not i
I Every nine out of ten women who have so far seen
the hats at this price were pleasantly surprised and q
not only had something nice to say about them but r r
bought one or more at this price S
New Hah Are Added to the Collection Daily ha
You know these are made in our own workrooms
by remarkably clever milliners and that is one of the 1
best reasons why our price is 5 instead of 750 or 10
These hats are either copies of imported models or
improved ideas Every hat possesses an original
touch either in shape or trimming y I
Other Trimmed Hats Specially Priced f
at 750 10 1250 15 20 and 25 I
ISIcgel Cooper Store Second Floor Front
Womens Footwear in the Most Q nnA Q
3 d 350
Wanted Styles and Leathers at O O
No other shoe store in New York can offer you
ns many advantages in the selection and purchase
of high class shoes in the styles and leathers of the J
day as we do in our Foot Mould brand Just stop t f
and think for a moment t
All the new lusts shown this spring by the fore s
most specialty shoe stores are included in our
wonderfully complete stocks And these highly
desirable styles in the very leather that are being featured at
wanup prices Bronzein kid and calf
Sueilc in all the new colors Calfskin in tan brown and black
Kidakin in golden brown and black Cravenette Clothin colors
And Best Quality Patent Leathers j
Most of this footwear is shown in our own celebrated Foot Mould make
and assortments are at their very best today Every shape and every 1
size and no matter what price you buy at you save from SOc to 150 and upward
Womens 3 Shoes and Oxfords at 195
Carefully made shoes with welted soles excellent styles These were purchased from a 1
shoemaker who was a bit hard up for rendy cash
Included are 1500 pairs of black shoes and Oxfords and more than a thousand pairs of tan
Russia calf Gibson tics and TANS ARE IT THIS SEASON All sizes in this sale
Sieiel Cooper Store Second Floor Keir
No Matter What You Want to Pay f <
for Boys Clothing Come Here i f I 1
Well Surprise You at Every Price and Particularly 111 < I I
at 5Let Us Prove It I f I
OULL find no sentiment attached to any garment here therefore
YOULL pay only for quality style and workmanship I
Come and see our line at S5 and note the fabrics and the way iw E
each garment is madethe designing tailoring and materials carry their II 1
own praise theyll appeal to you as soon as you examine them il I
Single or Double DreaMed Suitsmade in I Russian and Sailor lllousc Suits made in I 1
the Derbyback style Knickerbocker I the newest military style all the best iil I
trousers newest spring designs of cassl srJriiJjj shades including blue serge
mere worsteds and cheviots also plain 24 to 10 years at S5 a I
blue serge 8 to 18 years 5 Heelers in the newest spring fabrics vel I r
at D vet collars handsome embroidered chev
ron on sleeve tan gray olive mixture 7
Tan Top Coatsalso fancy mix rej and plain blue serges 2 > < J to g p
tures 8 to 16 years at 35 12 years at 85 1
ISleg1 Cooper Store Second lour Rear
Madras and
Crete Curtains
Stniationallfi Low Prices
lot Thursdays Selling
100 pairs in small lots one to six
pairs of a kind in the best selling
patterns of the day will be sold
tomorrow as follows
Regular 425 to 850
Grade at 325 to 575
As the quantity in this sale
is limited we advise morning
Embroidered Muslins for
A sale tomorrow of 5000 yards
in splendid designs regular ISc
to 15c a yard qualities at
a yard 15c and 18c
51e lei Cooper Store ThlrJ Floor Front
Important Sales In These Lines Tomorrow
Women Suits Womens Waists j
Framed Prints Etchings and Oil Paintings
Coat t for Infants and Children Pianos d
Womens Broadcloth Capes and Jackets
Stationery and Engraving Uelal prlnttJ vI ntanlale are
Readytowear Hats Journal t s
Artificial Palms Ferns Flowers ti
Compare Ihtse price with those asked by other stores
Arlificinl Inlms very attractive Artificial Inlms large size r
and realistic worth 98c OrlhSIZ5tomorrow8ge
tomorrow 75c
Paper Flowers
Arlifirial 1rrns true to nature
look just like real ones make Hoses hand made in pink
pretty table decorations just the white yellow and rcddozen25c
thing for your EasIer dinner table Carnations pink white and j
three sizes red worth 39c a dozen sale j
Inches due Sale price price 25C 1
6 S139 9Sc Easter Liliesworth 89c a i1
7 189 sia9 dozen at50ceach 5c i
8 225 175 Siejjel Cooper Store ThlrJ n Center J X
FirstoftheMonth Sale of GroceritsllJ
These low prices tomorrow t Mail and i telephone ii orders filled Call Chelsea 40UQ urj r1f5f
Daylight Cakes
Fresh lupplifj from the oven every
JO mlnuic
lot or lulillruiil
each 40C
cocoanut maple or urancc
ch < lC
IllfcSH iou in CAKES pliin
mArble citron nr rilun eicn
Jllbi 510
IIA7L1 JAMS ill virletiM Including
lllt < mJni Jl e3lsr ltC
rAPOKATR lIACIlrs Smyrna 110
fin or Oregon p unc Sjlln II oo
2lb JJiC
Siegel Cooper Coffee
1 We cue the belt nflfe VIUC1 in tiew
1 rl
Oil Government hUn 11 lr
51Ih nn Ill
I Itvntll Mni < n Ibi < l
Ib C I
I Jib SI tr rl 1C I
I 10 c Ib 1 iSf I
Fragrant Teas
We rive the brit tea valuer In fief York
Mlll rLAS inl all20c Vd toe
rldics J Ihi 51 Ih
F < lRlJS 011 OS TEA5 Ib iOc
adJv 283 i Ib
nullity Slh net cljht cm SIb J
Ib net weight can SL rib nl
elehl can 18 C
imported Iromlrincc dm S 4c n tjnC
Al I INm SOAP inlJ nearly ev
rryvklicre it 5 c ill IDa want at bar 3 C
Uetf Ripe Tomatoes
Sons lleltrr Kranl cue SLa4
dm S4t liriCLin 8 C
Si J famil iiecin 6e
j New Canned Vegetables 1
t lnj Ji re pen urden cultivated ipio
I itch et white was beans lie 51 05 Uo
I II leg 10 tin firmly flee
I sns lac I I
Mild Cured Hams u
Selected mi1J cured lean tender hm t J J
the klnJ ac tie nolcJ for tl 5 Gv
trnmen t IllIpcted rcgululv 1111 r
ISo Ib 12
Fresh Cereals l
Jorle head rico 1
Scorch rcn 1 < 11 1 10 lb i5c 1
10 1rhl r l
lieul pro beau
lied Inv begin 3
s J 4
Petra tepio a f 0 C
Imrltd ssgn r
Nr w WUI 111liES III Ibs Y
d33lbs i3nt ji J
Seedless Raisins 1
The well knnwn lafags bun hncv nw
crnr Cliornta 111I11 tualle Ise hrr all 4 j
Fa unt It hall print rut 7 tic 1
lI et quality thin Iat1oths crisp V loam tea I j
mattaths5liege pacagcs I Sc j i
Siul Coor Store Fourth llnur I
J Ask for s SS lIII Green Trading Stampt We Give 1rml IlJ

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