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n nwrny + 5FM r M r I I d
= M w + Mw Ie n YO <
Wall Street Wonders as Make
Up Is Delayed Also as to I
i Cause of Trouble
j I
Richest Woman Retains
Chemical Employee as Her I
d Business Secretary
FInancial nharps In Wall street are
looking on In amused wonder nt the
continued strained relations between
Mrs Httty Green and the Chemical Na
k tional Bank an Institution that she had
i used without let or stint tor over n qunr
L tat of a century Speculation os to the II
final outcome rather favors the bank
I Mn Green today closed her apart
mat at No 1309 Dloomfleld etreet Ho
t boken and came to town on a visit to
her daughter Mrs Matthew Actor Wllks
of No 440 Madison avenue Mrs Green
will not tako a permanent residence In
i N w York for the very best reason In
the world personal taxes and the Man
hattan Board of Assessors
Anyhow Mrs Green Is a bona fide
reeldent of New Jersey for she has a I
country home near Englewood Hence
lar trip to Manhattan will have the
Legal character of Mslts I
Jut at present Mrs Green Is hiving
B period of forgetfulness as to the ex
Utcnca of the Chemical National Bank J
No STO Broadway where she formerly
maintained a safety deposit box and i
from which Institution she transacted I
Bar loan business tor twentyfour year j
The richest woman In the world does I
not have an offlce she Is like the Curb i
cflshoot of the New York Stock Ex
change and transacts her affairs from
where she may stand when a proposition
Is presented for her decision
Moved to National Park I
Two months ago Mr Orreen ceased
to keep her mortgages and stocks and
bonds at the Ch mldJ Bh surrendered
the key to her safety deposit box to
President William H Porter and trans
ferred all of hat geourltlei to the safety
deposit vault of the National Park
Bank No U4 Broadway Hers Mrs
Green was given the HM of an once
over the bank her naret neighbor
being another tenant Stuyvesant Fish
Eleven years ago the Chemical
National Bank assigned one of Its moat
valued and faithful employees to the
heck and call of Mrs Green This
f the clean
man Is Newton B Phelps
cut young man who can be seen any I
day In the company of Mrs Green
either on the marble Itp leading to I
the main floor of the National Park
Bank or In an anteroom to the left I
ns one enters the Title Guarantee and I
Trust Company No 176 Broadway
where Mrs Green concludes many of1
Jer real estate transactions
Mr Phelps has come to be looked I
upon ns a business secretary to Mrs
Green but It Is net generally known
that he Is on the payroll of the Chemi
cal National Bank
The courtesy of the officers of the
Chemical National Bank to customers
I is one of the traditions of the finan
cial world Then is not nn institution
in the country that goes fuitlicr In arts
lot genuine ronihUrntlin for ill pn < lti > in
Mm Green hid cnjoycil these cnurteslc
for tnnn jenri and while her halinns
were mnnll Indeed for n woman nf hr
treat miniis her money Irk nil I he
time she brrnmo ro ld < nlln d with th
bank In the popular mind that It was
often referred to as lldty Orrnj
Cause of Dreak a Secret
Then como an Incident the character
of which Is still a carefully guarp
secret Some ascribed It to the tight
between E H Ifnrrlman and Stu
esint Fish for control of the Illinois
Central Others put It to decided lewi
MM Vicn held concerning certain
tlnnnclcrs In wail street Vtry proba
M > the actual cause of the breach wn
a trilling mutter perhaps a fancied
slight on the put of Mrs Green
Mr Green pot out She tripped down
Broadway with her stocks bonds and
mortgages The National Park Bank
tool her In
Since MM Green and the National
Chemical hank came to the parting of
the ways Wall street has speculated ai
to Ion long It would be before she
would get over her huff and return to
her old bank Some weeks ago when
The Evening World exelurlMily an
nounce that Mrf Green was homed In
new banking quarters there were de
nials Issue that any breach existed be
tween her and her old bankers Hut
time has failed to hell the wound and
this wonderful woman who still ap
praises In person tne value of everv
piece or real estate upon which she
makes n loan herself has laid to Inti
mate friends that she will remain In her
present quarters
It Is true that the Chemical Na i
tional Hank has an extensive claim for
past forvlccs BRAlnst Mrs llreen which I
has been presented was asked today
rot President Porter by an nvrnlnK
Vmli reporter
Such a report Is en nhrnlutu IIni
Irnlh was Iii rrplj II i > uwi I do
nut inn to ilkiHH tho relations br I
mere the Innk and Its tosltors
Ulp rn Arrpulril In Inrllnnirnl I
fluid llefuin to Clso lion In I
LONDON March SlThe proceedings
In the How Street Police Court today
In connection with the raid on the i
House of Commons yesterday of a band
of twcntyseun women Suffragists fol t
lowed the ciiftomiry lines All the
eleven women arrested elected to go to
Hollow Jail for periods of from one
to three month rather thin to final
sureties for their good behavior 1
ELATION your dealer name udwewJl
MENTION FREE a book of valuable I
information on the hairhow lo dress
u clean i4 incitajc m growth with receipts for
wiihej shampoos etc I
h also tells of the Spotless Hair Brmh tha
waterproof hair hruih wld only in leAfed
trans puent tours by nearly all drat and d > 11
department stores or lent prepa d lor y 1 j
375 Broadway N Y
Silversmiths I
TWO days sales have shown a thorough apprecia
tion of the fact that Whiting Silver at 25 to i
50 reduction is an event The following list in
cludes some important pieces at the general scale
of reduction
Individual Flat Ware Miscellaneous
Coffee Spoons gilt bowls Grape Fruit Glasses cut
formerly 700 per doz glass with silver mount
at 350 ings formerly 1300at 650 i
Orange Spoons formerly Cigarette Cases etched I
doz 800 and otherwise decorat
1600 per at
Ice Cream Spoons form ed formerly 2400 at 1500 i
erly J1200 per doz at 600 Ice Cream Dish formerly 4500 I
Five oClock Tea Spoons 8800 at
formerly 650 per doz Asparagus Dish formerly
325 6000
at i13ooal
Nut Picks formerly Chafing Dish plain with
1150 per doz at 575 gadroon border Ivory
Salad Forks gilt tines handle formerly 200 113 00
formerly per
dox at 1100 After Dinner Coffee Set
Colonial design 3 pieces
Flat Ware I formerly J87CO at t 6100 I
Piece Tea Set and Ket I
Tea Spoons formerly tle flower chased for
750 per doz at 563 merly 27500 at 14000 I
Table Spoons formerly handsome chas I
tfe Very rose
2100 per doz at1575 ed Tea Set 5 pieces
Soup Spoons formerly Kettle and Waiter for I
1800 per doz at1425 merly 1000 at 50000 I
Table 2100 Porksl per former doz at I Y plOO Fruit Dishes and Bowls
Tea Knives plated blades Formerly 1500 now 1000
f or merly 1700 per12 I 5600 3600
doz at 5900 4000
The above examples are given merely to indi
cate the character of reductions They do not in
dicate the scope of the sale
i 1 yo Brill Clothes
i I 1 Easter Values
< l 4
r Close mill relations Brill directed tailor
i + i 1 xc w fit i ing and other trade advantages account
t y t r ° for these values Garments such as these
r 1 produced in the regular way would have
1 rs f t u r 11 4 to sell at the value prices
r < f ti It EXTRA SPECIAL82250 Jour j t
t f > s neymnn Tailored Suits ol J 1 o50
Fine Pure Uorsled
f r I The fabrics are the overproduction from one of
f f s1 mericas leading mills The tailoring all journey
r man workwas done l etween seasons by lJne of
l 3 r
aY 1 ° ur best organizaliuns e i
4r J Included are blacks with stripe weaves blues
V with stripe weaves olive stone smoke and tan
1 shadesthe de igns that and being demanded by I
t men who dress well I
N f I I i The models are special Drill models and include
f I Is conservative stvles as well as extreme styles for
I men and young men I
J I j4 i r y The excellent tailoring high ejrade fabric and the I
t ti superior trimming c combined rl tilt in girments
i ° t that trill hold the hare ire tlu en j and have
the si vie of garments of double Csf
i r
f r
tt Journeyman Tailored Suits p R1i
I t Spring CoulsCravcnelte Rain yao I
tb coats that ore lallS20 Standard o
fir I
i hec garments are of fabrics speciallj designed
t i and woven for Drill stores The tallorln t highrads
i junie > man work done under thrill diretm The modes
i I e Brill designed and include conservative and extreme
a dsas
Stills Sprlnn Coats and Cravcncltc
Halncoats Unit are unusual values 110
i under oncllilril more
I t Here are the nut inrkaHe garments old any
iere at Ihs price for these ae the only garments ID
y 1 ca priced under i ware that are varrant d to hold
I hare tit guts and cIIJ unto worn out Sires and
fly uh Ir lit sitlcs fr mfr an 1 young glen
I L udeJ art Aa 111 Haik aU fJny cheviot suits j id
i nfnt woriJ sui
11001 bb rwfr rd and ftnty mature Sprint Jb
i ant Tnr oat
btlltnt wrtd n t I i and plain wale Je
rawrttte FJ nc dr
1IlngT111t19 Mrlrm Slur Open tuulnlt
S7U nlli1t111T11 ffl w 126111 BTKHT
I aver hemb < n iii r SL AI rot 3 J Messes
UMO > MJI utr 0 Ve 41 COItT61IrT
11111 M nrtr 9e Vb aN Irvrairlch
Jw I
r tit Ave th
6th 17th
Corner Street i
Famous Suit House
New Yorks Greatest Store
For Beautiwl Easter Suits
Tho brilliant assemblage
of fashionable tailored
suits gathered here un I
folds everY beautiful pe I
that the best master
designers ha produced alt
Nowhere else in New
York will the discriminat
ing woman or Miss find t C
a greater or more com
prehensive collection of
styles at
15 00
1 r50 I
1 t
1975 t d
The exquisite coloringsof iii
the beautiful fabrics form
a veritable bower of Easter a
suit beautyall the Paris I
shades are to be seen it X11
It is infinitely the greatest let
style show that has ever ti I
been prepared One that f
will please delight and il
fascinate every woman
who views it
Direct Entrance from Astor Place Subway Station
Can You Fancy Yourself in a Suit
Like Thison the Sunday After Next
If you cant why of course you are
not interested in further details Y
price materials etc Ten to one rte
there are a dozen models in the
Basement Suit Section that WILL P j
tickle your fancy but we cant
show them ALL r
Butif you canif you have the rr
feeling There is MY Easter Suit
why read on Nothing startlingly i
new about this Suit and yet its °
right up to the minute in every I
point The material is a soft cream I
white worsted Serge with a fine IIi i I I
black stripe just heavy enough and i
just frequent enough to relieve the I I
color monotony The coat is lined
with white taffeta silk
The picture shows the style better than J
we con describe it doesnt flatter the Suit ill
a particle either Notice the envelope patch v
pockets the modern turnback cuffs and IM d 11 II I I
the collar of black Bengaline Silk The large t I
jet buttons add the finishing touch to the 1
harmony in black and white There are ll Ii I
eight of them on the back of the coat which I i i
do not show m the picture II I
Now what do you think is a fair ri
price of all this style and goodness I I
1075 is our price
for the Suit regardless of how much t j i I
more we might be able to get l
The Basement Store is organized to pro yl I i I
vide dependable merchandise at the lowest 11 d j Ii
possible pricesa policy which applies to a
the Suit Section equally with nil others es J
Ready Tomorrow Old Basement
25c Mercerized Silky
Voiles Tomorrow at 8c
More of the same Voiles of which we recently sold
thousands of yards in one day at lOc a yard
Just one reason the manufacturer engrossed in the
beauty of his product overestimated the natural demand
and ran his looms too long To realize on his stock
quickly he accepted an offer which at any other time I
would have been laughed at The fabrics will be ready I
when the store opens tomorrow thousands of goods in
hundreds of patter at a third of what you would
expect to pay
Heady ThursdayOld Basement
John Wanamaker
Broadway Fourth avenue Eighth to Tenth itreet
If makes little difference what you need
a World Want will go and get it
An Authoritative Style Exposition
That Every Man in New York Will Want to See
We have prepared an unusual presentation in this EXCLUSIVE
MENS STORE which occupies an ENTIRE CITY BLOCK on the
street floor vast in size conveniently arranged and exhaustively
All around the four sides of this great new Wan
amaker Building the large handsome windows
exhibit a series of pictures of correct dress for
men that will make a most interesting study for
men and most attractive exhibit for women The
exposition presents evening dress dinner dress
I and afternoon dress as well as proper apparel for
I business and recreation wear
Our travelers have found the most beautiful
Shirts and the best Shirtmaking in Paris and
Bohemia and the shirts are here exhibited in such
variety as is unknown in the smaller exclusive
stores where goods of similar quality are to be
An unusualy elaborate gathering of Neckwear
is represented The finest scarf silks in the world
are here brought over in large numbers but suf
ficient silk for only three or four scarfs of a kind
The best English and French looms have supplied
them and the collection will interest every man
who is particular in this very important matter
of dress
The Mens Hat Store not only presents the
products of a number of the best manufacturer
on this side of the ocean but has ready today the
Co of Lon
new models from LincolnBennett
don as well as special hats produced exclusively
for Wanamakers after the ideas of our own ex
The Wanamaker Shoe Stocks are compre
hensive of the best shoemaking done in America
They are not only made by manufacturers of the
highest repute but they represent betterment
that has come from our own experience as to what
the public wants and as to what will make better
handsomer more comfortable and longer wearing
shoes The variety is inclusive of every desirable
sort of shoe for both style and comfort
The Wanamaker Clothing Stocks are at the top
notch of completeness right now Wanamaker
clothing is expressive of the best that is known in
this important craft The best fabrics from the
foremost woolen mills are utilized and no fab
ric that is not absolutely allwool by our own
rigid test ever goes into Wanamaker clothing for
men or boys The tailoring is the result of the ex
perience of fortyeight years of careful Wana
maker improvements in the making of clothes
Every incident whichin this almost half acentury
has been developed by criticism of our customers
or our own study has been applied to the making
of better clothing and the suits and overcoats pre
sented in this exposition in such lavish variety
are not alone handsome and stylish but they will
give the comfort and service as well as the endur
ing good looks which result from the most careful
f aitoring and the maximum amount of handwork i
that can be put on clothing at the various prices
This great clothing business has grown up here
in the midst of the best clothing stores in Amer
ica simply by merit of the clothing because it had
quality and character to win the approval of the
most critical men in Americas greatest city Dur
ing this exposition men will have the opportunity
to examine Wanamaker clothing carefully and
have explained to them the reason why it deserves I
I its constantly growing popularity
No stocks in this Mens Store have better held
up the character of Wanamaker furnishings than
the Underwear and Hosiery In both of these
lines the most serious scientific study has demon
I strated what improvements were possible We
have taught the foreign manufacturers how to I
make their underwear comfortable as well as
serviceable We have insisted on the refinement
of finish which now appeals so widely in Wana
maker garments to welldressed men Then
Wanamaker influence has been felt even more
largely among the American manufacturers who
I produce our stocks l
The collections of HalfHose are quite as in
I teresting and almost as artistic as the displays of
neckwear and the position of importance in the
mans toilet occupied by his socks is fully ex
I pressed by the elaborate assortments presented
i and the artistic styles which are shown We
I have been careful to provide goodfitting and
goodwearing hosiery which will appeal to the
i men who appreciate comfort as well as moderate
I cost The stocks of Gloves of Comfort Garments
I Sleeping Apparel Collars Suspenders and other
i garments are equally complete and as carefully
The assemblage of Clothing and Furnishings
for Boys has been provided in the same ex
haustive scale with the same carefulness of con
i struction and completeness of variety
One corner of the store is devoted to a most
I complete and satisfying stock of Sporting Goods
where we have assembled the best varieties for
I every sporting recreationgolf tennis baseball
fishing and home exercises of every sort
i There is a very complete stock of Furnish
ings for the Dog and unusually comprehensive
stocks of Luggage and Toilet Goods Iaanldl
Broadway Fourth avenue Eighth to Tenth street
Block Ml Ac 35th to Iftli St
260 to IM Wist 3th St
Golden Oak
I Dresser
Very large
j r Js well made
with fancy
frame and
stanchions prettily carved
Large French plate mirror
24x30 in Serpentine
front top 22x42 in In
polished golden oak finish
Actual 1700 value
Just a Step from Broadway
to Ultra Charge for It
A4rtumIIlU tor The World may U In
at tar Aa rletn DUtrtat IlwMogr emoe
to LIt tt7 wtti i T1f
Thousands of Men and Women Have Kidney
Trouble and Never Suspect It
Nature warns you when the track of 4Lr i
health is not clear Kidney and bladder
troubles compel you to pass water often
through the day and get up many times
during the night
i Unhealthy kidneys cause lumbago rheuma
tism catarrh of the bladder pain or dull ache r
i In the back joints or muscles at times have r
headache or indigestion as time passes you may
have a sallow complexion puffy or dark circles
under the eyes sometimes feel as though you
had heart trouble may have plenty of ambition
but no strength get weak and waste away
If such conditions are permitted to continue l x 1
serious results are sure to follow Drlghts ds i br
ease the very worst form of kidney trouble DRIoIlMERS
may steal upon you
Pre alency of Kidney Disease ylIverBadJet
Most people do not realize the alarming In REMEDY t
crease and reiriarkable preulency of kidney dis i DIRtClIOjS II
ease While kidney disorders are the most com t UIY TAKICO Mi > l9 f Of rttr tfUf <
non diseases that prevail they are almost the to11i
color uare U i >
° I i
last recognized by patient and physicians icbn Miy rrmmn < ehhmu
cnntrnt Ihrinstlit irA doctoring the effects da c urnn toluaaw
Of rcrr tl Ihl MM WfloLJ t
while the otlitnal illacaie undermines the sys a 1
tem Tlr ntmeA mrtrdi
Iwar II Ia0nmd rife
A Trial Will Convince Any One sd neu d dwrdr
d lenl lwv 4a1 u
If you are sick or feeling badly begin taking
Dr Kilmers Swamp Root the great kidney liver slesrulnweitarra
and bladder remedy because as soon as your urplWsaue aM farm lital alts v f
kidneys begin to get better they will help the te aatn r
other organs to health In taking SwampRoot DRSIiMERCo
you afford natural help to Nature for Swamp CINOIIASITONNy
Root Is what you need you can purchase the sold by all nrngglsta i
physicians prescription for a specific disease I
You cannot get rid of your aches and paint If
your kidneys are out of order You cannot feel r
right when jour kidneys are wrong
SwampRoot Is Pleasant to Take P I
I If are already cOI1lnced thai Swamp
you b ump no ° t h alwys sup up tone j
Root Is what you need you can purchase the stxn taard of pllrlty ant eaeel
regular fiftycent and nne dollar size bottles jt tne A sworn mtitict or purity I
all drug stores Dont make any mistake but with my bottle i
I remember the name Dr Kllnurs SwampRoot and the address Binghamton
N Y which you will find on every bottle
SAMPLE nOTTLIJ PRRIi To prove the wonderful merltsjf Sw2mp Root M
you may have a sample bottle and a hook of valuable Information both sent ab
solutely free by mall The book contains many of the thousands of letters re I
ceived from men and women who found Swamp Root to be just the remedy they
needed The value and success of SwampRoot Is 10 well known that readers are t
advised to tend for a ample bottle Address Dr Kilmer Co Binghamton
N Y1 bi IBM to ay you read thli jiniroui offs In the Bar York Bvinlag Wed
Thi pMlunui of tall otttr U cumnui4

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