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tVHATIIKK ( I, ml, te. night and t'rlelaj.
W I t I II IK leieiilj ' i anil t rlil;.
i-W ...JVii'iii. U! ,
v V!
CHrt'i Mother Says They're
"Just Kids," bill She'll See
Them Wedded,
Then Frost Drove Them Fn m
Mountain ueireai ana i ney
Were nrested.
Although en-.ktrg flnpin-k and bMIM
n a cave full t. r smoke ami beln,t
frightened at midnight by wIM boattt
cae a blissful existence for a pair Of
hoy ami glr' lover-, pretty little Bon
trie Btndera, tevsntee .1 yean old.
tad La Vere Taliman, Also seventeen
iKith of good families living In Newark.
N. J.. QOOfOSOtd to lay, when they
ner ercstore.1 to th.-lr parent in Yonk-
r, that there were rome unpleasant
vestures of rave. dwelling that even love
ould not down.
Hu; their troubles do Rot seem to ho
ended yet. Heiitrlre'a niollie- says fie
two are if In to he murrlrj. Ln Vere'e
mother take" another view of the m ItttT
and Indicate! that che will proi li
the little girl for abduction of h. r Mil.
Mrs. T.vlr.nn attogtl thai f rtrl Hi
eighteen ye.irs old. i l .. boy l
till a minor. "1 gM mlgl ly ill I :
I have preserved tht Ittttlt Mlaa
Handera Mitt Laverc," slir M -I thlj
afternoon, "for they show plainly tlin'
shs lnrel him from h i ho ne anil in
dlll'od him to elope wlttl or. 1 do not
Intend to let the matter root."
Mr. and Mra. Robert Bandera, par
enta of the Kill, who live In n land
aonie home at Ko II ' I llm in ivan la,
Newark, t 'Ok poi Ml tho pair M
the Tonkera city Conn t afternoon
gOd brought them h We With thm,
"If they are not married," aald Mr a
Binder, ai he left t. a court, "I will
i ava them married toon a? i got
them home, if thty did yat i irrled
toattwhert 1 atn go to v m
married river i in ;,. 1 1
Whet, ttiey eloped o Juat !.
their own tweol way, T iare lan't
anythlt'K else 1 1 lb and we ill li t aani
a lot of notoriety. They ire i nly a pair
of kids uirl ouch I t i at nr. i . Th t
are cacti .vent, en, in the) ,;u
t :ey n.8 older Ibl
They Had Noti inn, to Ssy.
The eloping pair didn't '.Iter a iy Habit
afier Mis. landaf minuend of
t.'ia altiiittton. Thall ! ten aa unlQl e
a romance aa aver a pair of young
I .vera engaged In, aild toe diary kept
hy the boy telling of thall (light from
Newark and the- rl .: Of their cava,
duelling la Indeed .'. human dOOumant
worth ppruslng.
Thay aet out from Newark Sept. IS
vith a po, r Mtie Damping outfit. Plo
ert rule and ahotgun. and t ley lived
ig the land while t hay dwelt in thai
ava for alx wi i hu. Ton th, .': . I
irove than out and i ie journayad to
oiikei a w.o re, II No, ":"u (Uverdala
venue, they tt ltd I littlu bOU a,
'hiie thay atru d to axial, ip-.m.i a
awn ad Uar fw v nd the cu i u
:i vain I J
And :
tag a i
r n. .
re Vie d tO
.vera when !'"! ' .i ii ' ' . ml !: m
nd took tbani to tin station hottM At
.art the Wtti forlorn and pe I tan I
n ipita of tin- in'".- attitude "i Iba r, :i
who lul l bci itaad high aud rafuaad to
Girl Eraci-B Him Up.
When t ie young couple appaarad ba
ira Aet lug Jud : BUIa l i the City
'nurt of Voakara I 'day i la hoy iMmed
.ery downcaii i 'd hung hli head, Hla
iretty llttla companl n atlll held bar
eid hl-h nod t. no. id l.a Vara Mvaral
imaa mid whiapcradi "Qraca up, dear,
jn't look l'ke th ii "
nut the forlorn look did nol leave th
juth'a fteultlfd cuuuiananca. tl nev-
ral tllllol he bi 11. e I Struggling I' .'Uji-
. eat a .-ii j- Whan he alartad to mi
at he wu lo blanti ' II It all the jlrl
.ruga in and tsolalmad.i
"That Wn'l ao We love eaeh other
and th.it u all thara ll to It." Then
aha held lar hetd higher than ever
(Coutlaued on Second Page.)
opvrlglit, I b.r
Co. (The New
Her Own Angora ProJuee.l
Later With All Her Nine
Lives Oone.
Animals Changed in Capes, hut
the Treatment Went On
Just the Same.
; Datalli of the dell. Mt care and go.
.eurate madloal attention Matowad upm
j tick tar.i In Mlller'a fat ami Dog Ho.
kp:ta! in tVeet Plfty-filrd street were
I brought out thlt ifternoon in the Wtst
Side Police COUrt, when II K. Miller,
letor of the hoapltal, v ar
ralgni i on a charge of laretny pre.
ftrrad by Mr-. - Hutman : No. M
Claremont ..venue. Mhe ehargeR M Her
and !,!.- Mtlatanta with depriving her
of the oompanlonahtp of her IIOI a;ray
. i n itna of Which Ili- '
ureil In the evidence.
her Angora tnldn I
Iht itpltal on Nov. l. At thla '
tlmi a madlum alaed ikorUnaJrad
n . t o property of a. ii. Rd
warda of Montclalr, N. J., was ai
patient. This eat hud been In Mineral
:.re s u e Sept. 10 and haC tpent BOgM
time Mlller'a country botpltal at
Mamarom k. Mra, Ratnun'i tabby
-tit wm placed In a cage next to that'
aontalnlna Mr, Bdwarda'a tom at. I
Edw-rds Marvels at Hia Cat.
in Nov. a Mr, Bdwardt called for hla'
eh li re, produ e l n Inrgc. fc-ray. long-
that one of ;. botgllftl irnployeea had
" -i. I tin -at ,n their oaaMI ttiat I
"Why," aald Mr. IMwgrda, "my eat
va unai: and had ahu'rt hair. T.aia i
; a hlg fellow with long hair."
, "Ibat'l i "Ut ..i stment dops for
' catn." explained Rohrgy. "Your eat wis
out lii the country at our farm and got
1 'jIh of air and exercise and good too.1.
Me grev nd Ids hair grew. Look what
a fine Inn fellow he It now!"
Mr. Bdwardt. wondtrlng. touk Ura.
i Rutin n'a female An? n In r. basiii
out to ! home at Montel.ilr.
On Nov. ;il Mra. Rutman I tlltd to
make !nUirlew about her Angora tabby,
Hhe was aapurtd that tho tabby waa
doln t n1 laly, I! ll r..r handed bar a carl
mi w lob was recorded minutely the
treatment that had been glvtn t. the
t. "':i!. r rd Inoludtd treatment fct-
IWten Nov, Hie day Mrs. Rutntgd't
eat bad beej carried "tf, and Nov. .'';,
.he day aha rail' .!.
Lie i a woman and Intareatad in bar
pet, . i ,t io bo thown, Rohrer
ivont to i cage marked "Mra. Rutman"
hi rht l r:ii Mr. Mwardt't ttnall,
"Thbl l not my at," cried Mr. Rut
mini. "Ctood Ki leloua. Hut la a mah'
ii. Mine was i w lee .is o ,, a leiiinh
ai d had lona hair."
Rohrer aaw a light, He promiaed u
Irate Mra. Rutman that he would g, i
lor eat bgek. Bhe went away, taking
the treatrntnt sard, ami Rohrer tent
word to Mr. Bdwardt please to return
Mr. Kdwardt telephoned in from
M ml ilalr tliiit the An, ,oro's hind lags
wero paralygtd tnd It was In a local
hoeplial, He brought It In on Nov. St.
i l died two hours afttr It reached
the hospital.
When Mi- Rutman ealle.l at the Mil
I hospital yattgrdgy she was told
t .it htr cat was dead, (tritfatrleken,
ht wtnt home afttr making srraege
..:i:il ; to have the bOgg sent to her.
Th i I l began to think about the
treat man I rnrj
The M iriie dlamiaae.1 thr nm
niona, MV'ng to Mr. Itutmani
"I ant not an xpert .in eata' business
or on h li inevltv of cats. If you feel
that otglhftnoe ha.s been shown you
tiave a it-uiedy In a otvll ml"
" Circulation Books Open to All."
The PttM l'iilillsl,n
York Urld).
George Loeffler, Dressed for
the Ceremony, Turned on
Gas as Guests Waited.
Miss Saunders Left the. City
Before Hearing He Had
Ended His Life.
Four hours nfter the time set for
ha wedding, from Whlob he had stay.sl
away without any word. t.eorge
tMoffltr. a young WlUlstnabiini
butcher, dreeeed in his ttddtng
clothe, went to the new home he had
rented and furnehed for hla bride an "
killed himself last night with gas In
the bedroom,
l.effler had been engaged for more
than a year to Miss Bdlth geund era,
a stenographer employed by a Man
hattan wholesale house aa a confi
dential seretary. She la twenty-one
yeari o'.d and very pretty. Many
offers of marriage were made to her
Within the year when ahe aaciepted
1. Tier, a. i ordlng to her num. Mrs.
r.n rle Mi Allister, with whom ho
lived at NO, 571 Loriintr street, Wll
31a nisiuirg.
S.ie hid gained the Idea from I.oeffl...
that he had an interest ln the but -her
shop at Lorlmtr. and Conttlyoa streets,
where he worktd and had a rather
ulvstantlal salary. As a mutter of faet,
his 'alary wis not as large as her own.
Their First Quarre!
Thi ir (list uuarrel was over her dis
covery yesterday morning of the stato
of Ida llnancea, They had bought the
fymlturt Tor the new home at No. 2s
DevOt street together, . nd he had not
skimped himself In giving orders. At
the lust moment he admitted that he
bad not much left to begin married i re
With. Tne g rl was very much hurt.
"1 don't mind marrying a poor man.''
she said, "but 1 do want to have my
husband give hie all Ida confidence. It
hurts tO Hnd on your weld.ng day that
he has been chttttng you, or trvlni to."
Uoaffltr cried and promised never to
lit . to b. r again, ami ahe comforted
Mm by saying sue SUttSed the only
reason he had exag'ei.ited his means
was li he loved her so much ho
dared tell any dory ror the aake of
winning her. Locffltr left her uiint'a
houM yesterday morning, promlaJAa to
OOme bark In thH afternoon nnd aettle
the aunt's douiits. which wort dMptr
seali d than tho girl's.
The afternoon patted and dark ame,
and there was no won! from LooBltr,
Miss gaundsn draaaed in her wedding
gown. Tba itev. Dr. t. a. McClelland,
wiio was to marry them, arrived. The
forty gu ia who bad been asked to the
ceremony and the reception afterwaid
ail ataeni led, UotfJIer did not cumu.
Ctaroh for the Bridegroom.
After a wait of half an ..our messen
gers were sent to his former rooms and
to his em loyers. lie had been in hu
rooms dining the afternoon and had
boon MM dressing for the wedding.
HU ti pli m s had seen nothing of him
all day,
After n .'ling two hours, Miss Saun
ders rotlapaed ami wn carried up
to bed by bar sunt, A phslelan was
ealltd 10 tike the pijee of the clergy-
mag. and thS gUMtS wero sent awny,
ondai in t and itslplng.
Mrs M Allister sn' beside her niece
ur.'i', daylight. She vainly tried to mm.
. M,..s Haundtrs by telling Jier they I
would hear from licffler bv toe lirst i
i .-iii in tbi morning; thai n ft humiiia-
tlon yaattrdag morning had doubtless:
! ilni ii inn lb : it he had wandered
off In I h iff, but tht was sure ha would
come back.
No word eame and Mrs. McAllister
packed her niece off lo Dover, N. J.,
WbarO she would be away from prying
eyes and gossip. Than Mrs Mi Allister
herself went to the Dcvoe street apart
ment to gather up the welding presents
WblCb h id been sent there and to return
them to the givers.
When he tgtertd the apartment.
Whlth. was on tht npiier floor of n two
family bouse owned by William llus
s .11. wiio occupies fie lower apartment,
she. studied gus in the trim, newly fur
nished parlor Siie followed tnu odor
to the bedroom door, which was lucked.
The Door Broken Down,
Then she called Mr. RutMll and after
ha had heard the story of the spoiled
wevldlns hs said that be bad beard
r im
'Seventeen - Year
Who Ran
Memphis Limited Stops Long
Enough tor Jury to Exon
erate Bandit's Slayer.
.MEMPHIS, Tenn., Dee. 1. -Jack
T.iomas. negro, of H.ylhevllle, Ark.
turned bandit list nig'it, terrorized and
robbed passengers aboard a west-i.oun.i
St. Louis andaSan Franolaoo fast train
anJ In the eoj was shot to death oy
A U Walton, railroad wutchniin.
The gt UoUia-Mamgbtl United nad
lust started airus the bfldgt over tht
Mississippi oil the otitast.rta of Menipl.U.
whan Thomas, revolver in hand. Mint
through the doorway whlob gsparatod
tht whltt and oolortd fciouWink sonipart
In true Crogtlor style the nezro coai
mandad ' hands up!" And a s.ore of
hands wen: up. fhen ho ordered hla
vlctinia into tha r.egro section of the
car, empty. ng their gOOsVtlg as they
passed on... l'our had been divested of
their purses and trinkets when Walt .a
appeared, having bttn summoned from
the rear platform by a tali.. I UeCta
w ho had c scape 1 the ee of the ticgr i.
Walton fired as ... entered the . oacb,
the bullet striking the boldUp man Ju- t
above the heart. He attempted to aim
his weapon, nut Walton continued his
lira, two other bullets I idging ln the
negro's body. Thomas toppled whi i the
last ball, t Struck Mm and was dead
whtn lb... watchman ma It nia w ay along
the aisle through ths panioatri iktn pas.
tm ra cir.c of Walton's bullttt wen:
wild, striking an unknown nekm a i in.
DlOtUtg a Slight wound.
Tut train as stopped at th ner .1
;i in ami tn.. body of To mat Vai ' ' 01
off, a Cgrontr't Jury was tmptne led on
tne depot platform and Walton exoner
ated from blame. Titan tht train pro
oiUl on lis way after the negro's
poclteta bad b, e.i hiilpju.' of to.. n v
and trlnkttt and returned to the owners,
to mt body moving snout in the bt t-
room at midnight. p.i"ing up and d vv a
the apartment. He and wife aup.
pos d that i.oeffier had brought his
bride homo, Mr. Rutltll ran OUI ml
call, l Pollctmsn Wtsrs of tht Herbert
itrtet 'station, who helpad him break
do . . the In 'Iroom door.
Thty found Loafflor tltad aoroat tha
bed, with his dreMM oogtt. utatl) folds 1.
a ogrnatton in t ha laptl. betide him,
Otharwlat iua was fully J roast d for
tho wadding, Tht wadding no;,- was
pn the little finger Of his left hand
He had detached the tube 01 a gas
jet and held tha open end tn his mouth
unt.l . cieuth eatne. An gmbUlailOt sur
geon l't'oui St. Catharine's ll .ep.t.il said
ha nad been dad more loan all noma.
- Old Botj and Girl
Away and Lived in a Cave
upper Berth Charges Are All
Cut and Some for the Low
ers Also Brought Dowa
OHlCAOO, Doe, i. Oenrral reduetion
of the rates for upper Pullman bert'n
and In certain Instances for lower
berths was announced today before
Commissi r Pranklln K. one and
i: I-:, ciark of tbi Interstata Oommorea
Conunltaloti by O, Pemald of tin.
Pullman Company. "Hart r i . tha mini.
mum late lor upper In H h will ho
tl.lt Instead of fl io," Hid Mr. I'ernal.l,
who 1., uoistani geneial aoln ltor of tha
Puiiman Company,
"Wo have not prepared all our table'
establishing the new rates." txplalned
Mr. Pernuid, "but we ore working on
'hem as fast as possible. We decided
that although the upper berths cost
more to build, furnish dhA maintain
than the lowtra, pu ii discrimination
ii gainst t ie uppers required u rOdUOtlafl
In their prlot, Where tht jr berth
s rated at 11.(0. tne upper will be Ly,
and In all Install, es other than thla the
upper "111 ost ! per cent, of the
"Not n rat. bus btOfl raised hy this
new Mhodule, lia: we ar "e.evorlng
to udjii-t ail rharitt to correspond w'tn
too Kast.rn standard of tik mills i
mile. This i tigs ii mtit ii numbtr of
reduction! in oner bertha, as wtll a'
the correspondingly Kr-.m-r roduotlont
in uppc I
ral from
lOWOr he; th
y irk is uii-
from New
To To n, a,
pla , fi, lo
SgO New
Roductlont pointed o..t
Vork fm" lower berths ire:
I': i . ti . to si Augustine.
Bavannah, i la . It. t Ja
... . lie, 15
... tits i i 1 last St. Uoula. Ill
'I'lo ma. rale from New
Hi ' 1 1 I R.
Voi i, to New
Luwsr bertiit from I
III ; polll i Seattle
Paclflo I'ogtl points ,
Ji i . Ml. Liken i . t.
I, Paul and Mm.
tnd Intermediate
; ,- ii da eil fyom
e rate for iiprv.- s
waa " .. . '. i licttgo to nan eran
cl . , I .-.v. r nhs of it are red n a I tg
MS, b.r intra is no reduction t rgtsa
ft ni ' ' ago lo Denver,
e r -1 s :n Pullman railroad e septa
will nui bo affected hy tho readjust me t
n mi rtdurtlon of tleeplni ear btrth
rattti num. m td he Mr. PernuM
aii o ..... "... nt't tiio different
triti . i 1 1 i
baring, Whlolt i id Imu made h) (he
Cotumlaslon i embrace all oomplnlnts
og Pullman rates, ts wetl as the ens
of il, ge S. Lpftus, baked time, i i eon
aider lha isnoxngetsd offer of lbs raj
pondtni oompany, at i a -ss bragtad
A few otlnutei afttrwardt. howavu
the oomphUnadts informed the cuu
n. .-sii. ners tho sd igraad lo atk per
; nd'siou to amend iheir poUtlont to as
: to eiiibraee tht uhangtl aii.touii ed hy
' gjM HHTiPf fry. If tlie Lhangew aa u tOtV
"Circulation Books Open to
1010. 20 PAGES
Grateful Owner Informs Post-
master Morgan Honesty
His Employee.
Morns Al.oudy, a furrier of No. M
Car Hand street, dropped a wallet con
tatnlng )N In t the publl : t n
in the Home I, milling bis oiTli e I In t ..
diiy and did got 4 Is .iver Ills loss until
all hour 1 1 tor.
Mr, sVboudy was beginning to utter
loiindi: of anculsi when n ymui; man
buret tin,, ii ofSot mid banded bun m
wallet, Tho young matt was Ja mas ,.
1 s 1 1 if No. C- Avenue D, em; . , I
a ii ilerk in tae i ludoc i Pi mlnal
branch of tha PottOft1 a, ';:., furrier
i anket young Wgltti pi fusely and
ti.en went to Post tnaa tar Morgan and
i I hi o what tin nine ', clerk be had.
Tht Poatmaater itnt for Walah and
p impllmtnttd him.
ALBANY, Dec. l.-D. strict-Attorney
Whitman of New V. irk County to-day
r mf. ne t with Hiv White ami Ijter re
lurnod ' i New Vork. Neither tne linv-
ornof nor the DlttrtttAttornsy w. : i
dlVU go th reason for Mr. Whitman's
visit further thin to say that It was a
call on ofllclal business.
slit, red accoptabls by their clients,
Tii. i must i i w as grantt I,
Mr. i '" n rid t i i promise I i he- I '.en.
mission i at its company would hasten
ii- ... mputstioti .' other reductions pro.
I i rite dull- v. n i loan hanges
if I'tit an.. by t . Cominlei Ion, TI i -.
v ii h t ! aipi iluantu ante id and flic
thair petitions, it was estimated toi
day the new pates woul i go Ini sfftoi
I . . ft rut of t ii yi . .
To-day hearing, ai whli the promlas
of roducl on whs made, was a rehear.
Illg of the pe t, lion of QsorgS S UoftUS
..gains' lie Puiimsn Company, tha
rsilnt at Issue being tha UPDST berth
lutes between Chli igro and the Pacing
oust Lust March the Inlerotnte Pom
marce t!omni aalon ordarod " roduotlon
In the rates I ir both ";iter ami lowtr
iierths, end the fi '"d stiiten circuit
Court en a insd tht eat ir emm t of this
i i , Intti "I, I' dlrtctt I that a re
. . 1' i Pill!
man Company irovlni satlafaotnry to
tne "plaintiff" bafort tht commlaalon,
no tsstlnioni in tha rebaarlni wis
1 lee Win Id's IniiH fto 1,011.
A. .a It No t'lllitie- iWotMl ttitll i S.I . .
lui 1, ll 1 oit- I, .. . ' H..101 ti.M.. 1 la ts a .
Ucwrcattuii vis ii a 1 .iiniiii .11. i'i 'e. s,
t.-f i iBjaiM aaej wo els .
rasicalsl . an call.1
i . ... 1, Silt Itlslil.
Uiuey u. . , sad . . ,
ea.es SI louesl.
MR 01 jDlAlAV flDTD
Evcr.in World Gets Exclusively
Outline of Scheme by Belmont
Interests to Reorganize the
Greater City Transportation.
Mapped Lexington Avenue Route to Be Ex
tended Down Seventh Avenue to Battery
Steinway Tunnel to Be Used as Single Fare
Adjunct to Manhattan and Queens.
The Evening W !.l w .1 gxclu lively Informed today by a prominent
director of the !:" ";;i Rapid Transit Company th.it within twenty
fcur liours thai corporation tvould submit tn ths city authorities a brand
new proposition which lie characterizes ns "a comprehensive Four-Boi-muh
plan, i'isTi'r than any oilier ever put in and coveniitf an expenditure
of many million o( dollars m re th in are at present contemplated.''
The details ol this new Interborough proposition were said to hav:
been the chiel subject the two-hour conference yesterday between
Mayor Oaynor .111,1 Chairman William R. WiUcox of the public servire
tllvLU Ut
I .I i
Samrl Ellis Palls to See Any
thing (joo.1 in Future Vfter
i le is Sentenced.
Samrl Kill", a Te-iel-rloln a
Dltadad guilty tO-day .nder
ds real
name, Charles Ha'dwln, to th rhnrge
,,f Illegal practice of medh Ine prtftrrcd
ys t him In gpaclsl gOtglOgt by the
County Madloal goclsty, lie was cn
tsnctd gay n tine of f.i i) or, falling
in that, to be tent tile penitentiary
n ikWtll'l Island for thuo months,
Peering into the prsstBl With far less
Bonddtnat than he eer looked Into ttio
future, ggntrl "f the btxuttful tyslsshsa,
DOUld tee no eWO Ho a lirge dark par
...ii I omitig up on his 1,-ft grasped III ai
hy the arm nnd start.' I him I l I t t Ip
a loss water lo .i laigs gray ttont
illg, wh,-re he w mid Mi: I many ( ., nda,
'I ie particular chtrgt on Whlob BUU
pltaded guilty wat lhai of attomptlnj
ti .'urs the itomacb trouble of Urt,
'rati tt Bonaecry, a County Medical
gu lit) wo. i. a.. ... - tne. ti) mgtaajglna
anhlss. Mnca Un charge
iroutht, mil. haa boon in custody
a. log the UlVtltlgatlOn of the th30t
log of Paul iian lungori who ltd ta
i ortandtr in tht soothsayer's pffloa
Thtrt was no ev..uii t thai tha boy did
immlt sul Iiie. Kills has also been
,n i: ourts wlui regard to tin stock
of certain mining oompanltg which ha
advise d patrons to
UPPER ii'JJ Oi" S':,iiL.
six InclvM oi Snow With t Gale, in
Seneca County( Hampers
Train Traffic
INTRRtsAKBKi V Pot, 1. a
billiard is racing n this part ol
goni County to-day. Hix inches of
suun ' lalian uireaJy and trains
tort running late. Tne mercury It dowa
u M abovt -no.
f tLvJO'JUillOill
"na 10 tnia anthorlty. the plan
haa : e Bpp iv.il ' ,he Inlerborougti
din 'n.s. who met yesterday and dls
cuaaed it at length. The datalla of tge
; prop ii. , in,. In the hands ,,f an es
j ocutlve committee, coralstlna of August
Kdwar I .1 llerwln, Andrew
1 " William A. Head, and
; Cornelius Vanderlmt.
New Linti Propoted.
Here the i . u me of the new
Tn'- rborgugh propositi , n.
roa ..rrruATX.vw i.oaouog-gn.
tnbmltaita u: tba ..ttar X" eaten.
to i.j.e present anbway, a four
ttea Ion lown Seventh ave
nue to reach ti e Battery Anally, and
op Lexington avenue to the norta
end ci Btanbattc.u Xalnud.
rOR SBOOItl'. i.OicoraH An es
tenaion of tie pros cut foar-tsnet:
subn.iv, out r ttl isb arcnut to the
WtlUak entrance to Fraapact Park.
l'Oii queens i r :i The opera
tion of tho gjttluway Tunnel for a
ainjie fare lu eonneotlon with the
prtatat anbt.ry SJ -aw. ulao eaten
siona Into Qr.eana.
ro. '-OlfX () ) -rarlcue "l"
OKteunious, eonnactlny with tbt aiaa
' a-ay I -lie new tys-
Culls It "Dr-; PropotltlgR."
"It wilt he In- ' r . ., ..paeltlon
vi lla r. I i'! ' i ' i I I tr i r ever sua-
mltte 1 hy a t . pot at on to a
municipality," . i . elirector. "In
re - pe I if the tl' of the
i I ig t say at
I The belief is broadcast that the new .
Intn mi ' . i plan will provide for tba
company sharing the cost
i i ..lie l f ir-borough sabwsy
. 'i, it Is hoped hy t ie Inter
i.e. will effectually tub
. i ... l r.ii .roil);)., subway tyagotn
a- . ill mil by t ie Public Service Ooat-
Thsrc'a Hope, Saa Euatit.
A icluuation of n, :i ,.f the Trl
l uu . lied at tne Pubiic
.- vie I'omnib! i, i.u.sf. tnts a fto:
j n ;-ts i 1 tie d C ain.isaloner
1 trnl : the progress of sub-
. iinlrs. I'l.e c.nm.astonor replied
t ' .". thai ii ' "; aii. nt vvus doing
.,- v.,-11 as could he ev.e.tid under the
Ir inota.. . far ss a Public gar
... ai .nd i us i thingg tub
w i. i .a b, lug rushed. The
oounlatlon had sat up till I o'oloefe
last evening going uvor papers OJtd
Tht aieuiiibora oi tha league waatod ta

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