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AM: I MKH-I'nlr to-nlim ana I rldriy.
Committee Gives a Hearing on
Ordinance Providing for Pro
tection From Sharp Point.
bachl:lor opposes it
Downing Is Cynical and Is Ac
cused of Heckling Women
AdvocaiM of Measure.
If a puliUr lisir ns hold In the City
Tlall trrla afternoon baora t lie I'ommit-
(pa on nnd Legislature was any!
(Titer1' n. there promises to Im n riot In i
he Poa.-ii of Aldsrn n when the'
nre.-ner hatpin rdiTo com up tor
pa'saae. I-'wn tl"- attitude of certain
Aldermen ,t woild appear that they I
aee oppfleaM to an ordnance which i
would inflict a sr." finp u rin a woman I
weiring more than n half In ih of the
burp p nt of a 'haipin unprotected in I
ASAIlc place. I
(jtbsr alderman showed themselves to !
I.e sMent'.v In fav-e- of li.c ordinance.
Haifa dosen clubwomen nrirurd for !s i
ajHtft, lint the ntoal paaslOBata a vl
Mrer Isadora were fie dozens of In-
VantOTI and .lo , i.-r- who wor, on hand
to axhlbll safety (1 sicsi ranging from
a cork t i Impale gn thO iharp end o:' a
hatpin to a . icnie for anchoring the
I. at to the hair . i t ... It:; :. ' e
rrown with a ort of rtllulotd an nor
at'.aelieil to a place of rubber,
Views of a Bachelor.
Aiderm.m Downing of Brooklyn, who
la a hn 'helor and haa never been
stihhed hy a hatpin or Cupid's dnr
showed plainly thai he doei r.ot real .s
the MrtOUincM of the situation. He
irtoilly p. i. in paoaed the hlei that hat
pin aa worn at present are daueroua.
Alderman Campbell appeared to coincide
uith nim. a for Alderman Drtaoher.
iey will kill that resolution oyer ola
dead body.
Among the women who appeared he
fore the committee to argue for the
paaeage of the ordinance were Mm.
Jiobert 1". OartwrlCht, Chairman; Mrs.
Piimiiel Ichlff, Mis Itenrlette Stransa
Hal Mra. Emma V, imle, of the Com
mittee 00 PuhllO Safety of the rity
federation of Women Cluba, m4 airs.
Aiiea Roberta. Mr Jamda II CuUtaTh, I
Mra. Laura BurroUfha and Mr. A. s.
Rom, Former Auennblyman Alfred K.
i inkling appeared a counssl fur a
n iniher of inventora With safety dc-
Alderman Ihea.-her opened the hear
lag with a speech. He ald he hnd In
traduced the ordinance In good faith.
Not a Joks, Hs Sayi.
I want my tllorti in tin direction re
ganied serlouily by my colleague! and
not In ih i-pxit of fun iw a certain few
are Inclined to treat some of txis msttsrs
presented to this board," said the Al-
"Is It true," asked Alderman Johnny
White, "that you favcr the rStUrn to
tho old stylo of ihe rubber band passing
down under the ehln'.'"
It Is Immaterial to me how women
fasten their huts on," replied Aider
man DrtSOher, "Jitsl so they don'l Mi
ilanger (he eyes and f MX s of (he ptii,
llp. I haie been deluged Willi eorres
p indcnee lai orlng l!ie ordln im e.
Alderman Drevchsr read a iou ie(-
t, : from one who deacrlbSd himself ns
.1 laboring man and said thnt In the
gUbway lie was stabbed by a hatpin
protruding from the hat of a fat wom
an covered with diamonds, ami his
r.ick hii 1 for ten minutes.
Then Mis- i.'nrn I'tal told of meet
ing a gentleman In the Waldorf ygatsr
day v. ho bad a cut on III! face extend
ing from hi mouth to hie left or, the
mark ol a hatpin' CgreSt. Bile told of
11 eomgn ol her gdqualntanos who was
atabted In Ihi eve by the end of a hal
pin on a Itreel ogr and had 10 spend llx
months In a 'lark room In OMsVaqusnoe,
Accuied of Heckling.
Alderman Cgjjnpbsll ind Aldernaan
Downing aaked many queetlons. Alder,
aain Drsi iber gouied I ham o( heckling
i!ih WOtnen. Alder nan downing ' SUgs
aeated '''SI II would be wring to iry to
force women to udopt any km I of a
It leeins to mc." he said, "thai i
could bring about hatpin .-eforni oy a
(Continued on Second Page.)
Roger Sommer Takes Five P
Passengers in Town-to-Town
Round Trip in France.
French Aviator Breaks His
Own Record in Dash From
Douzy to Romilly and Back.
I'AMIs, Jan. 2C. R oger Hummer made
flight with five pisscna-f-rs to-day
trom Uoul' to "orollly and return, a
ul,nc of thirteen miles. There were
, no eats for two of the passengers and
thoy had to maintain perilous perches,
I straddling the aklde. Ida achievement
j to-day broke his own but record,
Sommer hai been ateadlly working
toward a record for earning passe n-
j gen for considerable distances, boUev
line tli.it It will tend to the successful
Ul of aeroplanes for military purpose.
On April L'n al Charleville he stayed In
the a. r live minutes with four puseu-
gers. I
The aeroplane in hleh Sommer made
todayi iiicht had the ireatast lifting
oapaclty of any he ha Vet uatxl. He
Mtimated the weight of himself, his
flye paasengsri and the petrol in his I
tanks at 1,000 pounds,
The first aviator to carry a passenger
aloft in an Vernplune was Leon Iela
gran.e, the s.-ulptor-alrman, who was
afterwards killed In a Vol! in biplane,
near Paris, Maroh lotis, ho took
Henry Karman in the air for a few
leoondi. Delasrang! tleo ca'ried the
hr.t woman eyer known to a. 'end In
an aeroplaoa, Mnt, ThereM Peltlsfi
The Initial three-man Bight "as
made 'lth Henry Karma n as pilot
nt Rhelms, Krance, Aug. at, IKI.
Kantian was also tho first to take
four persons aloft at Uatirmelon.
Krance, Aim. I 1910, and on the same
j day ile H aeder performed a similar
J feat In a Hreffuet Llplane. Louis
Bltguat made the next record hy carry-
lug all passengers Aug. 29, 1910, and
Karmanr, petted this -Voy. I.
senger carrying night, wiibur Wright
ut Kitty HaWk, N. C, May U, I'M;
largest number of passengers carried,
four, by OharlSI 9, Wir.lard, In a Cur- I
ties biplane, al Mi if. da, L. I., Aug.
14, ll'lO.
FIRST ItAt'K Two-year-old colls
and geldings; three furlongs. J ie
Knight. 115 (Koerner), I to 1, 3 to 5
and I 10 I. won. I'xcallhiir, 1 1 r. iTrox-
lei'i. '.i 10 10, j tr .'! and out coupled
with Baton), second; Baton, 110
(Burns), third, Tims, 0.M Los.
bos, Walter Scott. Judge Sale, l'lnkota,
John Hack, Hynloka un.i Capt. Kngiisii
also ran and finished as named. K. J,
Kamp pulled up and did not finish
SKI'i'NI' ItA.M Selllnn; tbree-yenr-
oldai Bva and a half furlongs. Bd
I.e . an, 10J IBTOaa), to 1, 2 to 1 and
ecu. flriti Mason. if7 (But well), to s,
Van and 1 to I lecond Z.wl, lot
(Burns), !' to :', I to I nod 4 to B, third.
Time l.ol l-.v K-Tt Carroll, d. U
Doyle Cdletta, Dancing tl ie. n, Prank
Navln, Donald Uaurance and Kiia Ma..
also rm anil finished a named.
THIRD BACIu elilllnii fouryaaroldi
and upward, six furlongs. Draai Pa
rule II.. Itf lOroaa), 1 io 5, ' to IP and
I to II, flrt; Out Post, 10 (Koerner), 20
I to 1, X (a 1 and 4 to I, second; Henry
Crosscaddln, HI (Uusgrave), n io i, 5
to I and even, thlnl. Time, 1 11 14. Aunt
Kate, Kngllnh Ks'.her, Amanda Lee,
Ken n org Quean, Austin Hturtavant,
Aid n'iy. Ben Hows, InBootlon ami
ll wlel ah i ran and LnlShtd) as named.
Sunday World Wants Work
Monday Morning Wonders
" Circulation Books Open to All."
?7Uw!!hS."''" NEW
WITH pa&sengi;rs
rirt paieenger fight, Leon Dele
grange, Kerch 22, 1908. Furle. bl.
Three pasiengeri, Hen-, y l"arman,
Aug. 3D, '.'.. Rheime, biplane.
roui , n gtenry rarmin
and De Basder, Mourmalon and
Sanal, l"ranct, An,' 1. 1010 biplanes.
la paeeengere. Iioula Breqnat.
Lille, Fiance. Auj. 39, 1910, and u
Farraan, Cbalana, rranca, Kov. 9.
1910, blplanea.
Flrat A 'terlcan passenger flight.
Wilbur Wright, Kitty Hawk, N. C.
May 11, ) kim. biplane.
Tour passengers American record.
Oharlea r. wilUard, Mlnaola. L. I.,
Aur. 14, 1910.
Prisoner and Her Lawyer Be
lieve Delay Means Acquittal
or a Disagreement.
WWtBSLJNa, V. Va., Jan. M. Aitei
being out for twenty-four hours the j
Jury In the Selienk po.aonlng case this I
afternoon asked to be dlOTleaed. as tliev
were hopelessly divided. Judge Jirpdan 1
reftise.1 to c. insider the reituest. The
defense claims the Jur' Is ten to two 1
j far SCO, pitta! atid the proaaotHklB makes
t the same claim for Its side.
JmlKe Jordan announce I at 4 o'clock
thnt ho Would call in' (ha Jury at I
o'clock, ud If no areemfut had been
' reached J e would probably ditonai'Ke
! The only Indication of the trend of the
dlcuaion hy the Jurors was when a
note was sent this morning from the
jury room to Judge Jordan asking for
the testimony of Klorence Coleman, Mrs.
Scheiik's colored laundroas, and a
State's witness. The (."ourt calli-l the
jurors in and ofdsrod the stsnographsr'i
J notes of (he testimony transcribed.
Florence t'.ileman test.tltsl that on the
occasion or an auto party m wm in
Sehenk, his wife and Alma Bvatta, the
nurse, participated, there were two
women left In the house with her. i
, The defense attempted to establish the '
Impression that these women were de-
I teethes, leaving th" assumption that
I (hey had plenty of time to put poison!
, Into the rioh packer! drinking water. I
This was part of the plan to prove a
I "family conspiracy'' against Mrs.
: Sehenk.
I Mrs. Sehenk spent most of the morn
i Ing in her cell. When siie came Into
! court she was in her usual plaaaHMt sp r
ite. 1 he only trace of the usterla ahi
snoweJ wnl.e i'rosecutur llauiliau was
' closing the case yestcrduy was In her
, slightly swollen ayes.
"1 don't auppoaa 1 look the best in the
w.old," sl.e said. "I don t I i Ink 1 Blepl
a wink last night. 1 was too nerVOUS."
A hlg hunch of violets waa sent to the
, prisons' io-'Juy. on the oafd attAOhsd
I were tho words "With the sympathy of
Wheoliug women." The gift WSJ re
ceived with
rag) delll
pram Court Justice Watson at Rogers
H 1 HIl-oIIv 111 at his home. Two weeks
ago the Judge fell on an Icy si h-walk,
Striking heavily on his head. geriOU!
complications folio wed.
of 'I' r Is tn it (.lies Way
Mghl to Orfeo.
Ilurrlan, the famous German tenor,
who was to have sung In TriatAg at
the Metropollian Ojn-ra Mouse to-night,
was taken suddenly 111 lo-day.
Orfeo, the Italian opera, will he aub-
City Marshal Lm.iru t ils aftOrgjOoi
levied upon Ihe psriOl fuinltuie, piano
mUSlfl box and hooks of Police Cagtail
John CottroU at his homo, No. 1411 Wes
one Hundred an i Blstyeooond street. 1
The levy is made to satisfy a Judsinen
of 1110.71 secured by Isadora iierg of No
10611 Third avenue a gainst the Captain.
Hani. Diagonal BodJgggdl.
LONDON, Jan. Bx The rata of dia
count of the Hank of KnglunU waa re
du ad front Mi to i pn conl, to-day.
Vie lou liOlag Si lib?
Ili'.ei, (llll'ujy ii'i.oii '. .mi i. kotl for .
Kuui.iria, I,.., ll.aisa 4uu MeiUlUOjl .;.-uiu..ti
bun t li e Hi. id I idoi hurtau. Arcade, St.
l-uiltMl iWurkl, liuil in SJUU I'sr 11,..
TfiivliuDr Ucvkiaan 41'. BteBlP! rnoo
riKiOj f,tl
a limed.
DSgiii.' ISOien 1 ii.wii. i.ii.-a
m ivr.tiad for ihoim-lir i all liarti 1
arid Mi. nt nnVt. and trt.cllcn' otascsa iHued
TsTl-i'.ia on Mil. a
Declare That Statement by
Bishop Luddetl of Syracuse
Was Uncalled For.
Brackett Takes Up Cudgel 5 for
Roosevelt. Whose Clerk
Was Bounced.
(Sprr.al In Tl.e Kiinina World. I
m mm issue
ALBANY, N. V., Jan. 20. The
vote to , lay of the Joint session lor
I'nlled Statia Senator wn:;:
She.-h.m 33 60 83
Shepard 3 8 io
Kern ei 8 5
OerarQ 1 1 3
Little'. .11 .... 1 S 3
Olynn i
Farker 1 1
Dla 1 1
Kerrlck 1 i
Van Santvoord 1 1
Taylor 1 1
Don;, lass .... 1 1
O'Brien .... 1 1 a
Dopew 17 bw 77
Total vote cast to-day 188
Necessary to oliolco to-day ... 95
Absentees 13
ill from n Stall I 'lmnimndf ra f
The ffeBIBg World. I
ALU AN V. N. Y.. Jan. 27. Sena t.r
i Bdgar T. Braoketl announced to-day
j that he Intends to offer a resolution ln-
! struotlng the Committee on Prlrllagee
; and Bleotloni of lbs Senate to Investl
; pgte the charges thai Charlea K. Mur
phy, thrcuiih 1'atilck E. fctoCabe, the
Senate elcrk, has been attempting to
i InfltiancO th action of legislators nv
losing tin' POWef of patronage.
The sla'.einent came as a result of
tho resolulion of Senutor Franklin D.
Roosevelt directing ihe Bt-nnte clerk to
appoint Morgan Hoyt clerk of the coin
inlttee on Forest, Klsh nnd IJame.
St n.i tor RoooOTOlt'l resolution hrouglit
on a hitler Bght in the Senate. Repub
lican Leader lliarkott Immediately took
up the cudgels for young Itoosevelt.
"I want to give notice now," lie said,
"that later 1 shall offer a resolution
directing the Committee on Privilege!
and Bleotloni to Investigate the outside
Interferenie In tho distrlbcef ,ti f ., n-
, ale patronage. This Is eonteuipt of the
Senate and we should resent lln. Inter
fafonco of Tammuny or any other hall.
i 1: la our duty to make a thorough ln-
raetlgatton "f I conditions and rind
out what sinister Influence caused tills
appointment to In- revoked. It I.- up to
the genate to punisn mo'e who are
guilty of this aol of contempt."
Wagner Makes Denial.
Senator Itoh.-n V, Warner answered
Senator Braoketl, declaring thai the
(lUOSUl n of Senator lioosevelt's vote on
ihe (Jnttad states Bona tors hip had nol
etiter.il Into the quOStton of too up-
polntmenl of tin- clerk to the Commit.
tee on Kurest, Klsa and (lame, and he
a-sured young ltousevell ghat he would
have a clerk competent to do Ihe work
of that commission. "Ilig Tint" Bul!t
van In hi! Inimitable way gave -onie
fatherly ad vies to Bonator Roosevelt,
Sddroaslng his remarks Jomil Io
Hrn. kett and Itoo.-evelt.
' It Is very eary to see," he said, "that
the leader of the Republican party In
(Cont.nued on Second Page. I
J. P. Morgan, head of the
Money Trust.
Tiiomas F. Ryan, head of the
Traction Looters.
Anthony N. Brady, head of
the Electric Light Trust.
Shares F. Murphy, head of
the Tammany TrusJ.
Whe:e do the People
,ome in? Wherein is the
.vi l cf the Democratic party
AMggsffgrfgsVjl er rucnorf tti ir Ikic
n , . vi iuivwivu in iino
I bur ch?
JANUARY 26, 1911
Three Latest Photographs
Of Missing Dorothy Arnold
rmW' ' m - '
Brk M
Mrs. Henry Kipp Badly Injured
in Accident on Hudson, Near
POVOHKBEPglB, K v. Jan. :.-
Vincent Astor. son of John Jacob As'nr,
while racing al top speed In his Ice
vaolit 011 the Hudson neat- Kh'-.ni.e li
to-day ran down and Injured Mrs lli-nr
Mrs. Kipp ictis skstlnK. When ml
a niaht to veer off from the flying yaobl
young Asfor steered in (he sa-i.e illrr--
don, an. bsf ore either oouM turn a aol
Iislon occurred. The young woman srSI
thrown heavily on tin- I t, and Vincent
Asaor not u hud ahaklng ip when his
Ice yacht turned over with a crash.
lie managed Io rigfet Ihe ft lit, b iw
ever, snd get the injured Mrs. Kipp
at oard. Then he beaded for shore,
where he had left his uulouohlle and .
chau ffe-ur.
Mrs. Kipp was rushed to the Thomp
son Hotel In th" Astnr auiomobde.
While badly injured, tho doctors said '
there w as u good ohum o for her recov-
Actress Appeared on Stase After
Her fMarrlafi 1 1 1 .ipt. Hu'i;
His Family Wanted Delay.
LaONDON, Jan. .'. -Sana Dare, the '
actress, and Maurice Vyner llretl, trie
second son of VUeount Ksner. were
married ssoretly at the Registry QtRog
In this city last Monday. The bride ap
peared on ihe sla.H at .'ardilf, Wa.es.
tho same night. The II-her lu-nlly hud
desired thai ihe ci-tomony SS puMpo.'.ed
until Miss Pare trga lhg o jult tiie
Itggji upon tho explrat.on of her con- !
: ractc.
lirett Is a oaptsln of the Colditream j
" Circulation Books Open to All.'
cost i mi: worn
orst Mae, mat k or
llACs Kl."
' i,iiii I
.- t '
kn. s
( '
- '
i ,.) ;"k-
lul.rc,..s,i M J C"
o i jo- latcii. v-y f-,-ia
'l "fW '
-' r T ciaca'
i-"'i"' lj rc
', ; ., .. i J Hl.
it tx
River Front Merchant Certain Mil
lionaire's Daughter Tried to Buy
Man's Clothes and Was Afraid
of Identification.
Many False Clues Telephoned by Persons
Who Locate Dorothy Arnold in Various
Points Are Run Down Vainly by
Her Distracted Father.
Except for one due, which may or may nol be worth .Ayttwjatjhjhe
tirst day of the public search for Miss Dorothy H. C Arnold.' 4et Me(y
girl who disappeared so completely in broad daylight of Dec. 2, half
an hour after leaving the home of her father, Francis R. Arnold, the rich
importer, has been no more productive of results than was the private
St. iT a nri aaal " f iJt!Ph
ASS, sPOsmlHgJgjgjUH aPasagggggggggl
jPgjgjHjr r aajaal ' sVKfe Batw aar
hunt which the distracted t.unilv, throufh the medium of police, de-
lectives an. I lawyer, have been conducting under cover for more than ,i
month and a half.
This int;k' clue centres about the identity of a mysterious young
woman "i apparent refinemtnl who iried ti buy an outfit of irule ap
parel, avoweJIy for the purposes of rlisguise, and who wanted to pledge
expensive jewelry in a water front pawnbroker's warehouse yesterday
afternoon, a lew hours before Ihe parents finally decided to give out the
fad for publication, in the hope that publicity, selling iiuuimerabl;
harp eyes watching, might bring them news of their vanished daughter.
" -amis ef dollars had alie nlv been
pent in the hunt for (he young woman
1 li re her patents and their lawyers, ill
a last resort, gave Ihe s(ory to tl.e
in -papers. Thousands more will be
-pent, fur Ihe axed father has said there
- on limit, within sanity, thai he will
not pay for Information (hat leads to
the flnjlng of till dlui;i ter, dead or
Here woe a conn woman, pretty aria-
(itcradc, refined. Ideally happy In her
getOted to tier parents, without j
any serious love uffulr of any sort, so all
her people say, contented, absolule'y
r e i il and balanced In
bar thoufhts
Hint her life, w ho, tak titf with her only
s i i f inds as . :n her cireuuist.in -i-s wi,.,l,l ill so slight s foot as hers an 1
might carry for e sual purchases, j asked his younger brother to so tipatal: t
stepped out of the house door mi a i , i s.- ireb In the larger ito-'l there for
bright winter forenoon seemingly in- j a small slse.
lent mi plans for a new Christmas frock. This move, according to both the Ma
She bought hair a pound of sweets at dells, appeared to alarm the young woenv
n i place, and a liKht novel at another, an. Instantly she asked, apprehensively,
and from (hat moment was gons trom j whether ti e telepiiotie was upstairs, and
tie ken of he. whole circle of a ,ualn
tattoos a-- omplctely us tl ough she bad
gJjyOf exlated.
Girl Wanted Man's Suit.
The one luggestlon that held out even
I slender premise of plausibility tame
m i i unexpected source at noon t.
.In Harry Modell. a dealer snd hrok. r
In the unredeemed pledgee of pawn
broker!, said thnt ut I 'M o'clock yeete: -day
afternoon, a yo ina woman who from
Ills study sln.-e of the published pan
tograph he Is sure must have been Mis.
Dorothy Arnold, came into his shop at
Nil 141 Well street an 1 wanted to b.iv
a suit of men's cU.thes. adding that sht
meant tu wear them to a maSUUersdl
OJ , explained to hor that he did n.it
arry such aarments. Then she said aas
would like to buy a pair of men's shoes
Modell h id none about the shop that
she was markedly uneasy until i i
younger Modell returned with word thai
be could not IH her.
Then ihe wanted Os know about h
aalllnga ! vesieii from tiobokaa for

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