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" VVSN'yVV veasaatsa.al. MMAAWAVMAA'NV . -SWMWWWMVVMWMWWWV -s---wv - . --sxw-xw- - -vw v,, -.
H'tC TIM:t Hm,, tn-iilulK nnd onurln ; .older.
KATIIUH-ltalu to-night
Ralph Taylor, "Silk Hat Bur
glar," Captured in Little
Town on Harlem Road.
Trio Break Away From Prison
After Felling Guards Fol
lowing Rehearsal.
(Anwlti :., T1m Euulnii World. I
OtMKINO, x. V, Jun IT. lial-.h
Taylor, on of tin- . onvletg who es
caped from vine Sinn Pfteon lasn night,
was captured at Bedford station, on
the Harlem Railroad. this afternoon by
tha chief of police of thnt village. When
word m received of the culture at
til prls-on Warden Frost left In an
auto to bring- Taylor pa k
The escape from 9lng- Sing Inst night
will go down Into prison history n. t ie
""i1kmbone getaway." Tlw OOOVlcta ,
rn Iboul their tasks to-day wl'h
broad grins on their faces, and the
keepers and guards looked sheepish.
The feelings of Warden Frost and !
tfoadkeeper Connnughton could not be j
described In a hemic and family news- I
paper like The Bvanlng WnrM.
Alexander McOtnley a".,l Wilfred
Webster, the keepers w!io were over- '
powered by three COOVicta armed wi'h
a trombone, a cornet and a yellow clar
inet, h trr not Injured enough to Keep
them off duty. They told their stories
In detail In Warden Krnst to-day, and
the details hr'.iiK out the fac t that '
escape was unite a simple matter.
hteCHnley, captain of the night gaurd,
and Webster took the Brlaon orohaatra
of gtateon pie tea to t ie off! oars' ipaaa
last night for rahaaraal,
The Musicians.
Among the most promlalni musicians
in the orcheatra were WMMain Hush of
this city, nerving a llfa sentence for
( murder; Ralph Taylor, the ".Silk Hat
Hurxlar" of Vvaatoheotor County, serv
ing a twenty-one year sentence, an 1
'rarles HcOInn, sen teneed from this
city to a tt rm of fh e v , us far burglary.
Hush, a Ida. powerful man, played he
iide trombone or "slip jiorn" a moil
appropriate Instrument In the light of
subsequent events. Taylor played the
rlurlnet and Mt-QInn the cornet. T
three men tat togethei n ar a door lead
ing into an i ntt j c nine, -ting Uta offloari'
mess with tl.a main prison bulldlnga.
The rehearsal begun at 0.3U o'olook
and an enjoyable time was had by all,
as the editor of toe Star of Hope would
ay. At s o'clock MoQInley started to
leave the room, passing into tin entry
and Wabatar ordered iie orchestra to
line up for the niuri h to the BellboUee
Ae MoQInleyi who waa lad in a heavy
ulster, supped Into tha entry Hush
leaped after him and amashed him on
top of the head with toe sl.de trombone.
atoOiniey wnl down, partially ttunnad
and with his scnlp cut open.
At the same inomanl Taylor and M -tilnn
Jumped on W caster, throttled him.
thnw him down. 'gtsbed his revolver
and then made for the entry. Bush had
p. I n door leading to tha prison yard
Before M Olnley an i Wabatar could re-
nan th.lr fect'-they were not down
more than Often seconds the three con
victs had iis ippeared,
Flee. Through Fog.
One of the thickest fogs ever seen In
the llu ls 'ii Itiver valley hung over 'the
biL prison, n waa ktvporasbla :o see fur
more than live or ten feet In the prison
ri fomtlves. with a few re-
to .1
shuts spattering after them, ra
i v iron fen e al mc in
'aul.e yard, , llnibe.l the fen e
, n 'at.n out on the Ice.
and mail
11 U. if -s -
imiieit tiort'i and kept alotia the
Ice nut'1 ihey era 1 lent of t ie prUon, I
At obi a' t'-' n;"e i ne on n,s-u v, as
oundlnx tin niarm they mil" their
' the o', crossed ti, e -s triad
climbed a i teap iuii mil dJjaap.
...red 111 the 'Urectloa of the lOWd jf
Kaalnlnf Tlia'r tracks v re to iu I
UurinR liis ten yearn :n the pr,.soti
Huso had n 't receive I a ii i.o bail
mark. He would P ' 1 1 u va boea
aaommended to.- parole lit a (aw yean
mole. He cue employad In Iba Ubrar)
and Wardi I l iost ludievis that he
frame, I up t lie plan to oa.'ape with the
assistance of Taylor.
No trace has yet been found of the
otbar two prlaonera.
k " Circulation Pookf
ItpiSgtit, mil, i in frees ruinislilns
. Co. ( Hit N.sr lark World).
Rumor in City Hall That Juiist
Is Being Considered to
Replace Sheehun.
Aacordlnf Id reports current about
t n llnll this afternoon Charles
1". Murphy and the Other party leaders
hive noma to the con tusion that Will
iam IV Siu-ehan cannot be elected
United Si. ites Senator and have uaf n oil
that the name of Justice uf tne bAt
prams Court J.:ne a. O'Oormaa shall
ba apfUfsS n the l.eirislnturn at a Bay
eholoslcal momenl to tie selected with
in a week or ten days. The itifornia
llon same fro n inside snirn-es.
ii i, known that Mayor Oaynor
een consulted by several State
Io n' leaders within a few days.
Waa asked for advice and Rave ,t.
an Idacy of juatloa O'Oorman is said
tc meet with his approval.
In case the (van-inn elementa In the
Democracy ahould ax tee on Justice
O'tJontUIB. Of mini Insurgent votei
could be pjadxad to Insute his election
Mr s' aahan, aeoordtni to the reported
programme, would withdraw, of course
ill entile caucus strength would ao to
the sulistltute majority candidate,
T e lead'-rs are convinced that there
I.. n'stbintt of an aderse nature that
could be byouiht acalnal Juatloa O'Cror
man. He would aatlaf) Tauiiniiny Hall
and would also be uc 'uptub e to tho
Bhi pi rd elemenl Hit friends say tha'
within a short tune after his name
murit be preeentod ba irouM be the
unanlmoua choice of tha Pamoorati in
the Uaalalatura on Joint bajlot.
f'AMI'KX. X. J Jan. IT, Twenty-six
Indl 't tiients. for aliened election frauds
were ha: d, 1 down t'i-diy l, the Cam-
,i, n (bounty Orand Jury, making t tai
of Afty-flve within a week,
Twenty.cna of tha newly Indletad nre
larged with illanl rajjlatratlon, the
other live with otfenaai acalnai the
ela lion lawa.
Ml pit'. letlffs Hiarted out this a'ter
n Kin to serve warrants, but they emild
find only a few of the men. Home of
tun names In thft Indlctmenta ere aup
poead to hava bean "rhaatoaa" voters.
justice mm
Pooka Onftn to All"
Once Ullman Gave Her a
Dime for "Carriage" Ride,
Mrs. Ullman Admits.
Pretty sStaten Island Girl Wife
Accused of Desertion Tells
More of Her Woes.
Nfra. Fdna lllmati, the pretty youna;
woman of Tottenvtlle, Staten Island, who
pleiel that she w as Justified In leaving
her husband, PerMval O. t'llman Jr., be
cause he would not alve her enounh ti
eat, was again cross-examined to-day
before Supreme Court Justice Clark at
Although she has been married three
years, Mrs. I'liman is only twenty years
old and Is very s;ood looking. To-day
she answered' her husband's attomey'B
'miestlons that t'llman never had taken
her out for a carriage ride. "Tha only
earrings rides I ever got,'" she con
tinued, "were In the hack from the
Huguenot railroad station to my home,
and that hack was anyta.ng hut a car
riage. "
Hhe said that on two nrraslnns when
she went to visit her parents, her hus
band gave her ten cents more than her
carfare and with this she rode In the
Hla Eleven-Cent Gift.
"Isn't It a fact." she was asked, "that
Ofl several occasions when your husband
went Awav on business trip he would
always bring you some little trinket
home with him"
"He brought me a stl -kpln from one i
of his trips and 1 could buy this same
pin anywhere for eleven cents."
This answer caused the spectators
to laugh and Justice Clark threatened
to clear the room If there was more
"Well. hOW about you posing for post
cards when you knew- these were to be
put on sale In stores near youts home?"
was asked.
"I did pose for pl tures. hut I never
dreamed they were to be put on post
,-ards or offered for sale."
Witness then went on to say "Purina
the time I was 111 I was allowed only
one pint of milk a day. and, no matte -how
1 pleaded with my husband, ha
woubl not get me more. Finally I was
compelled to go hiene because I could
no) et enough to eat In my husband's
Once Bought Lemonade.
Yesterday the witness testified tha
her husband had given her only two
summer dresses during thetr three
years of married life. Her husband.
he tewifled. objected to her people
'inning to the house and she added that
w.'ien ills om n brother came to the
house he said he did not want him t
come any more.
i in e bar husband took her out, she
said, and that waa to a beach enter
i i nu.ent it lluirueiot. where he bu iglit
her a ula-s of lemonade. Hhe could not
live In the house without wifflolent food
so she went to her parents' home,
where she has since Mved.
Her nUOband salO his wife needlessly
doiertesl hint end that she not only
refused to ,sMk li s meals for him but
made life very unpleasant for him Ihp
fore he left, lie ask for a separation
Counsel of Indicted Men Ask Judge
Swann t Permit Inspection
of Minutes.
James M OlffOrd and James W. Os
borne, counsel for William P. Younn,
Thomas K. Murphy and llarrla James
tiie three Indb-ted trustees of the Wash
ington Savings Institution, argued a mo
tion before JudKe Hwann In the Court of
Qaneral Hessians this afternoon to In-
paet the minutes of the Urand Jury
which found the Indictment! for perjury.
TI bject uf the lawyers Is to move to
All i ts-s tiie Indictments.
The lion ,ne diarated with having
made false statements to tiie Htate
HankiiK Department regarding the
assets anil liabilities of the Institution
The Indictments graw out of the In
vestigation Into the carrer of Joseph
O. Itobln, the banker now In the Tonfba
barged with rai4 larceny.
Recent Photograph of Missing Heiress;
Hat She Wore Wh?n She Disappeared
IV .ajeaaai gj
Lord Decies and Miss Gould ;it
Pier to Meet the
Baoauaa of the thick fog, the nunard
liner Maui -tanla did not rrurh I e. d i k
mill .1 O'olook this afternoon, alwiut
nineteen hours late Had weather con
dition bean favorable she OOUld have
landed her passeng- i s at O'clock last
nifbt. She broka a record for a iav's
run on the way across and her offtoori
and passengers were more or ;es- lrri-
tated iy lb,- delay due to thi,-k waathar
The forthcoming welding of leird
Decies and Vivien QrOUld was rOSpOA1
slble for the arrival of several of the
paaaanapn, Among them were J Arm.
strong Drexel and his mother, Mrs An
thony J- Drexel.
Mr Drex. I Is the nv at ,r who divided
honore with t .e at,,is a' the lb Iniont
Park meet. He win remain here wrth
his mother until alter t ic wadding,
Lord Iieees with several uiemocri of
Mia Oo.dd i inn. ware at tha plar t
meet the Diesels, and two of the in,
am who will aarve a) tha waddlm Thai
are the It.ght Hon. Lord t'amoys, a
brother-in-law of t n ar(sim-to-oe, and
Capt, Mward Utiaab,
utber paaaanf an of note were John
it Hacaman, President or i-e Metropoil
rut Life Insurance Company, and Ills
wife: Mir I'liui'iis Wyndiianv t o- Rni
Ha' i alitor, m l his lending woman, Mar-.
Mm ire , Connie Muck, mawaiar of the
Pnlladalphla Athlatlea, tnd his bride,
ami ii. fjord on aal fiidae,
Mr. Selfrldge i. the merchant who
went from Chloaao to London a fan.
years ago, If a ltd a blltldlntj and un
ROVn 'si nis Intention of s'artlng a de
partment store on American lines. He
Inaugurated the system of pis, lug page
advertlsmenti In the newspapers and
19 HOURS. Wm
JANUARY 27, 1911.
generally overturned Iindou merchan
dising conditions. The store has been
a bl success. Mr. Selfrlilge left for
Chloaaro within an hour of the arrival
of the Mauratanla, He will return to
'ra- York in time to citcu the ao,p on
her return trip.
.lames Ciirlou, o t'liifnito huslrus-:
man, died on board the Muuretanla las'.
A'edncM-lay. He boarded 'he vessel hi
Liverpool laai Saturday apparently in
.ood beai waa taken m tfundav and
sink rapidly until tha and, Tha bod)
was on. n to pa) ;
salesman shoots Himseil in Breast,
But Win Recover,
Doctors Say,
Joseph V II Levy, salesman Co ra iiii-t-Cantlla
house in Richmond) Va , hot
himself In his room n
vane, Tlnriy-o.Kht stre
ai-enue, this afternoon
eirated his side near thl
taken to the New Vorn
the Hotel Na
il an,i Ba van 111
The bullet pen
heart. He was
Id spital where
It was .-aid he would recover.
I y is about forty years old. He re
fused to tell why he bad shot himself.
nun Pinnd hi etrMO us Hearing
I't. . , I I
Twelve prisoners, arrested by Paputy
Police Commlialonar Plynn last nigbi
in a raid on an allaaTOd Kii'niillng pjaci
-,n Kourth anue tiear Twalfth street,
-ie arraigned pi IQaaeX Market polloa
Courl tu-day, charged with baMI 00m
moti gamblers, and held In 11,800
, i 'or examination W4 dtiesday
postporiement was on moti
instant DIstrb-t-Attori
Me,! , e
Killed In I rut ii UrrrL
MUaXBOON, MlCh., Jafl :.' A rear
j end oottlaion batwaap two Umnd Tiunk
I rreigbi trilns m a- here eirlv to-day
coat tbe life of conductor itex Polta,
twantysali yaara old! fatally Injured an
, eoineer an 1 aartotialy hurt two brake
tni n. The dead coudu tor an I Injunsl
men W fS abosid the laOOnd train Toe,
aiith rities have not s:ate,l Mho was
raanonalbla for the accident.
World llullillng liirklsh llalhs
upen. llstli wila prosit nioa
I Bsibsr And Mi, ,u ' , i 10
sues. 0s t'uk Uuw.
I " Circulation Books Open to All7
Passerby Hit by Bullet Hired
by Men at 109th Street
and First Avenue.
Two youni men a mad lb Revolvers
fOUeTbl a "i lual at line Hundred
and Ninth street at I o'clock th.s after
noon while the two t:i, iruuHlif.il , s were
thronged wi n ehlldran on their way
to the publle school at 1'lrst uvenue and
line Hundred anil Tenth street.
Kive shots were Brad, anil one atru'k
Vlnoanga JagUatto of .No. mo Madlaon
avenue, who was piseuia, Inlln ting a
painful wound to hit right lde.
The two CoMaaUUItg got Into an iirgu
nnmt on toe corner. Oim drew a re
volver and tired The ottier returned
ihree shots and the first fired again
Then both disappeared Into the doorway
or a Kllst avenue telle, neiil.
Juxllaito a atruek by the mini shot
nnd and ba dropped la tne sidewalk
ultii a yell ,,f pain. The raokloag young
rioters, up in eeing him fall, ma le
tracks out of tha neighborhood ati l no
trace of them has been found.
rhildre,ii tin learning in all direc
tions will - tha a ting continued. Two
of the bullets entered the window of
u saloon on 'In- corner, parsed ,
the bar between tbe birteniler and
i nil custom is and latupd In an loabog
In the re 11 of I he room
Jlltfluilto w is taken to llarlem tins.
pitai. HJi wound is not believed to be
-el 1 , , I s
Qntg Dlvogoe from Urm Whiiuh.
BAN ' KBANClaKHJ, Jan ;; lugana
T. paroode, a wealth) brokar, has gaaa
granted an Iniarlocutory dacraa of di-
vol e from I'arrle paroada, kiinnn ,,n
the stage as ilrace Walton. pafOOdo
allogi-d b'.s wife la madly In fat latait
Willi another man steal burning love
letters were read to support the hus
bands ebarge.
mm of $5,000
Writer Threatens That Wealthy
Importer Arnold Will Never See
Missing Daughter If He Does
Not Comply With Orders.
Mother Said to Have Expressed Bitterness
Against One of Dorothy's Suitors Family
Rejects All Theories but That She Is
Dead or Held Prisoner.
From Francis R. Arnold, the wealthy importer for whose beautiful
daughter Dorotfiy a world-wide search is being made since she disap
peared from the light of her family and friends on Dec. 12, Lawyer John
S. Keith of (Jarvan & Armstrong, who have had charge of much of the
search, to-day received an unsigned letter which was dropped in the let
ter box of the Arnold home, unstamped.
Mr. Kdth understood from the family that the letter was found
yesterday, It was dated Jan. 25, the day before the fact of the girl's
disappearance was made public through the newspapers.
German Ruler in Grounds Is
Protected by Police from
Angry Unemployed.
IIKItLfN. Jan. IT. A large crowd of
the unemployed men attempted a hostile
flimnntlTltllin In the vicinity of the
PalgCg to-day at e time when Mmperar
WUilam was (r in-tnlttitig l ie password
to Die 'list Ie Wat' b.
'I'he maalfaatanta were driven awav
by Hie police and nag Ml had Hirouga tha
eentral district of the city huri.iig In
suiting epltoets at Die ollb ers and shout
"We want work "
To-day Is Lmperor William's Hfty
second blrthda). Among the boctora aii-
noundad in connaetlon with the an
nlveraary, Admiral von Tkrplta, was pro
motel to be an Admiral of the I'leet.
WAkHINOTOM, Jan -By direction
of tins praeldeat, nacretary of tin- Navy
Meyer gakad Admiral R, it Barry for
in. resignation. It has be. n to,, -. d
and wss a a-epte,! to-, lay "for the good
of the service," according to an an
nouncement made by Se retary Meyer
Tne enforced rgatgngtlogj Is the out.
growth of cbargea which have been In
-ii'iilatlon affis-tlng tha moral oharai
ler of fie naval other. 'I'he resignation.
severing the oaaeee'i oonnactlon artth t
American Navy ufter fortyAva yeais i (
gcttva service. Was rooalved to-day an I
his name was at once Itrtcgag from the
list of naval offioafl TMl OC I terminat
ed hla salary from the 'veitnnent.
lies. Hull Will III irr.
NRWPORT, it i . Jan, II The at
tending phyaiclana at nounoi i to-da)
that Mrs Wi I lam T, Hull, wolow of
the late N, w York surgeon, w lui has
been 111 here, will prubu'.ily re, -over
The res'ili has been in doubt for some
weeks. Mrs Hull Is at her Dudley
I'M, , villa suffering from nervous prostration.
. oe ,ener was wrIMen In Herman
MUmotly formed s ript. It glvee No. 41S
Last Hlxty. fur(n street as the address
of the sender. This la ecereely two
blocks from the No. M2 East Hixty-thlrd
street, where Maria Ilappa and Stsnls
lao Pattanaa, the ronvlcted kblnappers,
kagg their little boy victims.
Tr anslated. ti laftsr reads In part:
Doar sir I y miui like to
know where your daughter Dorothy
a can lie round, I utu ready to
helo SOU and lelt
sure ana
n nnd her. but only on
payment or ;,...,, without which no
Information, and lastly, i mult uiw
urm oi m . sou, as I do not wish
'" ' 'V I U,' devil, but I
t i rest.
Si I am now resdy to tell you
arbor you can Had your daughter,
I hi as I said before, on payment of
". and if yu are wllllnc to send
t'ns money, g right if not. you
can hunt for your daughter; but If
you want our daughter send me
: hay to-morrow and about it
o'clock in the evening, in a houeo
v 4,1 Baal Wat) -fourth atreet.
and the m, tie, in I'mt-rifflce box
No i. and you will get an answer
1 I) IT, Jan . lull. Rut be care
: it you send no detectives to
i iua to catoh me, because It
Will not hep matters at all, aa I
will be very careful thai no on.
gets me. and lastly, you would not
I get your daughter.
Letter's Datea In Conflict
The onflletlag time of the the dates
, In the first and Dhe latter parts of
1 ' I lal si ind the date lead the Invest) -galora
to believe it was really written
lha dlaappaaranoa of the girl ba i
baa I Idi n p Ibllal el in ihs newapaaet i
an I that Hi. Illiterate witter was trylni:
to mi,,,' it appear that the letter wa
Written before yesterday.
"Mr. Amotd has reeived aevrii
Other btlers," Mr. Keith said, 'tout
MM ITS obviously the woik of ak
ttflndjad or mlaoMovOUg persons even to
a greater extent than the one whloh l
given 0Ut"
Thar are fifty-nine families In the
tenement at No 415 Bust Sixty-fourth
atroati several of them Herman. Lags
ter box No. :i belongs to Mrs. Soph!
I liter's, the can taker.
Two detective from lle.i,iii li ters at
rlvrd at the house late this afternoon
to i it il down the letter clue.
Lata i fda afternoon word came to Mr.
Arnold from Philadelphia that a man
reported that he heard two chauffeurs
talking ateiut the Arnold case In front
of the HeUevue-Htratford Hotel In that
city. Onelv 1 ''" ald that a girl ra-

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